“400 Days from now Damascus will be destroyed” = The Exact Date?

In March 2021 I was asking God if my expectation of the Mideast war in Spring 2022 would turn out wrong. This is the second, exciting reassurance that I received on that concern... And now there is a new word confirmation thanks to an "off-by-one" error God had to correct.


At the end of April (2021) I wrote a new article relating how I let God know I was questioning if my April 2022 expectation for the Mideast war was correct. It was now only a year away. The article shares the story of the reassurance I felt God sent me about that through revealing how Psalm 83 had a second prophetic event in its final verses that fit what I had in my timeline.

Be sure to read that (main) article if you have not before.

It seems now that God sent me more confirmation through someone I know. This person had missed the article above and had no knowledge that I was seeking confirmation from God. It's someone whose word I trust because I have been in contact and even fellowship with them for a couple of years. Through that, I have come to recognize their genuinely close walk with God that includes severe suffering. Otherwise, I would not repeat it to you as I cannot vouch for prophetic words of people I do not know well personally.

Before reading, as always remember:

  • This is "not a thus saith the Lord."
  • It does not come from an established prophet, although I believe they are a prophet-in-training.
  • I share this word for your own consideration and confirmation per what Paul instructed, to let prophecies be shared and the rest consider or judge (1Cor 14:29).

An Unexpected Prophetic Word

One day this saint messaged me with a surprising question:

Tim, if you knew the exact date of Damascus' destruction, could you tell all the following dates of significant events according to your timeline, too?

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Johan Pretorius - October 20, 2021

Hi Tim, I am trying to figure out how soon after the ME war the Israeli government will open up the influx for people to come and assist in the rebuilding of the country.

In my mind I assume there could be 2 options to attract people to come and assist:
1) People could volunteer to come similar to the kibbutz system or:
2) People could be offered compensation for their services.

The other question mulling in my mind is how soon after the war will they open up to let people in, 3, 6, 9 months?

If you have any thoughts on this, I would like to hear your feelings.


    Tim McHyde - October 20, 2021

    Johan, there is not enough information to figure out your questions with any confidence. We just wait for it to fall into place and know God will provide us with the time and help we need to take part if we’re even supposed to be there at the start. Keep in mind that most people who hope to be there early will not be—which is fine. Let us all arrive in God’s timing trusting he knows best for us.

Geoff - October 3, 2021

Hi Tim,

Working with a real latter-day prophet must be exhilarating, even if the prophet is still in-training, and you certainly qualify as a scholar. I think the verse Daniel applies here. Dan 2:21 – He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars. (NLT).

I’m sure you’ve read it a thousand times before today, but Prov 3:5-6 has been impressed on my mind many times during these last few months, as the time of this event fast approaches. The need to trust in God has never diminished, but it will be critical going forward.

With the short time remaining, I feel that it’s important to keep our accounts short, most especially with God, for it is He we are working for – Col 3:23. When we remember to dedicate all that we do, and say, to Him, it tends to put our efforts into perspective. A lot of the nonsense can often be filtered out, leaving just the productive work to be done.

Kind regards, Geoff

Glenda Wallace - October 2, 2021

I am simply blown away that God allowed me to find this site. Thrilled us the word. I had no idea about Judea. Wonderful news!!! Thank you Heavenly Father for allowing me to read Tim’s site. I feel so blessed. Maybe He is not done with me yet like I have been thinking. So happy.

Melissa M - October 1, 2021


I had a prophet tell me once that WWIII was going to occur in 2025
I do not know if his word can be trusted or not… but I do see that your timeline indicates that WWIII is the beginning of sorrows.. I did not get the month or season, but perhaps you can pray about it and get a confirmation.

If it is confirmed, we would have yet another major event with an anticipated month / season to look at and consider.

What do you think


    Tim McHyde - October 2, 2021

    Melissa, as my book explains WW3 cannot come until 2026 at the earliest based on the sabbath year cycles and its connection to Wormwood before the Great Tribulation.

