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Paul’s “Last Days People” Sign Here: Why Does God End Civilization?

When God sends Wormwood to demolish civilization (Rev 6-8), is it because time's up (6000 years) or are there conditions in society that give God cause, such as the negative attributes Paul warned Timothy about in "people of the last days?" (2Tm 3:1-3)? I could never explain this prophecy until I stopped trying to ignore how people are more rude, outraged, and angry than ever and researched the cause, a technology now infecting nearly all of us. Understand and see the writing on the wall for yourself so you can prepare for 2026. 

The End Time Sign I Ignored

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that if you're not content with my personal-dream-based conviction about 2026 being when Wormwood brings the end of civilization (rather than some later sabbath year cycle/70th-week timeframe like 2032/2039/etc.) I have a new explanation for an end-time sign in the Bible that's easier to confirm than praying for your own revelation from God to confirm my dreams.

The bad news is that if you had hoped my dreams were wrong about 2026 and that we had more time, this new sign is hard to miss once I show it to you. It is covered regularly in the news and witnessed by most of us on an almost daily basis. Once you see it, it will change how you view our modern, digital life.

The sign I'm referring to is a prophecy I have ignored for 20 years now. Paul warned Timothy about how degenerate people will be in the "last days" with a list of 19 descriptors:

2 Timothy 3:1-5 (NIV2011) — 1 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

This is no easy prophecy.

Problem #1: Subjective "Worsening"

Can you see the problem I had with this? Take a look at the list of negative characteristics of people. They are not exactly what we would call unique; most have been manifested to varying degrees in all societies throughout history. Paul confirms the universality of them by including a warning to Timothy to avoid people like that in his time. A warning about last-days people which applies already 2000 years earlier left me perplexed.

How do we know when the prophecy is fulfilled? Is it a matter of scale, an unprecedented level of anti-social tendencies in people that would be impossible to miss? Paul's statement later in the chapter seems to confirm this:

2 Timothy 3:13 (HCSB) — Evil people and impostors will become worse, deceiving and being deceived.

Indeed, that seems like the only possibility. Somehow, people will become much worse. Since "worse" is so relative and not quantifiable, we cannot hope to truly understand what this prophecy really looks like until we get there. Along the way, it's will be unavoidable that we think it has arrived when really it has not. I have seen Christians claim this prophecy was fulfilled many times over the past decades. When Democratic presidents such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are in the White House, or when "Christian values" (like not making cakes for homosexual couples) are knocked back, or even when “Happy holidays” is substituted for "Merry Christmas," Christians express that the end is near "because we cannot go on much longer like this."

I think most making such claims do not realize that they are simply repeating what people in nearly every generation have thought and said. Because of biased, selective memories and subjective judgment, we tend to believe things are worse than we remember from our youth—in the "good old days." This is so common it even has a name, the “Golden Age Fallacy.” As far back as in Ancient Greece, Aristotle thought that the next generation was worse than his and wrote about it.

But remember, Paul's full prophecy is not about just any subjective worsening, but rather specific characteristics multiplying in people. No surprise then that we're still here and the much-proclaimed end still is not.

Problem #2: What Could Cause All 19 Attributes?

The other problem with this prophecy comes when you try to explain how such a broad spectrum of negative characteristics would manifest in people. Some characteristics seem incompatible with the development of others. What could go so wrong in society to make them all develop? Here are two ideas I ruled out:

  • Global Crisis? - Say we had another Great Depression, world war, or a similar global crisis. With lower security or standard of living foisted upon the population, we would expect them to become "brutal, treacherous." But why "disobedient to parents" or "proud, arrogant, ungrateful?" Bad circumstances tend to humble us and make us grateful for what we can get when we see lack all around us. A global crisis would not seem able to cause Paul's prophecy.
  • Prosperity? - On the other hand, increasing prosperity and standards of living would easily explain people becoming "lovers of self, pleasure, proud, arrogant, ungrateful." We get narcissistic, spoiled and entitled from wealth as we already are seeing in affluent Western democracies. But prosperity does not naturally explain people becoming "brutal, treacherous, disobedient to parents, abusive, without self-control, not loving good."

What could possibly explain a rise in all these negative characteristics if the normal cycles of boom and bust, crisis and recovery do not? Heck, you would almost have to insert most of humanity into mobs personalized to their likes and interests. Mobs lead good people to do horrendous things like torture, lynching, or even genocide against the Jews as the Nazis did. But that's never going to happen, right? (wink, wink...)

I was stumped. Hence, I decided to leave Paul's prophecy alone and, as long-time readers know, focus on other more quantifiable prophecies, like Wormwood and WW3, as I wrote about in my book Know the Future.

A Nudge From God?

To be honest, I completely forgot about Paul's prophecy. I wrote it off as hopelessly unclear and useless. I had put together so much of the end time roadmap from other prophecies that I was OK with that.

Nevertheless, it seems that God acted to end my ignorance on this prophecy as he had done with others. I was provoked to think in a new direction because of a question. A supporter who is not thrilled that the end may be coming soon in her lifetime (as I believe) asked the following of me:

“The question I have now is: do you see anything with what's going on...about Russia building up of new tensions building up. Do you see not maybe as a sign but do you see anything in that kind of stuff at all like that the Damascus prophecy may be coming? ...can you squeeze anything out of what we're seeing going on in the world that shows we could be close to the end?”

My immediate answer was, no, nothing had changed in my position. She already knew that the Psalm 83 war was the next prophetic event and there was no other sign before that. However, later in the same conversation, I ended up sharing some new thoughts I had on recent negative trends in society. These trends kept being covered in podcasts and news articles I was consuming so that I finally started thinking and talking about them.

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"Depart From Me, I Never Knew you!" - Jesus

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Later that same day after the meeting, like a bolt of lightning, a thought occurred to me: It wasn't true what I said about there not being another sign before Psalm 83; I was wrong.

The negative trends I had shared were actually related to Paul's "last days people" prophecy sign which I had forgotten, and there was one cause behind both of them. This cause finally covered all the negative characteristics that could not be explained by anything else before.

A Brief History of the World ('70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s)

In order to appreciate these new trends, it may help to back up and revisit how technology and innovation have reliably delivered decades of consistent progress to civilization. From my childhood in the 1970s and onward, quality of life has steadily improved. Products and services became better, safer, faster, cheaper, and more powerful, lifting our standard of living. We went from wall phones to cordless phones to pagers to cell phones to smartphones; from reel-to-reel to 8-track to cassette tape to CD to DVD to Blu-ray. Standards in society continually rose, too, providing better education, human rights, and opportunities.

The Cold War that had been ongoing since 1945 ended effectively with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991. A few years later, in 1995 the free web browser Netscape brought the ten-year-old Internet to the attention of the masses in the fulfillment of prophecy that "many" in the end times would google ("go to and fro" is not about travel but is an idiom for searching) and "increase knowledge" (Dan 12:4). Even with only "primitive" (compared to Google) Yahoo search back then, this was a game-changer for humanity as all of us know. What else could you ask for after such an incredible gift? Not much, yet the internet continued to expand and improve our lives. (I, for one, was able to start to work from home in 2000, years before that became a common thing.)

