Unseen Wormwood: NASA Conspiracy or Divine Curve-ball?

Where is Wormwood now? Does NASA know about it? If Wormwood is a rogue planet coming as early as 2026, how do I explain zero verifiable sightings? Is NASA hiding it, is it unusually dark, supernaturally cloaked or something else entirely? In this article I tackle the unanswerable question that has dogged me for over a decade with my new insight to finally provide a satisfying explanation based on Biblical precedents. Also why Judea definitely won't be overrun with faithless Wormwood survivalists and why even the rich won't be prepared for Wormwood.

Wormwood vs. Earth = Pretrib "Sorrows" & Great Tribulation

If you're new to my site and want to understand what I'm about or what makes me different from the rest of the prophecy field, you could sum it up with one word:


That's the name given to the cosmic body in Revelation (Rev 8:10-11) which will nearly tear Earth apart as it passes. Although it is not identified or named until Revelation 8, it is responsible for the global disruptions of Revelation 6 and 7, too. This includes a global earthquake, asteroid and meteorite impacts, global fires, tsunamis, contaminated water and darkened skies (by 33%). In other words, it brings the end of the world as we know it ("TEOTWAWKI"). It's so important that more of the seven seals, and seven trumpets and seven bowls are dedicated to it than any other end time event outside the wrath of God which is all seven bowls. It occupies the 6th seal, 7th seal, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th trumpets. All of it is pretrib, or before the Great Tribulation (5th - 7th trumpet) or any chance of a rapture including the fanciful, pretrib rapture.

Did you know Jesus also prophesied about Wormwood? He called its effects the "beginning of sorrows/birth pains" or the kick off to the end time events (after the Good News of the Kingdom goes out first - Mt 24:14). You have to put Matthew, Mark and Luke's "Olivet Discourse" accounts together along with Revelation in hand to see that Jesus' "earthquakes in diverse places" is the same "great earthquake" of Revelation (Rev 6:12). You then can see that Jesus' global famine, pestilence is right there in the first four trumpets since famine and pestilence will follow all the death, destruction and blockage of sunlight needed for crops.

Revelation shows that what follows Wormwood's cataclysm is the Great Tribulation. That's when Satan is cast down from Heaven to open the abyss up and release the nephilim monster "locusts" so they can torture humanity into taking the Mark of the Beast. Yes, obviously, Satan takes advantage of the "end of the world" to compel humanity when they desperately need a savior, to receive his: the Antichrist. You just have to worship him, not as Christ, but as God himself (2Th 2:4) by accepting his mark (demons included).

I explain all of this on this site and my book Know the Future. However, my peers almost universally ignore Wormwood. If they don't they tend to interpret it allegorically (e.g., as Chernobyl). It's simply too hard to make sense of literally unless you specialize in it like I did many years ago.

"Tim, Is NASA Lying To Us?"

Not only is this pivotal prophetic object conspicuously missing from the end time timeline of my peers, it's also missing in another significant way. There are no reliable observations by reputable astronomers. (I hope we can quickly agree that "reputable" excludes sightings that are only found in the YouTube video universe and not reproducible in the real universe.)

Related to this, I had an interesting conversation on Facebook with a supporter that started with the following question:

Tim, do you think NASA can see Wormwood coming but is not saying anything?

This is a "frequently asked question" which I have been hearing for years (but sadly not yet in my FAQ!). The question has kind of a conspiratorial slant to it, supposing that a government organization like NASA would cover-up information about a threat to earth. The movie Deep Impact imagined exactly such a scenario. In the movie, the government did not release information about an incoming comet to "prevent crashing the economy" through the public panic that it would cause.

Forget NASA: Amateur Astronomers Should Already See It

Yet, worrying about NASA and what they know and when they knew it distracts us from a better question.

That question comes to light when you understand Wormwood is not some small comet which we need depend upon a national space agency like NASA to spot for us. When you take into account all the details about Wormwood in Revelation including:

It all points to a planetary-sized object capable of tug-boating the earth. The only object that fits this profile is the recently coined "dwarf planet" class of body. That's a planet generally smaller than Mars. Wormwood would need enough mass to drastically perturb Earth's orbit while remaining small enough for Earth's gravity to rip it apart and rain its pieces down to Earth in "safer-sized" chunks just as the 3rd trumpet describes so accurately (Rev 8:10).

Such a large body would be seen "decades out." Since I believe God has confirmed to me that Wormwood is due in 2026, that means even amateur astronomers should already have spotted Wormwood years ago; NASA over a decade ago. This timetable of sighting is confirmed by esteemed Caltech astronomer, Mike Brown, the man who "killed Pluto." In an email exchange with him in 2015, I described the Wormwood scenario and asked him if there is any way known to astronomers how a dwarf planet could sneak up on earth undetected. Here's his responses:

Tim -- While it'd make a fun movie, the chances of this ever happening and us not knowing decades in advance are absolutely zero (the chances of it happening are also quite close to zero, but if it DID we would definitely know long before). Something that big -- Mars-sized, I think -- would be bright enough to see with even amateur telescopes for years, and would be detected with all of the surveys we have decades before it got close...the problem is that things orbit the sun, so even if it hits us at the south pole in the end, it's not like it is straight south for the years before. So your only chance is that it is so small that it is not seen until ~weeks (~months; insert favorite time here) before it hits. Which makes it big enough to make sort of an Arizona meteor crater type of crater, but nothing globally catastrophic.

If I were writing the movie, I'd have it discovered decades early, with a small but always increasing probability of impact but then by the time anyone finally wakes up enough to take the threat early it is too late and we all die.

Mike Brown, Caltech 

The "Wormwood Dilemma" Defined

Whether you think my conclusion about Wormwood coming in 2026 is right or not, if Wormwood must be a "Mars-sized" object to fulfill what Revelation describes then you have two choices:

Article continues below...

The End In 2026? It's Now Possible

Since learning in 2001 that Yeshua must return in a Sabbath year, I've had to rule out three Sabbath year cycle windows for the final 7 years (2003-2009, 2010-2016, 2017-2023). With the next window (2024-2030) less than 7 years away, I'm ready to share why I believe, based on the real end time sign of Mt 24:14, that this can be the one. If it is, the "birth pains" (WW3 + Wormwood, Lk 21:10-11) would hit near its middle in 2026 with Yeshua returning in 2030. Find out what's changed to convince me about 2026 and what you can do about it...

  • Either the end is still at least two decades away. (I have a hard time believing this for many reasons even before we get into my dreams.)
  • The end is sooner, but Wormwood is somehow invisible. Because of its size, a supposed NASA conspiracy (sorry, flat-earthers) does not stop amateur telescopes from detecting it.

This has been my dilemma for many years now. I have had no good explanation for how Wormwood can be coming but not visible, although I've played with several theories.

One of my previous, tenuous theories was that Wormwood is an unusually dark object. It would have to be so dark (even darker than charcoal) that it reflects too little light to be spotted early enough like Mike Brown described above. The problem with this is there are a growing number of infrared telescopes such as those used in the survey for NEOs (near earth objects) that can spot even dark objects. Also, whenever Wormwood is in transit in front of a distant star, it becomes detectable as well.

