David Wilkerson Prophecy of “Calamity”: Why False

David Wilkerson has released a prophecy in 2009 that “AN EARTH-SHATTERING CALAMITY IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN” and recommends you get a 30 day supply of food. You may have heard that his church made 2000 sandwiches for rescue workers the day before 9/11. Before you worry about his warning, you may want to consider several problems with it and learn the truth about those 2000 sandwiches. In the process you may learn how to debunk future false prophecies that are sure to come in these bad economic times.

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Ten Signs of the End Times (or Zero So Far?)

Are there “signs of the end times” that we are supposed to watch for? Have some already happened or are signs happening now? What if we miss these signs? How do we know if all the “end time signs” hype is correct, that the end times have begun and if Jesus’ coming is really near? Find out how to discern these signs and to better recognize the few true signs that the Bible does talk about us witnessing in the end times.

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Must I Give My Book Away Because Jesus said “Freely give?”

If you produce and sell anything on the Bible such as a book, Bible software, or even a Bible version, you may be surprised to find that you that some Christians will make it a point to tell you how wrong you are to charge for it—because Jesus or Paul or the prophets did not charge for their teaching. But is this what Jesus or Paul taught, that anything associated with the Bible must be given away? Let’s look at the arguments and actual verses that apply to find the surprising truth.

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Hear God’s Name Pronounced

How do you pronounce God’s name? It is hotly debated. Opinions vary depending on the evidence used, mostly evidence external to the Bible such as results in the popular but wrong Yahweh “scholarly guess.” But based on the remaining unerased vowel points in the oldest complete manuscript of the Hebrew Bible, the Leningrad Codex, we can get the most close possible today without a prophet. Listen to a recording of it below.

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4 Blood Moons of 2014-2015? Mark Biltz Theory Debunked

Do the four blood moons of 2014-2015 signal that some other great event is near? Will you regret it if you ignore it? Or is the theory flawed in ways that are easy to miss? Discover the prophecy breakthrough that invalidates this theory by someone who had the same eclipse table idea years earlier. Plus find out how Revelation says our year will drop to only 360 days after the real prophesied blood moon eclipse happens.

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