Charles King?- Now what?

Charles King?- Now what?

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About the author

Katrina McHyde

david - September 13, 2022

looks like the spreadsheets r messed up now. Charles has to remain a Prince for the prophecy to come true. perhaps he will be assassinated before coronation. only then can he be resurrected and fulfill the End. i believe now that the Bible is Yehovah’s plan for the end but it is not definitive for there r many other peoples who believe in other powerful deities. 1.4 billion Han Chinese who are Children to the Yellow Dragon. Millions of Hindus who worship Shiva. these entities have their own plans for Humanity.

Randy Hernandez - September 11, 2022

This made me think of the 8 Myths About the Antichrist that Tim wrote about. He mentioned that the word used to describe the “prince who is to come” just means ruler. The fact that Charles is now king doesn’t change anything. In fact, with his new political power, he seems to be more likely to eventually be the Beast.

    Elizabeth Becker - September 11, 2022

    Mystery Babylon is two parts: The Harlot and The Beast. The Harlot is the human minions of this system and The Beast is the demonic/Nephilim minions of this system. In Revelation, Mystery Babylon falls twice.

    Through the prophets God is speaking to this year especially, the human minions will fall this Fall. The demonic side will rise up after that and then be destroyed in the bowl judgement. We are on the cusp of The Great Exodus from Babylon and the Great Harvest of souls.

Elizabeth Becker - September 11, 2022


I have thought long and hard about Tim and the dreams he had etc. I don’t think he was wrong in some ways but it seems he did add to what he received in other ways. That is my feeling. Like when all sorts of prophets were saying Trump would win the presidency in 2020. Were they wrong? No, but they didn’t believe it would go down the way it did.

Now, they are still saying Trump won and it will be revealed. Biden will not stay in the office past this year. God has been giving more detailed prophecies this year and as we get closer to the Fall feasts. He has given specific prophecies about the monarchy and the Queen’s death marks the end of 70 yrs in captivity to the Babylonian system. The prophets all foretold the Queen’s death this year. They are also saying Charles will not get the crown because he murdered his mother and has done other despicable things (involved in Epstein and the Big Lie of 2020). This means he will not be coronated next year. Big Ben was/is the sign. Big Ben was vandalized the day before the Queen’s death and it has been prophesied that Big Ben will fall before Charles falls. Wait on the Lord.

Tim said America was Mystery Babylon but that isn’t entirely true. Mystery Babylon is the world system not specific to a country. God is about to take Babylon down. He is about to shake the wicked rulers of this time. It will all happen in one day but God will also protect His people in all the world during this shaking. It is not for us but for them. Tim was wrong to spread that fear. Prophets see through a cloudy glass and hear only parts not the whole. When you add to what God has said you may look like a fool. Tim had dreams and prophecy but he did add to it his own ideas. The Great Exodus is about to begin but we aren’t going to a specific place (like Israel). America and Israel will be protected from the enemy and the infiltrators will be dealt with. It will play out like the first Exodus but magnified. God is returning the world to His people not just a small country. Canada and Australia will be freed too. China, your government will fall. Iran needs to shut up.

It is not time for the One World Government yet. It is time for the Great Exodus and the Great Harvest of souls before Jesus returns. Remain patient and remain in the Most High.

    mem - September 12, 2022

    Saying that mystery babylon is “the world system” is like saying mystery babylon is everything. When something is everything it is indistinguishable from nothing.
    In other words…if something is everyone’s responsibility in actuality it is no ones responsibility.

    America truly is the final mystery babylon and it has interwoven itself into much of the world…in fact the american system…its corruption, opulence, entitlement, hypocrisy, idolatry, pride, and betrayal to humanity and God has made the entire world drunk on its poison in a way that makes the tower of babel and sodom and gomorrah seem like a childs board game.

    Kendall Hayes - September 12, 2022

    Why do you think America will be protected?

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