Mideast Nuclear War – New Insight Confirms 2022 and 2024?

Psalm 83 predicts more than just the next end-time event. When I asked God if my date 2022 projection was going to fail, he showed me the next prophecy after that in the last three verses that are parallel to the prophecy Jesus gave as the preparation before the end comes...

April 2022 Is Under A Year Away 🙁

A few years ago, I shared publicly my conviction on a deadline for the destruction of Damascus (Isa 17 = Ps 83): April 2022.

As the time left for this deadline was whittled down to only a year or so, I felt some anxiety. Would I turn out to be wrong and branded a false prophet by those who glossed over the fact that I never said “thus saith the Lord” but was only sharing my conviction for their consideration to take to their prayer closet? It was a real possibility. As Paul said that we “see through a glass darkly” when it comes to what we hear from God (1Co 13:12). We may easily misunderstand, get it wrong, and have a humbling “learning experience” when we put ourselves out there regarding what we are convicted that God has shown us.

As is my custom with nearly everything, I immediately talked to God about it. I told him that if I misunderstood what he had shared with me then I will look like a fool, just another failed date-setter but that’s OK, I can accept that. Katrina has said for years that when you follow God be prepared to look wrong or foolish some of the time, just like the Israelites did as God led them into a dead-end at the shore of the Red Sea with the Egyptian army bearing down on them.

God’s response to that thought floored me. A few days later when I was unable to sleep I opened up my Bible to continue reading through it in the hope of finding some comfort. I was in the psalms and happened to reach Psalm 83, the prophetic psalm about this coming Mideast nuclear war that ends with the destruction of Damascus. I know it so well that I was tempted to skip it, not expecting to find any comfort for my suffering there. I reread it anyway, and, to my surprise, I saw something new and exciting I had completely missed until now…

A Reluctant Date-Setter

So how did I get myself in this position? To be sure, I never wanted to be a “date-setter.” Long-time readers will remember the many articles I have written to debunk popular prophecy theories attached to dates (like 2012, the Shemitah, the Revelation 12 Woman). Even as early as after “Y2K” (Jan 2000), I could see how obvious it was that as soon as someone published a prophecy theory with a date attached to it the theory was destined to fail and be proven false every time. No exceptions. Therefore to set a date of my own for a Bible prophecy was the last thing I wanted to do.

But God got a hold of me and changed my thinking that it was foolish to ever set a date. I got there by an unexpected turn of events in my life. Starting in 2012 to my surprise God began to give me dreams about my and my family’s future and even the end times (see my Support Team content to read them). Through some reasonable deduction, a couple of the dreams seemed to reveal the timing of this very first event on my Revelation Roadmap end time timeline, the Mideast Nuclear war that leaves Damascus a ruinous heap (Isaiah 17:1).

I doubted that this revelation on timing was some reward just for me. I felt I was to share it—not with the world, mind you, as if to warn everyone like some kind of watchman which I am not. Rather, only with those readers who valued my work enough to support it. Those were the ones who could possibly entertain the idea that God gave me a date to plug into the timeline he had helped me put together. I already knew well the value of having a real approaching date attached to a prophecy to make people pay better attention to God’s word. We’re all distracted by the cares of this world and could use a sense of urgency to convict us to prepare spiritually for the end. Sharing my conviction on timing could provide a valuable benefit for readers, which is why I considered going against my better judgment on date setting.

Still, in my mind, only someone who is not familiar with the failed track record of Christian date-setting would put out dates of their own. I did not want to be a fool.

Date Setting As A Red Flag Depends On Its Rationale

My dreams got me to see something I was missing in my conclusion after decades of debunking prophecy dates theories. Namely that prophetic dates always fail and only fools set dates. That was not accurate. I saw instead that the real problem was that all of the popular theories that readers asked me to debunk were conceived by taking Bible verses out of context and making humanistic reasoning on their meaning or timing based on some arbitrary calculation. These always failed because the human mind does not see the future. The prophets and saints in the Bible came up with dates differently. When giving timing for a prophecy, it always came by divine revelation from the only One who does see the future.

For example, Joseph’s prophecy of seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine came directly from the dream God gave Pharoah. As you may recall, Pharaoh’s dream pictured seven healthy cows and seven healthy heads of grain along with seven thin, sickly cows and seven thin, scorched heads of grain. Joseph did not have to invent anything or read into the Word of God to make his date-based prediction about what was going to happen over the next 14 years in Egypt.

