Why “Elijah Must Come First” & How To Identify A True Prophet

Are there prophets now or coming in the future? Yes, Elijah is predicted to lead us in the end time. But how can you tell a true prophet like Elijah from a false prophet like the "False Prophet" who "calls fire down from heaven" (Rev 13:13)? Learn how to cut through Christian misinformation on prophets and zero in on the one end time prophet you will hear about and must listen to: the "Third Elijah" (Mal 4:5-6) the one who finally brings the revival Christians dream about...

Another Elijah?

In my study of end time Bible prophecy I have noticed several key prophecies that are not on most Christian's radar, but should be. Most Christians may know only about the Rapture/Second Coming and Great Tribulation. In general they miss that there is much more on the end time prophecy roadmap coming that we will be here to deal with.

I was once one of them. That's why I was surprised when I finally caught in my Bible reading that Jesus plainly said that another Elijah "will surely come and restore all things" (Mt 17:11). Even though I had attended churches that taught prophecy, I never heard this detail taught before. I did not know I should expect an "end time Elijah" prophet, or if you will, a "third Elijah" (if you count John the Baptist as the second) (Lk 1:17=Mt 17:11) after the original Elijah of the Old Testament (1Ki 17:1).

Like most Christians, I thought John the Baptist had already fulfilled Malachi's prophecy of the "Elijah the prophet" because the angel Gabriel seemed to say so:

Luke 1:17 (HCSB) — [Gabriel speaking] And he [John the Baptist] will go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the disobedient to the understanding of the righteous, to make ready for the Lord a prepared people.

Malachi 4:5-6 (HCSB) — 5 Look, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome Day of the Lord comes. 6 And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. Otherwise, I will come and strike the land with a curse.”

And, seemingly, so did Jesus:

Matthew 17:12-13 (HCSB) — "But I tell you: Elijah has already come, and they didn’t recognize him." ... 13 Then the disciples understood that He spoke to them about John the Baptist.

Simple, right? John the Baptist was "clearly" Malachi 4's Elijah. That's what many people say and I accepted that.

However, what always bothered me is how Malachi linked Elijah to the Day of the LORD. That's the day Jesus comes back to fight the Battle of Armageddon at the conclusion of the seven bowls of God's wrath (Rev 19:11-21):

Malachi 4:5 (HCSB) — Look, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome Day of the Lord comes.

How could someone coming 2000 years before the Day of the LORD possibly fulfill that part of Malachi's Elijah prophecy? While I had no good answer, I still considered Malachi 4 fulfilled and did not expect another Elijah.

That changed when I finally noticed other problematic statements like the "Day of the LORD" one. In these Jesus and John the Baptist himself curiously contradicted the idea that John the Baptist was the final or only Elijah who was to come.

Was John the Baptist Elijah or Not?

We just read above how Gabriel and Jesus declared John the Baptist as Elijah. Now let's look at what John said about himself and Elijah:

John 1:19-23 (HCSB) — 19 This is John’s testimony when the Jews from Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to ask him, “Who are you?” 20 He did not refuse to answer, but he declared: “I am not the Messiah.” 21 “What then?” they asked him. “Are you Elijah?” “I am not,” he said. “Are you the Prophet?” “No,” he answered. 22 “Who are you, then?” they asked. “We need to give an answer to those who sent us. What can you tell us about yourself?” 23 He said, “I am a voice of one crying out in the wilderness: Make straight the way of the Lord—just as Isaiah the prophet said [Isa 40:3].”

How surprising! Along with properly denying to be the Messiah or "The Prophet," John the Baptist also denies being Elijah. Instead he says he is someone else who Isaiah spoke of.

Notice that Jesus also gave seemingly contradictory statements on Elijah, too:

Matthew 17:10 (HCSB) — 10 So the disciples questioned Him, “Why then do the scribes say that Elijah must come first?” 11 “Elijah is coming and will restore everything,” He replied 12 But I tell you: Elijah has already come, and they didn’t recognize him. [John the Baptist]

Although Jesus identified John the Baptist as Elijah, at the same time he also said, "Elijah is coming and will restore everything." This is unmistakably a future tense statement which negates John being the full/total fulfillment of Elijah. Or does it?

To sum up we have two votes that John was Elijah (from Gabriel and Jesus) and two votes that he was not Elijah or was not the only or final Elijah (from John and Jesus).

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"Depart From Me, I Never Knew you!" - Jesus

Jesus predicted that he will tell many sincere believers to basically "get lost" instead of welcoming them into the Kingdom. So...who are they and what did they miss or do wrong? In this study, get those answers and the one requirement for salvation Jesus taught (that Christianity misses) so that you can make sure you don't hear these dreaded words yourself!

Solution: Dual Prophecy of Two More Elijahs

How do we resolve these apparent contradictions? By recognizing that all the seemingly contradictory statements above about Elijah can be true if there are two fulfillments of Malachi's prophecy and therefore two Elijahs are being spoken of by Gabriel, Jesus, John and the Scribes questioning John.

In other words, Malachi's prophecy must be a dual prophecy.

