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Discerning Conspiracy Theories With Bible Prophecy and (Un)Common Sense

By Tim McHyde / July 2, 2013

Do you have friends who bother you with the latest conspiracy theories from YouTube or fringe “insider” websites? Do they leave you worried? If you’re online looking for Bible prophecy understanding, it’s impossible to escape scary conspiracy theories, even some that sound similar to what you read in Bible prophecy. But has end time Bible prophecy begun as the conspiracies seem to prove? Are predictions based on conspiracy theories reliable? Learn why conspiracy theories are not the way God is going to wake up the world, and what Bible prophecy says is his way so you can stop worrying about conspiracy theories.


Five Surprising Lessons of Bible Prophecy

By Tim McHyde / May 4, 2013

We study Bible prophecy expecting to understand what’s going to happen along with hopefully some idea of when. Yet along the way, there are several discoveries you won’t expect or maybe prefer not to find. For example, God’s special place to protect us from the Great Tribulation is not in heaven and how we get there takes a bit more than professing Jesus. Disappointing, for some, is the constant failure of date setters. Yet there are still good timing clues available, enough to raise the prospect of having to wait way longer for the Second Coming than anyone dreamed. Perhaps most surprising is why it’s OK if you don’t study (or understand) Bible prophecy at all?


Post-2012 Doomsday Blues? 4 Lessons or Benefits

By Tim McHyde / February 7, 2013

Although many were relieved when December 21st, 2012 passed without any of the predicted disasters, some instead were confused or even depressed after. They wondered why they did not see through it like most people did (who may be saying “I told you so.”) Certainly it is easy to negatively judge the 2012 hysteria and those who spread it as malicious or make them wrong. Yet, there is actually a silver lining to 2012 and hysteria like it. Understand four easily overlooked benefits and lessons from doomsday date hysteria to help you get past the post-doomsday date blues or the temptation to judge those who participated in it–even if that includes yourself.


6 Wrong Ways to Face the End Times (& One Right)

By Tim McHyde / September 10, 2011

Bible prophecy says that bad things are coming. Conspiracy theories found on the Web only confirm this. In light of this warning, what should we do to prepare? Shall we leave the city or even the country? Move to Israel? Stock up on food and water…or even guns and ammo or at least gold & silver? Trust Jesus to protect us wherever we are? Find out the reassuring answer from Bible prophecy on where to put our time and effort to be ready and saved when the end time events come upon us.


Why We Fall For Doomsday Dates (And How To Never Again)

By Tim McHyde / November 6, 2010

Believers look forward to Jesus’ Second Coming and hope someone can figure out when it will be. Perhaps the Bible has the timing hidden somewhere there among all its numbers? But it’s clear that date setters have been missing something important if you study their long track record of failure. The key is to understand the true purpose of Bible prophecy that Jesus explained which date setters miss. Find out how to never fall for a doomsday date again and how to correctly use end times Bible prophecy.


Which “Audience” Will God “Keep From the Tribulation” (Rev 3:10)?

By Tim McHyde / October 2, 2010

Most would prefer to avoid the Great Tribulation through a “pretrib rapture.” In my experience, Revelation 3:10 is often used to prove this since it promises to keep “thee” from a global hour of testing for all on earth. But who is “thee”—all believers or someone else? The audience of any passage is what determines that. Ignoring the audience is a major source of false doctrine that deceives and even puts us in bondage. Learn how to pay attention to audience through several examples including the letter to the Church in Philadelphia of Revelation 3.


What Kind of “Earthquakes” (Mt 24:7) Are An End Time Sign?

By Tim McHyde / March 20, 2010

It seems to many that severe earthquakes are on the rise. Christians naturally wonder if this is what Jesus spoke of in the Olivet Discourse about the sign of “earthquakes in diverse places” preceding his coming. But are normal scattered earthquakes like this a sign of the end? A reexamination of this passage is now possible to find out what type of earthquakes are indicated which completely changes the usefulness of these difficult words of Jesus.


Beat the H1N1 ’Swine’ Flu Pandemic (& Prophetic Fear) With Biblical Wisdom

By Tim McHyde / May 6, 2009

The swine flu H1N1 outbreak of 2009 is causing a lot of anxiety. A pandemic is feared. For prophecy students it is even worse because the Bible seems to say pestilence is one of the signs of the end times. Or does it? What should you do if it happens? Discover a forgotten health key for the flu that Christians should know and practice, but do not. Knowing this secret weapon alone should ease your anxiety about the flu and maybe just keep you alive until the Second Coming just as it did for prophetess Anna until the First Coming (Luke 2:36-38).


Jubilee Year Cycle (49 or 50?)

By Tim McHyde / December 21, 2008

The Jubilee Year of the Bible is important to understand properly if you want to understand the Biblical Calendar, and with it Bible prophecy and what it holds for the future. But few people do. Some think it is 50 years, some 49 years. Find out the truth now.


Hear God’s Name Pronounced

By Tim McHyde / October 1, 2008

How do you pronounce God’s name? It is hotly debated. Opinions vary depending on the evidence used, mostly evidence external to the Bible such as results in the popular but wrong Yahweh “scholarly guess.” But based on the remaining unerased vowel points in the oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible, the Leningrad Codex, we can get the most close possible today without a prophet. Listen to a recording of it below.

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