Is Trump “Cyrus” – His Election a “Miracle of God”?

Was Donald Trump's shocking election victory a "miracle" from God for "such a time as this?" Is Trump "God's anointed" or "Cyrus" (Isaiah 45) as "prophet" Lance Walnau claims? Will he facilitate a new Jewish Temple like Cyrus did?  Or "restore America" like retired firefighter Mark Taylor's prophecy says? Let's discern these prophecies using "a more sure word of prophecy"—the written Bible, and critical thinking.

Did God Help Trump Win Against All Odds?

Conservatives and most Christians breathed a collective sigh of relief after Hillary Clinton's defeat in the US presidential election. Conservatives saw her as "crooked Hillary" just as Donald Trump branded her. Christian imaginations ran wilder. It was whispered that she was a lesbian and even a witch who would persecute Christians or "destroy America." It was more a case of #AnyoneButHillary than #Trump2016. It was looked at as "Trump or bust"—literally.

Donald Trump's win was against the odds, the polls, and even all conventional political precedent. No presidential candidate had ever won while saying the often outrageous, non-PC (politically incorrect) things Donald Trump said during the campaign. Yet somehow these things not only did not hurt him, they often boosted him in the polls.

How could it be? How can we explain this?

Many Christians believe "God did it." The idea has appeal, especially if you see Hillary Clinton as the Antichrist and her presidency like the Great Tribulation for Christians.

There are Christian books and shared prophecies backing the idea that God wanted Trump to be president. Reason? Like he used Cyrus to bring a major change for his people, God has plans to do something good for America or at least the Christians in America—if you are to believe the prophetic words.


Want proof?

  • Trump will be the 45th president and Isaiah's prophecy about Cyrus is in Isaiah 45 (!)
  • On the day of his inauguration (January 20, 2017), Trump will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. Of course, 777 is a godly number (if you just ignore the 0 in 70).
  • On the Jewish calendar, it's the year 5777 (again, if you kindly ignore the extraneous non-7 digit that mucks up this wonderful theory)

Numerology like this above works for many Christians. For me, it screams of subjectivity and cherry-picking bias:

  • The chapters of the Bible are not inspired numbers; they were added later. The assignment of 45 to the chapter about Cyrus is manmade. To link this to the 45th president is arbitrary. (Or, what does Isaiah 44 say about Obama, US president #44? Oh, I'm sure someone could find something that "matches" Obama in there—which is exactly my point about how subjective this all is, instead of objective.)
  • There is nothing in the Bible about 777 unlike there is for 666. (Even 666 is specific to the name of the Antichrist and is not to be applied willy-nilly to other subjects.)
  • Even if there was instruction in the Bible to look for 777 neither 5777 or 70-7-7 are actual matches. Trump would have to be 7 (not 77) years old on the day of his inauguration to be a match, yes? Also, to be fair, we'd have to time travel back 5000 years to make the year 777.

My point, if it's not plain already, is that apparent correlations are easily manufactured by our minds to prove any theory that we are predisposed to. This cognitive malfunction is called confirmation bias and it makes fallacious theories seem true, reasonable or plausible.

What About "God Sets Up Kings?" Verse?

A verse I keep hearing raised to defend the notion that certainly God made Trump president is:

Daniel 2:21 (ESV) — He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;

This verse is what Daniel said in reference to Nebuchadnezzar's dream about his kingdom and the four successive kingdoms after him. The point was God was guiding this particular progression. To extrapolate from it that he sets up every ruler (including Trump) would be a misapplication of this verse. If you do apply it that way, then you have to do it consistently. This means that Obama was also put in power by God, along with every other president. It kind of forces you to look elsewhere to explain how Trump beat the odds to become president.

Obviously, God does not set up every king, nor does every person owe his knowledge to God. The point of the passage is that God intervenes at times to set up kings or give wisdom to men (not every time).

On the contrary, other passages reveal that Satan is the god of this world/age (2Cor 4:4; John 12:31; 16:11), in control of the worlds evil kingdoms for now which are appropriately depicted as beasts (Dan 8; Rev 13). Satan is the one setting up and controlling the kingdoms, not God (Lk 4:5-7)—except of course where God intervenes as Daniel revealed to Nebuchadnezzar. God is allowing Satan to be in power for now, so indirectly he is instituting "all authority" under him, as Paul said (Rom 13:1).

What About All the Christian Prayer?

Another explanation I heard for Trump's win is that Christians were praying together worldwide for Trump at the exact moment that Hillary lost her lead and Trump pulled ahead.

This is possible and certainly may be true, but the problem is there is no way of proving this considering all the times the person Christians are praying for loses. Remember, in every presidential election, Christians unite in prayer for the more conservative of the two candidates:

  • Christians were praying for conservative George Bush in 1992 on the night Bill "slick willy" Clinton was elected instead.
  • Christians were praying for war hero John McCain in 2008 on the night Barack "the Muslim" Obama was elected.
  • Many more examples of conservative presidential candidates losing despite Christian prayer for them could be cited.

To believe this "the change in momentum coincided with prayer" explanation for Trump's victory, you have to ignore all these examples above of failed Christian prayer in other elections. You'd have to deny the plain evidence against any consistent correlation between Christian prayer and the outcome of presidential elections.

Look, I'm not saying Christian prayer does not work, but obviously there is more to it than that. Prayer does not operate in a vacuum, unopposed. For example, Satan is the God of this world (2Co 4:4) and he has his say and influence about the leadership today, too. He gives positions to those he wishes (Lk 4:5-7). As we learned from the Book of Daniel, Satan's "Prince of Persia" (or the "Prince of America," as the case may be) has power to oppose the prayers of the righteous (Dan 10:13).

Ephesians 6:12 — We wrestle not against flesh and blood [like liberal voters] but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Article continues below...

