End Times Bible Prophecy

If you're concerned about the future, frustrated by the Book of Revelation or have not proven the timing of the rapture for yourself, then you will be relieved to discover that…

Christians: “Finally Understand Bible Prophecy (Including What Event To Expect Next) Thanks To A Prophetic Timeline Breakthrough Based On Two Overlooked Keys in the Words of Jesus

If You Are Concerned or Unsure About The End Times, You're Most Likely Missing Out On The Peace
and Safety You Can Have From Understanding
Bible Prophecy—God's Encouragement And
Survival Instructions For This Last Generation

Congratulations, you're about to discover surprising Bible secrets that few have the chance to hear. My name is Tim McHyde. For over 20 years now, I have had an absolute passion for understanding the mysteries of the Bible, especially what Bible prophecy reveals will really happen in the future.

As a result of that curiosity and persistence, I've made unbelievable progress in turning the Book of Revelation from a frustrating codebook into a understandable playbook that anyone, including you, can readily understand and use to your benefit in the troubled times ahead. Given the nature of the challenges that are coming, this information can literally save your life.

First, judging from all the emails I have received to my Bible prophecy websites since 2000...

Guess What Hard Question People
Want To Know Most From Me These Days?

I'll give you a clue. It directly relates to this string of tragedies that have recently happened:

...and also to these doomsday scenarios in the news (some of which only receive coverage on the Internet):

Can you guess now?

The question I'm asked most is driven by a growing suspicion that our best days may already be behind us and a day is coming to mark "the end of the world as we know it" (TEOTWAWKI). This is the dreaded day when the good times of prosperity, freedom, stability and security that we enjoy and downright expect today are over. This generation has never seen a Great Depression, Holocaust or World War but realizes evil and danger have multiplied in the world since those days making it unreasonable to expect that history will not repeat itself.

So, the question everyone seems to want to know from me is if Bible prophecy tell us what really will cause the world to unravel and more importantly, when will this happen and what do we do about it?

The answer is "yes" the Bible tells us what will happen and enough clues to know when to expect it and, thankfully, also how to "escape all these things" as Jesus himself put it.

Now, I'll admit it right here: this concept of TEOTWAWKI coming can be a major downer that nobody would want to believe or think about. It makes you feel hopeless to hear that the world will only get worse. If you naturally believe that there is nothing you can do about it, of course you'd rather just immediately put it out of your mind, ignore it, or go watch TV or play a video game to help you feel good about life again.

But there is hope and a better approach than just ignoring the signs of the times and the handwriting on the wall, so to speak.

The Solution: Follow God's Survival Plan For You

Well, as you know... Even though many people have a computer, few have the knowledge and training they need in order to harness its full potential to make life easier.

That exact same principle holds true about your understanding of Bible prophecy.

Just as it takes advanced knowledge to get the most from your computer, understanding any part of the Bible takes more than just knowing how to read. There's actually a prophetic roadmap found in the Bible that must be understood first in order to properly interpret the Biblical prophecies, and eventually unlock their full meaning so you can anticipate future events just as God intended.

Unfortunately, most people (including you) probably aren't even aware of this "prophetic roadmap" much less the fact that you can actually use it to improve your life!

Of course, to do that you need to discover exactly what the prophetic roadmap is and then discover how to interpret the Scriptures correctly with it...

You see, almost one third of the Bible is prophecy, and much of that prophecy is unfulfilled and due to play out in this generation. While most have heard of the end time prophecies of Jesus' Second Coming and the rapture, they have little idea of what else Bible prophecy says will happen, nor are they sure of the correct sequence of events.

It turns out that there are several frightening events that Bible prophecy states must happen to the Earth—before the rapture—which will affect everyone on the planet: both rich and poor, small and great, free and slave, should-have-known-better and did-know-better.

The US In Bible Prophecy America Found in the Bible—Defeated in WWIII

In fact, the Book of Revelation (the last book of the Bible) lays out a detailed timeline of all Bible prophecy starting from when the good times we enjoy now abruptly end, up through the return of Jesus Christ, Israel's Messiah, several years later. This chronology of the end times lets us know exactly what is going to happen step by step, in order, and where to be to survive each. It reveals the future of modern nations including Israel and the United States of America and which will survive World War III and which won't (yes, the USA's fate in nuclear WWIII is on the Bible's timeline, as shocking as that is).

Of course, knowing this roadmap makes you able to be much more confident about your future because it frees you from the need to obsess or worry like you used to about everything that might be coming!

Once you've discovered how you can apply this roadmap, you will even be able to know from the Bible on which specific days certain major disasters will occur and for sure which years these prophesied events can and cannot happen in. (I know that's an outrageous-sounding claim, but it's true and I'll also be able to explain why you never heard this information before).

Can you imagine how different planning your life would be if you were able to understand this timeline and be completely free of end times fear and on top of that be able to have more confidence and peace every day?

The Reality Is That:

Times Are More Dangerous Than Ever...Yet,
Even Most Christians Don't Know God's Roadmap, Why?

Obviously, without God, there is simply no way to know which of the threats listed above are going to happen for sure. But some will happen, probably when you least expect it.


Because, we are living in the time when global calamities are prophesied to happen, and without God's revelation you just cannot know for sure which threats are coming (and when) and which ones are false red herrings (like the Y2K Millennium Bug turned out to be). Therefore, on your own you will have too many possible scenarios to plan for and not enough time to do a good job on any of them.

The result is uncertainty, fear, worry, and stress, rather than the safety and confidence we could have if we know God's roadmap.

Now, you are probably wondering:

How can this "roadmap" breakthrough be for real if you have never heard about it from prophecy experts, your Christian friends, or your pastor?

The answer is that most Christians do not study prophecy at all. They certainly do not receive much teaching on prophecy at church from their pastors, and if they do, it's usually only one of two subjects pastors emphasize: the promise of the return of Jesus Christ or the hope of the rapture. Or they may get their information from books describing a "pre-everything-bad rapture" like Left Behind, which, let me remind you, is found in the fiction section of book stores for a reason!

What about prophecy experts who do seriously study prophecy? Why don't they know about this roadmap?

Two Keys That Unlock Bible Prophecy

Because there are two major keys to making sense of the many End Times prophecies scattered throughout the Bible. And without knowing and applying these keys, even if you are expertly familiar with all the prophecies, you will still not understand them.

A perfect example of this is the prophet Daniel who wrote the Book of Daniel. At the end of the book he confessed that he did not understand his own revelation, although he obviously was expertly familiar with it. When he asked specific questions about it, God told him give up as it was sealed until the End Times when only the wise would understand.

Now that we are in the End Times and have the Book of Revelation and the rest of the New Testament (a major aspect of what Daniel lacked to understand his own book) we can finally understand God's prophetic roadmap—only if we put them all together wisely by using the two major keys for unlocking them.

Is Bible Prophecy an Allegory? Allegorical Interpretation: The Sky's the Limit?

The first key (#1) is the rule of literal or plain sense interpretation. That may sound like a no-brainer, but historically almost no prophecy researcher has stayed true to this rule. Instead of taking Bible prophecy to mean what it plainly says, they take an allegorical approach to interpreting the plain words of the Bible, something Jesus never did. (Note, that when I say "literal interpretation", that does not mean that when the text indicates it's a parable, allegory or a figure of speech, that you ignore those indicators in slavishly literal fashion. It just means that you do not take license to treat anything non-literally without those indicators present, just because you cannot make its plain sense work yet. So I use "literal interpretation" to mean a "primarily literal" plain sense and natural reading in contrast to the common "primarily symbolic" reading approach.)

Ever notice how none of the so-called experts seem to agree on what Bible prophecy says and also are unconvinced when someone has a bible verse that contradicts their interpretation?

