Message To Supporters From Katrina

A video message from Katrina for supporters. Transcript included.

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Anthony Ianosel - July 18, 2021

Dear Bro. Tim:

I’m (re) subscribed to your immensely biblical organization! Thanks God that this time my right to travel to Eastern Europe is getting factual, after a number of years denying this right to travel by the governments in EU and America. My nephew has built up his (property) estate, and we can stay there for a month or more. The question is “when”. I hope that will happen in 2022. Personally, I have important things to accomplish, one of them is to raise for you some good finance from the sale of my “property” that I’ve been keeping here in America. I will explain to you on a phone conversation when that time comes next year. It’s quite interesting. I need to get going with this plan that has kept me here heedlessly–since I’m already retired and really want to get going with the sale of my “property” (dia.). Well, I’ll talk more in person. I want to donate more than seven thou. to your biblical master organization (after I’ll sell my property in 2022). This year doesn’t look practical for flying to EU/Ger. then to Rom., because there are still “restrictions” in place (that I cannot overcome). But, next year, I hope that will be a better year! Finally, if you have a better e-mail to correspond and write to you some pers. and conf. things, please send it to me to my address in Vanc. WA. if you have a friend or a member living in my area, please give him my address to get to meet him and explain in a better way (my private things). I wish to donate now $50.00 to your org. but I do not have your address where to send it. Write me the correct address where to send my Credit Cd. Info. in this regard. Let’s keep our conversation going (after the past and present restrictions inflicted upon us all. Thank you, bro. Tim, and may the Lord Jesus bless you and your bible org. To Christ be the glory now and forever! Ciao.

Darren Melnyk - June 26, 2021

Words cannot express the sadness I feel right now Tim. Going back to the Bible…even King David and his son Solomon who was considered the wisest of all kings weren’t perfect…all we can do is strive to improve ourselves and our walk with our Saviour. God Bless both you and Katrina moving forward.

Christina Gibson - June 8, 2021

Much love to both of you and your family dearest Katrina and Tim. This is heartbreaking news and I pray that both of you will find peace as you continue to seek and walk with our Lord & Saviour Christ Jesus. Katrina, I am humbled at your honesty and sincerity. God bless you and Tim, your children, pets, family and friends. Sending you all love in Jesus Precious Name.

Wesley Whatley - June 7, 2021

I believe Yehovah is working this towards good, maybe through this painful trial He is giving you more time for your work Tim. There is no one who has ever had to lose something for God who didn’t or won’t receive much more in return.

David Brown - June 6, 2021

I’m deeply saddened to the core about your news.

My husband and I love you both and will continue to pray and support your ministry Tim


Robert Larsen - June 6, 2021

I’m sorry and saddened to hear about your situation. It grieves my heart and I feel compassion for you as does our Savior.

Ron Perkins - June 5, 2021

Surprised as everyone to hear this latest news but will continue to pray “God’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” for you both! May God’s Grace and Peace be with you in the midst of the storm!

Jeff Baker - June 5, 2021

There are such difficult lessons in life! Are there any words of wisdom you would offer from your journey that might help others in relationships to become better partners and grow in harmony to mirror the way Christ loves His bride? We all have blind spots and need to grow in spiritual maturity.

Thomas Garza - June 4, 2021

Being an elder brother in my Senior Years, I will follow the Biblical example shown in John’s Gospel and beginning in verse 53 of Chapter 7. I choose to lay down my rocks and be among the first to depart from the seat of Judgment against my brother or sister. Me, the chiefest of sinners.

Heidi - June 2, 2021

I am so sorry to hear this. Thanks for posting. My heart goes out to you both, although there is not much I can say. May your hearts stay soft and may our Father be the most real thing in your lives, not the events surrounding you currently. Love.

Henri Ylinen - June 1, 2021

Very sorry to hear this. All the love to both of you.

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