Why I’m Convinced The End Begins in 2026—And What You Can Do About It

[I'm only releasing this information to supporters:] Since learning in 2001 that Yeshua must return in a Sabbath year, I've had to rule out three consecutive Sabbath year cycle windows for the final 7 years (2003-2009, 2010-2016, 2017-2023). This same insight enabled me to easily rule out every date-setting prophecy theory along the way, bringing comfort to many scared readers. With the next possible window for the 70th week coming next decade (2024-2030), I'm ready to share why I believe, based on the real end time sign of Mt 24:14, that this can be the one. If it is, the nasty birth pains (WW3 + Wormwood) would start near its middle in 2026 and Yeshua would return at its end in 2030. Why am I now sharing a “doomsday year” myself and how am I not a “hypocrite” for doing so? How is my 2026 conviction different from what prophecy theory date setters have done? What about "no man knows the day or hour"? Read on to understand what has changed, why I'm so convinced about 2026 and, most importantly, what the Bible says to do if the end is indeed coming in your lifetime.


I've added this introduction to help people who spot this article, do not read it, come to a wrong conclusion from the summary above, and then email me with concerns. Their comments reflect common misunderstandings of what I'm saying and what I'm not saying about the year 2026. I hope this new section will help dispel confusion for concerned readers and put them at ease!

To be clear as possible about my position on 2026:

  • I'm not saying "thus saith the Lord" or doing this "in God's name." I offer you no hard proof in signs or wonders that would accompany such a statement by the prophets.
  • As such, I am not a prophet nor making myself out to be one.
  • I am not a "watchman" nor am I here to "warn" anyone, either.
  • I am not even making a "prediction" nor a definitive statement that "the end will for sure come in 2026." For an example of a definitive statement from me, go to my article "Jesus cannot/will not come back in 2018." Note that those who make doomsday date predictions are usually surprised or confused when they fail to happen. I won't be because I already know it is possible I misunderstood given I did not hear the audible voice of God explicitly say "2026 is it."
  • I'm only sharing my conviction that 2026 is the end. Paul said believers shared revelation they received from God with the church (1Co 14:26). That's what I'm doing, to help "build up the body" as he said. But it's only my conviction, like one might have and pass along after, say, overhearing an expert insider on  cryptocurrency promise "one Bitcoin will be worth a million dollars." You passing along what you think you overheard (and are convinced of) does not turn your statement into a prediction. We see through a glass darkly (1Co 13:12).
  • I'm sharing this revelation to bless and build up brethren (1Co 14:26) who want or are waiting for confirmation that time is short. This insight can give their repentance and spiritual growth extra impetus or urgency. I've seen positive fruit from people who think time is short—as long as they are also instructed on properly dealing with it. (When people hear a doomsday date without any guidance on how to deal with it and escape it, they tend to get scared, hopeless or make bad life decisions.)
  • Unlike my peers who make predictions and then disappear or make excuses after the date fails, I will be able to rule out this next possible 70th week window (2024-2030) before it begins, early next decade. This is what I have always done with every single 70th week window as they approach (as already described in the summary above).
  • If 2026 must be ruled out early in the 2020s, I will be relieved with nothing to apologize for because my conviction shared below coupled with my teaching on repentance to escape what is coming will only help listeners to prioritize God in their life. Urgency about the end is a blessing when you have been told what the Bible says to do about it.
  • Finally, my "reputation as a teacher" is not "on the line" as my 2026 date is not a teaching as much as sharing a revelation I am convinced is from God (1Co 14:26). In other words, a teaching of mine would be that the 70th week will come in some Sabbath year cycle. My conviction is that God has confirmed that 2024-2030 is the right cycle, making 2026 the "beginning of sorrows." Even if my conviction about 2026 is wrong, my teaching will remain the same about Jesus returning in a Sabbath year at the end of a Sabbath year cycle. (If not 2024-2030, then 2031-2037, and so on.)

I hope this helps clarify my position and rationale for those who are confused or concerned after reading my 2026 summary above.

Those who read the full article below know that there is no cause for fear about 2026 given what I explain about God's plan to help us deal with it.

By the way, I hope my conviction is wrong. I want more time like most of you. I did not ask for or seek confirmation about 2026 but it was dramatically given in a way I cannot ignore or deny. Those who listen to me and follow my instructions on how to deal with the end will be closer to God than ever. God bless!

Now after the above disclaimer, read on to understand what has happened to convince me about 2026...

Part 1 – Why Do Popular Date Setting Theories Always Fail?


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77bluejay - December 3, 2023

77bluejay 2023-12-02,
fyi. Responding to sabbatical year calculations for Yeshua to appear.
see websites:

Based on Dr. Earnest Martins data from the two above mentioned websites.
Very interesting sabbatical calculations. Hmmmmmm. 🙂
A spreadsheet calculation indicates sabbatical years from 20 -21 CE to present year 2023 and beyond are:
2001-Autumn to 2002-Autumn
2008-Autumn to 2009-Autumn
2015-Autumn to 2016-Autumn
2022-Autumn to 2023-Autumn
2029-Autumn to 2030-Autumn
2036-Autumn to 2037-Autumn
2043-Autumn to 2044-Autumn
2050-Autumn to 2051-Autumn
Tim’s work has been a joy and pleasure this many years.
Blessings unto all and especially Katrina and Family for their lose.

JW - August 24, 2023

Interestingly, Chris Bledsoe,a UFO abductee of Beyond Skinwalkers Ranch Fame, and heavily connected to New Age beliefs, claims his white lady he communicates with, and also calls her the holy spirit. told him that Easter 2026 humanity would change. She apparently predicted an earthquake in CA that was off by 2 days and .6 magnitude, so I would suspect she is up to something around Easter 2026. That is also a pagan holiday celebrating an ancient goddess. So makes sense for the timing. Read his new book and watch beyond skinwalker ranch to have your view of reality altered greatly

    Lynda Drake - October 28, 2023

    JW, there’s an AI-produced Spongebob Squarepants cartoon where Squidward says that on August 12, 2036, the universe will end. He also says, “August 12th, 2036. The heat death of the universe.” He says this three times. He says repeatedly, “The fog is coming.”

    For what it’s worth.

Toni - September 6, 2022

Well, Its Good to be true.. Thanks that we have People like You sir, and I Tell you that you are not wrong of what your position is ..We here in Philipiness know Already that Year since 2019 God give us Proof in His word about Appointed Time in His Word, and That Time will be on May 15,2026 Midnight.. He will come in Sabbath Day.. “Prepare To Meet Thy God”

    Some one - October 1, 2022

    I ask GOD in prayer back in 2021 *When will you return or when is the end maybe I asked how long till the end . * I woke up early in the morning to a loud voice that Said 5 more years. so 2026 is the time frame.

    graliontorile - January 4, 2023

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

Kish - October 4, 2021

Tim, are the children (16 and under) of non-believers destined to experience the horrors of the Great Tribulation? They obviously would be unable to make their own independent decisions.

Also, hypothetically, let’s say Katrina had a sudden change of heart and decided not to ‘escape all these things’ and move to the safe place in Judea with you when the time came, and let’s say the German courts prevented you from taking your children from her, yet you know your family would likely suffer far worse pain and suffering without you, what would you do? Would you REALLY leave them behind?

    Tim McHyde - October 4, 2021

    Kish, it seems unfair and cold but yes God lets children suffer including for the choices of others above them. We have to remember he loves our children more than we do and he will resurrect them and heal them of their trauma wiping every tear from their eyes. Yes, I would do what Abraham did and not put my children before God but obey God’s command to leave. Obeying God is the best and loving example for them as well as they will understand later.

      Jamie - May 25, 2022

      Tim, glad I found your article. I’ve done some research on this, and I have good reason to believe the 70th week begins this year, specifically September 26th 2022.

      I predict, also based on seemingly solid evidence, that the Rapture could well be Friday 22nd May 2026 (shortly after the Great Tribulation begins), or the following day, 23rd May.

      I’m still looking for evidence to support or detract from the predictions, so if you’d like to get in contact, have a respectful discussion and compare notes, feel free to email any time. Cheers 🙂

        Gerhard - September 20, 2022

        Hi Jamie

        Unfortunately Tim has passed away a few years ago, but his wife still writes from time to time I believe.

        Good luck with your search for truth and Jesus our Messiah.



          Linda - April 20, 2023

          I was shocked to learn today (April 20, 2023) that Tim has passed away. I bought his book (8th edition) several years ago and love his teachings. Always looking for light, I study and learn as much as I can about prophecy. Looking forward to reading more at this website.

      farley - July 17, 2023

      The end we are told in Scripture. occurs in the moment in the twinkling of an eye no child to get scared all or change from mortals to immortals in that moment in the Twinkling of an eye !!!
      Covers the dead, and the Living !!! what is re-headboard image of the Earthy we shall also wear the image of the heavenly. The first resurrection, the quickening the last resurrection is a change should be like Jesus, the heavenly. Amen.

John Olsen - November 24, 2020

Jesus left 33.5. He would be gone for 2 days and with us on the 3rd as it is written. So I was always under the assumption to subtract 7 years of this number but maybe actually 14 years for Jacobs Troubles. So the troubles began in September 2019. Most likely the day Corona was unleashed in China. Jacob was working 7 years for Leah under her father Leban. His name means white as in leoprsy as in Corona. The 1st 7 years Leban tried to screw Jacob with his wages. Hence the economic reset where we all get screwed. The first 7 for the christian bride. 2026 Rapture. 2026 to 2033.5 for the Jews. The 7 years for Racheal, the bride he wanted first. As God picked the jews first but will get the christians first. Leah.

    Les Schaefer - August 16, 2021

    I think you could be right on target. The Virus at end of 2019 could be the white horse rider even though the seals have not been opened yet, (but real soon-8/16/21 as of today) See partially below:

    We look at chapter 5 and see God and the gathering before the throne, waiting on Christ to open the seals that prevent us seeing what is inside the book (scroll). But before we get to the actual opening of the seals we see that seal one (white horse rider) is actually already in motion prior to Christ breaking the seals. We see ” And I saw, and behold”, which saw is past tense and behold is present tense of the word see. So actually the white horse is seen already riding but when seal is opened he is seen continuing to ride.

    We also see the third seal (black horse) and the forth seal (pale horse) is the only other seals that also make double use of the same word. “And I beheld and lo” a black horse, and “I looked and behold” a pale horse. Both beheld and looked are past tense of word see and lo and hehold are present tense of word see.
    When we look closer at seal one we see the rider “had” a bow, again had is past tense of have, which means he had the bow already when seal was opened. This bow means “fabric” bow and Greek meaning is to produce from the earth. Crown in the Greek means corona. So I feel that the white horse rider could be the Corona Virus pandemic and was unleashed (began to ride) possibly in December 2019. When it went out so did the black horse, (economic distress), and pale horse (death). They are all three riding when Christ actually opens the seals in chapter 6.

    So its possible the 3 horses are riding but yet not their seals broken by our Lord, (but I feel real soon).

Lea Ann Savage - October 9, 2020

“I believe the GNOTK would have to be published in a book and then a movie by 2024 to effectively warn and teach everyone. It’s only 2017 so that gives seven years for that to happen. Since things are on track for that with the rediscovery of the GNOTK in 2016, I feel confident about 2026.”