This may sound wrong until you remember that the coming of the Messiah itself was also a dual prophecy. Christians know well that Jesus has a first and second coming to fulfill both aspects of the prophecy:

  1. First coming as Messiah "the suffering servant"
  2. Second coming as Messiah "the King"

This fact was easily missed by the Jews, even though they studied the Bible diligently. They mostly expected a Messiah the King to free them from Roman oppression. Thus, when Jesus came first as a suffering servant (who did not overthrow the Roman rule), they rejected him. They feared he would only instigate problems with the Romans, causing them to lose their position under Roman authority.

Christians also misunderstand prophecy just as the Jews did. They miss that Elijah also has two comings. For each coming of Messiah, there will be an "Elijah" to prepare the way by preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to people. Both of these Elijahs, Elijah #2 and Elijah #3, are referenced in the verses discussed above as follows:

  • Gabriel says John is Elijah (#2), not the final Elijah (#3) (Luke 1:17).
  • John says he is not Elijah (#3) when the Jews ask him if he is Elijah (#3) because they were looking for the final Elijah just as they were looking for the final Messiah, the King (John 1:21).
  • Jesus said John was Elijah (#2) (Mt 17:12).
  • Jesus also said Elijah (#3) "is coming to restore all things" (Mt 17:11).

This resolves the dilemma of the Elijah statement contradictions. But it introduces a new dilemma: how do we identify this final Elijah #3?? 

This is a crucial question for end time believers!

The Nature of the Next Elijah

As part of identifying Elijah, I should probably settle a question on his nature. There are three ideas about who or what the final Elijah will be:

  1. Theory #1: "The church fulfills the office of Elijah."
    Proof? One argument I heard is that because the "Days of Elijah" song is the most popular song in churches (according to Charisma magazine), it means the Holy Spirit inspired this so we would know the church is fulfilling the prophecy of Malachi's Elijah. But this breaks precedent with the first two Elijah's being men and not groups.
  2. Theory #2: "The original Elijah will come back."
    Proof? Some say that Elijah never died and will come back as one of the Two Witnesses. Others say Elijah did die as "no man has ascended to heaven" except Jesus. Either way there is no precedent of a prophet being brought back to resume their ministry after many lifetimes.
  3. Theory #3: "Elijah will be a new person."
    Proof? This is the precedent of Scripture predicting coming figures like the Elijah. Elijah #1 was a new person born of a woman. So was Elijah #2 as John the Baptist born of Elizabeth. Therefore, based on these precedents we could reasonably expect the same of Elijah #3.

Christian Anxiety Over "Prophets"

After years of sharing the above discovery about the coming end time Elijah in my book, I noticed a pattern of anxiety in some readers. It took me a little time to understand the reason as follows:

Most Christians are aware that there are already people who claim to be Elijah or other prophets. Some Christians have been burned by falling for these charlatans. Others are aware that the Book of Revelation says the False Prophet is coming to delude people into believing lies like the Antichrist is God. This has taught many to ignore all "prophets" in order to protect themselves from deception. It's a reasonable response.

So when I come along and say there is indeed a true prophet coming who they must watch for and accept, you can imagine the consternation they feel. How can they possibly identify and accept a true prophet when all they have seen are false prophets who deceive and hurt people?

The solution to this problem is to gain discernment from Scripture on prophets. I have had to learn to do that myself as I have had the same negative experiences and observations as others about "prophets." For example, I personally knew someone who died from trusting in false prophecy. They stopped taking their insulin because of a prophecy saying they would be resurrected with a diabetes-free body if they did so. They died needlessly, paying the ultimate price for not being able to "discern the spirits" (1John 4:1). As well, every year a few people always write me to say that they are a prophet, Elijah or even an angel with a message or command for me. Sadly, I've learned to safely ignore them all. They either have mental illness or demonic possession and are beyond my help or convincing.

But how do I know who I can safely ignore and when there is a real prophet coming I need to listen to? Aren't I afraid I'm going to screw up and miss the real McCoy?

Identifying True Prophets

No, I never fear I might misjudge someone who claims to be a prophet. You don't have to either when you understand what Scripture says about prophets of God. It's pretty easy when you know how.

1. True prophets are established through signs, wonders, fortelling.

When God made Moses his prophet and sent him to lead Israel, Moses did not take the Christian prophet approach of saying "I'm a prophet of God, believe me and do what I say!" with zero evidence. Moses was able to perform three signs God equipped him with (turning waters to blood, turning his staff to a snake and turning his hand leprous).

Likewise, when God made Samuel a judge and prophet of Israel, he also did not take the Christian approach of "self-proclamation of prophet-hood." Samuel made predictions that came true, such as in the story of when he met the future king Saul while looking for a lost sheep. That's why it says:

1 Samuel 3:19-20 (HCSB) — 19 Samuel grew, and the LORD was with him, and He fulfilled everything Samuel prophesied. 20 All Israel from Dan to Beer-sheba knew that Samuel was a confirmed prophet of the LORD.

At this point you may be thinking of John the Baptist who it was said never performed a sign. But he did not have to. It says all the people accepted John as a prophet already for some other reason. It could be his notable near-miraculous birth to a priestly family past the age of child-bearing (Luke 1:7, 18). It does not say. But like Samuel, he was established by God as a prophet so everyone knew. His "reputation preceded him," as it were.