If there were any regressions to progress in the '70s, '80s, '90s, and 00's, I cannot recall them. They were either minor or aberrations that did not last long before they were coaxed forward again. For example, back in the 2000s, there was much talk about a coming serious energy shortage due to "peak oil." The theory stated that the discovery of new oil fields had peaked and was slowing while the demand was still rising which spelled an inevitable global crisis. Although conventional crude oil production did indeed peak in 2006, along came the innovation of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), increasing oil production once again.

In summary, the first four decades of my life up until 2008 impressed me as a period of constant progress and improvements to life.

New Significant Negative Trends

Against that backdrop, now consider these anti-progress developments in three different areas of modern life:

  • Traffic deaths on the rise? -  After 15 years of decline, traffic deaths in America rose in 2015 by a startling 9 percent, according to data recently released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). From 2000 to 2014, traffic fatalities declined by more than 22 percent. Distracted driving especially related to smartphones is blamed. As smartphone ownership skyrocketed from 55 percent in 2013 to 77 percent in 2017, the number of accidents escalated from 5.7 million to 6.4 million, an increase of 12.3 percent.
  • "Eradicated" measles returns? - Measles was declared eradicated in America in 2000. Yet in 2019 more cases of the disease were reported than since 1992, mostly among people who have never been vaccinated. The anti-vaccination movement spread on social media (stating that vaccines are dangerous or cause autism) is mainly blamed for lower vaccination rates. UPDATE: For all those commenting, I'm not judging the anti-vaccination movement. I'm judging the tragic return of an eradicated disease, OK?
  • Flat earth resurgence?? - The most disturbing "progress reversal headline" of all for me is the bizarre resurgence of "flat-earthers." Just as it sounds and despite the overwhelming 2,500 years of scientific evidence to the contrary, flat-earthers believe that the earth is a flat disc, not a sphere. This means that 100 years after the first occurrence of the term "flat-earth-man," you can no longer use that term to refer to someone holding "ridiculously antiquated views." It's a current view again, held by no doubt millions globally (the Flat Earth Society twitter feed alone has around 100K followers). The next time you are tempted to express how ridiculous an idea is by comparing it to flat earth belief, be careful, as you may get the awkward response back, "I believe in flat-earth." (It's happened to me more than once.)

This image of a windfarm off the Belgian coast with the lower parts of the more distant towers increasingly hidden by the horizon, demonstrating the curvature of the earth.

Can you see why these headlines reminded me of Paul's prophecy? Maybe not yet. Viewed independently, they are saddening yet can be dismissed as relatively unimportant. After all, who dies from measles (only 0.02% of cases); who really is up in arms about the carnage on the highways (few compared to much lower death rates from many diseases); and "so what if conspiracy nuts are spreading yet another ridiculous conspiracy" (as most would say in response to flat-Earthism )?

Yet taken together, all of these trends relate to "people getting worse" (2Ti 3:13) in areas of longstanding progress, all thanks to the new potent technological combo of smartphones and social media.

Everyone readily understands how dangerously seductive even old cellphones are that they lure drivers to their deaths like the sirens did to sailors in Greek mythology. What's harder to understand is how enough people became convinced it's "unsafe" to vaccinate their kids that measles returned or especially how an easily disproven, outdated belief like flat earth could have a modern resurgence. The answer to both questions explains how Paul's prophecy is already being fulfilled in people all around you, including probably you, too. They are also a key part of the answer to a new question I never could have answered before now:

"What will God say when we ask him in the Millennium why it was he sent Wormwood to punish civilization when he did?"

Smartphones and Social Media Uber Alles

Skeptical? It's understandable when smartphones bring so many benefits. If you ever leave home, GPS mapping apps alone make smartphones worth the upgrade from an old flip phone. Social media also has been wonderful, especially in the early years. It enables us to find and communicate with long lost friends and relatives long distance, or to be able to share a personal problem and get a flood of crowd-sourced solutions even more tailored to your needs than a Google search can do.

There was also the Arab Spring overthrow of Egypt's dictator Mubarak in 2011 thanks to a Facebook group started by a dissident. The potential for good and positive change from social media seemed so promising! Nevertheless, as time has gone on and this pair of technologies has spread into more people's hands, cracks have begun to appear in that rosy facade.

But spread they have. You will be surprised to learn how popular these technologies have been with humanity around the globe:

  • World population is 7.7 billion
  • 5.5 billion smartphones are in use across the world today.
  • 3.5 billion use social media
  • In rich countries (with near-universal internet), almost all young people use social media.
  • On average, the world’s internet users spend 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day, over 2 hours of which is social media.
  • More than 50% of the content viewed on Twitter includes images and videos.

You have to stop and think about how fast and remarkable the spread of these technologies has been. Most of the world is poor; one third live on less than $2/day. But who doesn't have a cellphone or a smartphone? A minority. I remember when we lived in poor Third World Costa Rica, even there everyone had cell phones. (We knew of one person with a cellphone despite living under a bridge!)

Likewise, while in the '90s and even '00s we used to talk about online life vs real life, the reality now because of mobile internet on our phones and tablets is that we're all online every day for hours. Our life is an integrated online life.

So what are the effects of most of us, including the poor of the world, being connected to each other through our phones, the internet, and social media for so much of our daily life?

"Reach Out and Abuse Someone"

With all the benefits of our online life, we only gradually have been becoming aware of its dark side. The chief of this is online abuse in its many forms. Americans will remember how AT&T used to promote its service with the slogan, "Reach out and touch someone." Telemarketers and others spoiled the early positive association of hearing your phone ring. The same has happened with the internet long ago. People are reaching out to harass someone through the internet in ways that make telephone harassment seem like the good old days. When you learn how bad it is, you will be shocked and hope you are never the target of doxxing, swatting, revenge porn, cyberbullying, or cyber-mob attacks.

Many people have lost their jobs, careers, marriages and even their lives—often by suicide because online abuse is so devastating. Consider just this one horrifying tale of a woman who was cyber-mob attacked as a result of a satirical joke she shared on Twitter and because she appeared to be a "person of privilege" who "deserved" to be shamed.

A Mob Mentality Epidemic

The reason people do such vicious things online, the reason that bad or false ideas like flat-earth belief spread and the reason that all the negative characteristics of "last days people" are manifesting now is one and the same cause: mob-mentality facilitated by social media. Social media enables every person, no matter how strange or obscure their likes or dislikes, to find and connect with like-minded people. Everyone on social media is part of one or more online groupings that exert a powerful effect on their thinking.

Mob or herd mentality "describes how people can be influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors on a largely emotional, rather than rational, basis." As we all know, individuals connected in a group agree with and do things that they normally would never do because "groupthink" overtakes their individual thinking. If you want to bring out the worst in people, grouping them with others is a historically proven highly effective way.