In other words, there is no realistic, reasonable, natural way I can see that Wormwood can be out there and not be seen already.

It Gets Worse: The New "Judea Overrun" Element

Based on much reading and consideration of Revelation 6:12-19, I have always felt that the panicked exodus of humanity to the caves in the mountains described there demanded that Wormwood must be undetected until nearly the last minute. We're talking hours of warning, not even days (more on why below). With no preparation, all humans seek protection simultaneously from both the falling meteorites and from the rising tsunami flood waters. Caves in high elevation is the only option.

If people had some substantial warning, not every class of society would be so panicked. Certainly, given enough notice, rich and mighty people would be able to build bunkers on high ground to prepare for Wormwood. In contrast to this, Revelation says that even the kings/nobles, rich and powerful men were panicking along with the poor and common (Rev 6:15). That leads me to conclude Wormwood completely blindsides the Earth with no useful warning for any practical serious "prepping."

There is a new twist to this conclusion when you consider God's escape plan in Judea for his people who he calls to safety there (Joel 2:32). Remember that Elijah the prophet will probably warn people about the need to flee to Judea before Wormwood (Joel 2:32=Mal 4:6). But very few will listen for many reasons I cover in my article on the Judea escape plan, including Christian leaders denouncing Elijah as a heretic and the fact that a post-nuclear-war Israel is the last place anyone would want to move to. (Even when I decided to tour Israel in 2002 during the Second Intifada, many loved ones expressed confusion over why I would want to go there!)

Now imagine that Wormwood were sighted and confirmed even days before it hits. You would have tons of people who did not believe Elijah's warning that are now suddenly thinking after seeing pictures of Wormwood inbound that it's a good idea to start heading to Judea. Judea would be overrun and, worse, the people who come would not really fit the group of faithful there. They would be mostly faithless people who do not love God and his Word but only want to take a chance on something that might save their skin.

Why Going to Judea Will Take Radical Faith and Discernment: Astronomers?

Unless God does some kind of dome-like force-field to prevent that (earlier than I thought he would to protect us from the falling meteorites), Wormwood being confirmed by astronomers early presents a major problem.

This leads me to my next, recent conclusion: I'm convinced that astronomers, not ministers, will be the biggest obstacle to even sincere believers obeying the command to flee their countries (Rev 18:4) and go to safety in Judea.

  • "Heretic" Elijah will be saying that a major planet-sized unknown cosmic body is going to bring catastrophe.
  • Trusted scientists will be saying that this is impossible, just as Mike Brown did in the quote above. They will point to the world's NEO survey program that has already found 90% of tens of thousands of objects 1km sized and larger that are close enough to threaten earth. In response to Elijah's warning of Wormwood coming scientists will say, "If Wormwood is as major as this Elijah/prophet guy is saying, our surveys would have found it long ago and we could certainly find it now that we know what to look for."

In this way, it won't matter that what Elijah says is confirmable in a prophetic book trusted by billions of Christians. They may believe that Revelation says an object is coming, but they won't agree that it is coming in their lifetime—or that they need to do anything at all anyway because of the "pretrib rapture before anything bad happens."

The Wormwood Dilemma: Solved?

After covering all the above points with my Facebook correspondent, I was left with the conclusion that there really is no natural way to explain how Wormwood would sneak up on earth with only hours of warning. Yet I still saw this scenario as required by my reading of Scripture. If it was not naturally possible, the only possibility left was that it was supernatural. In other words, God had to be doing something miraculous with Wormwood to keep it as a matter of faith, not sight (2Co 5:7).

This in turn would keep the numbers of those fleeing to Judea relatively small, perhaps under a million. That's less than 1 in 10,000 people based on the expected world population of 8 billion people in 2026. This amounts to only one person per town as having the radical faith and discernment needed to go where Elijah says to when it looks just all wrong.

When I discussed this conclusion with Katrina, she immediately seemed to get a word or inspiration from God. (She has a gift in this area that I stopped doubting long ago.) She immediately blurted out:

"What if Wormwood is in another dimension now until it hits?"

Wow! Immediately the idea appealed to me as I remembered this passage in the Wormwood Revelation 6-8 passage:

Revelation 8:5-6 — 5 The angel took the incense burner, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it to the earth; there were rumblings of thunder, flashes of lightning, and an earthquake. 6 And the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared to blow them...

I had often wondered if that passage indicated that Wormwood was not already out there but something sent from Heaven just on time to do what Revelation 6-8 described (if these two verses are slightly out of order chronologically, which is OK speaking of Heaven vs. Earth chronology in different dimensions).

Katrina's comment about "another dimension" was apropos given how the "incense burner" that the angel throws fire from is not in some other part of time-space but rather up in Heaven (Rev 8:1). Heaven is in another dimension where only spirits can go, the so-called spiritual plane beyond the physical plane. For an angel to throw something from Heaven at the Earth requires the object to pass from one dimension (God's) to another (ours). Neat insight!

Past Precedents of Supernatural Causation

I was extremely pleased with this answer and still am upon further consideration. I considered how God has done supernatural things to bring disasters on Earth before in the Bible. For example, Noah's Flood, or the parting and then collapsing of the Red Sea to drown the Egyptians was supernatural. Joshua's long day and Hezekiah's Sundial miracles both required God to intervene supernaturally in our solar system, too. Even if these phenomenon have partly or mostly natural dimensions to them, God clearly intervened supernaturally to some extent to make the rest happen.

Probably the best precedent of all in this regard is the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sulfur brimstone rained down out of the sky onto the city right on schedule as Lot and his family fled. I collected some of that brimstone when I visited Gomorrah on Michael Rood's first Israel tour in 2002. They say the sulfur is unlike any other sulfur formation on earth. This fits it being a special creation for that time and purpose out of thin air above the four cities marked for destruction. The sulfur burning was natural, but the sulfur ball creation was a supernatural event.

Brimstone from my trip to Gomorrah. Was the creation of this in the sky to judge Gomorrah the prototype for Wormwood's creation by the Earth to start the end time?

Similarly, most of Wormwood's effects can be explained naturally by a dwarf planet of the right size passing by earth at the right angle and right velocity. Getting all three of those vectors exactly right already points towards divine intervention rather than a random, chance object that started in motion during creation week. The idea that Wormwood is instead created by divine power just when it is needed only extends that thinking behind the divine calibration of the three vectors. At the same time, I think it solves the Wormwood dilemma I've been facing and have been unable to answer by any other, natural means.

Yes, I'm saying the reason no one sees Wormwood yet nor will see it in time to do anything is because it does not exist yet in our physical universe. It's not "created" yet. It may exist in heaven in the embers of the altar, but that's it. Just like the brimstone that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah did not exist until the time of judgment.

Of course, hearing all this may be a buzzkill for some. I just shared my contention that God is shooting Wormwood at the earth on purpose; it's no accident. That's a little uncomfortable for me, too. On the other hand, as mentioned above, do we really think anything differently about Noah's Flood that God sent killing all but eight?)