Today, there is no Christian prophet like that which the whole nation knows is a prophet already. So if a Christian prophet comes out of the blue with no reputation like Moses did, he had better be able to do signs like Moses or he is not following biblical precedent. He's all wet and we can tell him to "buzz off" with confidence.

If you "don't know him from Adam" and he won't do a sign, yet he demands you accept him as a prophet, ignore him. If your request for a sign before you listen makes him angry or causes him to issue threats, he just did you a favor and removed any remaining doubt that he is a man of God! God's prophets obey him in his command to love his children (Mt 7:12) not threaten them from their ego.

2. True prophets speak in harmony with existing revelation of God.

Of course, on very rare occasions, a false prophet will be able to pass the first test. The coming False Prophet is an example of this. He will be able to bring fire down from heaven to deceive people (Rev 13). But he will fail the next test:

The Bible teaches that not every "word" should be accepted as true just because a Christian or "prophet" says it. They need to be evaluated as Paul taught:

1 Corinthians 14:29 (KJV) — Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the others judge.

Isaiah taught how to judge the words of prophets:

Isaiah 8:20 (KJV) — To the law and to the testimony [revelation from God given to Israel]: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

The New American Commentary (Volume 15a: Isaiah 1-39) explains this verse as follows:

God's past revelation is the only valid guide to judge any new wisdom about the future. Anything that contradicts what God has said or leads one in a direction inconsistent with the clear teachings in the nation's traditions is untrustworthy and misleading. The light of God's truth is not in it.

There are several other characteristics of true prophets (such as speaking in God's personal name) from Scripture that you can test them by. I cover them in my book Know the Future.

Elijah's Mission - Revival & Warning

Why is Elijah coming and what will he do?

Malachi's prophecy quoted above (Mal 4:5-6=Luke 1:17) tells us that he is coming to turn father's and children's hearts to each other. That's a bit ambiguous until you read Gabriel's helpful interpretation of it when speaking with John's father. He said "to turn...the disobedient to the understanding of the righteous, to make ready for the Lord a prepared people" (Luke 1:17). Aha!

If John the Baptist/Elijah #2 did that in teaching people the Gospel of the Kingdom and repentance before the first coming, then we can expect the end time Elijah #3 to do the same before the second coming.

How "Revival" Finally Comes

This is a needed mission because it's not being done today by Christianity just as it was not being done the first time by Judaism. Both of these Bible-based religions and, in fact, all religions teach the traditions of the holy or exalted leaders who founded or developed that religion rather than the simple Word of God (Mk 7:13). Religion, or traditions of men, is a comforting dead end and only doing the Word of God leads to life (Lk 8:21).

Christianity is no different. Christianity does not teach the Gospel of the Kingdom or what repentance is or how to do it like Jesus did. Ask a Christian what the Kingdom of God is or what repentance is and they will most likely not be sure or not be able to give you an answer from the Bible. This is because Christian books and sermons do not focus on teaching these two things that John the Baptist and Jesus did. They teach Christianity or teachings about Jesus but not the teachings of Jesus himself. If a Christian wants to learn these things they have to dig into their own Bible themselves, something most are not adept at or comfortable doing. (I don't blame them since the Bible is a daunting 23,145 verses to slog through.)

Jesus himself said that, "this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come" (Mt 24:14). If Christianity is not teaching this, then when someone like Elijah and the 144,000 finally do (as John, the 72 and the apostles last accomplished 2000 years earlier) it will certainly be noteworthy.

A recurring theme among Christians is the hope of "revival." Christians imagine revival in the form of lots of healings or other supernatural signs that lead many "to come to Jesus" and become Christians, like they are. But true revival in the Bible has always come as a result of repentance, or returning to do God's will, or the Word of God (Lk 8:21). That's why it will finally come under Elijah.

The Warning to Flee

I believe Elijah has another important role that builds upon him leading a revival. With the disasters and crisis coming to earth caused by WW3, Wormwood and the Antichrist, God has an escape plan for his people. Someone has to lead God's people to the safe places described as God's people are in ignorance and confusion on what is coming and how God plans to save them (it's not a pretrib rapture). If God does not send a strong leader who can work signs and wonders or at least make predictions that come true, believers will never know or agree on what is coming or what to do about it and who should they listen to. If Elijah #3 comes in power and authority like Elijah #1 and Moses did, that problem will be solved.

I therefore conclude Elijah will be the one "calling" us to "safety" (Joel 2:32) based on the natural linking between the verse about him in Malachi 4:5-6 and Joel 2:31. They are the only two verses in the Bible using the same phrase "before the Day of the LORD comes:"

Malachi 4:5 (HCSB) — Look, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome Day of the Lord comes.

Joel 2:31-32 (HCSB) — 31 The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the great and awe-inspiring Day of the LORD comes. 32 Then everyone who calls on the name of Yehovah will be saved, for there will be an escape for those on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, as the LORD promised among the survivors the LORD calls.

Elijah will be usable by God to call people to safety as well lead a revival of turning people back to the wisdom of the just (Lk 1:17).

How To Identify/Not Miss Elijah

When Christians learn about the end time Elijah prophecy, their number one concern quickly becomes how to identify him so not to miss his warning and be "left behind." As you'll understand, spotting or even identifying him won't be much of a challenge compared to acting on what he says.

