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42 Day Fast To Cure Ulcerative Colitis

Triumph Over Disease by Fasting And Natural Diet

Dr. Jack Goldstein (D. P. M.)

Published by Arco Publishing Company, Inc.
219 Park Avenue South, New York, N.Y. 10003

Copyright © 1977 by Jack Goldstein

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Goldstein, Jack.
Triumph over disease-by fasting and natural diet.
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ISBN 0-668-04138-2 (Library Edition)

Here is the inspiring, controversial, true story of a man who was treated medically for six years for a debilitating disease, ulcerative colitis , which under standard medical care by qualified and respected physicians progressed to a point close to death. In the course of his six-year ordeal, Dr. Goldstein changed from a happy, successful, and confident man with everything to live for to a wasted, drug-infected, despairing man whose only hope, he was told, lay in agreeing to submit to one of the most radical and drastic operations known to medical science--a total colectomy, or complete removal of the large intestine and rectum. For the rest of his life he would be forced to wear a bag attached to his abdomen for the collection and elimination of waste.

At this point, tortured by the thought of becoming a physiologic cripple and even contemplating suicide, he was led to a natural way of life which incorporated fasting and a vegetarian diet that actually allowed his body to heal itself. Dr. Goldstein gives a detailed account of a six-week fast he undertook in a controlled environment and under the supervision of a doctor--which literally saved his life. He also records the day by-day physical and mental changes, which occurred, and describes his new way of life based on the principles of natural diet.

It is an amazing, almost unbelievable, story that offers hope and inspiration in addition to sound advice on how to achieve your natural radiant good health.


* The best place in the United States to undergo a supervised fast: www.roylretreat.com If you have UC you MUST be supervised while fasting.

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Donald G Makowski - November 14, 2017

I cured myself with home fecal transplant therapy (FMT). I wrote a book that I give away for free so that others may benefit from my horrible experience. The doctors all said I had a disease and I would have it for the rest of my life. In 2013 I did 10 fecal transplants at home. Today is November 14, 2017 and I am totally healthy and have no symptoms of ulcerative colitis! Please read and share my book available at http://www.thedoctorsaidwhat.com

Jay - August 23, 2017

This man truly was a superhero, there is no fucking way I could ever do 6 weeks water fasting, the guy was a fucking champion. I have never made it beyond 8 days and I was ready to kill someone by that time in psychotic rage for food. I know for a fact my pathetic God damned self will be dead very soon if the only way to heal is to go 6 weeks on only water. There is no God damned way in 1000 fucking years I could make even 1/4 of that. God damn this fucking tortured life.

    Crystal - January 16, 2019

    Cutting out dairy & gluten is a good start. It didn’t solve everything for me, but there was drastic improvement. I also saw vast improvement drinking Kombucha every day. I’m currently trying the fast but I’m going for 21 days.

Alena - April 13, 2017

I had never heard of Ulcerative Colitis till the time I was diagnosed with it. I am a retired professor and some years ago a tragedy happened in my life when I lost my son. After that unfortunate incident I started remaining unwell. My bowel movements became more frequent and over a period of time, I even started getting some bleeding. On a visit to a gastroenterologist I was told that I had Ulcerative Colitis. When I searched the net for further infomration on this disease, I found that allopathy had no cure for this trouble. Then one day I read an article by Dr Oyekpen in The Tribune, which mentioned about its treatment with Herbal liquid medicines. I contacted Dr Oyekpen and he started my treatment. I started getting better within the first seven days. My bowel movements are completely normal now and am cured, contact Dr, Oyekpen on his email, droyekpenherbalhome@gmail.com or call/whatsapp +2348168257144, you can also message him on facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Oyekpen/


    Tim McHyde - April 13, 2017

    Or if anyone wants to use the cheap, at home, self-administered colitis cure I used to end 20 years of ulcerative colitis (that numerous shorter fasts helped but did not cure) check out Shelby Gesenways vitamin E cure. It works and really is a permanent cure.

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