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Podcast: How to End Disconnection From God

Do you ever have negative feelings towards God or confusion about what he wants from you, resulting in disconnection from God? If we're honest, we have to admit we all struggle with the task of loving and obeying an invisible Dad we have never met nor understood very well. Unfortunately, church fails to help us overcome this fundamental issue because the minute you get real about how hard this is and how Christianity has not made it any easier, Christians shut you down. They can't handle the "negativity" so they dismiss the issue with platitudes like, "It takes faith! Fake it til' you make it. You're too negative. Etc." In this podcast, Katrina and Tim share powerful insights and practical strategies that we have used to end this pattern for ourselves in order to finally have a strong, faith-based relationship with God. Learn how to overcome negative thoughts and know God as someone who cares for you so you can be in a connected relationship with him at last...

(Note: Tim's verse was Hebrews 11:6 not 10:6 as he stated)

Outline of topics covered

  • 1:05 - Tim reads emails he received showing the universal problem believers have but can't talk about or get help on at church: default disconnection from God
  • 4:50 - Tim and Katrina share their similar struggles with knowing God
  • 8:40 - Katrina's walk before and after and how she came to believe God is good
  • 10:00 - Tim's testimony on prayer
  • 11:24 - Breaking down what 2Cor 10:5 means and the simple way to take thoughts captive daily
  • 15:30 - Katrina's simple but powerful technique to reconnect to God that anyone can do with a watch or phone
  • 17:51 - The important lesson in Hebrews 11:6 (not 10:6 as stated) on diligently seeking God and how that looks practically
  • 24:16 - Examples of raw, honest prayers Katrina has prayed and "lived to tell..." and why honesty is important
  • 29:40 - Katrina's testimony of constant complaining about problems and perceived lack and the key insights that turned it around
  • 34:37 - Accepting suffering as necessary and why it's not proof you are not blessed
  • 36:45 - The important key Tim learned from the Healing Movement on what believers wrongly base beliefs on in place of the Word of God
  • 39:00 - "Am I saved?" What Tim tells people who question whether they are "saved" or "called..."
  • 40:42 - How to tell if you're trying to change or overcome on your own strength and how to use your new "connectedness" to God to get his help instead
  • 42:00 - The reason believers make the mistake of not asking God for help with things they privately struggle with. How we both went from hating praying to loving it by being honest with God and confessing we hate it
  • 44:17 - What we told Sam Miller [1] on prayer that turned his life around
  • 45:17 - The only thing God wants from believers and why you will feel worse when you first start trying to do it
  • 48:00 - Tim's testimony of overcoming financial fear and anxieties using the strategy from this podcast, which also turned our poor finances around in the process as the fears lifted
  • 54:00 - Tim's testimony of how, once he began rebuking financial fears with his prior realization that "God had unlimited ways to provide for us that we have no clue about," it literally came true when he was informed about $2000 he did not know was his.

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