Melissa M - October 1, 2021

Hello Tim – It’s Melissa

I haven’t been keeping up… but I logged in today after reading your update on the 400 day article. I wanted to know if you can help me to understand what knowing this means in the grand scheme of things? I re-looked at your timeline and what is not clear (what I’m curious about) is the timing of what happens AFTER the Damascus destruction?

Does knowing the date of the Damascus scenario change any other details on your timeline or understanding of how things will unfold?

Any idea how long it will be after the Damascus destruction that Elijah comes on the scene to warn the world?

While that is certainly great to know the estimated season of the Damascus situation, it seems we will still be in wait for the next thing (Elijah to come on the scene – over a 2 yr span).

What is not clear to me from reading your timeline is HOW long the “beginning of sorrows” time lasts (months /years?) from the 6th seal to when the anti-christ abomination sacrifices stop. What is the estimated time span between those various events – do you know?

Maybe I’m looking at it wrong, or perhaps you don’t know… but maybe I’m missing something. Help me to understand.

How does the bottom part of the timeline connect to the top part where it says Nissan 1 Spring 2024 or 2031 and how does that fit with the bottom part.


    Tim McHyde - October 2, 2021

    Melissa, the timeline is fully explained by the book it comes from, Know the Future 8th Edition. You can order it from this site using Order Book from the menu above.

Thomas Garza - May 26, 2021

After reading the first few chapters of “Israel’s Secret Wars” and learning more about Israel’s sophisticated espionage history, one could make the argument that Israel will know somethings up leading to the war. Actually, with the recent repeated mysterious explosions in Iran, one could assume Israel has Intel on Iran’s closeness to attaining nukes. If we continue to see repeated “explosions” in the news as it pertains to Israel making tactical strikes or sabatoge against Iran and Syria and this becomes a consistent scenario moving forward through the remainder of this year, yeah, A major prophetic event in the Spring of 2022 is quite plausible and probable. I could be wrong.

Hathplenty - May 21, 2021


It makes the most sense to me that the destruction of Damascus is a retaliation for the restarting of the “drive them into the sea” war of 1948 – 1973 .

Assuming your friend is right about the date for Damascus: when do you think the fortress will disappear? Why couldn’t it be several weeks earlier?

    Tim McHyde - May 23, 2021

    Hathplenty, the way I read Psalm 83 and its parallel Isaiah 17 especially it implies this event is so quick it happens in one day, evening terror, and morning they are no more (Isa 17:14). That’s why I don’t think it spans weeks.

JCLover1978 - May 17, 2021


With the recent uproar in Israel could this be the descruction of Damascus happening? Would love to hear back.


    Tim McHyde - May 17, 2021

    JCLover, no, this is only a skirmish with a terrorist organization called Hamas. Iran is not going to war to help the Palestinians.

      JCLover1978 - May 18, 2021


      Thanks for the hastily reply sir! Would this fall in the end time prophecy of wars and rumors of wars? And one last thing, with Lebanon trying to fire rockets today what makes you believe Iran won’t get involved? Thanks again!


        Tim McHyde - May 18, 2021

        Joan, yes if it’s not the end, any wars you see are “wars and rumors of wars…but the end is not yet.”.

Scott Carter - May 12, 2021


Big fan and love the read. Could I get your opinion on the pipeline situation as well as the current state of unrest within Israel ? Do these things change your timeline what so ever? If so how much? Thank you so much Tim!

    Tim McHyde - May 12, 2021

    Scott, no change. These Palestinian attacks are decades old and not the cause for Iran to attack.

Don - May 12, 2021

Potential catalyst with the missile strikes in Israel recently to start a chain of retaliation?

    Tim McHyde - May 12, 2021

    Don, no, as history shows, Hamas/Gaza is just a nuisance and not the catalyst for a regional war.