There are several groupthink dynamics that psychologists have observed:

  • Groups tend to affirm your beliefs, whether right or wrong, good or bad. This increases your confidence in them and makes you reluctant to listen to opposing views.
  • Individuals in groups desire acceptance, approval and to fit in so they conform by suppressing their dissenting thoughts and opinions. They also go along with the group and its decisions rather than stay true to their individualized values. They become "deindividualized."
  • Groups tend to have a radicalizing effect on our initial beliefs  ("smoking is bad...smoking kills...smoking should be banned"). Like-minded people share far more arguments for why they are right than evidence to the contrary which confirmation bias also tends to filter out.
  • "Us vs. them" thinking is a natural outcome of this. The radicalization of belief includes the view that your group, the ingroup, is more right or virtuous while those outside your group, the outgroup, are more wrong or villainous. This leads to more and more polarization of the opposing groups.

Example: The Dangerous Incel Subculture

If you have wondered why mass shootings in America are steadily increasing, from once every few years, to once a year, to at times weekly, social media groupthink is a major cause.

One such contributing group is a recent cultural online movement called "incels." Incel stands for "involuntary celibate." These are the stereotypical, sad, dateless males living in their parents' basement. This class of antisocial or introverted people in the past would stay brooding alone or among their friends and family. Their feelings and thoughts would not find so much affirmation among a normally heterogeneous social circle that includes some socially successful individuals.

However, thanks to the internet, incels are able to connect with each other and group up. All the group dynamics described above occur. What started out as a support group for shy men has evolved into a brutal movement that promotes and encourages misogyny, rape, and even murder. Incels have been linked to several mass murders.

This outcome is no surprise considering how well-known the wisdom is of preventing certain elements from affirming each other. I remember back in grade school how there were two classmates that were particularly unruly. My teacher separated them to opposite sides of the classroom while explaining, "Michael is gasoline and Frank is the match." In college the rule was that two freshmen were not allowed to room together in our two-person dorms; freshmen had to be paired up with an upper-classman. When I naively asked my senior roommate the reason for this rule that was preventing him from rooming with his brother also attending the college, he explained, "Because if two freshmen are together one will suggest a bad idea to the other and he'll agree, 'sound's great, let's do it!'"

Social media is effectively not only telling all the "freshmen" out there that their ideas are great, but also why not take them even further?

Example: Flat Earth's Resurgence Explained

The detrimental groupthink of social media is its most potent drawback. But it only partially explains, for example, why flat earth has returned.

The other problematic aspect of social media (among many others) is that its greatest benefit of allowing everyone, even the marginalized, to have a voice and broadcast to the world, is also its greatest problem. Anyone with any idea, no matter how meritless, also gets a voice. They can share their ideas in a very persuasive, personal manner through video and through memes. Memes are a significant development that should not be underestimated. They have proven highly effective because as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

When anyone can broadcast it is not the better authority who gets listened to but rather the better storyteller. Obviously, scientists and other experts are not in their position because of their ability to tell stories. They lose competing on social media against "real people" with a story to tell of how they used to believe the earth was round and did not want to hear that the earth was flat, but a transformation happened and their eyes were opened to the Satanic conspiracy trying to keep this secret information from us, etc.

Social media does not care which is most accurate or true. It promotes what is most popular. An MIT study found that false stories were 70% more likely to be retweeted on Twitter than true ones. It comes as no surprise that most people who believe in flat-earth reported that they learned of it through YouTube. They were not even interested in the idea, but YouTube's algorithm served it up based on other conspiratorial videos they were exploring. Many initially watch such videos wanting to debunk them in the comments. Instead, after being overwhelmed with "200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning ball" that they cannot refute (including Scriptural ones), they often come away convinced. Then, after being infected with the "flat earth virus," many go on to become flat-earth evangelists to infect others. It's like Paul said:

2 Timothy 3:13 (HCSB) — Evil people and impostors will become worse, deceiving and being deceived.

But so what, flat earth belief is just a harmless, cosmological view that has no practical impact on one's daily life, right? On the contrary, it's having great negative effects. On Facebook, flat-earthers are some of the most unpleasant and divisive people you will meet. It is so bad, I have frequently seen Facebook posts announcing flat-earthers and their trolling will no longer be tolerated on their wall. Offline, flat-earthism (similar to the incels) has led to damaging effects such as breaking up marriages, families, and churches.

Isn't it ironic that by achieving the ideal of a worldwide shared resource of knowledge that one would expect to create peace, harmony and a common interpretation of reality, that quite the opposite has happened? As knowledge has been increasingly "democratized" and competing narratives have emerged, populism has won, rather than truth or idealism.

Dear Flat Earther: No Offense

Before moving on, I want to explain something to flat earth believers reading this. I do not condemn, criticize or even mock you. I have love and compassion for you because I have believed discredited conspiracy theories of my own, such as KJV-onlyism. In time, I came around to see the error of that theory and I trust the same will happen with all flat-earthers eventually, hopefully without spending $250,000 on a Virgin Galactic flight into space.

Then why do I have to make an example of flat earth belief? Because I know that the vast majority of readers see flat earth's resurgence as a shocking and perplexing development. I certainly did. I struggled to understand it until I studied it in depth. I consider this resurgence as a perfect case study to explain the key dynamics of social media that contribute to so many negative outcomes and trends since the advent of the smartphone (2007) and social media (2004, Facebook) in the mid-2000s.

Finally, since I already have proven for myself the earth is indeed a globe, I'm not interested in debating this topic or hearing from flat earthers who want to tell me I am wrong. Don't expect a response if you do.

Breaking Down "Last Days People" Characteristics

If social media can resurrect an inferior belief like flat earth and make people worse by it, what else is possible? I think every negative attribute that Paul said is also possible. It's a challenge but I will try to explain how each has been enabled and amplified by social media, its economy, and the groupthink that it creates:

  1. "lovers of themselves" - The first item on Paul's list deserves its lead position as it's the most important. The clinical word for this is narcissism, defined as excessive self-admiration. The epitome of a narcissism explosion seen today, the selfie photograph, exists because smartphones let you take them and social media gives you the reason why: to share them with the world. Not too long ago, anyone posting so many snapshots of themselves would have been ridiculed as full of themselves. Now many narcissistic behaviors like this have been normalized by social media; monkey see, monkey do.
  2. "lovers of money" - You don't love something you never see or have. People love to show off their riches and people who want to have that lifestyle are eager watchers. In the past, people would consider such a focus shallow and shameful, but social media has normalized this, too.
  3. "boastful" - One of the behaviors of narcissists which social media makes into a new occupation is being a show-off. For example, I read there was an Instagram channel of a woman where she makes money by only sharing "butt shots", i.e., pictures of her attractive derriere. That's a new form of boasting without words and it even pays the bills. Show-offs never had it so good. It helps to have no dignity, which is also spreading. Another form is taking daredevil photographs and videos, too many attempts at which have resulted in death.
  4. "proud/arrogant" - Everyone online is very confident in their particular ingroup's knowledge and rightness. After all, they googled it and now they are an expert! Hubris is foolish pride, ignorant arrogance or overconfidence that leads to disaster.
  5. "abusive/blasphemers" - Abuse and harassment have skyrocketed thanks to how easy it is to accomplish online and how readily people fall into us vs. them mentality, thereby justifying their retaliation on outgroups. One particular class of abuse takes place offline still because the victims are not (yet) online, yet the internet is overrun with images of the abuse, labeled "CSAM." (Warning: you could lose your faith in humanity if you research that topic or read this NYT article.)
  6. "disobedient to their parents" - I have witnessed shocking disobedience in my children, my siblings' children and friends' children compared to how our generation had to behave or get whooped. I could not figure out what we were doing wrong to not get the same results. Then it dawned on me that my child and the rest were connected with others from a young age already texting on dumbphones, internet sites, and game chats, even before they all had smartphones and social media as they do today. You don't have to be an adult for a communication network like that to affirm your bad ideas and behaviors and give you ideas for new ones you never would have thought of. Children get corrupted by groupthink, too, if you let them, just as I shared above about elementary children being separated by teachers to prevent it. It's extremely hard now not to let them, to tell your kid they cannot have a digital life like all their friends and be the cyber-leper. Trying to get your digitally connected kids to obey today is like doing an intervention for a drunk friend and letting his drinking buddy come and sit by his side and whisper in his ear. It doesn't work.
  7. "ungrateful" - With all the outrage, "important" causes, and envy spread on social media, it's hard to be slow, thoughtful and experience gratitude for things.
  8. "unholy" - Unholy is not set apart to honor or glorify God. If long disproven flat-earth belief has been propped up through social media, how much more is atheism going to spread?
  9. "without love/unloving/heartless" - To be without heart or love means you're indifferent or hateful. Narcissism leads to indifference and unmoderated, online tribalism promotes hate.
  10. "unforgiving/irreconcilable/unappeasable" - People hold a grudge like never before because groupthink reinforces the conviction of their own rightness or virtue. Ever try to get someone on social media to see that the "other side" are human beings, and not just "liberals" or not really evil or wrong on some point? When I tried that recently, I was told by a Christian, "you sound like the liberals." End of discussion. There is no reasoning with the "us vs. them" mindset that dehumanizes people.
  11. "slanderous" - Social media increases and promotes outrage while at the same time offering you an all-too-easy method to verbally attack anyone whose viewpoint offends you.
  12. "without self-control" - Imagine having a weakness in the area of self-control (drugs, alcohol, porn, food) and connecting with others like yourself—not in a 12 step program setting: "Eh, you're fine, I've seen worse, in fact, you are too hard on yourself." Even then, long-time AAs who harken to the original intent of AA doctrine and traditions call the groups in which the more modern and less-stringently moderated groups have extremely low success rates "Let's all go to hell together" groups.
  13. "brutal" - Angry mobs have always been brutal. Social media brings angry mobs together as the video above about shaming demonstrates all too well.
  14. "not lovers of the good" - With every conceivable interest and outrage being promoted and affirmed on social media, the truly good gets left behind. It's boring and not so sensational so it gets fewer shares. People don't fall in love with what they hardly ever see or experience.
  15. "treacherous/traitors" - Online relationships are shallow and easily replaceable (Tinder, etc.), so why do you need loyalty? One of the greatest values of my wife is her loyalty. I met her in college before meeting people online even existed.
  16. "rash/reckless" - Facts, truth and nuance no longer matter as much so people now rush to judgment and outrage. It feels good and enough others who agree with you will affirm your choice, so why hold back and be careful?
  17. "conceited" - Vanity is no longer such a vice. Just get a social media account and do your thing and you may get rich or at least famous in the process.
  18. "lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God" - Every obscure, hedonistic deviancy such as sexual fetishes of all kinds have their own online cultural subgroup now. If you love pleasure, however weird, now you can find the group that will affirm you and will join you. You no longer need to be alone, keep your interests secret and practice them rarely if ever at all. What do you need God for when you can have everything you care about all the time so easily?
  19. "have a form of godliness but denying its power" - In the past, I could only imagine this characteristic in a religious context, which is why I was left stumped. One synonym for godliness is "virtue" and if this is only a form of godliness of virtue, then this may fit: The light went on once I learned about the popular social media behavior of virtue signalling. People who are not religious at all love to express their superior moral values in a conspicuous way. Often it takes the form of expressing something they know people will agree with such as calling out someone else's norm-breaking behavior, rather than doing something constructive in real life about it in an inconspicuous way (that takes more work, has more risk and gets you no kudos or glory). It's a form of virtue that's powerless because it's talk and not action. It's only increasing.

What Does It All Mean?

So I have shared a lot. In my opinion, the evidence is overwhelming that the smartphone and social media are a bane for society, humanity, and decency. The smartphone is already so psychologically powerful on its own with the promise of text messages from your social circle, it's not very far off from Golem's "precious" powerful ring of invisibility calling to him in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies to put it on (and same to its next Hobbit owners Bilbo and Frodo). It's a fitting metaphor when you consider people continue to text and drive, how even in college classes, plays or other paid venues people cannot help being glued to their screens. They are off somewhere else instead of being present with those around them. When they are asked to surrender their phones at the start of events so they can pay attention to what they paid for, they resist saying, "I can't; someone may want me." They fear missing out or being alone. Golem would not give up his precious readily, either.

Social media makes the smartphone even more seductive which in turn makes social media more available and intertwined into our lives. At that level of engagement, social media's cyber-mobs take over our thinking, dragging it down, degenerating us. Who could have ever imagined a mobile technology combo so present and capable of modifying human behavior in so many negative ways?

What does this mean and spell for us?

In a previous article, I shared the unexpected realization that when God fulfills Revelation by devastating Earth with a rogue planet, it will be so obvious who did it that it not only brings the end of civilization but the end of atheism with it (Rev 6:16-17). How could anyone continue to deny the existence of God when a catastrophic miracle happens which the whole world witnesses (Rev 6:15)?

As pivotal as that event will be, I must admit that I never stopped to ask a very important question about it: why does God disrupt civilization when he does? Before seeing this connection between social media and Paul's "last days people," I would have answered it's because the end of the 6000 years allotted to man to fully test self-rule is near its end; "time's up." Also, I would have pointed out that the end of civilization is needed to give rise to the Antichrist for the final 3½ of the 6000 years. The Antichrist uses the global crisis to be welcomed as "God" himself coming as the savior of the world (2Th 2:4).

But now I see all around me that God has a more directly justifiable cause for judging our society when he does, so soon now in 2026. I believe when God is asked later why he sent Wormwood on our society, he will answer that humanity had already peaked and was degenerating. Having more time would not change or reverse that.