In other words, I was reminded from my own dreams that date-setting of itself was not wrong as I thought since the prophets themselves sometimes set dates. The problem was date-setting based on humanistic reasoning apart from revelation from God. 

Ironically, the only prophecy theories that spread widely were those with some persuasive argument for why they must happen at such and such a time. This makes sense as you are not likely to put much stock in what a stranger on the Internet says God told them. You cannot verify that. Yet if they pull verses out of context in the Bible and give you an intriguing explanation for why they are about some planetary conjunction coming in a few months, you can follow their deductions and come to the same conclusion. At least to the point that you are left afraid to just ignore their theory in case they are right. Uncertain either way, you then forward it to your friends to ask their opinion...who then do the same, making it go viral.

The New Insight Into Psalm 83

So what did God show me about Psalm 83 that I had missed all these years? It had to do with the final three verses: 16-18. Once the prophetic description of the outcome of the Mideast War ends in verse 15:

Psalm 83:13-18 — 13 Make them like tumbleweed, my God, like straw before the wind. 14 As fire burns a forest, as a flame blazes through mountains, 15 so pursue them with Your tempest and terrify them with Your storm.

16 [A] Cover their faces with shame [B] so that they will seek Your name Yahweh.

17 [A] Let them be put to shame and terrified forever; let them perish in disgrace. 18 May they know that You alone—[B] whose name is Yahweh—are the Most High over all the earth.

Do you see anything strange about the psalmist’s requests in these verses? What I noticed for the first time that night was how these verses implied there were three results from the war:

  1. People would see some connection between the defeat of Israel’s enemies with nuclear bombs and the hand of God.
  2. That the enemies of Israel just burnt up or even those left alive watching would seek God.
  3. That they would know God’s personal name.

None of those apparent outcomes of the war made sense to me. You would not expect the unleashing of weapons of mass destruction on people for them to learn anything, or for those watching to conclude that God was involved, or to seek him. Least of all would you expect God’s personal name to be learned from it.

Article continues below...

"Depart From Me, I Never Knew you!" - Jesus

Jesus predicted that he will tell many sincere believers to basically "get lost" instead of welcoming them into the Kingdom. So...who are they and what did they miss or do wrong? In this study, get those answers and the one requirement for salvation Jesus taught (that Christianity misses) so that you can make sure you don't hear these dreaded words yourself!

The next moment it came to me that these verses are not implying that the war directly causes any of this. These verses are instead merely telling us that the war is a prerequisite or dependency for a following prophetic event that will accomplish all three of those requests of the psalmist.

The Next Prophecy - Matthew 24:14 = Ps 83:16-18

What’s next, even on my timeline, is not definite from the clues in end-time prophecy. The grave loss of life from the Psalm 83 war causes Israel to open up immigration for non-Jews. This allows saints of all nationalities to move to the place of safety in Judea when the time comes. It also allows for the Third Temple to be built although no prophecy tells us when exactly that happens, only that it must happen before the Great Tribulation. Yet before the temple is built and before saints begin to move to Judea, I would argue that the next prophetic event is the one that Jesus said signals the end:

Matthew 24:14 (HCSB) — This good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world as a testimony to all nations. And then the end will come.

I’m convinced that Elijah is the one who will restore that good news that Jesus taught but Christianity does not. Elijah already must appear as the one who calls the saints to Judea (Mal 4:5-6=Joel 2:32). I believe the warning call to gather is sent out along with the gospel of the kingdom.

How does this connect to Psalm 83? One thing I have known for a long time is that Elijah restores the knowledge of God’s name that the prophets of the Old Testament used: YHVH or, with the full vowels,  “Yehovah”. Joel 2:32 tells us that the survivors in Judea called there will know God’s name and call upon it. This requires a prophet to reveal and teach this since Christianity does not know or teach God’s name and Judaism has a tradition of suppressing God's personal name.