Finally: How To Save Your Family

If you want to be safe from Wormwood, of course your best bet will be to go to Judea where even the falling meteorites won't touch us—although of course there will be survivors outside Judea, you know, the ones who later get marked by the Beast. Personally, I want to obey God (Rev 18:4) and go to Judea (Mt 24:16), and do so as early as possible. There is no place I would rather be than a part of the camp of the faithful saints that will be forming there. As I have shared with supporters, my exhaustive prophecy research, along with a few divine dreams, have led me to conclude that Judea will open up to workers in 2022.

If you want to save yourself, then in the time we have left I recommend you do as Jesus said and pray daily for the strength to escape (Lk 21:36 - the very verse that inspired the domain name of this website). Work on your faith and your repentance and draw closer to God in prayer and his Word. Slow down so you may learn to hear God, repurposing time currently devoted to modern distractions. You're not likely to leave home for an unpleasant land if God does not direct your steps and you do not know how to tell where and when God is leading.

You may say today reading this that you definitely want to be in Judea. Just wait until you see what Judea becomes post-war and what people say about Elijah and his theory. To put it bluntly, it will be like deciding to move to a radioactive leper colony in the desert. You better have big, radical faith and know for sure God is telling you to go there or you won't go as easily as you think.

Developing Radical Faith

The biggest obstacle to this generation's development of faith like that is in how we're too busy and too distracted. Our minds are constantly occupied with audio, video, text and endless worries. We always have a screen or other electronic device with stimulating information and amusement beckoning us. For example, just the other day I saw someone wearing an Apple Watch, proof of how the disruptive, mind-captivating input knows no bounds. God cannot get through to us past all that. Hence we are "naked" (lacking good works of the saints - Rev 19:8) and "blind" (lacking spiritual discernment) just as was prophesied about our Laodicean church age (Rev 3:17).

You need to change radically. This is possible by focusing on becoming like Jesus, just as he tasked believers with doing (Mt 5-7). Being like Jesus may sound unattainable, ridiculous or insulting to Jesus. Yet, the first church in Jerusalem accomplished exactly this as the Book of Acts records. The first church had "favor with all the people" (Acts 2:47) who "esteemed them" (Acts 5:13). How did the first church pull off what no Christian church since has been able to do? Simple: "They continued in the apostle's doctrine" (Acts 2:42) which of course the apostles learned from Jesus. When's the last time you focused on studying Jesus' words until you understood them? (I did exactly that to understand finally what the Good News of the Kingdom he taught was about.)

If you want your family to come with you, all your convincing, pleading and normal "Christian witnessing" won't cut it. They need to respect you as someone Godly and esteem you as better than them in this area before they will ever listen to you on a decision of this magnitude.

How Did Noah and Lot Save Their Families? Do That

How do you think Noah and Lot were able to convince their immediate family to come with them? It began years before. Their family knew them well enough to recognize them as righteous men who had God working with them in their lives. Those outside their house didn't have enough respect or trust in Noah and Lot to upset their life on the unlikely chance they were right about an unprecedented destruction about to rain down. Like those times, I don't expect anyone to come to Judea who does not have rare radical faith themselves or they live with someone who does who they respect because of their loving, peaceful walk (Luke 1:79; Rom 3:17; Isaiah 59:8).

We don't listen to people we don't respect. If you focus on repenting and changing to have God's light and love flow through your words and actions to your family, they will notice the radical changes. They will listen to you like never before. That's the secret from the playbook Jesus taught the apostles, and that the apostles in turn taught the Jerusalem church. They proved it was possible to actually do what Jesus said and be like him.

Christianity has lost this playbook, but you can rediscover it, just as we are doing. The support team on this site is dedicated to teaching from this playbook today. Much like a Kickstarter project, your support now as a "funder" gets you benefits from my special supporter content. But it also helps us to produce something even better to get out to many more down the road. The concept is to create a workbook teaching how to repent and change to become like Jesus like the Jerusalem church did. A novel to teach this same information packaged as entertainment will follow...

Consider joining today and letting us help you grow your faith for escaping Wormwood with your family now.

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Joe - October 17, 2022

have you considered that wormwood could be a coronal mass ejection? For more details please see suspicious0bservers.org

Doug - January 3, 2022

Hey Tim, Pretty interesting article. although I think I may have misunderstood something in it. You appear to be saying that “Wormwood ” would hit the Earth in 2026. Can you provide facts for this or is this something that you feel God the Holy Spirit is telling you? Lately I’ve been Hearing that 2029 is the End. I am careful as to what I choose to believe for their have been many “Nay Sayers’ over the centuries and well as you can see we are still here and Earth is still in its God Created Orbit and unfortunately Jesus has not returned for His people yet.
I stumbled upon your article while doing some research on Isaiah 13. if you haven’t read recently I suggest taking a look into the Prophecy. It goes in hand with some of the things you have mentioned above. I’m not sure about the whole run to Judea thing. guess that will be something else to look into.:-)
I mean from what you are saying that any true believer in Christ that is left in any place but Judea will Partake in the Judgements of Sinners and Beast Worshipers. My thoughts are not everyone will be able to make to Judea unless God “translates” us there (not mocking just sharing). I think that those of us who are not in Judea (not sure if this will be post rapture) will have the Mark of God to distinguish us from others and during a time of great Supernatural happenings I have to believe and want to believe that God will set/send protection over His people. we are now in an age where the Mark is ready to appear and Gov. around the World are trying to force a Pre-mark (if you will) on ppl in order to travel due to the Scam-demic. Some Countries have already began separating the “vaccinated” into Prison camps. this is just the beginning. once these ppl are Annihilated from the face of the Earth then they will be coming for the “Christians” who were deceived into taking the Toxic Jab. Hitler tried this with the Jewish people and almost Succeeded. I do believe our Lord is returning very soon. Things are adding up quickly. There are Prophecies that are being fulfilled quite regularly now.
So some thoughts here are with Isaiah 13. So we know that Wormwood is to hit the earth and fulfill it’s divine purpose… Is Wormwood Nibiru (Planet X) that UFO nuts are claiming is coming (including the Pope) or could this be a rogue planet that is the culprit that knocks Earth from it’s orbit? Wondering if the two are different or the same. Any theories? What about the Nuclear war, possible that is what knocks Earth from it’s Orbit. some of the research I’ve done says that Neither a Comet or a Nuc. could do it. Then as you have suggested in the article that has to be considered as well, if it is Supernatural (and we know that it is) then God may have created Wormwood to do just that.

    Tim McHyde - January 3, 2022


    There’s no hitting. That would be instant death for all but it will still be b catastrophic. There is an interaction of gravity and asteroids and meteoroids described in revelations six through 8. I ther article explain this process That those chapters are trying to describe

    Try all these for now https://escapeallthesethings.com/tag/wormwood/

    joel - December 4, 2022

    have you guys every through that god is letting us decide whenthe end is going be and remember once the date is set theres no changeing itor you going wait for a big chuck of rock hit our planted or you going find ways for us to keep liveing and die when god sees fit for us.
    I belive in god thte son and the holy spirit but what I don’t belive in all this facebook stuff thy paste and people talking about the end of the world I’m one those people that to belive it I want to see it .

    take care and god bless

Blair Campbell - November 27, 2021

I am reading James Mccanneys’s book PlanetX, Comets and Earth Changes. He worked with raw NASA data back in the 80s and taught at a few prestigious universities. He has been blacklisted for his ‘controversial’ work including being very vocal about his electric universe theory. He follows Immanuel Velikovsky’s line of thinking but takes it much further and applies new data from the space probes sent our in the 70s. His basic conclusion is that these events have occurred in the past and will occur in the future. He says NASA is ordered at the highest level to keep things secret. But that predicting the exact time and effect is nearly impossible because of the comets tail effect. It will create drag that changes dynamically as it moves through our solar system.

