The End of America Review (Why You Should Not Flee Yet)

"The End of America" is a Bible prophecy book by John Price which predicts Islam will destroy America with God’s blessings because of America’s sins of abortion, betrayal of Israel and same sex marriage. If you’re scared or wondering if these theories are correct or that you need to leave America right now, read on to learn the problems with these conclusions and why "come out of her, my people" is not a "command" to readers of Revelation.

Have You Heard These Scary Theories

Do the following theories frighten or worry you?

  • "Abortion and homosexual marriage are sins compelling God to judge America."
  • "God has been warning America not to curse Israel (by sending storms)."
  • "Islam plans to take over the world."
  • "The Antichrist will be Muslim."
  • "Israel's Arab neighbors already have nuclear weapons (suitcase nukes)."
  • "God will use Islam to punish America."
  • "You need to leave America now before it is destroyed as it is commanded in Revelation 18:4 ('come out of her my people')."

...If so, then you may have read John Price's book, "The End of America - The Role of Islam in the End Times and Biblical Warnings to Flee America."

Scared by "The End of America"

Of course, these ideas are not unique to John Price's book. They have been commonly taught and repeated among prophecy fans for some time.

Yet lately, I've had a lot of "End of America" readers find my website and contact me with concerns about these ideas. They all have in common that they are scared by the theories presented in his book and want my help to know if he's right or not that they should flee their homeland. Here's a couple typical ones:

[John Price] states that America will be attacked by Islamists with a series of simultaneous nuclear explosions in key cities. He warns that God’s people, Jews and Christians, need to move from America to a South/ Central American country. I was intrigued with the fact that you actually did this.

So, here is my question, should I move my family to a South/ Central American country as you did? I have not read all of your books yet, but I am interested in your opinion on this topic since you did this already.

- Ted

"The End of America" certainly confirmed my initial thoughts I had years ago about the passages in Revelation about Mystery Babylon sounding so much like the USA. By the time it was complete, I wanted nothing more than to obey "God's command" to "come out of her." I was praying about becoming an expatriate in the very near future.

Initially, I was OK, but within days an unsettled fear came over me.
After reading End of America, I spent a couple of days trying to think how I was going to obey "the command" to come out of Babylon....

- Name withheld

What can I possibly say to help such people get out of fear and back to peace about the end times?

As someone who has moved out of the US because of the verse saying "come out of her my people" and later realized it was unnecessary, I know exactly what to say. In the months and years after moving to Costa Rica, I have thought long and hard about the move and Bible prophecy. In that time and long before I ever read John Price's book, I discovered the error of my thinking on many things in Revelation, including "come out of her my people."

Why I Actually Like John Price

First, I want to say up front that my choice to write on this topic is not because I'm against John Price. Sometimes readers get the wrong idea that there must be malice against a person when someone takes the time to criticize their idea.

On the contrary, I have nothing against him. After he moved to Costa Rica, he contacted me by email saying a reader told him about my site and he invited me to coffee. We never got together since we're at opposite ends of the country, but we corresponded several times. He seems like a pleasant, intelligent and sincere servant of God to me. I don't doubt he means well. I like him and I like how he is telling people the truth that America is in Bible prophecy, something most Christians never hear.

But we're all deceived on some points of understanding (Rev 12:9) no matter how righteous or well-intentioned we are (myself included). It's just that we all tend to be better at seeing the errors others have than we do our own. Nevertheless my message is not "John Price is deceived" but rather that there is no need to flee America yet, no command of God to do so yet, and no need to fear Islam so much that you must expatriate to a low-Muslim-population countries like John Price advises in his book.

Further, what I'm going to say in this article about his error in interpreting "come out of her" I have actually already communicated to him by email. People have asked me whether I have done this with my past articles on popular prophecy book teaching. Have I "gone to my brother" and told them in private what I'm saying in public per Matthew 18:15. In this case I have, although I do not feel that passage applies to differences of opinion on the Bible. It is about actual sinful acts, which being deceived does not count as.

