Michael Rood

Michael Rood is the Messianic Jewish / Hebrew Roots Bible teacher and author who popularized the Agricultural Biblical Calendar of the Karaites and the Prophetic Feasts of the LORD. He is also known for the Jonah Code and Chronological Gospels book. If you can handle his controversial "rude" style, you will learn much about the Bible that they do not teach in church.

His materials are highly recommended for those wishing to understand prophecy, especially the Prophetic Feasts of the Lord video series and the Jonah Code, as well as his book Mystery of Iniquity. He also has Israel tours. (I went on the first one in November, 2001 and had a memorable time.)

Also if you have a chance to see Michael in one of the cities of his U.S. speaking tours, it would be well worth your time to make the drive out.

My main beef with Michael Rood's teachings is something common to Hebraic Roots teachers. There is an unnecessary focus on avoiding things that came from paganism or have pagan origins. For example, he teaches that the days of the week are named after pagan gods and the Christian holidays Christmas and Easter were originally pagan holidays. While this is true, many people come away from Michael's teachings with the idea that these "pagan" things are sinful or displeasing to God. They become afraid of celebrating Christmas or using certain words, even the word "Jesus." What they miss is that Israel was told to avoid pagan idol worship not pagan-influenced words and days. When you get down to it, it is impossible to avoid all paganism anyway as most of the world's words and practices did not come out of ancient Israel, but pagans or gentiles.

But don't let that discourage you from Michael Rood's teachings. After all, there is no perfect teacher or teaching without error. Just use your discernment with all teachings and realize that even the errors you fall for are only temporary and serve to give you better discernment forever.

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timothy colvin - August 6, 2019

I started looking into Michael Rood because he was mentioned in one of Tim’s articles. I watched some of his videos and while I learned from them I felt he was off on something’s. Maybe too much righteous indignation. But his “chronological gospels” is very informative. A good tool to have. Tim still remains my go to. I pray God keeps dropping nuggets into your sleep deprived head.

Dupriest Simon - January 14, 2018

I enjoyed listening to Micheal also. I see where his teachings is very effective due to his dedication to the word and background. We have to utilize all teaching like the proverbs speaking of wisdom and folly. We have to learn how to chew the meat and spit out the bones. This is one of the reason Jesus said when He come, He will lead you in all truths, (God’s Holy Spirit). Let us remember Proverbs 3; 5-6 and 1 Timothy 2: 15. May God’s peace continue to abide and keep whosoever, Amen!

Arthur G Hickey - August 24, 2017

may i say very well done Article, i like it a lot, the balanced approach , you didn’t put Michael Rood on very high pedestal , or drag him down to a very low pit, it is nice to see a balance measure of judgement Good Job !

    Dupriest Simon - January 14, 2018

    Its good to encourage instead of discourage. As long as we’re talking about the Almighty , our conversation is all good! He said if I be lifted up, I’ll draw all men unto me. The enemy can’t touch that. Bless you for your positive input.

Jay - December 16, 2016


I read your articles and responses. I understand what your saying and only I regret I can not understand it on my own. Always seem to need some type of clarity. This really bothers me. How convincing Michael is regarding this Torah Keeping. I wonder why it is so difficult to understand scripture and why God made it so at least for me? Maybe it is an impetus to keep me in His word I just don’t know and I know I am not alone. I guess on behalf of myself if I didn’t care I would not be interested in searching.

Chapter 7 of Mystery Of Iniquity is utterly upsetting. If reading up to that point
caused me to question or seek out a more perfect understanding then his writing accomplished that for me. I felt like I was back in third grade trying to make sense of why I was given a (Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism 1960’s by Bennet Kelly) with one (in particular) terrifying illustration of a mother, father and two children burning in purgatory and yet this chapter was worse ! Didn’t need the photo as the recollection is very vivid. Indelible, ingrained and yes haunting!

BTW, unable to find that particular catechism anymore as they deemed it inappropriate in of the year I don’t recall and rid the schools of them but I have a few copies of later ones without the illustrations. My point is that they left mental images that will not ever be forgotten in this life time for many of us.

Forgive him Lord for he knows not what he does or more importantly he does what he is led to do to those who seek the kingdom that are confused but are courageous enough to trample through for the TRUTH!

That Chapter 7 is a nightmare (for me at least)

Michael……………… Mission Accomplished!

    Tim McHyde - December 16, 2016

    Jay, look at it as job security for me =). Seriously, though, you are not alone. We all struggle with the Bible (including me) even if people explain it to us. It’s that hard.

    My old version of MOI has a very short Chapter 7, just a conclusion paragraph starting out apologizing he could not paint the future dark enough or impress upon you how fast it’s coming… You have me curious if you have something more in that. Perhaps you can send me the PDF or a copy paste of that chapter

Jay - December 12, 2016


Decided to finish chapter 7 of Mystery Of Iniquity by Michael Rood and WoW! This man is totally into Torah and “keeping and doing.” Can’t help to feel and believe I am totally condemned already.

Not having ever read Torah I believe in the Torah Feasts as Holy Convocations/dress rehearsals per (Mark Biltz) and I believe that God wants all His children to keep these feasts but how many children do you think know about them and are practicing them let alone doing or keeping them? Rood points out that Jesus came to fulfill Torah and lends huge instruction for followers to abide in Torah.

