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3 Secrets To Finally Understand (& Obey) Yeshua’s “Sermon On The Mount”

By Tim McHyde / January 24, 2017

Christians assume that they “follow Christ,” yet if pressed, each must admit that they simply do not understand much of Christ’s teachings needed to follow him. This includes the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ manifesto for the masses that Martin Luther considered impossibly demanding. Find out why Christianity does not teach it, why it is […]


Why Jesus Will Tell Christians, “Depart From Me! I Never Knew You.”

By Tim McHyde / October 10, 2016

The scariest prophecy in the Bible? Easy: Jesus’ prediction that he will tell “many” sincere believers at the rapture to “get lost” instead of welcoming them into the kingdom. So…who are they, what did they do wrong, and how do you make sure you’re not rejected on that day, too? Find those answers and the […]


The First Sign of the End: The Gospel of Jesus Returns!

By Tim McHyde / October 1, 2016

Is Christianity proclaiming the same gospel Jesus did, the “good news of the kingdom,” fulfilling the chief end time sign Jesus gave (Mt 24:14)? Christians assume so, but when pressed can’t even explain what the kingdom of God is. (It’s not “within you” or Heaven). Discover what the kingdom of God is, what its good […]


When is the Great Tribulation Not Coming?

By Tim McHyde / October 17, 2015

Can we know when the Great Tribulation will be? Or at least when it won’t be? Mark Biltz thinks so and I agree with him, except for his reckoning of the Sabbath year. Learn what the Great Tribulation is and how to tell when it is not near. Great Tribulation Can Wait Weeks after Mark […]


Jesus Told His Disciples One Sign of the End, But Do You Understand It?

By Tim McHyde / February 1, 2014

Jesus’ disciples asked Jesus the very question that every Christian still wonders today: how do we know when you’re coming back? Amazingly, Jesus answered by giving the actual “signs of his coming and the end of the age.” He didn’t refuse! We can read his straightforward answer in Matthew, Mark and Luke. Yet Christians don’t […]


Why “No Man Knows the Day or Hour” Does Not Apply Forever

By Tim McHyde / January 29, 2011

When Jesus said, “no man knows the day or hour,” he nullified the use of the Bible (or anything else) to “set dates” or predict when end time events will happen. But his words are not clear enough today alone to silence the date setters. Some people think “day or hour” allows for knowing the […]


The Parable of the Ten Virgins Revisited

By Tim McHyde / February 27, 2010

The enigmatic Parable of the Ten Virgins seems loaded with potential teaching on the end times. The wedding feast of the Lamb’s Second Coming, the oil that is needed to enter the feast or Kingdom, and the mysterious “go buy” command that throws us for a loop on our ideas for the oil. What does […]


Revelation 14:6 – Who Will Preach the Gospel Globally?

By Tim McHyde / May 26, 2006

Jesus said, “This Gospel of the Kingdom Shall Be Preached in every nation As A Witness.” But, by whom and when? I received this question by email about Revelation 14:6 and whether angels or men will be preaching the gospel before the end: Considering Rev.14:6 – “And I saw another angel fly in the midst […]