Joey Bouley - May 5, 2021

Hi Tim just wanted to say hope you get well soon.Joey

Ron Perkins - May 5, 2021

Tim, on another subject, what are you thoughts on the recent news about the Queen possibly stepping down and allowing Prince Charles to step in to power. Could be the start of his rise as the Anti-Christ!

    Tim McHyde - May 5, 2021

    Ron, I think nothing of such news. He does not need to be king to become the Antichrist. When he dies and comes back to life then we have some significant news.

      Ron Perkins - May 6, 2021

      Yes, I agree, I just thought it was interesting how things could develop in light of other things that seem to be falling into place according to God’s timeline. I really was glad to read about the updated timeline on the “Destruction of Damascus” and the refining process we all may have to go through in some way or another. I continue to pray for you and your family for health, strength, provision, and perseverance in Jehovah’s name!

      Bonnie - September 1, 2021

      Hullo Tim, Do you think Prince Charles could be the anti-christ? I have thought this to be a possibility.

        Tim McHyde - September 2, 2021

        Bonnie, Prince Charles is still my leading candidate.

          Bonnie & Wayne - September 3, 2021

          Thank you Tim for your reply. Soon time will tell. Yes it is quite possible that Prince Charles could be. Yet i also wonder about possibly someone from Saudia Arabia? As for the false prophet I sense it could be the vatican.. the pope

John Lewandowski - May 4, 2021

Tim thanks for the reply, I know your a busy guy. Question do you have any contact with John Little in Taiwan ? I had a recent dream of thousands of paratroopers falling from the sky, makes me thing of him. We should tell him to get out. PTL

    Tim McHyde - May 4, 2021

    John, no.

John Lewandowski - May 3, 2021

is it possible that NYC will be attacked about the same time as Demascus ?

    Tim McHyde - May 3, 2021

    John, No, NYC is destroyed when America is several years after Damascus goes…

Logan Brown - May 3, 2021


I have currently seen multiple articles that state a “hunger famine” is quickly approaching and some think it could kick off the tribulation or rapture. I know from previous articles you are a post trib rapture person as am I. Would love to hear back!

Sincerely, Logan

    Tim McHyde - May 3, 2021

    Logan, Jesus predicted global famine would come with global pestilence and a global earthquake. See my article on how Wormwood makes all this possible at once.

Jim Milak - May 3, 2021

Right or wrong , thank you for sticking your neck out in a risky venture. Keep us informed only as you are able. I for one have appreciated your thoughts and ways of thinking about scripture including how prophets and prophecy works.
I will not be thinking poorly of you for being incorrect. You have been clear enough on how and where this “prediction” comes from. This separate’s scholars from users and abusers.

Jake Harmina - May 2, 2021

Hello Tim and all.
Just wanted to mention an interesting outcome of this 400 day/3 days before second Passover timeline….the Messenger sharing the prophecy with the Saint seems to be suggesting that 2022 Abib starts after the equinox and that the true Passover will be the 14th of April. April 14 and May 14 in 2022 are Passovers set by the conjunction new moon, not the crescent. This is my current understanding of the biblical calendar. Very interesting for me as I have been praying for confirmation that I was keeping the right calendar as it was much later than most….and here is the second confirmation I have received within a month of each other. Today for me marks the 21st High Holy Day of the DUB. Praise Yahweh for His confirmations!!
Blessings to you all.


Geoff - May 2, 2021

To quote Tim above … “Honestly, I don’t look forward to the onslaught of messages and inquiries I will be buried in when a prophetic event finally happens that I have been telling readers about for nearly two decades.”

Just set your email client to auto-responder mode with anything containing Damascus in the subject line or body of the email, with something like the following text.

‘Your message has been received. Thank you. While waiting for approximately 4 weeks before I get around to reading and replying to your message, please take the time to read every article listed below from my website… … …

I’ve probably already answered your question(s). This will save me so much time I’ll be able to write more informative articles. While you’re at it, hop over to and make a donation so I can maximise the time I spend researching and writing articles for you to read.’



