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Tim McHyde

Tim is the author of this site (since 1999) and the book Know the Future that explains Revelation literally at last--including the key event of Wormwood (Rev 6-8). To read more from Tim and not miss a single new article, sign up for his free newsletter below.


60 Reasons America is Mystery Babylon (Not Iraq)

By Tim McHyde / May 2, 2006

Just who is “Babylon the Great” of Revelation 17-18? Popular answers are the Vatican or Catholic Church, Rome (“the city on seven hills”), Jerusalem and Iraq where the literal city Babylon is found. These answers may seem to adequate when you focus on only a few verses or traits of Mystery Babylon. However, when you […]


God’s 6000 Year Plan: Dating Jesus’ Latest Return?

By Tim McHyde / January 3, 2006

Has God given man 6000 years to rule himself before Jesus returns to take over? Many Christians think the Bible teaches this and they use leverage it to predict the year of Jesus’ Second Coming. But is it possible? How do you count the years? What do they start from? (Hint: not Adam/Creation) Also, what […]


The Gaza Pullout and The End Times Timeline

By Tim McHyde / December 16, 2005

Were Ariel Sharon and His Actions In Bible Prophecy? Israel’s pullout from Gaza was certainly a sad affair. 10,000 people had to leave their homes and even exhume graves of loved ones for relocation. In considering such a pathetic situation, it’s hard not to let pathos or emotion cloud your perspective and see what may […]


Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans: God’s Judgment?

By Tim McHyde / September 7, 2005

Could there be a connection or is it just a coincidence? I feel deja vu. After having just witnessed the Gaza pullout and commenting on how sad it is to see people lose their homes and have to evacuate to live somewhere else, here I am again having to consider the exact same event replayed […]


Why The Beast and False Prophet Enter The Lake of Fire First

By Tim McHyde / August 7, 2005

Revelation 20 describes people going into the Lake of Fire after the Millennium yet these two receive their condemnation before the Millennium. Find out why. Antichrist/Beast and False Prophet Entitled to Salvation? Regarding my popular article on whether The Last Post is the Antichrist or False Prophet, I received the following comment: Thanks a lot […]


To Hell And Back Booklet

By Tim McHyde / August 26, 2000

Is god an angry judge who tortures helpless sinners ages without end? If hell does exist, where is it – and can those who are there ever get out? Read here about the true biblical hell – from one who has been there! Note: This is a booklet composed of three individual articles written by […]


When Were the True Dates of the Crucifixion and Resurrection

By Tim McHyde / January 1, 1997

A great demonstration of how religion teaches traditions in place of the Word of God is in how 3 days and 3 nights don’t fit between a “Good Friday” crucifixion and “Easter Sunday” resurrection. (No, you’re not crazy for that always having bothered you.) Some have asked my opinion on the right days, so here’s […]

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