It's because when anyone uses the allegorical approach of interpretation, they are free from the constraints of the strict plain meaning of Bible verses. Using explanations based on allegory, metaphor, typology, numerology such as Bible codes or other figurative methods, they can assign whatever meanings to a verse that fit their understanding. And then no matter what verse you may bring to their attention as plainly contradicting their understanding, they will not be able to see it because, to them, that verse always means something other than what it plainly says, something that instead agrees with what they think. (Have you ever been frustrated by that?)

Why "Good Christian" = "Bad Prophecy Scholar"

Assuming these teachers are all well-meaning good Christians, why would such an unreliable approach be used?

It's exactly because they are good traditional Christians that it is used!

Wait till you hear why—this is an amazing little-known historical fact...

The allegorical approach arose out of a need to reconcile Biblical teaching to Greek Gnosticism as the Church was coming under criticism and persecution from Greek philosophers. The church fathers Clement and Origen advocated this approach two hundred years after Christ taught using the literal method—and the church has not been able to completely shake its negative influence ever since, especially in the field of eschatology (the study of end times).

And if that's how you've come over time to perceive Bible prophecy, it's hard for you to see it any other way without help and courage to be different.

Nevertheless, for the few who do correctly follow even this first rule, they usually still come to incorrect conclusions because they do not know of or follow the rest of the secret keys unlocking the prophetic roadmap.

For you, it means reading the Bible is associated with frustration and an unfruitful experience that never brings you to practical understanding of what to reliably expect in the future as it should.

(It's almost as if you are handicapped when you read the Bible—and for having a safe worry-free life.)

Don't worry, because there is a set of very easy to follow natural guidelines for understanding the Bible as it was intended, bringing inspiring and helpful answers to you every time you study.

 So few people know about these principles, that you could easily call this one of the most simple and powerful Bible secrets.

In fact, these principles are so powerful, once you discover how to apply them, you'll never feel like the Bible is frustrating or impossible to understand again.

No Y2k Doomsday, How Did Some Know Ahead of Time No Year 2000 Doomsday: How Some Knew For Sure

What Does The 'Y2K' Hoax Have To Do
With Understanding God's Timeline?

You may remember that in the late '90s we were warned that the Year 2000 computer bug could be the "End of the World As We Know It" (TEOTWAWKI).

Some predicted the apocalyptic end of civilization through the breakdown of computers, power grids, communications, and most other technologies underpinning our civilization.

Not everyone agreed with the dire predictions. The doomsayers and naysayers openly debated the issue, but most ignored it or did not take it seriously. However, for those Christians taking the Y2K threat seriously, it was hard to know for sure how bad things would be, if at all.

In fact, even one of the best known Bible prophecy teaching ministries still out there was warning about preparing for Y2K right up until midnight December 31st, 1999. And actually even past that since they taped shows in advance that played in early January, saying "are we still here??" And, oh, how their supporters abandoned them when it turned out to be false prophesy—in effect answering the ministry with "yes, we're still here and very upset that we believed you!").

Meanwhile, there were a handful of prophecy students who knew for 100% certain that Y2K would not be an apocalyptic event.

The exact same way that they could discern that the Y2K end of the world scenario would not happen, once properly understood, will enable you to discern which events will and will not happen. This includes future the blood moons tetrad's of 2014-2015, asteroid impacts and everything else you find on any website or forwarded to you by a friend (we all get lots of those emails, don't we?).

Wouldn't it be great to not have to waste time worrying about any of these scenarios again (or feel foolish for believing them after nothing happens)?

Whether you want to:

...you're just moments away from discovering all the incredibly powerful principles that will enable you to do it all. All the answers have been laid out step-by-step for you below.

P.S.  The best part about all this is that this 'Bible prophecy secret' is completely verifiable! It doesn't require you to put your trust on me, my expertise, or take any ideas whatsoever solely on faith like typical allegory-based teachings require. Why?

Because it's all based on you simply becoming aware of certain guidelines you can follow to read and understand the Bible and its prophecy as plainly written, without twisting it ever again...

For example, did you know that there's a chapter in the Torah (first five books of Old Testament) which lays out the outline of events later discussed in the Book of Revelation, allowing you to assign plain meaning to the hitherto "mysterious symbols" such as the seals, trumpets and bowls? This one insight alone unlocks much of the Book of Revelation.

The best part is that this Torah prophecy secret lets you quickly and easily identify which day of the year each of the remaining unfulfilled events in Revelation will happen on.

(This really is as simple as opening a chest filled with life-changing information, taking it, and applying it in just minutes to gain an solid grasp of what to expect in the future...Read on!)

- By Tim McHyde

From: Timothy J. McHyde

102 5th Ave E
West Fargo, ND

May 9th, 2018


If you're even remotely interested in finding out what the future holds, having freedom from worry about it, and even knowing what's going to happen to America in WWIII, then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read...

I know that sounds "hypey" but it's the truth... here's why:

First, let me say, this is a rather unusual story. You see, after finally making sense of Bible prophecy a few years ago, I have become driven in helping people just like yourself transform their lives by tapping into this revelation from God for your peace and safety...

...all through uncovering the hidden instructions in your Bible....

In fact, I've made it my career. Why?

Because I've discovered some very interesting secrets in the Bible which can make a very profound change in your life, and I can't think of anything more fulfilling to do than that.

Let me explain...

My “Layoff Story” Of How I Discovered
The Key Secret To Understanding Bible Prophecy

I have worked steadily for years as a computer programmer and for the majority of my career I specialized in Bible software.

But in late 2002 my employer ran into cash flow problems forcing them to cut back my hours and, eventually, to completely lay me off in early 2003. Being an offshore contractor in Costa Rica since moving here in 1999, I had no other good-paying job prospects short of moving back to the United States. So I began work on other things (including a pop-up Bible utility still around called Instaverse) while I waited for them to finish a financing deal that would allow them to hire me back to work on their next version of our Bible search and library software.

Planet X May 2003 Planet X On May 15, 2003: Why Only A Partial Hoax

One of the other projects I decided to devote some time to back then was to get to the bottom of the Planet X question that had been brought up a year before by an acquaintance. He told me in 2002 that a brown dwarf tenth planet discovered and named “Planet X” by NASA (or Nibiru by the ancient Sumerians and Herculobus in South America) was due to come May 15, 2003 and devastate the planet with severe earth changes including a “pole shift” (whatever that was).

Although I felt that the date of its arrival was obviously contrived, I was intrigued because the prediction reminded me of Bible prophecy. This concept of a “death star” visiting the earth and causing global disasters sounded an awful lot like what the Book of Revelation called “Star Wormwood” which is the focus of the "3rd trumpet" in Revelation 8.

Yet, there was one problem. Nobody took this Star Wormwood literally because the text seems to plainly say that Wormwood would hit the Earth, a collision that would completely destroy the planet and everyone on it if it were literal. This interpretation had the additional problem of leaving nobody alive to fight the Battle of Armageddon a little later in Revelation chapter 19, thus breaking Scripture.

To resolve this dilemma, the best explanation I could find in my constant studies of the Bible over the years, was that Wormwood represented not a star, but the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster in 1986 (Chernobyl means “wormwood” in Ukrainian, just as the word wormwood signifies according to the text of Revelation explaining why it was named so). You no doubt have heard this interpretation, too.

But now I was entertaining the notion that Star Wormwood was literally a star (imagine that), this (misnamed) "Planet X" which would literally disrupt all life on Earth (unpleasant as it is to imagine). Could the Book of Revelation really mean what it literally says? Even when everyone takes it on the whole very non-literally, i.e. allegorically? With the free time to go along with my natural insatiable curiosity, I finally looked into it.