Have you seen the TV Series “The Chosen”? That could easily fulfill what you are describing. https://studios.vidangel.com/the-chosen

Lea Ann Savage - October 9, 2020

“Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we ask you, brothers, not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed, either by a spirit or a spoken word, or a letter seeming to be from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction”

In that verse it says, “or a letter seeming to be from us” How could that happen in the future? That make it sound like they were expecting the rebellion and the man of lawlessness in their lifetime.

    Tim McHyde - October 9, 2020

    Lea Ann, yes there are several NT passages that show they had that idea. They did not understand perfectly either. It may have given them a helpful sense of urgency.

    amber - September 13, 2021

    it can be so … if the letter is words on a scroll.. or in a Bible passage.. after all .. the entirety of the scrolls and the “BOOKS” were written as letters.. were they not?

    Robin Mullins - July 31, 2022

    Sounds like the letter is another form of deception.

Amy Petricini - September 16, 2020

Is the 6 trumphet war and ww3 the same war I am jusr worried about accord the Middle east has signed two two coutries and possibly 5 or 6 more can join very soom I am 42 and I cerebral palsy I have been watching end time ministries

Lawry - June 23, 2020

I Don’t disagree with your date from 2026 but two verses which state in the bible what must happen 2 Thessalonians 2:3 English Standard Version (ESV)
3 Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness[a] is revealed, the son of destruction, The only man who fits this description by al means DONAL J TRUMP

    Clint Ferguson - July 21, 2020

    @Lawry: You have got to be joking me! People thought Ronald Reagan was the flipping anti christ! You should remember that end time prophecy relates with Israel and the Middle East. Even the number 666 is related with Islam. Study up on it! What makes you think that someone from the United States who isn’t even affiliated with our culture, would have anything to do with the destruction of Israel? I swear that you people with these stupid conspiracy theories are just plain crazy.

      Sarah - May 27, 2021

      I voted for Trump, however the bible says the antichrist will rise from the Roman Empire and if u research Trump name and what it means and his decendants it comes from the Roman Empire.. I have to say its very possible … if u read on the beast in revelation and the false prophet it says that the dragon gives him authority to rule AGAIN key word…for 42 months now I have heard that Trump will take seat again in June and if u do the math of president term 4 years subtracting 6 months that Biden has been office it equals 42 months … this is why I think its Trump , plus the feet like a bear thats Russia I think and Trump n Putin have been working side by side …the head that has been wounded and healed I believe that is Pope …Trump just visited him a couple of weeks ago…as well as Trump has closed the federal reserve and has control over all money that shows one world order too … money is root of all Evil so I think Trump will use that for nesara/gesara and this will be the finishing up of mark of beast right hand is working hand so its deff money forehead is thoughts

        Hannah - May 29, 2021

        Any chance you could email me on what else you think? I found this very interesting and plausible

        Jody - July 8, 2021

        Trump did not close the federal reserve or control all the money but I could believe this if we were talking about the World Economic Forum. Now there is an institution which seeks to bring all corporations into alignment.

          Gdesca - July 10, 2021

          Hi Sarah
          This post follows up on your WEF statement. In reading this article the cast of characters below really stood out:
          In the article it states-
          Suddenly, every facet of society was told they had no choice but to stay at home, conduct business online, and wait for further instructions. And the technocrats had found their opportunity. Seizing the moment, Schwab ( WEF founder )swiftly declared that the global response to the pandemic proved a Great Reset of our economic and social foundation was within reach. In the nick of time, the COVID-19 crisis supplied a pretext and a justification for continuous surveillance and social controls that cripple all aspects of freedom and personal choice. Without hesitation, in early June 2020, Schwab, along with Prince Charles, IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva, and the CEOs of BP, Mastercard, and Microsoft announced:

          “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world. To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.” In addition to laying the groundwork for the Great Reset—or as Biden calls it, “Build Back Better”—the pandemic was instrumental in ensuring President Trump’s removal from the White House. After all, Trump was a considerable obstacle to their project. In fact, Democratic megadonor George Soros declared at the 2020 WEF that Trump was a “conman and the ultimate narcissist” who had breached the limits of the U.S. constitution and had to be stopped at all costs (baloney imo) . Following the questionable results of the Nov. 3 election, as expected, the Biden administration and other world leaders dutifully got in line with the WEF script. And the Great Reset was underway. (Almost seems planned beforehand )
          As the Word declares and Tim teaches God has a great Reset coming of His own called “Wormwood” which these folks are unaware of and it will expedite what their trying to do (due to a decimated earth imo), leading to the rise of antichrist shortly after.
          Psalm 2 pretty much conveys Gods thoughts on their actions.

          Timothy Bell - July 11, 2021

          The WEF run by Klaus Schwab aim to achieve the Great Reset by 2030 (“Agenda 2030”). Isn’t it IRONIC that the REAL ultimate great reset will be the coming Kingdom of God in Fall 2030 per the timeline?

          Yes, Wormwood would certainly destroy the electric grid upon which enables all this world-wide communistic control. Though I wonder if the electrical system will still be functional in Israel (since that is where the safe place would be) if that part of the earth will have minimal effect from Wormwood’s destruction.

        Jacob - October 21, 2021

        It’s Emmanuel Macron, He fits all the prophecies perfectly. He is also most likely the one to run the one world government when it comes.

        Essy - December 28, 2021

        Sarah – May 27, 2021 You wrote this then. Today is 12-27-21 you’re off on your prediction. Just like all of you. You all fall into the same trap but forget what Jesus said “ Matthew 24:36 But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

        I think best to not predict as Jesus said or you become like the rest “The Problem not the solution…

          Robin Mullins - July 31, 2022

          No man knew the day or the hour at that time as Rosh Hashana can come in September or October over a period of time falling on a new moon.
          Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) is the next prophetic event on the Christian calendar. This year 2022 also falls on a shemitah and Jubilee!

    Anthony Ianosel - September 10, 2020

    Prez. Donald Trump certainly is not the man of destruction!!! Read Clint Ferguson’s article below, which clearly explains this aspect!

    Lea Ann Savage - October 9, 2020

    I could see Trump as an Anti-Christ, even possibly THE Anti-Christ but I don’t think we can know until he is revealed who he will be.

      SweetBabyJane - November 20, 2021

      LMAO. Trump is NOT the AC:) I believe he had a small but significant role to play in the timeline that Tim puts forth. Like Jerusalem as the proper Capitol and also 3 years to HOLD BACK the NWO Great Resetters so that it would fit the 7 year timeline:) that’s about it. Anyone who believes any of the SMEAR campaign by the media should reassess their reason for being on this platform.

    Forrunner - December 12, 2020

    Larry, This is complete horse shit lol. You have no idea what you are talking about. So do you always live in ignorance and regurgitate bullshit or is this just something that is new for you? Trump let more people in, kicked less people out (than Obama and Bush), didn’t start any new conflicts or wars, rolled back weapons selling and ‘kill lists’ drone programs. You really don’t have a clue what you are talking about. You are not only stupid but certain too, and thats a bad combo. I feel bad for everyone around you having to constantly pretend…yeesh.

robert h elmer jr. - May 5, 2020

dear Tim, I am a bible student grad. from san diego christian college. B.A. pastoral studies. I have observed an object in the western sky at night at the place the sun goes down that shows up after sun goes down. It appears to be the brightest object in the sky. knowing that the earth moves and not the sun, we see trhat once a day the sun lines up with this object at sun down. which logically indicates its coming from the direction of the sun. i only have binoculars on a tripod. I observe a red tail on this object showing us that it is not a fixed object, planet or star. I also for several years have believed the time of Jesus return is close. Hosea says, “after two days he will revive us and in the third day he will cause us to live in his sight. i havent been able to determine from scripture when to start the 2000 years of the gentiles. In daniel we see the exact date when messiah is born and crucified “cut off” could it be from the cutting off of daniels prophecy that the two thou year period begins “untill the gentiles be come in” according to the jewish calendar and not the gregorian calendar that it starts / begins

    rob elmer - May 6, 2020

    if the cuttinng off spoken of by daniel is when the times of the gentiles begins, then we can see the times of the gentiles beginning in 2029 an a half. Could it be at the death of steven, when Jesus stood at the right hand of the father at seeing the nation of israel rejecting him, which would place it even further back ?

    Mariann - May 16, 2020

    Hi Robert,
    I believe that object you see in the western sky at night is the planet Venus. You wrote that “It appears to be the brightest object in the sky” Venus is the brightest object in the sky and it lines up with the setting sun during that time of year. It’s so bright that it appears to be moving closer but it’s not.

    Bradley Mikrut - February 13, 2021

    Hey Tim, jumped back on the supporters content to read this one. Thanks for putting it together. I think you have to address this guy above right? I was totally thinking the same thing as I was reading your two day perspective from John 4. This Hosea passage is even stronger and more compelling in my opinion. What do you think!?

Lana - May 5, 2020

I am scared for the end of the world, should I?

    Tim McHyde - May 5, 2020

    Lana, repent and draw close to God as I describe in my latest article. He will guide you from there as you stay slow and committed to giving your life to him.

Lea Ann Savage - April 8, 2020

In the verse “many shall run “to and fro” – what is the original’s word for run. You interpreted it as search. In the original word were they talking about moving physically from place to place? I always thought this verse meant the fact that we can so easily fly across the globe…

    Tim McHyde - April 8, 2020

    Lea, Yes, so did I before I learned that it is an idiomatic expression. I have an article somewhere explaining this, but if you check 2Chr 16:9 you can see that “run to and fro” is clearly an idiom for searching. God’s eyes do not literally exit his head and roam the earth…

      Robin Mullins - July 31, 2022

      Even if it is idiomatic, it still applies physically. 3.8 billion people will fly in an airplane in 2022.
      It goes along with the increase in knowledge though.

Gum Boocho - January 27, 2020

Neither the Church nor the Rapture is found in the Olivet Discourse (Mat 24 & parallels): There it is Israel & the Gentiles. 1st: The return of Christ for the Church has been imminent since James wrote that the judge was at the doors in James 5. It could happen at any time SO FAR AS WE KNOW, but it is uncertain as to time. 2nd: to SPECULATE: If man’s history is 7000 years; then we could break it down Adam to Abraham 2000 years, Abraham/Israel to Pentecost (Birthday of Church) 2000 years; Church Age to start of Millennium 2000 years; Millennium 2000 years (all SPECULATION). Church began about AD 33. 2000 years later is 2033. Subtract 7 years for Daniel’s 70th Week-Year (popularly called “the tribulation”, unbiblically) = 2026. So I expect some to-do about the year 2026 for the Rapture, tho there cud be a gap between the Rapture & the signing of the covenant to start Daniel’s 70th week-year.

SPECULATIVE SCENARIO: 2026 nuclear bombing destroys USA (not found in prophecy). The Rapture happens & is disguised by nuclear war (tho Biblically the Rapture does not have to be secret). The World enters a new dark age where war is by swords, horses, & bows. Rev 6-18 appears to be LOW TECH. All you need for a mark is India Ink & a needle (no chips in Revelation).

    Robin Mullins - July 31, 2022

    That’s something I haven’t been able to understand yet. A nuke attack also constitutes an EMP. How will the whole world see the witnesses raised from the dead if we don’t have our satellites up and running?