The new, digital lifestyle that settled in during the 2010s has promoted learning of narcissism and demoted learning of empathy, the ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes. That's a big problem for God and his plan for this "eternal life training simulation" he put us all in. As I explained in my last article on the Bad News of the Kingdom, this life is designed to teach us what we need to live peacefully and joyfully in eternity with God and his other children. We cannot get along with God if we are encouraged to be narcissists who love ourselves more than God. We cannot get along with others if we are discouraged from learning empathy. The best way to learn empathy is to have a face to face conversation with someone.

Yet today we often hear or say ourselves, "I'd rather text than talk." We even get bothered when someone shows up unannounced without texting or calling first.

I saw a post on Facebook recently by a young man asking the best way to get out of unwanted conversations with taxi drivers who want to tell him about their lives. Talk about something a narcissist would say. The very thing that he needs to build empathy he's too self-important to bother with. That more and more widespread attitude is leading us to avoid the character-improving interactions that God designed life to revolve around.

What If Virtual Reality Were Here?

If you don't follow my point yet about digital life defeating God's purposes to the point that we're degenerating too far, let me explain it another way.

While researching this article, I listened on and off to a Joe Rogan interview of John Carmack, the legendary developer of 3D games Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake. He is now the CTO of a virtual reality hardware company. Virtual reality allows you to put on a headset that syncs with you as you turn your head to make it seem like you are in another world.

Carmack sang the virtues of virtual reality, "to make the world as you want it." Poorer people who could never have a mansion or home theatre could have one in VR. There are not enough islands in the world for everyone to have their own private island like Richard Branson, but with VR they all could.

As I was listening to this pitch, my mind immediately said, "Bullshit! VR is not a panacea any more than the smartphone has turned out to be." He's missing the ramifications of letting people "make the world as they want." If you want an idea of what a world with VR looks like then you need not look further than the first minute of Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One (2018):

The clip above depicts the protagonist descending a "stack" of trailers in a trailer park called The Stacks. As he passes his neighbors' trailers, you can see each of them wearing VR headsets while motioning in ways that make sense in whatever fantasy world their equipment is "making" for them. Who can blame them when you can escape your depressing world into the world of your making. But, see, it would not just be poor people who live in squalor doing this. Nearly everyone would like to make the world of their dreams. They'd be saying, "I'd rather VR than R [reality]" just as we say, "I'd rather text than talk." But what would they learn about real life and real people that God had intended? Next to nothing.

In other words, if VR were here today we would clearly understand why God would pull the plug on civilization immediately. God would see everyone opting out of the world he made to be in their own world say "game over." Today we are already in a more primitive digital/cyber world more and more and in face-to-face reality less and less with the consequent degeneration of our characters. Over the next seven years until 2026, this will only continue to worsen, and probably at an accelerated pace. I don't think we'll have anything like Ready Player One by 2026, but we'll be closer. Close enough and degenerated enough that God will still say, "game over."

Final Thoughts

Now that you heard my very heavy and depressing take on our degrading world and the technology that you yourself no doubt use that's causing it... how do I conclude this article and give you some encouragement?

Well, as I did, you will have to process all this first. Take moments away from the phone and reflect. I was quite a bit sad to learn the things above and you may be, too. This does seem to be the death knell for this civilization, which has been retreating for years already. I see that the writing is on the wall. It's like learning the "mark of the beast" is here. I did not want to see or know it.

Since processing this research, I'm more aware and wary when I'm on my phone or social media than ever before. I'm cognizant of how I'm playing with fire by using the very tool of our civilization's demise. Likewise, I'm more aware when others are "using" around me and remember to be patient when they do not give me human attention because of it. I realize they probably do not consider how the device is influencing them.

In the past, I'd be more like the man who wanted to avoid unwanted interactions with taxi drivers. Since learning the importance of conversation and interactions with others to gain empathy I'm less resistant when opportunities come up to engage like that. I gained a lot of empathy in Costa Rica and saw how that enabled me to stop making people wrong, stop judging them and love them more easily. Since that's what it's all about (Mt 7:12), I want to keep moving in that direction rather than become more narcissistic and less empathetic like the world as a whole.

Finally, I am more aware now when I reach for my phone out of dumb habit, not from intention. I am aware that the phone has cut down on my solitude and prayer time. When I'm on the phone sometimes I ask if the time would not be better spent talking to God and inviting him into my life more. I ask if the phone occupying my mind is not blocking me from hearing something from God that would benefit me or my readers. This helps me to get off the phone. If time really is running out, cultivating that connection with God is a priority.

That is how the insights above have impacted me. I hope this inspires you to make similar adjustments.

If you have found a spelling error, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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Eric Hood - October 14, 2019

Great Read Tim. I have been hearing from many people around me saying the end is very close (Meaning within a couple years). In your opinion what year will we see the anitchrist rise up? Also with all that is going on with President trump and all of the middle eastern news do you think there is anyway we will see the return of Jesus before your year of 2030? Thanks in advance for the reply Sir!

    Tim McHyde - October 15, 2019

    Eric, thanks, 2023 is the next sabbath year and Wormwood would already be here now (and the Great Tribulation by April) if Jesus was coming back in 2023. He’s not. That leaves 2030 next, which for me is not just a possibility. Trump’s problems and Middle East wars and rumors of war don’t factor in.

Obiajulu Echedom - October 12, 2019

Wow! Tim, it’s always a great delight getting reminders of your freshly baked bread of life. Thanks immensely for the great work you are doing. Do agree with
your views of the negative effect of social media on our world. Recently I started filling out on line surveys. The way the admins would encourage honesty and threaten to use ‘ the cane’, reminds me of a world that appears to settle for wrong instead of right.

Blaze - October 12, 2019

I was thinking about how the leaders of this world are now using social media. The President, Senators, Journalists, Pastors, Priest, Business Owners, etc.

If you were born in 2007 + 18 = 2025. You would have lived an entire life with smart phones and social media, etc. Is it a coincidence there was a major recession the following year in 2008?


Here is an interesting article…


HReid - October 11, 2019

Rome has caused all to worship the beast. Paul was a Roman with ties to Herrod. Please research the Constantine religion Paul brings forth. The changes instituted at the council of Nicea along with the calendar changes. More people follow Paul then Messiah, that in itself it the abomination that makes desolate. Peace and Blessings

Al Farrell - October 10, 2019

Tim, I think you nailed it in this article. For some time I’ve been troubled by the accelerating preoccupation so many people have with smart phones & social media. For me, it’s been much deeper than just irritation and I think you’ve put your finger on the real danger in it all. I don’t think your linking Paul’s list in 2 Tim. 3:1-5 to the present-day tech. impact is too much of a stretch. There’s a serious warning here for all tech users & that includes me. Thank you, Tim. Al

William Lubber - October 8, 2019

As I read more and more about what flat-earthers believe I do have one interesting question. In Revelation chapter one verse 7 it says that behold he cometh with clouds and every eye shall see him. How’s that possible if we live on a globe? Your thoughts please

John Sanford - October 8, 2019

Tim, I love the new read! just to clarify do you still believe it will be 5+ years before we see the 2nd coming? Would really love a response! Thanks in advance!