When I went back to Revelation to look for only literal interpretations of Wormwood that fit, I finally noticed that I had not carefully read what Revelation 8 says about the interaction between the Earth and Wormwood at the 3rd trumpet. It was not describing an inevitably 100% fatal collision at all, but a less severe kind of catastrophic interaction between the two. With the verse properly understood to no longer describe a total annihilation collision, the literal reading now fit fine, even better than allegorical ones saying it was a nuclear reactor rather than a star.

To make a long story short, I found that a literal Star Wormwood perfectly fit the Planet X scenario down the line, answering my question of whether Planet X was real or a hoax (since I had of course already proven to myself that the Bible and its prophecy was a reliable source of truth and discernment in this world).

Revelation's Roadmap Begins To Take Shape

But even more importantly, this discovery made plain the mystery of the other surrounding trumpets and seals (6th seal through 4th trumpet) which are the heart of the End Times roadmap contained in Revelation. I could make perfect sense of exactly what each one was literally describing now (both individually and together as a whole) with my "Wormwood = Chernobyl 1986" error finally out of the way. A roadmap of events was beginning to take shape.

By the way, you may be aware that, once again, people do not even agree on how to take the seven seals, trumpets and bowls of Revelation: sequentially or in parallel.

Some believe the seals, trumpets and bowls happen together in parallel, i.e. first seal with first trumpet with first bowl, then second seal, etc.

Others see it happening as seven seals, followed by seven trumpets followed by seven bowls. This discovery also settled that question for good!

My "A-ha" Moment & Subsequent "What If.."
Question That Unlocked the Rest of Revelation Roadmap

Next came one of those "a-ha" moments you hear so much about that are often behind most revolutionary discoveries. You see, after understanding the previous conclusion, the natural next question in my mind was this:

If a literal explanation fits Wormwood and the seals and trumpets surrounding it, then what about the rest of the Book of Revelation?

What if everything we've been told about Revelation being a symbolic book is backwards?

What if Revelation is primarily a literal book (like the rest of the Bible) that uses symbolic-like descriptions which are meant to hint at where to find clues on the full meaning elsewhere in the Bible?

The power of this insight was that it allowed me to look at Revelation in a brand new way, open to seeing new aspects of it and solutions to its mysteries I had not before.

Third Trumpet..Not Wormwood, Russia Maybe... But Not Third Trumpet!

From that point forward I never read the Book of Revelation as a book primarily of symbols. Yes, the symbols were still there, but they were secondary. The primary face value meaning was never again to be tossed aside for any arbitrarily assigned meaning based only on the symbolism. So, for example, the Star Wormwood would come and trouble Earth, and the name was chosen because it made the waters bitter just as it says, not because it was a symbol for a nuclear meltdown in "Wormwood", Russia.

This, then, is the major secret to understanding the Bible prophecy that few prophecy experts believe or adhere to.

Even the prophecy writers like Tim LaHaye who claim to interpret prophecy literally always deviate at some point into allegory in their teachings (such as in the argument for a pretrib timing of the rapture, which even several major proponents admit has no single verses that literally depict it). Frankly, I don't blame them because it's very hard to wait for that special "paradigm-shifting" information to arrive which can finally show you how the plain meaning of the words make sense. It's all-too-tempting to say "it really doesn't mean what it says, but this" just as you have seen others do and provide some halfway-plausible private interpretation of the words, especially if you don't even realize you've slipped into using allegory or typology.

I've even heard prophecy experts back up their prophetic system not with Scripture only, but with dreams and visions or even personal experiences or coincidences they are convinced were divine appointments leading them to the information on which they conclude their interpretations.

One story that comes to mind is that of a prophecy radio show minister who tells of how he felt unction by God to call up the local library to find out if Chernobyl means Wormwood in Ukrainian as he had heard. He was very busy but he "obeyed" the unction and because the librarian already "coincidentally" had been studying the Ukrainian language and could answer his question in the affirmative instantly, he took it as a divine appointment from God to reveal to him what the 3rd trumpet really was (which we just finished concluding above is a star just as it says, not a nuclear reactor leak)! (By the way, he charges over $300 for his end time course that teaches Wormwood is the Chernobyl leak and other allegory-based interpretations.)

Obviously, this is extremely shaky ground because dreams, visions and testimonies are highly subjective. We all want to believe that God is leading us to truth in this supernatural way sometimes and we indeed all may have had valid experiences like this, but in the end, Scripture is still the final authority and if you skip checking every idea against Scripture because you blindly trust God is directly speaking you, then you may find out later that you did not give due diligence to "take heed no man deceive you," "prove all things" and "test every spirit" as we are sternly warned by Jesus, the Proverbs and by the Apostle Paul, respectively. This is a big part of gaining the discernment that we will need to resist the Antichrist and False Prophet and their mark and image.

Provable And Verifiable Interpretations—
Just Like Jesus Used

There is yet another side-benefit to this discovery. You no doubt realize that a major problem with researching Bible prophecy is nobody agrees with each other and you have no way of knowing who is right.

They all make reasonable, even scholarly-sounding arguments for their interpretation. Yet you can never verify that their idea is right for yourself because it requires quantum leaps away from what the plain words say, which is all God has given us for testing whether a doctrine is true or not—plain Scripture.

Once you know how to apply the rule of literal interpretation you will begin to notice which prophecy teachings deviate from it and which do not (very few, sadly) and easily conclude which may be right and which are definitely breaking scripture and wrong.

By the way, this is what Jesus was inferring when he said "the Scripture cannot be broken" to the Pharisees in a debate with them (John 10:35). He was reminding them of this literal interpretation rule that required every potential interpretation to fit the plain sense meaning of every verse in the Bible. If it contradicted even one verse (in this case from Psalm 82:6) then it was breaking Scripture and wrong because the plain meaning of Scripture could not be broken. With allegorical treatment of Scripture, its impossible to determine whether you are breaking scripture with your interpretation because when a verse can mean just about anything, you have no way of knowing for sure if you are breaking it! (With allegories you will always be able to deny that you are breaking a "problem verse" that anyone presents you simply by telling them the verse means something else than what they think it does according to the allegory you hold for it.)

So when, for example, you hear an interpretation that keeps the star as a star and it fits with all other verses also read in a manner that retains their face value meaning, then you can have good confidence you understand it properly. This gives you discernment or wisdom. But if the best interpretation you have requires a "star" to become a nuclear reactor on earth, then how can you ever prove it or have 100% confidence in it? It's twisting scripture and leaves you unable to discern or understand the Bible if you hold on to it.

Do you realize the confidence and excitement that comes having this kind of discernment? You will then be able to find more interpretations like this which do not "interpret" at all, but merely explain how the plain meaning make sense without breaking scripture.

Of course, after hearing my testimony it's not enough to just decide that you are going to interpret the Bible literally from now on.

Sometimes you'll be stuck for years like I was, waiting for a key piece of information to arrive and illuminate a passage literally.

That's where the second key I discovered to understanding prophecy helps tremendously as I continued looking for more literal interpretations. This key is exciting as it helps assigns days to events on the roadmap that I mentioned above...

But first, since this idea of knowing the days of future events contradicts another thing that Christians are often told about prophecy, let me first address...

The Most Infamous Prophecy Lie

(Or, Why Most Christians Don't Benefit From Prophecy...
And the Answer is NOT What You Would Think ...)

Many Christians have come to believe that "no man knows the day or the hour" about any prophetic event in the future. In other words, they believe we are not supposed to understand it until after it happens. They therefore believe studying prophecy is a waste of time and tend to stay away from it.

In other words, Christians generally understand that when Jesus said "no man knows the day or the hour" it was meant to discourage us from trying to know anything about the future, even if our reason is to be better informed for planning our lives. Believe it or not, this is the very belief that leaves a lot of Christians with a poor understanding of God's plan, too.

