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How and Why We Moved To Germany

In this podcast, Katrina and Tim (and our two cats, Moses and Elijah chime in) to finally explain the big story of our move to Germany in 2015 and how God directed and blessed this unexpected life change every step of the way. Topics covered:

  • Why a pastor had to invite me twice in 2013 to speak on Know the Future in Germany before I realized it
  • What "do unto others" situation I struggled with and resolved the same day the key second offer came in
  • How the suggestion we move to Germany came up when we gave our testimony of how God helped us get residency in Costa Rica
  • Why we decided to move despite no promise of a job or financial help and only the help with German residency paperwork
  • The "personal prophecy" we received from a stranger after that about God radically changing our life
  • How God confirmed that Germany would be an easier and better life than Costa Rica through another speaking engagement—in Kansas!
  • The HUGE unexpected blessing for our special needs son and us that the German social system provided
  • Our plans for Israel now that we are just hours away (and whether Israel has anything to do with the move to Germany)
  • A special prayer for our supporters at the end.

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