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Daniel’s Timeline Ends in 2017?

By Tim McHyde / December 9, 2006 teaches that Jesus the Messiah will return 2017 according to an interesting twist on Daniel’s prophecy and other verses. Are its assumptions sound?


The Real ID – A National ID or Mark of the Beast?

By Tim McHyde / July 3, 2006

Since early 2006, Irvin Baxter has been raising awareness of the Real ID Act which requires all U.S. citizens to receive a Real ID card by May, 2008. He speculates that it could lead to the Mark of the Beast in America. Could it, and should we refuse it?


Lunar Sabbath / Shabbat Mathematically Proven False

By Tim McHyde / June 1, 2006

The “Lunar Sabbath” is a fringe Christian belief that the Sabbath day is not fixed at the 7th day of the week but is dependent on the phase of the moon, Since seven does not divide evenly into the 29.5 day lunar cycle, it requires some days of the month not to be counted. Yet if an interpretation of the Bible requires you to change how you count to seven in order to fit Scripture, could it really be what God meant?

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