Let me ask you a few questions about interpreting Jesus statement in a way that limits us from understanding future timings:

The solution to all of this I found was that "no man knows the day or hour" is a Hebrew idiom that was very specifically referring to a single day: the Day of Trumpets. This is one of those "difficult words of Jesus" that you have heard of but did not realize applied here.

See, Jesus used that idiom in the Olivet Discourse in the context of talking about the day of his angels coming to rapture God's servants. It even says a few verses earlier that this gathering will happen with the sound of a great trumpet! (Matthew 24:36, 31)

The reason the Jews referred to it as the feast of the "unknown day and hour" was because it was the only one of their holy days that came on the first day of the Biblical lunar month.

Why is this significant?

Because in Jesus' day the Biblical calendar months were based strictly on the lunar cycle. This meant a month could be either 29 or 30 days since the lunar cycle is 29.5 days long. So the month began on the evening that the first sliver of the new crescent moon became visible. Their system was to wait for two witnesses to confirm that they had seen the new moon before a new month could be declared on the 29th instead of the 30th (today they follow a pre-calculated Jewish calendar devised by Hillel II, instead).

But even with today's technology we cannot predict with 100% accuracy at what day or hour the first day of the new Biblical month of the original observation-based calendar will begin. Weather and atmospheric conditions just are too variable to predict if two sets of human eyes will be able to spot that dim sliver of the new moon.

Therefore the one holy day that falls on the first day of the month is still the "feast that no man knows the day and hour of."

So you can see now that Jesus was not discouraging us from studying prophecy to know the dates of events in advance at all. He was actually confirming that the day of the rapture would be the Feast of Trumpets at the end of the Great Tribulation!

I know the above conflicts with the pretrib rapture theory popularized in Late Great Planet Earth and Left Behind, but remember, that doctrine relies upon unreliable allegorical interpretation which Jesus rejected. Instead Jesus plainly stated that the rapture would be "after the tribulation of those days" (Matthew 24:29)

Who are you going to believe, Jesus' plain words or prophecy teachers breaking the interpretation rules Jesus taught and adhered to?

Key #2: Revealing The Day Each Event Happens

You already have an idea now what the second key is about. It is understanding the Biblical calendar and God's feast or holy days on them.

If you are a typical Christian you probably do not understand how this calendar works or what the holy days are. The reason is that Christians in general are taught to focus on the New Testament and more or less ignore the Old Testament, believing it is obsolete and therefore less important. Christians are consequently left unmotivated to become familiar with the Old Testament, much less try to understand what the difficult things it says or what God was doing in the many stories it contains. (But these things we will see are prophetically important).

Thus, they certainly have no understanding of God's calendar and holy days. The little they know about them comes from contact they may have had with Jewish people or Judaism. But this is not much help. For example, the world in general supposes that days like Passover are "Jewish holidays" or even "Jesus Festivals" when in reality the Bible calls them the Feasts of the LORDGod's feasts.

Does this sound like a useless piece of trivia? It's not. It's actually a clue towards the central place of importance these days hold in God's plan for mankind.

You see, there are eight of these festivals of the Lord (seven of which are annual sabbaths or rest days) and all of them are prophetic days which must be fulfilled for all mankind, not just the Jews.

Have you ever heard that Jesus fulfilled the Passover by being sacrificed on the very day of Passover? It's true.

What you may not have heard is that Jesus fulfilled another "Jewish Feast" day in his ministry as well.

That other day on the prophetic calendar is the Feast of the Firstfruits. This is the day when the wave sheaf of barley was presented towards heaven by the high priest in Ancient Israel. It is always on a Sunday, seven weeks before Pentecost Sunday (Lev 23:11). As you know, right after Jesus was resurrected Mary Magdalene met him first and he warned her, "don't touch me" because he was about to ascend to "our God and Father" (John 20:17). This ascension he refered to in advance is often missed because it is overshadowed by "The Ascension" recorded in Acts 1:1-11. But there is no mistaking that he ascended that day (John 20:17) returning by that evening (John 20:19).

Why? He had to to fulfill prophecy. Jesus had to ascend on the very Sunday that the high priest of Israel was waving the firstfruits sheaf to God (Lev 23:11-13), in direct fulfillment of this prophetic feast day just as he had fulfilled Passover. Therefore, he was not only the Passover lamb but he was also the "wave sheaf." (And by the way, if you have ever wondered why God brought just the Jews and Levites back from Babylon only to scatter them again just 40 years after Jesus came, only to bring them back again in 1948, this is a chief part of the reason...so that all these prophecies could be fulfilled. Mystery of Disunity, mentioned below, makes plain this great mystery of the exiles and returns of the Torah-breaking Jewish people in Palestine over the centuries.)

So, if anyone back then understood that these days were prophetic and that Jesus was going to fulfill them as made possible by the presence of the Second Temple and the priesthood attending it, then they would be able to predict which day that Jesus would die and which day he would ascend to heaven.

In the same way, the rest of the prophetic feast days of Leviticus 23 must be fulfilled on the very day of their celebration and the Book of Revelation makes references to these days all over the place!

Jesus himself established this principle in Matthew 5:17-18 that not a jot or tittle of the Law or Torah would pass away until "all were fulfilled" and heaven and earth finally pass away, too. Paul also said that the feasts are "shadows of good things to come" (Col 2:16-17). But few have understood or applied this key until now.

After my discovery about Wormwood explained to me what Revelation said was going to happen, by applying this second key I was able to see right away which holy days were being referred to in some of the details surrounding the events of the seven seals, trumpets and bowls. And while, of course, not every one of the many events in Revelation happen on a holy day, there are other clues such as the 1260 days, the 1290 days, the 1335 days, 42 months and time, times and half a time that let you extrapolate the timing of the rest if you can do a little math :-)

Hopefully you can see by now that what at first sounded like a sensational or fantastic claim is quite reasonable—once you know about the prophetic biblical calendar and feast days. With this information you can identify and predict:

The Prophetic Roadmap And
Survival Plan Became Plain

As you can imagine by now, all of this insider information about understanding the Book of Revelation makes a huge difference in what you get out of it when you read it. Although for years I had become used to reading Revelation and being scared and frustrated with it, now I was able to connect all the dots. The outline of the roadmap that God had hidden for the End Times become clear to me at last after roughly two decades of seeking.

As I said above, it finally read like a playbook and no longer a codebook as it did for all those years. Plus my conscience was clear that I had not forced any verse to fit a preconceived rapture scenario or other doctrinal tradition for its own sake.

With this framework laid out, it was easy to hang the other prophecies of the Bible off of it to fill in more of the details. The full roadmap that emerged from this took care of the feeling of being scared about what Revelation said because I now could also see what God's plan of End Times protection for his people was.

As stated above, the escape plan for God's people is not a pretrib rapture since the rapture will be after the Great Tribulation according to the plain words of Jesus and a literal interpretation of the Bible. Instead, I discovered God had a plan similar to the Exodus in which he moved his people to safety. This massive and amazing undertaking involves the return of real prophets and mission of the special group of 144,000 that Revelation 7 and 14 talks about.

It was very reassuring to see this plan and to realize that God does not really work in "mysterious ways" as is commonly said but he works in ways that are consistent with how he has worked in the past, based on unchanging principles and standards. These ways only seem mysterious if we have not studied the precedents of the Bible and applied them literally, rather than allegorically.

Why I Finally Decided To Write and Update My Book

I trust that by now you can see my bold claims at the top, as extraordinary as they are, are indeed reasonable after all.

After doing my research, I realized that this kind of revolutionary explanation of Revelation was not available anywhere. So during the layoff mentioned above I began writing my first book called Planet X in Bible Prophecy and put it up on the Internet for free and soon after was rehired by my client and returned to writing Bible software full-time.