In brief, the reason I am writing on this topic is to fill an obvious need to help people to get the information they need to get back to the peace God intended us to have. (Just go read the reviews of his book on Amazon if you doubt there is a need for this.)

Article continues below...

"Depart From Me, I Never Knew you!" - Jesus

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What I like About "The End of America"

John Price is a retired lawyer, and it shows in his writing. He writes as persuasively and clearly as you would expect.

I was impressed with the case he makes in Chapter 4 for why America is the Daughter of Babylon/Mystery Babylon of Jeremiah 50-51 and Revelation 17-18. Of course, I teach the same thing but I still learned some things from the way he presented the case for this.

Chapter 11 talks about the effects of America's fall to the rest of the world in graphic detail. The bleak picture it paints supports what I have written elsewhere about why there can be no US economic collapse in Bible prophecy before she is destroyed by fire.

Having shared some good things about his book in fairness (since it's not all bad), it's necessary to address the problematic theories in the book which bring so many people my way looking for answers:

Problem #1 - Will Islam Bring Down the US?

Much of the rest of the 300 page book is focused on Islam, how diabolical it is, and how important it is to end time events. It is hard to underestimate how much concern the book places on Islam from start to finish. For example, he even factors Muslim population density in suggesting what countries are best to flee to (Chapter 13).

Naturally, he also subscribes to and teaches the popular Muslim Antichrist theory in his book. This idea has only one Scripture to back it up, the one in Revelation about martyrs of the Great Tribulation being beheaded (Rev 20:4). That's not enough to indict radical Islam that is fond of beheading especially when there are many more verses that point elsewhere to where the Antichrist comes from and what religion he teaches.

Again, to the uninitiated, it's very persuasive and comprehensive research that is sure to cause many readers start eyeing Muslims suspiciously and worry terror near them. But as a prophecy researcher, I have yet to find any evidence that Arabs play any global end time role. They attack Israel in the Psalm 83 war, but they get wiped out after that in Israel's reprisal. They do not factor into any global end time prophecy apart from the "wars and rumors of wars" Jesus said would come but were not the sign of the end.

... with "Suitcase Nukes"??

The most incredulous part of the book for me are the claims about ‘suitcase nukes’, even if you grant as accurate the reports of of many of them going missing in the 1990s.

First, there's no proof Israel's Arab enemies have any nukes. Israel is watching them like a hawk because of the mortal danger posed by their archenemies having these weapons of mass destruction. The very national existence of Israel is at stake if the Arabs get even one nuke.

Given Israel has one of the best intelligence agencies next door to these Arabs, are we to believe that the Arabs have nukes and Israel does not know about it? Israel blindly remains focused instead on the progress of their nuclear weapons programs instead? It's inconceivable that the Arabs have these and are sitting on them, with the risk of their secret getting out ever increasing as time goes on. People talk. "Loose lips sink ships." They are not sitting on a stockpile of nukes without Israel knowing or finding out. I don't find that plausible.

Another problem with the suitcase nuke theory is that nuclear weapons require a great deal of maintenance, and maintenance skill, to remain active and effective. These things are not Maytag washers you keep handing down to the next generation because they are so simple and self-contained. They are complex, high-tech, radioactive-decaying black boxes that require trained technicians and special handling.

Finally, a few small yield suitcase nukes is not enough to take down the entire USA and "burn it with fire" so that no one is left. That's what Revelation and Jeremiah describe, no inhabitants "like Sodom and Gomorrah"(Jer 49:18; 50:40). That requires the ICBM arsenal of a major nuclear power like Russia. (Yes, that "peaceful, democratic" nation that invaded and annexed Ukraine.) As it happens, Jeremiah pictures Daughter Babylon's fall coming from the "upmost north" (Jer 50:3).