This book has been removed from print. I had a very hard time but finally found a link for a PDF version. Hopefully Tim will allow the link in my post below:


    Tim McHyde - November 29, 2021

    Blair, McCanneys work is interesting and helped me to see Wormwood could be a planet but Planet X is not Wormwood and does not explain what it is as this article I think does.

Budi Christanto - October 14, 2021

I think any regular celestial bodies cannot explain strong earthquake in 6th Seal (Rev 6:12) nicely.

For now, I think the 6th Seal is caused by a white hole appearing between Earth and Sun, pushing nearby asteroids and a comet towards Earth (1st – 4th Trumpets).

Cyanide is a pretty common substance of comets. The famous Halley comet, for once have triggered great fear for the cyanide it contains.

Whatever the mechanism, it should be miraculous enough, as Tim stated, to explain “why Judea won’t be overrun with faithless Wormwood survivalists and why even the rich won’t be prepared for Wormwood”.

I think white hole appearance is a natural phenomenon yet miraculous enough given it’s ultra low frequency and unpredictability.

    Budi Christanto - May 30, 2022

    I reconsider my previous comment. After put some thoughts, now I think a white hole is NOT a possible mechanism of “wormwood”. The gamma-ray burst it emits cannot explain “heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up” (Rev 6:14), the sun eclipse and the blood moon. The sun must be eclipsed by a planet.

    But still I think a dwarf planet cannot explain strong earthquake in 6th Seal (Rev 6:12). It must be way bigger (thus farther) than the moon to exert such gravity at an apparent size similar to sun/moon.

    For now I think a high-speed rogue planet is a most likely explanation. Hypervelocity stars existence are confirmed and hypervelocity planets are highly probable too.

    At 1/20 of light speed, a high-speed rogue planet entering solar system (radius +/- 40 AU) can fly near earth (1 AU) in just 5 days. Now it’s a scenario that fits sudden, shocking appearance and still involves natural causation.

    I still think that the 1st-3rd trumpets are small asteroids, one big asteroid, and a cyanide-containing comet that rogue planet bring along with, respectively.

    Just sharing my thoughts.

Jeff Baker - October 13, 2021

When I think of how Elijah‘s predictions of celestial disaster will be countered by a chorus of experts saying “that can’t happen, don’t listen to this guy…“, I look around at the last 21 months and see how the general public and local tyrants have swallowed wholesale the directives that so-called experts tell us “science” demands in the handling of a pandemic.
Out of fear, most people have “trusted the experts”. and blindly followed their every command. The traditional media, social media and every other mouthpiece of the state speak with one voice. Dissenting opinions are quickly quashed. Eastern Australia this last year has been a shocking example. It will be interesting to see how this plays out this coming 12 months as there continues to be pockets of resistance to the mandates of the masters. Will the current trend toward totalitarianism keep the upper hand?
I don’t for a moment doubt that down the road this type of “the blind leading the blind” group think foreshadows what will happen again, with an even greater acceptance of and compliance with what the experts say. It would take great faith to go against the conventional wisdom espoused by 99% of the planet, including an apostate church and virtually everybody you know. I can see people being very concerned that a family member leaving for post nuclear Israel is going down the same road as a disciple of the late Jim Jones. But sadly, the concerned friends will be the ones who are really drinking the ultimate Kool-Aid.

Timothy Bell - October 11, 2021

If this is Wormwood, then they are off by 5 years. In the vastness of space, how can any scientist actually project that it will merely pass Uranus instead of sweeping by Earth and not much sooner? And such a faraway object may be bigger than they currently can measure with today’s tech (60 to 100 miles across- the biggest comet any human has ever seen). With current estimates, it is almost dwarf planet sized for icier comets. The graphic in the article seem to show its path is perpendicular to the orbits of our system- would that make it’s gravitational pull all that much more disruptive to Earth?

If this is not Wormwood, maybe this comet will be used to disperse any concerns about the Prophets warning of actual Wormwood’s coming.


Mike - May 14, 2021

Hi Tim,

Please do a study on the asteroid Apophis which NASA has surprisingly removed from the list of potential asteroids to impact the earth. Now the story is it will not impact for the next 100 years. So the world is not paying attention to it till it is too late. There seems to be a coverup to prevent mass panic.

As recorded in Matthew 24, Jesus told his disciples this when they asked him what will be the signs at the end times – “Immediately after the distress of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light;  the stars will fall from the sky,  and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’    “Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven. And then all the peoples of the earth   will mourn when they see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory.  And he will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other. ”

This is the same event prophesied in Revelation 8 on the Wormwood impacting 1/3rd of land, and blocking 1/3rd of the the land from the light of the Sun and moon as the ashes filled the atmosphere. These are the ashes coming out of the bottomless pit…the site of impact.

The coming asteroid Apophis on Friday the 13th April 2029  fits exactly these 2 events if it were to impact during it’s fiery trajectory over earth. Projected by NASA to fly over Australia, over the Atlantic ocean within an hour, closest distance at 19,400 miles over America, Mexico then crossing the Pacific ocean. This part of the continent is 1/3rd of the Earth’s landmass.

God has given in the end times to mystery “Babylon” the Great (the foremost economic and military power that holds influence over the nations of the world) a time to repent from being the mother of harlot exporting immorality, violence and practising child sacrifice (abortion rights) and occult paganism.

Believers are given the “Great Commission” in times such as these and will go thru it as witnesses till Christ 2nd coming as is written.

Brett - September 23, 2020

Just a thought and maybe a concern.
The 9.1 earthquake that caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster sped up the rotation of the earth. It shortened the days. This didn’t require any outside celestial influence.

Dani - July 28, 2020

Hi Tim,
Although its an older post, its interesting. I don’t expect to be here
for the last 78 months of the final tribulation when wormwood (whatever it is, will strike.) Right now we’re watching Neowise. Sister Sabine has some interesting thoughts on it crossing over the Jordan river – twice. If you’ll allow this link, its – https://sabineshares.wordpress.com/2020/07/13/the-writing-on-the-heavenly-wall-neowise-crossing-over-the-jordan-first-a-change-then-a-departure/
I do know we’ve been “stricken” with this cv pestilence and found some verses in Isaiah 26: 19-21 “But your dead will live; their bodies will rise. You who dwell in the dust, wake up and shout for joy. Your dew is like the dew of the morning; the earth will give birth to her dead. 20 Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by. 21 See, the LORD is coming out of his dwelling to punish the people of the earth for their sins. The earth will disclose the blood shed upon her; she will conceal her slain no longer.” Sounds like “shelter in place.” Also it tells us the LORD is right behind it. The book of truth was promised to be open now and Daniel 11 takes on a whole new meaning as we await the abomination and rapture of the church who are waiting and watching. Thanks for this site and my post allowed.

