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Podcast: How to Stop Complaining (& Save Your Family in the Process?)

Christians are not taught how complaining repels blessings and attracts curses as Exodus 15-16 graphically proves and Paul warned (1Co 10:9-10). This happens because even a grumbling thought puts you out of the faith needed to please God (Heb 11:6=2Co 10:5). In this talk we share powerful insights and testimonies for overcoming both superficial and "engine warning light" complaints in your words and your thoughts. Learn how doing repentance like this blesses you now and may be the only way your family will follow you to Judea later [1] (Joel 2:32) as the precedents of Noah and Lot's families shows!

This is the first time I was inspired by God with an insight that I was also inspired on who to deliver it to: supporters. Once you consider it, it's immediate obvious how complaining is an excellent starting point for repentance. So much so that I think it will be a foundational teaching in the coming workbook. Yet, as the podcast explains, there are critical reasons you'll want to start using the wisdom in this podcast now!

Unlike sermons on complaining you may have heard at church that simply share some of the same passages on why believers should not complain, I think this podcast goes several levels beyond:

  1. We call out complaining as attracting curses (1Co 10:9) and repelling blessings by it putting you out of faith (Heb 11:6).
  2. Testimonies of our own past complaining and bad fruits.
  3. How to change your complaining on both a surface level and a deeper healing level as appropriate.
  4. Testimonies of how people reacted positively to our later non-complaining and blessed us greatly.
  5. A powerfully compelling reason for why you want to start working on serious repentance like this now: it may be the only way your family will respect your opinion enough to come with you to Judea.

Note: In the podcast, I state that "Wormwood somehow comes out of nowhere" to sneak up on the world. Exactly one week after that recording that statement, Katrina and I received the insight that Wormwood is being sent from Heaven last minute, thereby sneaking up on the world [2].

Finally, pay attention for when God unexpectedly intervenes in the podcast to test our non-complaining resolve!

Outline of topics covered:

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  • 03:15 – What God revealed to Tim about complaining.
  • 05:03 – Why even complaining about other people is actually a complaint to God, too.
  • 06:30 – Considering family members’ roles – leadership and short versus long-term goals of the family. Do we complain because of self-focus?
  • 10:20 – Complaining brings curses and repels blessings. "What you resist persists." Wants vs. needs.
  • 12:20 – Complaining leads to depression, and the answer to this from Katrina’s personal experience.
  • 13:20 – How do we grow in this life? What’s pushing your buttons? Look at Paul.
  • 15:00 – What complaining says to God. Are you missing the point about this life's meaning?
  • 16:20 – Why could King David complain to God in the psalms? What about our unspoken complaints?
  • 17:30 – What is the energy that makes us want to complain?
  • 18:57 – Examples of how to deal with complaining.
  • 20:33 – Wait on God and be blessed.
  • 21:52 – Recognizing different forms of complaining.
  • 22:32 – Don’t set yourself up for failure. Become aware.
  • 23:57 – Is it a deeper issue? Don’t bury it; dig it up.
  • 26:01 – The importance of hope and control issues.
  • 29:42 – Perfect live example of being out of control yet staying in peace: Katrina’s bracelet loudly spills onto the tile floor during recording!
  • 31:23 – Are we loving or unloving?
  • 32:22 – Wisdom and insights to become a better person.
  • 32:56 – Going deeper with control issues. Awareness is key.
  • 34:40 – "I don’t have time to slow down." What am I forgetting?
  • 36:56 – Why people may get upset when you stop complaining.
  • 38:41 – Another good example of not complaining from our Michael Rood Israel tour & lost luggage for our 10th anniversary.
  • 40:19 – Focus on the positive. Are you grateful? Shine your light.
  • 41:24 – "Tim, How can I save my family member?" 2022 will be here soon.
  • 42:57 – Stop manipulating others and improve relationships. Tim and Katrina’s testimony.
  • 44:25 – Concerned about family members not coming with you when the time comes to flee? Here is your best bet.
  • 48:20 – How does our repentance come into play? What if you’re wrong about 2022, Tim? Should I change my life?
  • 51:48 – 1 Cor 10:9-11 Warning from Paul on complaining
  • 52:32 – Repentance should be highest priority. Do you have radical faith?
  • 55:13 – Good example of “others” going with you.
  • 55:37 - You can do this with God’s help. It does work. Others will be greatly influenced by what they see in you. Prepare for eternal life – salt and light.

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