Iran’s Role in the Mideast Nuclear War – Confirmed?

A recent IAEA inspection report along with smuggled Iranian documents point to Iran being able to now quickly make nuclear bombs when it desired, potentially in time for spring 2022...

Another Unexpected Confirmation

This is now the third "confirmation" article in a row about the Mideast nuclear war that I expect to happen next year in the spring. A little background: back in April I had prayed and told God that it’s OK if I am wrong about this next part of my timeline in 2022 and I end up looking foolish. God responded by giving me a new insight into something I missed in the key Mideast war prophecy in Psalm 83.

Then a trusted prophet-in-training who had not seen that article surprised me with a prophetic word they had just received in an answer to their own question to God on timing. They said the exact date of the Mideast nuclear war was given to them 400 days from the date they received the word. There was a second question they asked about which was also answered at the same time, one which I can confirm privately is correct. Therefore I have confidence that the word on the date will turn out right, too. Either way, the main point is the date falls in spring 2022 which is my original timing expectation based on deductions from my dreams.

Now another confirmation which I was not asking or looking for. Given the challenges in my personal life lately, you can believe me when I say I had no ideas or plans to write anything on prophecy this month. I have not cared to stay abreast of international events, that’s for sure. But then a humble elder brother in Christ who I love but have not heard from since last year messaged me with questions about the Mideast war and what it will take to bring Israel to nuke her enemies. After I answered, he followed up with some big news on that topic which I had missed:

“Iran is enriching uranium at levels 'only countries making bombs are reaching,' UN's nuclear watchdog warns”

The IAEA reports that Iran has enriched uranium to 60% purity a level that only bomb-making countries pursue on the way to 90% weapons grade uranium-235. It has enough uranium at all levels of enrichment to create a few bombs when they choose to.

Iran’s Role in Damascus’ Destruction

Why is this significant? Because Iran has for almost two decades now been who I have had my eyes on as the culprit behind the end of Damascus. After I became aware of the Mideast nuclear war prophecy and added it to my timeline, I wondered how it would happen. I concluded that only another nuclear capable nation would attack a nuclear power like Israel. Then in 2002, it was revealed that Iran had secretly been enriching uranium with thousands of centrifuges. That seemed to be the answer to my question. To find out now from an official source that Iran is clearly pursuing nuclear weapons is a confirmation that Iran can indeed be the one who triggers the Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 prophetic event.

The next question one must consider given that my expected time for this event is now around one year away, is can Iran produce working, deliverable bombs in time for the attack on Israel in spring 2022?

If Iran cannot possibly do it then Iran must be ruled out as a candidate for who starts the nuclear Mideast war. Another candidate must be found.

Iran’s Intermittent Journey Towards the Bomb

Of course, if Iran’s leaders are smart, they have made sure that IAEA inspectors can access only part of their nuclear weapons program. Iran would have other activities and capabilities that they have kept shrouded. Since we must admit we do not know all that Iran is doing, we could end this article right here and state that there is nothing to say they could not achieve bombs in a year based on the little we know.

It turns out we have more to go on than just inspections and speculation. You may remember the big news in 2018 when Israel raided Tehran to steal documentation on their nuclear program. Benjamin Netanyahu held a press release with the headline “Iran Lied” referring to how the internal documents showed Iran was indeed pursuing nuclear weapons despite what they were telling the world.

Three years on, a new book analyzing those smuggled documents was just released last month. It has several important revelations that lend credence to the conclusion that “Tehran’s scientists could produce a bomb quickly if they acquire the necessary fissile material and an order from the country’s leaders to do so.”

  • “top-secret weapons program was preparing for a “cold test” of key components for a nuclear bomb by late 2003 and could have quickly progressed to true nuclear detonations.
  • “Work on an Iranian nuclear weapon was halted in 2003, but by then Iran’s scientists had mastered nearly all the technical challenges of bombmaking and needed only a reliable source of fissile fuel”
  • “Iran has accumulated enough enriched uranium (meaning it has an increased concentration of the isotope uranium-235) to construct several bombs should its leaders choose to purify the heavy metal to the 90% level typically used in weapons”
  • "If it gets nukes, Iran could fire using cruise missiles"

If I were living in Israel, these revelations would make me feel insecure and nervous. The new Mossad chief seems to be well aware of the advanced state of Iran's nuclear program given his warnings on what lengths Israel would go to against Iran.

But...Why Would Iran Attack A Superior Nuclear Power like Israel?

OK, Iran was close in 2003 to becoming a nuclear power and its scientists are still capable of making that a reality by 2022 if its leaders so desire. Yet...why would anyone desire such a clearly inadvisable thing?

