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Walid Shoebat Reviewed

By Tim McHyde / March 9, 2015

Walid Shoebat has authored several books on Islamic terrorism and Bible prophecy portraying himself as an expert on these topics. So does his teaching hold up to scrutiny? Rampant Islamophobia Today Do you have a case of “Islamophobia” (fear of Islam)? Do you think the Antichrist will be a Muslim? Do you worry about ISIS […]


John Hagee

By Tim McHyde / August 1, 2013

John Hagee is the founder of John Hagee Ministries. Hagee jumped on the four blood moons bandwagon in 2012 and 2013 with a book, DVD and even a T-shirt on it. John Hagee and the Four Blood Moons Theory John Hagee is a popular Bible teacher based in San Antonio, Texas and Senior Pastor of […]


Mark Biltz

By Tim McHyde / August 1, 2013

Mark Biltz is the pastor of El Shaddai Ministries in Tacoma, Washington, a Hebrew Roots congregation. Mark is known for his 2008 theory on the four blood moons or tetrad of 2014-2015 that made a resurgence in 2013. He is also the author of Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs. Mark Biltz’s Claim to […]


Bill Salus

By Tim McHyde / October 1, 2008

Bill Salus is the author of Israelstine and has appeared on WorldNetDaily as a commentator. Bill Salus is yet another prophecy teacher and author in the “pretrib rapture” camp. This is unfortunate since he is one of the few who have come at last to see Psalm 83 as an unfulfilled prophecy. Yet he bears […]


Jeff Nyquist

By Tim McHyde / June 29, 2006

Well Jeff J.R. Nyquist is not a Bible teacher, but what he says about Russia is key in order to understand End Times Bible Prophecy. Sometimes we need expert secular sources to confirm what we believe Bible Prophecy is saying when it is contrary to conventional wisdom. Jeff Nyquist is such a source. He reports […]


Michael Rood

By Tim McHyde / June 15, 2006

Michael Rood is the Messianic Jewish / Hebrew Roots Bible teacher and author who popularized the Agricultural Biblical Calendar of the Karaites and the Prophetic Feasts of the LORD. He is also known for the Jonah Code and Chronological Gospels book. If you can handle his controversial “rude” style, you will learn much about the […]


Ron Wyatt

By Tim McHyde / June 10, 2006

Ron Wyatt was a nurse anesthesiologist who made amazing claims of having made just about all the major Biblical archeology discoveries one could ask for including Noah’s Ark and the Ark of the Covenant. Mainstream Christianity and Archeology both ignore Ron Wyatt’s finds or call him a crackpot without evidence. However, his testimony is very […]


David Wilkerson

By Tim McHyde / June 6, 2006

David Wilkerson is best known as the author of the Cross and the Switchblade and founder of the Times Square Church, but has written other books on Bible prophecy. David Wilkerson seems to be one of the few major American pastors who believes and openly talks about coming severe judgment on America, and the need […]


Tim Cohen

By Tim McHyde / June 1, 2006

Best known for his definitive work, The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea, he offers other prophecy teaching materials such as the Real Rapture. Tim Cohen’s The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea is one of the few “must have” prophecy books that I can still recommend. It uses the all-important literal interpretation method for […]


“Prophet” Dumitru Duduman

By Tim McHyde / May 28, 2006

The Romanian with an amazingly authentic prophet testimony who came to warn that “America will burn.” Dumitru Duduman many believe to be a prophet judging from his very testimony (including torture and surviving the electric chair twice) and visions that agree with the Bible in tone and content. He died on May 5,1997, but his […]

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