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Is ISIS in Bible Prophecy? Yes, Their End!

By Tim McHyde / September 6, 2014

ISIS or ISIL has Christians not just in Iraq and Syria, but even in America worried. With their propaganda spreading on social media, they are growing and becoming a significant political and terror force. But what does Bible prophecy say? Does ISIS play a big role in the end times? Is this one of the signs of the end? Find out how ISIS speculation distracts believers from the real threat.


Identifying the Antichrist: 8 Myths Not To Fall For

By Tim McHyde / August 8, 2010

The Bible gives many clues on how to identify the Antichrist, but if your life depended on recognizing him when the time comes, would you be able to? Find out how to consider the Antichrist question biblically and free yourself of any anxiety you may have over failing to identify him when he comes and suffering the grave consequences.