Podcast: Ministry Update, Workbook, Reframing Life As a Faith Strategy

In this November, 2017 update on the ministry we cover support team developments, content plans and some helpful insights and concepts shared from the planned "Missing Manual" workbook. For example, how we as believers need to use the same strategy Victor Frankl used for surviving a Holocaust concentration camp.

Topics covered:

  • 1:00 — Support Team growth over the year, number of subscribers
  • 3:04 — The new Supporter Fellowship group, for giving you our 'secrets' on how to be closer to God and feel closer to God.
  • 6:47 — Our next book is now the "Missing Manual" Workbook. Why we added another step in before writing the novelization of Know the Future.
  • 9:58 — More information on the Support Fellowship, what it is about and what is going on. Who it helps and who might not be helped by it.
  • 12:39 — Why many people are not ready to face their fears and suppressed emotions.
  • 15:25- Apology to Supporters- What has slowed down the amount of new content coming your way and what we have done and are doing to fix it. Tim's health struggles vs. more frequent updates
  • 28:00 — Tim apologizes to Katrina (See, men can apologize my female friends :)- so can women. Ahem!)
  • 30:32 — Finances, reason for new minimum suggested donation
  • 40:30 — The Missing Manual in more detail, What we hear from readers that led us to make this workbook and what it is
  • 44:03 — Katrina's encouraging words about the struggles of this life
  • 30:07 — We pray for our Support Team Members
  • 30:32 — Tim shares how he undercharges for services and still gets criticism to make it affordable to as many as possible.
  • 32:05 — Willing to go get jobs if we need to which means less to no ministry time
  • 34:37 — Tim shares how he learned an important lesson
  • 38:52 — Elijah went from major breakthrough to running for his life depressed very quickly
  • 39:49 — We teach from being real and by living by example of being vulnerable and teachable.
  • 40:30 — What is the workbook about that we are writing and what questions plague most Believers that can be answered in it.
  • 42:47 — Salve for your eyes so you can see and feel God's love for you
  • 44:03 — We see ourselves healing and others around us as well. Even Katrina's mom! What we know does work.
  • 50:45 — Everyone is on the spiritual job being trained for now to eternity
  • Example: The "reframing" strategy Victor Frankl used for surviving in concentration camps which believers can use for seeking the Kingdom

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Tim McHyde

Tim is the author of this site (since 1999) and the book Know the Future that explains Revelation literally at last--including the key event of Wormwood (Rev 6-8). To read more from Tim and not miss a single new article, sign up for his free newsletter above.

Geoff - January 7, 2021

Hi Tim, concerning sales of your book, have you investigated selling it as an ebook/Kindle edition on Amazon? There’s one with a similar title by Don Stewart, but a quick glance through the “Look inside” feature seems to indicate it’s nothing like your book.

Pierre - December 29, 2017

It’s 2:00 in the AM we spent some time on Messenger and you helped me to get here . I still so hungry like the first day I found your book and your work . YHVH have blessed my life through the fantastic work you are doing for him. I say it again because it is the truth as you had a dream you shared with us, I had an answer to my prayers. God never talked to me but he have always provide and guided my steps going toward him even if I am in slaved to this world . I will thank you Katrina also for your help with you know what and both of your prayers for me but please don’t waist to much time for me you have better matters to pray for than me. I don’t deserve your prays even if I’m grateful for them.

My life have changed a lot since I got to know your work Tim. it helped to feel that I did good to leave the christian world and get into the believer world instead, rinsing my mind from doctrines and see the gospel in an other way and with an other approach. I know now why god have given me the life I had that gave me the possibility to learn English by myself than learn it in school . it was for me to be able to understand YHVH word through your work and your person. GOD BLESS YOU guys.

Sue W - December 18, 2017

G’day fellow supporters and readers of this blog.
I’ve been thinking about the position Tim and Katrina are in.

They have worked for years with little or no financial support and have recently been on a soul searching journey to consider and implement a support team and an additional content section on their web page based on donations.
Thank Yehovah God that support for their ministry is increasing.

As we all know, finances are a major part of our lives.
Health, well-being and even marriages are affected by our financial security.
None of us do well without a decent, reliable income (even those of us off the grid and trying to develop a degree of self sufficiency).
We all need financial security.
Tim and Katrina have a great gift and have demonstrated their willingness to share it in good times and bad.

I have a proposal for you all.
If you like the concept, feel free to modify it to your needs: creative, financial, personal preference – whatever.
Share your ideas – others might resonate with them and come up with even more creative strategies!
Here’s the bones of it: Let’s campaign to support Tim and Katrina’s work.

1. Order a bulk buy of Tim’s book, “Know The Future”.
Do a spring clean and plan to give your “stuff” to local charities.
Place one of Tim’s books in each of your charity store boxes.
If desired, put an inscription inside the cover to bless and encourage the reader.
Check on the position of the book in the stores until they are gone (I had to retrieve one from a dark, low shelf once and place it in a more prominent position – a couple of weeks later it was gone!
2. Print off some of Tim’s free articles.
Leave them in places of your choice (perhaps pray about locations).
Under a church door, in a waiting room, at a bus stop, on a bench seat, in a supermarket.
3. Consider a gift subscription to the support team for someone you love (or even better, an “enemy”!).
4. Of course, sharing on social media is great too, with so many options but I’m not so savvy with that and will leave it to others for ideas.