"Depart From Me, I Never Knew you!" - Jesus

Jesus predicted that he will tell many sincere believers to basically "get lost" instead of welcoming them into the Kingdom. So...who are they and what did they miss or do wrong? In this study, get those answers and the one requirement for salvation Jesus taught (that Christianity misses) so that you can make sure you don't hear these dreaded words yourself!

In other words, it's not just the votes of liberals that are against Christian votes and prayers, there is also the Satanic powers of this present age to factor in. This explains why Christians united in prayer don't always get what they want in this age.

Given the track record of Christian prayer in presidential elections and the powerful forces always operating against it, I hope you can see now that the "Christians prayed" theory does not adequately explain how Trump won.

Let's keep praying for our leaders...and keep looking for a better explanation for exactly how Trump won.

Then How Do We Explain Trump's "Miracle" Victory?

Rather than entertaining theories that lack clear evidence (and have plenty of evidence against them if you look), let's be more wise and discerning than that.

We don't want to be like those Christians who, for example, declare lunar eclipses ("blood moons") to be "signs from God" like ancient sun-worshipers believed. Today, thanks to Science and reason, we know better than that. We know lunar eclipses are a natural phenomenon that come on a regular schedule (averaging every 2.5 years from any given location). God is not causing them nor communicating by them—although God did give the heavenly lights to us for signals "to mark sacred times, and days and years" (Gen 1:14 NIV). We know this because God clearly communicated it through his prophet Moses in plain language—not because a lay Christian postulated it and did a YouTube video to share his idea without proof.

Similarly, there is no need to look for purely supernatural explanations like "it's a miracle" for Trump's victory, no matter how improbable we thought it was before it happened. We often label something a miracle because we don't know how to explain it or think anyone else can.

But people did expect Trump to win and they can explain it without miracles.

Many first saw Trump could win against the odds (and contrary to what the polls said) after the British Exit from the EU movement (Brexit) did the same thing against the polls and odds.

Several predicted Trump would win, like historian Allan Lichtman. He based this off the "13 keys" he has used to successfully call every presidential election since 1984. Patrick Caddell is an American pollster who predicted Trump's win also. He was looking at the level of discontent and alienation among voters (which also underpins several of the 13 keys of Lichtman) and although he is a Democrat, he accepted where the data was pointing.

I heard in the news that Trump rejected traditional American polling institutions as part of his strategy. He hired unbiased British pollsters to more accurately guide his campaign. This proved wise since most of the American polls proved to be way off.

Maybe this explains why he lost the popular vote while winning the electoral votes, the only votes that mattered in the American system. His strategy was optimized for electoral votes by campaigning in the states he needed and could win and letting him lose and lose big in states like California that were strong blue states. He targeted down to the county level in the "swing states" to get these key electoral votes needed to push him past the 270 winning number.

I'm sure there is much more about his winning strategy that will come out later to explain how he did the improbable by "thinking outside the box." Success leaves clues.

Trump: "God's Anointed"/"Cyrus"

"OK," you say, "but how do we know God didn't inspire Trump and his advisors to find those winning strategies? After all, there are several Christian words and prophecy saying God chose Trump..."

That's a good question. I'd answer: extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Accept no substitutes. If Trump was installed by God like Nebuchadnezzar, then where is the prophet of God verifying this?

Oh, we have "Christians prophets" and "Christian words" saying Trump was chosen to be president by God to do big important things. Retired firefighter Mark Taylor claims God showed him in 2011 that Donald Trump would be president. He says God gave him a prophecy:

For I will use this man to bring honor, respect and restoration to America. America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth, (other than Israel). The dollar will be the strongest it has ever been in the history of the United States, and will once again be the currency by which all others are judged.

Lance Wallnau published a book in September, 2016 called Trump "God's Chaos Candidate." In the book he says the Holy Spirit told him Donald Trump is "anointed" by God, like a Cyrus. Just as Cyrus did not know God but was used by God to bless his people Israel, likewise Trump is not a Christian but would be used by God as president to do good. It's unclear to me from Wallnau's interviews what that good would entail, something about waking up American Christianity and fixing other things in America.

Others have seized upon this Cyrus idea and say, like Cyrus specifically did, Trump will enable the Jews to rebuild their temple.

"Let the Prophets Speak...and the Others Judge" — 1Cor 14:29

As Paul instructed the Corinthians, we are not to just accept in blind faith what Christian prophets say. We are to listen to them and then judge or scrutinize the prophecy because many false spirits have gone out into the world (1Jn 4:1).

How do we do this? There are several tests to discern a message. The most direct is when there is Scripture on the same topic. When someone makes a claim that does not line up with the written revelation of God, then it could not have come from God (Isaiah 8:20). Scripture "trumps" (pun intended) words and personal prophecy.

Another factor, as mentioned above, is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. When Moses claimed to be sent to liberate the entire nation of Israel from slavery, they did not have to take his word for it. He was equipped by God with three signs: the ability to 1) turn water to blood, 2) turn his hand leprous and 3) turn his staff into a snake (Exodus 4:1-9). This established him beyond question as a prophet to those he was sent. Other prophets of the Bible made prophecies that came true or did miracles to establish they were sent by God.

This is the pattern of the Bible. God does not expect or want us to accept great claims without the great proof previous prophets could provide. Unless a proven, established prophet like Daniel or Isaiah declares that Trump has been set up by God as king like was done for Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 2) and Cyrus (Isaiah 45), respectively, then it is a suspect claim that deviates from the pattern of biblical revelation and biblical prophets.

America in Scripture vs. Christian Words

It goes without saying that we lack a sign-bearing prophet today to proclaim, "Trump is Cyrus, God's anointed." If he existed, you'd know all about him already.

Lacking that, does Scripture—Peter's "more sure word of prophecy" (2Pe 1:19)—say anything about America to confirm or contradict what the words described above say about Trump restoring or fixing America?

