“400 Days from now Damascus will be destroyed” = The Exact Date?

In March 2021 I was asking God if my expectation of the Mideast war in Spring 2022 would turn out wrong. This is the second, exciting reassurance that I received on that concern... And now there is a new word confirmation thanks to an "off-by-one" error God had to correct.


At the end of April (2021) I wrote a new article relating how I let God know I was questioning if my April 2022 expectation for the Mideast war was correct. It was now only a year away. The article shares the story of the reassurance I felt God sent me about that through revealing how Psalm 83 had a second prophetic event in its final verses that fit what I had in my timeline.

Be sure to read that (main) article if you have not before.

It seems now that God sent me more confirmation through someone I know. This person had missed the article above and had no knowledge that I was seeking confirmation from God. It's someone whose word I trust because I have been in contact and even fellowship with them for a couple of years. Through that, I have come to recognize their genuinely close walk with God that includes severe suffering. Otherwise, I would not repeat it to you as I cannot vouch for prophetic words of people I do not know well personally.

Before reading, as always remember:

  • This is "not a thus saith the Lord."
  • It does not come from an established prophet, although I believe they are a prophet-in-training.
  • I share this word for your own consideration and confirmation per what Paul instructed, to let prophecies be shared and the rest consider or judge (1Cor 14:29).

An Unexpected Prophetic Word

One day this saint messaged me with a surprising question:

Tim, if you knew the exact date of Damascus' destruction, could you tell all the following dates of significant events according to your timeline, too?

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Sam Hui - March 27, 2023

Although Spring 2022 turned out to be a non-event, back to Tim’s book, he originally stated in Chapter 11 that the Middle East Nuclear War could happen in 2023 (for the 2023-30 cycle), or shortly before / after.

Back to the recent development in Middle East, it seems to me that the Arab / Muslim countries are getting united, and the conflicts in Israel had escalated much this year. Are we going to witness the war this year? What do other brothers / sisters think?

BTW, I wonder if any of us are still using the forum these days?

    Randy Hernandez - April 20, 2023

    I agree Sam.

    It seems like everything is coming to a head and we could see the fulfillment this year.

    I haven’t been on the forum in a bit, but I’m definitely curious if anyone is as well.

Matt Weimer - June 1, 2022

Israeli air force fighter jets simulate a large-scale attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities amid reports that Tehran now has enough uranium to build an atomic bomb. Plus, a look at Israel’s Iron Beam laser air defense system that will only cost $2 per interception and an update on the growing concern that Iran may try to target Israelis abroad: https://youtu.be/g3n16j9_jT4

David Price - May 30, 2022

Since the passing of the prophets date for the destruction of Damascus, I have been contemplating the actual destruction and how it might come about. I had great respect for Tim’s research and insight but it does not appear to be happening the way that he expected it to, or foretold to us.
I have a couple of thoughts I would like to share with the group.

1. I Have recent come across an article describing that archeologist believe that maybe an asteroid destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. God will use natural events to accomplish his will. Check this link out for the information.


If God destroyed them with an asteroid, would he possibly use a similar method to destroy Damascus? It it were to approach west to east, then northern Israel would be destroyed as well, as described in the prophecy.

2. With regards to Global Warming, I am thinking that the ice caps melting would also be in God’s plan to help fulfill Isiah and Luke 3:5 where he talks of the mountains falling in the sea and the valleys filling and the crooked ways made straight and the rough places made level. I believe that all of this is to prepare for the 1000 years where many will inhabit the planet at once in Tim’s description of the second resurrection. If that is to start in 2030 then God is preparing the earth now.

What do you all think?

Johan Pretorius - May 17, 2022

Hello Everyone, I would like to share a site with everybody regarding the events taking place in the middle east right now regarding the Israeli situation right now.
Please go to the site by Amir Tsarfati on Telegram and read his daily updates regarding the situation in the area right now.
It seems that things are coming to a point very soon regarding the war that will take place in the area.
We need to pray for strength.

    Randy Hernandez - May 23, 2022

    I agree! Amir Tsarfati is a great source as he is pretty non-biased. He reports things that don’t always make the main stream media, or at least they don’t pick up until later.

    All you need to do is download Telegram on your phone or go to the website. Search for his name and you can subscribe to his feed.

    Scott Duncan - May 23, 2022

    Thanks Johan. I’ve been following his updates recently and second the advise to watch. While I don’t necessarily agree with his prophecy views, his knowledge on the ground there in the region are definitely valuable


I too was expecting a fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1, though I didn’t make any serious bets on it or tell all my friends. It just seemed to me that Tim was close enough to the truth on Bible prophecy that perhaps God was also strengthening the community around him with direct revelation. But I had also been growing uncomfortable with his emphasis on dreams, which more often then not are misleading concerning doctrine and suppose that God is often talking to us if we would only pay attention. And yes, the Holy Spirit does nudge our thoughts from time to time, but typically in ways that engage the whole person including the intellect. God can and does reveal things too great for us to fully comprehend, but even then there should be continuity with things already shown and understood. God is not looking for blind faith, which operates out of the limbic system instead of the prefrontal cortex. That is the way of abusers, the way of the enemy.

With that I’ll give a nod to Robert Hanna that we should be looking for more puzzle pieces to fit, such as unified outrage against Israel. I’m looking for continuity with the current mass deceptions, and there is something else on my radar that will sour international opinion of Israel beyond the usual territorial provocations. What if there was a populist revolution of “light and love?”

I may agree with many conspiracy theorists on many issues, but they are hardly vanguards of Truth. It’s one thing to have enough knowledge to call out the gaslighting and another to replace the bad-faith “experts” with buddies selected for being individualistic lone wolves when science requires dispassionate teamwork. It isn’t simply that the prevailing scientists and politicians have become corrupt and can be replaced with morally stronger folks, but rather it’s structural: very few people have the time and ability to sift through all the relevant information that grows exponentially, so they take shortcuts by building on the consensus of other whose foundations are also rotten. Modern society has simply become too complicated. But the solution can’t be to form a new consensus, whether in fear and anger or supposed light and love, oblivious to their own sin and preaching that the greatest sin is separation rather than separation as the result of sin. The solution is the coming judgment of God.

I see a lot of groundwork being laid for a false light revival. The liberal media, the Word Economic Forum, the climate change agenda, the “vaccine” agenda, teaching our children infuriating illogic, the destruction of food production and supply chains… The threats are real—try to stay out of their way if you can—but the populist response could also be seeded with white supremacy, Jews as Khazars who do not inherit the promises, and fingering the state of Israel as a nexus of the deep state. On the Christian side might be postmillennial/”Kingdom Now” millitancy tied to replacement theology.

How long would it take for the “awakening” to arrive? I’m guessing there needs to be more trauma before folks start rising up, and that could take a couple years.