As you can see I continue to struggle with this. It does seem clear that we are to obey Jesus Commandments and to keep Torah even if many of us are Gentiles.

He points out that Jesus words “Depart from me, you never knew me and I do not know you” are exactly a result of not keeping Torah or the commandments.

Yes there were a lot of rules that he pointed out that the Pharisee’s made and kept that were cumbersome and quite frankly obsessive and ritualistic but truly what is the message here? The pharisee’s were offended by Jesus and Jesus said to them that they were workers of iniquity teaching doctrines of devils.

Reading what Michael Rood writes makes me wonder what other author can be trusted. I would imagine he would not be in agreement of the subject matter you wrote in your book esp about the 3 resurrections and what you said about paganism and pagan practices.

So I am just saying here… What Is It That I Am NOT Getting? Guess I need to go back and read your book again. If your book causes me to feel hopeful and positive and his causes me to feel hopeless and condemned someone is teaching a doctrine of a devil and according to Michael that would not be referring to him.

I get two major feelings when I read both of your books. One is devastating the other is exhilarating.

I am so perplexed. It’s like there is a battle for the mind/soul and who is the true villain/devil.

Has anyone else on this site read Mystery Of Iniquity by Michael Rood? I would love to hear what you all have to say about his book and the subject of paganism as it seems to have always been a very hot spot with our God.

Totally I feel like I am being tossed and turned in a sea of very rough waters.

Tim I really would like your perspective on this and his teachings. What the “H” is going on? You obviously appreciate his work, research and writings. But you also call his style rude! According to Michael we are all missing what is perfectly right in front of our faces.

Please expound or lead me somewhere that can explain/expose the confusion.



    Tim McHyde - December 12, 2016

    Jay, I understand your frustration and remember my own when I was still wrestling with these same questions. Back when I read Mystery of Iniquity, I was fully in support of Sabbath and Torah-keeping (TK). Soon after as I continued to read the Bible, I started to see cracks in the arguments of TK. Have you already read my testimony that touches on what those cracks are here: http://timmchyde.com/category/torah/ I think it will answer what you think you’re missing. It shares what would have been helpful for someone to tell me back in 2000 when I was deep into the Torah keeping mindset.
    Look, Michael Rood is very persuasive after 50 years of studying and teaching the Bible passionately. It took me many years to see through his arguments. But what Michael is doing is ignoring the context of the passages he is using. A) Jesus NEVER said to keep Torah B) Jesus himself did not consistently keep Torah but said he had the right to break Sabbath as “Lord of the Sabbath” C) Jesus instead in Mt 5-7 told people to love one another because this “fulfilled Torah.”
    Therefore, “Depart from me, I never knew you” (for people who end up not saved) has nothing to do with Torah as Michael suggests (because Torah I remind you was about Israel staying in the Promised Land as God’s nation, not about salvation), but everything to do with missing personal salvation based on God’s law of love.
    The feasts will be kept worldwide as you say once everyone is made to know them. Right now, any objective person reading the Torah will see that it was given to ancient Israel and not even modern Israel is receiving prophets anymore telling them to keep it. It’s “waxing old” as Hebrews says and that’s why a “New Covenant” (Jer 31:31) will be made with Israel and Judah to replace it once they are regathered.

    William Trinh - February 19, 2017

    Hi Jay,

    Just wanted to let you know that I read MOI and tried my best to keep up with Michael Rood’s ministry a few years ago. Honestly speaking, he exhausted me.

    I believe his finest works are his teachings about the Feasts of the Lord, Solomon’s Temple, the Biblical Calendar, and the Chronological Gospels (a must have if you don’t already own it). Those were the teachings that drew me into his ministry.

    When I got to the point where I was motivated to keep Torah because I was convinced that was the right thing to do from Michael’s teachings, I found out how difficult it was to keep up without the help of a community of like minded Torah loving souls. I met two other people here in Hawaii that followed Michael Rood and tried to start up a fellowship with them, only to find out that they had adopted Michael’s very harsh, condemning attitude towards every Christian that didn’t possess the same sophisticated Torah knowledge they had. That was a big turn off. Needless to say, my first fellowship meeting with them was also my last.

    As I studied Michael Rood’s material, I would always compare it to the stuff Tim taught and they didn’t always jive, particularly the end times sequence of events and Wormwood.

    In the end I decided to stick with Tim because I was tired of listening to Michael yell at people on his TV show, the Rood Awakening.

    I read your post and it reminded me of how sensitive my spirit became when I was earnestly seeking the truth of Yahovah. Because I desired truth so badly I was willing to expose myself to his abusive teaching style because I thought I needed it, and since the truth stung so bad I thought it was evidence of my utter backslidden-ness.

    Looking back on that period of time, I realize now that opening myself up to the kind of vitriol that came out of Michael’s mouth and pen at times did more harm than good.

    I don’t think you should feel bad if you think you need to take a break from Michael Rood. Yes, he added to my understanding of the Scriptures. His lessons on the Feasts of the Lord and his Chronological Gospels will always be treasured resources in my family. But I came to the conclusion that I do not need to follow his ministry closely because I’ve received what I needed.

    Sorry if my reply didn’t provide the spiritual clarity that you are seeking. Just wanted to let you know that I can relate.

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