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Most Bizarre Speaking Invitation Experience Ever! (In Cyprus) + Lessons Learned

This podcast tells the story of what happened when Katrina and I decided to take a supporter's (paid) invitation to celebrate our 25th anniversary in Cyprus and teach her friends. It seemed totally safe and we prayed about it before accepting. Yet it turned out that the supporter had hidden ulterior motives that I never could have imagined...nor would you, revealed only after I began teaching. Find out what happened and the lessons we learned from this most bizarre speaking engagement ever!

Listen to Katrina and I explain the unique story of our God-confirmed trip to Cyprus in 2017 where a supporter turned on us.

Outline of topics covered

  • How we ended up in Cyprus for our 25th anniversary
  • Why Israel-loving believers end up in Cyprus and why it's a bad idea to move to Israel today
  • How my sponsor reacted negatively to four of my teachings
  • Strategies and perspectives Tim and Katrina used to stay calm and not retaliate at abuse and persecution like Yeshua taught. These strategies work even when it's from unexpected places like other believers, or sponsors, as the case may be.

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