119 Ministries – Cult?

119 Ministries is the Hebrew Roots ministry of Jon Sherman and Steve Moutria. They teach Bible prophecy including the four blood moons theory in their Daniel Unsealed video. As with other Hebrew Roots groups, many Christians consider 119 ministries a cult.

Is 119 Ministries a "Cult"?

I first heard about 119 Ministries in 2012 when my readers kept telling me they were moving to Costa Rica and asked if I knew them. I did not. Even once they moved here, I still have not had the chance (as of 2013. Costa Rica may be a small country but the mountanous terrain and poor roads makes for a great divide between Tilaran where they live and I.)

As far as the cult accusation, I don't know how a couple of families supporting each other in a ministry producing Bible teaching videos makes for a scary "cult." I think it's the oddness of their Hebrew Roots/Torah keeping position that makes people say that, maybe coupled with their unusual move to Costa Rica. But from what I read, they moved here to be able to take advantage of the lower cost of living and quit their jobs to do their ministry full time.

Daniel Unsealed - Four Blood Moons Speculation

Anyway, sometime after they moved down here, people kept forwarding me their Bible prophecy teaching video called Daniel Unsealed and asking me what I thought about it. When I took the time to watch the video, I was surprised to see that they were clearly influenced by the speculation of Mark Biltz about the four blood moons of 2014-2015. They used the blood moons as part of their case for a different end time timing than Biltz (Messiah returning in 2016 instead of 2015).

For my opinion about Daniel Unsealed, what I pointed out about Mark Biltz's theory applies to their theory as well.

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Rich - May 31, 2018

You missed a key phrase used in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew ..”this generation”. Because of it’s use in other places in the Gospels… the meaning is “all those alive at that time”. So all of your research is nil.

The rapture happens exactly when Christ said it would… and he mentions it several times in John 6. He will raise us up on the Last Day (the last day of history.. and there’s no other meaning). Not before, not secretly, not without fulfilling all of the Great Commission.

All the nations will come to the mountain of the Lord. Christ will have preeminence in all things (Col). Christ is ruling and reigning now seated at the right hand of the Father.. and we are there legally with him now.. also ruling as kings and priests. And all enemies will be defeated before Christ’s return.. when the last enemy, Death, is finally and completely obliterated. We are in Christ’s reign now.. and he has all power and authority in Heaven and Earth (Matthew 28)

I strongly recommend you rethink your positions. Your message is based on a theme of “defeatism” and “pessimism” that the Gospel will not be successful in winning the world for Christ. This is the deception that has distracted the church for the last 150 or more years from it’s mission of “disciplining the nations” .. it’s called The Gospel Of the Kingdom.

We are not escaping.. we are winning, occupying territory and inheriting the earth.. and the wicked will be removed. You might want to check out this free book that’s been around since the 90’s.. It will blown your mind and reveal just how far off course the church has been since the Civil War.

I was raised with a dispensational background.. and this book changed my life and opened my eyes to truth about God’s plan for victory. Once the church see’s who it really is and how Christ is now riding through history with his Army, defeating the enemy in every realm of life.. we will come alive and realize these are the Days of Vengeance (justice). He is setting things right NOW before his final return.


Let me know if you have any questions. May the Father by his Holy Spirit reveal the complete Truth to you.

    Tim McHyde - June 1, 2018

    Rich, you want me to go read a dominion theology book from the site of Gary North of Y2K infamy? Dominion theology is a heresy also contradicted by Bible prophecy. The Gospel of the Kingdom will return but it is not going to convince the world until Satan is removed at the Millennium start.

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