‘King’ Charles in Bible Prophecy!?

Many people did not expect to see the day that Prince Charles would be made king. Does this new event fulfill Bible Prophecy?...

What Would Tim Think Of This Global Event?

Many hungry Bible Prophecy readers have reached out to me wondering what Tim or I might think about Prince Charles becoming a king.

For Tim McHyde, this subject was an intriguing and fun topic to consider in the Bible Prophecy arena. In Tim's second edition of his book, Know The Future, he actually had a write-up on the subject. In later editions, he took that write-up out and instead transferred it into a free article on the website which I believe is this link. Why? He realized it was a side topic and not really a main, important ingredient to End Time events unfolding. This topic did not make the cut to be included in his End Time Prophecy Timeline in his book either.

Don't get me wrong, the topic of the Antichrist was very important to Tim, but not so much WHO that person might be. This was not something he looked at to prove or disprove where we were in End Time events.

This is a direct quote of what Tim did focus on instead: "Honestly, I expected to simply wake up one morning with the news that Damascus was destroyed." Tim is referring to Isaiah 17:1.

But, Tim did think the possible 'proofs' of Prince Charles being a fit for the Antichrist were very, very compelling and wrote a few free articles on the subject here on this website.

One particular post of Tim's, that was/is very popular, was actually something Monte Judah wrote and gave Tim permission to use. Tim really loved that article and its photo.

I wish to share a little side note about Tim and me meeting Monte Judah for those who miss Tim and like little snippets of some of his life experiences. We met Monte Judah at a Bible Prophecy Conference in 2009 where Tim was the keynote speaker. Our impression of him then was that he is a kind, giving, and very driven man to find truth and share it with his heart to whomever he can. He is intelligent and definitely could overpower with the knowledge he has any day. But he was kind during our interactions and not argumentative. He definitely shared his beliefs clearly and lovingly and gave the room that possibly you would not agree with him. I have not had the honor of meeting him since, but I am glad I got to do it at least once in this lifetime.

I think if Tim were with us today and had witnessed Queen Elizabeth passing and Charles becoming king, it would have piqued his interest to go and search for more information on if 'King' Charles would still fit as the Antichrist, but it would be a short search and not fluster him in the least. My guess is that he would probably still hold on to 'King' Charles being the strongest candidate for Antichrist.

Some Will Be Compelled To Make King Charles -Not Prince Charles- Still Fit

As has been the case for thousands of years, people continue to strive to unravel the mysteries of prophecy. One thing I have seen my whole life is that events like this do not slow a Bible Prophecy Enthusiast down a bit. It actually makes them even more excited to figure things out.

For instance, if one goes into research mode, one would possibly find a tiny debate on if the true number of Beast is 666 or 616 as found in one of Tim's articles.

Or another popular idea that even Tim would possibly focus on is that usually, a person does not lose titles when it comes to rulers in kingdoms. So, in this instance Prince Charles, he keeps the title of prince and picks up also the title of king. Actually, King Charles has many other titles already as well. So maybe this interesting factoid just makes some Bible Prophecy researchers stay on track with their belief that he is still the best candidate we have seen yet.

What might Tim think now that Charles is King Charles III and April 2022 has passed?

Boy, wouldn't we all like to know that for sure by him being here and telling us himself? Having been with him three decades I can partly speculate and extrapolate from what he has left us, and from what I knew of him. He would have recognized he got some things wrong concerning Bible Prophecy. He would pick himself back up and go forward because prophecy was his passion since he was ten years old.

I think this section of one of his later articles probably gives us the best clues we can get of what Tim would think today:

A few years ago, I shared publicly my conviction on a deadline for the destruction of Damascus (Isa 17 = Ps 83): April 2022.

As the time left for this deadline was whittled down to only a year or so, I felt some anxiety. Would I turn out to be wrong and branded a false prophet by those who glossed over the fact that I never said “thus saith the Lord” but was only sharing my conviction for their consideration to take to their prayer closet? It was a real possibility. As Paul said that we “see through a glass darkly” when it comes to what we hear from God (1Co 13:12). We may easily misunderstand, get it wrong, and have a humbling “learning experience” when we put ourselves out there regarding what we are convicted that God has shown us.

As is my custom with nearly everything, I immediately talked to God about it. I told him that if I misunderstood what he had shared with me then I will look like a fool, just another failed date-setter but that’s OK, I can accept that. When you follow God be prepared to look wrong or foolish some of the time, just like the Israelites did as God led them into a dead-end at the shore of the Red Sea with the Egyptian army bearing down on them.

