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The Coming Asteroid Impact of Revelation 8 and Its Unusual Source

By Tim McHyde / September 1, 2017

As the huge asteroid Florence’s 2017 flyby reminds us once again, near earth objects continually threaten earth and pass harmlessly—so far. Although this concerns scientists, Christians probably fear missing the rapture and facing the Antichrist a lot more than a Armageddon/Deep Impact scenario. If they only realized that there is an explicit prophecy of an asteroid impact on earth before the rapture and Great Tribulation even happens. Find out where this prophecy is found, how the Bible indicates it happens…and where the righteous will be protected from it.


Niku, Planet Nine and Bible Prophecy

By Tim McHyde / January 22, 2016

The report of a new planets or objects like Niku is fascinating but what does it mean for the end times? Do these the long rumored Planet X or even Wormwood of Revelation? Yes and no. Learn the important distinction and the lesson from this.


Planet 7X Research vs. Wormwood (the Real Blood Moon Prophecy)

By Tim McHyde / May 19, 2015

Planet X research, proof, and predictions are everywhere on YouTube. Should you pay attention to it or risk regretting it later? Allow me to put your mind at ease by explaining the very important difference between Planet X/7X theory and the Wormwood prophecy of the Bible…which is the real meaning of the “Blood Moon prophecy” of Joel 2…


Comet ISON in 2013: Nibiru Doomsday or Omen of Christ’s Return?

By Tim McHyde / March 2, 2013

When is a comet not just a comet, but a divine warning sign like Jesus spoke of coming in the end times? If you do not know how to answer that, Comet “ISON” may test you with fear and anxiety in 2013. Doomsday watchers are already predicting that Comet ISON is Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, or a gravitational earthquake/deep impact threat. Alternatively, some predict it will make a spectacular daytime visible sign in the sky one month before Christ’s return (yes, on Christmas, 2013). Is Comet ISON a good or bad sign, Nibiru, Wormwood or a fulfillment of some other Bible prophecy? Find out how to tell when a comet is just a comet and what must come before Wormwood and other things Jesus warned about come upon us.


End of the World? Our Real “Nemesis” According to Bible Prophecy

By Tim McHyde / October 6, 2012

Does Bible prophecy predict an “end of the world?” Unfortunately, yes; but not in the way that most expect or would believe. Civilization won’t end by ice age, global warming, nuclear war, overpopulation, killer virus, supernova, or by any other doomsday scenario accepted by most scientists. Instead, Bible prophecy corroborates a fringe theory proposed by only a few acclaimed scientists. Find out about Nemesis theory and where Revelation describes something just like it bringing a series of global cataclysms to earth. Also why this theory is not so “laughable” as the similar “Planet X” theory.