Let’s get creative and proactive about supporting Tim and Katrina’s work.
The world is full of destructive bombs.
Let’s do some beneficial “bombing” and get the word out there “guerilla” fashion so others can also “Know The Future” and be blessed by demonstrating the Kingdom right here.
Do you have any other ideas for promoting Tim and Katrina’s work?

Don’t worry – even if you are only able to give a small regular amount like me, or share with few others, Tim and Katrina have memories like elephants – they won’t forget you and will bless you for your efforts.

Love and blessings to everyone.

Johan Pretorius - November 23, 2017

Hello Tim and Katrina, I send you guys an email earlier this morning with a brief explanation on where my life is at this moment. I only listened to your podcast later during the day and some of the issues I mentioned was covered in your discussion during the podcast. I assume you realised that before hand.

I just want to mention that both of you have had a tremendous impact on my life with your articles and teachings and I always have you in my prayers and asking Yehovah and Yeshua to keep on revealing the meaning of their preachings and words to you so that you can educate us and guide us to a better life and understanding.

So from my side I will contribute more where I can on a month to month basis and hope that will keep you going.

Thank you for your humble honesty in your situation and I am sure most of the supporter team members will contribute more if they can afford to.

One thing is for sure and that is without your valuable knowledge, teachings and guidance a lot of supporters will be lost and just give up hope, me included.

I believe a solution will come up somehow somewhere to keep the momentum going and to increase your teachings and future plans.

In the meantime we will keep on praying daily for both of you to receive guidance to carry on with this project and to lead us into the future.

Yehovah bless both of you.

joy marley - November 18, 2017

Tim and Katrina,

I’ve been BLESSED since coming across your ministry and following it for about a year and a half.

It wasn’t until a good year after I discovered your book that I actually bought it, but God had His timing for a reason.

It is my prayer that you BE ENCOURAGED with what He is doing in your lives.

BE ENCOURAGED that your sacrifices are making a difference and are a blessing to others.

BE ENCOURAGED that He will and has supplied all your needs.

While listening to your podcast the Lord laid it upon my heart to make an extra love offering this month.


    Katrina McHyde - November 20, 2017

    Lovely Joy,

    What a beautiful blessing you gave us through you words. Thank you for your kindness! And thank you for the monetary love gift.

    Your Sister in The Messiah,


Thomas Burke - November 18, 2017

Dearest Katrina,
Not that you don’t already know this, just for
the sake reinforcing your comment above, 1 Timothy 6:10 refers to the love of money as being the “root of all evil” in KJV which is maybe why as you say money is such a scary subject, whereas modern versions temper the translation to “all sorts of evil”. Clearly it is the love of money not money itself that is the problem… Proverbs 30:8-9 (KJV) Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me: Lest I be full, and deny thee, and say, Who is the LORD? or lest I be poor, and steal, and take the name of my God in vain.
This is a truly great prayer that I have found to be answered in my life all through!
Love y’all in Him! Bro Thomas

Thomas Burke - November 17, 2017

I agree with David about not segmenting the information yet I feel Zachary has a point also about making sure Tim’s work is justly rewarded. My feeling is that giving access to the huge volume of articles should not be free. Tim could try putting out “teaser” or short intros to possibly groups of articles for a price like purchasing his KTF book. He could also offer the Support Group an option as is with a modest consulting fee for email answers on specific member questions and a different fee personal phone or skype consultatons. Non members seeking answers on specific issues could be directed to purchasing groups of articles as explained above or becoming Support Group members under the current scheme, that is with one time access or recurring monthly support. Maybe this what Zachary is advising, but it should be clear that a payment would be for a specific service i.e topic groups of articles, books, email consultations or
skype consultations as opposed to braketing members or non-members in “income” defined groups. This should take a load off of Tim’s shoulders to produce so much free material and free consultations… His reputation and the short free intros on his site offering access to the now free material should monetize it on an objective non discriminatory basis plus specific offers
of consultations as offered above leaving the Support Group for newer material and those who love his family and ministry!

    Katrina McHyde - November 17, 2017

    Thank you Thomas, Zachary, David, and everyone else who is sharing ideas with us on possibilities on how to make all parties win and have God glorified in the process. It is nice to have people surround us with thought, prayer, support, and love.

    I think the most difficult part of this whole issue on how to help everyone win, and make their gifts from God feel like they are being utilized well, is the fact that many are hurt by experiences where they feel taken advantage of. Basically, I think there is a general mistrust around money and time given to ministries. These hurts and mistrust that plague various individuals gets projected on to ALL ministries as being the bad guys or the irresponsible organizations. It is hard for ministries to not come under attack when they are underfunded or overfunded. Everyone has a judgement on how ministries should act and how they should or should not spend money. Money is such a scary subject for so many people. It is walking in to a lion’s den to even say the word money. The only way to heal from our money issues is to look the monster right in the face and ask God to heal each person who is hurt in this area starting with myself. I am thankful that God owns it all ultimately, since He created and sustains everything. I also know God has made us the overseers and stewards of all He sustains as well. Hiding His talents put into our care in the ground because of fear is not our wisest choice and will not produce. I think bringing our fears out into the open before God and asking Him to help us get a healthy perspective on money that feels like we are loving God, neighbor, and ourselves in the midst of money issues is the only way to freedom and healing.