God’s response to that thought floored me. A few days later when I was unable to sleep I opened up my Bible to continue reading through it in the hope of finding some comfort. I was in the psalms and happened to reach Psalm 83, the prophetic psalm about this coming Mideast nuclear war that ends with the destruction of Damascus. I know it so well that I was tempted to skip it, not expecting to find any comfort for my suffering there. I reread it anyway, and, to my surprise, I saw something new and exciting I had completely missed until now…

A Reluctant Date-Setter

So how did I get myself in this position? To be sure, I never wanted to be a “date-setter.” Long-time readers will remember the many articles I have written to debunk popular prophecy theories attached to dates (like 2012, the Shemitah, the Revelation 12 Woman). Even as early as after “Y2K” (Jan 2000), I could see how obvious it was that as soon as someone published a prophecy theory with a date attached to it the theory was destined to fail and be proven false every time. No exceptions. Therefore to set a date of my own for a Bible prophecy was the last thing I wanted to do.

Article continues below...

"Depart From Me, I Never Knew you!" - Jesus

Jesus predicted that he will tell many sincere believers to basically "get lost" instead of welcoming them into the Kingdom. So...who are they and what did they miss or do wrong? In this study, get those answers and the one requirement for salvation Jesus taught (that Christianity misses) so that you can make sure you don't hear these dreaded words yourself!

But God got a hold of me and changed my thinking that it was foolish to ever set a date. I got there by an unexpected turn of events in my life. Starting in 2012 to my surprise God began to give me dreams about my and my family’s future and even the end times (see my Support Team content to read them). Through some reasonable deduction, a couple of the dreams seemed to reveal the timing of this very first event on my Revelation Roadmap end time timeline, the Mideast Nuclear war that leaves Damascus a ruinous heap (Isaiah 17:1).

I doubted that this revelation on timing was some reward just for me. I felt I was to share it—not with the world, mind you, as if to warn everyone like some kind of watchman which I am not. Rather, only with those readers who valued my work enough to support it. Those were the ones who could possibly entertain the idea that God gave me a date to plug into the timeline he had helped me put together. I already knew well the value of having a real approaching date attached to a prophecy to make people pay better attention to God’s word. We’re all distracted by the cares of this world and could use a sense of urgency to convict us to prepare spiritually for the end. Sharing my conviction on timing could provide a valuable benefit for readers, which is why I considered going against my better judgment on date setting.

Still, in my mind, only someone who is not familiar with the failed track record of Christian date-setting would put out dates of their own. I did not want to be a fool.

Date Setting As A Red Flag Depends On Its Rationale

My dreams got me to see something I was missing in my conclusion after decades of debunking prophecy dates theories. Namely that prophetic dates always fail and only fools set dates. That was not accurate. I saw instead that the real problem was that all of the popular theories that readers asked me to debunk were conceived by taking Bible verses out of context and making humanistic reasoning on their meaning or timing based on some arbitrary calculation. These always failed because the human mind does not see the future. The prophets and saints in the Bible came up with dates differently. When giving timing for a prophecy, it always came by divine revelation from the only One who does see the future.

For example, Joseph’s prophecy of seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine came directly from the dream God gave Pharoah. As you may recall, Pharaoh’s dream pictured seven healthy cows and seven healthy heads of grain along with seven thin, sickly cows and seven thin, scorched heads of grain. Joseph did not have to invent anything or read into the Word of God to make his date-based prediction about what was going to happen over the next 14 years in Egypt.

In other words, I was reminded from my own dreams that date-setting of itself was not wrong as I thought since the prophets themselves sometimes set dates. The problem was date-setting based on humanistic reasoning apart from revelation from God. 

Ironically, the only prophecy theories that spread widely were those with some persuasive argument for why they must happen at such and such a time. This makes sense as you are not likely to put much stock in what a stranger on the Internet says God told them. You cannot verify that. Yet if they pull verses out of context in the Bible and give you an intriguing explanation for why they are about some planetary conjunction coming in a few months, you can follow their deductions and come to the same conclusion. At least to the point that you are left afraid to just ignore their theory in case they are right. Uncertain either way, you then forward it to your friends to ask their opinion...who then do the same, making it go viral...

Later, the same article continues...