The greatest end time nation is indeed found in end time prophecy. America is "Babylon the Great" of Revelation 17-18 and the eagle's wings (US) plucked off the lion (UK) of Daniel 7 by the time the Antichrist multi-national beast reappears in Revelation (Rev 13). Jeremiah also speaks of America's destruction agreeing with Revelation that the saints will be called by God to flee the land before it is destroyed with fire through an attack coming from the north (Russia).  The reason for the judgment of God is given in Revelation 18. It describes America as having a luxurious, sensual, sinful culture that is exported to the rest of the world (think movies, music, TV, websites, etc.), corrupting them, too. America's disease is beyond healing, much like Sodom's was (Jer 51:9 HCSB; Isaiah 13:19).

What causes this incurable wickedness? America is a victim of her own unprecedented success. Up until her destruction, America is the greatest nation both militarily and economically, just as America has already been for decades now. All the great merchants of the earth flow to America because it makes them rich, as well. We can be sure there is no conspiracy-theorized "economic collapse" of America before her destruction because the rich merchants are seen still sailing to America's ports up until the moment they see the smoke of her burning from offshore.

By the way, there indeed is a total global economic collapse in prophecy. But it comes from America's destruction; it does not precede it as people have been incorrectly predicting for a long time (I would guess since 1776). The collapse is international since it says the "merchants weep" after America burns because "no one [not just America] buys their goods anymore" (Rev 18:11). America's complete destruction brings down the dollar reserve currency of the world and anyone holding dollars. Remember the Great Recession of 2008 and how it started from America's housing bubble collapse and spread around the world? America's sudden destruction will likewise send the world into total economic destruction, disarray and pandemonium. International commerce will collapse.

Update: "Trump Election Delayed Judgment"

I've added a section to this article in response to a refrain I have heard several times after first posting this article:

Dear Tim, [...] Yes, I think God gave us a postponement on the ending days coming upon us because the scripture says: "if they repent their eyes would be opened" and I think enough people did repent for god to give us more time. God's people did pray long and hard and God heard us. I know this because I know God and I believe his word and he has answered me in this way many times before.

Do you see the incorrect assumption in the above comment?

Christians commonly equate the election of a conservative president with repentance and even expect favor from God for this. Conversely, during the liberal Obama years, Christians easily imagined it would be the end of our country directly or by God's judgment. But Biblically speaking, both Obama and Trump are the same: "wicked men" guided by what's right in their own eyes (Pr 14:12; 21:2), not by God's Word and law. Righteous men don't get elected anymore (or even desire the job), not for a long time now. Wicked men don't lead the nation into favor from God. (Although God has used wicked men like Cyrus to perform an act of issuing an edict to let the temple be rebuilt, they do not bring national repentance.)

As for a postponement of judgment, Biblically speaking it's not about a majority of the people picking the more conservative of the candidates for their leader. (And actually a majority did not even vote for Trump, Hillary received one million popular votes!) It's about the people repenting. 

If you want to see what it takes to postpone judgment, look to Nineveh's story in the Book of Jonah. Everyone repented and fasted in response to Jonah the prophet's appearance in the city (more-so than his reluctantly uttered warning). God saw the repentance and relented, much to Jonah's chagrin (Jonah 4:1-2, 3).

Folks, there was and is no move of repentance in America! What elected Trump after 8 years of Obama is the same thing that elected Obama after 8 years of Bush: an unrealistic hope that voting the other party into office will bring (good) change. But that's voting, not repenting. Repentance won't come without a great prophet of repentance like Jonah. That's not in the cards. America's fate is written. Therefore, judgment will not be delayed or canceled due to any healing move of repentance (Jer 51:9) or anything else.

"A Cyrus?" More Like An Elijah

What about the claim that God chose Trump as president to restore or magnify America? This works even less. It is not only an extraordinary claim lacking extraordinary proof, but it also does not fit with the written prophecy of America detailed above.

America is already the greatest nation as Revelation 18 describes. We may have lost manufacturing jobs, but we have gained other jobs such as in tech. America still has the greatest economy, the world's greatest stock and commodities exchanges, and the most trusted and held currency. America already fits Revelation 18 without anyone "restoring" anything.

Similarly, America already has the diseased, wicked culture described there which God is sending judgment for.

It's disturbing how Christian "prophets" overlook this wickedness and imagine God would want to "bless" the nation. This comes as no surprise to those familiar with the tenor of prophecy in Christian culture today. Most of what you hear passed around in a church is about prosperity and how God is "doing big things for you in the future." You seldom hear the kind of corrective prophecy or words that the Bible is filled with in both the OT and NT. Did God change or did the source of the "words" change from the Holy Spirit to other spirits without Christians realizing it?

According to the Sabbath year cycle windows for the final 7 years (as detailed in my book Know the Future) America's destruction can come as early as 2026, or ten years from this writing. When it does come, God's goal in the last two of those years will be to warn his saints of the destruction and the need to flee to the place he prepares (Rev 18:4).

As such, God would not send a Cyrus leader to fix or restore things and bless a country that is so wicked that it is years from being destroyed. If anything, he would send a prophet like Elijah to warn people to repent, or barring that, prepare mentally for the closing window to flee.


For the reasons and Scripture cited above, I see no clear, unbiased evidence that God put Trump in power to bless the nation or even Christians—although obviously God could and has in the past done so for other kings (Dan 2:21). I see no reason to get excited about America's future, despite Trump's claims or plans. (But I can celebrate not having to see Hillary Clinton in the news for the next 4 - 8 years!)

For all we know, as the historian who authoritatively predicted Trump would win is now predicting, Trump may get impeached quickly "because they can't control him. He's unpredictable. They'd love to have Pence." With all the assassination threats coming in already for the same reasons, God forbid something even worse happens to Trump...

But Trump need to do nothing to fulfill Bible prophecy. We're already there. America is both great enough and depraved enough to fit "Babylon the Great." Americans already have the freedom to travel that they'll need in order to flee when the time comes. Frankly, the worse shape America is in with regards to jobs, privacy, personal freedom, freedom of religion, laws—and all the others areas Christians worry losing ground on under a new president—the better set up they are to be willing to leave home when they are commanded by Elijah.