    Tim McHyde - October 8, 2019

    John, no, it’s never been 5 years until the second coming as every time a potential 2nd coming sabbath year comes near, it gets ruled out due to lack of prerequisites. 2023 is ruled out and 2030 is the next possible sabbath year for the return which my dreams for me confirm is the one that won’t get ruled out as things will start happening in 2022.

      John Sanford - October 8, 2019

      Thanks for the input. Does that put the tribulation starting in 2023 in your opinion?

bryan simon - October 7, 2019

Good stuff. And mildly depressing. I share your belief that the technology that was once helpful has degraded and will lead to further troubles.

How reluctant were you to use “Bullshit” as part of your article? I lol’d because I knew it would probably rustle some jimmies.

Blessings. May God have mercy on us.

    Tim McHyde - October 7, 2019

    Bryan, bless you for the comment and donation. Nobody objected to that so far. It’s really what I thought and said to my wife in the kitchen when it happened. I think the truths I’m sharing are more offensive than such words.

Robert Larsen - October 7, 2019

I may not agree with your view of flat earth and vaccines, but I always enjoy your reasoning and research, Your ideas motivate me to study scripture more diligently…a mark of a good teacher. God bless you and Katrina
BTW – The first episode of “Black Mirror” on Netflix is about the addictive properties of VR.

    Tim McHyde - October 7, 2019

    Robert, thanks, but I never posted my view of vaccines =)

Robert Wheeler - October 7, 2019

Tim, all my life I was taught and believed that Judas was responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. I was an article of utube saying he was innocent. I thought how stupid! But I started thinking about it and reading Luke 22 where Satan entered Judas and set up the deal for 30 pieces of silver. John 13 made me realize it wasn’t Judas, it was satan . When jesus gave judas that piece of bread and said “what you do do it quickly!!” Made me almost feel that I was there looking and hearing what Jesus was saying that was so so powerful. I wonder if Judas had any awareness when Satan was inside him. Maybe he didn’t know anything until it was over. his bringing the silver back and declaring Jesus an innocent Man and being so disgusted to hang himself. Tells me he was innocent what about you Tim. bye , your friend forever bob

    Tim McHyde - October 7, 2019

    Bob, Judas innocent? He did not lose his self-will because of a spirit. He had to agree with it and whatever it inspired. He probably betrayed Jesus with some justification in his mind that it was for the best (stop a larger problem, force him to declare himself Messiah, etc.) But it said he was a thief (John 12:6) which opens the door for other evil, yes?

Catherine - October 7, 2019

Believing 2026 being the year of the third angel sounding the third trumpet causing a third of the waters to become wormwood then we will see the first two trumpets come to pass in the next 6 years?

Catherine Hafner - October 6, 2019

Some years ago the Holy Spirit took me above the earth and brought from country to country and showed me, what I’ll do in the future. The earth is and was a globe, not flat, I saw it.
I forgot this vision until some years later, I understood, that I was doing what I saw in the vision. I went from country to country, I was until now in 82 countries to prepare people for the second coming of Jesus.
There are countries in Asia, Africa, etc. you can’t go without vaccines against this and that. I made all the vaccines in the trusting, that they will not have any bad influence in my life and I thank God, i had never problems and was protected. Some times christians have more fear then unbelievers.

    Blaze - October 7, 2019

    I just wanted to comment on the last sentence. I have noticed that fear appears to be a fruit of Christianity.

Sandra Mavity - October 6, 2019

Another great article Tim! Confirmation for me as God continues to reveal “little things” about the world we live in and the regressing of the people. This is NOT our home and as we draw nearer to God, it’s more evident that Satan’s time is very short and the darkness is spreading quickly. Thanks again!

Mike Anderson - October 6, 2019

Nice work. I agree. I can imagine several possible responses, but for now I think I’ll explore some of the content of the social media groupthink that you carefully avoided. There are many who feel oppressed by legacy power structures and demand greater freedom, but often don’t perceive that they are fighting natural law instead of imposed law. Resisting them are those who pride themselves in understanding the way things really work, but are better acquainted with principles such as “survival of the fittest” than God’s ways of love. Both groups, by resisting the other, respond with more fear, selfishness, and protectionism. It troubles me to see a “natural law” resistance forming around mediating figures such as Jordan Peterson because they espouse a distorted, Jungian-Gnostic interpretation of Christianity, a form of godliness that denies that God is good or has power, that perhaps he is principle such as a yin-yang dualism. When they turn inward for self-knowledge according to Gnostic teaching, they expose themselves to the leading of demons, and, trusting this experience, move further away from the humbling work of testing theories according to logic and the best available evidence, where you could be wrong. If you can’t recognize love from the many counterfeits, you could easily be swept away, but if you can and cling to it, you will not be moved by any demonic teaching.

Victor Talbot - October 6, 2019

I also wanted to say live vaccines can be good George Washington used them to defeat smallpox and win the revolutionary war but yea I believe also that they have been tampered with and made unholy By our Governments to make us sick. It’s like Tim said it’s just a shame that eradicated diseases are making a comeback. It’s hard to trust anything anymore its why I am mostly vegan and follow Dr. Sebi diet somewhat and pray when I can, I pray all you guys have a nice day God bless you all:)

Victor Talbot - October 6, 2019

Thanks for the article a real eye-opener. Your right all this technology is a double edge sword I don’t use facebook or twitter really at all I’ve studied conspiracy theories and went down the rabbit holes and then flat earth hit me and yes tempting to believe after a person has considered one conspiracy after another to weed out the truth, the problem is is that there are grains of truth in everything and sometimes we all need to stand back and pause and think and pray and then logic returns God is our source of peace and comfort and if these technologies have a place in the future knew world it will be under God’s guidance. I have a gut feeling I know in my heart that when people are like-minded and love one another its just the polar opposite of what social media does, that in the future instead of us Hating each other we won’t be able to stand to not be with each other cause our inner love and complete happiness will be fulfilling, everything will get flipped on its head soon for the positive its just said we have to see the negative for a short while play out I most hate the mass shootings that go on for I believe its an empty world for both the victims and the perpetrators, think of how messed up in the head you have to be to shoot people in a movie theater for a batman movie https://www.coloradopolitics.com/news/psychiatrist-much-is-still-hidden-in-aurora-theater-shooter-holmes/article_73df4da4-0c59-52ca-bfbb-3563e0f21f3b.html this is what society is breeding its wack!

Diana MacDonald - October 6, 2019

Thank you for your faithful research, vulnerability and working toward becoming more of what Father wants us to be. The links to your resources and understandable, linear thought is a blessing. I read your article and most of the linked pages orally to my husband as we directed our thoughts to Eloheim this Sabbath. Praying for you and your family.