Johan Pretorius - May 11, 2022

Hello everyone, it is really good to see the comment section coming alive again, it was quite dormant for awhile and I thought, okay, this is the end of it.
Most of my thoughts and feelings have been covered by your comments and I agree with and appreciate your input and the possibilies on how the outcome played out.
Most of us had a close connection with Tim and we were spoiled by him by baby spooning us with questions and problems we had that he advised us on.
I think now that we don’t have that comfort buffer of Tim being around, we as supporters need to be more active on the comments section trying to help and assist each other going forward in our simple way to encourage and support where we can.
As Katrina mentioned in one of her letters, Tim ran a one man show and we as supporters never really had the opportunity to communicate with each other directly.
So from my side I hope that we can keep on talking, discussing and communicating going forward.
Thank you

Timothy Bell - May 10, 2022

I know what I write here would make me appear foolish to some. But I am willing to suffer looking bad in order to receive constructive comments and correction about my mindset on this (so far) failed prophecy.

I trade futures such as gold, crude oil, corn, etc. Well, I put ALL my $8.4K into crude oil call options anticipating the ME War and extreme rise in crude oil prices. I barely could afford to lose it. It is not a death blow but it hurts a lot.

I made Facebook posts, Nextdoor.com posts, various comments here and there on social media about this anticipated ME War. I told one person at work about it. I left a “ME War” note on my work calendar. I did so in hopes that posting about it BEFORE it happens would bring people to consider Tim McHyde’s book and hence prepare for the Kingdom of God coming. I even took Monday (the 9th) off from work since millions of people dead would affect my work.

Well, you know the story now. Even though I told that one person at work over two months ago, he remembered what I said after it was mentioned in the staff meeting that I had “ME War” notation on my calendar. The department director inquired me about it today so the talk went around. She is Jewish btw. So I look rather foolish, another failed prophecy follower who should had learned after centuries of failed prophecies of other people.

So I need better discernment, tactfulness, and whathaveyou.

I believe Tim’s book and postings on this website gave the correct timeline of end-time events with the ME War happening before the tribulation period. But it was the recent introduction of “dreams” and supposed confirmations of a specific date(s) that fouled this up. I kick myself over this losing the $ then I feel guilty for not feeling happier that millions of people did not die. What a mess. I tend to go all out, financially and reputationally, in what I believe but I wish I wasn’t this way. But as in the past, I always get up and move on, hopefully wiser. But there are always something else to get wiser over.

    Randy Hernandez - May 10, 2022

    I don’t see you as foolish. You acted in faith.

    At the risk of sounding disparaging about Tim (that is NOT the case), I did notice a definite shift once dreams and other confirmations began to be implemented into his articles. In his book, he mentions that dreams are NOT something to base beliefs on.

    You must use the scriptures a lone. The scriptures interpret the scriptures. I still feel his timeline and the interpretations in his book are valid.

    I also agree with Budi and Robert: the scene is not set yet for the ME War to happen. Do I feel we will quickly see that happen? Yes. Do I feel the 2026 date for the end is still accurate? Yes. I believe we will see the 70th week begin in 2024 (and the ME War happen sometime either before or after the start of the 70th week).

      Blaze - May 11, 2022

      – He did put caveats in his article though Randy. There is a significant amount of “fine print” in these articles if you study them closely.

      – 3 Days before Second Passover I think would be this evening? Perhaps Tim’s friend was from another Time Zone and that contributes to 8/9 prediction being incorrect. Or whatever…etc. etc. With God sometimes it makes a lot of sense in hindsight. So, I am at least waiting until this evening to rule it out.

      – Unless it was God intention for you to put all your money in one basket…(perhaps to help others in the End Times?)…barring that… I would say, yeah, it does not seem wise. I mean, what would have been the point? I did buy some groceries and fill up gasoline in my car though.

      – It often bothers me when people say things about Tim, or the way that they say it (whether it be about his writings or life decisions). He is not here to defend himself, maybe that’s contributing to it. Perhaps it is a character flaw in myself…

        Randy Hernandez - May 12, 2022

        I definitely agree Blaze! I was in no way disparraging Tim, because I still hold a lot of belief in his timeline and studies about the scriptures.

        At the end of the day, he was human…as we all are. Maybe this was a lesson in learning to put our focus in Him only. Things will happen in His time…not ours.

        I love Tim, I love you Blaze…and I love all the people reading these comments.

      Budi Christanto - May 11, 2022

      Timothy, I remember Tim have suggested us readers not to make a significant move based on the anticipated events in 2022/2024 deducted from the dreams until … (I forgot what exactly it is). But I can understand if we highly value his studies/works so we trust the dreams and his trusted friends’ forwarded message also. Generally we act based on our belief and somehow we tend to get carried away.

      About sharing the anticipated war including the date, Tim did it as well (although with disclaimers). I cannot say whether your move is wise or not. You risking your reputation hoping others to be cautious and to prepare well, who knows if God is pleased. It don’t looks right for anyone planning to go to safety place without caring for others.

      About the failed prophetic word, I think the endtime prophets still could be Tim’s trusted friend (and his friend in Israel) OR someone else. I am open to both possibilities. What if God deliberately make the first prophecy fails but let the second fulfilled, will it confirms the person? I’d say yes, logically.

      Who knows there is another type of “sacred cow” to make people offended by future Elijah: that a prophet must never fail on his prophecy. Even we who read Tim’s articles can be prone to this trap.

      So I expect Katrina to let them contact her if there is another prophetic word again. We will see if it is confirmed or not.

    Robert Hanna - May 10, 2022

    Timothy, you shouldn’t beat yourself up for living your faith. I, too, was greatly blessed by Tim’s insight into scripture and his ability to convey and convince. I still believe he’s spot on with much of what’s in his book. However, like you mentioned, I feel like the “dreams” were a turning point. It’s at that moment when he got into giving predictions and date-setting based upon his and others’ dreams/visions that I got a little uncomfortable. I also had a sixth sense that maybe he’d exceeded his mandate and fallen victim to relying on his own understanding versus true revelations and instructions from God.

    That notwithstanding, I will be eternally blessed by Tim’s scholarly work in the area of Bible prophecy and his talent for conveying how to read and understand scripture. Tim had a real gift. I have no doubt many others will continue to be blessed into the (maybe short) future by Tim & Katrina’s work. There is a scriptural case to be made for a 2030 return based upon Hosea 6:2 if you stipulate that Yeshua ascended around 30 AD. Is that guaranteed or a prediction? No, but worthy of remaining watchful as it’s a reasonable possibility given current events and the state of the world.

    With regard to your CL options. Personally, I would wait until we witness the “raging” of Middle East nations against Israel before buying those. And even then, I’d only buy cheap out-of-the-money calls with a 3-month or so maturity that could be sold or rolled over at a month prior to expiration in order to lose very little or even nothing at all. However, I’m NOT in any way a financial advisor. Just some food for thought. Coincidentally, that’s why I posted about the “raging” of nations in Isaiah 17:12-13 earlier… not to be critical of Tim or his prophet-in-training, but to offer scripturally-based food for thought as to why the ME war didn’t happen on 8/9 May so as to hopefully give some comfort to those who might have become upset, confused, disillusioned, etc. “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.” (Psalm 118:8 HCSB). One can always find comfort and hope in scripture (The Lord).

