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Iran is always in the news today making threats against Israel and the USA, but Bible prophecy already tells us if Iran’s threats will succeed. Ahmadinejad’s plan to wipe Israel off the map with nuclear weapons will backfire and cause his own people to flee Iran. It’s the next prophecy to be fulfilled and may affect everyone who depends on the flow of Middle East oil through the Strait of Hormuz.

For some time I have known that Bible prophecy predicts one final war between the Muslim-Arab nations and Israel. Several Old Testament prophecies leave little doubt that Israel will win—with nuclear weapons. This is the same war you may have heard of from Isaiah 17 that results in Damascus, the world's oldest city, ceasing to be a city and becoming a "ruinous heap" in the future.

Iran's Many Biblical Names

However, I found it odd that Iran was not mentioned in Isaiah 17, Psalm 83 or Zechariah 12; the main prophecies about this war. In researching and writing about the Middle East Nuclear war, I finally discovered Iran was there all along but not under the Biblical name you'd expect of "Persia" (Iranians are not Arab, but Persian).

Psalms 83:8 (HCSB) — Even Assyria has joined them; they lend support to the sons of Lot. Selah

The Assyrian empire included at least part of Iran. Psalm 83 predicts defeat for her and her allies who will attack Israel to "wipe her off the map".

That's not the only prophecy mentioning Iran however. The Book of Jeremiah uses another name for Iran: Elam. It contains a passage about Iran experiencing devastation and the scattering of her population to many other nations (Jer 49:34-39) as a result of the same attack that devastates Damascus (Jer 49:25 = Isa 17:1).

I've written up a comprehensive explanation of all the related prophecies I have found and tied them together. The prophecies tell us when and how this war may come, and what the effects may be for Americans and others in Western nations dependent on oil or vulnerable to the terror retaliation of Iran in losing the war. This research makes up the newest chapter of my book, Know the Future.

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