That’s how the answer to the Psalm 83:16-18 mystery came to me. It says twice that after the war, people will seek and know “your name [is] Yehovah.” Nowhere else in the Bible can you find a prophecy where it says that “...God, whose name is Yehovah,...” It’s just assumed in every passage that this is known. Psalm 83 seems to prophecy when it will be taught to the world that, “God is the most high over the whole earth, whose name, by the way, is Yehovah”. This for me is a clear reference to the work of Elijah in preaching the Good News of the Kingdom. I expect Elijah to do this in Israel after the war opens up the borders for him and those who respond to his call to relocate there.

By the way, the year I expect the Good News of the Kingdom to go out is 2024. It continues until 2026 when Wormwood hits and ends civilization and the Internet infrastructure used to spread the Gospel into every country (and even if not everyone has internet access, TV, newspaper, and word of mouth takes care of the offline population once the internet delivers it to their country). At that point, the baton of continuing the witness across the world goes from Elijah to the specially protected 144,000 who spread it by word of mouth like the apostles did. That’s why I say Psalm 83 may give us the events of both 2022 and 2024.

Was God Reassuring Me About 2022?

For me, this is not just an exciting revelation for a fuller understanding of a key prophecy that I get to share with you. I also feel it is God’s answer to my prayer above about whether I should brace myself to look like a fool or a “false prophet” should no Psalm 83 fulfillment happen over the next year.

This of course is highly subjective and open to interpretation, but for God to expand my knowledge on the very prophecy I asked him about struck me immediately as intended to give me reassurance. Something like:

“Don’t worry, I got you, Tim. In fact, let me reveal even more about this prophecy that you’re asking about because it is indeed coming soon on schedule. It’s time you understood it fully.”

Another reason I think this insight was sent now to confirm the timing is that I don’t get insights like this frequently anymore. It has been a long time since I have gotten one. They used to come regularly, enough to write an article based on a new insight almost every month. When I entered my season of trials in spring 2020, the insights stopped coming. I did not have to wonder why. I knew God was not wanting me to worry about writing for a time so I could focus on how he was teaching and growing me up in faith and in other matters. Katrina and I had prayed a long time for “gold refined in the fire” (Rev 3:18) and it definitely came in this season. Insights on prophecy were replaced with insights on overcoming anxiety, fear, loss of control, and how to trust God for more things than I ever imagined (like sleep when my insomnia is bad). If you noticed that my writing and email output has slowed during this time period, this is why.

"Prove All Things", "Test Prophetic Words"

Once again, I could very well be wrong as God has never spoken to me or given me a vision of a bright neon sign saying “Isaiah 17 happens in 2022!”. All I know is that with this coming sabbath year cycle of 2024-2031 things continue to develop in the world (2 Tim 3, COVID-19) and my own personal life (hard testing, meeting prophets) that never did in the lead up to any of the other cycles I was watching (2003-2010; 2010-2017; 2017-2024).

It's up to you to seek God yourself on this in light of what the Bible teaches on proving all things (1Th 5:21) and judging every prophetic word shared in the church body carefully (1Co 14:29).

If you hear also that time is short, then I encourage you to use that as inspiration to seek God on what to do to prepare spiritually so that when you wake up that morning in 2022 with the confirmation in the news that the end really is nigh, you will at least know you are as ready as you could be. If you want help, my support team articles have plenty of guidance on areas of repentance to trust God for answers and guidance like he gives me more and more regularly.

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ERV - April 17, 2021

Tim, I haven’t followed you for some time but from reading your latest comments about the Father’s Name, I must ask what are your thoughts about the position of most Christians not knowing our Father’s Name; nor do they know the Son’s Hebrew name? They say there is no other name by which we must be saved; but they don’t know his real name! I am really concerned for them!

    Tim McHyde - April 17, 2021

    ERV, name also means authority but even as name, it does not mean you need to know the name to be saved, but be “under” it. God is not legalistic for salvation but judges on the heart.

Romulo maraschin - April 16, 2021

Tim, what do you think of the possibility of Hosea 6: 2 being counted from 70, destruction of the Jerusalem temple, and the second coming in 2070?