James Fulton - January 22, 2020

Hi Tim,
I wanted to ask you about the 2520 year prophecy, what it is and what it refers to. I only first came across this today but I can’t understand any of it. It seems to be a mixture of both Ezekiel 4:4 and Leviticus 26:18 combined together (I think). I haven’t been able to figure any of it out and I was wondering how it would fit into the 70th week timeline. I searched your blog but couldn’t find any mention of it (so perhaps it isn’t essential?). I would like to know what your understanding of this is though. Thanks!

    Tim McHyde - January 22, 2020

    James, Ha, I have not heard about a “2520 day prophecy” since my Sabbatarian days. I see it’s talked about in Adventist circles online. When I look at Lev 26:18- I am not convinced there is a 2520 day prophecy there.

      James Fulton - January 22, 2020

      Right, I meant a 2520 day prophecy, my mistake. That’s what I thought it was about, the SDA, but someone I know who is SDA told me that they were actually divided on that topic. I didn’t even know that the topic existed!
      Anyway, thanks for responding Tim, I guess I can stop searching to try to make sense of it, it was really confusing! LOL

Carolyn - January 3, 2020

Hey, Tim, you have given me a renewed interest in prophesy. A lot to review and rethink. I have noticed that you haven’t mentioned the rebuilding of the temple or I haven’t found it yet. anyway, the antichris t cant go to the temple and proclaim himself God if there isnt a temple. I stay on the Jewish temple sight in internet a lot and they have made all the goof vessels for temple. They have announced years ago they knew where ark of covenant was and would reveal when time was right.
One thing you have said that I am still shaking my head– for the life of me how can Trump be the antichrist. The antichris t win people over because of how he speaks and he is a warrior conquers nations before heading to Israel. Trump hasn’t served in armed forces. He is good at making a deals. Could you tell me how you came to that decision.?

I also wonder how you came to the decision that Christians will go through all the tribulation? How can he be revealed while the holy spirit hinders. I do think we will probably be here right before he sits in temple.
Well, this is a lot to put in email. If you will help me understand , I will try to understand. Thanks Carolyn

    Tim McHyde - January 4, 2020

    Carolyn, you must have me confused with someone else as I do not say Trump is Antichrist but have had another candidate in mind since 1999. Since the rapture is not until “after the Tribulation” (Mt 24:29) we will be on earth during it.

      Carolyn Spivey - January 5, 2020

      Tim, I thought for sure I read that, but guess I overread. Sorry. I did try to consume too much. Because of all my interest. You know we don’t agree as most of christians, but The book of Revelation is being revealed now for sure in ways it hasn’t been before.

      I have been taught all my life (I ‘m 66 now) to be sure who is being spoken too. I always thought Jesus was speaking to the disciples about trying to run to mountains. (I felt this is when antichris t is attacking Jews). I’m fairly sure we will in America, trying to hide also at some point. people will be saved and believe that Jesus was and is the Messiah during tribulation. God says He will plead with them in their hiding place and then He separated the rebels from believers. I wonder about these verses because of verse–all Israel will be saved?.

      Anyway, I consider the most important wisdom I have ever understood is love of the Spirit.
      Love is above all. By now you might understand I have the gift of mercy. Of course, as with all gifts, you have weaknesses with it. I do look forward to your emails.

      Keep on keeping on, when you put yourself out there as interpretation in prophecy, Christians do eat you alive. I saw a young man when in my 20’s go up in front of church of 300 people and ask for support of his revelation that he wanted to reach people. After he was through, the pastor said no to support and then said he was wrong in his interpretation and he needed to study more. The young man was so hurt in this rebuke, he didn’t go back to any church the rest of his life. He passed end of last year 2018. I always wondered how God would have used him if this huge mistake was not made publicly. Well, poor guy. Like I said, keep on keeping on. A person can get discouraged so easily. Carolyn

      P.s. I have a Jewish friend, Fred Schmitt, an evangelist, He says antitrust is from Syria. He has a book on His interpretation of Revelation also. Thought you might have heard this. Fred found corner stone of temple in Jerusalem back in 80’s.

        Robin Mullins - July 31, 2022

        I have heard/read pope, someone from Syria, Charles, a Jew (probably from tribe of Dan). All interesting prospects.

      Ranger - February 11, 2020

      Hi Tim,
      After the Tribulation but before the Wrath of God commences.

      Jesus began His ministry on the Day of Atonement which Jubilee falls on and He will return at the Rapture in the year of Jubilee.

      Think of me as the good man of the house(:

      I would like to share a personal dream I received from the Lord.

      In the dream my earthly father said, “I want you to meet someone, his name is Jubilee and he can’t wait to meet you”
      My father in the dream is our Father who abides in Heaven.

      God bless you Tim and thank you for being a watcher for our Lord.

      Bill - September 24, 2020

      Hi Tim, my name is bill. I came across this by random Chance. Googling 2026 prophecies.
      Where my life has lead me.
      The newest # of a life filled with / and follower of #’s / dates and some crazy unnatural events and experiences
      I’m curious who you think to be antichrist since 1999

      hozana - March 13, 2021

      Tim i dont think we will be here for the tribulation. the church will be first removed then the start of Daniel 70 Week [7year period of the tribulation]

        Tim McHyde - March 14, 2021

        Hozana, the Jesus taught the rapture is “after the tribulation of those days” (Mt 24:29-31)

Marlen Sherar - October 5, 2019

Christians will go through tribulation as Christ has stated in Matthew 24. He said we are not appointed to wrath Which is the trumpets and bowls. We will be here when the antichrist is revealed and desecrates the temple. Then we look up for His appearing in the skies for our redemption. You can’t read current events into scripture. You must interpret scripture in light of Bible prophecy

    Michel danis - February 1, 2020

    The Bible says that the wrath of Satan lasts 2 1/2 years and the wrath of God lasts 1 year. The faithful church will be protected in the desert for the last 3 1/2 years.
    The laodecians Christians will be purified through the great tribulation

      Tim McHyde - February 1, 2020

      Michel, no scripture says God’s wrath lasts one year, but you can deduce the length from the prophetic holy days to 10 days.

Ronald McConnell - February 22, 2019

In your book the anti makes a deal with 10 rulers in 2023 so he may/might be noticed/identified by you/us?

Ronald McConnell - February 22, 2019

So if the 70th week starts in 2023 wouldn’t it be safe to say you and some of your readers will be able to identify the antichrist?

    Tim McHyde - February 22, 2019

    Ronald, not 2023 but 2024. Elijah might tell us before we flee but until we flee the Antichrist does not appear.

Chris Ball - November 22, 2018

Elle technically no one is the Antichrist (AC) right now, otherwise those who are worthy would have evacuated to the safe zone (Judea then Jordan before the Abomination of Desolation is stood up) and the world would have the mark imposed on them already.

Personally I don’t see how Donald Trump is an AC candidate as Daniel points to the AC candidate arising NW of the Promised Land (Israel). The USA doesn’t lie NW of Israel. There are more objections I can think of though this is the best I can think of.

That being said we should definitely stay alert as Yeshua warned us as complacency is unfortunately a serious problem. Tim’s research on the Sabbath year cycles is the best I’ve seen so far on the subject, though of course being human he could be way off course on that one.

Oh one more thing once the Abomination of Desolation is stood up, those in the safe zone and anyone else who follows Yeshua will have 1290 days notice Yeshua is coming back.

Elle - November 22, 2018

Trump is the antichrist and 2024 is the return of Yeshua. The correct sabbath year is anyone’s guess.

Furthermore Rev 3:3 says:
Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee.

The obverse of that is: If therefore thou shalt watch, I will not come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt know what hour I will come upon thee.

At the time Yeshua said, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only”, that was true up until he ascended. Revelation 1:1 says, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God (Father) gave unto him (Yeshua), to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:”

God gave the info to Yeshua, Yeshua gave it to the angel and the angel gave it to the man John and John gave it to us. Man can know the day and the hour once the Father gave it to Yeshua, who gave it to the angel, who gave it to John, who gave it to man. Those who are keeping watch (to take heed lest through remission and indolence (laziness) some destructive calamity suddenly overtake one) and do not become lazy because of forgiveness of our sins will know. Those who do not rely on forgiveness and stay alert will know.

    Daw - October 5, 2019

    Why do you feel Trump is the AC?

    SweetBabyJane - November 20, 2021

    Trump is not the AC:) this is so predicated on the SMEAR campaign by the media:)

Zachary Miller - November 8, 2018


Since it appears many (or a number) of Bible prophecies appear to be “dual” in nature I’m wondering if the following have any possible application to the “two days” theme?

Mark 14:30
And Jesus said to him, “Truly, I tell you, this very night, before the rooster crows twice, you will deny me three times.”

Mark 14:72
And immediately the rooster crowed a second time. And Peter remembered how Jesus had said to him,
“Before the rooster crows twice, you will deny me three times.” And he broke down and wept.

Could the “two” rooster crows represent “two days”? Could this prophecy about Peter also be a prophecy about the Jews denying the truth for TWO DAYS–then afterward accepting it?

    Tim McHyde - November 8, 2018

    Zach, anything is possible but I personally don’t see the connection…

      DAW - October 5, 2019

      And the connection is…..?

        Tim McHyde - October 5, 2019

        DAW, Ask Zachary?

Daniel Difranco - September 10, 2018

Hosea 6:1 Come, and let us return unto the Lord: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up.

2 After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.

It appears that He will come back two days (two thousand years), after He left.

    Tim McHyde - September 10, 2018

    Daniel, that’s a popular Christian interpretation, but Hosea 6:1 makes no mention of Yeshua, his first coming, the second coming or the sin of Israel in 30AD from which to add 2000 years. If you want a better verse for it see John 4:40, 43 and my article on why 2024-2030 is the 70th week, ending 2000 years from Yeshua’s death.

      Bradley Mikrut - February 13, 2021

      Oops – found your hosea reply here. Still seems pretty compelling to me.

        Tim McHyde - February 15, 2021

        What makes it compelling? You have to read Yeshua and the Second Coming into the passage to force that interpretation.

Edwin Gaster - August 11, 2018

An interesting thing about Yeshua returning in 2030 is that it is approximately (or exactly for all I know) 2000 years after His resurrection from the dead. In fact presently we are living each year of His life plus 2000 years (approximately). Pope Gregory’s calendar is off at least four years. The exact year of Yeshua’s resurrection is still debated. These factors may help to put the puzzle in place.

Christian Gaviria - July 17, 2018

According to my own research, 2026 would be the year Christ would come, since that is when the next Jubilee year would be. Read this study, http://www.wisdomofgod.co/2017/10/15/the-possible-year-of-the-second-coming-in-year-2026-ad-based-on-the-jubilee-year-cycles-and-the-1290-and-1335-days-of-daniel/ .