    May we each choose to make God The LORD over all of our financials to His glory and not to the glory of our hurts!


Thomas Burke - November 17, 2017

I’m sure Zachary is speaking in good faith but I think he errs in that Tim’s ministry can be made to fit into contracts and that even if he tried to I don’t think it would lead to greater income as it would probably turn off more people than would be drawn to support him. I have followed Tim’s writings for over a decade and can say he is regularly inspired by the Lord and writes with deep understanding from his strenuous studying of the Word by his nature and not by any contractual obligation. I for one am willing to support his ministry knowing he will provide the most and best teachings his health and the Lord allow him to and will seek to increase my support in the same manner.

Zachary Miller - November 14, 2017

After thinking about this further I thought I would provide some additional thoughts that ‘may’ help you (Tim) increasing the revenue from your web site. Please keep in mind that I don’t claim to be an expert in running an Internet business nor do I have much knowledge about running a ‘ministry’. I can speak, however, as to why I personally pledged $10 per month—The main reason is that I don’t know you personally AND I didn’t see any ‘contractual’ agreement (ie: specific commitments) on what I’m actually paying for. In other words, it’s not clear to me what you’re producing outside of your posts (which can range from 0-5+ articles per month) nor is it entirely clear to me what else I may ‘supporting’. The ‘solution’ (at least how I see it) would involve clearly explaining this ‘membership’ (if you wish to call it that) by telling people (in writing) what they’re paying for and what they’re supporting—and this, of course, would require a commitment on your part (however you define that to be). By clearly defining ‘what’ you’re providing for a given ‘price’ that may help you to further focus on what brings in money and what doesn’t. Contractual agreements appear to be quite popular with God—there are too many to describe here but the point is you need to make this very clear to those who are purchasing said service(s). There are loads of examples on the Internet that provide said contractual services which I’m sure you can look up.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: Let’s say you want people to pay ‘X’ for a certain type of membership (let’s say the base level). I’d like to see what exactly I’m getting for that whether it be articles, email assistance, or whatever. Perhaps you provide other services (such as speaking with people directly OR hosting courses with them, etc..)—this may include a different level of service on your part (which involves your time)—that could be a plus membership, etc..

The reason I mention this is because agreement’s (ie: contracts) are good things—as they are used to respect everyone’s time and effort (not just one party’s). The protection for said contract goes both ways…it protects your customers (if you wish to call them that) and it protects you (from overextending yourself to those who simply wish to get your time and efforts for free).

What I’ve mentioned may appear to contradict the ‘ministry’ concept but since everyone’s time and energy are important it represents the best way to protect all parties involved. Not only that it will allow you to more easily customize and properly price your services (based on what the market will bear).

At the end of the day your time (Tim) is precious. You need to earn money to live like everyone else. Likewise, people who pay for services or goods need to know exactly what they’re paying for. I can tell you also (given I have a family member who works professionally in the area of quantifying “Christian” giving) that there is rampant waste and inefficiency in the Christian giving arena—I’m not saying that’s the case with your work but it means that ‘ministries’ specifically need to be cognizant of this fact….One rather interesting fact (from my brother in law’s research) is that it costs roughly $350,000 to convert one person in a foreign country—Ouch!

In conclusion my advice would be to consider specifying your services and solidifying agreements for the service(s) you wish to sell. I think this may help you to target new customers while keeping existing ones and also customize your existing service(s)….but these are just my thoughts—hopefully they’ll provide some additional insights into your existing service/ministry.

    Tim McHyde - November 15, 2017

    Zachary, great helpful feedback. As soon as I read it I knew you were right and it seemed so obvious I wondered why I had not seen this myself earlier. Thank you and I’ll be working to improve in this area soon. I’d appreciate anyone else confirming what Zachary said. I can also do a survey…

      Andreas - November 15, 2017

      Tim, sounds like this project has something to do with, or perhaps involves, dividing a major resource into smaller parts, then examining how those smaller parts work together.

      The smaller parts are perhaps like branches of a tree (tree being the major resource). You decide what each branch is for, how many branches you want, what kind of fruit you want to put on each branch, how many, and how much each fruit costs.

      Then its examining the market for what fruits are most sought after, in what quantity, to make the output match the demand for max profit.

      And then all the branches come together into one, which is the tree, and the tree is producing one big wealth. And in my thinking you are the major resource, Tim. You are the tree, if I may say so. 🙂

      I was just inspired to write this today, you may or may not like it guys, I don’t know. Maybe it’s silly. 🙂

        Katrina McHyde - November 17, 2017

        HI Andreas,

        We love green light thinking. I don’t think green light thinking is silly. I think it is an awesome chance to be creative and explore and include others in the process. Your ideas are being heard and prayed over. Thank you for loving us and showing it in action by thinking of us and prayerfully trying to help with solutions! Those are the best gifts for sure.