Jeff Baker - May 24, 2020

Just saw a 21 minute documentary about Planet X on the site Curiosity Stream called “Search for our Sun’s Lost Planet” It documents the gravitational forces it exerts, the fact that ‘no one’s seen it’ or even knows where it is and it’s probable eccentric orbit. They call it a 20,000 year orbit. Also motes how it could deflect or catapult other NEOs like Sedna into new orbits. Interesting!

Zak Ima - April 5, 2020

I took this covid season to go deeper into my previous research on Revelation. That’s how I found your website, although can’t remember exactly what I was looking for. It’s been really refreshing and interesting. I’ve found we agree on several things, “but….” I strongly disagree with this section of your chronology.

Firstly, the 7 trumpets are not sequential with the 7 seals. The 7 seals have their own narrative. The 7 trumpets have their own narrative. Even the 7 bowls have their own narrative. Nevertheless, the 3 narratives intersect here:

ESV Mat 24:29 Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then will appear in heaven the sign of the Son of Man, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

ESV Rev 6: 12 When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth, the full moon became like blood, and the stars of the sky fell to the earth as the fig tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a gale. The sky vanished like a scroll that is being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place. Then the kings of the earth and the great ones and the generals and the rich and the powerful, and everyone, slave and free, hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains, calling to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb, for the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?”

ESV Rev 11:15 Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven […] And the twenty-four elders who sit on their thrones before God fell on their faces and worshiped God […] “The nations raged, but your wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, and for rewarding your servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear your name, both small and great, and for destroying the destroyers of the earth.” Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple. There were flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail.

ESV Rev 16:17 The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air, and a loud voice came out of the temple, from the throne, saying, “It is done!” And there were flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, and a great earthquake such as there had never been since man was on the earth, so great was that earthquake. The great city was split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell, and God remembered Babylon the great, to make her drain the cup of the wine of the fury of his wrath. And every island fled away, and no mountains were to be found. And great hailstones, about one hundred pounds each, fell from heaven on people; and they cursed God for the plague of the hail, because the plague was so severe.

As you can see:

(1) Jesus in Matthew: the darkening of the sun and the moon, stars falling from the sky, people mourning because they know Jesus is coming and the rapture.

(2) The 7th seal: the darkening of the sun and the moon, stars falling from the sky, people mourning and hiding because they know the wrath of Jesus is coming, etc.

(3) The 7th trump. The heavens worship God because his “wrath came”, also “there were flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail.”

(4) The 7th bowl: There “were flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, and a great earthquake [and] great hailstones”.

I insist: Jesus, not me, says all of this happens “after the tribulation”, i. e. after the beast takes Jerusalem by force, and John, not me, says the falling of Wormwood happens in the days of the 3rd trump. So, you need to correct that.

Now, although the above written is pretty obvious once you align the narratives, the identity of Wormwood is more problematic. So, your hypothesis and mine are exactly that, just hypotheses. Here’s mine. Wormwood is not a what but a who: Apsu, the Mesopotamian god of underground primeval waters, i. e. a fallen angel. When Satan and his minions are cast out of heaven, Apsu is among the fallen, falling, of all places, on rivers and springs of water, and poisons them (the irony: fresh water flowing from the abyss is Apsu’s supposed dominion). That’s the 3rd trump. When the 5th trump, an already fallen star opens the abyss. I think after poisoning 1/3 of fresh water, Apsu’s given the key to open the abyss (the supposed source of his dominion), so the Destroyer and (on this I agree with you) the nephilim can emerge.

    Tim McHyde - April 5, 2020

    Zak, it’s impossible for the seals, trumpets, and bowls to be parallel events as the 7 bowl angels only come out at the 7th trumpet (Rev 15:1) and the 7 trumpet angels only come out at the 7th seal (Rev 8:6). Go and see for yourself and note how the 14 angels would have to appear all together before the seals for your interpretation to be correct. Those details of the appearances of the two angel groups are there to help us avoid the trap of not seeing all as 21 serial events rather than 7 parallel events x 3.

      Zak Ima - April 5, 2020

      I don’t understand why “the 14 angels would have to appear all together before the seals”. Care to elaborate, please?

      Now, I think I understand why you think it is 7 then 7 then 7: chapters. When I was drawing my timeline (haven’t finished it BTW; some narratives have me clueless), I copy-pasted the events by set of signs (seals, angels, etc.) not paying attention to verses of chapters, and I compared them by their meaning. Believe me, there’s another level of understanding. You say “the 7 trumpet angels only come out at the 7th seal”. But is it true?
      Like I showed you, the 6th seal aligns perfectly with Matthew’s “after the tribulation of those days”: darkening of the sun and the moon, stars falling from the sky, people mourning because they know Jesus is coming. We both agree the antichrist desolates Jerusalem and those in Judea flee somewhere between the 7 trumpets. But Jesus is literally saying the darkening of the sun and the moon, etc. takes place after that tribulation, the great tribulation. Therefore, some signs (seals, angels, etc.) align with signs of different sets.

      So, you have to analyze the narrative by set of signs, not by the textual arrange. For instance, in Rev. 8:1, the Lamb opens the 7th seal causing silence in heaven for half and hour, but in Rev 8:2 says: “and I saw the 7 angels who stand before God, and to them were given 7 trumpets”. There is nothing in the text that necessarily and causally links both events. Just by text alone you can perfectly cut between verses and start another narrative, or you can follow one narrative. It is the effect of each sign, by sets, what gives proper meaning to the narrative.

      Finally let’s be clear about this, the parallel alignment of all the narratives doesn’t mean they start or end at the exact same time. For instance, we both understand after the great tribulation the 7th angel blows the trumpet, other angels gather the raptured on heaven, and the bowls of the wrath are poured on the earth. So, the bowls are subordinated to the 7th trump. Another example, I think the 1st trumpet is blown between the 4th and the 5th seals.

Eirik Solend - March 12, 2020

Hello Tim, your article is interesting and is also confirming thoughts and dreams that has come to me and my wife. We are aware that we are going to flee from our country as much as this sorrows me, we are prepared to do it. But I have 1 question for you. Could you please elaborate on the place of refuge. How do you know this, is it given in the Bible?

We have also seen another place of refuge, but I do not think this is given in the Bible, rather it is based on revelation given from God.

Sincere regards,

Christina Tocholke - February 8, 2020

Please reach out to me Tim, I have something interesting to share with you about this topic.

Mickey Chalfan - January 17, 2020

Tim, Your explanation of the wormwood star is literally amazing and very informative, right now I am doing my first in depth study on the Book of Revelation, nothing to be published, but a study on my own part and to use if ever the Lord leads me to teach a class about Revelation, I have been in the ministry now for over 40 years and I must say your teachings sound very biblically sound, Thank You and God Bless!

Rick Cinway - January 5, 2020

Perhaps the cosmic Wormwood object is dense and is long and oblong shaped and is on a head-on trajectory with our sun. And let’s say it is a magnetic fragment of a super dense planet that that got blasted out by a supernova explosion. And is headed our way and has been going through dust clouds picking up non-light reflecting but combustible particles. As it approaches and skips by the the sun at hyper velocity it ignites. And viola, we have our flaming Wormwood space body blasting through our solar system. And because it is not round, the seismic and gravitational forces exerted by its close proximity to Venus or Mercury will tear it apart before it reaches earth or flies very close to the earth.