I honestly think it will be near impossible to miss Elijah's coming given the Internet, email, social media and viral video available to be utilized by God. It is promised that the Gospel of the Kingdom (that I think he delivers first before the 144,000) will go worldwide (Mt 24:14). You'll hear about a strange man with a hopeful message of returning to God that lines up with the Bible when you look (Acts 17:11), yet who Christianity calls a "heretic." Therein lies the rub. You'll be swayed at first, yet everyone and everything you hear will make you want to doubt or reject him and his teaching which will contradict much of what Christianity teaches because he, like Jesus before him is working from God's Word (Lk 8:21) and not from tradition (Mk 7:13).

I am confident Elijah can get worldwide attention because over the years I've seen many intriguing—but false—date-setting prophecy theories spread on the Internet like wildfire. All of them are easily refuted with the Bible and always fail, yet they go viral nonetheless because when they are sensational and provocative. No so-called "prophet" behind such prophecy inventions ever succeeds impressively in their prediction even once, let alone twice. Even if they vaguely say "something big will happen" and it "comes true," it is always so general that nobody is impressed or remembers.

What To Look For Elijah To Do To Get Attention (Not Miracles)

But, imagine someone comes along who makes one impressive, specific, mind-boggling prediction after another, that always come true? Word would spread and it would be sensational and spread even more. Yet, unlike a video of a miracle or spontaneous healing, it would leave it up to the hearer to decide if the prediction was a fluke or really a sign from God. They would have to investigate his teaching to see if it aligns with God's previous revelation (Isaiah 8:20), which is no simple task and only for the Bereans (Acts 17:11).

If I wanted to reach all believers with the Gospel of the Kingdom, call to repentance and instructions for escaping the beginning of birth pains, I would harness the Web in exactly that way with prediction after a successful prediction. Neither Satan nor the religious folks turned off by Elijah's "heretical" (but Biblical) message would be able to stop it from attracting attention. People are wired that way, to pay attention to the sensational or unusual. Rather than by some impressive recorded miracle, that's how I expect Elijah will get attention and give those seeking to identify him the evidence they need, although ambiguous!

In this way, everyone could get a chance to hear and decide whether they have the faith and strength within themselves to obey the challenging radical instructions Elijah will give. That's why Jesus said 2000 years ago about this time to "pray that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place" (Lk 21:36). It won't be as hard to identify Elijah as something different and maybe sent from God as it will to ignore all the naysayers and do the hard thing he says to do!

Can You Filter Out the Naysayers?

You can see this "naysayer" effect play out in the case of Jesus. Jesus said beautiful, stunning things that made people love him and get convicted to listen and follow him. That is, until the doubters or religious authorities :

John 7:37 — 37 On the last and most important day of the festival, Jesus stood up and cried out, "If anyone is thirsty, he should come to Me and drink! 40 When some from the crowd heard these words, they said, "This really is the Prophet!" 41 Others said, "This is the Messiah!" But some said, "Surely the Messiah doesn't come from Galilee, does He? 42 Doesn't the Scripture say that the Messiah comes from David's offspring and from the town of Bethlehem, where David once lived?" 43 So a division occurred among the crowd because of Him.

The same criticisms and misinformed theories will undermine Elijah's work of God so that people who at first were convinced by him will become unsure.

That's why I encourage you to stop worrying about missing Elijah or how to identify him. The free articles (and my book) on this site have already prepared you to identify him easily. Worry instead about not being able to stand up against the negativity about him or persecution to do the hard thing he says to do after you identify him. To know he is speaking for God but be unable to forsake all and disregard the attacks contradicting Elijah's message will be so much harder. As always, I remind you therefore to do what Jesus said to pray for the strength to escape all these things (Lk 21:36) which is even above faith when the end comes!

P.S. If you find someone on the Internet and wonder if he is Elijah, don't tell me about him to find out what I think =). There's no need. When the real Elijah comes, we won't have to tell each other about him or seek expert opinions. We will already be hearing about him and he will speak according to the Bible so that we faithful can confirm that he is a prophet of God from our own Bibles. In other words, if you find an 'Eljiah' that everyone is not already talking about at least as a prophet of God—as they did the last Elijah/John the Baptist (Mark 11:32)—then he is not Elijah! Accept no substitutes below Biblical standards even if they meet Christian standards.