      David Price - November 16, 2017

      I appreciate the time and thought that Zachary has put into the post, but I would like to say that everything that Tim produces is a part of his “Ministry”. I don’t believe that Jesus segmented his preaching to different levels based on how much each person could pay.

      I see that this could begin to look like the perception of the modern church, those with money were perceived to be more spiritual and got more attention and more leadership. I believe that the poor and rich should have the same access to this life changing information, if you believe it to be so.

      We are coming to Tim’s site to get the message that God has place on his heart, not to a rock stadium that has expensive seats and cheap seats. We each should give based on what God has laid on our hearts and our ability to give.

      I am planning on promoting his site to like minded people. If they feel lead to give, that is up to them. In this way more people joining will mean more income without Tim having make any changes.

      Just my thoughts…. Not meant to put down the comments of anyone else.

        Zachary Miller - November 16, 2017

        From my perspective, Tim seems to be a very committed person to his beliefs and has produced some very valuable (in my opinion) pieces of information/insight into the area of Bible prophecy. Given this, I still wouldn’t place him into the same category as Jesus (sorry Tim!). Certainly, Jesus had no wife or family to support–so that’s one difference!

        However, what Jesus was doing was presenting people (in this case Israel) with a new ‘amendment’ to the original contract: He was presenting Israel with the ‘product’ of eternal life IN EXCHANGE FOR obeying His commands. Note the very clear ‘bi-directional’ property exchanges taking place here–obeying commands (which only the people can give ) FOR eternal life (which is what God/Father can give—not to be confused with ‘earning’ eternal life on one’s own by the way). Now, the people could say they shouldn’t have to do anything for eternal life (If God really loves us) but the property owner (God in this case) has the RIGHT to set the terms of said contract—you can take it or leave it.

        This same rule applies to any other piece of property that someone produces. Yes, anyone can give away their property in any way they wish–However, we all have bills to pay (except for God). Jesus, while ministering, was not only providing information on this new amended contract (that you could enter into or not) BUT was also providing value to others by way of wisdom AND physical healing–Imagine not having to pay for medical expenses OR health insurance–that’s a HUGE cost savings for anyone–People were more than willing to give Jesus money in exchange for these additional ‘product’ offerings. I’m not saying he rode up and sent people bills for his services but I am guessing he was getting more than enough to complete his mission.

        In contrast, Tim is not a prophet (based on hearing/reading that he is not–his words!) nor is he Jesus….Based on the included podcast it appears that handing out value WITHOUT specific contractual terms is not working for his service/ministry. I think the reason behind this is rather simple: Human nature ALWAYS leads to believing we’re owed other people’s property. I mean sheesh, Adam and Eve were the very first perpetrators of coveting someone else’s property and then taking it because they thought they deserved it . If you truly ‘love’ someone else then you must respect the individual’s right to their property (as you would expect the same of your property). There are always exceptions of course–and that’s certainly up to the property owner to decide who gets what (for free or otherwise). But at the end of the day property ownership must be respected if we wish to truly love each other. Respecting other people’s time and labor translates to the same respect of our own time and labor—it’s really that simple.

Zachary Miller - November 13, 2017

A very informative podcast! I have a number of varying comments (which I’ll provide later) but I thought I would, at the very least, give my two cents on the topic that seems to be weighing on you.

First off, I want to say I FULLY support anyone willing (and able) to provide VALUE in exchange for GOODS, SERVICES, or MONEY. Exerting time, effort, and labor with the expectation that we’ll get something in return (to eat, cloth and shelter ourselves) is the very cornerstone to having a ‘civil’ human society. Not to mention the fact that the ‘Golden Rule’ applies IN FULL to any/all who wish to exchange LABOR for RESOURCES. To expect differently (for Tim and Katrina) when we ourselves expect that for our labor would violate that rule in its entirety! In other words, it’s immoral to expect someone else to labor for FREE when we ourselves are not willing to do the same!! Tim—I’m truly sorry you feel beat up on this—you shouldn’t be. Given this I can say I fully support someone (Tim in this case) endeavoring to create value (written, verbal, etc..) for the sole purpose of supporting themselves and their family.

I have additional comments to make (related to the rest of your podcast) but I at least wanted to state that making money in exchange for labor is not wrong nor is it immoral. IF you provide value to people and they wish to purchase it at the stated price (an involuntary interaction) then I think your conscious should be clear.

    Tim McHyde - November 13, 2017

    Zachary, thank you, I agree, it’s unethical to expect people to give it all away for free. Jesus and Paul were on missions that this free approach was adopted. But it does not mean we all must and it was not what they themselves taught their disciples (except for supernatural healing, freely received the power freely give the healing from the power). Christians have a lot of unethical or unloving beliefs they cling to thinking they are found in Scripture when they are not.