      George Kindy - June 24, 2023

      The Hosea 6: 2 prophecy is truly significant.
      It’s one of many prophesied events pointing to the Messiah’s return in 2030. The prophecy is included in the following video titled – Messiah 2030 – The Prophetic Messianic Timeline
      Lets first acknowledge that Tim expected the ME war to occur AROUND 2024 as published in his Revelation Roadmap. We’ve still got some time to see the ME war happen. Geopolitical events are rapidly escalating and those aware of the related prophecies and watching the ongoing events won’t be utterly surprised if the expected nuclear war were to suddenly erupt any time up to and in to 2024.
      The 400 day “word” that was given to an individual on Sunday 4th April 2021, according to both the Rabbinic and Karaite calendars, was the 7th day of unleavened bread in that year and coincidentally the day of the wave sheaf offering of the barley first fruits, events that relate to the Red Sea crossing and the resurrection of the first fruits respectively. The message the individual received was not audibly heard but was clearly “heard” as a voice in the individual’s mind, a person well known to Tim. The message heard by the individual simply said “You do realise that Damascus will be destroyed in 400 days too” The individual had been musing on having received 400 days supply of an item rather than 200 that had been ordered when the distinctly heard message resounded in this person’s mind. The individual knew nothing of the seven annual holy days save the Passover festival but not including the days of unleavened bread nor the wave sheaf offering so could not have known of their significances.
      On first giving consideration to the timing of the message it appeared that it had all the hallmarks of originating from the Eternal as it had been given on a significant prophetic holy day in that year and would terminate on Pentecost, or Shavuot as it is known in the Hebrew language, in the following year if one were to use the agriculturally and new moon based calendar provided by Becca Biderman. The fixed Hillel calendar as used by the Jewish nation and others has gradually fallen more and more out of sync to astronomical and agricultural parameters since it was first introduced in 359 AD. However, as exciting as the prophecy at first appeared, elements of doubt started to surface when the timing of the prophecy given to the individual was disclosed and considered. The individual confirmed that the message received was about 8 pm on the evening of Sunday 4th 2021 and therefore according to the Eternal’s reckoning of beginining and ending of days at sunset, 8 pm on Sunday 4th would have fallen into the next day of the week that extended from sunset Sunday evening to sunset Monday evening, which then became the second day of the Eternal’s 7 day week. The seventh day of the week starts at sunset on Friday and ends on sunset on Saturday. The first day of the week started Saturday evening at sunset and ended Sunday evening at sunset. In April 2021 the 7th day of unleavened bread and the day of the first fruits wave sheaf offering would have ended at 6:26 pm on Sunday evening in Jerusalem or 7:26 pm where the individual resided because of the 1 hour zone difference. As such the prophecy was in fact heard at the beginning of the following day that started on Sunday at sunset and ended on Monday at sunset and therefore did NOT fall on 7th day of unleavened bread or the day of the wave sheaf offering.
      In regard to the other feature of this prophecy, the number 400 was also significant as it is the numerical value of the last letter Tav in the Hebrew alphabet in which the Eternal identifies himself as. In Revelation 1:8 the Eternal describes himself as the “Alpha and Omega , who is and was and is to come” and in Revelation 22:13 “I am the Alpha and Omega the first and the last and the beginning and the end”. If there was an authentic Hebrew version of the book of Revelation those verses would have started of by saying “I am the Aleph and the Tav”, which are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet just as Alpha and Omega are in the Greek alphabet. In the Hebrew alpha numeric system Aleph has a numerical value of 1 and Tav has a numerical value of 400. The Eternal therefore identifies himself as either 1 or 400, the first and the last or the begining and the end. Both numbers 1 and 400 are therefore the Eternal’s numeric identification.
      Analysis of the aforementioned exposes the deceptive nature and origin of this cleverly and subtly crafted “prophecy” as it was passed on to Tim with no mention of the timing that the message was given to the recipient. It was given to an individual who knew nothing about the feast days or the significance of the number 400. Had the prophecy been true the 400 days would have ended in the following year at the end of the day of Pentecost if one were to have used Becca Biderman’s agriculturaly observed new moon calendar. I therefore deduce that the fake prophecy came from non other than the adversary and was designed to discredit Tim and his Revelation Roadmap. The fact that the adversary had bothered to discredit Tim and his Revelation Roadmap would indicate, I conclude, that Tim has in fact got it right.

        Randy Hernandez - September 21, 2023

        I fully agree George and I had never thought of it that way. The fact that the Adversary has tried to discredit it, has made me all the more certain it is happening according to the Revelation Roadmap in Tim’s book.

          Victor Tony - October 11, 2023

          I believe the prophecy of the war is unfolding right in our eyes.

    Scott Duncan - May 11, 2022

    The problem with dates, like in this instance, when it comes and goes without incident it’s easy to get disheartened and disillusioned.

    Some may throw the baby out with the bathwater. Is there any Biblical reason that it can’t happen later this year, being outside of a Spring setting?

    What frustrates me is that I am the type of person that likes certainty to the point I like to control every aspect and it’s very difficult hand God the reigns of my life. While we still believe the 2024-2030 timeframe, we simply don’t know. This was to be that unmistakable line in the sand that clearly indicated we are in the end days. It’s a lesson on having faith in God and trusting him still, I guess

      bryan simon - June 21, 2022

      Well today is the first day of Spring, so pending any immediate developments, this prophecy is currently not coming to pass.

        Evan - June 22, 2022

        I know you meant to say “last” day of spring-but yes this prophecy for has not come to pass.

        Tensions are high and Iran has been smuggling Weaponry into Syria and enriching uranium to higher levels. It is much easier to attack Israel from Syria than from Iran.

        Russia is not happy about Israel’s new deal with Egypt to ship oil to Western Europe-where Russsia used to be their supplier before they attacked Ukraine.

        With Iran’s hatred and current actions + Russia’s newfound anger, times are very dangerous for Israel.

        The gloves are off right now for even though Tim’s prophecy of spring did not come to past I think the time is the soon.

          bryan simon - June 23, 2022

          I did mean to say last day of Spring / first day of Summer. Thanks for understanding my intent!

          I do agree with you that tensions are at an all-time high. Iran and Syria are definitely a spark away from full blown chaos. This coupled with Israel’s political turmoil, and of course Russia vs EU / NATO. Then you throw in China and Taiwan, and North Korea doing its thing….. shew! We are definitely at a boiling point and while I don’t wish for death and destruction, I think it’s at the door.

          I don’t care much for dreams but years ago I dreamed of a huge rocket lifting off, and it exploded shortly after, and brought a lot of death, but to me I knew it was a God thing. I thought it had to do with North Korea or Iran at the time, but when I saw Starship stacked on its giant booster (from SpaceX) I almost passed out because it resembled the rocket in my dream. Starship is set to do its first orbital launch sometime next month, so I’ll obviously be watching that with curiosity.

