Escape All These Things (Luke 21:36)

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Errors: "Service Unavailable"

This error usually does not stop login but prevents the proper redirect to the member home page. Click here to go there now after that error.

Error: "Incorrect Password"

With either error use the Lost your password? link to have a new login link emailed to you. (Tip: check all your email accounts in case your email with your order is different than the one you usually use.) See helpful details on that process below.

How To Set or Reset Your Password

Note: this site works a little differently than others you may be used to in that it does not "recover" a password or email you one. Instead, it sends registration links by email that bring you back to this page with the capability to assign a new password to your account.

  1. If there is a secure generated password there and you want to use it, save it to the clipboard. Otherwise enter your own custom password and save it to the clipboard.
  2. Click the Reset Password button below the password field.
  3. Click the Login link below that to go to the login page.
  4. At the login page enter your username. Then enter or paste your custom password or generated password.
  5. Click Remember Me so you stay logged in and don't have to login each time you come back to the site.
  6. Finally, click Log In.
  7. If the browser asks you if you want to save the password, say yes so you don't lose the password or have to type it in from handwritten notes.