    Tim McHyde - January 5, 2020

    Rick, that’s a lot of if’s and unprecedented ones at that.

Jake Harmina - August 13, 2019

Hi Tim,
I’ve been thinking about this idea that Yah will suddenly bring Wormwood into our space from another dimension or place. Makes sense to me as the world goes from complacency to utter panic overnight. I have seen this exact scenario in a TV series about 10 years ago. The series was called “The Event”, it was a decent sci-fi show that lasted only one season. The Event that the show was building to was the materialization of the alien planet right next to us. Watchers had no idea this was coming until the last episode and it was a shocker! I sooo wish they had created another season to show the effects this would have but sadly it ended. You might want to check it out on-line, especially the last episode. I’ve always believed that the powers behind Hollywood know what is coming and often will show us teasers of what is to come in their shows and movies. Anyway, just thought I would share the notion that the “sudden appearance” theory is floating out there on the fringes of consciousness. Thanks

Christina - January 25, 2019

Hello Tim, Could you please post the verses in the Bible. Where you have found the evidence you have applied to your information. Thank you

    Tim McHyde - January 26, 2019

    Christina, it’s already in the article under the section, “The Wormwood Dilemma: Solved?”: Revelation 8:5-6

Johan Pretorius - September 6, 2018

Hi Chris, it is also scary to think that if you are separated from your families, friends etc. when Wormwood hits there will be no communication available to check up on their well being and if they have survived and so on. Once the believers are in the safe place contact with the outside world will be over.

    Chris Ball - September 8, 2018

    Indeed Johan if anyone thinks they’ll be able to contact their friends and family who didn’t come they’ll be disappointed. Abraham left his father for Yahweh and the Bible is silent on if he ever contacted his father again.

    Speaking of being in the safe zone I wonder if Jesus was referring to this scenario when he tells us to not be of the world yet are in the world.

Wells - September 5, 2018

Wow…you know I had this believe that somehow the Antichrist would use the internet and technology to control people as the bible described and rule the world during his 3 yr reign.

What would he then use if all these are destroyed?

    Tim McHyde - September 5, 2018

    Amakiri, the Antichrist will have fallen angels, demons and Nephilim plus “alien tech” we have never seen to power his empire.

Wells - September 4, 2018

Tim if this happens, do you think it might result to the destruction of the global Internet infrastructure (including AI, Blockchain, Big Data, etc) and the communication technology that we have built all these years.

    Tim McHyde - September 4, 2018

    Amakiri, yes the internet and all other satellite-dependent communication will go down along with all roofs!

    Chris Ball - September 6, 2018

    Amakiri yes Wormwood will destroy civilisation as we know it. That means no internet among other things. Reminds me of the South Park episode Over Logging where everyone goes nuts over no internet. Now imagine not only the internet is down there is also no electricity, no clean water and food. Doesn’t sound like a liveable situation right?

Kathryn Arnold - June 3, 2018

Tim, Since science seems to have recently proven that the moon has (as recently as “18 million years ago”) shown volcanic activity, is it possible that some event could trigger a cataclysmic event on the moon itself that results in one or more large chunks being ejected from it? That would provide mere hours’ warning. I couldn’t say what event. A particularly positioned meteorite strike? A nuclear warhead from earth directed toward the moon for some reason?


    Tim McHyde - June 3, 2018

    Kathryn, a chunk of the moon would not explain the shortening of the year to 360 days.

Zachary Miller - May 18, 2018


Who is this “madman” that you speak of AND what are the “theories” that have been disproven by (as you seem to state) “everyone”? Rather than providing vague statements about incorrect theories/ideas why not address them directly with the evidence you feel that you have? Based on my understanding it seems like Tim has provided a sound argument based on an extra-dimensional explanation (ie: Wormwood is not of this world—and isn’t “here” in this universe yet) and also appears to be in agreement with current science (ie: We would be able to detect a body moving towards the earth with present technology). I don’t believe there would be any way to “prove” that this object exists in another dimension but we can determine how “unlikely” it would be for a planet-sized object to sneak up on us without us knowing it–That seems logical don’t you think?

    Rob Foster - May 19, 2018

    Hi Zachary,

    Sorry about the misunderstanding there.

    I was continuing on with Tim’s sentence, the quoted part, in a similar vein. That is say, to the many observers in the near future who don’t appreciate biblical prophecy, and who will likely remain unconvinced even when it’s coming directly from the mouth of Elijah, it will seem as if he is a madman, etc as I said above. I was paraphrasing what might be their objection, again, as a continuation of Tim’s statement.

    … and I agree with everything Tim has posted to date ?

Rob Foster - May 18, 2018

“To put it bluntly, it will be like deciding to move to a radioactive leper colony in the desert”…on the advice of a madman whose radical theories have been totally disproven by NASA, the scientific community and backed up by the total lack of any credible sightings by the entire amateur astronomer collective, and whose “eschatology” is soundly discredited by tens of thousands of “respectable” Christian, and likely non-Christian, leaders.

    Chris Ball - May 19, 2018

    Hi Rob

    I imagine what you said there would be roughly what most of the secular world would have to say about the prophet who turns up, even when he has proven the Creator has sent him by miracles just like Moses before him.
    Anyway as a former atheist myself those thoughts are not unfamiliar to me until I found that the Bible really deserves to be called the Word of God. My faith in the Bible is because of evidence not despite evidence.

      Rob Foster - May 19, 2018

      I think it will not just those of a secular leaning, but many in the church-based communities who will fall in with those who are disputing the legitimacy of Elijah, his message and warning to all on the earth during those days.

      The evidence, as we’ve in many debates, is open to wide and varied interpretation. It’s good to see that you’ve aligned the manifestations in the physical world with the Bible. When you look at the world through Biblical glasses there are countless confirmations just waiting to be discovered.

        Chris Ball - May 20, 2018

        You’re right that was an oversight. I did not include the church among those who don’t listen to Elijah.
        I suspect that the Laodicean churches are the ones who will argue that Elijah is a kook or what not due to lack of discernment and faithlessness.

Zachary Miller - May 14, 2018


I was just noticing something in Daniel 2:34-35 that I had not noticed before (and don’t recall seeing it mentioned in either your book or the site–as best as I can recall). I’m wondering if the “stone” (not crafted by man) which strikes the iron and clay legs is literal (ie: Wormwood)?

    Tim McHyde - May 15, 2018

    Zachary, quite the opposite: Wormwood gives rise to the Rev 17/10 Rulers + Antichrist system. The stone that takes them down is King Yeshua.

      Zachary Miller - May 18, 2018

      Thanks Tim! I was thinking that the “Antichrist system” was somehow separate from the “iron” legs/feet of the statue (in Daniel’s vision)–and came after it was smashed by Wormwood, but I certainly see what you mean by Yeshua being the stone that takes it all down.

Laurie Bona - May 10, 2018

After reading this I automatically think, I would head to Judea. Self doubt sets in, how will I get there? Will my husband be willing to go? What if I’m not even considered a faithful follower? Self doubt definitely sets in. I have a lot of work to do in the next few years. Thanks for another awesome article!