    Katrina McHyde - November 17, 2017


    Your post is so well balanced in thought. If we truly love our neighbor as ourselves for the love of God, then we would do our best to equip one another and encourage one another on to good works. We all have to eat and take care of this physical vessel to be able to stay alive and accomplish what each of us are called to do in this life. We know that God is glorified when we each use the gifts, whether physical or spiritual or time or financial, to minister to one another. It is God who gave us the gifts in the first place. God makes those gifts multiply and become stronger the more we SHARE our gifts consistently.

    We give as much as we can to those who really cannot afford what we have to offer. We even have hundreds of free articles posted over many many years for helping those who can and cannot afford to give gifts to us financially. Unfortunately, all that free stuff has not inspired enough people to give when they have it so that we can eat, have a roof over our heads, pay the bills to keep the lights on, the thousands and thousands of emails written for free, the immense amount of hours and years of helping people with prophecy and living for God spent on the phone, in person, and on Skype- it all costs money and time. We just love what we do. But if we have to stop ‘and go make tents’, as Paul did, then we will be severely hindered in doing what we do. Unlike Paul, we have four mouths to feed and we know God expects us to take care of our immediate family’s spiritual and physical needs first. It is very clear that the person who does not take care of their own family is worse than an infidel/unbeliever (1 Timothy 5:8). We would not be setting a good spiritual example by letting the ‘shoe maker’s son go without shoes’.

    I thank you for basically saying what I just wrote in your post of encouragement,


thomas foryan - November 13, 2017

I find your ministry to be profoundly life changing, by first dispelling my end time prophecy fears and now for helping me to have a stronger relationship with God. In your last podcast you said that our faith is often times based on our own experiences instead of the word of God, and that we needed to change that. Not sure how exactly to do that, but I’m thinking it probably takes a lot of reading God’s word and a lot of prayer. I always think that God could do something if he wanted to, but maybe it’s not his will. Maybe that’s the wrong way of looking at things. Anyways, my prayers are with you both and your family. Thank you for everything

    Tim McHyde - November 13, 2017

    Thomas, see the previous podcast on ending disconnection from God which explains exactly how to audit your false beliefs that come from hurts or experience instead of the truth and to then take them captive and rebuke them with the truth.

      Katrina McHyde - November 17, 2017

      Thomas, What Tim gave here will help you for sure.

      Know that God’s will is for you to thrive, know that you are loved by Love/God, and know it so well that all you want to do is worship Him so much by actually loving your neighbor. If you pray on this and meditate on this alone the keys of all Wisdom and of The Kingdom open to you.

      May Yehovah bless your journey on The Narrow Path,


Ronnie Bultmann - November 12, 2017

You two are living proof that loving and seeking God’s ways doesn’t guarantee a life of sunshine and rainbows. A valuable lesson I’ve learned from you is to become aware and hold on to God’s promises. There is peace in knowing that God won’t abandon us and “All works for good for those who love Him”. Thanks for your continuous reminder to trust God and hang on to His every word.

    Katrina McHyde - November 17, 2017


    If we have glorified God and His way to you in the way you described then we have done what we set out to accomplish! May we go on into the perfection of Love within us and through us together!


Tim L - November 12, 2017

When night is low,
Shall guards have guards,
Lest padlocks within are broached.

When graduation has passed,
Shall teachers have teachers,
Lest wisdom shall stunt its growth.

When legs are weak,
Shall cleaners have cleaners,
Lest returns not hygiene to home.

When inspiration is had,
Shall transport have transport,
Lest factories make nest of boats.

When duties are pressing,
Shall servants have servants,
Lest each task be faced alone.

When speech has daggered,
Shall healers have healers,
Lest their value pass veiled and cloaked.

You’ve inspired a poem in me Tim and Katrina, the last stanza in particular. Most revenue making schemes play to the tune of (or often simply lie to) their target audience in order to maximise profit and generate positive responses. But that you instead play to the tune of honesty and correct scriptural interpretation, knowing full well it may challenge and bring negative responses from your biggest target audience (Christians, and other well established religions), and could carry both financial and personal repercussions, shows how courageous and genuine of spirit you are. Those with less wisdom may have caused hurt, yet with all the insight I’ve gained from your teachings, feel certain you are better equipped than most to handle it. Teaching us independently in this fellowship you’ve become our leaders, and I hope the attacks do not cause you to underestimate the benefit of your work. It is the narrow path, after all. You lead us exceedingly well – it’s been a blessing to discover your work, and a joy to support such a righteous cause.

    Katrina McHyde - November 17, 2017

    Hi Tim,

    You were inspired to be right on time by sharing this inspired poem. The depths of different ways a person can read this poem really tickle and delight me. The poem itself shows The Support above all the supports that is always there and taking care of us. This is The Comfort above all comforts as we all press on into being perfected by The Perfect.

    May our (yours, mine, and everyone else’s) Leader encourage us ALL on unto good works, so that we are ALL worthy leaders really known as servants of The Leader.

    Now that we have each shared our riddles, does anyone have a fiddle? ?