Instead of looking to Trump or the next president after him to fix America contrary to what is written, let's look to the end time Elijah of prophecy to fix us spiritually (Mal 4:6=Luke 1:17).

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Ti Smith - June 19, 2017

Politics aside, I feel Trump is what our country has been asking for. It reminds me of the anointing of King Saul. He was what the people asked for and what they expected, and in the end did his own will (that’s where my comparison stops). He represents, while not the majority perhaps, a vocal portion of Americans who say ‘us first.’ God judged Isreal in part because it did not judge ‘the widow and the fatherless’ – those who could not make a way for themselves.

It’s hard for me to imagine America after Trumps’ presidency whether or not he ‘makes America great again’. Either way it feels like something has changed. But maybe that’s how they felt when a Hollywood star became president!

And although it may not sound like it, I actually voted for Trump. I had my own reasons, none of which had anything to do with her being a witch 😉

Thanks Tim and God bless you and your family

Helen Davies - April 8, 2017

Tim and readers, I would like to comment about some of the spiritual experiences Pres Trump had during his campaign, that I feel reinforce that he is walking more Godly than we would have expected in the past.

Ben Carson set up an appt with Trump and Pastor James Roberson. Mr Trump was going to give Pastor Roberson 20 mins or so. He ended up being there about 2.5 hrs, if I’m remembering correctly. During that time Pastor Roberson really laid it on the line with Trump spiritually. He told him if he didn’t govern righteously he was in great danger. He told him precisely what God expects of him.

Also, it’s been reported that Pres Trump was led to Christ in the past year.

Also, there was a prophetic word by someone (whose name I don’t recall), that said God had deposited something in Pres Trump when he was young and was going to develop him more spiritually during this presidency.

There are other things I’ve read and observed that have given me greater encouragement about Pres Trump/family regarding a more Godly walk. For example, Pres Trump’s wife was shown in a video during a church service. As “How Great Thou Art” was being sung, she was wiping tears from her eyes, revealing she was touched by the atmosphere in the church. She also read the Lord’s Prayer during a recent Florida rally. I think it was from the heart. The President said he hadn’t known she was planning to do that but he was happy about it.

It requires lots of time to grow spiritually and I have faith that the Trumps are headed in a far more spiritual direction because of all of Pres Trumps spiritual advisers and leaders surrounding him now. I don’t see Pres Trump as being wicked. I don’t doubt he may have operated in some less than ethical ways in business in the past. But I believe God is using him to expose corruption in government and that takes courage.

Lastly, Pastor Perry Stone was on Sid Roth speaking that the number 45 in Hebrew means, “what happened?” Pres Trump is our 45th President and I think most people are asking what happened, with someone like him being in office. I think God did chose the best of the two candidates. I see Mr Trump on a much more positive footing spiritually than Hillary Clinton. I think our nation is very blessed because of that. Pres Trump is honoring God by his stance on abortion and same sex marriage. So I see a lot of positives by having Mr Trump in office and he’s the conservative, Christian voice we would have not had with Hillary Clinton.

Crewe - January 7, 2017

What about Romans 13:1 which states that the authorities that exist have been established by God

    Tim McHyde - January 7, 2017

    Crewe, You seem to be equating the concept “established” with “selected” or “voted in”. I believe if you think this through you’ll quickly see that does not work and is not what it’s saying. That God wants us to submit to authority left on earth by him is the point because it is good practice for our submission to him that is required for salvation. What it is not saying is that all democratic elections are rigged by God and farce or illusion. That would be tantamount to saying we don’t actually have free-will but God’s establishing all our choices because of that other verse which says God had ‘predestined us to be saved.” But that verse is not what saying that either. I think Paul is saying all authority exists by God’s design and under his authority and it’s pleasing to him that we submit to it.

Jay - January 1, 2017


“As such, God would not send a Cyrus leader to fix or restore things and bless a country that is so wicked that it is years from being destroyed. If anything, he would send a prophet like Elijah to warn people to repent, or barring that, prepare mentally for the closing window to flee.”

I agree wholeheartedly with your understanding of the U.S.A. and what is prophesied to occur having compared it to scripture.

In Revelations there are verses that speak of a “world leader” who will come on the scene and take on the powers that be and by aligning with other evil leaders
will somehow be able to make great changes and cause prosperity for all all the while being utterly evil.

I think they think Trump will be like a savior to the world. I also think what they don’t really understand is is that there is a “man of sin” called the antichrist who will behave like God and even cause miracles and “shew himself as God” who will DECEIVE many. Then many will take the mark to get a better material life for their selves and their offspring.

I also believe that this “man of sin” will be so good at convincing people that they will not see him as anything other than a great leader having the hearts of the people of USA in his best interest! These are the people who this “man of sin” will deceive. They will be deluded because they really don’t want to face the truth and that being that our good old USA is not under God’s favor! Yes there is still time to repent but they also have to flee and if they are not deluded they will do so. Yes there will be an escape route! If we live in denial we will NOT heed that warning but take the mark and continue to be deceived until God intervenes.

Here again as with the last commentator he says he has “observed” widespread repentance in America. Where, how and when? I don’t hear, see or read much of if any repentance. He also does not respond to your question about this widespread repentance. I surely have not observed any and what I personally observe is America continuing on a downward slope morally and spiritually.

Bottom line in my opinion is people are in denial, great denial. They do not want to see or here that God is coming to judge let alone take any personal responsibility for His coming judgment. People want “peace and safety” and so do I so when Elijah comes on the scene I personally hope to be ready to move on and go to the safe place He is providing for all of us. We are not doomed!

Trump could do wonderful things as he begins to bond with Vladimir Putin already! New jobs coming to USA as of this month’s news updates of plans to put America back in the saddle and some other of such awesome tidings. And with that Happy New Year and will continue the “watch.”

