Jeff Nyquist

By Tim McHyde / June 29, 2006

Well Jeff J.R. Nyquist is not a Bible teacher, but what he says about Russia is key in order to understand End Times Bible Prophecy.

Sometimes we need expert secular sources to confirm what we believe Bible Prophecy is saying when it is contrary to conventional wisdom. Jeff Nyquist is such a source. He reports that Communist Russia never went away as the West has been lead to believe. The "collapse of the Soviet Empire" is a deception designed to get America's guard down. It was all part of a long range plan to defeat America militarily when the opportunity presents itself (which it will right after Planet X shakes up the world).

Many sources corroborate his theory, including ex-military dissidents such as former GRU Col. Stanislav Lunev. Also, Dimitru Duduman reports several visions he received from an angel showing that Russia, the bear (see Daniel 7), will defeat America.

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