Mike - October 6, 2019

I’ve thought for several years now that things are getting more rabid quickly. The “people” who run this world do in fact know the age of this world and the timeline for the end of the 6000 years. They are rushing and falling all over themselves to institute increasing depravity and immoral behavior as fast as possible. Recently a Fox News commentator or guest accused democrats of worshipping Moloch with their abortion agenda. I’ve known that was the purpose for years. There isn’t much time but eternity is the result after the millennium.

Louis White - October 5, 2019

Hi Tim. Thank you for another insightful article. I ordered your book a while ago but when my laptop died, I wasn’t able to recover its contents. I will eventually order it again.
I love how you welcome the opinions of others and handle them with compassion while using careful consideration in your responses. As followers of Christ we are supposed to support and sharpen one another, which is the case with most who subscribe to your research. I believe this is especially important today for the body of Christ because history has shown that failure to test doctrinal teachings, combined with blind allegiance, is what emboldened people like Adolph Hitler to persecute and murder the innocent. Satan has had thousands of years to confuse humanity regarding religion using an elaborate web of misinformation. His influence has even corrupted the thinking of world renown religious leaders. For instance, it is rarely talked about among Christians how the Protestant reformer Martin Luther was highly anti-Semitic and how his writings condoned murdering Jews. Martin Luther wanted to convert the Jews through Lutheranism, but failed. Out of anger he wrote a 65,000-word treatise denouncing the Jews, which caused an intense hatred of Jews in Europe.
In the treatise, he argued that Jewish synagogues and schools should be set on fire, their prayer books destroyed, rabbis forbidden to preach, their homes burned, and for their property and their money be confiscated. He urged that the Jews be shown no mercy or kindness, afforded no legal protection and that “these poisonous envenomed worms” be drafted into forced labor or expelled for all time. He also seemed to support murdering them, writing “We are at fault in not slaying them”. Luther described Jews as a “base, whoring people, that is, no people of God, and their boast of lineage, circumcision, and law must be accounted as filth.” He even wrote that they are “full of the devil’s feces, which they wallow in like swine,” and that the synagogue is an “incorrigible whore and an evil slut”.
Satan knew that by using a high-profile person like Martin Luther he could inflict severe damage to humanity.
The fact that a historically significant person like Martin Luther could be manipulated in a such a way by Satan only shows the importance of vetting those in positions of influence and how Christians should be functioning as a unified body and divesting themselves of heretical teachings. It is also important to note that dates and numbers are important to God, which is why it surprises me that Christians so easily dismiss God’s true appointed times. Though God’s prophetic plan and calendar were followed by Christ to the letter, most Christians still only acknowledge the pagan traditions put in place by Rome.
For instance, many Christians don’t even question Easter, which is riddled with fertility symbols (eggs, rabbits, etc.) Those who celebrate Easter ignore how Passover and the 49-day period afterwards ending with Shavuot represent the 50 greatest days in human history because they ushered in events significant to both
Jews and Gentiles.
I also believe it is likely that Christ was born on Rosh Hashanah (The Day of Trumpets), which used to be called Yom Teruah. To me, it makes so much sense that the day of trumpets would have been used by God to announce the birth of Christ and not the 25th of December.
Though Lutheranism estranged itself from some Catholic practices, it kept many of the traditions established by Rome and is just as guilty of giving these counterfeit traditions equal status to God’s true appointed times. No wonder the Jews didn’t buy what Martin Luther was trying to pitch to them. Imagine this: You are a Jewish religious leader and for thousands of years God has been guiding, punishing, and directing your people on how to honor Him properly. You know that after freeing your people from slavery through an extraordinary succession of miracles, God specifically told your people that they were His chosen people, established to be a nation of priests who will one day lead the world in honoring Him, and gave them specific instructions on how to honor Him and precise measurements for building His Holy Temple in Jerusalem so that one day He could rule from there.
Because your people were trained on proper operation of the Temple and understand its true purpose, your entire culture has been taught for generations how to know what is acceptable and offensive to God. By the millions, your people have endured the pain and hardship of being taken into bondage by other cultures due to past disobedience and failure to properly keep God’s laws, so it is now ingrained in your culture’s traditions and practices and passed down from generation to generation so that God’s lessons won’t be forgotten.
Then, along comes a Gentile named Martin Luther who claims that the Jews need to relinquish their long-held traditions that were personally given to them by God to follow his poorly edited version of Roman Catholic Christianity, which still reeks of blasphemous Babylonian practices. How do you think you would have reacted?
The fact that Christ and His followers used the same traditions to honor God that His covenant people (the Jews) used for thousands of years inclines me to believe that God’s true traditions were derailed by the Romans and replaced with a set of counterfeit traditions.
I believe it was Satan’s plan all along to misdirect the work of Christ and the apostles and the only way the body of Christ will ever return to the power and glory it once had is by dropping all denominational labels, identifying and eliminating all its pagan trappings, and returning to its Jewish roots.
Another blaring scripture from the Bible that I never hear Christian leaders include in their sermons comes from the prophet Zechariah (8:23):
In those days it will happen that ten men, of all the [different] languages of the nations, will take hold, they will take hold of the corner of the garment of a Jewish man, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you!’ Zechariah 8:23.
The prophet Zechariah was speaking of a future time when God would establish His kingdom on earth and the entire world would know who the one true God is and would be making pilgrimages to Jerusalem to pay respect. I am pretty certain that Christmas and Easter will no longer be celebrated during this period and all of humanity will only be following God’s traditions. What do you think?

    Tim McHyde - October 5, 2019

    Louis, sure, not only will pagan holidays like Xmas and Easter be eradicated but Christianity itself (based on paganism and other traditions of man) will be gone in the Millennium in favor of simply loving God and your neighbor as yourself without distractions (Mt 7:21). The holy days will be secondary to the daily focus on love which is lost in Christianity with so much misinformation.

Janey - October 5, 2019

But…..the bible says the earth is flat…..are you picking and choosing YOUR truth……???

      Janey - October 5, 2019

      Umm, attention Tim….not a flat earther at all. I read the old testament, did you? You want us to take the bible literally, and there it is. Would you please address the fact that it says the earth is flat in bible or not. Heres a hint for you…..firmament…

        Tim McHyde - October 5, 2019

        Janey, so because I disagree with your conclusions on the OT, I must not have read it? I’m done. If you really wanted an answer to your question and not just to fight and insult me you could have googled it and found many reasonable responses like.