Mr Polk - June 9, 2018

I like your ideas, but mostly you use many scriptures as one should. I believe it may be an extra shemitah or two later. Many things in the news say 2030 to be a turning point for humanity such as artificial intelligence. One main event when the world will know if it’s destruction will take place is the very close passing of the asteroid Apophis on April 13, 2029. At this time the there will be no hiding the trajectory seven years later to the day in 2036. It won’t be a world killer.
Also, what are your thoughts on Jesus preach roughly 3.5 years and the 1260 days of Satan ruling the world? Seems like a 1 for 1 match for taking turns of interaction on Earth.
I making a point with all this info: Crucifixtion 33.5 + 2000+1260 days= 2037ish.
I don’t believe He can return at any moment. There is specific time, just like His first coming. When the Holy Spirit descended on Him and He started preaching it was roughly 4000 years since Adam. We know this by adding all the generations and using the timing of the “carrying away into Babylon” of 722 BC.
My only fear for anyone calling dates and times for His return is that if they are wrong, they will be disappointed. Keep your focus on HIM.

    Tim McHyde - June 9, 2018

    Polk, the ministry of Jesus was only “about a year” according to the church fathers and the oldest manuscripts of NT. The 70th week cannot be half over anyway as it’s not divisible; the built-in divisions are at the 7 weeks, 62 weeks and one week in Daniel 9. If you read Revelation 6-8, world is not done in by an asteroid like Apophis, but something much bigger that breaks down into several asteroids and many meteorites.

    Are kidding, disappointed that Wormwood doesn’t come in 2026? Not me. Just surprised at first!

      David Abel - June 7, 2020

      Hi Tim I would love to talk to you more on this as I too had a vision of 2026. And I thought I was the only one until I came across you. I also saw 666 as a clock and I do believe this clock has started ticking. I would like to discuss more of how and what is too come .

Scott Harwell - May 30, 2018

We are almost the same age and, like you, I have been interested in Bible prophecy since I was 7 or 8 years old and have read hundreds of books on prophecy. As a lawyer, I also study apologetics. I used to be a hybrid gap-day age creationist but recent studies on the feasts of the Lord, the 6 days of creation and the sabbath rest and how this factors in to God’s overall 7000 year plan convinced me that God created the universe in 6 days and He has a plan to restore His creation in the messianic 1000 year kingdom.

My dad was a student of prophecy but placed the 4000 year mark at Yeshua’s birth rather than the beginning of His ministry or His death. I am still unsure on which event started the 2 last days (2000 years) and, from my research on Biblical chronology, many learned men have arrived at different calculations. I am of the opinion that God intentionally obscured the exact number for His own reasons but am 99% convinced that the 4000 year mark was either His baptism or death. 2000 years from this point in time will be when He returns to set up the kingdom. The 1% of me would have us in year 5947-8 and would put His return in 2070 AD.

As with an exact chronology, the exact year Jesus was crucified is uncertain. The most likely date is 30 AD but it could have been as early as 27 AD or as late as 34 AD based on the scholarship. I personally believe it was 30 AD for several reasons but am not dogmatic on this issue.

As you wrote, if this is the timeframe, believers who study and heed God’s Word will know it based on certain prophecies that must be fulfilled. The two that I would be dogmatic on is the apostasy and the abomination of desolation that take place at the midpoint of Daniels 70th week. Once these signs take place, we will know the day but not the hour and Yeshua will return on Tishri 1 on the Feast of Trumpets.

Helen Davies - March 31, 2018

Such great admonitions here. There are 3 things that come to me that I feel very focused on related to Jesus’ return. They are staying in obedience to Christ, staying filled with the Spirit through Bible reading and prayer, and sharing Jesus with the lost. I’ve heard the same prophetic word in the past 3 yrs at least, from various people I consider very reliable spiritually. It’s been a consistent word that if we don’t get the Word in us now, it will be too late later. I feel having Bible reading daily (or as often as possible) is a prerequisite for staying strong and on track. There’s so much in the Word we can forget if we get lax about reading it. Even scripture says we are to study to show ourself approved unto God, workmen that need not to be ashamed. Rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” Also, we become like who we associate with. It’s so important to stay strong spiritually by our fellowship with God through prayer and meditation of Him.

Thanks so much for these great insights and instructions because it really helps keep us on track and helps us see things so much clearer.

Tim, God bless you and Katrina for your much devotion and giving to the Kingdom!

Gert Bock - January 20, 2018

Hi Tim.
Strange as it may sound but I knew it before I read it in your posts. One night I closed my eyes before sleeping ,I saw God, the cross,and a consuming hell fire.It was like a movie playing in front of me.Then I saw four letters which are covered and only the top side of it was exposed…I figured it out as 2026. After I read your aricle now I understand.I trust and follow your writings more than ever before.

    Ranger - February 11, 2020

    Hi Gert,
    I can’t believe no one has asked you what the four letters are.

    This is what the Lord showed me about your vision.

    When you saw Jesus on the cross the Lord is saying to you, “When I came the first time I came as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”

    The hell fire represents the time when Jesus will appear at the Rapture.
    When Jesus appears at the Rapture He comes as the Lion of Judea in Judgement.
    The Rapture and the Wrath of God will take place back to back.
    One more thing,
    Your vision is real and God Almighty told you exact year when Jesus will return at the Rapture.

    I would really like to know what the four letters were that you saw and how you came to a conclusion that they mean the year 2026?
    Thanks and may God bless you for your post.

      Robin Mullins - July 31, 2022

      Not sure, but I think he meant to say numbers and not letters.

Zachary Miller - January 10, 2018

What I still find to be rather intriguing is using the concept of “cycles” for explaining human-related events (such as the “Sabbath” cycles mentioned on this site, Tim’s book, and the Bible). Not only is there a particular cyclical model pointing to sovereign deb/pension crisis beginning in the early 2020’s (with the crushing finale occurring around 2032) but it also looks like the sun’s longer cycle activity (300+ year) is turning down and will become very evident to everyone at roughly the same time. It will be interesting to see how all of this plays out given that the US’s preeminence on the world stage has a limited lifespan (not beyond the projected 2032 time frame).

Steve Thompson - December 27, 2017

Hi Tim, I haven’t read your document, and so I’m not going pass comment on your study, but it sounds interesting. However I would just like to throw in some of my own thoughts about these prophecies. Yeshua only said no-one knows the day or hour, he didn’t say no-one knows the month or year. I would also have to say that all those people who have been date setting dates prior to today and shown to miss, obviously haven’t read Hosea 5&6 where the Lord states He will come and deal with His people, then He goes away for 2 days and then on the third day He returns so we can all live with Him. If a day is as a thousand years and he was crucified in 32AD? Then surely He can’t return until at least 2032, which also happens to coincide with the next round of blood red moons tetrad on Jewish festivals. You may well have explored these things in your studies, so apologies if I am repeating it. But not many people who do comment ever seem to consider them. Keep up the good work!
Steve T

    Scott Harwell - May 30, 2018

    I have a strong conviction that God has a 7000 year plan and that Yeshua will return at the 6000 year mark. God changed the new year from Tishri to Nisan and Trumpets is on Tishri 1 which is most likely day 1 of Genesis.

    If Yeshua was crucified in 32 AD, I believe He will return in 2032 AD. Likewise, if He was crucified in 30 AD, He will return in 2030 AD.

    For this to occur, many events have to happen but history teaches us that the world can change in the short span of a few years. Just look at WWI and the map of the world from 1914 and in 1918. The same thing occured in WWII.

    With nuclear weapons, EMPs, etc, it could change even quicker now.

jerry - November 18, 2017

I am not convinced of the assumption that you give, that Christ will return in 2026, and that the rapture will take place 7 years earlier. They have been saying this that the second coming will happen on certain dates down the centuries, and every time they were wrong. What makes you think you are right? ,and what proof you have that this will happen in 2026? I do agree that Jesus will return at the most appropriate hour and day, However it also must be said of the hour and the day no man knows, especially Jesus Christ he does not know. It must be said that the only only one who does know is the Father, did you talk to the Father about this. Just remember if this does not come to past as you say you may very well be looked upon as a false prophet, and remember that I am not minced for words here. He will come when the Father is good and ready, and the Father does not depend upon dates for the return of his son Jesus.

    Tim McHyde - November 18, 2017

    Jerry, you missed the point, which is not surprising since you did not read the article (I know since you’re not a supporter). I shared my 2026 conviction not to convince others, but to help supporters who are seeking confirmation on time being short and having a sense of urgency about the need to repent, love God love others now more than ever (which is also taught in the support team studies).

    As for your questions, why not pay to become a supporter so you can read the article and have every question answered and support the teacher doing this research you seem clearly interested in? We both would win.

    As for your interpretation that “no man knows the day or hour” means “NO MAN WILL EVER KNOW (so don’t even try to use the myriad timing clues on prophecy to understand when I’m coming, when I’m not, and when I possibly can…” I recommend you study my free article on that difficult word of Jesus.

Manuel Solano - October 11, 2017

Hi Tim,

I bought and read your book several years ago when both of us were living in my parents country (Costa Rica)… It blessed me then as this article has (also the comments and replies)

I pray, as I did when I read your book, that your teachings, books and website are translated to Spanish and other languages. This is too big and important of a message for so many people not to be blessed for it.

Count with me to provide any assistance with the Spanish part (ad-honorem) , it will be an honor and a privilege.

Keep doing what you are doing. Being a supporter (brand new to this website) is a blessing and we spend so much money on futile stuff, while this is an INVESTMENT in our eternity, peace and loved oned (who we share your teachings with).


Zachary Miller - September 26, 2017

I don’t know about anyone else but there is one thing that keeps bothering me about the usage of these Shemitah cycles. It’s not that I disagree with Jesus returning on a Sabbath year–It’s that these cycles are based on calculated years of when Jesus was believed to have started his ministry (28/29 ish AD) and ending in his death (30 AD). I continue to wonder about the accuracy of these dates–as there doesn’t seem to be a definitive agreement on these dates. I know Tim has placed information throughout the site on their calculation but for whatever reason I’m still leery about accepting these dates as THE dates (ie: are the correct ones).

IF, and I say if, these dates are off by a few years or more we could effectively eliminate a cycle (such as the next one) before it should be invalidated….For example, imagine we are in the beginning of 2025 and the prophet hasn’t appeared in the prior year–We would conclude that this isn’t the correct cycle. However, what if the prophet comes later that year? This would require a “realignment” of these cycle timelines….I’m sure Tim has thought of this (and partially mentioned it in his book) but I thought I would just bring this up as human understanding of times/dates can be innaccurate…The dates are effectively the achillies heel of these timelines–which is a little worrisome to me.

    Tim McHyde - September 26, 2017

    Zach, yes we can’t be sure on the exact Sabbath year, but we can take comfort in knowing that all the Sabbath year cycle proposals are within six months of each other. That means at most 2024 is 6 – 12 months off the truth, it’s not a complete 3-4 years off. As such, it does not affect ruling out a cycle. Remember, it’s about the good news of the kingdom going out and the Ps 83 war. Neither are ready to happen in the next year or two, so this 2017-2023 cycle (even +/- 1 year) is toast even if it were actually 2018-2024.

      Zachary Miller - September 27, 2017

      Thanks Tim—very helpful information!

    Bill - February 24, 2023

    March 2025, if correct?