However, I never stopped studying as a daily hobby in my spare time. I continued to make new exciting discoveries as I do to this day. (It's kind of like a jigsaw puzzle and how after you complete the outer edge and fill in much of the center, the rest of the pieces of the puzzle fall into place easily and rapidly.) While I would share these discoveries with my wife and friends, with full-time work and a family I could never find time again to sit down and write as I did when I was laid off (I'm always complaining to my wife that I'm the world's slowest writer. She says it's because I'm a perfectionist...which I won't argue with).

But more than that, with the drain of our savings from the layoff I could not really justify putting that much time into my hobby when what I really needed was to find other revenue streams to help rebuild our savings as well as hopefully have something that could be a backup career ready to go in the event of another layoff.

Then one weekend after fasting I came across a site online that showed me how I could take what I had already written, turn it into an eBook and market it on a website. This, then, finally gave me justification for putting time into updating my book and possibly a solution to finding a backup career, which is why, long story short, all my latest revolutionary research is now available to you.

What's in the Book?

Here's the best list I have, but understand that this letter may not be up to date because I'm constantly adding my latest prophecy findings to the book. (After you read the book, if you discover something was significant to you that should be listed here, please email me and I will add it.)

First, here's the major events that I have found identified in the roadmap and when they happen:

Second Trumpet Asteroid Ocean Impact Soon On Revelation Roadmap

Next, here are other secrets that you will discover in Know the Future:

This book will "literally" open up the Book of Revelation to you and show you how to apply the literal approach to reading the Book of Revelation just like the rest of the Bible (except things explicitly labeled as parables or allegories to be taken as grammar dictates). It can excite you about Bible study again because one insight leads to another through the entire Bible, as I have found ever since I wrote the book.

Order Now

What Makes This Work Different Than The Rest

I have several prophecy books, prophecy charts and commentaries in my library. The authors of every one of them approach prophecy with a specific rapture scenario in mind (i.e., pretrib, midtrib, or post-trib). Some commentators, unfortunately, will arrange, re-arrange, pre-arrange, twist and manipulate the various verses of Revelation to fit their basic rapture scenario.

My approach is it to follow the guidelines that came straight from Jesus' mouth (as I showed you above) and let the scenario that explains all the verses literally emerge, no matter how long it takes (luckily I started 20 years ago!).

So while many prophecy teachers offer to explain the same mysteries as I do here, none do so with the same strict adherence to not breaking scripture. They can't if they don't know how. They have been trained in resorting to typology or allegory or the figurative when something does not make sense to them as written.

Go ahead and try as many of the teachings you can find. You probably will not appreciate the full literal approach until you have done so. I guarantee that any course you pick will at some point leave the plain sense reading and inject their own meaning separated from the plain sense of word or Bible verses. They sound good at first but, if you are like me, over time as you read the Bible over and over you eventually come to one or more verses that contradict what you had believed from that teaching and you are forced to throw it by the wayside.

Check Out This Study I Did From The Book Teaching Several Of Its Insights

Why One Favorable Reviewer Refused
To Link To This Book

This story sounds unbelievable, but it's true.

Not too long before writing my book, I was so seriously sick with fever that I was afraid it could all be over for the first time in my life (you know what I mean if you've been there). In desperation I did something I had never done before: I put out an email to people who I had never even met but knew from previous email exchanges were upright and would seriously pray for me if I asked (not the kind that you typically know in person who say, "we're praying for you" and then forget to do it).

One of these people asked someone else she respected highly to help pray, which he did. The next day he emailed me directly about a dream he had had. It turned out that the dream portrayed the simple treatment for my condition and when I followed it I had immediate relief—with great thanks to God. I could tell from this and his humble manner that he was close to God. So, after writing my book I sent him a copy to hear his opinion of it.

He liked it, giving the typical very favorable review I receive. But when I asked him to link my book from his website so more people could find it, he refused, for the most surprising reason. Here's an excerpt from the email he sent:

From: [name withheld]
To: Tim McHyde
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 8:59 PM
Subject: Re: What is Coming?

...your work is so very beneficial ...I will be directing true believers to consider it ... the only reason I am not putting a ref. to your article/book directly in my forthcoming article is that I don't want a bunch of insincere, nominal, save-their-own-neck-type-of-folks [to mess up God's escape plan for] those who are truly seeking Him [who] will be directed to your site.

In other words, he was afraid of God's survival instructions getting out so plainly and being abused by those who do not merit them.

Of course, since you are reading this right now, you can be glad that I clearly did not adopt his thinking and give out my website link only to people I had screened first as "true seekers."

Instead, I am publishing my discovery worldwide because I trust that even if someone is at first reading it only to selfishly "save their own neck," later, after using it to survive, they will be so thankful to God for leading them to it that they will have a change of heart. Plus, there's just no way I can thwart God's plan by teaching his truth to those who are interested, whatever their motivation is. The reality is that only a fraction of the world are online and can be bothered to investigate what the Bible does say about the future when most do not even realize yet that the Bible is from God or accurate today (which everyone should diligently prove for themselves rather than just blindly trust or blindly reject).

Again, I think God will lead those who are hungering and thirsting for understanding of his truth to this page. If you are reading this then you may be one of them and blessed.

If You Trust That “God Will Work It Out Somehow”

Some Christians are not sure at all how God is going to make it all work out, they just trust that He will. Thus, they have no position on the rapture, being aware that it's above their expertise. Either reading the Bible is too difficult for them or they just know that Jesus is coming back and that's all they care to know while they go about sharing Jesus with others.

It's great that you're saved and want to save others, however, there are several other goals laid out in the Bible for us as well. The entire Bible praises the pursuit of wisdom, for example, and calls wisdom more precious than gold. The Book of Revelation describes those who rightly understand its mysteries as those having wisdom. It even pronounces a blessing on those who read the book and keep its sayings. Of course, you must read it and understand it to grab hold of that blessing.

So while you do not need to know any of these things to be saved, there are blessings available now that you will lose if you do not.

Besides, why would we not want to apply our minds to understanding all of God's words that he has deemed important enough to be preserved for us? I can't think of a good reason!

Survival Plans To Fail When you Understand Revelation, It Becomes A "Pocket Survival Guide" for the End Times

If You Trust In Your Survival Preparations...

If you are not a Christian or do not believe in the Bible, I think I understand why. It’s a confusing book whose meaning people can't seem to agree on. To observers it looks like God surely cannot be in it. This turns many people off from even bothering to try to understand it and instead relying on things they can understand and implement, like survival supplies and preparation.

Know the Future is a different kind of prophecy book. It makes the Book of Revelation plain so that you can read it yourself for the first time and understand it. This is possible because it uses no interpretive tricks that require you to trust me and my own complicated explanations rather than your own command of the English language. A star is a star. Nothing could be simpler.

Heavy use of Scripture references is made. This allows you to see where else in the Bible I'm basing my conclusions on. Since I'm always relying on the plain meaning of the words, you do not have to be a theologian to understand my reasoning. It's plain well-written English, not religious-speak that turns off even Bible believers like myself.

If that were not true my readers would not have so many good things to say. Just take a quick look at what others are saying about Know the Future:

“Great book!! I really enjoyed it...it is very informative! Your book has spurred me on to more Bible study and research and more importantly to daily repentance..”