Problem #2 - Will America Be Destroyed Over Abortion, Same Sex Marriage and Betraying Israel?

Like so many prophecy theories out there, the book is full of humanistic arguments rather than building a case verse upon plain, literal verse. The book's explanation for why America is going to be judged is based on many facts and statistics on America's abortion practices, same sex marriage laws and the checkered history with Israel. It overlooks the explicit explanation given in Scripture for America's judgment which we'll cover.

It also overlooks that most nations in the world allow abortion. America is not even number one in total number of abortions (Russia is) or number per capita (America is 6th). Russia has double the number of abortions as America and the most per capita. Yet Russia will outlive America according to Bible prophecy. Go figure.

Regarding Israel, America is known as her greatest ally and supporter. But even if America were not, it is no sin not to be. Israel is also a wicked nation that has been exiled twice, cursed with a Holocaust and constantly at war with its enemies. This is not Solomon's blessed ancient Israel. God won't let Israel be wiped out as it is his nation, but he will let them go through just about anything else. That's because Israel is a modern, secular, humanistic nation. Like all others, it is going to go into the Great Tribulation under occupation by the Antichrist (after the few righteous of the nation flee out of her to safety). The promise God made to Abraham to "bless those who bless him and curse those who curse him" was because Abraham was righteous and obeyed God. Such a promise is never given to Israel in the Bible. Israel was promised to be cursed for disobedience (Jos 8:34), not protected supernaturally from those bringing the curse!

As for the theory that America receives major devastating natural disasters as a warning from God every time she betrays Israel, it is nothing more than confirmation bias at play (such as with the 2015 Blood Eclipses theory). See my article on disasters in prophecy for details on how God actually communicates warnings in the Bible.

Tellingly, there is not a single verse in the Bible that explicitly fingers these three behaviors as the reason for America's coming fiery judgment. Instead, Revelation tells us something different:

Revelation 18:3, 7-9 (HCSB) — 3 For all the nations have drunk the wine of her sexual immorality, which brings wrath. The kings of the earth have committed sexual immorality with her, and the merchants of the earth have grown wealthy from her excessive luxury. ... 7 As much as she glorified herself and lived luxuriously, give her that much torment and grief, for she says in her heart, “I sit as a queen; I am not a widow, and I will never see grief.” 8 For this reason her plagues will come in one day— death and grief and famine. She will be burned up with fire, because the Lord God who judges her is mighty. 9 The kings of the earth who have committed sexual immorality and lived luxuriously with her will weep and mourn over her when they see the smoke of her burning.

Notice that the reason for the judgment given is the bad corrupting influence America has been on the entire world. This matters because of how blessed America is with prosperity and the greatest Bible teachers in the world. America ought to know better how to use her riches than any nation in history with her Bible heritage. This makes America accountable to do much better than she does, more accountable than any other nation.

But rather than be a positive influence all around, the leader of the free world has turned more and more vain and wicked with each generation. Just as King Solomon could not handle his great wealth and the temptations of his wives without becoming corrupt, neither has the wealthiest nation in history.

That is why she is being judged long before Russia and every other nation that practices abortion, same sex marriage, and who are outright enemies of Israel.

Problem #3 - Is "Coming Out" to Costa Rica a Solution (or a Bigger Problem)?

My biggest problem with the book is how it mishandles "come out of her" (Rev 18:4). It states that this is a command to the reader to leave America presently. It suggests Central and South American countries as the best answer of where to flee to. This is very bad thinking for two reasons.

First, what Price seems to miss is that such a move is not possible for the vast majority of Americans to follow. Most are in substantial debt and living paycheck to paycheck. They must leave their jobs to move but have no way to replace that income. They may try moving overseas, anyway, and hope for the best, but very predictable things happen to turn that decision into a disaster.