    When Is The Next Blood Moon? The Next One Is March 14, 2025!
    A Blood Moon is a very rare event, involving a total lunar eclipse which takes a reddish color. This lunar phenomenon is very rare, and despite seeing 2 Blood Moons in May and November 2022, the next one will now be on March 14, 2025. This sensation is also known as a Red Moon, and is often associated with negative happenings, and bad news. However, in reality, its meaning is very simple and a marvel that shouldn’t be missed out on. Susan Taylor reveals the dates, as well as what you need to know about this thrilling event, plus how to prepare for it.
    Last updated January 2, 2023 by Susan Taylor


    2025 Mar 29 10:48:36 Partial 149 0.938 – nw Africa, Europe, n Russia

Ageliki Boes - September 20, 2017

Dear Tim,

Thank you for the information. I am not sure how happy I am about it. I guess I was always hoping that it wasn’t going to happen in my lifetime. There is no hope of that, now. ?

Rob Foster - September 20, 2017

Hi Tim and Katrina,

This article has inspired me in several ways, none of which I’m currently at liberty to share. Suffice to say, I found the article to be exhilarating, exciting and energising. I’ll have more to say in the coming months as things develop from here.

Kind regards.

Anastasia - September 8, 2017

Good day Tim all God’s richest blessings to you. I found your article to be very informative and enlightening. I agree with what you are saying concerning God’s kingdom not being preached in the churches. You are definitely giving hope to the hopeless. Ppl are too busy focusing on end time dates when they need to focus on spreading the gospel of god to other nations.

So don’t judge Mr Tim, leave the judging to God.

Love all the way from Trinidad and Tobago

    Glyn DAVIES - April 28, 2018

    Anastasia, Prophecy and understanding it is Fine, But be aware of “Prediction ADDICTION” , never let it get obsessive There is MUCH to DO and be doing . I ,m dissapointed the “churches of GOD”are NOT preaching the Gospel and a warning to the world, that seemed to cease when WWCG “wheels fell OFF” and went Apostate, interesting reading all these comments from various believers, I,m 82 (baptised in 1960) . bought Tims book few yrs back. been watching for the news of the Rebuilding of the Temple (they DON,T seem to be aware of the ORIGINAL temple site of 70AD) and “armies round Jerusalem” as indicators as to how far we are away From Christs return, 2026 interesting Tim. Hello ! Anastasia . sorry 4 rambling my love ,Best wishes to EVERYONE Glyn

Sue W - September 5, 2017

Joseph, I am on Tim’s Support Team,contributing a very modest amount monthly.
I find great value in that – more than purchasing a magazine or two per month.
I am happy that Tim and Katrina are working in ‘this job’, making their livelihood from regularly sharing their studies and insights with us – most content is free, a small amount paid access.
Tim previously indicated that a one off donation to the Support Team gives you one month’s access to everything published in Supporter Content to date.
I think that is very thoughtful of the McHydes to offer that.
Nonetheless, I appreciate that some folk are doing it tough and live dollar to dollar.
If that’s your case (or anyone else’s), maybe someone on the Support Team (perhaps me) could donate you a one off subscription if they are in a position to do so.

    Zachary Miller - September 12, 2017

    I have no issue with helping anyone who needs the assistance (as best as I can!).

Joseph Furmen - September 4, 2017

“you are convinced the end begins in 2026 and you have information on what people can do about it ” YET this information is only for those who PAY you money for it.
HMMM…What if the apostles said “We have information about the Messiah we will share if you pay us”.
If you are having financial issues put your faith to work and trust in God.

    Tim McHyde - September 4, 2017

    Joseph, yes, my opinion on 2026 is only for my supporters who ask me my opinion of the “How long?” question frequently. If you don’t care enough to support this teacher per established Biblical ethics (1Ti 5:18; 1Cor 9:14; Gal 6:6) then why would you value my opinion on timing?

    If the apostles had charged for teaching I guess they would have been in trouble as they were trained and commanded to go out and preach the gospel. I’m not an apostle, never claimed to be!

    At the same time, the apostles were told to expect to be paid for their teaching, not to fund themselves (Luke 10:7; 1Co 9:7). So in the end there’s still nothing wrong with a teacher making sure he gets the payment he needs to keep going. It’s ethical and right. You may not agree with the method God led them to use (yes, after putting my faith in God and praying for this answer), but to condemn the brethren over a difference of opinion is missing the mark (Mt 7:1-3).

    I forgive you for your criticism and trust one day you’ll see that charging for Bible teaching is not “sinful” nor a sign of a lack of faith…


    Andreas - September 6, 2017

    Joseph, I was wondering about Churches (including Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, other) in America. Are they Tax-Exempt? Correct me if I’m wrong, but if that’s the case then it sounds like they are profiteering alot, collecting very big sums of money, like billions of dollars?

    Is this true? And if so, are you as a tax payer bothered by that?

    Andreas - September 6, 2017

    Joseph, by the way brother, I’m not judging you in any way. I’m here because I’m in constant repentence from being Judgemental myself. At times, I find it to be a constant defensive battle where you must stay alert and try to remain self-aware at all times just to hold the line. If you stop fighting, the spiritual enemy might breach your defences with ease and you won’t even know it.

Duane Jones - September 3, 2017

Hello Tim,
My interest in the end times was ALSO initiated by the Omen. I have NEVER been the same since. Needless to say, the 1st movie was much better than the later sequel. And Damien was the literal boogeyman indeed back then with the 666 hidden under a ring on a finger. And he never let me forget his demonic housekeeper protector, either. Or the spire falling from the steeple of the church and impaling the priest before he could expose the diabolical plot.

Right now here in Houston, we are recovering from a “Black Swan Event” (look it up) that was so far removed from possible that it was literally impossible. It’s like discovering King Kong, or finding a dodo bird, a unicorn or the Loch Ness monster. Or watching the Titanic sink, seeing a modern airplane fly for the very 1st time or using a Star Trek transporter. But now just a ho-hum rain event with more than 50 inches in 3 days is now ancient history. Impossibility BECAME reality literally. Probably the most expensive natural disaster in the history of Mystery Babylon. At least 250 billion plus. That is 250,000 million. From a freak hurricane of nature that wouldn’t go AWAY.

And a week after the much hyped continental “Jonahs sign”. And the woman giving birth next month….. Coincidental? Perhaps. Probably, but that’s Gods way of remaining anonymous.
In 10 years there will be profound changes occurring as routine. And some of those WILL be supernatural. And Black Swan Events. Just like last week. But they definitely are going to happen. And soon.

I predict more dramatic events of this caliber and magnitude with eventual increasing frequency. Especially earthquakes. and there are several prime locations here in the USA. And predicted to happen.

So, Thank You, Tim for Your insight on these end time Events. Just love your perspectives.
Your mention of the Omen gives me goosebumps, still.

Duane J.

Catherine Hafner - August 21, 2017

Tim, why the end can’t be between 2017-2023? Erdogan is going for war to Syria in the next weeks because the Kurds will proclaim the foundation of their state, so Damascus could be destroyed, the ME nuclear war could happen, Russia and Amerika are in Syria, so the Third World war and all these things could happen very quickly, not?

James - August 14, 2017

Great article as usual. However like many have said above,I’m cautious about people setting dates on “the end”. Setting dates usually doesn’t end well. Will be interesting to see what transpires in 2026, if anything.

    Tim McHyde - August 15, 2017

    James, thanks. I am cautious, too. The difference with my date sharing is that I’m not inventing an end time sign out of an eclipse or stock market collapse, but using the one and only named precursor “sign of the end” Jesus gave and working it out with the 70 weeks framework of Daniel given for this very purpose of knowing the seven year window of the end.

Donovan Corzo - August 1, 2017

Lamont, I hear you. I’ve been reading,hearing about the end times since I was 12, I am 29 now. I often lived my life worried like you are. I’ve been hearing the end was coming the last 17 years, new predictions, anytime there is middle east conflict etc…but here I am 29 years old, in barber school and getting married next month. Nobody knows when the end will come but God. We may have 10 years we may have 30 years. We really just don’t know.

    Tim McHyde - August 1, 2017

    Donovan, just because people have failed so far to identify the end does not mean “nobody knows when…but God” today. A point in time is coming when it will be known such as when the 1290 day count to the end starts with the Abomination of Desolation.

    When Jesus was just a baby he was brought to the temple. Two prophets of God were told the Messiah was there and got to see him. Similarly I’m sure there are people who already know what year Jesus comes because God shown it to them and they can handle the information.

    Some do know, but none have been authorized to speak on this topic yet with proof to give to the whole world, yet…

      bryan simon - August 2, 2017

      This excites me.

      Sam Miller - August 2, 2017

      Very interesting Tim. Very interesting indeed. ☺

      Gert Bock - August 29, 2017

      I like your answer given to Donovan.

        Ranger - September 5, 2020

        I tried to reach you back in Feb, 2020 about your dream of the end in 2026. I want to share with you what the Lord told me about 2026 because it may confirm what God told you in your dream.
        Please email me: iamlonelyranger@gmail.com

    Caligirl - April 24, 2020

    I agree we don’t know when. We are not suppose to know. It will be too late to know there won’t be no technology avail to us to say “I told you so” or “hey you were right”. We will already be with God in a blink of an eye before we even know it.
    Many years ago I had a dream I was in the mountains and me and my family were hugging in a circle my eyes were closed and next thing I know I’m walking with Jesus down this hall like Greek like halls in the mountains like it was afloat and everyone kept saying the sun was reborn and when I looked from the mountains it was so beautiful I can see down from miles and miles of beautiful hills .
    To each their own and I can’t really go based on time because time didn’t exist then man made time

Lamont - July 26, 2017

I am glad that my lord is coming soon, but I must admit, I having the mix feeling of sadness about this. I am a college student only 20 wanting to become a lawyer in the future. But now, I feel like all my educations will most likely be in vain, for the good news may be(I have not read your article yet) set in my life time. Sure I can hope that the lord let me live out my plans, but why would he do this for me? Most importantly, I have no wife which makes me feel horrible, and what women would want to marry me at this hour? I also feel bad for my Christian brothers and sisters, for their safety and plans is now being challenged. I seen them even talk about preparing to die. I see no evil in their preparations, but I feel bad that they must go through this. Even if the lord allowed the us to have our desires to marry, why would we want any children at this hour? Is not warning others best? I feel like the lord has given the youth the time span of an elder, for the WW3 and rest of the chaos is hounding Christians down; However, I am not angered with the lord, for he is God and he takes our life as he wish. I do not know when the lord would considered this message world wide (20 years, 50 years or 100), but it is out there I guess. What do you think I should do?

    Tim McHyde - July 26, 2017

    Lamont, wisdom demands we live life as if the end is not coming soon and to pray (or what if you plan for the short-term and time goes on longer? You’ve essentially been the architect of your own personal disaster). If you don’t get any leading from God to change your plans, then don’t and don’t worry. When it does come, everyone will have to adjust because no matter what stage of life they are in, they will have unfinished plans, hopes and dreams.

Chris - July 22, 2017

You may have written about it elsewhere but I often see in articles that I read that we are in the Hebrew year 5777. Do you agree that we are in that year or has the mainstream miscalculated and if so what is your take on what year we are in? I only ask as it seems as though it pertains to the 6000 years of mans rule.

    Tim McHyde - July 22, 2017

    Chris, We’re not in 5777 but somewhere beyond the 6000, perhaps 6017.

      Robin Mullins - August 1, 2022

      Chris, you are correct. We are currently in the Jewish year 5782.