Joshua Chamberlain
Bridport, VT

I believe that you are absolutely correct and right on about the interpretations of the prophesies of the Bible. I have been sort of studying Bible Prophesy on my own most of my life in secret from everyone I knew including my family, especially my family. I grew up going to the old fashioned Roman Catholic masses and always wondered why the Catholic Church never talked about Bible Prophesy. They always told a story about Joseph. I think I can thank the Catholic Church for my bad knee's with all of the kneeling I had to do. But I can definitely thank you for finally being the one person that has finally figured it out. You are truly the only one person in the history of man to finally solve the big mystery of Bible Prophesy. I just so glad and thankful that I stumbled upon your website the other day, it was just the thing I needed to see. It's amazing, none of the other's have done what you have, like Jack Van Impe to name one. God's news behind the news to name another. They are close but way too complicated for most people out there, and too much information for one little thing, and then they go off on a tangent and promote something else for you to buy. You sir are right to the point and explain it in layman's terms so anybody who can read can understand what your saying very easily. Plus you have a special knack for writing in a such a way as to keep one totally riveted and genuinely interested throughout the whole thing. It's quite an experience reading your writing.”

Vince Murphy
Palmetto, FL

“I have to tell you this — I think God led me to your site. I’m not one to say such things very often, but in the last 12 months I’ve just had a strong urge to get back to studying end time prophecy, when I’ve let it slide for so many years and I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet reading and digesting in the last few months... One of the things that really impressed me about you is that you are constantly studying and updating. A lot of Prophecy Sites are old, obviously not being kept up to date. I seem to have a hunger for it, that I think God has put there for a reason.”

Kathy Shaffer
Hartford City, IN

“Hi Tim, I really enjoyed your book! I think you have great insight when it comes to interpretting the Bible. I've been interested in end time prophecy for about 25 years now. Listening to the Prophecy Club and End Time Irvin Baxter, but alot of it just didn't click. I've known about Jordan for along time now just didn't have a good timeline tho THANKS !!!!.”

Billy Daniels
Denver, CO

“I bought the e-version of your book a coupla days ago, started to read a little before going to sleep last night, ended up going to sleep around 7 this morning after reading the first 2 sections. Thanks for the research and for making it available! You've answered some questions I had (seeming paradoxes that I knew were my lack of understanding vs. Scriptural failings). I look forward to finishing the book...It's not often that I get so caught up in something.”

William Loree
Modesto, CA

“Tim, I have been so blessed by your book, and your clear explanation and interpretation of prophecy that I have decided to go and share the information with my pastor.”

Rob Stark,
San Diego, CA

Your book just keeps blowing me away as I re-read it. Your concepts/beliefs/paradigms are straight forward enough and well explained once someone like myself attempts (at least) to let go of the lifebelt (of [other] familiar ... bible interpretation, and to jump in and to start swimming with you.!”

John Barron,
Kingston, Ontario

“Well, I've read the entire book that I downloaded from your site, tonight. It was really interesting and clarified some things, too, for me.

I think that the most wonderful thing it did, was to show me how to pronounce God's name. I think He would have forgiven me if I never learned that, but it's something nice to know. I kept repeating it, while I was reading the book, and it did give me a rather peaceful feeling and made me feel like I was forming a "connection" to Him, spiritually. His Name is beautiful.

I want to thank you for making this material available, online. It was certainly worth what I paid for it, and much, much more.”

Diana Morgan,

“I downloaded your "Jerusalem and You" article in July of 2004, and recently returned to your site to find a fuller statement on the same theme. I think that you write very clearly and well, and do a good job of getting your Bible connection to Planet X message across.”

Walt Phelps,

“I appreciate the very, very important information that you have researched and made available to those who will listen. I stayed up most of the night reading it....then the next morning I got up and got busy working on my dining room! I was inspired to hurry up and get the "old world" plastering and painting done, while there was still time to enjoy the results! It took quite awhile....but I finally finished it. Needless to say, your writing has had a big impact on me....thank you for bringing all this information together in a book. I really appreciate how you emphasize living a holy life, as the key to surviving. I couldn't agree more!!”

Sybil McCuistion,

a view of eschatology that is just astounding. This guy does a lot of research and emphasizes it...seems scholastic, and is breathtaking.”

Shanna Hofstad,

The book has GREAT insight, you are blessed --- no question about it---...I cannot disagree with this excellent work..Blessings

Mike Vanvekoven,

“The PLANET X scenario is such a plausible explanation of H-O-W end-time events could happen that I've gone from being scared silly to being determined to be in the safest place that will exist during that time. ”

Connie Lacelle,

“..We have read the entire book as a family. I've read it twice and and re-reading sections still and looking at scriptures. You have done a good job in my humble opinion”


“..thank you for the copy of your book. I found it extremely interesting. I believe you have a gift and wish you well in reaching as many people as you can. One thing that struck me was how much emphasis you put on knowing God's name. It really sunk in...like in a spiritual way...that here we are...all us "Supposedly" Christians running around boasting of our "Intimate" relationship with Jesus...and we have no clue what his nor his Father's name is! Absurd!”

Don Smith,

“... Last year we did a study of Revelations and I felt that I needed another angle on Revelations as there were missing pieces on my subjective understanding of Revelations. Late last year I found my curiosity on Planet X (Nibiru) gaining momentum ... and I have since read many articles on it culminating with your book which seems to have put many of the missing pieces I had on the study of Revelations into a better perspective for me, something I never expected when I first visited your site.. Thank you for the book.”

Peter Spyrides,
South Africa

“I really like it..very well written and clear and concise. You do have a gift for writing. It is a G-d given talent. You relay the information in a manner that is easily understandable.”

Kathi Zecha,
Norman, Oklahoma

My wife..was keeping me up for several hours last night going over this. Wow, interesting stuff.”

Avi Ben Mordechai,
Jerusalem, Israel

“I just finished to read your book. In general, this is one of the books on the subject that I agree more [with].”

Antonio Yague,

“Tim McHyde does a wonderful job explaining and correlating Planet X to Wormwood right out of Revelations in his book Know the Future. This eBook is well written in a very simple way for everyone to read with scripture to back up his words. This eBook is not only informative but can be used as a Bible Study as well to really understand the End Times and what scripture says about this time, which I personally believe we are in today. Know the Future dives into the...Tribulation Period that is prophesied in the Bible as well and really ties our world events that we are seeing today into what was prophesied in the Bible. Whether you are a Pre Tribulation, Mid Tribulation or Post Tribulation believer on the Rapture, this book is a MUST for everyone to read..”

Terri Kleppe,

“Just to let you know, I enjoyed your Plant X book. It's nice to have all that written down. YHVH is faithful to instructing and teaching His called out ones wherever they are and they will not be caught unaware!”

Rhonda Bosco,

“Over the last 2 nights I read your Planet X book. It was excellent

Cathy S.,

“I thoroughly have enjoyed your book..Keep up the Good Work, were all in this together till the end.”

Robert Hedge,
Tahuya, Washington

“I finished reading Know the Future today. My whole walk with God is going to change as a result. I am now inspired to truly put him first before anything. ”

Michael Weiner,
Virginia Beach, Virginia

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See, unlike many prophecy experts who switch into "ministry business mode" and keep pushing the same outdated allegorical teachings they have for decades in order to support the overhead of their office and employees or lifestyle, I am still studying prophecy every day as a hobby as I always have, with no distractions. So I never stop learning and having things to share and write about, I'm just that passionate about it. My plan is to continue to expand Know the Future with new chapters and appendices to let everyone in on the latest secrets I uncover. So my book will continue to be the only accurate and only up to date prophecy book on the market.

Here's my vision for the private forum: Like me, you've probably visited lots of free public Christian forums that are out there. You may have visited some of them in search of answers or community, or both. What you may have found is endless debates, and rude, obnoxious or insulting comments from anonymous strangers who are not really there to seek the truth but only to put down anyone who does not agree with their beliefs (if you have spent much time in the Paltalk Christian rooms you know exactly what I mean).

So, I decided to finally start my own forum for people who really do want to seek the truth (using literal interpretation only, of course) and share their comments or questions in a constructive and kind manner, yes, even Christ-like, manner.

