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Preparation for 2023-2030 Sabbath Year Cycle

By Katrina McHyde / January 5, 2023

Many people believe 2023-2030 is the Sabbath year cycle we are looking for to see our Messiah return at its end. Is it the last cycle? How do we prepare for it if it is? Pertinent questions from supporters are answered in this post.


Why Jesus Can’t Come Back in 2023—But probably 2020 Began The Last Decade

By Katrina McHyde / December 26, 2022

Can Jesus come back this year or are certain events missing before any end-time prophecies can occur including the rapture? Learn the comforting answer of Scripture from someone who has correctly helped others know what not to expect now 16 years straight! Also, find out how COVID-19 confirms the end is near and three questions to tell if you are saved according to Jesus.