          Anyhow, Lord help us.

    Andrea Sobreira - May 11, 2022

    Hi Timothy,

    So sorry about your money loss. I found Tim’s website in 2020 and have been living in fear for the last 2 years, But Father was already showing me this was not going to happen. But I trusted Tim over God and that was my mistake. He was very convincing. So do not feel foolish, we all believed in it.

    But there’s a great teaching in this: we should ONLY trust the Father Yah. He has the answers, and things will happen in His time.

    Tim was a man, prone to mistakes. And so are we. Consider his timeline might be wrong, and it’s ok. It remains a mystery and probably it is meant to be like this. We might be still far from the end, as the calendars are very wrong, and there is still a lot to happen.

    May the Father bless you !!!!!!

    Subin Roy - May 12, 2022

    Hey, I feel sorry for your loss. I’m glad to hear that it’s not a death blow. I myself kept most of my savings in hand, ready to buy oil stocks as soon as the NEWS came. I also haven’t taken a couple of decisions in anticipation of this event.
    So don’t beat yourself up too much. Experiences like these teach us wisdom.

    Regarding major decisions like these, it’s best to put all your eggs in one basket, only after it’s proven that the prophet is not a false one. That wasn’t the case here.

    The timeline is probably true. It’s possible that Iran may already have nuclear weapons. Some articles have said that it would take only a year for them to make a nuclear warhead (that’s what is sent on the missile). And they may have taken full advantage of Covid lockdowns when no flights were there keeping chances of inspection by American/UN inspectors minimal.
    (It’s just a reasoning, I don’t know the arrangement of how the UN ensures that Iran isn’t making a nuclear warhead).

    As Robert Hanna said, we should be able to hear the roar of many peoples (Isaiah 17:12-13) before the destruction of Damascus (which is in a single night).

    Also, to anyone who knows,
    How can someone be certain that a dream/vision/voice is from God?
    I hear people say, “God inspired me”, “The Holy Spirit told me”, etc. How do you know that the inspiration/thought is not a product of your imagination? Or worse still, inspired by Satan?

Nancy Bertoni - May 10, 2022

Sadly this often happens when a specific date is given for a prophecy to happen, it doesn’t happen. Too often I know that I want to set my eyes on a person who seems to know more about these things than I do, and every time I find myself being disappointed because their teachings is proved to be mistaken after the fact. There is one thing that I am grateful for though, Tim helped me see the error of pre-tribulation rapture teaching, and although I hesitated between the prewrath view and the post-trib position, I am confident now that post-tribulation is the correct interpretation of scripture. Tim helped bring me back to scripture reading, and doing so has helped me to place my hope fully in God’s Word. I think I still need to focus a lot more in His word rather than go chasing after someone’s plausible interpretation of Revelations. I do not know anything about “prophets” in our day (not yet anyway). I only know that we are trying to see a blurred reflection in the mirror and there is nothing in focus right now. That may or may not change in a short while.
1 Corinthians 13:12
For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face.
Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.
We at least do know what we must watch for, I am confident that I will be able to recognize the signs when they appear.
I do miss Tim and was crushed when I heard of his passing. Having been through chemotherapy myself, I couldn’t understand why he refused medical treatment, it is so sad. I miss his blog articles and his perspective on different current issues. It feels like there is now a void, and I struggle to try to fill it with my own reading and scripture study, but I lack understanding. I’m happy that we can still access this blog and all of his articles. I will continue to keep watch in the comments to at least have a feel for the events that will be happening soon. Thank you Katrina for leaving this space available to us. May God bless both you and Zach and provide healing according to His will. I will keep praying for better understanding. Maranatha!

    Rob - May 28, 2022

    Hi Nancy,
    I admire Tim’s dedication and efforts, but there are some fundamental flaws
    Please visit nowtheendbegins.com. There is more than one rapture.
    People do not rightly divide the Bible as instructed by the Lord.
    II Timothy 2:15
    Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

    There is also more than one Gospel. Most don’t understand this either

    God deals with two individual groups
    1. The Jews, whom rejected Jesus. ( The Pharisees and sadducees) but many did accept him.
    2. Gentiles ( We are in the age of the Gentiles, The Body of Christ)
    The CHURCH AGE which is coming to a close.


    Bohdan Chomut - May 30, 2022

    Dear Nancy and all subscribers,

    As Tim is no longer here to write new articles and insights may I propose we who appreciated Tim’s material keep this website informative.

    As we see; prophesies dates based on dreams can fail. At times I was sure I was hearing from God only to later realize i was deceived. This could be imagination or the work of deceiving spirits.

    The only reliable information about the future is the Word of God . The Scripture is however interpreted in a way that supports the presenter’s biased opinion rather then looking at all sides of an issue impartially.

    Take the issue of the Pre or Post Trib. rapture. It is written in my Bible Yeshua/ Jesus said ” After the tribulation of those days the resurrection of the dead and the rapture will occur.” Likewise Paul wrote it will be ” At the LAST TRUMP”
    The Damascus war did not happen in May. However what Tim gave us about the sequence of events still holds true. My research gleaned from various websites about the End of Days shows that the correct day for the first event of the 7 year tribulation ;The Muslim /Israel nuclear war may be on or about Sept. 25 , 2022. . Wormwood will not be mid – trib but will be the Sign of the Son of Man when our Lord returns.

    There is ample evidence this will co-inside with the Jubilee year as well as the end of the Shemita cycle, as well as the two cows prophesy. The 7 years of plenty ended with the Trump presidency. Now we are in the 7 years of famine.

    For those who would like the reference material about the updated End Of Days Timeline, feel free to email me. If you really seek after the truth, you will be fascinated by what I have to share.

      Evan - May 31, 2022

      I’d like to reach out through email

        Bohdan Chomut - June 15, 2022

        Dear Evan,

        Happy to get your reply. The subscribers of this website are a tiny minority who study and prepare for the end times.

        I will share the details of what I have found and you can check it out .

        Shalom, Bohdan Chomut

      Evan - June 1, 2022

      What is your email?

      Evan - June 1, 2022

      How can I contact you?

      Nancy Bertoni - June 2, 2022

      Please provide us with your email address Bohdan. I would like to see your reference material.

        Bohdan Chomut - June 15, 2022

        Dear Nancy,

        Happy to get your reply. The subscribers of this website are a tiny minority who study and prepare for the end times.

        I will share the details of what I have found and you can check it out .

        Shalom, Bohdan Chomut

        Bohdan Chomut - June 20, 2022

        Dear Nancy,
        So sorry for the delay , I did not realize my email does not show up for you to see unless I place it in the message . valleydon39@outlook.com

        My details about the Sept, 25 date are prepared for you .