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Randabest - July 1, 2023

LOL, I am the third Elijah.
Time will tell

    Louis White - November 23, 2023

    Tim paved the way by getting others to look at scripture from a more literal perspective and not just relying on the interpretation of others. Technology now allows us to compare, research, and verify biblical and historical accounts of human activity better than any other time in history, which has revealed much misinformation, deceptions, and has allowed us to clarify a lot. For instance, I now know that the picture used above is without a doubt a European rendering because 300 years before the Europeans made Christianity their official religion Christianity had already spread to Africa and Arabia. ALL pre-European depictions of the Hebrews, Egyptians, and main characters of the bible were portrayed as people of color, including Christ. It is common knowledge that Egypt was conquered by the Greeks, Romans, Ottoman Turks, Muslims, etc. which is why the current population now speaks Arabic and does not know how to interpret the hieroglyphics written by the original Egyptians. Another thing I discovered is the curses of Deuteronomy 28 meant for Israel cannot be applied to any group accept black people. Read Deuteronomy for yourself and come to your own conclusion. Also, if we are to apply literal interpretation to the table of nations in Genesis 10, it clearly says Ashkenaz comes from the line of Japheth, not Abraham. This means the only way modern Jews could have come into Judaism is by way of conversion, not birthright. They are NOT the Hebrews of the bible, which is why Tim was perplexed when he learned that the Israel that we know today was going to nearly be wiped out in the coming Middle East war. Also, if we truly believe what the scriptures say, which is God is going to bring ALL 12 tribes back from the four corners of the world “where they were SOLD INTO SLAVERY” (modern Jews were never sold into slavery), common sense tells us that the formation of Israel in 1948 was not prophecy being fulfilled simply because all the tribes are not there, and God doesn’t do things half-way. Plus, God said that when HE brings them back there will be unprecedented peace. Israel has never seen peace since the day they set foot on the land. The people living there speak Yiddish, which is a Slavic influence, instead of ancient paleo Hebrew with Babylonian influences like many of the people scattered throughout Africa and abroad. The bible even confirms that Ashkenazi are not Semitic people and are not related to Abraham while repeating all throughout the scriptures that for THOUSANDS of years the Hebrew Israelites intermarried with the Canaanites (Ham) who were also black, often against God’s wishes. It just shows how people have been truly deceived and have not been doing their due diligence or using common sense when it comes to scripture. Instead, it is common to jump on someone else’s bandwagon. The scriptures say that the whole world will be deceived and will find it hard to accept the truth prior to the return of Christ. This is because the world has been conditioned and deceived into believing a false narrative by the greatest deceiver in the world, and unfortunately, billions will pay dearly for it.

Jon - February 16, 2023

Yeah, I’ve seen prophecies in the Bible that appear to have been fulfilled but have not. I’m not so sure Malachi 4:5-6 isn’t one of those.

5“Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD. 6He will turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and strike the land with complete destruction.”

Firstly, this is going to occur just before the day of the Lord.

Secondly, JTB, did not fulfill this prophecy as no where does it state, he turned the hearts of the children back to the father. It’s all or nothing Here, no partial fulfillment. It’s like Zechariah 4, it appears to have been fulfilled in the second temple era, but it was not.

Again, he didn’t come at the correct time, and he didn’t turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers.

JTB was Elijah because Jesus said so. The most plausible explanation, is that John, in his flesh didn’t consider the “spirit and power of Elijah” to be the manifestation of Elijah. However we know that it was, based on the declaration of the Lord.

We can be sure JTB fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah and most likely Malachi 3:1, unless there is a lost scroll of Isaiah repeating this. Why do I say that? because the gospel of Mark, in the most reliable manuscripts accredited this to Isaiah.

Mark 1:2

2just as it is written in Isaiah the prophet:


But it is written in Malachi 3:1

1“Behold, I am sending My [a]messenger, and he will clear a way before Me.

Fulfilled By JTB^^ or did Isaiah also write this, and it has been lost?

Malachi 3:1-4 continued

And the Lord, whom you are seeking, will suddenly come to His temple;

[b]and the [c]messenger of the covenant, in whom you delight, behold, He is coming,” says the LORD of armies. 2“But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire, and like launderer’s soap. 3And He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver, and He will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to the LORD [d]offerings in righteousness. 4Then the [e]offering of Judah and Jerusalem will be pleasing to the LORD as in the days of old, and as in former years.

I would suggest the possibility that the messenger of the covenant may also be Elijah, despite the NASB capitalizing the pronoun.

וּמַלְאַ֨ךְ And the messenger/angel if that is the correct translation then it speaks of someone in addition to/besides the Adonai. Lord

Whoever this messenger of the covenant is (I believe future Elijah), it can not be JTB. It is because no one can sit as a smelter and purify prior to Jesus going to the cross. The ability to “smelt out impurities “ did not become available until Jesus went to the cross. The blood of bulls and goats was insufficient for that.

Additionally, Jesus is referred to as the mediator of the covenant.

1 timothy 2:5

5For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus,

Hebrews 12

24and to Jesus, the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood, which speaks better than the blood of Abel.

Hebrews 8:6

Hebrews 9:15

Above He is referred to as the mediator and not messenger of the covenant

Another strong point is that this is the last part of the Nevi’im or prophets and who do the Jews delight in? Sounds like Elijah to me

Bottom line, was JTB a partial fulfillment of Malachi 4:5-6? I doubt it, it was no where near the day of the Lord and he never turned the hearts of the children back to the fathers.

What did he do? He Was the voice of one calling in the wilderness- Isaiah

Came in the spirit and power (was considered Elijah), And fulfilled part of Malachi 3:1.

There are just things that remain veiled in scripture

Thomas Rießler - July 13, 2020

The first Elijah caught attention by causing a long-lasting drought in Israel. It did not begin with harmony and the restoration of all things. It will most likely require a similar act of punishment to get the message out in this time of pleasure and distraction. No chance for reason, preaching and civilized conversation. And people (regardless of whether churchgoer or not) will hate him for that again, of course. Reign of ignorance.