That last question is one I asked my humble friend directly in our chat. Why would Iran, once it acquires a couple of nukes, attack a nation that mastered nuclear bombs and their delivery decades ago? His answer was as follows:

“Perhaps what we are missing is that Iran has a messianic self image that can only be realized in a Post Israel Mid East.”

When I did a little research on this idea like I did his other idea, I found merit. This apocalyptic religious aspect of Iran has long concerned the nations surrounding Iran.

My research reminded me that Iran is a theocracy or theocratic republic. Unlike the US with separation of church and state, Iran’s political leadership are religious leaders. In 2013, Saeed Ghasseminejad wrote an article called “Iran’s Apocalyptic Policy Makers.” He wrote:

“Two of the most lunatic and apocalyptic high-ranking figures in Iran are Ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself and his now disgraced one-time protégé, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. While Khamenei deeply believes his task is to prepare for Mahdi’s appearance, Ahmadinejad takes the apocalyptic narrative to an unprecedented level of lunacy and weirdness, even by the Islamic republic’s measures. He believes, for example, that the real reason behind the US invasion of Iraq was to search for the Hidden Imam and to postpone his appearance. Many observers believe Khamenei chose Ahmadinejad as president mainly because of their shared belief in this apocalyptic version of Islam.

Article continues below...

"Depart From Me, I Never Knew you!" - Jesus

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“While many experts tell us Iran is a rational, pragmatic regime like any other in the world, all the facts shout that it is not. A large number of Iranian officials and decision makers have deeply rooted apocalyptic beliefs. Underestimating this radical ideology even as the Iranian regime is on its way to building a nuclear bomb can lead to dangerously wrong conclusions. The suggestion taking hold of late that a nuclear armed Iran is not the end of the world may unfortunately be dead wrong.”

When asked in 2019 by a journalist what he thought about the recent Iranian aggression, here’s what she reported:

“I think policymakers in the West should take the IRI official’s apocalyptic vision seriously,” he told me, “because that is what drives Tehran’s decision-making process. Preparing the ground for the reappearance of the Hidden Imam is the Islamic Republic’s raison d’etre. Ignoring it leads to misinterpretation of Tehran’s actions and miscalculation by Western policymakers.” Short version: When assessing the next scenario vis-à-vis Iran’s aggression and seemingly relentless push toward conflict, don’t overlook their apocalyptic theology. It’s more significant than most of us imagine.

You don’t have to be familiar with radical Shiite Muslims to know that religion can lead people to make radical, irrational-seeming decisions. I knew that already as a Christian from personal experience in some of my own decisions (like moving to Costa Rica sight unseen in 1999 due to Y2k) and from studying the predictions of many Christian doomsday theorists over the last few decades.

Attacking an established nuclear power like Israel requires a good amount of irrationality in the decision process. Now that I am reacquainted with the apocalyptic religious vision of Iran’s leadership and nuclear program scientists, I no longer question why or whether Iran would launch such an ill-advisable and ill-fated campaign.

Get Your Own Confirmations

As always, I encourage you to not trust my opinion or my conclusions but to take it to God for your own personal confirmation. That's something I’ve been advising a lot lately in my writing. Yet it occurs to me you may not know how to do it. If you don’t know how to get answers from God in your walk with God, it’s time to learn how.

You do it by expecting God to answer you on a question important to you and then making the sacrifice of time and focus to be slow enough to hear his answer. That's a challenge in our modern world and could explain why you don't regularly get answers from God already. A suitable question to start with before getting into external questions like timelines is to ask God about your personal salvation, whether you are saved according to the actual requirements for salvation his son spoke about. You may be shocked at what you hear. You may hear a whole lot of non-confirming nothing for a while. Then if you persist, something may come to put doubt into the question for the first time in your life. Then if you persist through the discomfort of what you are hearing, God will guide you to the answer to know how to be sure you're saved.

Once you are adept enough to hear from God, then go ahead to confirm insights like you hear from me. If he confirms the imminency of the end that I teach, you might then ask him what to do to prepare yourself mentally and spiritually for it. When this war happens it means that the final seven years are not delayed. Are you ready for that reality to come possibly next year? Let's learn from the surprise of COVID last year and make sacrifices to be ready for the next “birth pain” coming potentially next year on the way to the end. God is the only one who can guide you personally there, so earnestly seek him out as your guide. Your survival in the end times may depend on being able to hear from God.

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Jeff Baker - June 19, 2021

Blaze, it would depend on the yield of the bomb, a smaller more surgical strike of 15 to 25 KT * combined with the typical north east or south east winds that are prevalent 50% of the time during the spring in the western Ephriam area may leave limited damage to crop growing or to Jerusalem/Judaea on the interior of the country. * that KT yield might be all that a nascent nuclear Iran could deliver (?)

Frank Mowry - June 12, 2021


Do you believe the nuclear war could happen before the spring of next year?