      Allan - March 18, 2023

      Ive been doing a lot of study and have found that God seems to do everything 7 times before a judgement. satan must of had his 6th failure (? mars being 1 and earth being 1 and most likely 4 other ones were are not aware of) and the 7th one at the door! When Jesus left the earth, He told the diciples the prophesy of when Isreal becomes a nation again (1948) that generation will see Him come back! Bible says Christ has to come back sooner than planned or no Christian would be left alive. Jesus gave his last generation as being 80 years. the math and the bible sure show we are right at the moment. humbly…allan

April Lopez - July 14, 2017

Tim, thank you for this article and teaching. I am going to read it again as soon as I have another opportunity. There is so much info.

I can relate to you because I too would read the Bible as a very young child and have so many questions, but when I would ask my mom she would deny, flat out deny what the word of God states. It was very hard because I knew what I read, and it made me feel very bad, but I see now that there are those who read God’s word, and they don’t understand, period. Children are innocent so I believe God’s word is obvious to them.

As I got older I became “of the world” and reading his word was not as easy. I would stick to the Psalms, or Proverbs. Once I started to seek God’s word again with a whole heart, He revealed his truth once again. That is why I feel that all those who deny prophecy, deny we are the last generation, deny what’s written in God’s word, they have not been revealed His truth because they are Lukewarm. They are still of this world and too busy taking pleasure in this world. We need to pray for them Brothers and Sisters. Each of us reading this has come here because we have been given discernment, and want to know the truth, and by the Grace of God he will continue to reveal His truth to those who seek him. Pray for your family, friends, co-workers, and enemies. God wishes all to come to the truth and so be saved. We cannot take advantage of the work on the cross, and keep these things to ourselves, spread the good news! If they take heed, great, if not, their blood will not be on your hands.

Victor - July 3, 2017

So you are saying that its going to happen in 2026 or that there is a possibility of it happening then?

    Tim McHyde - July 4, 2017

    Victor, neither. 2026 has always been a possibility I have written about along with every 7th year after that (2033, 2040, etc.) What I’m saying is just what the article title says, “Why I’m convinced about 2026…” is it instead of the others.

      Loren Ozanne - September 4, 2017

      Dear Tim, Thank you for your work and this website. I am a fellow watchman and student of end times. I am particularly interested in the significance of the feasts, and how they line up with the rapture and second coming.

      I’m also very interested in your thoughts about how or why you are convinced that the second coming is on a Sabbath year? It’s not my intention at all to argue or debate, so please understand I’m not contradicting you. I’ve never heard this idea, and am seriously interested in learning, and believe the time is very very short.

      Blessings, Loren O. Watchman,
      If you could send a link to an article or a website, or podcast, I would be so happy to hear it – read it. 😉 Thank you so much.

        Tim McHyde - September 4, 2017

        Loren, please see the Sabbath year article linked in the article excerpt… (P.S. I’m not a “watchman” as the verse that label is drawn from refers to Ezekiel who was a prophet. It does no apply to normal folks who never heard God’s voice like most who call themselves “watchman” – Eze 3:17).

          Loren Ozanne - September 5, 2017

          Thank you Tim. 😉
          I saw one article linked ‘ What year the Tribulation will not be’ ?? not sure if that is the one you mean, but you didn’t give any explanation about how /why you are sure that the second coming has to be a Sabbath year, and most importantly, how do you determine what year is a Sabbath year?? You mention 2026. I’m not trying to argue, – just to get clarification about this theory. Blessings,

          Tim McHyde - September 5, 2017

          Loren, I thought I had a free article answering your two questions on Yeshua returning in a Sabbath year, but apparently it’s still only explained in my book or in this article itself which you can pay to access here. I’m sure you understand I can’t give all my research away for free as I depend on orders from readers who want to know more than just what I share for free (1Co 9:14=Gal 6:6 (HCSB) ).

Zachary Miller - June 26, 2017


I know you’ve spoken about the “dual” nature of prophecy…It appears you may have hinted at this already with the destruction of Mystery Babylon but I keep wondering about the death of the previous Elijah (John the Baptist) and how that might relate to the possible death of the next Elijah (by Mystery Babylon resulting in her final destruction)…In other words, if the previous Elijah died before Jesus’s mission was completed will the same occur to the next Elijah–before the next appearance of Jesus (at the end)?

    Tim McHyde - June 26, 2017

    Zach, JohnTB did die, but it was not required by prophecy that he did. For a great prophet like him, martyrdom is expected, even without a prophecy. That said, if the Two Witnesses are Elijah (#3) and Moses, then they too will die a martyr’s death before Yeshua’s return to reign, which gives Elijah #3 the same fate as Elijah #2, differing from what Elijah #1 experience who just flat-out retired =).

John Mande - June 25, 2017

Is it ironic that Mystery Babylon will be 250 years old in the summer of 2026? Well I think interesting.

Blaze - June 23, 2017

Matthew 13:9 (MSG) 9 “Are you listening to this? Really listening?”

(Not sure if the MSG correctly interpreted all of that correctly, but it’s applicable)

I always worry about how much of this seems to often go in one ear and out the other.

    Tim McHyde - June 23, 2017

    Blaze, boy, what a weird rendition of “He who has ears to hear, let him hear”! Thanks for sharing.

Tim Brown - June 21, 2017


I am trying to reconcile your dates above for the Sabbath year cycle. I went through the book The Sabbath and the Jubilee Year Cycle. The author concludes that he thinks System A is the correct system for reckoning the cycles. He concludes that the next Jubilee year will end the year 2045/2046, which throws your dates off by a year. Are you adopting system A?

    Tim McHyde - June 21, 2017

    Tim Brown, I think you’re confusing the Sabbath year and Jubilee years: Jesus returns in a Sabbath year at the end of the 70th Week, not in a Jubilee. Or maybe you don’t realize they don’t disrupt each other. The Jubilee is year one of the 8th Sabbath year cycle just after the 7th Sabbath year completes.

Matt - June 20, 2017

Hi Tim, so are you saying that the rapture will happen in 2026 or the final seven years will be in 2026 where Jesus sets up His kingdom? I am really cautious on people who set dates, even though I know what you’re saying..

    Tim McHyde - June 20, 2017

    Matt, none of the above. You seem new to my site and did not understand the 2026 article description about WW3+Wormwood coming in 2026. Please read on Jesus’ definition of the start of the end.

Jody Finne - June 15, 2017

If President Trump was chosen by God to be President of the U.S. then it’s feasible to think Trump could have two terms in office if re-elected. This will allow additional time for redemption and revival if America is the new Babylon.

However, in Joel Richardson’s book “Mystery of Babylon” and lengthy interpretation of Revelations 17-18, he says: “The city of Mecca, quite simply, is the greatest city of idolatry that mankind has yet to produce.” It also fits the description of a desert seaport where goods are brought in. America has been responsible for 90% of Christian evangelism throughout the world. One of our greatest sins is the termination of 60 million fetuses. Yet idolatry at Mecca and the Dome of the Rock could be more offensive abominations to YHVH and Yeshua. Many Christians were taught that the Roman Catholic church is the great harlot adorned in purple and scarlet. I’m curious to know why Tim thinks America is the new Babylon? Saudi Arabia has wealth & greed beyond measure and fits the desert description.

Andreas - June 14, 2017

This sure helps to comfort me.

It’s getting bad where I live, my hometown is being very Islamized. The local politicians are inept, afraid, morally corrupted, in denial – as the entire Left-wing Government of Sweden is. Those who had never been in Sweden would be shocked, my hometown looks almost like Beirut.

Foreign Minister Margot Wallström is so anti-Israel that Jerusalem banned her from visiting the country. Ofcourse, the presence of Muslims everywhere and their propaganda has worked. Israel is being vilified, demonized and blamed for basically everything that’s wrong in the world.

My very neighbours are radical Palestinians, a Hamas scarf fell from their balcony and landed near my door not long ago. On it was some Arabic writing and an image of Palestine replacing all of the land of Israel.

So I’m suppose to love a neighbour that eagerly seeks to destroy everything I believe in and hope for. If God intended this to be a test, I would say it’s a very good test of faith.

    Charlie Watts - June 16, 2017

    You are supposed to report ANY POSSIBLE TERRORIST! Try calling Homeland Security—-or at least the FBI! You can pray for their soul in love—–but you sure do not have to love their actions. Doing nothing may get a lot of Christians killed!! No question about what I would do.

      Andreas - June 26, 2017

      Charlie, I live in Sweden, I would report any suspicious person I see but that won’t work. Just like in London, Paris, other cities, people suspect terrorists but they can’t be arrested because there is no acceptable evidence against them. And what I did see, isn’t accepted as evidence.

Richard Okello - June 13, 2017

I don’t want to sound pessimistic. For sure, I know the Bible says… this news of the Kingdom will be preached to the entire world, then the end will come..(paraphrased)…I would want to believe this has got to be massive….not only happening on a few websites, then we can classify it as “reaching the ends of the earth”….and even then what would be the measure of “reaching the ends of the earth”

    Tim McHyde - June 13, 2017

    Richard, I agree it has to be massive. That’s what I wrote in the article, mass marketing must happen, blogs, YouTube, novel, movie. It doesn’t say “reaching the ends of the earth” but rather “whole world…to all nations.” If you get the return of a real, live, Biblical “fire-breathing prophet” (Rev 11:5) doing sensational things, it will get the job done. Also don’t overlook, the Good News of the Kingdom has never been taught among Christians and that is now available again. That’s the start and the rest will follow in the coming years. 2024-2030 is the first candidate cycle where that could be said! It’s monumental.

      Margare Marty - January 21, 2018

      I had a word of knowledge from God that Jesus will return on the 7th day. I don’t have any knowledge of when the seventh day occurs however.

    Mike - March 31, 2022

    I would guess when everyone is able to read/understand it. Bibilica says there are 7,106 living languages and the bible has been translated to 704 of them. (New Testament in 1600 languages).



Sue W - June 12, 2017

Sam, I agree.
Tim and Katrina have been a great gift.
Praying lots.
The burdens are lifting.

    Sam Miller - June 15, 2017

    Awesome Sue. Keep it up.

Sam Miller - June 12, 2017

Regarding the person that emailed Tim with the statement, “I’m not like Sam Miller”. I had this same question/concern for Tim as you did. I too was concerned first about whether my children were even old enough and mature enough to hear about the events that will take place.

I was reminded by Tim and Katrina that it’s NOT my job to save anyone. I have been burdened for years with the heavy load Christianity has had around my neck convincing me it’s my job to bring the gospel to the whole world. Christianity convinced me that It’s my job to convince people they need to be saved. It’s my job to do things the way the apostles and other prophets did, even though they were gifted by God specifically for the things they did and I was not.

I was burdened with the idea that if I don’t do my job, my children would spend eternity in hell being tormented. It was a heavy burden.

When I finally became convinced after several years of studying, that my job is simply to manage my own salvation and now just recently I have been blessed with the understanding of how to do God’s will , which is to love God with my whole heart, love my neighbor as myself and seek first the kingdom of God, the weight of the world was lifted.

Now I have a clear plan that I am in control of. As far as my children, my job is to win them over so much that they’ll follow me wherever I go. As you begin to love people, you’ll discover that God helps you with this. I believe God will help me to love them so radically that my children will have no reason not to follow me when the time comes for us to flee. If they don’t, I know God has a better plan for them then casting into torment for eternity.