        God bless , Bohdan Chomut

      Ron Perkins - June 4, 2022

      I agree we all should prayerfully continue to honor Tim and his desire to “search the scriptures daily” as we are preparing to “escape all these things.” Like many have said, none of us are perfect and need to ask for the discernment and wisdom of the Lord in all things. This platform may be the only way we can continue to “not forsake the assembling of ourselves together and so much more as we see the day approaching.”! Blessings and prayers to all in Yeshua’s name!

      Jeff Carlson - June 20, 2022


      Please include me in your reference material updates.


      Thanks, Jeff

      Budi Christanto - June 23, 2022

      Is your reference material something similar to this:

      Do you think it is informative?

Samuel Rodriguez - May 10, 2022

I’ve been prayfully mediating on the latest developments of this ministry. Tim’s passing to be with the Lord and now this (seemingly) missed prophecy definitely make me question some of the interpretations and conclusions from Tim’s book and this website. However, we must remain strong and trust that “… all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8: 28

I pray for Katrina, her family and this ministry. May God bless you all and continue guiding us in the truth to better serve Him. Maranatha.

Budi Christanto - May 10, 2022

May 9 has passed, and definitely that prophetic word fails. But I won’t conclude if there is any misrepresentation (no one has, too).

I remember there is a precedent of God intentionally put misleading words to his prophets – 1 Kings 22. IF so in this case, I don’t know for what reason, but still it must be for a greater good.

Anyway by seeing the situation, it still makes sense to expect a full-scale war to happen in this year (next year Israel will have the Iron Beam defense system which is far more reliable than the Iron Dome; this will give pressure to Iran to attack ASAP)

Robert Hanna - May 10, 2022

Although the Middle East War could occur at any time, I don’t feel the requirements of Isaiah 17:12-13 are currently met: “Ah! The roar of many peoples — they roar like the roaring of the seas. The raging of the nations — they rage like the raging of mighty waters. The nations rage like the raging of many waters. He rebukes them, and they flee far away, driven before the wind like chaff on the hills and like tumbleweeds before a gale.” (Isa 17:12-13 HCSB). These were quoted in Tim’s book, but along with verse 14 (which was underlined) to emphasize the destruction of Damascus and other Arab cities happens in a single night. So, it feels like the “raging” part didn’t get its due here.

I don’t currently see the UNIFIED, COORDINATED outrage against Israel by a coalition of the surrounding Arabs and Persians. It’s really just Iran who consistently calls for the destruction of Israel on a semi-consistent basis. Egypt & Jordan currently have full diplomatic relations with Israel. Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan & UAE have signed on to the Abraham Accords and currently enjoy trade, travel and economic benefits with Israel. Sure, you have the occasional rebuke from a random Arab country against something Israel has done or the frequent Hamas/Hezbollah/PIJ/Iran misbehavior/terror from the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon or Syria, but nothing that would foretell a massive coordinated joint attack to the level that Israel would have to respond with nukes!

Personally, I am looking for something specific that Israel does through a policy change or overt action(s) that so enrages the Arabs/Persians that they lose common sense and whip each other into a rabid frenzy leading to a coordinated attack and their own sudden ultimate demise. This could potentially be so many different things… a pre-emptive attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities that causes many civilian casualties, targeted assassinations of terrorist leaders, declaring the Temple Mount must be a shared space for all faiths to worship, announcing plans to build the Third Temple alongside Al Aqsa, etc. etc.

Once the triggering event/events happen, all the Arabs will likely be shouting against Israel in a unified, coordinated voice and it will be impossible to miss the headlines on that. Only then could I genuinely feel the fuse has been lit and a countdown for war begun.

Since the “raging of the nations” is specified in scripture, I feel much more comfortable in waiting for that to develop than trying to guess a specific season or date or relying on the dreams of “prophets” with no established record (“fruit”). All will happen in God’s perfect timing. Not before. Not after. Hallelujah!

    Scott Duncan - May 10, 2022

    Interesting observation, you may very well be correct.

    I am tempted to interpret that scripture of ‘raging of the nations’ to be in response to the nuclear strike. But it is admittedly more likely to be before and as you say what gets them into the frenzy to strike.

    Iran is genuinely close to a nuclear arsenal that can’t be ignored. I suspect Israel is going to have to respond to that threat sooner rather than later. How that could potentially trigger something…I don’t know. Just too many variables and unknowns to be certain.

    Randy Hernandez - May 10, 2022

    It’s interesting you bring up the targeted assassinations, because that’s exactly what Israel has said they are planning on doing.

    Exactly, all will happen in Yehovah’s timing! He is good 🙂

Randy Hernandez - May 9, 2022

And further, do not let this missed date discourage you. We still have the rest of Spring 2022 for it to transpire. It just means the “prophet-in-training” was either wrong or is not a prophet.

I still have confidence that it will happen in Spring 2022. We have until June 21st if it is happening Spring 2022.

Though, I have been studying and feel inclined to believe it’ll happen Shavuot/Pentecost, based on the verses at the end of Psalm 83. This’ll put a couple possible dates in June 2022 (June 4th-6th)

Subin Roy - May 9, 2022

It is the morning of May 9th, 2022, and there hasn’t been any event.
Is the prophecy false? Is the date calculation wrong?
We will know by the end of this month.

Whatever happens, pray that we have the strength to escape and also to lead a righteous life.

Budi Christanto - May 9, 2022

It is morning at mideast region now and the anticipated event haven’t happened yet. Tim interpreted “8” as May 8 in US. But what if it meant to be Iyar 8 = Shawwal 8 = May 9.

The verse mentions that the war starts at evening and ends before morning. It didn’t mention night or midnight. For now I think “morning” probably means May 10, 00:01 (after midnight) and not May 9, 06:00 (at sunrise)

    Randy Hernandez - May 9, 2022

    Iyar 8 (May 10) WOULD put it about 3 days before the “Second Passover”…so maybe? Let’s see <3

Randy Hernandez - May 9, 2022

I’ve had this impression for a while but it’s becoming more likely. If the war does happen, we may not hear about it until the next day or even a couple days later because the destruction could put out power.

Something that leads me to think this is I’ve seen no news coming out of Israel or Iran for a few hours. I also looked on the Snapchat map feature and no one has posted in a couple hours (that I can see).

Let’s keep an eye out for a couple days

Jeff DuPrey - May 7, 2022

We are one day away from Damascus becoming a ruiness heap. Tim’s guiding compass is gone. I was calm with Tim’s Revelation road map until today. Massive butterflies in my chest.

Randy Hernandez - May 3, 2022


Per the calendar calculations of Rivkah Biderman, who’s website is: https://www.insearchofhisancientpath.com/test/, the date for Shavuot falls on May 8th 2022.

The reason this coincides with the prophecy of the war date, which mentions the “second Passover”, is because Shavuot is a feast date that is directly tied with Passover. Which means it could technically be considered the Second Passover (from a certain POV).

The actual date for second Passover (on the Jewish calendar and the calendar by Devorah Gordon/Michael Rood) falls a little later, near May 14th. 3 days before then is the 11th…not May 8th/9th.