    Tim McHyde - April 17, 2021

    Rumulo, everyone reads 2000 years into that passage but I don’t see it, nor does it specify any event with its start or end…

Dave Gosselin - April 11, 2021

Hi Tim, I like your stuff but I have a wrench or 2 to throw into the works. The 144k is a symbolic number and not necessarily an exact count. In Dan. 9 were told that “he” would confirm the covenant with “many” for 1 week. Most people believe that the “he” is the anti-christ. The prophecy is not about anti-christ but about the nation of Israel, the Jewish people and the coming of messiah. Anti-christ does not “cut a covenant” (brit), he forces ALL to take a mark. The early church was exclusively Jewish except for some gentile converts to Judaism. The 144k are those who departed Judaism to follow the Lamb wherever He went. Rev. 14 says that they were the “first fruits” not the last & that they were virgins undefiled with women (religion) Ezk. relates this best. It’s not a gender thing (it’s ok to be female) The 144k was the church that left Judaism & did not return (virgins undefiled)
Were also told in Dan. 9 that “desolations” are determined till the end of the war, (no sacrifice, no offering, no temple). This is a bold statement considering how many people are waiting for a third temple to be built, they are waiting in vain & many will be deceived because of it. There are also many who are waiting to be raptured away as well. This is not going to happen & the great falling away which is occurring now will heighten when the ?? Anti-Christ?? is revealed. If that’s what happens in actuallity. Anti-Christ already sits in the temple of God, Luk 19:12 tells us that 7 of 10 would not have Him to rein over them.
What I am saying is this; no temple, no sacrifice, no 144k last fruits & no rapture until the Lord returns (1 time not 2).
I would be happy to know your thoughts on these things, I also have much to say on the falling away, the tribulation & the reason why Jesus said that He didn’t know many who worked miracles in His name, (obviously believers).
God bless you

Yahshua ElohiMuse - April 11, 2021

Have you given any thought that the abomination of desolation doesn’t happen with an outside temple, but an inside one, such as your body? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7riorRThrY – This video got me thinking.. hopefully you don’t immediately reject this idea and give it some thought like I did.

    Tim McHyde - April 11, 2021

    Yahshua, I’ve considered many ideas including that but there’s no reason to allegorize “temple” when the plain literal meaning makes perfect sense, the best sense in context (i.e., “when you SEE the abomination (external thing visible to eyes), RUN”).

Timothy Bell - April 7, 2021

Iran’s fixation on all things nuclear heating up. Just in time.


Scott Duncan - April 4, 2021

Somehow this article bypassed my Gmail alerts. Oh well, better late than never.

I have a quiet confidence that 2022 will kickstart events, but anxious that maybe it won’t. There’s a small group I want to open with more about all this but waiting until this event so that there’s more concrete proof. Funnily enough, this group has also been getting the sense that the end is close, so I have hope they will join us in the place of safety

Taylor Stofko - April 4, 2021

Hey Tim.
Thanks for the article. I’ve enjoyed reading although I’m so afraid of the end times I can’t bare to imagine it.

1. I was going to email you separately but I was looking through your rapture material and I am struggling with why the rapture won’t be pre trib? A lot of people are getting revelations from God that tell them it is, strong Christians like yourself. So who says who is right if everyone is getting revelations that they are discerning?

I struggle with the rapture mimicking the Galilean wedding ceremony. The similarities are crazy. Us the bride and Jesus our bridegroom. there’s a lot of research on it but can you address this? The movie Before the Wrath is the #1 Christian movie in the world right now and has many theologians standing behind this view. I’m struggling.

2. so Elijah comes after the 2022 Damascus destruction? It definitely happens in the next year or it could happen in 2024?

mem - April 3, 2021

Hi Tim – There are a few verses in the prophets besides this that say along the lines that “all will know that my name is YHWH and I am God”. ” All of the nations will know that I alone am God and my name is YHWH”, etc.

In fact, Jeremiah addresses the reunified houses of Israel and Judah saying that every man will know YHWH and that there will no longer be a need for any man to teach another about knowing YHWH.

Ezekiel directly says that the name of the new Jerusalem is: YHWH is there

God is literally ruling on earth. Eternity has come to earth.

What’s interesting about Jeremiah is it ties in this supernatural knowledge of YHWH with the reunification and supernatural return of all the children of Jacob to Israel (miracle land bridges over the ocean, etc)

If the the Psalm you are referencing also references this ultimate and utterly final fame that the name of YHWH will have then it may tie in very closely with the reunification and physical return of jacob

Just reading the prophecies they seem to indicate an undeniable supernatural intervention by YHWH that utterly ends all debate. His enemies are wiped out. Israel’s enemies are wiped out.