Believe me, I had a hard time with loving people because I first needed to love myself. How could I possibly love anyone else if I couldn’t even love the person I saw in the mirror. Tim and Katrina helped me with this immensely. They showed me that the God of the universe thinks I’m a pretty special person and loves me so much he sent HIS ONLY son to die for me. I knew that already but perhaps didn’t really spend the time really understanding what this actually means. Once I got this threw my thick skull, which didn’t take very long, I have been able to actually FEEL love for other people. At first I just did things to show love but really wasn’t feelen it. But now I actually FEEL love for people – even people I considered enemies, people that have “screwed me over” in some way.

It’s all about prayer. Depend on God for everything. Pray always. Anything you’re having difficulty with, pray about it. Constantly. You can’t feel love for someone, ask God to help you. You feel anxiety over something, pray about it. You are fearful, pray! After a while you’ll begin to feel things you either have never felt or perhaps have not felt in awhile, which is God drawing closer to you as you invite him with to each prayer.

I believe I found Tim and Katrina for a reason. I believe I have been gifted with understanding the mysteries of the universe (through Tim’s book and blog) that scholars have been trying to understand for centuries and have not. And, I believe it’s for a reason. I believe I will be counted worthy especially now that I know what God wants of me, again to love Him, love others and seek His kingdom. Light easy load! Just like Jesus said.

I feel blessed beyond belief. You will too if you get praying now.

God Bless!

    P Alex Dillon - July 4, 2017

    Yeah, what he said.

    Linda van der Vyver - August 12, 2017

    Dear Sam,

    I have also (like you) been burdened for most of my adult life, by expectations of the church; then I discovered Tim on internet, read his book Know the Future, and has since for the past 8 years, read a lot of his articles too. He and Katrina has helped me a lot through very difficult times of sadness, fear, doubt and loss. I struggled a lot with the thought of my only child, and her family being lost at present (they don’t believe anymore 🙁 but like you, I now have a lot more peace that hopefully they will listen to Elijah when the time comes. And it they don’t, I cant control them. Just trust in God’s mercy. Its hard enough to stay focussed in this messed-up world at present 🙂

    Kind regards, love in Christ

      Sam Miller - August 12, 2017

      Hi Linda,

      Its good to hear from you. It helps for me knowing that God is not the sadist Christianity makes him out to be. So even if our kids don’t become saved now that does not mean they will spend eternity being tormented in hell.

      YHVH has a plan to save all of humanity (1Tim 2:4) which is the whole reason for the millennial period so that all can come to the knowledge of the truth.

      Worst case, they take a nap for 1000, wake up to a eutopia, finally see the light and we all spend the rest of eternity together.

      But, like you, I pray daily that my kids will come with me to the place of safety when that time comes.

      God bless!

Zachary Miller - June 12, 2017

I’m not sure I know what’s more shocking about this post: The possibility that the ‘end’ will begin in 2026 OR Tim setting an actual date! I’ve been pondering the timing of the most likely cycle period but missed the “message of the kingdom” beginning (possibly now)…..I’m still not seeing how the ME war can take place (nuclear) given the current makeup of that area but I suppose that could change very quickly.

Joshua - June 12, 2017

Thank you, Tim, for the great article. I deeply appreciate your insight, which I remember reading some time ago, and reiterated here, that the Christian Church does not teach the Gospel of the Kingdom, and has not since the apostolic era. It teaches a different gospel: that Jesus brings you eternal life, or reconciliation with God. This makes sense to me, because the GNOTK is good news to Israel (the context of the Gospel), and the Church has not been too fond of Israel for the past 1,900 years, to say the least.

Can you offer more insight into the significance of the year 2016? Are you saying that nobody knew the GNOTK before then, or just that you think that starting last year, there has been a lot more people talking about it? What precisely was not known by you? You knew what the Kingdom of God was from the WCG’s teaching, but you did not know what the Gospel of the Kingdom of God was. How so? I don’t think the article addressed this.

    Tim McHyde - June 14, 2017

    Joshua, until last year, 2016, despite all my success with understanding prophecy literally, I remained unable to find a good answer anywhere to what Jesus meant by “this good news of the Kingdom” (Mt 24:14)–much like how no one had a good literal explanation for Wormwood until I had my breakthrough on that which I shared later in Know the Future. Yes, I’ve known for 30 years what the future coming Kingdom was about (instead of thinking we all just remain in Heaven after we die, like most Christians do). But I could not understand what would make for actual “good news” today for someone repenting and seeking the Kingdom first (Mt 6:33). In 2016 I finally was guided to the answer that goes along with explaining the only end time precursor sign of Mt 24:14 and wrote up my article in the Support Team area. If I had known this or could find someone with good explanation before 2016, Know the Future would have included what the Good News actually is (like the supporter study does) in its coverage of Mt 24:14. Currently KTF only says who fulfills the GNOTK and the relative timing of this event. If I get to do a 9th edition of KTF, I’ll explain what the GNOTK is just like the supporter study does.

      Mark Douglas - October 20, 2018

      April, 2021, honestly not sure what will happen, God gave me this time while studying Daniel, the new president will be in office, could be a time to be ready for worldwide change. In studying the Bible continuously all my life, specifically the last 31 years, I know, time is very short…

Ronnie Bultmann - June 11, 2017

Tim, at this time I am neither agreeing with nor refuting your 2026 claim. I will heed your suggestion of “taking it to my prayer closet” as I fell prey to the Y2K theory and it has made me much more cautious. Also, in your opinion, do you believe that the world has reached the level of evil as was in the Days of Noah? (Gen.6:13, 2Tim.3:1-5).This is also a sign of the end. I admit that Godliness is lacking in our day but do you think it has reached the level of Noah’s Days yet? I like to believe there are a lot of “good” people still around but then I live in cushy USA so things might not appear so bad from my prospective.

    Katrina McHyde - June 11, 2017

    If you were to look around you at all the people you know, and all the things happening even in your own city or family, would you find more or less people fit this description?: 2 Timothy 3:1-2 “But know this: Difficult times will come in the last days. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, without love for what is good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to the form of godliness but denying its power. Avoid these people!”

    So, what percentage of the population you know would fit some or all of this description? What part of these things are you still trying to overcome? Can you even further handle being like Paul and the Apostles in the midst of persecution and an evil world who will take advantage of you not being like what is mentioned above? Refer to 1 Corinthians 4:12-13 – “…When we are reviled, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it, when we are slandered, we respond graciously. Even now, we are like the world’s garbage, like the dirt everyone scrapes off their sandals.”

    How close are we to finding out how many people are mostly like the first passage I mentioned when things are not so comfortable in our first world countries? We will find out. What will you start practicing now to be able to handle such a test yourself and not become like this which is an excerpt from what Yeshua said about the last days- Matthew 24:9-141 — “Then they will hand you over for persecution, and they will kill you. You will be hated by all nations because of My name. 10 Then many will take offense, betray one another and hate one another. 11 Many false prophets will rise up and deceive many. 12 Because lawlessness will multiply, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But the one who endures to the end will be delivered. 14 This good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

    How many of us are already trying to hold on to loving our neighbor as ourselves FOR THE LOVE OF GOD even when your neighbor does not respond positively to your love? This is not easy and it won’t get easier. It’s a good idea to practice this now to be better at it because loving God with your whole heart, mind, and soul by loving your neighbor as yourself is getting REAL. If you cannot do it well now, it is time to ask God to help you be able to do it. How close are we all to being like the negative things mentioned here and not the positive? And if we can be honest, how close are we to the end times based on these Scriptures? We all must evaluate such things for ourselves. Have fun evaluating!

      Jeanne Parent - June 15, 2017

      Dear Katrina,

      Wow! What a lot to think about. Thank you for posting your article/thoughts on some vital key areas we all need to be thinking about. You hit the nail on the head for me.

      P Alex Dillon - October 7, 2017

      I keep coming back to this article and your reply here. I find myself more and more hiding in my “cave” – private basement apartment.

      This is where I come to listen to my healing music- a blessing from God. This is where I come to study and read and re read Tim’s articles and the teachers he has brought to my life.

      This is where I hide when loved ones either don’t receive my love or I’ve fallen short of love.

      I am so grateful for a place to hide and study and pray. I may or may not ever meet you in person, but I consider you and Tim and Nehemiah and Keith and James, family.

      You unveil the truth and give me hope and encouragement a place to focus my thoughts in the practice of love on this earth, my job.

      My job is not easy. But it is exciting, a challenge that thrills me and will continue to baffle me to the end of my days whether that is tomorrow, 2026, 2030, or who knows? Maybe I get to live forever.

      I thank God for you both. Good bless you!

      Much love,
      P. Alex

        Tim McHyde - October 8, 2017

        Alex, thanks for letting know how this site’s articles and comments are a source of encouragement, hope and even family for you. We’ll keep doing what we’re doing as long as saints like you are around to support and encourage.

    Tim McHyde - June 11, 2017

    Ronnie, 2Tim 3:1-5 is not an “end time sign.” It could never serve as such since it’s a subjective description of society. Almost every generation reads that passage and thinks it fits their “worsening society.” I think we only fully arrived at it recently with social media and people being able to express how they are lovers of themselves, materialistic narcissists.

    Anyway, nothing in the Bible says we need to reach the same level as Noah’s day when God had to wipe out all flesh it was so bad with giants and other nephilim.

    We just need the Gospel of the Kingdom published worldwide and then the end can come (Mt 24:14).

    Anthony Ianosel - August 12, 2017

    The text in Hebrew text in the book of Moses (Genesis) states that the “earth was filled with violence” (Gen 6:11, 13).
    That’s one of the “prerequisites” that lines up well with our modern era as it is described by the New Test. writers as being “the end times”.
    The next “prerequisite” is: “the earth has become corrupt” (Ge. 6:11,13).
    The next “prerequisite is: “all the people on earth had corrupted their ways” (Gen. 6:12). The New Test. adds up a few more details: Matt. 24:38-39.
    No one can argue plausibly that our modern era is in such moral and material decay and spiritual decadence unprecedented in human history, as in Noah’s time. Yes, our brother Tim is right to conclude that some 10 years from now (in 2012-7) humanity will experience “terrible sorrows” and much punitive action from “above” will be visited upon our most decadent nations which tacitly and legally encourage sodomy abominations, and human unborn killing and much sneering at God’s Word in society and in the schools!

Juliana Anne - June 11, 2017

You have a wonderful site. Thanks Tim.