Mark - May 4, 2018

I wonder if “wormwood” has been here before, when Christ died on the cross. The Bible describes an inexplicable darkness falling over the earth and a severe earthquake. The world may well have been closer to ending back then than anyone knew. After the earth shook a Roman soldier said it best, “Surely this was the Son of God!” I wonder how the Pharisees were reacting to the darkness and the earthquake? Or Pilate? Oh boy, I have a lot of questions to ask when I get to Heaven!

Fount - May 4, 2018


I too am a long time student of the events of the end of the age. In my case, I started in December 1986 and have read just about everything by just about everybody (including your book). I take things quite literally – the physical literal and the spiritual literal – much like you do.

That being said, God can materialize a rock out of nothing to do whatever effects we see happening upon the earth in Revelation. That would be a viable solution as you have proposed.

I have previously come to a different conclusion and clearly see Wormwood as a real physical event requiring no spiritual materialization. This would make Wormwood a COMET (made of ice – not a typical stone asteroid) coming out of the outer solar system. We know they come out “at random” based on something changing ever so slightly in the unknown realms of the “Oort cloud”. This cause, of course, would be a God sized nudge to get all the effects on earth correctly.

As to the 3 major hits of Wormwood… just look to the videos we obtained of the Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 that struck Jupiter in 1994. This shows exactly how there can be 3 different yet major events from one astronomical body.

My 2 cents…


    Tim McHyde - May 4, 2018

    Fount, thank you. Comets with their tails are seen years in advance and contradict a couple issues in Scripture as mentioned above, including all the material falling over earth’s surface burning 100% of the grass. Three icy chunk hits won’t do this. Also a comet impacting the earth would not change earth’s orbit enough to effect a 360 day year. It has to be

      Thomas Burke - May 5, 2018

      It has to be …

Sam Miller - May 2, 2018

What a tease! lol

Johan Pretorius - May 2, 2018

Talbert, you are not the only one, I read it and thought, no can’t be must be a mistake. I went out and back in again and it was still there. I don’t have words.

Sly - May 1, 2018

Do you think that you are Elijah and that your wife could be the second witness?

    Tim McHyde - May 2, 2018

    Sly, LOL, no.

      Talbert Chisum - May 2, 2018

      Wow! Did I just read that? Tim, that would be about the most profound thing I have ever heard! I mean, I just about spilled my coffee!

Mem - May 1, 2018

Tim – what about malachai martins comments about the vaticans lucifer ir telescope and the “thing” that is coming to earth? I think it has been seen but the mainstream astonomers such as mike brown and the amateurs are overlooking it. How the Vaticans lucifer device could see it remains a mystery to me, but I dont think we have to jump to the conclusion its supernaturally hidden just because we or mainstream astronomy cant see or explain it. There has to be a reason malachai martin said what he said

    Tim McHyde - May 1, 2018

    Mem, my conclusion is based on logical evidence of Science and Scriptural precedent with no jumping to conclusions. There’s no mystery about what Malachi Martin reported on the Vatican telescope. Obviously, just like I used to assume and think, the Vatican assumes that if Wormwood is coming, it can be seen beforehand. But that’s “jumping to conclusions” since this is a disaster from God like Sodom and you could not see those sulfur balls the day before they came. Also, I reported from a real, well-known astronomer, if a Mars-sized body was less than decades away, it would be seen. No if’s, and’s, but’s or maybe’s or conspiracies about it.

    So the only possibility left is that either A) it’s not out there yet or B) it is, and God is cloaking it. Take your pick =). I pick the simpler of the two, that he’s going to create it and put it right on course as he does so fitting the verses I shared that show such a dynamic right in the Wormwood chapters. YMMV.

      Mem - May 2, 2018

      I dont see the options as binary….its not there or God is doing a supernatural cloak

      Even the leading scientists of our day simply do not know what they dont know. Sure, they can have the hubris to declare “zero chance” of something being possible…but that doesn’t make it so. Mankind…our understanding of the universe is still so laughably primitive. Sure we may think we have most of it figured out…until we dont. I am sure the scientists of Noahs day said there was zero chance that water was going to fall from the sky and flood the earth. Then it happened

      I would propose a third option. Wormwood is on its way in a completely natural way and the high and mighty scientists of our day just dont understand how it could be possible so there must be zero chance of it. Science cant even reconcile quantum mechanics with relativity

      Regarding the size of wormwood, we really don’t know what the size is. It could be as small as the moon or even smaller, (can still cause a double eclipse at the right distance)but super dense, or perhaps have extremely low mass to the point that the small size and low mass has an imperciptible gravitational impact. Perhaps the destructive effects come not from gravitational effects on the earth as many presume but rather by toxic substances in the object.

      So just want to put out there is a third option that is completely natural/physical just not understood, witnessed, modeled, or known by modern science.

      I think this is the simplest answer…given the long history of fails by leading scientists saying x cant happen and then x happens

      Another piece of at least circumstantial evidence are the massive amounts of Deep Underground Military Bases D.U.M.B.S. Around a trillion a year has been spent every year on average on building thes bases just in the US. There are almost a thousand outside of the US. These began to be built in the same decade when the press reported on planetx before the articles were pulled and blacklisted. The 80s. My point is we have these deep underground military bases all over the world, spending massive amounts of money by secular governments thar can only by sheer scale be justified by the expectation of a massive alien invasion or a massive extinction level projectile event. The sheer scale and breadth utterly rule out nuclear war bunkers.

      So i think there is good evidence that there are groups both secular and the vatican that are highly motivated by an urgency about something that is approaching the earth. The secular DUMBS rule out that they are merely taking revalation seriously. I dont think nasa is purposley covering anything up, nor leading astronomers like Mike Brown, nor amateur astronomers. They just dont know how to see it or detect it or track it…it is simply beyond their mainstream understanding. Obviously “those” in the know who are driving the building of the DUMBS have vested interest in keeping it above top secret to avoid mass panic and breaking the debt fueled world economy from funding their ongoing preparations

        Tim McHyde - May 2, 2018

        Mem, no, it’s not binary, it’s just that the third option you propose “It’s out there and scientists don’t know everything, so it can sneak up” is one I used to teach for years and had to abandon. Evidence to the contrary kept mounting and forced me to let go of that unsubstantiated “what if” which is not really much better than “they can see it but…conspiracy” that most others believe in the Planet-X/Nibiru/Wormwood space. It’s hypothetical and lacking evidence and, in fact, contrary to growing evidence.

        This real science evidence has been A) since 2006 finding dwarf planets on orbits so far out that, unlike Wormwood, they would never reach earth in hundreds of years and B) since 2010 NASA has found 90% of 1km or larger objects that can threaten earth. Since 2005 they have been finding objects 140m or larger.

        Wormwood must be closer than those and approximately Mars-sized to do what Revelation says. If you want to say it’s super-dense, well, where are you precedents and how much smaller does that make it at most, Mercury-sized? You’d still see it in years, slightly less so. But it’s all hypothetical.

        Even if Wormwood is dark as coal, supernaturally dark, it would still be detected YEARS in advance because of this growing number of infrared telescopes (the kind that Mike Brown used to detect his dwarf planets) and transits in front of other stars blocking visible light.