Having lived in Costa Rica over 15 years I can tell you what happens. I've seen it happen to most Americans and Canadians who expatriate (especially those without pensions). They run out of savings, they fail to find work, they miss their family, they get robbed or conned because they are easy pickings as foreigners, or they even get deported. Two families I know got run for homeschooling their kids. (It's against the law here in Costa Rica, but they did it anyway as America kids get picked on in the public schools.)

In contrast, John Price is a retiree and an ex-lawyer at that. I'd imagine that he has way above average retirement savings and/or pension income. I say that because he lives in an upscale resort community on the beach. It's the kind of place that even the middle class in Costa Rica only can visit on vacation. (I'm one of them.) With such a privileged life, you cannot blame him for missing how wholly impractical his advice is for the average American prophecy student reading his book. They don't have large retirement savings and/or pensions to make a move and sustain themselves without work in a foreign land (where work is usually illegal for non-citizens without a work visa).

I, on the other hand, know very well the struggles that following his advice would bring most. I was laid off from the US job I brought down with me and survived by the charity of others. I've been robbed multiple times more in Costa Rica than in our entire time in America. I've had two con artists swindle me.

In short, it has been very hard to leave America and live in Central America. Most will fail in attempting it. That's why I don't recommend anyone move out of America to here or anywhere else unless you have to. And as we will find out next, you don't!

The "Come Out of Her" Verse Is A Prophecy, Not A Command

Secondly, there is no way Revelation 18:4 is a "command" to American readers to leave in the present tense. This is patently obvious when you consider that this verse was written over a thousand years before there was even a country called America to flee. Should the pilgrim settlers have left the colonies as soon as they heard that verse read at church? Should Abraham Lincoln have left America when he read that passage in his Oxford Bible?

When you think about it that way, it becomes clear how mistaken it is to call Revelation 18:4 a command to Bible readers.

What is it then? Revelation 18 is a chapter describing the time of "the end of America" when she is "burned with fire" (Rev 18:8). Now read the verse in context:

Revelation 18:4 (HCSB) Then I heard another voice from heaven: Come out of her, My people, so that you will not...receive any of her plagues.

Can you see it? "Come out of her" is part of this prophecy of the end of America. It comes "from heaven" at the right time "so that" people can avoid "receiving America's plagues." Nobody has to leave America before that point is upon us, such as now, any more than in Abraham Lincoln's day. When that point is upon us, the prophecy of the "command from heaven" will be fulfilled by being delivered to Americans.

How? The same way commands from heaven are always delivered in the biblical accounts. A prophet receives that message from heaven either directly in his hearing or from an angel. Then he goes on to tell the people what "thus saith the LORD." Because angels don't ever do this with the masses directly, people have to decide whether the man of God really heard correctly from heaven or if he is just wrong or crazy and they can go on with their business. That is how God does it to keep our free choice intact.

Oh, and when "God gives commission, he also gives provision." When God tells you to flee, he will help you to do so just as he did the Israelites with mighty miracles (Ex 19:4=Rev 12:4).


I'm happy to say that by sharing the points and explanations above, I have helped several people to end their fear of being stuck in America. Here's the rest of the story from the reader of "The End of America" quoted above:

Initially, I was ok, but within days an unsettled fear came over me. I began to pray. ... Through much searching, I eventually stumbled upon Tim's book "Know the Future." I was able to begin reading the downloadable format instantly. It brought me much peace! Now instead of fleeing to Central America when so many refugees are fleeing here, I can patiently wait for God's prophet to arise and begin warning his people to flee Babylon.

Some have told me, "it's easy for you to advise people to stay, Tim. You're already safely out of America." What they do not know is that if God lead me to, I'd have no problem moving back to America in a New York minute. I only love the country all the more after my hard experiences living in a Third World country. A move back is actually something I have been planning for when my children finish school here...

Take my advice and don't fear Muslims, their plans, the radical Muslim's alleged suitcase nukes. Stay put and enjoy life while it's still good. Wait for the further instructions that Bible prophecy predicts, rather than listen to theories of men. The End of America is not yet.

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