      Tim L - November 27, 2017

      Amen, thanks Katrina. I can’t recall how long its been since I was last inspired to write a poem, so its an odd one! A riddle to communicate my thoughts clearest :p

Krystyna Selimovic - November 12, 2017

Dear Tim

I have only recently become interested in your writings and I am very happy that I did, however there is one question that I need to ask you God wants us to love our neighbours as ourselves which I find sometimes is not that easy especially when you see what the Muslims are up to how can you love these people when they can be so brutal with human beings their sharia law. We have in our town quite a lot of muslims and the women dress completely covered from head to toe and only a small open for their eyes I find that intimidating. We have a family across the road from us I am sure they are muslim although the lady does not cover up they are very friendly we have interacted with them and a happy for them to be our neighbours and yet next door to them is a another family of Muslims where the females do cover up and they do not interact with us at all we have even had an altercation with them, and husband and I were accused of being crazy and racist even though I have only met them on one occasion I know we are told to love thine enemy. On the whole I can say that I do not hate anyone (hate is a strong word) but I do not like what they are doing world wide to innocent people we are living in troubled times and I think the western world is being punished because we have failed GOD. I will stop now if I keep going it will turn into a book. So when you find the time to give me an answer I would appreciate it whole heartedly. God Bless you and your family Krystyna

    Tim McHyde - November 12, 2017


    The reframing I teach in this podcast can help here, too, in loving people who do evil, or our enemies. Think of them as children of God who are deceived by the devil, just as you are deceived in other ways. Jesus seemed to take this view when he said “forgive them, they know not what they do” (Lk 23:34). They are God’s children who are off track in a major way now, but when they realize this, they will repent, just as you have had to repent of things (and really, must continue to). Finally, above all, loving your enemies is a high request so treat it as such by asking for God’s help with it and to not beat yourself up if you are failing to achieve it quickly.

    Katrina McHyde - November 17, 2017


    What Tm said ?.

    Ok, to add on to what he said, please add in the understanding that healthy boundaries can still be enforced with loving your neighbor as yourself. The difficulty we have as humans usually is that we have a hard time putting up healthy boundaries in a healthy way. This topic should actually become a podcast someday. Let me just give you a small nudge here that you can take to get to where you are requesting to get. Take it to your prayer closet and I am sure Father will open up His wisdom on this topic to you as you practice.

    The nudge is this: learn to do and not do anything in life without the desire to love God, yourself, and neighbors in consideration of all life choices. If you keep practicing that heart of ALL matters, then the answers on how to do, what to do, and when to do it will be inspired into you as you practice.

    Your neighbors pushing on your buttons is an opportunity to practice, practice, practice. You won’t always get it right. That is fine. Just keep practicing and you get better at it.

    You can do it!


    Andreas - November 17, 2017

    Krystyna. I indentify very well with your situation. Just like you I have many Muslim neighbours and I encounter Muslims every single day.

    Up untill three months ago this was very big problem for me, but Tim’s writing on this topic here when I saw it then, helped me alot. With an honest heart, I can now say that I have made good improvents. I am steadly moving towards a direction where my hate against them will be close to none. Though it has also been a process of stumbling and rising.

    I am very thankfull to have made such progress on this issue, without escapeallthesethings.com that would never have taken place. Big thanks to Tim and Katrina.

    Having said that, I am so hopelessly enslaved by other sins that I have totally totaly given up on improving.

      Sue W - November 17, 2017

      “Having said that, I am so hopelessly enslaved by other sins that I have totally totaly given up on improving.”

      Andreas, I empathise.

      Spiritual, relational, physical, fiscal – often I feel like I’m stuck in my own bizarre groundhog day.
      Like Bill Murray with – “baby steps” and a yearning for a clean heart and steadfast spirit (Ps 51:10) we’ll get there with God’s grace.

      I often think of the parables of the workers in the vineyard (Mt 20: 1-16) and the prodigal progeny (Luke 15:11-32).

      Not to justify procrastination (if that’s my current obstacle) but to take heart and start where I’m at.

Thomas Burke - November 12, 2017

Tim, I don’t want to be judgmental, but those that criticize you for earning your livelihood and that of your family by honestly working in your outstanding teaching ministry, are in my opinion really rejecting the Gospel of the Kingdom and are lashing out at you as the only means they have to attack the truth. Please don’t take it so hard when that happens as they probably are in the “I never knew you” group! Why do I think so, because if they did know Him who is “humble of heart” they would support and not try to undermine your spirit. As I said I don’t mean to judge people I do not know, just trying to get you to not take such criticism to heart, to not to give it the status it does not deserve, but to take it as a sign you are going in the right direction. Your brother in Yeshua. Tombcr

    Katrina McHyde - November 17, 2017

    Hi Thomas,

    I wish to thank you on behalf of my whole family for your support of us in the form of prayers, verbal support, and even financial. We love what we do to serve others. I am thankful some consider what we do as an invaluable service and support us. Our heart is to help people, who really want it, to be able to finally break free into feeling good and confident in their walk. We want them to be properly equipped to face life in a way that builds what will last forever by doing what is temporary (jobs, raising kids, school,…) and being faithful in little to be prepared properly for a whole lot more. If people really understood how important every task a person is given is an opportunity of worshipping the One True God in action. If they understood how loved they are, they would receive such healing on so many levels and be healthier for others around them as well.

