Stan Johnson

Stan left a successful career as a professional trainer to found The Prophecy Club which has promoted many key speakers with important information, such as Romanian "prophet" Dumitru Duduman, Jeff Nyquist, Michael Rood and many others.

The Prophecy Club and Y2K

What I remember most about Stan Johnson is how he completely missed it on Y2K (the January 1, 2000 computer bug). This despite hosting and listening to Bible prophecy experts for years and despite having a wife he claims is a prophetess.

Now I'm the first to admit that as someone who had just begun studying prophecy, I fell for Y2K. Bad. I thought it could be what allows America the Babylon to be destroyed per Revelation 18. In response, I moved my family to Costa Rica "just in case." It may seem silly, but that move taught me a lot and I don't regret it one bit.

Within a few months of moving, and a couple months before January 1, 2000 I realized something big. If the only people who would be saved from America's destruction were those who were radical prophecy fans with the money or job opportunity to live overseas, few would be saved. And this was not the way of God who in Revelation 18:4 predicts he will warn his people to leave.

I realized then that Y2K would be nothing and I did not have to move. I liked Costa Rica at the time (it has spring-like weather year round) so I did not regret moving.

Meanwhile, Stan Johnson still believed Y2K could be "it." His Prophecy Club radio broadcast warned about it up until December 31st. He even had a prerecorded show that he put out on January 1st saying, "Are we still here?"

How did a beginner like me figure out Y2K when an expert like did not? I think it had a lot to do with the move. Experiencing the ordeal of an overseas move and how costly and impractical it is for most people got me to see that God had to have a better plan. Also I believe God blessed me for doing such a hard thing in obedience to what I understood to be a command to move in Revelation 18:4 "Come out of her, my people."

Here's my advice to people thinking of repeating in my footsteps.

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