This fact resonated with me and further confirmed the date for me.

    Jake Harmina - May 7, 2022

    Hi Randy and all.
    I too noticed the discrepancy between the 400 days and the “3 days before 2nd Passover” statements. They don’t match exactly. 2nd Passover could be anywhere from May 14-16, depending on how you reckon the New Moon. So, 3 days before is anytime between May 11-13. I’m very interested to see how this next week plays out. This is indeed a time for prayer and watching!
    Have a great Sabbath everyone!

    Scott Duncan - May 9, 2022

    Definitely worth keeping an eye on things this week. Woke up this morning and not a peep on news sites and social media about Damascus so safe to assume it is still standing.

    It’s bittersweet. Glad for the inhabitants of the city but also means that the first marker of the end is yet to be confirmed.

    Blaze - May 9, 2022

    I am curious if Tim considered that a Biblical Day may be considered Sunset to Sunrise. And so that would cover (in general) two different days without relying on Time Zones. Though I don’t know specifically about the math. What do you think about that Randy? But yes, this gets complicated with the various time zones, sunsets, sunrises, inclusive/exclusive day count, adding, subtracting, etc. So I don’t think it can be ruled out yet.

      Randy Hernandez - May 9, 2022

      That is a very good point Blaze. Further, i’ve seen many news stories the last couple of days that point to something later this week or month. For instance, Israel has started a military exercise called Chariots of Fire that is its biggest military exercise.


      Rumblings of things to come? The timing does not seem like a coincidence.

Tom McNeerny - May 1, 2022

Very sad to lose Tim as his insights were always amazing to read.

Here we are on the last day of April and still waiting for the sign. I trust it will happen in the Lord’s timing. Tough to set dates because when they pass, it’s easy to get discouraged. Stay faithful and trust in the Lord.

    Evan - May 1, 2022

    I thought it was April too but, after the-reading, Tim didn’t specify April. He specified Spring-which ends in late June.

      Evan - May 1, 2022


    bryan simon - May 2, 2022

    The date to look for was actually between the 8th and 10th of May. So we are less than a week away, if it is valid.

Timothy Bell - April 30, 2022

Hi, Katrina. I hope you are doing well and healing from Tim’s departure from this life.

Upon re-reading this article, Tim mentioned about Zach’s healing before the Middle East war happens- basically in April 2022. Has Zach been healed by now? Perhaps God meant Zach to be healed shortly before the Prophet comes in 2024?

Scott Duncan - April 2, 2022

Almost a month out now until we confirmation of this and must be honest that the anxiety is kicking in. While I don’t wish the devastation on those in the region, I don’t like the prospect of waiting at least another 7 years!

There’s changes occurring within my family due to natural life stages and not knowing how to proceed in anticipation of this event is daunting.

Then there’s the prospect of convincing family and friends to listen the coming ‘lunatic’ to warn us. Tim mentioned before about his wish that he hadn’t chosen this name for the site, but coming around to it later as it very fitting in the times we find ourselves

Luke 21:36:
36 But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

Randy Hernandez - March 29, 2022

More thoughts on the date. I recently came to the conclusion that the month of the Aviv started in March, unlike the conclusion of Devorah Gordon. This puts the date for Shavuot for…you guessed it…May 8th.

Shavuot is widely considered the day Yehovah gave his commandments to Israel. The first one He shouted down was “I am Yehovah your God.”

In Psalm 83: 16-18 says:

16 Fill their faces with shame,

that they may seek your name, O Lord.

17 Let them be put to shame and dismayed forever;

let them perish in disgrace,

18 that they may know that you alone,

whose name is the Lord,

are the Most High over all the earth.

This shows that the aftermath of this will tell them all that Yehovah is the most high over all the Earth. Confirmation of the date?

I prayed about it and got the above thoughts entered into my mind. https://www.insearchofhisancientpath.com/

Randy Hernandez - February 24, 2022

Just a comment I wanted to make to this article, further corroborating it. I’ve been praying and continually asking for confirmations of the date (of which I’ve gotten numerous confirmations).

I just had a thought enter my head. “Normally, Passover would fall in March of this year…but there will likely be an Adar Bet (a 13th month) on the Biblical Hebrew calendar this year. That will place Passover in April. Thus the second Passover will be in May, as mentioned in the word they received.”

I had never realized that before. Coupled with an article I saw today: https://www.jpost.com/international/article-698452 (this article further impressed on me that the war is happening soon).

    Jake Harmina - April 30, 2022

    Thanks Randy for sharing the JP article…..very interesting and supportive of something happening this Spring in the Mid East. If this May8/9 prophecy pans outs, it will at least confirm that a later Abib in April was the correct calendar reckoning this year. Let’s see what this next week will bring as the nuke warnings are coming fast and furious from Russia.
    Blessed Sabbath everyone!

Jeff Baker - February 9, 2022

Hi Tim, two questions on an “overnight nuclear event” that would include Damascus, ‘Ephriam’ (Tel Aviv?) and potentially other key Middle East sites:

1). Do you think it is pre-emptive on Israel’s part, or in response to a first strike by Iran or it’s allies?

2). If it is associated with a springtime festival such as First or Second Passover, could it a Sabbath PM into Saturday AM time frame? (April 15 or May 13)? I could see how Israel’s enemies might consider that an opportune moment to be provocative.

Johan Pretorius - October 20, 2021

Hi Tim, I am trying to figure out how soon after the ME war the Israeli government will open up the influx for people to come and assist in the rebuilding of the country.

In my mind I assume there could be 2 options to attract people to come and assist:
1) People could volunteer to come similar to the kibbutz system or:
2) People could be offered compensation for their services.

The other question mulling in my mind is how soon after the war will they open up to let people in, 3, 6, 9 months?

If you have any thoughts on this, I would like to hear your feelings.


    Tim McHyde - October 20, 2021

    Johan, there is not enough information to figure out your questions with any confidence. We just wait for it to fall into place and know God will provide us with the time and help we need to take part if we’re even supposed to be there at the start. Keep in mind that most people who hope to be there early will not be—which is fine. Let us all arrive in God’s timing trusting he knows best for us.

      Johan Pretorius - December 13, 2021

      Hello Tim, I have been reflecting on your answer whereby you say that we might not necessarily be part of the group starting up in Judea but might only arrive later or not at all.
      Like you rightly say we do not know what God’s plan is for us and all we need to do is to carry on on a daily basis to prepare ourselves to the best of our ability and pray for the strength to escape all these things.
      Like it also says the first will be last and the last will be first, we don’t know where we are standing regarding this.
      From my side I believe we automatically assume that we will be part of the move to Judea and not keeping in mind that it is God’s will rather than our own desires.
      So we really need to be humble and patient and wait for God to direct and lead us according to His plan.
      Off course I would jump at the opportunity to go to Judea but I must also keep a clear mind and wait for God to instruct.