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144000 Sealed When? 144,000 Sealing Understood: Know Who, Why and When

My wife balked at first when I told her I wanted to give my Mystery of Disunity book away as part of this Revelation Roadmap package because it could be continued to be sold on its own. But I told her that people often do not invest in information they need for the main reasons they should but instead for some side reason. I'm offering this bonus because I know for some your curiosity about the 144,000, Elijah, the Woman and the Two Witnesses may be more motivating at first than hearing about Planet X and Wormwood.

This book is liked by some even more than my first book since it is so fascinating and directly relates to the situation we face today as people seeking the truth among thousands of warring and conflicting denominations. In fact, I'm not sure I will continue to offer it as a bonus here since it really has unique unavailable literal discoveries on its own right, unlike the typical throwaway obsolete products Internet marketers offer as bonus incentives.

Anyway, it tells you all about the 144,000, End Times Elijah, the Woman and the Two Witnesses and how these figures fit into God's plan to warn the world and save those who will listen. If you have ever wondered:

...then you will really enjoy how this book finally gives a plain literal interpretation for all of it with all the plainly-read scriptures to back it up. Just be sure to read Know the Future, too, so you can plan better for the disasters that the future is bringing in our lifetime.

Here's just one testimonial for Mystery of Disunity:

WOW! Much of this I knew, but the way you put it together was tremendous. It's like having a puzzle that you recognize because you've seen all the pieces for so long that they pieces themselves are familiar, but when the puzzle pieces are fit together, one wonders how it could have been missed for so long...It removes the supernatural mystique of Revelation and makes the meaning plain.”

Dave Bedwell,

Bonus #4 - The 'Revelation Roadmap' Book -
Timeline Chart Based On Sabbath Year Cycles
- $20 Value

New! Revelation
End Time Timeline Chart Based on Sabbath Years
Revelation Timeline Chart

Like Jesus at the wedding in Cana, I've actually saved the best for last. Due to the overwhelming and encouraging response I've received since putting up this article in early July, I was encouraged to begin immediately with writing a new major update with more of my research. Finally, two months and 45 new pages later, I have now written my third prophecy book that I call the "Revelation Roadmap". This book picks up with the events after Wormwood's passage where Planet X in Bible Prophecy leaves off, using a 5 page color End Time timeline chart (with years!) (pictured at left). Among other things in this new book, you'll find out where America is in prophecy and the exact timing of her fall, thanks to the secret prophecy key of the Sabbath year cycles.

The Sabbath year timing breakthrough is one of most exciting discoveries in all of Bible prophecy. Not much trumps being able to immediately narrow down the list of possible fulfillment years for prophetic milestones such as the start of the Great Tribulation by one seventh. This is made possible by the fact that the 70th Week of Daniel scripturally must end in a Sabbath year. Consequently, this means that:

And, yes, we can reliably prove when the historical Sabbath years were and calculate down to the present day to know when the next Sabbath year is. But not only does this timeline have accurate years, it also has all the important events from Daniel, Revelation, the Olivet Discourse and other prophecies put together in chronological order with the related verse references you can check yourself. Then I spend the other 40 new pages explaining the timeline in detail (those parts not already covered by the other over 100 pages from Planet X in Bible Prophecy and Mystery of Disunity, also included in this package), including:

Here's just one testimonial for Revelation Roadmap:

“About the timeline, I was overwhelmed with how much info it has and after rereading it I do believe anyone and everyone who reads it will be very appreciative of how clear and easy you have made the timeline...I have noticed that you have tried very hard to make all the reading clear and easy to read. So far the only problem I have is I want to read more and more as you strike a place in me that makes me seek more answers...I liked how you explain America and England in prophecy, you make it so obvious (many miss) and you made it very clear to understand. It "WOW'ED" me. I keep getting to the point while reading that my mind is expanding with every paragraph I read. I do wholeheartedly believe that anyone who reads the book will be very enlightened. I can tell you have worked very hard on this ongoing book, keep it up, the message needs out into the world. ”

Carolyn Cummings,
Wichita, Kansas

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The eBook was very interesting and I could not stop until I was finished. I did, however, find that some of the information was a bit beyond my very limited biblical knowledge and was a bit disappointed. This was my fault not Tim's.

So I contacted him regarding the guarantee. He replied to me within the hour and only asked, not demanded, any input I might have and I was refunded my money the same day. This truly is a no risk endeavor. Tim is a man of his word and I highly recommend anyone give this a read.

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P.S. — Don't Wait, Before It's Too Late

From Bible prophecy we know that it's only a matter of time before things do fall apart. Things will not continue to go on normally with prosperity, security and freedom just as they always have, forever. And once that happens this material will not be available anymore. Without a free Internet and freedom from the "mark of the beast" in commerce, and without other fragile infrastructure that we take for granted, you won't be able to get the life-saving information before Wormwood hits.

Here's a description from Revelation chapter 6 describing how when Planet X hits it will affect everyone:

13 ...there was a great earthquake...and every mountain and island was removed from its place.
15 Then the kings of the earth and the great ones and the generals and the rich and the powerful, and everyone, slave and free, hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains,
16 calling to the mountains and rocks, "Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb,
17 for the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?"

The answer to that rhetorical question of "who can stand" through it, is found also in the Book of Revelation. It will be those who are properly prepared for it. Similarly, Jesus' parable of the Ten Virgins stresses the importance of being prepared for the culmination of this age. Don't let yourself be among those who were too busy with everyday distractions to prepare themselves. Be diligent now about making up for lost time, all those years you never studied prophecy seriously enough for yourself. Through no fault of your own you had teachers who did not know about the prophetic holy days or the error of allegorical interpretation, but now you can change all that.

The sooner you get this information the sooner you can start understanding the End Times and cut through all of the scary stories out there to know which to pay attention to and watch.

The best part is you don't even have to decide to keep the book today, you can verify the contents of the book against the Bible for a full 60 Days! (That's 2 Months).

If the prophecy keys and roadmap are not as helpful as I said they would be, at any time, you can simply contact us via e-mail, and we'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund of your entire investment.

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P.P.S. — Know Another Literal Revelation Roadmap?

Where else are you going to get a completely verifiable literal interpretation-based end times roadmap anywhere at any price?

Everyone else is selling expensive allegorical roadmaps which, after reading this letter, you now understand are built on a wrong foundation which always produces error after error on the way to the inevitable wrong conclusions that always results from bad assumptions.

Even worse, they charge much more than I am, $190 for a Revelation commentary or even $325 for a three level end times course! (that you already know won't deliver the solid literal answers you seek).

In fact, you may have already spent that much money on prophecy teachings like this. If their incomplete allegorical solutions had not left you with major questions then you probably would not be here. (Honestly, if there had been someone who could have answered all my questions in 20 years of searching I would never would have needed to research and write this book.)

Don't you owe it to yourself to invest in the only literal-only teaching on the Book of Revelation on the market, one that offers you a complete roadmap with events the other teachers do not even know about?

Invest in your copy now, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click Here!


Speaking of investing, I ought to address an issue that comes up frequently so you are clear why it's ok for both you and I to help each other in this way..

P.P.P.S —"Profiting from God's Word"!?

I understand that, for some, the prospect of seeing a price tag on Bible teachings that they want presents a dilemma. It may offend them because they believe Jesus was against anyone profiting from or "merchandising" or even selling God's word (I'm honestly not sure if that means they only have Bibles they received for free?). Or, they may be afraid they would be supporting someone who does not really love God but is simply out to shamelessly make a "quick buck" off his Word and "fleece the flock."

My response to people writing me with those concerns is that Jesus himself said the "worker is worthy of his hire" (Luke 10:7). Paul also said that those who proclaim the Good News should get their living from it (1Cor 9:14). So there is nothing wrong with making a living from teaching people God's truth. It's actually good and something God set an example of in the priests of Ancient Israel. He didn't want their service at the temple to suffer from them being busy supporting their family by holding down a secular job or, worse, begging. So he set them up to be paid for their service and teaching his words and ways.

