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Cheaper: Volume orders now have much lower shipping costs than before. The order calculator now reflects the cost of shipping from CreateSpace (the Amazon printer) out of N.Charleston, SC, USA (instead of Costa Rica as it was before).

Faster: US customers are getting their (single) book in 2-3 days now. But even multiple book/volume orders that used to be deprioritized by CreateSpace and could take over a week just to print, now print and go out very fast. That means now you will typically receive your multi-book order in under a week. (May, 2017: I just had a 25 book order to NC print in one day and arrive by UPS in three business days!) Disclaimer: This is the new normal, but during higher volume at CreateSpace or in the mail system during holidays, it will be longer.

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Bless your friends and family with the comforting gift of understanding prophecy literally. Order multiple copies of Know the Future 8th Edition softcover for them at a volume discount. (The more you order, the more you save.)

"...There really are no words to express the gratitude for the work you've done for us all. ."

I have been following your teaching for about 12-13 years. When I ordered your book back then (and you called me and we talked on the phone) I devoured it and can't wait to get the newer version. It's the only explanation I've ever seen that makes sense in the way I've always read and sensed the Bible myself. As literal. Your teachings have clarified more than I could have ever seen on my own. So I believe You are a gift from Yehovah to me personally. I am also honored to be in your support group. I know you are doing His work. And you and your family are a blessing. Thank you.

There really are no words to express the gratitude for the work you've done for us all.

Dr. Diane Wright
Prospect, Kentucky

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This package includes Know the Future 8th Edition (Planet X in Bible Prophecy, Revelation Roadmap, and Mystery of Disunity) and the other bonuses including ebook, private forum access and 6 months of ebook updates with optional softcover.

If you've never read my book before, start by reading the fascinating story of how I was lead to write it when I was laid off from my Bible software programming job and someone asked me about "Planet X"...

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I found you on Google, read some articles on your website and signed up for your emails. I ... have been able to glean over the years that you are writing what you genuinely believe as a devout Christian to be accurate. Over these last three years, you have not personally asked me for a single penny in response to me reading your emails. I respect and admire that. While I am pretty confident I understand the gist of your book, I decided I owe it to you to buy it because I have been reading with interest your emails for free over the years.

Northeast, FL

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