        When you ignore this plain evidence and focus on rumors and hearsay about what “they say; the Vatican; the Military are preparing for” and extrapolate a conclusion based on that, your conclusion is not likely to be accurate. I’ve seen nothing predictively useful to ever come of speculation based on conspiracy and rumor. They used those same rumors about “the Vatican telescope; military movements and bunkers” to predict Planet X in 2003 and 2012. Predicting the future based on vague, unverified information is not the way to beat the odds and change what everyone knows: humans do not know the future; only God does!

        What I propose now is much less hypothetical than what I used to believe and you still believe. It’s based on science and known precedents. Wormwood can fit with what Science has demonstrated repeatedly about dwarf planets yet is sent just in time from the other dimension according to the precedent of the fire thrown down to earth from Heaven at the 7th seal (Rev 8:1). Nothing needs to be invented or left to hypotheticals with my latest explanation. Katrina heard “another dimension” and I immediately thought of the verse to back it up from the Book of Revelation, a book I know so well from reading dozens of times. No fuss, no striving; just inspiration and Scripture.

        You’re welcome to disagree and believe Wormwood is out there and invisible. I hope you understand better the track record and weaknesses of that theory which forced me to reluctantly abandon it.

Rob Foster - May 1, 2018

Tim, it continues to amaze me how clear things become as I read each of yours and Katrina’s insightful revelations. I know it shouldn’t be the case (the amazement) as obedient servants of the Lord such as yourselves should be rewarded with insight such as the like you experience.

What puzzles me somewhat is the idea that, even though the entire world’s population will likely never all read this site of yours, those that do and will still may not see if from your point of view. Why is that I wonder? … No need to answer 🙂

Revelation 8:5-6 now holds a whole new meaning for me. The Lord’s Word is always alive and ready to give up more of its meaning for those who diligently search through it. Thank you for shining a light in the darkness for others to see a little bit of the way through scripture.


    Tim McHyde - May 1, 2018

    Rob/Geoff, Thank you, frankly I’m amazed at what God is sharing with us lately, too, increasingly.

    Your question probably has a different answer than you think so I’m replying: these things I’m teaching are hard mysteries that require a very rare perspective, understanding and wisdom to accept. Even the most well-intentioned truth seeking believer can struggle with my interpretation. Another great example of this is the second/physical resurrection, something even many of my fans cannot agree with me on.

    Chris Ball - May 2, 2018

    Rob to answer your question why people have a hard time finding the truth is a simple question with a complex answer.
    First of all we live in a fallen world which is currently under Satan’s dominion
    (2 Corinthians 4:3-5).
    Being a truth seeker is difficult when the price can and includes: persecution, exclusion from society and even death.
    Though it must be said even if Satan wasn’t the current “god” of this world, people have a tendency to deceive themselves and others because human nature has a rather dark side. So the short answer is that it is 1: human nature being evil and 2. Satan and his fallen angel and demon followers conspire to keep people believing lies over truth.

      Rob Foster - May 3, 2018

      Thank you Chris for sharing your thoughts.

Bonnie Freeland - April 29, 2018

Hi Tim, I was wondering if it would be possible also that the “incense burner” that the angel throws could be all the smaller stuff being drawn to earth that you said is being seen. At any rate, large or small, seen or unseen, it will be according the Father’s plan, and, as you said, we certainly need to be building our faith and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in order to hear and obey!!

Thank you for all you do,
Bonnie Freeland

Robert Merritt - April 29, 2018

interesting, 2026 1/2?

John - April 29, 2018

There’s no way to eclipse the Moon without completely destroying the Earth. The Moon is only 233,000 miles from us. For something to be able to eclipse the Moon, even partially, would have to be big. Any object that big would have to have a lot of mass. Something that massive coming that close to us would simply tear us to pieces. I think this is just a case of poetic license.

    Tim McHyde - April 29, 2018

    John, “no way?” Just like there’s no way an object of that size could sneak up on Earth? I’ll just say I used to think a lunar and solar eclipse at the same time was not what was intended by the text, too. But I’ve learned whenever we say what the Bible says can’t be right and find a non-literal meaning, we later find we were wrong because we didn’t take the Bible literally enough.

    Thomas Burke - April 30, 2018

    John, you say: “Any object that big would have to have a lot of mass.” that is assuming it is similar to known space objects, yet if you follow Teacher Tim’s conclusion about the Wormwood object being supernatural in origin then it could appear to us made partly of gas for instance (or maybe a thin disk?) and large enough to blot out the moon and the sun at the same time on a day both are visible in the sky. Hmm, now that is a thought, how many day/places a year are both visible? Or is that a common and beautiful occurrence just not often viewed by us modern humans so distracted as Tim points out by electronic devices…

Erica Gordon - April 29, 2018

Hello Tim,
A while back, while reading the Bible, I realized that the nation of Israel carried out the death sentence via stoning (by the hands of those that laid the charge). It is right therefore, for the death sentence on this evil, sinful world to be firstly carried out by stoning. Wormwood is the biggest stone that will be delivered by the Great I AM, one way or another.

Erin - April 28, 2018

I’m curious as to where you found Elijah saying that Wormwood would be large? If you could elaborate on how you came to this conclusion, that would be helpful.

    Tim McHyde - April 28, 2018

    Erin, try rereading that paragraph and see if it’s clearer for you now.

Michael Stafford - April 28, 2018

Hello Tim, Thanks for your insight on bible prophecy. It is a true blessing.

My question is, “How could there be PRE-TRIB disasters on earth when the Bible talks about how the first half of the Tribulation will be a time of great gain and peace etc: under the anti-christ, then all of a sudden half way in (3.5 years) everything goes to HELL (pun intended).”

How could everything be running smoothly on earth if there were catastrophes surrounding us on all sides.?

Thanks so much and GOD Bless!

BussBozo - April 28, 2018

Hi Tim,
Thank your and Katrina for another great article. I enjoyed a nice 2-3 minutes last summer during the US eclipse. It was only seen by people in a narrow band across the country. The Rev. 6 eclipse will be seen by the entire world, AND we also will see a full moon. The moon is an integral part of a normal eclipse and basically unseen.

To witness an eclipse and a full moon at the same time will require another planetary type body, and at a minimum, it may need to last at least 24 hours.

I believe the Bible, and out of respect for Dr. Brown, I’ll take him at his carefully worded note to you.

Thanks again and God bless

Lawrence - April 28, 2018

As I was reviewing my own notes this morning for a bible study I’m writing I noticed where I had written “the end of the world happens over a period of time from man made, natural and supernatural disasters.” Brother your email was a joy to read because I had already considered wormwood as supernatural. Praise be to God for speaking His truth to those who will listen and confirming what He says.

Sally Bledsoe - April 28, 2018

Really excellent material here, Tim, thank you! My daughters and I study almost daily together as we watch the times unfold. This article gave us the “ah-ha” moment as we also wondered why no one was seeing Wormwood. Thanks for sharing and thanks for continuing to prompt us as a family to become excellent now—we so appreciate that kind of encouragement!

Darlene Betsill - April 28, 2018

Jer 3:14 w/r/t the small number who leave/go/are taken/lead, etc………..

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