    Well, Tim and I press on to find out what works, implement it into our own lives, and share it with as many as Father graces us to share with. May we grow together in understanding the depths of God’s goodness!

    You’re Sister in The Messiah,


Thomas Burke - November 12, 2017

I can confirm you are on the right track with putting out the call for increased minimum support, as I felt a burden on my heart the last two days before listening to this podcast, like a wondering how you do what you do, that is how do you make ends meet… Thanks for sharing your reality. I have increased my support and can say that I recently started working again after a successful back surgery. Thank you for your prayers and support email then also!

Denise B - November 11, 2017

I look forward to each new podcast from you two. It’s like when I was a kid getting birthday presents. Indeed, my birthday is tomorrow, which is probably where that connection came from. Lol

I always gain new insights from every one I listen to. Thank you for that.

God’s timing is amazing. We have been financially strapped for several months and finally reached the point where we borrowed a substantial amount from a friend because we had not been able to sell a vehicle. Two days ago we borrowed the money after two months of trying to sell the car.

This morning, while listening to this podcast, we received a text from a couple who had looked at the car a month ago. They are on their way here now to buy the car and we can repay our friend right away.

It also enables me to be able to double my monthly support. Again, God’s timing just blows me away.

And, Tim, as uncomfortable as it might have been for you, this confirms for me and hopefully confirms for you that God did want you to let your supporters know you could use our help. What you and Katrina provide to us is priceless. God bless you both.

    Sam Miller - November 11, 2017

    You got that right Denise, priceless!

    Katrina McHyde - November 12, 2017


    It is so good to hear how Father is making such a great testimony of His glory in your life. It is amazing how He speaks to us in the ways we each need to hear. Timing of things really speaks to many of us because we know we need Him who made time , controls time, and lives above the laws of time to help us who are subject to living in it.

    We are so glad you were able to sell the vehicle. May it bless the new owners. May the money you received from the sale multiply thousands of times over so you may be so abundant that its overflow has to be shared!


Sam Miller - November 11, 2017

I’m happy to support you guys and happy to increase my support to you. I love you guys and your ministry has completely changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I’m here for the long haul. I’m praying for you that others will step up too. I don’t want you two getting jobs. This is your job!

    Sam Miller - November 11, 2017

    I’m still listening to your podcast. You talked about vision and the verse that says you oarish for lack of vision. This vision is hope and this right here is the single biggest thing you have shown me. My vision and hope is the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you when you seek first the kingdom and His righteousness. It is this hope and vision that I focus on every moment of the day and it is the key to feeling Gods presence in my life. You both taught me this and I’m a brand new person because of it. Thank you!

      Katrina McHyde - November 11, 2017

      Hi dear Brother Sam,

      We love helping people. We love to help them understand what it means to seek The Kingdom first and all the rest will be added to your life. We won’t ever stop sharing and professing these truths and how to do it. We will however do it with humbly working for others if that is what Daddy wants. It can be done with any job and with any person’s life situation. It just looks differently depending on what someone is called to do while professing these things.

      I don’t think Father is calling us to get jobs where we would be hampered to share His love and ways to more people through the time we spend on writing, podcasts, and helping some through difficult times by being there to listen. But we don’t rule it out either. We don’t mind working at a ‘regular ‘ job if God calls us to it. When there is a responsibility by God Himself to take care of your family first for Him, then you put the priorities in the right order. Anyway, that is my belief.

      I think Father is just rearranging things a bit for us as we explained in the podcast. We are not in emotional distress. We have faith and Father has been clear with us on the directions He wants us to take for the moment. We stay open to Him changing our directions as well.

      Faith is built in areas where things look interesting in life. We are passing the test very well because we are not worried and acting from inspiration and not desperation. We are thankful that Father has taught us how to make that choice and know the difference.

      He knows our needs and what we must experience to grow in Him. Our situation now is no exception to this truth. Thankfully He will glorify Himself in all of this and our testimony will continue to become longer and longer of His goodness, power, love, and provision into eternity.

      Thank you for your encouraging words and your willingness to take the narrow path with us. It is not always easy but it is always rewarding.

      Your Sister in The Messiah,


Lori - November 11, 2017

Dear Katrina,

You are welcome and I count it a privilege to be used of Yehovah as an instrument of blessing in your and Tim’s lives! I feel a certain kinship with you in particular. I hear in your testimony how what the enemy meant for your destruction has been rescued by Yehovah for your great good as you counsel others. God is so amazing in all His ways – so beyond figuring out – yet He stoops down and gently picks us up and uses all things to make us better. I love that part, but honestly, who can comprehend the privilege of being used by the God of the universe to bring Him glory?! That is so humbling! You have been gifted with Heavenly wisdom and I hear the strength in your voice as well as the joy and Peace in Him.

This has been my experience as well – that Yehovah has taken my trials and transformed my pain into greater praise, revelation, wisdom and strength to minister to others and encourage them to take the hand of Yeshua and not be afraid to go where He leads. I love how He whacks the enemy and brings light into the darkness HaSatan intended.

