Dream: “Fountain of Youth” Healings Coming

God's plan for the saints to gather in Judea to escape the end times (Joel 2:28=Mt 24:16) sounds unfeasible for many reasons including the poor health or medical dependencies of most Western adults. Divine healing must be given to God's servants again just like it was in the exodus from Egypt (Ps 105:37 KJV). But there is no prophecy that promises that. So I prayed for confirmation. In this dream, God did just that with a bonus insight: exactly where and how the healing will take place for those who obey God's command to flee. Once again, it's not what I originally thought or what most would prefer! Plus: I was wrong, there is a prophecy about healing and rejuvenation in Malachi!


Katrina and I have known for some time that divine healing would be commonly available for the obedient (Rev 18:4) in the end times. We knew this from a combination of personal dreams, historical precedent in Scripture and straightforward deductions. I shared all this previously in a free article on the three salvations in the end times (healing is "Sozo"/salvation #3).

Admittedly, there is no prophetic verse promising healing in the end times, instead, we base this off these points:

  • Katrina and her friends have had dreams of our son Zachary being fully healed, as have I.
  • During the exodus from Egypt, Scripture records that the Israelites were blessed with the health they needed to travel by foot.
  • The human condition has not changed since the exodus and for a new exodus to Judea in the end times, there are many sick among us who have the faith and strength to obey the command to flee, but not the health.
  • With God's commission, comes provision. In other words, if God's going to command you to travel a great distance, he will have to remove any physical barriers to your obedience. Health is a major barrier to travel and moving overseas as I shared in this article.

To see the exodus healing verses and other details, check out the free "three salvations" article here.

Beyond Healing: Renewal and Rejuvenation

Based on other dreams Katrina and I both had that I shared with supporters, I began to slowly realize that we're not going to have just healing of sicknesses and disease. It looks like we're going to receive renewal and rejuvenation.

Katrina had already received a word years ago that her poor health since youth would be restored. Growing up, she basically never had a youth or health in her youth so this was a promise to be repaid for what was stolen.

Consistent with this, I previously had (yet another) dream in Germany that I never shared before that I will share now before I get to the main dream:

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Helen Davies - April 4, 2021

Tim, I’ve continued to pray for your healing. I’m so delighted to hear of your progress and how God has so guided you through this experience by His Spirit. It’s clear that you seek Him and that He is clearly speaking to you. I rejoice in your great progress. I can’t give more or really what I’m doing presently. But I know it’s very important and that’s why I have continued to do so.

Helen Davies/DallasTx

Harry G. - March 31, 2020

I have been reading the Bible for over 25 years now. God lets me know what I need at any given time I read it. I don’t have the greatest interpretation of it all the time, but I do have faith in the Lord! I’m going to need healing and strength as I’m a smoker and have been trying to quit for some time. I also have arthritis, degenerative hip cartilage, knee pain and on and on! This considering I’m 61 years old! I like your emails considering there are allot of quacks out there Prophesying allot of crazy things especially the end times! I have been praying for strength for my family, wife’s family, neighbors, friends and Christians through out the world to make it through the tribulation! Anyway God Bless everyone!

Jen Waldon - January 22, 2020

Malachi 4:2-3…..

“But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings. And you will go free, leaping with joy like calves let out to pasture.”

This verse is in the midst of prophecy scripture concerning the End, although to me it is unclear if it is meant upon the Day of Slaughter/Judgment in the indeterminate distant future, or during the Woman’s flight to the desert. I’m inclined to tentatively believe both.

    Tim McHyde - January 23, 2020

    Jen, good catch. As I have read the Bible and passed that verse, I have thought of it a few times in connection with my expectations of the prepared place. I know it’s comforting to you with your health challenges.