Geoff - October 3, 2021

Hi Tim,

Working with a real latter-day prophet must be exhilarating, even if the prophet is still in-training, and you certainly qualify as a scholar. I think the verse Daniel applies here. Dan 2:21 – He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars. (NLT).

I’m sure you’ve read it a thousand times before today, but Prov 3:5-6 has been impressed on my mind many times during these last few months, as the time of this event fast approaches. The need to trust in God has never diminished, but it will be critical going forward.

With the short time remaining, I feel that it’s important to keep our accounts short, most especially with God, for it is He we are working for – Col 3:23. When we remember to dedicate all that we do, and say, to Him, it tends to put our efforts into perspective. A lot of the nonsense can often be filtered out, leaving just the productive work to be done.

Kind regards, Geoff

    bryan simon - December 19, 2021


    Do you stay in contact with this person and maybe you could convince them to anonymously post an article with you?

      Tim McHyde - December 20, 2021

      No they contact me. Articles of any merit happen when God inspires them not through convincing.

Glenda Wallace - October 2, 2021

I am simply blown away that God allowed me to find this site. Thrilled us the word. I had no idea about Judea. Wonderful news!!! Thank you Heavenly Father for allowing me to read Tim’s site. I feel so blessed. Maybe He is not done with me yet like I have been thinking. So happy.

Melissa M - October 1, 2021


I had a prophet tell me once that WWIII was going to occur in 2025
I do not know if his word can be trusted or not… but I do see that your timeline indicates that WWIII is the beginning of sorrows.. I did not get the month or season, but perhaps you can pray about it and get a confirmation.

If it is confirmed, we would have yet another major event with an anticipated month / season to look at and consider.

What do you think


    Tim McHyde - October 2, 2021

    Melissa, as my book explains WW3 cannot come until 2026 at the earliest based on the sabbath year cycles and its connection to Wormwood before the Great Tribulation.

Melissa M - October 1, 2021

Hello Tim – It’s Melissa

I haven’t been keeping up… but I logged in today after reading your update on the 400 day article. I wanted to know if you can help me to understand what knowing this means in the grand scheme of things? I re-looked at your timeline and what is not clear (what I’m curious about) is the timing of what happens AFTER the Damascus destruction?

Does knowing the date of the Damascus scenario change any other details on your timeline or understanding of how things will unfold?

Any idea how long it will be after the Damascus destruction that Elijah comes on the scene to warn the world?

While that is certainly great to know the estimated season of the Damascus situation, it seems we will still be in wait for the next thing (Elijah to come on the scene – over a 2 yr span).

What is not clear to me from reading your timeline is HOW long the “beginning of sorrows” time lasts (months /years?) from the 6th seal to when the anti-christ abomination sacrifices stop. What is the estimated time span between those various events – do you know?

Maybe I’m looking at it wrong, or perhaps you don’t know… but maybe I’m missing something. Help me to understand.

How does the bottom part of the timeline connect to the top part where it says Nissan 1 Spring 2024 or 2031 and how does that fit with the bottom part.


    Tim McHyde - October 2, 2021

    Melissa, the timeline is fully explained by the book it comes from, Know the Future 8th Edition. You can order it from this site using Order Book from the menu above.

Thomas Garza - May 26, 2021

After reading the first few chapters of “Israel’s Secret Wars” and learning more about Israel’s sophisticated espionage history, one could make the argument that Israel will know somethings up leading to the war. Actually, with the recent repeated mysterious explosions in Iran, one could assume Israel has Intel on Iran’s closeness to attaining nukes. If we continue to see repeated “explosions” in the news as it pertains to Israel making tactical strikes or sabatoge against Iran and Syria and this becomes a consistent scenario moving forward through the remainder of this year, yeah, A major prophetic event in the Spring of 2022 is quite plausible and probable. I could be wrong.

    SweetBabyJane - December 12, 2021

    “The tripartite sabotage effort began on July 2, 2020, with a mysterious explosion in the Iran Center for Advanced Centrifuges facility at Natanz, one of the ultra-secure nuclear sites that are dotted around Iran.

    At first, the Iranians were mystified. The building had apparently blown itself up. But how? The answer, as they say, shocked them. When the ayatollah’s apparatchiks were renovating the facility in 2019, Israeli agents had posed as construction merchants and sold them building supplies. Those building supplies were packed with explosives. A year later, they were detonated by Tel Aviv.”

Hathplenty - May 21, 2021


It makes the most sense to me that the destruction of Damascus is a retaliation for the restarting of the “drive them into the sea” war of 1948 – 1973 .

Assuming your friend is right about the date for Damascus: when do you think the fortress will disappear? Why couldn’t it be several weeks earlier?

    Tim McHyde - May 23, 2021

    Hathplenty, the way I read Psalm 83 and its parallel Isaiah 17 especially it implies this event is so quick it happens in one day, evening terror, and morning they are no more (Isa 17:14). That’s why I don’t think it spans weeks.

JCLover1978 - May 17, 2021


With the recent uproar in Israel could this be the descruction of Damascus happening? Would love to hear back.


    Tim McHyde - May 17, 2021

    JCLover, no, this is only a skirmish with a terrorist organization called Hamas. Iran is not going to war to help the Palestinians.

      JCLover1978 - May 18, 2021


      Thanks for the hastily reply sir! Would this fall in the end time prophecy of wars and rumors of wars? And one last thing, with Lebanon trying to fire rockets today what makes you believe Iran won’t get involved? Thanks again!


        Tim McHyde - May 18, 2021

        Joan, yes if it’s not the end, any wars you see are “wars and rumors of wars…but the end is not yet.”.

Scott Carter - May 12, 2021


Big fan and love the read. Could I get your opinion on the pipeline situation as well as the current state of unrest within Israel ? Do these things change your timeline what so ever? If so how much? Thank you so much Tim!

    Tim McHyde - May 12, 2021

    Scott, no change. These Palestinian attacks are decades old and not the cause for Iran to attack.

Don - May 12, 2021

Potential catalyst with the missile strikes in Israel recently to start a chain of retaliation?

    Tim McHyde - May 12, 2021

    Don, no, as history shows, Hamas/Gaza is just a nuisance and not the catalyst for a regional war.

Joey Bouley - May 5, 2021

Hi Tim just wanted to say hope you get well soon.Joey

Ron Perkins - May 5, 2021

Tim, on another subject, what are you thoughts on the recent news about the Queen possibly stepping down and allowing Prince Charles to step in to power. Could be the start of his rise as the Anti-Christ!

    Tim McHyde - May 5, 2021

    Ron, I think nothing of such news. He does not need to be king to become the Antichrist. When he dies and comes back to life then we have some significant news.

      Ron Perkins - May 6, 2021

      Yes, I agree, I just thought it was interesting how things could develop in light of other things that seem to be falling into place according to God’s timeline. I really was glad to read about the updated timeline on the “Destruction of Damascus” and the refining process we all may have to go through in some way or another. I continue to pray for you and your family for health, strength, provision, and perseverance in Jehovah’s name!