Jeanne Parent - September 10, 2019


I can tell by many of the comments, no one has read your book. They all KNOW who the anti-Christ is… they don’t read their own bibles and looking to man for help. Plenty are going to see hell for real and it won’t be your fault.

Sometimes I dislike reading these comments. Sorry. But they live in the flesh and it’s just plain disturbing.

Mike Anderson - August 29, 2019

It seems to me that a powerful tool for leading people to repentance is reminding them that God sees and cares about them individually. The Samaritan woman at the well recognized that Jesus was a prophet when he told her something personal that perhaps no one else knew. False prophets try to do the same with varying degrees of skill or spiritual assistance, but none of them gently remind you of what the Holy Spirit has already been showing you through your conscience. Even state-of-the-art surveillance networks can’t know that. And when the false prophets try, they typically drive toward rewards for good behavior or overly broad accusations of bad behavior, since they aren’t familiar with true repentance. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the next Elijah gained a reputation for telling people exactly what they already knew but were afraid to tell anyone?

Timothy And Jesus - July 11, 2019

I keep having big miracles happen. And I read the Bible and pray a lot and lead people to Christ. 25 years I have been saved. I get 100% on some and at least 93% or better on Bible quizzes on Google. I have been known to slowly read the NT in a day. People get healed. Demons cast out and weather changes and the future told. I don’t seem to be in control of it. But the Holy Spirit works it thru me. I constantly preach repentance and have 24 years. People have laid hands on me and say God tells them that I can explain the whole Bible easily. I’m educated and I have been in about 30 countries and 40 states. I’m a pastor who trains other pastors, but I spend most of my time helping publicans and sinners. I pray at times for rain to stop and start and it does. God talks to me where I can hear him. I have watched demons leave and God enter. I have challenged many false leaders in different places. But really I love people and want them to have Jesus now and forever. The pre trib rapture is real. Francis is false and we don’t have any good presidents in my life time. The ANTICHRIST rises from Rome and the Vatican is wicked. The church is Lukewarm and few people hear much right. Sunday morning building religion is dead. God is 24/7/365. I don’t know what to say to get all of you to stop. The bridge is out ahead. People r driving to their deaths. The Christians don’t care. They witness little, give little and read and pray little. There are 31,000+ verses and few know much of them right. Maybe none do. The Christian machine is dead. A KJV Bible and 10’s of thousands of hours reading and studying is needed with total obedience is needed to get it and that is not what is wanted by you. TV and internet is wicked. Cell phones and all the cyber stuff is not God’s stuff. Learning the 66 books of the Bible is easy. The Bible is easy to understand. People just don’t want the true Trinity of the Bible. It’s balance. I have what Paul and the apostles had. I travel lots. Gave lots. I pray and fast. The cross and Jesus is the start. It’s not Cessastionism. It’s not charismatic mania. It’s working to help people cross from darkness to light each day. It’s giving all your money and time to the Lord. You walk with one set of clothes and give all your money away. God will be there. The closer you get to God the closer you will have a life like Christ. It’s about God life. It’s about loving Him most and loving like Him. It’s not turning people away unless you just have to. It’s forgiving always. It has no problem giving all your money and time. Being poor is ok. If you have. GIVE. Love your enemies. KNOW YOUR WHOLE BIBLE. We live by every Word out of the mouth of God. I’m fine with owning nothing. It’s peaceful. It’s about people not things. PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. BE ALWAYS IN CONTACT WITH THE TRINITY. Why are you all so deaf. Because your hearts are hard. Elijah must come before the rapture and restore all things before the church leaves and the Holy Spirit and then the Antichrist will be revealed. The Bride will not go thru the 7 year trib but most people who claim Christianity are not saved and most know little of their Bible. God is not all to people, but should be. And you and your church are lukewarm too. It’s not done that way. It’s about getting the gospel out everyday and the Word and not the American dream. Think about John the Baptist, Jesus and the apostles lives. That’s the NT. They were poor and they got killed for preaching and holding people to the Truth. Trust God with all. GIVE the widows mite. It’s for you. Not her now. She is in heaven. Do you want to be??? Why not make every dollar count. GIVE to help people and to places that are right. It’s not about a building and a staff and structure getting almost all the money. What buildings did John, Jesus and the apostles build. None. It’s free to read the Bible. It’s free to pray. Must you have more. 75% of the world lives on 1500 dollars or less anually. Invest in heaven not your stupid materialistic life. God is angry with the wicked everyday. Maybe given few r saved and most think they are. Maybe God is upset with you. Is your life like the apostles??? Jesus??? I thought not. Well repenting would be good. Changing and stopping. Get rid of the sin. Is it all about sec. It will cost you your wallet and time, but you will have treasure in heaven. Be a real Christian. The wrath of the Lamb. God is mad. Be warm and filled. That’s how you are with others. Why won’t you all stop and change??? Because Jesus is not what you really want or have. Right. You do have the devil. That’s the problem few are saved but most think they are saved. That means your god is Satan when you think you have God but you really never cared much for those that were not your own. Are you sure your church is so grand??? God is not Catholic, Mormon, JW, or Adventist…etc. Are you born again? Why don’t you know the whole Bible??? Oh how God cries that you are not His. But maybe you knew you needed Him but you just never gave Him much of you. ALLLLLLL IS WHAT HE ASKED FOR. HOW MUCH DO YOU WATCH TV IN A WEEK. HOW MUCH DO YOU READ JUST THE BIBLE IN A WEEK. YEP HELL. BETTER LET TV GO ETC…AND JUST GET BUSY WITH GOD ALONE. DONT WORRY THERE IS NO TV IN HEAVEN OR HELL. BE WARM AND FILLED. If he’ll is real and it is. Why are you mad you got a warning to stop before you became a charcoal burket forever. God loves, but He does not love everyone. For most are in hell and He does not love them. He died for all but only 3% of the world is born again and 99% of them……right are not very strong. Why not start today. Smash your TV and internet and read the Bible lots of hours book by book over and over till you know the whole thing and are doing it……..WHY will you just not change. You like sin….I don’t. God don’t either. Why not make God of the Bible all today. With LOVE a possible Elijah

