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Why “Elijah Must Come First” & How To Identify A True Prophet

By Tim McHyde / February 2, 2018

Are there prophets today or at least coming in the future? Yes, Elijah is predicted to lead us before the end. But how can you tell a true prophet like Elijah from a false prophet like the False Prophet? Learn how to cut through the Christian confusion on prophets and to zero in on the one end time prophet you will hear about and must listen to: the Third Elijah, the one who finally brings the revival Christians hope for.


Malachy’s Last Pope Identified – in Bible Prophecy

By Tim McHyde / February 16, 2013

The prophesied last pope is here according to Saint Malachy’s vision of 112 popes: “Peter the Roman/Petrus Romanus.” If Malachy is accurate, then Armageddon and the Tribulation he “pastures” during cannot be more than a single pope’s reign away or a few decades. But is Malachy’s last pope a reliable end time sign that faithful saints should get excited about? What does Bible prophecy say about the pope? Is he the Antichrist or the False Prophet? Learn the surprising details that both Catholic and Bible prophecy agree on about the last pope’s evil reign.