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Planet X – The 2017 Arrival by David Meade – Review

By Tim McHyde / January 27, 2017

David Meade’s Planet X 2017 Arrival book claims overwhelming proof of well, you know, the end of the world in October 2017. Does it present anything new after so many failed doomsday dates? Yes, but dreams and visions from people you don’t know or recognize may not be a “good new.” Find out why this book’s predictions will fail like all the rest before it (and why it’s getting attention despite this).


Mystery of the Shemitah Review – US Crash in 2015?

By Tim McHyde / November 17, 2014

Jonathan Cahn’s shemitah prophecy book predicts a financial collapse or “something” like it for America possibly in 2015 because he claims it is a Sabbath year. But is it? Does the Bible say God curses in Sabbath years? My review of Cahn’s latest book exposes the flaws in his theory, why you don’t have to worry about his predictions and what the real meaning of the shemitah is according to Scripture that he missed.


The End of America Review (Why You Should Not Flee Yet)

By Tim McHyde / July 5, 2014

“The End of America” is a Bible prophecy book by John Price which predicts Islam will destroy America with God’s blessings because of America’s sins of abortion, betrayal of Israel and same sex marriage. If you’re scared or wondering if these theories are correct or that you need to leave America right now, read on to learn the problems with these conclusions and why “come out of her, my people” is not a “command” to readers of Revelation.


“Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change” Review

By Tim McHyde / November 2, 2013

Does John Hagee’s book on the four blood moon prophecy help you understand the biblical significance of the 2014-2015 tetrad? Considering that the first 170 pages of “Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change” is background material on prophecy, Israel in Scripture and history with only 24 pages on the coming tetrad, that’s a fair question. Here’s my review to help you evaluate the book and its ideas.


The Harbinger: Has America Ignored Actual Warnings From God?

By Tim McHyde / February 2, 2013

“The Harbinger” novel proposes that God has sent America nine omens or warnings of judgment starting with the 9/11 attacks. These “harbingers” include the Great Recession seven years after 9/11 along with several surprising coincidences at Ground Zero and “vows” against God supposedly made by US leaders. Rabbi Cahn claims that in all this God is following the “prophetic warning pattern” of Isaiah 9:10 that leads to economic downfall if we do not repent. But is this a message from God or even accurate to how God speaks? When you compare this theory to the real pattern of warning and judgment that is spelled out not just in one verse to Israel but throughout the entire Bible, you can see for yourself whether America is in judgment or being warned of judgment just yet.


The 2012 Movie & Bible Prophecy: “Striking” Similarities

By Tim McHyde / November 22, 2009

Most people who watch the new 2012 movie naturally consider it to be only science fiction. They rightly disregard the 2012 doomsday date as unreliable as all previous doomsday dates. What the majority miss is that unfulfilled Bible prophecy predicts most of the same events portrayed in the movie. Although 2012 is clearly not the year, these disasters will come in some year before the Great Tribulation (and therefore before even a “pretrib” Rapture). Find out the true parts of the 2012 movie which are coming to a reality near you and what the Bible says our response to it should be.


Isralestine Book Review

By Tim McHyde / September 19, 2008

Isralestine is a prophecy book by Bill Salus with a pretrib view and an emphasis on Middle East war prophecies such as Psalm 83


Revelation Unveiled

By Tim McHyde / June 1, 2006

When I was considering a name for one of my books, the same title as Tim LaHaye picked came to mind and I quickly tossed it because it sounds too ambitious.