Timothy and Jesus - June 23, 2019

Just by the crazy posts here and all the different views you might guess how hard it would be to get the church unified not in any denomination. You figure Elijah would probably work some miracles but that will not get people to believe the gospel and repent. Elijah will move with God like he should but people today don’t want to read the Bible and give up the TV and internet etc… For one man to restore all things he can only do by the Trinity and it takes lots of hours over time just reading the Scripture to learn the whole thing. And to obey all 66 books in context is not what people want. We live by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God…Elijahs life is not what people want, nor Christ’s nor the apostles. Did we not forsake all Peter said. I hope people remember that if you watch sin on TV etc… and read a little of the Bible you will never see what’s there. It takes separation and giving all. Forsaking all for Christ to see and obey and read and study and pray and witness. The church wants the world and not God. It’s lukewarm and so the end will come. Jesus and the apostles were thrown out everywhere. But Elijah won’t need anything but the Lord God. Things r not anything. God is everything now and always. I hope the warning was taken. The rapture will happen because they don’t really want Jesus. Even the church. Just look at their 24 hour day and see how it’s spent. God is angry, but it’s just never your church or you that is lukewarm. It’s the other church and someone else. Not….Elijah won’t know when the rapture will come. But is ready you bet….please read the Bible and forsake all, a little can give many salvation other places. Make sure you r always sharing the gospel….with love…

mem - March 25, 2019

Whoa, the comments section really turned into crazy town

It almost seems too easy…that an Elijah will come and straighten out all the confusion of modern churchianity and speak to the whole world. You just have to honest and fair minded to believe what Elijah is saying/doing. The downside is some will just procrastinate until Elijah comes before they get their house in order.

    Tim McHyde - March 25, 2019

    Mem, you’re right that would be too easy, but if you remember, even Yeshua speaking pure truth could make not straighten his jurisdiction due to religious opposition. Elijah will put out the “wisdom of the just” and most Christians will disagree, undermine or attack him as well.

jerry - March 21, 2019

To truly test a prophet, perhaps one needs to go back a little further than Is. 8:20 “the torah/law and the testimony” as well as beyond the gospels. Deuteronomy 13 explains a test to discern true prophets from false ones. This chapter covers the first part of the phrase from Is. 8:20. Revelation 19:10 covers the latter of the above phrase. “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”. Consider…

    Tim McHyde - March 21, 2019

    Jerry, yes, and as Mt 7:12 says, the whole Torah is summed up in love so that’s kind of the ultimate yardstick for a true prophet (John 13:35). Bear in mind only ancient Israel was given the whole Torah to keep in order to not be kicked out of the Promised Land. It has no bearing on us since we’re not there nor for personal salvation. Yet the underlying message is consistent, a prophet who is not primarily teaching or contradicting love God and love neighbor is false.

Dan - July 20, 2018

Good Morning, i have a question on this Eiljah person. what if we miss the sign of his coming? i found this on july 13th 1977, The New York City blackout of 1977 was an electricity blackout that affected most of New York City on July 13–14, 1977. there were three lightning strikes that night. then i found this ( Today (July 13) marks the 35th anniversary of a night that I will always remember. At 9:29 p.m. EDT, lightning from a severe thunderstorm struck a power plant at Indian Point, New York. The result was sudden power failure that plunged all of New York City into darkness.) This magical night ended with the thin crescent Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars and the orange star Aldebaran all lined up in the eastern sky at dawn, followed by a beautiful sunrise….[SNIP]…Any thoughts on this? Thank you for any help.

    Tim McHyde - July 25, 2018

    Dan, as the article above says, you can’t possibly miss Elijah. He teaches Jesus’ original Gospel of repentance for the Kingdom (Mal 4:5-6) which will go out to all nations (Mt 24:14). Therefore, there is no sign promised or needed find him. You won’t be able to escape hearing him.

Laurie Bona - February 4, 2018

Another great article, gives me shivers. Thank you so much for your words, always thought provoking.

Catherine Hafner - February 3, 2018

Some years ago I was in a prayer meeting. In the night I had a dream: a young bibleteacher came in my room and said: before Jesus came the first time, John the Baptist prepared the way, before Jesus comes back, an army of prophets will prepare the way!

