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Know the Future – 8th Edition

The 8th edition of Know the Future, timeless information up to date for 2017! This page will tell you what’s new and different than previous versions you may have.

Prior to the 8th printing of Know the Future, I went through the entire book page by page with a critical eye. I wanted to find and rewrite unclear parts, remove unneeded or redundant parts and incorporate new insights acquired since the last printing. Sometimes this meant removing and adding entire chapters. I also wanted to focus on providing more charts to illustrate complex points better. This took me a few months.

When I was done, I asked readers on my forum to read the new draft and give me feedback (just as I had done with the 7th edition). The response was overwhelming. I received so much helpful feedback that I was busy for a few more months fixing typos and implementing the suggestions.

The entire process was long and painstaking to go through, but I'm very glad I took the time because it came out better than I imagined. The 8th edition feels very complete and is easier to understand. I'm very pleased with it and I'm sure readers of past editions will be as well.

In fact, if you have been thinking of rereading Know the Future, there's no better way and time now that the 8th edition is out.

8th Edition Features:

  • Three new chapters (Why Study Prophecy?, Common Concerns, The Two Gog-Magog Wars)
  • New Glossary in the front...for a quick starting concept of the common prophecy terms used throughout the book
  • A dozen new charts to illustrate aspects of the timeline such as the Sabbath years
  • New Revelation Roadmap chart inside the front cover (This one I'm really excited about as it sums up all the major or key events in order with verses and complete with footnotes to tell what page to turn to for more.)
  • ...Plus improvements or rewrites on every page

Example: New Full Page Roadmap Chart

This is the new full page chart found inside the front cover of the book. It depicts the Revelation Roadmap.

Notice that at the bottom of the chart there are footnotes with page numbers for each section of the chart. They allow you to quickly get to the section of the book explaining that part of the chart. (In the ebook version, you can simply click on the page numbers to jump there!)


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