I loved your testimony of how God used your inability to sit due to health issues to bless you with hours of intercessory prayer and opportunity for more praise! I LOVE walking and praying. Folks in town perhaps think I’ve lost my mind, but even in that, I don’t care what anyone thinks! That is definitely God – people pleasing is an idol that is very hard to kick! God is faithful, however, and even there, He is giving me the victory!

Again, Yehovah bless you dear sister with greater abundance and opportunities to live in His favor! Love to you and Tim in the name of Yeshua – the name above all names and in which one day, all will receive the revelation of His grace bowing their knees in humility and professing with their lips that Yeshua is Lord! Who could not love this God?! My heart is full and my prayers are with you too!


Lori - November 11, 2017

Dear Tim and Katrina,

Thank you for being real, authentic humans as you openly shared once again in this latest podcast! Your transparency, humility, and yes tears, are what draws my spirit to yours and confirms your genuine faith and the bond of true family fellowship we share in the SPIRIT!

I have been praying about increasing my giving and thank you for your bold admission to the fact that you rely on God’s provision through your support team. Your testimony is similar to mine in that when we are being called up higher in our trust of Yehovah and His Son, Yeshua the Messiah, our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, God also brings us opportunities to exercise and further strengthen our increased faith muscles!

I was recently clearly led by the Holy Spirit to equip my mind with His instructions in Phil 4:4-9. I knew it was His timing to commit these verses to memory because it happened so easily. Trust me, there are days I can hardly string a coherent sentence together (blame it on menopause!) and I’m just amazed at how readily this Scripture flows from my tongue! Anyway, recitation of the Word is of little value until it is lived out, right? The Lord blessed me with such an opportunity three weeks ago when I discovered a leaking sewer pipe underneath my home in the crawl space. This seemingly simple to fix problem has mushroomed into a $45,000 expense ! I was also led to see the huge problem of collecting water, also in my crawl space, which is already compromising the foundation of my home. My yard is tore up and the contractor still has a few more days to complete the job. Winter is licking at our heels here in NorthEastern Ohio, so the landscaping will have to wait until spring.

I have battled on and off with a spirit of sometimes paralyzing fear, yet God in His faithfulness continues to bring me back to His Peace. As I remember and meditate on His Word, now faced with a very real opportunity to be VERY anxious, God is demonstrating His faithfulness through calming my inner
turmoil and blessing me with faithful praying friends!

I share this all to encourage you and the other supporters, that God is indeed good all the time and will use these seemingly overwhelming challenges for our good and His glory! Thank you Father! Rather than despair, I’m seeing how the area of “safety” that I’ve rested in financially – not due to trusting God for His provision, but knowing I had a “comfortable” savings account, was yet another idol in my life and this is my gift from God to not only realize this and repent and forsake it, but to also look forward with great expectation as to how God is going to use this in my life for a new adventure. Of course, I am blessed too in having all new “guts” in my house! I’m awed that I even have a home to live in and that God spared it from greater damage in alerting me to these looming problems!

You see, I became a widow 7 yrs ago and the journey at times was incredibly challenging and also admittedy came with a very “dark” season as I waded through the valley of grief. I’m continually learning how to trust God in this new call of widowhood – He now in the role of my husband. Rather than wring my hands, I am finding myself growing in anticipation of how He’s going to open a new door of opportunity for me to go back to work in order to pay the home equity loan that I needed to fix these issues, and be a good stewart of the property He’s entrusted to my care.

The Spirt has put this desire to increase my giving to you so you can more freely minister. Rather than pull back due to my financial hit, I’m going to obey the prompting and know that I get to benefit even further by giving with a greater measure of faith. God is good all the time and is the ONLY ONE WORTHY OF ALL OUR PRAISE! God bless you both! Walk in love and faith and thank Yehovah ahead of time for what great works He has in store for the both of you to do for Him!

Because of Yeshua, your sister and friend in Him, Lori Spurlock

    Katrina McHyde - November 11, 2017

    Wow Lori! What a testimony! Your words of deciding faithful thoughts and responses in the middle of real life adversities is, well, INSPIRING! Your choice to talk back to your fears with faithfulness will ensure your victory of your ‘wars’. It is resisting every lofty thought that tries to drown us in pride, or self-pity, or distraction from remembering and focusing on Daddy’s goodness that will never pass away for us and not focus on all that will pass away. I praise Daddy at hearing your faithfulness in the midst of these tests you are facing. I will also put you directly on my prayer list that Father’s glory shine through the darkness of your debt and show His power in that area.

    Thank you for choosing to be and ACT set apart for Holy purposes and setting an example for others to be inspired on to good works!


Sue W - November 11, 2017

Great podcast, Tim and Katrina.
Thank you for doing that for us.
What a lot of work you could make for yourselves if your planned workbook had an on-line interactive option!
Blessing to you both.

    Katrina McHyde - November 11, 2017

    Thank you Sue for the idea. I will put it on my prayer list and we will see when and if that is a direction Daddy wants us to go in.

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