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Invite Tim to Speak at Your Church or Group

By Tim McHyde / August 26, 2014

If you’re interested in having Tim speak at your church, group or event, then the information below should help answer your questions on how to make that happen. “I may be just dreaming but would truly love to have you come speak.” (An actual quote from a pastor.) Because I live in Costa Rica (four […]


Know the Future – 8th Edition

By Tim McHyde / January 1, 2012

The 8th edition of Know the Future, timeless information up to date for 2016! This page will tell you what’s new and different than previous versions you may have. Prior to the 8th printing of Know the Future, I went through the entire book page by page with a critical eye. I wanted to find […]


Michael Boldea’s Dream of Golden Gate Bridge Collapse

By Tim McHyde / June 21, 2006

Michael Boldea had a dream in December 2005 of a great shaking coming to America that is so powerful it collapses the Golden Gate Bridge. Does it fit with Bible prophecy? A Great Earthquake (EQ) coming February 3, 2006 Dear Brethren Isaiah 24: 19-20, “The earth is violently broken, the earth is split open, the […]


Michael Boldea’s Dream: America’s Next 9-11?

By Tim McHyde / May 28, 2006

Before America falls in a “one day and one hour,” there may be a major event coming first on the West Coast. Many of you may have heard of the late Romanian pastor named Dumitru Duduman who came to warn America. His grandson translator Michael Boldea has been getting dreams like he did about America’s […]