Marlen Sherar - October 5, 2019

Christians are already experiencing persecution in the US but as we lose our freedoms it will become greater. People in the US don’t realize that if the progressive NWO people take over the government here they will institute the UN agenda 20-30. Which is a total Marxist communist constitution? We will have lost all our freedoms. God’s grace and protection will be lost. Satan is the author of confusion and destruction. Jesus warns us not to be deceived 4 times in Matthew 24

Marlen Sherar - October 5, 2019

Tim; I enjoy your insights. We are indeed in the last days which has been getting worse each year. Christ will come to judge the church first which is in apostacy at this very moment. The church has failed here in the USA. There teaching of prosperity, fake signs and miracles, appointing LBGT and transgender pastors and laypeople , Advocating a one-world religion, Our courts abolishing prayer and Bible reading out of our schools and government bldgs, corruption in our government, This has been going on for decades, The church has been blinded and has become corrupt. We are in the Laodicean church age. America is ripe for destruction. I just heard that the church of England nominated a druid to be head of the church there. We are in perilous

Norm Frost - October 5, 2019

Just a side note….you should not condemn people who are opposed to vaccines. They have just been vindicated by an Italian study and I quote…
“The analysis on SNP, InDels, CNV, SV variants on 560 genes chosen because they involved in different forms of human cancer shows the presence of numerous “original” variants, that’s to say that they are, not even present in public databases, therefore are not known in the literature. In other words, important modifications of genes known to be associated with various tumor forms have been identified, for all the 560 verified genes; furthermore, there are variants whose consequences are not known, but which, however, affects genes involved in the induction of human cancer.”

In other words they are purposely putting variant genes in this vaccine that cause tumors and is associated with cancer. Over 500 of them. Here is the link to the study…

Natural News also did a story on it

    Tim McHyde - October 5, 2019

    Norm, I never condemned anyone in my article, including anti-vaxxers or even flat-earthers. It’s tragic that the measles and flat earth belief came back, yes? That’s my point.

Mark Douglas - October 5, 2019

The reason I concur with you Tim, although I don’t understand exactly how things will take place over these last days we are living in, is because I’ve taken the time to study God’s Word. God says, If we will seek for Him we will find Him. Period. Yes, our time is short. No doubt. Best article I’ve read from you.

Johan Pretorius - October 5, 2019

Hello Tim, yes another good article highlighting the evil that goes on in our lives and around us. There is nothing wrong with technology, it is the way that it gets misused in the end that causes our downfall.
I had a thought about all these things that are taking place and pointing to the troubles starting soon and the end of this age, then I asked myself how do I feel about this? Am I scared, am I troubled, do I feel hopeless, or maybe am I happy or relieved that finally things are coming to a close? I could not answer this question for certain, I had mixed feelings.
I then asked myself what was Yeshua’s feelings before he got crucified. He knew what was coming like we do today, was he scared or troubled or hopeless or was he happy and relieved that its coming to an end? I could not answer that question either, I do not know how Yeshua felt.
When I thought about it further I realised that Yeshua’s event and our end times events are very similar and for a purpose. There’s a reason for all this happening to ultimately save us for a better life and eventually being in the kingdom for eternity.
So what should we feel, anger, joy, fear, relieve?
I still don’t know, but one thing is for sure, we need to pray that we have the strength to escape all these things coming soon.

Ron Perkins - October 5, 2019

Tim, thanks once again for such an insightful article. I pray that whatever time we have left will be committed to seeking His kingdom and His righteousness and allow “His kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” Even though I am old school I still get caught up with the “info” net and waste alot of time that could be more productive for His kingdom and Glory. Father forgive us as we learn to forgive one another, pray for one another, and seek your Kingdom and Righteousness with all our heart, mind, and soul! Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven!

trevor GLYN DAVIES - October 5, 2019

Thanks for the POST Tim , folk need to be SEEKING GOD !! while He may be found , and NOT worrying how much time is left !!Matt 24:44 , Your Analizing2Tim3:1-5 was very insightfull and helpfull, All those traits are worsening !! people are so “short fused” than they were years ago (Iam 84 baptised in 1960 attending Radio Church of GOD ) V13 of 2 Tim3: indicates the sad downward spiral, but even more graphic is Matt 24:37,it gives a HRRIFIC picture of AHEAD !! , I have been watching for the Rebuilding of the Temple ( it will indicate how much closer the return of Christ is ) but will they build on the Temple mount (ruins of Fort Antonio) ?? or on the Original SITE of the 70 AD Temple ? ? and as a now Scattered member of the “Body of Christ” I am reminded of “Prediction ADDICTION ” some were “Obsessed about” as the ministers on occaision reminded Us. I hope your followers don,t get “TOO carried away” we need to be READY !! overcoming to the END . again Thank you Tim !! and my warm love to you and your family………Glyn DAVIES

Todd Kemp - October 5, 2019

Wow Tim. This makes even more sense why I replied to your question on FB this week with my answer. Deep down, I think many of us can “feel” the message of this article but couldn’t quite put it into words. I think you did it perfectly and I’ll requote you….

“But now I see all around me that God has a more directly justifiable cause for judging our society when he does, so soon now in 2026. I believe when God is asked later why he sent Wormwood on our society, he will answer that humanity had already peaked and was degenerating. Having more time would not change or reverse that.

I’m processing this as we speak because I feel a tremendous sadness knowing I have been duplicit in the very things mentioned above…however, I’m very grateful for this revelation and will hold it close to keep me in check. I’m still seriously wrestling with deleting my social media accounts maybe except for LinkedIN as it does seem to be more oriented for job searching and networking for careers rather than the degeneracy we’re seeing through the other channels. Thank you so much for sharing this because I definitely needed to hear it.

Love to you and Katrina.


Randy - October 5, 2019

Great minds. I have a son who’s become agnostic. I was thinking about his unbelief and began thinking about how man has built the internet to know everything and get answers to all questions immediately. Much like, as a believer, we have God. The internet has definitely become a type of God. If we have all the answers available , who needs God. The internet is doing what God has always been doing. Yet we deny God. Sad times we are in. Alieanation is almost complete.

Daniel - October 5, 2019

Hi Tim,

Whilst I agree with your concern about the rising number of people being duped by flat earth theory, I am not sure if you are trying to lump people who may disagree with getting dozens of vaccines into the same basket as people who believe in flat earth.

You may not have looked into the matter quite as thoroughly as you should, but some of these recent outbreaks of the measles were amongst people who were actually vaccinated.

If you want to look into some of the evil signs of the times, as it says in revelations ch 9:21: “And they did not repent of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their whoring, nor of their thefts”…

The word sorceries is the Greek word pharmacia, which means poison, from which we get the word pharmaceuticals.

Look into Bill and Melinda Gates funding vaccines in the 3rd world which cause sterilisation… to further him aim at population reduction.

Look into The fact that the most vaccinated country in the world, America, also has the highest infant mortality rate amongst western countries.

Vaccines are 100%, the leading cause of Autism. Millions of people were infected with a cancer causing simian virus in the polio vaccines.

There is an evil satanic agenda to use mainstream pharmaceuticals to corrupt our bodies and minds, all the while making a fortune off us… “lovers of money”.

No, you cannot lump legitimate and well founded, specifically provable concerns against vaccines in the same basket as flat earth belief.

    Tim McHyde - October 5, 2019

    Daniel, I’m afraid you misunderstood me. I did not lump anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers together. I lumped the return of measles with the return of flat-earth. We can agree both are bad developments. I made no judgment on people leading to either as we can all agree they have understandable rationales for taking part.

    J G Vaidhyan - October 8, 2019

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