By the way, the year I expect the Good News of the Kingdom to go out is 2024. It continues until 2026 when Wormwood hits and ends civilization and the Internet infrastructure used to spread the Gospel into every country (and even if not everyone has internet access, TV, newspaper, and word of mouth takes care of the offline population once the internet delivers it to their country). At that point, the baton of continuing the witness across the world goes from Elijah to the specially protected 144,000 who spread it by word of mouth like the apostles did. That’s why I say Psalm 83 may give us the events of both 2022 and 2024.

"Prove All Things", "Test Prophetic Words"

Once again, I [Tim] could very well be wrong as God has never spoken to me or given me a vision of a bright neon sign saying “Isaiah 17 happens in 2022!”. All I know is that with this coming sabbath year cycle of 2024-2031 things continue to develop in the world (2 Tim 3, COVID-19) and my own personal life (hard testing, meeting prophets) that never did in the lead up to any of the other cycles I was watching (2003-2010; 2010-2017; 2017-2024).

It's up to you to seek God yourself on this in light of what the Bible teaches on proving all things (1Th 5:21) and judging every prophetic word shared in the church body carefully (1Co 14:29).

If you hear also that time is short, then I encourage you to use that as inspiration to seek God on what to do to prepare spiritually so that when you wake up that morning in 2022 with the confirmation in the news that the end really is nigh, you will at least know you are as ready as you could be. If you want help, my support team articles have plenty of guidance on areas of repentance to trust God for answers and guidance like he gives me more and more regularly.

This was the end of the article I quoted here. There are some gems of consideration in what he shares. Everyone who reads it will come up with different ideas of what those gems should be.

But prophecy for EVERYONE is this messy!

Let me, Katrina, reassure you here- Even the Apostles got part of prophecy WRONG. They literally thought our beloved Messiah was going to return in THEIR lifetime. And what some of those Apostles wrote, we now believe, two thousand years later, that they were really inspired to write those things down for us even if they had the timing off. Actually, each generation within these couple millennia has thought that the Messiah was going to return in their lifetime!

Why is this reassuring? Well, we all have a ton of space to not know it all and Yehovah is still loving each one of us as He loves all His children that ever lived. He is ok if we don't get some things right obviously. None of us know it all and have all answers. As Tim quoted:

"We see through a glass darkly"

You ask me, Katrina, what I think?

My answer is- we each have just enough time if we continue, or start now to "prepare spiritually [so] you will at least know you are as ready as you could be," as Tim said in the last paragraph up here. He does have many support team articles that help as he mentioned. And I add more there as well.

Tim and I had planned to write a book together for many years in a more precise way of what you need to focus on, and the tools to prepare spiritually for End Time events or for The Kingdom when you are raised from the dead, whichever came first in your life. Although we never wrote that book but only spoke about its contents over many years, I have started putting together tools and what to focus on at a new website BECAUSE so many of you over the years have reached out to us sharing your strong desire to help family members and loved ones, and especially yourselves, be prepared for End Time events... BUT many of those you love are totally repelled by Bible Prophecy!

It just so happens that it does not matter if a person focuses a lot on Bible Prophecy to still start preparing for End Time events. NOW HOLD ON. Hear me out. Everyone who is a Believer has to focus on doing what Yeshua said to do in one's everyday life whether they are living in End Times OR not. Yeshua gives us many many words on what those things to be doing are. Did you know that doing those things is what helps your wedding garments to get totally white for your wedding day to Yeshua? I don't want anyone to hear, "go away, I never knew you". Matthew 7:23. I suggest reading the whole chapter could be of help to you.

I think that whether you hold out to this year, 2022 being the beginning of the last seven-year cycle, or you give up on this being the beginning of the end, we have personal work to really hunker down and focus on to be prepared.

I think it is exciting to live life and see new developments that many times we don't expect, like Charles becoming king, come to pass.