    Tim McHyde - June 12, 2021

    Frank, I used to allow for that possibility but now that I feel there is a confirmed spring date I don’t expect it sooner. I think Iran is preparing in many ways but not ready or able before the date. There probably is yet another trigger event to get them to the point of attacking Israel in their religious insanity. What it is I don’t know but maybe we’ll recognize it when we see it and know that Iran will prepare the nukes and the plan after that?

      Blaze - June 19, 2021

      A “now or never” event? A terminal illness, or impending inspection by regulators, some inevitable consequence of a preemptive strike that would eventually prevent an attack, etc. Will there be much planning, isn’t it more of an emotional response? Is there any meaning to “Let us seize for our own use
      these pasturelands of God!”? Because if nuclear weapons are used that would render lands unusable, correct?

Silke - June 12, 2021

This article is likely to provide even more confirmation:
In a recent interview with NBC News Putin claimed that that WP article is ‘fake news’:
Putin dismissed as ‘nonsense’ a Washington Post report that Russia was preparing to offer Iran an advanced satellite system that would enable Tehran to track military targets, including the remaining US troops in Iraq.
“It’s just fake news,” he said. “At the very least, I don’t know anything about this kind of thing. Those who are speaking about it probably will maybe know more about it. It’s just nonsense, garbage.”

Judge for yourselves!

amy laxo - June 11, 2021

In July I will begin working as a Hospice R.N. God has led me in this direction and I pray for continued blessing, in leading others to our Lord. Tim your website has been home base – providing sound biblical knowledge which most definitely has allowed me to come to decisions and not focus on the chaos in the world I currently live in. I am preparing my heart and soul. I believe that God will lead me in His chosen plan for my life as long as I continue to listen.

    Jake Harmina - June 12, 2021

    This is a great calling Amy! Let His light and love shine through you. This will be challenging and rewarding, I’ll pray that Yahweh bless and strengthen you. Happy Sabbath all.

Jeff Carlson - June 11, 2021


You may have heard Russia has positioned nuclear capable bombers in Syria recently. Also, Iran has friends in low places like N. Korea and Russia, both assisting Iran with their nuclear plans. It’s just a matter of time. I’m assuming the nuclear strike must come from a Syrian based attack on Israel due to Damascus being subsequently destroyed. Have you ever seen any reference to the demise of Tehran in the end times?

Richard Okello - June 10, 2021

Thank you Tim for the article. God bless you and praying for your speedy recovery, in Jesus Name.

No One Special - June 5, 2021

Tim, do you know the work of dr bob thiel from the cogwriter website, what do you think of his ideas, of europe being the last beast that will defeat the usa…?

Deborah Abel - June 5, 2021


I am praying for you in the name of TRUE LOVE Jesus the Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach) and want you to know how appreciated you are. May God’s healing power take care of any health issues and I pray you have the best of
everything during your recovery. Much peace to you and safety!

Deborah Abel

Murray MacIntosh - June 5, 2021

Elijah can’t be far off, shouldn’t be hard to miss a guy like that!

Geoff - June 5, 2021

Hi Tim,

What I find difficult to fathom is how, once Damascus is a ruinous heap of rubble, anyone will be able to ignore the clear link to Biblical prophecy. Maybe a cover story will emerge. I know we have so little time left, and to spend some of it attempting to predict what may emerge on the news front is perhaps not overly wise. The most pressing of matters right now is to get on with getting right with God.

But I remain fascinated with how mainstream media will manage the blindingly obvious prophetic link. How they will pull off what will have to be a series of very convincing cover stories that deceive the vast majority of the world’s population about the links between what is about to take place and end-times prophecy?

I have a few ideas but am not ready to share the details at this stage. Suffice to say, I believe that decoy events are in the advanced stages of planning and these will be cleverly played out in the lead-up to, and in the days directly after, the coming ME war.

Blaze - June 5, 2021

I often glance to see if there’s anything new on this site. Wasn’t expecting a new article.

You may have discussed this in your book. I remember some interview with Ahmadinejad where he may have talked about this (apocalyptic beliefs). Would have been years ago, but how many mainstream interviews could there have been?

Was probably this I guess…

Darren Melnyk - June 5, 2021

Couldn’t agree more Tim. The old saying, “Patience is a virtue” applies to how our Saviour interacts with His followers for sure!

Blair Campbell - June 5, 2021

Well something seems to be going on. Two fires on key Iranian infrastructure within hours of each other is probably not an accident.

    Thomas Garza - June 5, 2021

    Great insight. I am convinced that Israel will know Iran’s intent before anyone else which leads me to this conclusion: we can read through Israel’s persistent strikes against Iran that your statement will prove itself. As the time draws near, I expect more strikes that signal Israel’s last ditch effort to thwart the inevitable.

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