A prophet teaching the message would certainly be accepted by alot but not the whole world. Still there will be doubters, cynics, mud slingers, etc. Even if he did some great miracles there would be people that just wouldn’t buy it. Would explain it away, claim sorcery, etc

I think it would have to be even more compelling to fulfill the old testament prophecies about His name which is intrinsically tied to end time events…at least as prophecied in the OT

    Tim McHyde - April 4, 2021

    Mem, actually none of them say whose/your “name is Yehovah”. I checked. All of them have something else other than YHVH like Yah or Yehovah Tzavaoth. It’s unique what Ps 83 has!

John - April 3, 2021

I don’t have the same sentiment. I rarely ever comment, but I’ve been reading Tim’s work for a long time and there’s something about Tim’s recent confidence in particular dates that doesn’t feel right. Is there anywhere in the bible that says someone like Tim will have insights near the end times that they will share with others, in order to prepare them? Isn’t this type of role reserved exclusively for Elijah?

Aside from that, is there really any point in date-setting? Is it necessary? It’s not as if the full sequence of events happens within a matter of hours.

    Tim McHyde - April 3, 2021

    John, Well, the Bible does not say Elijah will set dates either, but as I have shown, the prophets did and can and that God gives dreams to the saints (Act 2:17). God does this out of love as many do need to have an approaching date to get them to break their focus from the cares of life. Compare Jonah saying “40 days yet before Nineveh is destroyed” to “Repent or be destroyed…eventually” and you can get the idea of how a date helps.

      Geoff - April 3, 2021

      Act 2:17 “…and your old men will dream…” Does that make you one of the old men Tim? 🙂

Obiajulu Echedom - April 3, 2021

Thanks Tim for this update

Geoff - April 3, 2021

An observation, and a question if you’re feeling up to it 🙂

Tim, you said above that “At that point, the baton of continuing the witness across the world goes from Elijah to the specially protected 144,000…”.

Your glossary states that the 144,000 will likely come from nations where the testimony of Jesus predominates. Your timeline says that they’ll be drawn from all the saints already in Judea which is possible given how those in Judea will likely be from all across the world.

With the chaos from Wormwood, I would expect there to be no international transport of any description (planes, ships, boats) as all navigation systems will be down, the necessary infrastructure destroyed, fuel lines disrupted, and so on. The only transport will be human powered (walk, ride a bike, row a boat to a nearby island). I guess it’s largely academic, but do you have any insight into how the 144,000 might go into the remainder of the world to continue witnessing? Perhaps the AC acts quickly to restore enough basic infrastructure to permit limited international travel. Maybe after being sealed the 144,000 are supernaturally transported to all the corners of the globe.

    Tim McHyde - April 3, 2021

    Geoff in this article I proposed that the 144,000 teleport to their assigned countries like Philip did (Act 8:39).

Geoff - April 3, 2021

Time sure is short. It’s exhilarating and sobering at the same time. The time has come to put away all the peripheral distractions that occupy much of our modern lives. Strip away every single thing that doesn’t build our resilience and readiness for Kingdom life.

    Stan Foster - April 3, 2021

    Tim….One prayer that is answered the most to me is my prayers for discernment and enlightenment. I receive enlightenment from my Bible studies, and from reading excellent articles such as this latest one you posted. My discernment meter says you are correct about Elijah educating those whom seek His true name…..and to me…it does not HAVE to happen in 2022….but my discernment tells me it very well could happen next year.

    I feel correct interpretatiov of prophesy out the Bible is akin to writing it out on a rubber band. The order of things written on that rubber band is correct, it is just that the rubber band s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s out between the events…..this causes impatience in some, doubting in some, and even disbelief with some that any of it is true.

    This rubber band analogy has helped me a lot to be patient with upcoming events yet to unfold. Too many post dates that come and go…and this causes newbies to move on.

    You cautiously have submitted your strong opinion here, but also not God stamping it with a “Thus Sayeth The Lord” .

    I feel enlightened by what you just posted, and even if 2023 arrives with nothing happening…I strongly believe that stretched rubber band will deliver the same order of events as you stated….just stretched out in time more than we think.

    My gut feeling is 2022 will see it as you feel it will happen….but I have no problem leaving it to happen after 2022.

    God bless and I sent a donation several weeks back….

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