Global Warming

Is Global Warming real? Are greenhouse gasses causing it? More importantly Is it a real threat to our civilization as the movie The Day After and An Inconvenient Truth depict?

Al Gore, fresh from an appearance at the Cannes film festival introducing his film An Inconvenient Truth, delivered a starker message that the world was now facing a "danger which could bring the end of civilization."

What Does the Bible Say About Global Warming?

Does the Bible give us any insight into this alleged threat that Al Gore has made about whether the end of civilization will come? Actually the only mention of global warming is found in Revelation 15-16 where the seven bowl judgements cause the Sun to scorch men. This is right prior to the Battle of Armageddon and it does not last more than a few days.

In the end, the Bible does not indicate enough time before the End of the Age for gradual global warming to become a major factor, assuming that it even is happening yet. Fortunately or unfortunately, it will be preempted by other events, such as Wormwood and WWIII.

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Joel Tyger - February 2, 2020

Hi Tim,

I was just reading a few of your older posts, to balance a bit of the dizzying goings-on so far this year (2020). This very short and to the point post remains true. All the hoo-ha in the media about climate “change”; wild fires, snow in summer (yes, it happened in Australia a few months ago), floods, drought, and so on; is nothing more than a very well planned distraction (one of the multitude of distractions) to keep people unbalanced and time-poor so that they remain unaware of what is really happening in the spiritual realm.

The multiple levels of “planning” behind the myriad distractions we face daily, boggles the mind.

You’ve recently posted about how social media fulfils all the requirements of Paul’s last days people. Add to this your dreams about key dates in this decade. Mix in your insights into the other dimension from which Wormwood originates – or Katrina’s :). And finally, top it off with the seemingly connected and very intentional actions of Trump stirring up of tensions in the ME.

I’ve left a lot out, but even with this little collection of end-times pointers, it doesn’t take a lot of analysing to see that somethings “up”.

I just re-read your Millionaire post ( which is still relevant today, and it is this style of thinking that is required to cut through all the distractions coming at us from every angle.

The education system has for many generations worked hard to beat any glimmer of this type of thinking out of students in favour indoctrinating them with a type of dog-eat-dog competitive mindset that is valued and rewarded by most of society.

Is it any wonder that you are a voice in the wilderness, crying out against the wind? I find it a natural consequence of life in a fallen state. The vast majority of people are beholden to the world and its wicked systems. Many train for years to propagate these systems and become industry leaders whose sole purpose is to spread this poisoned mindset are far and wide as they can – a job for which they are handsomely rewarded with fast cars, large mansions, excessive cash and anything else of worldly value that can tempt them.

In any case, enough rambling from me. Thank you for your insights and your ongoing efforts to call out the lies that being spread in this present darkness. Your light (website, posts, book, etc) is shining brightly. I encourage you to continue your work as it does make a difference.

In His love…

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