Revelation Unveiled

By Tim McHyde / June 1, 2006

When I was considering a name for one of my books, the same title as Tim LaHaye picked came to mind and I quickly tossed it because it sounds too ambitious.

This is just a rerelease of an older Revelation commentary of LaHaye's with updated info and charts.

For me, to "unveil Revelation" is really something that only a prophet can do, which the last record of one we had is from the first century. In my opinion, there is no non-prophet today who could write a single book that makes "revelation unveiled", especially not someone who takes the Book of Revelation mostly allegorically.

I have not read Tim LaHaye's book but judging from his Left Behind pretrib theology, I'm afraid his book covers up Revelation more than it unveils it for the reader because this is usually the result of not using plain sense literal interpretation exclusively when reading the Bible, including Revelation.

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