P.S. The last commentator says you are promoting despair and spiritual paralysis? I believe your book promotes to each individual reading it the opportunity to read scripture for themselves and come to their own conclusion.

I read your book and even though I too I didn’t want to read about America’s ultimate destruction, I also saw a light nearing the end of the tunnel which you wrote of an escape route open to anyone who truly repents. I look to that as a great spiritual light leading the way out of despair and into spiritual awareness not doom. Only fear causes spiritual paralysis!


Skeptic - December 30, 2016

Tim, you’re unequivocal assurance that America is doomed (apparently near-term) is misplaced. In support of your claim, you state, rather broadly, that “there was and is no move of repentance in America!”

As an American Christian living in America, I have observed widespread repentance among believers, am personally experiencing a move of the Spirit, and strongly believe there are millions of American Christians repenting, experiencing the Spirit’s move, and petitioning for God to heal our land. I don’t think those prayers have gone unheard. Moreover, I believe a move of the Spirit will soon overtake our land.

America may indeed signify Babylon, and therefore be ultimately doomed. Even accepting that presumption as true (it is certainly open for debate), I reject your timetable (your apparent conclusion that America cannot have been granted a reprieve from judgment). I reject your conclusion primarily because it promotes despair and spiritual paralysis rather than encouraging hope and Godly action. Why would I (or anyone else) repent if we are already doomed?

Is your claim that “[American] judgment will not be delayed or canceled due to any healing move of repentance” a prophetic prediction that America’s doom is imminent (within the next couple years)? If so, your readers should probably take your advice regarding false prophets, particularly if a Spirit of repentance overtakes America soon.

Don’t give up on America so soon!!

    Tim McHyde - December 31, 2016

    Skeptic/Walker, perhaps you’re right. Can you share briefly what these evidences and moves of repentance you have observed in America? Please give examples and links if possible.

    Also you don’t seem to be clear that even if a nation is doomed, the people can still be safe by fleeing when the warning comes. The way that you’re talking, no no prophet should ever warn people about bad things coming because it could depress them?

Catherine Hafner - December 30, 2016

Tim, I see the same like you. Two weeks before Obama was elected, I was in Washington D.C. for prayermarch and trying to speak with people for two weeks. I experienced that everybody in Amerika was a “Christian”, so I asked the Lord: how do you see Amerika, what do you say? and the Lord gave me one word: Mystery. This word is only one time in the Bible: Mystery Babylon! so I wrote a letter about Amerika in my webside: Mystery Babylon!
Some years ago I had a dream: a young bibleteacher came in my room and said: before Jesus came the first time, John the Baptist prepared the way! before Jesus comes back an army of prophets with the Spirit of Elijah will prepare the way. So the Elijahs are coming and will shake the church and the world with their powerfull preaching.

Ken Smelko - November 19, 2016

I believe God raises Kings good and bad, and it’s a mystery to man. If one really followed the election closely from all angles, DJT had as good a chance as HRC. Cyrus, at the time, was not thought of as a “saviour” by the jews until he made his decree.
We can only hope than God heard the prayers of his people asking to heal our nation.

    Tim McHyde - November 19, 2016

    It does not matter what the people in common feel or what you or I think. But Cyrus was written about already by a great prophet! Trump is not. Nebuchadnezzar was written of by Daniel. Trump is not. Therefore it is just Christian wishful thinking with no legitimate proof to imagine something as important as Trump being set up by God for great things.

    Healing does not happen by accident. It requires repentance of the people or nation. Trump is not able to lead the nation into healing. If most Christians don’t have the first clue about repentance then neither does Trump. Only a righteous leader of God can direct a nation to repentance. Trump is many things, but a righteous leader of God is not one of them.

Carol Lorenz - November 19, 2016

I only have one question. Rev. 18 is talking about a city not a country, so how does that apply to all of America?

John Nell - November 18, 2016

As I said in a comment a few days ago,I am excited to experience your maturity growth. what you say now has my whole hearted attention.

Jeanette Zook - November 16, 2016

For the past few weeks with all the news, underground and above, my head may explode. I don’t know if, after reading all the above, I can add anything to the fray, but I prayed for Yehovah’s Will to be done in this election. I also prayed for Trump over Clinton, if it was His will. I have also admonished people on my FB page not to consider Trump as “The Messiah”, although a lot has been said in this arena. I must admit, my brain is at a stand-still, but my gut is very troubled. As you may remember Tim, I, too, have written a book about the end-time prophecies, and it is also of prominent interest to my husband Mark and myself. I have consulted areas in your book which I’ve had since 2010, but can’t find it in my vast disorganized library at the moment. I was looking for a copy of the graph (as to the time frame of end-time events). If you have the inclination to send an email with a copy of that graph, it would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully, I will locate your book around here somewhere. It’s one of my very favorites and has taught me so much. Much love and blessings to you and Katrina and your sons in your work. Please keep us in your prayers also. Shalom.

    Tim McHyde - November 16, 2016

    Thank you for your comment and blessings to you and yours as well. You can find the latest timeline chart roadmap in several places on the site now such as the Bible prophecy glossary.

Sam - November 16, 2016


As always, you are the voice of reason in this mixed up crazy world full of misinformation, confusion, false prophecy and just plain evil. Thanks for being a sanctuary where I can go (your website & email communications) and feel like there is still some sanity in this world. Love the simplicity of the new WordPress site as well.

Looking forward to the new stuff you’re working on.

All the best,


Linda Schneerer - November 16, 2016

Praise the Lord, Jeffrey! I am happy for you! I don’t care what it takes to get you to see the light, I am happy you are going to church! Not that going to church saves you. I hope you know that. Believing that Jesus Christ came to this earth to teach us and then to die for our sins, is what saves you. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice for all of us sinners. Put your trust in Him, ask Him for forgiveness for all you’ve done and He will be with you always! Read the bible, pray and He will direct your path! Welcome to the family, Jeffrey! I’ll see you on the other side!