And, I think we have, at minimum, one more seven-year cycle to go before the very last cycle. but what I think I only humbly share as a total guess, just as everyone is guessing (except maybe you or the one you are looking up to... LOL). And maybe some of you still believe this cycle now is IT. You definitely could be right. One of them has to be the last. 🙂

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About the author

Katrina McHyde

mauricio malagon - October 10, 2022

All I have to say is that Tim’s articles have allowed me to focus on some sort of timeline that could very well be the fulfillment of many of these prophecies taking us onto the road to Tribulation and the destruction of this current known world structure. I didn’t even know that a Third Elijah may be possible until Tim. I now know that the destruction of the Palestenians/Arabs (Damascus) is a definite must before we can even move on with the events of the Book of Revelation, an idea that was very well illustrated by Tim. And I always had other ideas of the identity of anti-christ, but the events of the last few months have shown that perhaps the new Monarch could actually be a candidate for this antichrist, only time will tell. And I will always be grateful to Tim for giving us clearcut way to look at all the events of Revelation. So many people are confused with this book and he just opened up the looking glass so we can get a glimpse of what that book could really be saying and the timeline associated with those events may be.

Randy Hernandez - September 19, 2022

I was watching Monte Judah, and I realize something crazy: The first seal describes the first horseman as riding a white horse and being given a crown. This is commonly seen as the Antichrist.

This lines up with King Charles’ coronation (likely Spring of 2023). It’d be interesting if he arrives for the coronation on a white horse. Sure it’d be going against protocol (last 2 monarchs arrived in a gold carriage), but that’d be all the more reason for it to be confirmation of that.

Just bouncing some thoughts around.

Budi Christanto - September 16, 2022

“What might Tim think now that Charles is King Charles III and April 2022 has passed?” – This is actually two seperate, independent questions.

Tim’s article quoted above is what Tim might think about date-setting, specifically ME nuclear war in Spring 2022.

About prince Charles now being a king, I agree with Randy that this article, Bonus Myth section:

can sums up Tim’s view clearly.

Jason Adank - September 14, 2022

This was the one take in Know The Future that I didnt find very compelling. Some of the symbolism of the nations was interesting, but Ive spent a lot of time studying what the Jews perceive as their ‘first coming’ of the messiah and it lines up as an individual who the Christians will call the antichrist. Which makes sense really. As such, it seems to me that the AC will be someone the Jews embrace as the messiah – and for that to be the case, he’d have to be (or pretending to be) Jewish.

Sherry - September 14, 2022

Very good artical because we don’t know when all this will come about but we can certainly be prepared for it either way! Jesus warns us to be diligent in His word and to keep praying till He comes! Love all your articals keep them coming they really minister to me! God Richly bless everything you do till He comes! sherry

Sophia Foree - September 14, 2022

I am greatly saddened by the passing of Tim. I pray that God is comforting you and giving you strength each day. I can’t feel a little bewildered that this Man of God would have to depart this life at this juncture.

Elizabeth Becker - September 13, 2022

2022 isn’t over yet and the Fall feasts are about to begin. It is during the Fall feasts that the enemies of God and His people get dealt with. Yes, the first Exodus happened in the Spring but the second and Greater Exodus begins in the Fall. Stay tuned!

PATRICK CROUKAMP - September 13, 2022

Thanks Katrina. I do believe the 2022 is the beginning of the last 7 years, or Time of Jacob’s Trouble as it is known for Israel.
Hosea 5:15 up to 6:3 tells us Yeshua said HE would go up for 2 days, and then return. We also know that for our LORD, 1000 years is as a day . HE was crucified AD 28…… plus 2000 yrs and we get 2028 /29. It is never exact because of the Jewish calendar overlapping ours.. We might still see lots of prophecies come to pass in the next 4 years, as Russia , Iran, Turkey, and Syria are all in the same frame of mind right now. Even Magog (China ) is ready to partner up. Have you noticed how the mighty Euphrates has almost completely dried up?

Betsy - September 13, 2022

So, where is the info about King Charles as Antichrist?

headachesdm@yahoo.com - September 13, 2022

Thank you so much, Katrina, for sharing this message – Tim has always been pleased with what the two of you share as you delve into scripture. I have not seen before [or had forgotten] some of the information you shared with us today. Again thank you…much was mentioned that I myself must research in scripture as I pray for understanding. Love does not end, so you and Tim are together even now with heartfelt blessings. SdM

ANTHONY - September 13, 2022

Hello Katrina, thank you for the news letter. Tim and I emailed back and forth a couple of times in the past concerning Bible prophecy.

I would like to just mention my thoughts on prince Charles as the Anti-Christ.

