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By Tim McHyde / August 26, 2014

If you’re interested in having Tim speak at your church, group or event, then the information below should help answer your questions on how to make that happen.

"I may be just dreaming but would truly love to have you come speak."

(An actual quote from a pastor.) Because I live in Costa Rica (four hours south of Atlanta, Georgia), fans of my book and articles sometimes doubt whether it is even possible to have me come up to America or other countries to speak.

The answer is yes, if you can arrange to take care of the travel and lodging expenses for me. Such an arrangement led to me speaking at several churches in Germany in 2014, with a great response.

If you want a sample of me speaking on prophecy live, check out these radio interview files with The Edge AM:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Do you have a particular fee for speaking?

No. I enjoy public speaking and do not need to charge to want to do it. Typically churches provide an offering to the speaker. That is acceptable to me.

In addition, if I can bring my books with me and be provided with a table and someone to handle the transactions at it, that blesses me as well.

Do you need a hotel?

The common practice of pastors inviting the speaker to stay with them is fine with me. In fact, I prefer it as this gives me the opportunity to spend more time fellowshipping with and getting to know my host. This will help me to better learn about the audience and their needs at the same time.

What Topics Do You Teach?

I have the following PowerPoint talks from my book Know the Future that I gave in Germany in 2014:

  • "Pretrib Rapture or the Place of Safety?"
  • "Wormwood: Revelation's Overlooked Key"
  • "Why Another Elijah Is Coming"
  • "Next in Prophecy: Isaiah 17 / Psalm 83"
  • "Four End Time Groups: Which Will You Be In?"
  • "Where Is America in Bible Prophecy?"
  • "Prophecy Discernment 101: 4 Blood Moons"
  • "Everything You Wanted to Know About Prophecy But Were Afraid To Ask"

However, I can prepare a topic from any article you find on my site or any topic from my book that interests you.

When speaking on Bible prophecy, I naturally endeavor to clear up confusion and to instruct. However, after conversing with tens of thousands of visitors to my website and Facebook page since 1998, I've learned to do more than that. I clearly understand how important it is to resolve people's end time fears and to not leave them scared from what they just learned from me about what prophecy says is going to happen. I hope to "encourage to good works" (Heb 10:24) since repentance and seeking God is a recurring message of Bible prophecy (Rev 14:6-7; Mal 4:5-6; Lk 21:36; Rev 3:17-19).

Contact Me About Speaking

If you are interested in having me come speak, email me or use my contact form and let's see what we can figure out. God bless you.

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