Linda Schneerer - November 16, 2016

Hey Tim,
As much as I love thinking that God has put Trump in office, I too see our nation for what it is, and think, how is this guy going to turn this country back to what our founding fathers wanted? You just burst my bubble, though. Because I did feel that it had to be God that got Trump in office! Even the Democrats thought it was a done deal for Hillary to be elected! So I felt that Trump could turn this country around, even though I had my doubts!!!!
But I have your book and I listen to you because you do make sense. How is it that you are such a level headed guy? And I don’t ask that lightly. Please tell me. I hope it’s because you pray a lot and ask God to show you actually much more than me or my other Christian friends seem to know! So I ask you, why are you able to sort through all of this when we are just thankful that Trump got in vs. Hillary, and we are looking for some hope for this country?!! Is Trump just “who we deserve?” Is he giving us a bit more time before the end? Is God being merciful to us? I really want to know…even though you said it very well already. But I do want to thank you for your help in making sense in this crazy world we are all living in! I want to know how to win others for Christ before it’s too late. Some are mad (according to my Facebook page) as they hate Trump. Let’s face it, with the way he acts, how can I even vote for him as a Christian! I’m not thrilled whenever he opens his mouth! But Trump doesn’t believe abortion is right, doesn’t believe in homosexual marriages, along with gun control, etc., so he’s the guy I HAD to vote for! So time will tell. And I know, no matter when the Lord takes his children up to be with Him, we will forever be with Him and all the answers to my questions will be answered! Come Lord Jesus, come….please!!!

    Tim McHyde - November 16, 2016

    Linda, glad I can help and don’t feel bad; you were not alone. Christians have a problem in letting the liberals vex them and this also manifests in “hope” at the chance of a new president who shares their values. Personally, I focus on the Kingdom and seeking it and righteousness like Jesus said (Mt 6:33), instead of the negative state of my society (Mt 24:6). That’s why these things don’t faze me, give me hope or discourage me either. I take my cue from Jesus who did not worry about the Romans or even comment on them, who were a big concern of his day for his fellow Jews.

    How did I get this way? Definitely not by prayer or asking God much. As the testimony in my book (did you make it to the end where it is?) explains, it’s a combination of the curious, truth loving, non-conforming nature that I was born with and the computer programmer career path God guided me which made me into an ace at finding answers on the Web (and how to do my own website and everything else on the computer). Having a website and answering 50,000 questions since 1998 has helped me to keep refining my discernment. I’ve come a long way since 1999 when I fell for Y2K!

    If you want to become more level-headed and wise, my advice would be to definitely pray for God to help guide you as he did me and keep reading my articles and don’t let any self-doubts discourage or paralyze you. If you want to help me (and yourself with the discernment) further, check out my support team studies.

Tim McHyde - November 15, 2016

I approved your comment for the entertainment value, not that I believe it…

    Tina Black - November 16, 2016

    hummm that might have been a missed opportunity? don’t forget your human side Mr. Spock 🙂

      Tim McHyde - November 16, 2016

      My human side is skeptical of an atheist claiming he prayed for Trump before he was a believer and went to church because he won… It’s funny, but not authentic-sounding, Tina.

Tammy - November 14, 2016

Thank you so much for this information. I admit I was caught up in the Isaiah 45 , with Trump being our Cyrus. I am still torn regarding when the rapture will be. In Mathew 24:37 with Jesus return being as the days of Noah. They were living as usual when waters came but God had a way of escape for righteous Noah and his family. Rapture??
This is what I have been taught with rapture being pre-trib.

    Tim McHyde - November 14, 2016

    You were not alone; it’s easy for people to believe what they want to believe about God sending someone to save the conservatives from the “liberal attack.” When all the time God is really setting up to call individuals to stop focusing externally on the sin and evil of others and instead focus on your own sins and change that.

    I have this article on Jesus’ difficult words about the days of Noah (and Lot, importantly): to explain what it means. As far as the timing check out my video: and articles

    jizzy - November 17, 2016

    As the end times surely seem close, I figured that I better study this rapture stuff in more detail. I literally got “tribbed out” – Told that it is part of the mystery.

    The word rapture was recorded in 1600 and its meaning is…
    “act of carrying off” from M.Fr. rapture, from M.L. raptura “seizure, rape, kidnapping”, from L. raptus “a carrying off” (see rapt) Originally of women and cognate with rape (v.) Sense of spiritual ecstasy first recorded in 1629.

    The word rapture is not in but a few translations, and only used once or twice. My Bible says that there is a first coming and a second coming. There is absolutely no mystery. The dispensation theory is to divide the peoples. Please read Corrie Ten Boom’s Warning to Christians about how the “pre-trib rapture” weakens our faith. She explains how to be strong and how Jesus will be with us at that right moment. John Nelson Darby, the father of dispensationalism who only uses the word rapture once in the Darby bible, twists God’s Words to make us believe that we will rise up to meet Jesus with these sinful bodies that will mysteriously, somehow fall off. While it is true that some will never taste death, we will be baptized by the fire of Jesus Christ. I believe that Paul’s letters to Timothy about dividing the truth is just that; it is a warning about the myths and great deceivers. For me, there is no mystery of God’s Words.

    I read that the Dead Sea Scrolls were opened for the first time in 1947 to scholars to compare to the KJV and they were astounded to find that it was almost word for word.

    I dream about what life will be like with Christ and no more evil, sickness, and death. Heee… I’ve already put-in for my wings – white with pink and white polka dot tips!

    God Bless You and All!

    Robert Gareau - December 22, 2017

    pre trib rapture is a false teaching invented by a preacher named john darby in the 1800’s. Google it if you do not believe me, the early church did not preach this false doctrine

Peter Piper - November 13, 2016

Great article… just want to correct something. You mentioned the Trump won the electoral vote but that Clinton won the popular vote. Just today, the final vote came in and it says that Trump actually won BOTH the electoral and the popular vote.