Unfortunately, most Bible teachers do not follow the above Biblical precedents today, setting us all a bad unscriptural example of begging for support in God's name.

But, which is really shameful, to study the Bible diligently for years and sell the resulting teaching which provides long-needed answers so well that truth-seekers will gladly pay to have it, or, to beg for your support in God's name, subtly guilting people into sending you money to "support God's work?" of often dubious authenticity?

I don't presume or claim to be doing "God's work" just because I happen to study and teach the Bible when really all I've done is to follow my own curiosity and excitement about God's mysteries. I am honest enough to admit it's a self-appointment, not a God-appointment. (When was the last time you heard a Bible teacher say that, instead of telling you all about their supernatural "calling" testimony and why you should support "God's work"?)

Further, my book is not God's Word because I am not claiming to be a prophet. Instead, my book contains what I believe is the first reasonable, literal explanation of what other people who did receive revelation from God (Jesus, Daniel, John, Joel, Jeremiah, etc.) were describing. It took a lot of time to research and write it and I offer it for sale to anyone who places value on both their time and mine.

You see, anyone is welcome to spend years studying the Bible (along with everything else that they can get their hands on about the Bible) as I did, and learn exactly what I did, the hard way. It's all right there in your Bible (whether you paid money for it or not :-), if you are willing to dig for it. For me, I'm so naturally curious and fascinated by the secrets of the Bible that it does not even seem like work. That's my "personal genius" if you will. I know that's not everyone's which is OK since God promised that those with understanding would instruct many up through the End Time (Daniel 11:33-35). Those "with understanding who instruct the many" still have to eat and provide for their families and we should not assume that it will be supernaturally provided without those who are benefiting from it reciprocating. On the contrary, one of the last instructions of our Lord to the apostles was that now it was time get a sword and get a purse, indicating that the time of supernatural support ("carry no purse", "freely you have received, freely give", etc.) they enjoyed while with him was now over, as it is until this day for non-prophets like myself. (If this were not the case, then why did Paul sell tents and why do ministries today resort to begging?)

"Buy the Truth and Sell it Not!"

Some people who want to read my book just can't get past Proverbs 23:23 which says "buy the truth and sell it not" and even write me angry letters quoting it as proof that I am not a Godly person if I charge for my writing. I understand where this idea comes from as many ministries give their materials for free citing this verse as the reason. However, there is a huge inconsistency with this view that everyone seems to miss.

For, this very verse that supposedly tells you to "not sell" anything if it contains the truth, also tells you to literally "BUY the TRUTH" (from someone selling it)! You would paradoxically be enabling disobedience to scripture by obeying the very same scripture yourself! It's obvious when you think it through carefully that this proverb is figurative and not meant as a literal prohibition against anyone selling Scripture-related studies. When you check modern paraphrase translations, they say as much: "Invest in truth and wisdom, discipline and good sense, and don't part with them." (CEV).

Cliff's Notes For Revelation?

If it helps you to feel better about taking me up on my offer, you can simply think of my book as "Cliff's Notes for the Book of Revelation." I summarize Revelation's roadmap and make plain the meaning just like Cliff's Notes did for you in high school with Shakespeare's plays. The modest price of my book is a bargain when you consider that it can literally save you years of study.

And, just for those concerned about this, you will not be supporting a bad cause if you do so.

Remember, I was a laid-off Bible software programmer out of the country without even unemployment income when I wrote this research. Even though I was later hired back, writing Bible software does not pay very well so we're still recovering from that financial setback. Not that I'm complaining. I could have made lots of money in game programming with a high school friend of mine instead, but I preferred to use my talents to facilitate study and research of the Bible. That was my choice and I have no regrets :-).

Nevertheless, I do rely on the support from this site to make up for all of this and provide for my wife and two children (who faithfully roughed it with me through that low point). Today, when people like yourself order my research, I think of it as payback for my layoff hardship (it's true how all things work together for good isn't it?). It also enables me to do more research which will be added as new chapters to my book and available as upgrades to my members.

So, after reading all of this, if you still do not feel comfortable about paying for my research, then that's ok and I just want to reassure you that this has nothing to do with your eternal salvation. This research will simply help you to fulfill Jesus' command to "watch" so that you may be able to "endure until the end" and "to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man" (Luke 21:36; Matthew 24:13).

I have faith that if someone wants my book because they are seriously searching to understand prophecy and fulfill Jesus' neglected command to watch in light of prophecy, God will provide them with the funds to do so without them needing to resort to begging, either (Psalm 37:25).

In conclusion, as a non-prophet without supernatural provision and commission like the apostles had, when I charge for my hard work (and refuse to beg myself or enable other's behavior of begging), I am actually upholding God's ways rather than departing from them. Neither am I preventing anyone who has faith and who trusts in God from understanding Revelation and its roadmap—as long as they diligently seek it just as I did.

P.P.P.P.S — If You Still Trust In A Pretrib Rapture

I understand that if you are 100% convinced of the pretrib rapture then much of the information covered on this page seems wrong or plain unnecessary since a pretrib rapture is equated as a "pre-before-anything-bad-happens rapture. " If that's true in your case then let me ask you a friendly question:

Do you subscribe to the pretribulation rapture as a result of your own intense and thorough personal study of the Bible directly? Or must you honestly admit that you inherited the belief without giving it due diligence because it's the only one you were taught or is it the one that most appealed to you after only a brief investigation or article on the subject?

It's a sad fact that very few have proven much of what they believe for themselves but accepted what they were taught without questioning it. At the time they may not have had the ability to even critically think (our brains are still developing into our late teens). It's nothing to be ashamed about. It's something that I'm constantly aware of and working on in myself, too

Then as life goes on we find out it's just something we always believed or assumed was true. Some even years later still do not have the ability to test theories they believe because they have not even taken the time to read the Bible all the way through once, which would be a prerequisite for having proper Biblical discernment.

Let's be blunt since I might just save your life this way...

First, can you honestly say you know for sure that a pretrib rapture is going to save you if you have not proven it yourself, but trust that the pretrib teachers are right? Would you bet your life on it? Your life may be at stake here if it turns out you are wrong.

Second, if you would admit like most that you do not understand the Book of Revelation, then how can you prove the timing of the rapture found among its framework of seals, trumpets and bowls (and thunders)? Most teachers say the Great Tribulation and Rapture begin at the first seal, but what if I told you that the only literal fit for the Great Tribulation is at the 5th trumpet, which comes after Wormwood at the 6th seal through 4th trumpet! So even if there was a pretrib rapture, it could not save you from Wormwood (just read Revelation 6:12-17 literally to see what you will be facing before even a pretrib rapture can happen).

Third, if you have studied it yourself or think you do understand it, then can you say you understand it in its plain face value meaning without resorting to typology, symbolism, allegory, metaphor, etc. to make it fit?

Chuck Missler is one of the top pretrib Bible prophecy teachers and he makes an honest admission often that as time goes on he has more and more discovered that when he realizes he misunderstood a Biblical passage, it was usually because he did not take it "literally enough." Is it possible that in believing a pretrib rapture that you, like Chuck, have also not yet taken the words of Jesus literally enough when he said "after the tribulation of those days" in reference to the rapture of the elect (a label for the Church used throughout the New Testament)?

I strongly urge you to study my research as it will help you for the first time to see for yourself what Revelation plainly, literally says including where the rapture occurs on the complete roadmap that emerges from putting all the verses together without forcing them allegorically into a pretrib scenario. If after that you still do not see it, then I will dutifully fulfill your request for a refund.

But isn't it better to be safe than sorry?