If this happens on schedule, I might be regarded as a prophet by those who right now think I’m wrongheaded and dangerous, including a person who lives in Jerusalem. I try to be a friend in sharing relevant warnings, but often it doesn’t go over well. As for actually being a prophet, I hope not. I’ve been avoiding asking God what my job will be since many of the jobs seem unpleasant, but farming and infrastructure (what I’m already doing) might be nice.

    Geoff - May 2, 2021

    I think that the example set for us in Luke 22:42 (and Mark 14:36), tends to suggest that no matter what it is that we think we should, or shouldn’t do, in all cases it is wisest for us to defer to the Father’s will for our lives. There is no way any of us is going to know every detail ahead of time and therefore, I humbly suggest, we let go of our limited thinking regarding what the near future may hold for each of us, and lock on to whatever it is that God reveals to us each day.

    As for our desires, I agree with you. I’d like to work the land, do some building works, and help organise things such as project management – all of which I have some experience with. But if God deems it more advantageous to the Kingdom that I engage in something else, then He will ensure that I either have the ability to do it, or can quickly learn. Whatever that may be I’m confident that I will also find the work enjoyable and fulfilling.

      MICHAEL ANDERSON - May 2, 2021

      The main reason I wouldn’t want to be a prophet is that I prefer grace to judgment. Several people come to mind where I have made myself available, but God prevented me from extending grace to them. Tough love is often better love. Sentimental, loyal love is often enabling. But if it really is the end of days, how much time is there for tough love to do its job? Ananias and Sapphira had no opportunity to repent after Peter revealed their sin. Making rather final judgments (though not as final as the Great White Throne) for people I may feel sentimental about is unpleasant.

Blaze - May 1, 2021

So that chess tournament next year could still be a possibility… 🙂 And other April 2022 events. Maybe.

Sam Miller - April 30, 2021

Wow. It’s weird this will happen 2 days before my birthday. Strange coincidence: I always seem to look at the clock at ****. My birthday is **** so I’ve always wondered if there is any significance to this. After reading this article, it popped in my mind that I always see **** on the clock and decided to google what it means.

The first site I clicked on showed a photo at the top of the article that showed the number **** and **** and $**** and *** (Weird! How did it know that was the exact date?). Maybe this site has some way of knowing my birthday. Who knows.

The article is all about astrology and numerology, which I don’t subscribe to. But for the heck of it, I decided to read what it said. It told me that I can confirm my life path number based on my birthday and after following the instructions, my life path number is 7 (Godly number). And it said that a lifepath number of 7 means the following:

“If you are seeing your birthday numbers all of the time and they deduce to number 7, this is a time to lean into your spiritual interests and develop a strong relationship with your higher self. It is also a time about connecting with others on a spiritual level so that you don’t have to feel alone on the journey towards self-actualization. It may be a good time to join spiritual events that you resonate with or join communities. ”

I personally don’t think this is anything other than information bias but thought the coincidences were interesting so thought I’d share.

The one thing I do know is that my birthday next year will be different than all other birthdays I have lived through thus far and it will be a time that I hope to “join spiritual events that I resonate with or join communities” (i.e. moving to Judea with a community of truth-seeking believers). 🙂

    Bonnie & Wayne - September 1, 2021

    Hullo Sam, We also look forward to moving to Judea with a Community of truth seeking believers. Now with all the lockdowns and no one able to fly, would Jjudea, that God in His Wisdom and Power will Supernaturally transport us.

bryan simon - April 30, 2021

Bold prediction. The date is set.

    Tim McHyde - May 1, 2021

    Bryan, to be clear it’s not a prediction. I am reporting the word that someone I trust received but who is not a proven prophet yet. My main takeaway from it is it confirms the spring timeframe again.

      bryan simon - May 1, 2021

      Understood. Spring 2022 then. The season is set.

      May the Lord give us all revelation of our purpose and grace to hear His voice clearly.

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