As far as America being Babylon, I used to think that as well. However, I am no longer so sure. Why? Because the Holy Bible talks of people no longer buying her goods… as though America were the biggest manufacturing country in the world. We have seen how, in the recent past, manufacturing jobs have left America in droves… going to China, Mexico and other countries. I believe if China (for instance) were destroyed today, many nations would mourn, including the United States because we would lose a great manufacturing country… one from which the US and many other countries buy goods. So I’m on the fence about America being Babylon.

    Tim McHyde - November 13, 2016

    Actually that’s not waht the verse says. It does not say nobody buys *Babylon’s* goods anymore, it says nobody buys the *merchant’s* goods anymore. The article explains why this is so significant how it’s not just Burning Babylon’s not buying but no nation is buying the merchant’s goods anymore. (Global economic collapse with Babylon gone who made the world rich.)

    Also it’s false that Trump won the popular vote. A creepy-music YouTube video is not something to trust for something as important as the election results! Google news has it still 1 million ahead for Hillary. I don’t see her losing this small consolation prize.

      Truth B. Told - January 2, 2017

      Actually on our Presidential elections there are 50 elections. In some of these elections Clinton won the popular vote. In most of these states Trump won the popular vote. Each state’s popular vote is weighted by the amount of senators and congress members it has which is determined by it’s volume of population. Each state has two senators and at least one congress member so the minimal amount of votes that any state will carry is three votes in the electoral college. Each state then sends the electors from their state to announce the winner of their state’s popular vote. From this collection of the fifty state’s popular votes the candidate that scores at least 270 electoral votes wins. Recall that NONE of the candidates got over 50% of the conglomerate votes.Imagine if we had three viable candidates and each got 33% of the votes. Even if one of the candidates got 34 % of the votes that would equal 66% of the population saying NOT MY PRESIDENT!!!!!

Tim L - November 13, 2016

Hi Tim, I agree Trump has nothing to do with prophecy. But I do not think he will be any better or worse a President than Clinton would have been (they both would have been bad, as have most, if not all, Mystery Babylon Presidents), because Presidents are now just puppet show actors for those running the show behind scenes. They may seem to be opposed, but that is just a facade. The evil powers in charge of this world will get what they want one way or the other, until they either destroy each other, or Jesus returns. Whether they go with the left or right doesn’t really change the eventual outcome, it only changes the path they take to get there. The election is but a few days old and we are already hearing suggestions Trump could renegade on election promises. He’s just a puppet doing what others want.

This link has some insight:
The opening 3 pages might come across as a touch too confrontational and opinionated for new readers – in that respect the author is simply trusting his audience to be already familiar with his work – but the final 3 pages (6 in total) offer a more analytical approach.
For new readers to better understand, reading this long document (86 pages) on Kennedy gives greater insight :

Pam wingo - November 12, 2016

The day we stop thinking we can manipulate,cajole,and think Abba must do our bidding the better we will see ourselves for what we truly are and repent. There is not one holy nation on this planet and his mercy and patience is astounding to me. Thanks Tim for your astute article.

John Forster - November 12, 2016


The election of Trump as the next president reminds me of the scripture:

1Th_5:3 For when they say, Peace and safety! Then suddenly destruction comes upon them, like the travail to the woman with child, and not at all shall they escape.

Is this not the reaction to his election?

    Tim McHyde - November 12, 2016

    Although you are right that it’s a common repeating situation in history, that specific passage from Paul has to do with the wrath of God falling on the peaceful kingdom of the Antichrist (7 bowls). See my video for more on this event and why it’s 10 days:

    Jen - November 24, 2016

    That is exactly what I have kept reverting to. What lingers in the back of my mind regarding scripture. Thank you John. You are the first I’ve heard aside from me so far. I’m new to paying attention to politics. I’ve always believed in God but never hungered to study or rather understood nothing I studied. Then a very dark and desperate time in my life

Randall Connally - November 12, 2016

I am more interested to see, assuming Trump serves a full term, how some of his actions / policies may further set the stage for the events of the end time.

I believe Trump will be a bold leader. It is said he will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. It is also said that Trump does not support the two state solution and does not have a problem with settlement construction in the West Bank. The “far right” in Israeli politics is loudly embracing Trump.

Also, it is likely Trump will abandon the ill fated mis-adventures of the U.S. in Syria, turning it over to the Russian’s and Assad to rid Syria of the terrorists.

Also, Trump will at least re-visit the Iranian Nuke deal. Iran has to feel more threatened with a Trump presidency, are they likely to try to secretly accelerate efforts toward a nuke?

Of course we know a grand coalition of Middle East countries has to come together for the Psalm 83 war prior to the 70th week kicking off. That would seem to require that Syria rid itself of the current terrorist scourge and rebuild her strength and is it possible that perhaps an emboldened Zionist Israel supported by a staunch and bold US president may be the catalyst to bring this unlikely Middle East coalition together (keep in mind, the Sunni and Shia nations that would be required to work together for this coalition to happen have killed far more of each other than Christians or Jews).

For these reasons I can see Trump’s likely policies / actions playing a role in setting the stage for the end times.

    Tim McHyde - November 12, 2016

    I agree it will be interesting to see. I’m keeping my expectations low.

    The interesting thing about the speculations you listed (which is all campaign “promises” are) is that not only do we not know if they will happen, we also don’t know if they have the outcomes we expect that help or hurt prophecy. This is why I stay out of speculation. It’s fun, but rarely profitable.

Jay - November 12, 2016

Thank you Tim for your input here.

I actually feel much more prepared to embrace an coming Elijah as opposed to any leader changing this world. As you said America is already great as well as depraved. I do think I have an understanding of the shape of this present world government and what to expect coming next as prophecy reveals.