      Bonnie - September 1, 2021

      Hullo Tim, Do you think Prince Charles could be the anti-christ? I have thought this to be a possibility.

        Tim McHyde - September 2, 2021

        Bonnie, Prince Charles is still my leading candidate.

          Bonnie & Wayne - September 3, 2021

          Thank you Tim for your reply. Soon time will tell. Yes it is quite possible that Prince Charles could be. Yet i also wonder about possibly someone from Saudia Arabia? As for the false prophet I sense it could be the vatican.. the pope

John Lewandowski - May 4, 2021

Tim thanks for the reply, I know your a busy guy. Question do you have any contact with John Little in Taiwan ? I had a recent dream of thousands of paratroopers falling from the sky, makes me thing of him. We should tell him to get out. PTL

    Tim McHyde - May 4, 2021

    John, no.

John Lewandowski - May 3, 2021

is it possible that NYC will be attacked about the same time as Demascus ?

    Tim McHyde - May 3, 2021

    John, No, NYC is destroyed when America is several years after Damascus goes…

Logan Brown - May 3, 2021


I have currently seen multiple articles that state a “hunger famine” is quickly approaching and some think it could kick off the tribulation or rapture. I know from previous articles you are a post trib rapture person as am I. Would love to hear back!

Sincerely, Logan

    Tim McHyde - May 3, 2021

    Logan, Jesus predicted global famine would come with global pestilence and a global earthquake. See my article on how Wormwood makes all this possible at once.

Jim Milak - May 3, 2021

Right or wrong , thank you for sticking your neck out in a risky venture. Keep us informed only as you are able. I for one have appreciated your thoughts and ways of thinking about scripture including how prophets and prophecy works.
I will not be thinking poorly of you for being incorrect. You have been clear enough on how and where this “prediction” comes from. This separate’s scholars from users and abusers.

Jake Harmina - May 2, 2021

Hello Tim and all.
Just wanted to mention an interesting outcome of this 400 day/3 days before second Passover timeline….the Messenger sharing the prophecy with the Saint seems to be suggesting that 2022 Abib starts after the equinox and that the true Passover will be the 14th of April. April 14 and May 14 in 2022 are Passovers set by the conjunction new moon, not the crescent. This is my current understanding of the biblical calendar. Very interesting for me as I have been praying for confirmation that I was keeping the right calendar as it was much later than most….and here is the second confirmation I have received within a month of each other. Today for me marks the 21st High Holy Day of the DUB. Praise Yahweh for His confirmations!!
Blessings to you all.


Geoff - May 2, 2021

To quote Tim above … “Honestly, I don’t look forward to the onslaught of messages and inquiries I will be buried in when a prophetic event finally happens that I have been telling readers about for nearly two decades.”

Just set your email client to auto-responder mode with anything containing Damascus in the subject line or body of the email, with something like the following text.

‘Your message has been received. Thank you. While waiting for approximately 4 weeks before I get around to reading and replying to your message, please take the time to read every article listed below from my website… … …

I’ve probably already answered your question(s). This will save me so much time I’ll be able to write more informative articles. While you’re at it, hop over to and make a donation so I can maximise the time I spend researching and writing articles for you to read.’



If this happens on schedule, I might be regarded as a prophet by those who right now think I’m wrongheaded and dangerous, including a person who lives in Jerusalem. I try to be a friend in sharing relevant warnings, but often it doesn’t go over well. As for actually being a prophet, I hope not. I’ve been avoiding asking God what my job will be since many of the jobs seem unpleasant, but farming and infrastructure (what I’m already doing) might be nice.

    Geoff - May 2, 2021

    I think that the example set for us in Luke 22:42 (and Mark 14:36), tends to suggest that no matter what it is that we think we should, or shouldn’t do, in all cases it is wisest for us to defer to the Father’s will for our lives. There is no way any of us is going to know every detail ahead of time and therefore, I humbly suggest, we let go of our limited thinking regarding what the near future may hold for each of us, and lock on to whatever it is that God reveals to us each day.

    As for our desires, I agree with you. I’d like to work the land, do some building works, and help organise things such as project management – all of which I have some experience with. But if God deems it more advantageous to the Kingdom that I engage in something else, then He will ensure that I either have the ability to do it, or can quickly learn. Whatever that may be I’m confident that I will also find the work enjoyable and fulfilling.

      MICHAEL ANDERSON - May 2, 2021

      The main reason I wouldn’t want to be a prophet is that I prefer grace to judgment. Several people come to mind where I have made myself available, but God prevented me from extending grace to them. Tough love is often better love. Sentimental, loyal love is often enabling. But if it really is the end of days, how much time is there for tough love to do its job? Ananias and Sapphira had no opportunity to repent after Peter revealed their sin. Making rather final judgments (though not as final as the Great White Throne) for people I may feel sentimental about is unpleasant.

Blaze - May 1, 2021

So that chess tournament next year could still be a possibility… 🙂 And other April 2022 events. Maybe.

Sam Miller - April 30, 2021

Wow. It’s weird this will happen 2 days before my birthday. Strange coincidence: I always seem to look at the clock at ****. My birthday is **** so I’ve always wondered if there is any significance to this. After reading this article, it popped in my mind that I always see **** on the clock and decided to google what it means.

The first site I clicked on showed a photo at the top of the article that showed the number **** and **** and $**** and *** (Weird! How did it know that was the exact date?). Maybe this site has some way of knowing my birthday. Who knows.

The article is all about astrology and numerology, which I don’t subscribe to. But for the heck of it, I decided to read what it said. It told me that I can confirm my life path number based on my birthday and after following the instructions, my life path number is 7 (Godly number). And it said that a lifepath number of 7 means the following:

“If you are seeing your birthday numbers all of the time and they deduce to number 7, this is a time to lean into your spiritual interests and develop a strong relationship with your higher self. It is also a time about connecting with others on a spiritual level so that you don’t have to feel alone on the journey towards self-actualization. It may be a good time to join spiritual events that you resonate with or join communities. ”

I personally don’t think this is anything other than information bias but thought the coincidences were interesting so thought I’d share.

The one thing I do know is that my birthday next year will be different than all other birthdays I have lived through thus far and it will be a time that I hope to “join spiritual events that I resonate with or join communities” (i.e. moving to Judea with a community of truth-seeking believers). 🙂

    Bonnie & Wayne - September 1, 2021

    Hullo Sam, We also look forward to moving to Judea with a Community of truth seeking believers. Now with all the lockdowns and no one able to fly, would Jjudea, that God in His Wisdom and Power will Supernaturally transport us.

bryan simon - April 30, 2021

Bold prediction. The date is set.

    Tim McHyde - May 1, 2021

    Bryan, to be clear it’s not a prediction. I am reporting the word that someone I trust received but who is not a proven prophet yet. My main takeaway from it is it confirms the spring timeframe again.

      bryan simon - May 1, 2021

      Understood. Spring 2022 then. The season is set.

      May the Lord give us all revelation of our purpose and grace to hear His voice clearly.

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