P Alex Dillon - December 16, 2018

It does make me think of some dreams I’ve been having and still wonder about. Also this paints a picture in my mind to hold onto while I’m waiting for more guidance and understanding.
Anyway God bless you and all your readers and everyone you touch with supernatural joy because, well, we can go through anything with that.
: )

mikhael - December 15, 2018

very interesting,
Lately ive been practicing fasting….5 days was my first.
day 1 was ok
day 2 my guts started to rumble
day 3 i thought i was going to die
day 4 no hunger and very clear thoughts,energy and concentration
day 5 i wanted to do another 5 days but I decided to break my fast in order to eat with my son and daughter who i hadn’t seen for a while…I was still exercising during this time.
there is plenty of evidence of the ketogenic diet helping people get healthy and of sugar and carbs which slows you down and makes you addictive.
I would imagine the 40 years of manna would do us well in these times.
I am now on one meal a day 5-7pm 5%carb 25%protien and 70% fat…and feeling really active and alert (im 60 years old)
I know that if things went crazy I could go without food (but not filtered water) for a long time.
I carry my beat bible with me at all times in a small handbag just in case …

Chris Ball - July 26, 2018

That’s good news to hear.
It makes sense that if the camp of the saints is to happen then divine healing must happen. I’d argue that the divine healing is ongoing long before we get to the camp of the saints. Examples include loving your enemies after hating them for so long. In my case it was muslims who caused me to stumble.
Not to mention curing addictions.
So yes this divine healing must take place to allow us to obey Elijah’s call to the safe zone.

Sherry Phelps - June 4, 2018

Again, this is confirmation of what I felt deep within my soul of what God was going to do in His infinite wisdom! Amen!

Your Sister in Christ,

Linda van der Vyver - June 3, 2018

God is surely rewarding you and Katrina, Tim! You have done Bible research for so many years, and has been seeking God earnestly over the years. Now he is starting to reward you, by giving you these dreams and interpretations in wisdom. Wow!

I am praying that God will work with me in future, to show me if He would want me to leave also in 4 to 5 years, to work with others in Israel, in preparation for the Safe place. But when I think of my daughter, my 5 grand children, staying behind, then I feel the pull to also stay till the end. To help convince them…. the thought that they might stay behind, somedays feels like choking me up! I pray often for Gods peace to live with that possibility. Although, when the prophet comes, he/they will be so much more convincing than me (the “weird” one!). I want to be one in ten thousand Tim. Like you said. I know my faith is radical enough. And knowing that God will also heal my scoliosis back pain, which is bothering me each day, is something I look forward to! Cant wait to experience all Gods miracles waiting. I am so sorry I will be working most Sunday nights, so wont be able to watch most fellowships online 🙁
Gods blessings, Linda

Sam Miller - June 2, 2018

Wow. This is amazing. The faith to go and be healed struck me in that it may have other applications where faith is needed, such as if we are seeking deliverance from addictions for example. Your thoughts?

    Silke - May 26, 2019

    I’ve also been wondering about drug addiction as I’ve been on very strong opiates for several years. If I stopped taking my oxycodone right now, I would suffer terribly. So I really hope that Yehovah will take care of this major problem, too.

      Helen Davies - April 4, 2021

      You probably know not to go off medication all at once. Some medications can cause seizures if you withdrawn totally. So be guided. I agree for your deliverance. But you need to get in the Word and read healing scriptures each day and build your faith for healing. We can’t get healed by hoping. We have to know it’s already provided for and available to us as we are able to receive by faith. Build your faith for healing and you’ll have it.

Obiajulu Echedom - June 2, 2018

Do agree with the interpretation of the dreams. For we walk by faith not by sight. Also the ten lepers were asked to show them selves to the priests and were healed as they obeyed. Another option am suggesting to those with health challenges is the ‘slave girl’ advice to Naaman. She was convinced about the solution to her master’s problem. I have watched Emmanuel TV for some years and have also visited the SCOAN. I have witnessed many and diverse miraculous healings by patients as well as medical practitioners who also received healings. Watching the programs can inspire faith and visiting would result in healings. A lot of people may be discouraged to embark on a journey with severe ailments. Thanks for your paradigm teachings.

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