There is a lot of hatred/division out here right esp now more than I have heard/seen in a very long time as a result of this very disruptive and disconcerting campaign. I am afraid that some people do see “The Donald” as a “Christ” figure who has come to repair/divide our government. If I hadn’t studied more extensively these past several years I would be thinking it myself that this is the “man of sin” who will take a seat in the temple and shew himself as God building a statue in his own honor requiring many to receive the mark of the beast system.

I know that this can’t happen now but I can see where many folks may be thinking it esp with President Elect Trump speculative association and friendliness with Vladimir Putin.

Interesting but deceptive thought though

Sally R - November 12, 2016

An excellent article, Tim. I forwarded it on thus:

A voice of reason and sanity amidst all the hype about Trump:

Dear friends,

I send you this article as it confirms my own misgivings about what has been said by many about Trump, including those most of us would recognise as being false teachers and prophets. See:

I personally have a feeling of dread and foreboding about Trump.

I realise some of you may disagree with me, and that is your prerogative. Some of you have already sent emails and texts saying exactly this, and I have been rounded upon by one in particular just because I said I wasn’t rejoicing at the election of Trump.

The same day the news about Trump came through here in the UK, there was a terrible tram crash in Croydon in which 7 people were killed and many very badly injured. Witnesses say the driver of the tram was going far too fast as it went round a bend, and so it flew off the tracks and overturned.

I fear the same with this election result; with Trump at the wheel, there is a sense of impending danger.

This is what some of the passengers felt as the tram began to gather speed.

I leave this with you for your prayerful consideration.

In Him,


    April Lopez - November 12, 2016

    Sally I feel the same, but I will admit I too prayed Trump would win but later on closer to 11/08 I felt as though I was being deceived and should not trust in my own understanding or those of man so I started praying for Gods will only……understanding that Trump may be the man of sin.

steve tlachac - November 12, 2016

Tim I have your book and it is excellent. But you don’t sound like you listened to mark taylor’s complete prophecy. He actually had an Angel of God visit him and told him he was to be God’s mouthpiece essentially. I will be watching him because he nailed this back in 04/28/2011 After all it does say in the gospels that in the end of days men will have dreams and prophetize. Go to and listen to part 1 and 2 of Mark’s prophecy sent from God. on youtube also Take Care Steve

    Tim McHyde - November 12, 2016

    Thank you, Steve for getting my book which supports articles like this.

    I did see his full prophecy but not his interviews. I took your advice and went ahead and listened to the original one hour interview on TruNews. Hearing what came out of Mark Taylor’s mouth dashed any remaining hope for me that he was hearing from God. Several things he said about Trump did not come to pass or were contradicted by what we all saw this past year play out on TV and in the news. In fact, I was aghast to hear what he thinks is important to God for America and the church and that he is overlooking the cause for judgment because we send out missions. If his testimony works for you, then that’s fine with me and no offense intended. HTH.

Olumide - November 12, 2016

Great article… More grace to you in Jesus name. Amen

Helen Davies - November 12, 2016

Bravo! What an awesome article. Such wisdom and spiritual insight. If all of the church could learn to discern and interpret in this way, we’d amaze the world and gain far greater respect from them. God bless you, Tim, for helping us stay on course.

John Nell - November 12, 2016

I see major growth ln you, in the lasr few years. There seems to be a greater clarity & maturity in your writing than before. more assurance & ease. I am older & have heard it all for 85 or more yrs. Manner has a major has a value in your business.

    Tim McHyde - November 14, 2016

    Thank you. I’ve seen the growth too myself and like my writing output better and the response it gets. Thanks for sticking with me as I improve.

April Lopez - November 12, 2016

I agree with you, there is no way God can bless this nation that is already so far gone and moving towards destruction as foretold in Revelations. Many people do wish it was not so, but they are only lying to themselves.

Bob - November 12, 2016

I have eagerly read your articles with great interest for years and believe you have great insight and have discerned much that the layman cannot. I have only one great disagreement with you, and that is do to the teachings of Walid Shoebat. He is correct in his assessment of the who Babylon the Great is. The reasoning is sound, you just have to read the Bible and stop ignoring the passages that don’t “fit” our country. It is likely because you have been swayed by the 60 reasons, but read them, over half are pure conjecture. It sounds like someone making things up to prove their point. Perhaps it is God’s will that you see it this way and that so many are led astray as well. I do not fault you, I believed as you do for many years, but my eyes were opened, and since you have not changed your position in the long length of time I have known this, I felt it was time to speak up. This does not let us off the hook, however. Although I have seen us mentioned elsewhere, the Eagle rising within the Eagle, I do not recognize us in Revelations anywhere. That says something. Are we isolationist, are we “gone”, or have we been dealt a deadly blow due to war or a natural calamity. Perhaps we are the King to the North…
May God Open your Heart and Mind. May God Bless You, Brother.

    Tim McHyde - November 12, 2016

    I agree that the 60 reasons in this article are not all strong and that this can be a stumbling block to people who have another dog in the race like you do. Because of your comment I have added a disclaimer at the beginning to help people to focus in on the nevertheless very specific verse proofs that only fit America and fit in detail.

    I’ve looked at Walid Shoebat and many other’s arguments for other interpretations and find them always either non-literal or non-comprehensive (ignoring many verses to make their theory fit, just as the pretrib rapture theory does).

    Don’t worry neither I nor Walid can lead so many astray or so far astray that when Elijah comes he won’t get them back on track with powerful signs and wonders and predictions.

Dale Hogeland - November 12, 2016

Excellent piece, Tim. It is funny because having read your book and delving into scripture intently since we last spoke, I had been telling many people that even if Trump wins, it won’t be the hand of God that does it.

No matter where we stand as a nation… the coming of Elijah is where we as Christians in America should be focusing our attention as we go through our daily lives. And God’s blessings have already been given to all through His grace… it is just a matter of us exercising the power that is within us – Ephesians 3:20 – to receive it.

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