Thomas Garza - June 10, 2017

There were Ten Virgins who “went out”. All ten had lamps with oil in their cans. Five virgins had an amount of oil that seemed to have been considered appropriate for the mission at hand, that is, they were equipped by their “understanding” ( consensus) for a specified period of time-distance. All ten virgins arrived at a specified place ( understanding ) to anticipate a desired result. After the seemingly easy and predictable appointment didn’t transpire as understood ( failed timing, consensus ), ALL TEN went to sleep. The five wise virgins were not deprived of their goal by the delay. In this example, “sleep” is not apathy or disregard for the five “wise” take part in this ” rest” and arise to fulfill their goal. The “sleep – rest ” is never presented as a fault or obstacle but merely a normal function of TIMING. When the CRY goes forth, all ten awake to respond but the GOAL requires more understanding-effort and five virgins discover that their “consensus-understanding” is failing them. The five foolish virgins then realize that listening to consensus was not Torah. The five wise virgin’s realize that their understanding of Torah – proper provision- will suffice them to attain their goal but to do so requires them to be POSSESSIVE ( guard or keep) of that commodity (Torah/Truth/Understanding) and not to share it with fools. The provision for the foolish virgins was always present ( oil dealers- Torah Teachers ) but their Church’s consensual understanding of the event led then to believe that a BIGGER investment in that precious commodity ( oil, Truth, Torah ) was not needed. Perhaps the foolish virgin’s had trusted in “grace”. Finally, to be wise requires that we abandon consensus and pay a price that will suffice us in the World’s ” days of troubles”. Deliverance is always THROUGH some form of darkness. Great article Tim. Regards to Katrina and the tribe. lol

      Thomas Garza - June 10, 2017

      Just did. Wonderful. It took me years to begin effectively ridding myself of the Western American Capitalist/Competitive influence from my reading of Scripture. My past mindset reflexively filtered this and most Bible stories as a “competitive” type analogy of obedience. Most of my Christian Life was a clarion call to join God’s ” L.A. Fitness” and to make sure I could out run or jump my COMPETITION. This competitive attitude, must be Greek influence, of interpretation ran deeper than I would or could honestly admit. I listened to Chaim Goldberg again last night explain why it takes so long to deliver a message from a Hebrew perspective in that one must first tear down the pre-existing structures. Thanks for your persistence !

Patrick - June 10, 2017

You are right. I have been looking at it as 2024 but it is o.k. But whenI look at the scriptures, it seems the rapture of the church is before the tribulation period although I know you have been teaching that it is towards the end. I am asking the Lord to get give me better understanding.

    Zachary Miller - June 16, 2017

    Are you talking about these scriptures? It seems that the “rapture” occurs at the END of the tribulation (which Matthew even states) and the others verify this with the last trumpet being blown (which is ten days prior to Yeshua returning with the Saints, etc..)…

    Matthew 24:29-31:
    Immediately after the tribulation of those days: The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not shed its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the celestial powers will be shaken. 30 “Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the peoples of the earth will mourn; and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 He will send out His angels with a loud trumpet, and they will gather His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other.

    Revelation 11:15-18:
    The seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven saying: The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Messiah, and He will reign forever and ever! 18 The nations were angry, but Your wrath has come. The time has come for the dead to be judged and to give the reward to Your servants the prophets, to the saints, and to those who fear Your name, both small and great, and the time has come to destroy those who destroy the earth.

    Revelation 10:7:
    but that in the days of the trumpet call to be sounded by the seventh angel, the mystery of God would be fulfilled, just as he announced to his servants the prophets.

    1 Corinthians 15:51-52:
    Listen! I am telling you a mystery: We will not all fall asleep, but we will all be changed 52 in a moment, in the blink of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound [1], and the dead will be raised incorruptible [2], and we will be changed

    1 Thessalonias 4:15-17:
    For we say this to you by a revelation from the Lord:, We who are still alive at the Lord’s coming will certainly have no advantage over those who have fallen asleep. 16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the archangel’ voice, and with the trumpet of God [1], and the dead in Christ will rise first [2]. 17 Then we who are still alive [3-almost] will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air [4] and so we will always be with the Lord .

Tim L - June 10, 2017

Thanks Tim, making literal sense, as always. How’s the novel coming along? I hope with the movie deal you are able to retain rights to the final edit, so they cannot change the story/message. Of course God will ensure it happens.

Would love to hear about the dreams!

    Ken Fortney - June 10, 2017

    Now you got me curious! Novel? Movie? Dreams? Do tell Tim! 🙂

      Tim McHyde - June 10, 2017

      The supporter podcast talks about the novel and book plan. My dreams are private and not meaningful to anyone but me.

        Anthony Ianosel - June 16, 2017

        I can CONFIRM that [some] dreams are specially and very [divinely] revealing to the receiver! I am educated and [30 years] experienced in 23 areas of federal law [this is an incredible jurisprudence knowledge, in addition to the federal courts’ judicial processes]. I can CONFIRM that–based upon my observations the manner of [confidence] writing–our special brother Tim McHyde has (since 2000) indeed become very attentive and diligent at reading the Holy Bible! We are not even close discerning the Bible passages as he does! Another quality he has is to make [definitive] “distinction” between erroneous biblical prophecy presentations by various pretenders and those persons in the Bible who presented authoritatively God’s good news or other prophetical matter! This business to clearly make a definitive “distinction” is substantial and worthy to be repeated here: there are out there many Bible prophecy interlocutors who fail to make distinction between the “second coming” of Christ and the “rapture” (which is not correctly translated from the Greek), thus embellishing on the text and confusing the hearer! Tim’s presentation on the biblical prophecy is as clear as the English language can possibly render! In law, this aspect (of rendering with certainty) is very important! That’s why we have a U.S. Supreme Court to “clarify”, “render” and “rule” on the lower courts’ confusing decisions! Finally, I can CONFIRM that in the Aramaic version of the Bible the New Testament “renderings” [bearing on the subject at hand] are lining up with KJV-1611 (original copy), and the N.T. version HCSB that he is quoting from [and the Holman Concise Bible Dictionary proves it]. Also, the Interlinear Bible, Hebrew-English-Greek backs it all up as well. There’s no doubt, that our brother Tim McHyde really has done his homework honestly, and attentively respecting the written prophecies bearing on the biblical texts that he presented (and explained) to us! I have over 500 Oxford-grade books written on the Bible (including numerous Bible versions) in my private library (aside from my 300 law text books), and I hereby further CONFIRM that even professor Dr. Frederick F. Bruce (an immense biblical authority in our modern era) stated that the biblical text that we all read today is reliable! In closing I encourage every subscriber to Tim’s website here not to doubt the honest, diligent and attentive presentation made by our brother Tim McHyde. Now, about my dream:

        On the date [Nov. 4/1995] in which the ex-prime minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, in my dream I had two ladies dressed in black and head covered in black at the table, wherein a young, tall man [33-35 years old, British-looks and very tall above 8 feet, with “scars” on his face] was about to “serve” us some food at a table in his immense office! I too was dressed in black and hat over my head (like a Rabbi), and told him that I was in a hurry, but he appeared to suggest to me to come again and see him! I promised him that I will come again and see him! I then awoke…and the next day on TV, I noted in tears, that in fact Israel’s P/M Rabin was dead and his wife dressed in black (that I met her on that Sunday afternoon dream) was eulogizing him at official microphone, on TV, before the whole world to see it, alongside her daughter also dressed in black and eulogizing her father!). I therefore can state with all confidence that our Lord Jesus proved to me that Israel’s P/M was assassinated while I was asleep on that Sunday afternoon–an incredible day I will never forget!

Johan Pretorius - June 10, 2017

Hello Tim, I am not part of your support group due to very bad times I am going through financiall, but I am very glad you have taken the step to announce this date. Although I am unable to access the article I believe you are correct. It takes a bold and confident person to announce something as huge as this and I congratulate you on that. All we need to do now is carry on preparing ourselves and watch the final events unfold and play out. It is scary but we have to have faith.
As always your articles are very inspirational, keep up the good news.

Connie - June 10, 2017

I guess it’s pretty hopeless to wish for more time, I guess I should just learn to accept.

    Tim McHyde - June 10, 2017

    Connie, we all can wish for more time but yes it’s best to accept our time is limited. The end had to come eventually as heralded by the Good News of the Kingdom reappearing (Mt 24:14) as it now has and will be published worldwide in the coming years to fulfill the only sign Jesus gave that precedes the start of the end.

      Ken Samuels - December 9, 2017

      The Messiah Jesus came the first time according to Zec9:9 and Jesus Himself when he rode into Jerusalem on a colt. That was abt 30 AD? He will return at the end of the sixth day to keep the Sabbath on earth a thousand years. That Sabbath would appear to be around 2030 AD? Would appear Daniel 70th week would start 2023?

        Tim McHyde - December 9, 2017

        Ken, no the Sabbath year cycle of the 70th week would begin after the Sabbath year of 2023-2024 ends in Spring 2024, not 2023. 2024-2030 only gives 6.5 years which works out still since the 7 year time frame is “cut short” according to Jesus (Mt 24:22).

          Margaret Marty - July 15, 2018

          Hi Tim,
          I am so excited for the future. Recently i have started worshipping on Saturdays with a Messianic group that teaches from the Hebrew perspective/translation. I felt Yahweh was calling me to this especially that the end is near. But my question is this, the Sabbath years you quoted such as 2017-2023 and 2023-2030 only covers 6 years. I am counting 2017 to 2018 as one year which would give me a count of 7 years ending in 2024 and 2031 for the next Sabbath year. Can you explain? Yahweh/ God Bless you and Family.

        AOMIN - October 16, 2018

        I have to say to pay to read what will happen is suspicious. no summary and have to pay. if it was important it should be free as the bible is free. Also 2026 is mistaken. any attempt to predict the time is wrong. If we understood it we would be so paralze of the dread & persecution that will fall on you. Been so many predictions & this is another one. dates are useless as you will alway get ot wrong.

          Tim McHyde - October 17, 2018

          Aomin, so all the prophets in the Bible who set dates and gave timed predictions (70 years, etc.) were wrong? I had to pay for all my Bibles. Are you walking out of the bookstore without paying for yours? 🙂

      Sharon Duncombe - March 25, 2019

      Hi minister Tim i am so bless to be connected with you..I’m so excited that someone has the revelation on end times..it’s hard to find anyone with complete understanding of what the MOST HIGH is about to do..i believe and have been teaching a lot of what you’re saying..but so many lack understanding even leaders. Many are saying HE can come any day even now..but i tell them there are events that must unfold including the system of the beast..thank you very much foe making yourself available to hear from the mind of GOD to edify and enlightened the dark understanding of so many that is still living in ignorance..blessing be upon you and your household.

      Darren Melnyk - May 19, 2019

      Hi Tim! According to your book you say there’s going to be a Middle East War. If we’ve only got 7 years left before Wormwood then how long would you estimate till this happens?

    The Republican - June 10, 2017

    I have rather mixed feelings about this but God understands our feelings and that we need to just live life as we normally live and just let the world dance instead of getting all nervous of the so-called “Judgement” news!

    Michelle Gerson - August 11, 2017

    To the contrary, didn’t Jesus say in Luke 21 (I believe it is chapter 21) “Pray that you may escape all these things”. These should be our prayer these days and let’s not be selfish and include in this request all our fellow christians in the world.

      Paul Plasters - December 22, 2017

      Hello Tim,
      I have been for some time aware that some things are very unclear, and more convinced by your writings. Sadly, I often do not understand a lot of what I think I know. It always seemed to me that I have a poor relationship with God, but occasionally have a very real dream, one of which was plain that I would lose my head at some part in the future. As I get older, my memory is my downfall. I am getting more and more forgetfull. I do appreciate that you are trying to tell us what we need to know, and I will keep trying to understand it as long as I can. So please do not give up on us, we desperately need what you are giving us. Thank you, Paul Plasters

    Mary c Clark - October 9, 2017

    I am responding to Connie. The promise of Jesus second coming is He is going to bring the restoration of all things. As long as we believe, hold on to faith, confess(know we miss the Mark) our sins or shortcomings and love one another we will receive the promise.

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