I don’t see prince, now, king Charles as the Anti-Christ, however I believe he will be involved with the Antichrist. I will explain, I like to keep my responses short but am not always successful, so please forgive the lengthy response if this be the case.

when conversing about the Anti-Christ Revelation ch 13 has to be involved as well as the Recordings of the Prophet Daniyyel.

in the 13 ch of Revelation I see two Anti-Christ’s, one political and one Religious.

the first is political and has the Body of a Leopard, feet of a Bear, mouth of a Lion, which I believe will soon be the union of Three powerful countries, Germany, Russia, Britain, the leader of this Beast will be Germany whom I believe is the Beast which WAS during WWII…WAS NOT after WWII and IS following the Rise of the German Nazi AFD during the 2024-2025 German Federal Election of the Bundestag who shall produce the Little horn in Prophecy whose look is more stout than his fellows, A Vile person, A king of Fierce Countenance and understanding of Pale sentences who shall fulfill the forth and final Reich. Empowered by Satan, Fallen Angelic Beings and Demonic spirits for the short space of 42 months shall Plunge our world into Great Tribulation our current generation has never known and has never had to Endure. it is also during this time the real Mark Of The Beast Will Be Implemented.

And Enforced by the Second Beast of Revelation ch 13 having to horns like a Lamb and Speaks as a Dragon, Vatican Rome whom shall soon produce the last and final Pope and False Prophet known as and called “the Man Of Sin” whom shall work together with the First Beast all the way to the end of the Great Tribulation, And will cause the world to worship the first Beast, make an image to the Beast and Take His Mark.

I believe… the Mark of the Beast will be a developed sophisticated advanced form of the GERMAN DEUTSCHE “MARK” which will come back with a vengeance under the Forth and final Reich of the German Nazi Beast WHICH WAS during WWII…WAS NOT after WWII…and IS following the Rise of the Little Horn who shall stand up out of the German Nazi AFD during the 2024-2025 German Federal Election of the Bundestag.

following the Rise of the Little horn I believe HE will change the national symbol of Germany to a Leopard and shall form a Triad Coalition with The Russian Bear and the British Lion.

The Beast will also have the Allegiance of the Ten Horns in Prophecy whom shall be used by the Most High as HE Forces them to fulfill His will upon Babylon The Great that Great City, that Mighty City which currently Rules in Authority over the kings and nations of the earth in Blasphemy whom is Prophesied to cause all nations on earth to Accept what she has to offer by any means necessary…”DEMONOCRACY” producing Blasphemous freedoms and a way of life which shakes the human fist in the face of the Almighty and all whom dwell in Heaven. who will be made “UNINHEABITABLE ” in one literal hour during WWIII, the 6th Trumpet in which many countries will be overthrown.

I believe 2021 is the beginning of the last decade of the end of the 6000 years, and into the year 2021 A mighty Angel came down from Heaven to the Earth and Set His and set his RIGHT Foot Upon The SEA, And His LEFT Foot On The EARTH And Declared That There Should Be Time No Longer.

if you noticed it was the year 2021 when what seemed like hell broke loose upon the Earth causing Fire storms worldwide which continues to this day and the SEAS causing unprecedented floods world wide which continues to this day.

I am aware of the foolishness of date setting, however, Tribulation which shall lead into Great Tribulation our world has never known and has never had to Endure is but only a few years away.

I believe the Prophetic Anti-Christ “the man Of Sin” Last and Final Pope and False Prophet will be Crowned 2026, Crowned the old fashion way as in Time Passed.

the Little Horn will Rise to power in the next German Federal Election which means Olaf Schulz is the Prophetic Raiser of taxes in the glory of the Kingdom, within few days, (four years) at the End of his term in office in his estate out of the German Nazi AFD shall Stand up the Little Horn In Prophecy.

I know this is a long one Katrina, keep it for a bit and lets watch what happens, so far I believe my interpretation is correct, soon ,and very soon, time will tell.

Peace and Blessings, Shalom to all who possess A repented heart.

George Larkin - September 13, 2022

Tim meant well, but was too often wrong. He published on August 6, 2021, an oft mentioned prediction strictly of his that on Sept. 10, 2022, Damascus would be nuked . . . and it did not happen.


Many of the other things he said would happen did not happen. Unfortunately, many mindless hysterics took his work as Gospel, though it certainly was not. God rest his soul, I know he was well-intentioned, but he was misguided and off base way too often to be taken seriously. A prudent person should be entertained by his views but question all of it, including this one posted here today about King Charles.

Randy Hernandez - September 13, 2022

Technically per Tim’s timeline, the next cycle begins 2023/2024

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