Helen Davies - February 3, 2018

I see you as a type of Elijah because you’re helping us prepare to hear the next Elijah. I’m so thankful for your ministry. You really bring much comfort to the hearts and minds of God’s people. I’ll be keeping my ears open from here on out, for what you have to share. You’re a true Servant of the Lord, that He has called and equipped to help bring alignment to His people for the end time. Thank you so greatly for being obedient and faithful to God and His Kingdom. You teach us so much and I’m eternally grateful that God connected us in this life.

Blaze - February 3, 2018

I still wonder What’s this Elijah guy (or woman? Is that out of the question?) doing right now? Are people going to be like, where did this guy come from. Curious is you could figure out who he is before he shows up through some sort of reasoning or is that impossible.

    Tim McHyde - February 3, 2018

    Blaze, both of the Two Witnesses are here now and no doubt working in Bible research and/or teaching. People knew who John the Baptist was when he started his ministry, he was well revered as a prophet. Likewise I think the 2W will have both Bible wisdom and some notoriety before they explode as the 2W. I don’t expect it to be like Jesus who worked with his hands and then dropped that and switched to preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and training disciples.

      Jenifer - May 9, 2021

      Blessings to you and your entire family!
      I agree with you that the TWOwitNESSES are here working in the Bible research/teaching. The Lord revealed this to me more clearly NOW.
      He gave me Wisdom as my sister
      Insight as my best friend!
      They are fighting against the TWObeasts system trying to rule the world.
      Moses and Elijah’s spiritS are real. They will be the TWOwitnesses and this job is very tough because there are so many powerful entities that are against them and probably even among their own family/relatives. That’s why they will be the only TWO working in pairs as best friend during the eternal gospel prophecy in Revelation about the identity of these two witness.

      God is faithful to His Word and He is not a liar!
      Thank you for all your hardwork. He is worth all the sufferings and endurance of the saints. I am becoming more intimate with the Messiah. What a blessing!

Jonathan - January 18, 2018

How are USA ,UK,NZ the lost tribe of Israel.

    Tim McHyde - January 18, 2018

    Jonathan, go study http://britam.org/ for where the Lost Ten Tribes settled after their exile to Assyria.

Asha - January 11, 2018

You know. I am not under any denomination all I call myself is a believer and a follower of Yeshua I came to be this way because of the things I was seeing in many churches..sorry not churches buildings.. the things being taught the way it didn’t click in people’s minds that the enemy’s plan is to disrupt the church (aka God’s people) so it made me so happy to see that you picked up on the fact that the 144,000 who would be safe during the tribulation were BELIEVERS of Him, the faithful and did not associate the church with one denomination as many do. I’ve recently gotten back into the Lord’s word and teachings, I have back slid multiple times but throughout my backsliding periods I would always cry at how amazing it was that God still spoke to me and answered my questions through people around me, even though I had fallen off the path and slid into things not of Him he still tried and obviously successfully put me back onto the right path and I just find it amazing how I was led to your site from just searching about cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and dash.. then being led back to the RFID chip that I’ve been telling my school friends about since like 2010. Even as a child in primary school (ages 4-11) I was always capable and able of discerning spirits, of interpreting and understanding God’s scriptures. My aunt even reminded me of a moment I had forgotten when I was small and how on evening’s after school I would stand on a wall and yell and preach out into the neighbourhood without fear and shame God’s word…

and you know I wondered most of my life why did certain things happen to me that happened to me and it dawned on me one day as I was recollecting memories that it was the enemy’s plan to break my spirit and break me and at one point in life because I was still of course just a child it was working I was on a self destructive path up until early last year I would say, drinking to the point of vomitting, smoking, cussing ..suffering from depression (which literally clicked to me like a week or so ago that depression is in actuality a demon that grows more powerful the more people take their lives to escape it hence why it’s now become one of the world’s top killers..cause thats how depression feeds and it was so funny because as soon as that realization clicked it attacked me for like 3 days straight it was gruesome and paralyzing but I’ve just kept on praying and telling myself if this demon is working so hard so over time hammering away at people who finally realize what it is to collect their souls imagine how truly precious souls are that it’s so dedicated to take out those who become aware of what it truly is and how it truly feeds)

It’s only been about 3 weeks since I’ve found my way back and though short I’m just glad to have found my way back sorry not found to have been led back because I don’t believe in coincidences especially not as many that have happened during this pass year. Keep up the good work, sorry for my rambling and God bless~!

    David Price - January 12, 2018


    God bless you for sharing your story here. It in itself can be a great encouragement for others that are suffering just like you and need to know that they are not alone.
    If you keep studying and praying you will see a dramatic change in not only your heart but your outlook on life.
    I would encourage you to read through all of the free articles that Tim has here on his site. Just look through the 17 pages. You can get to them at the bottom of any of these pages. Each page has multiple articles.
    I can assure you that you will become excited about the future and what God has for all of us.

    Amiriyah Mizrah Yisrael - January 19, 2018

    Shalom Asha . . . Please know that God/Elohim is always with you because you belong to Him and He will never leave you or forsake you because He loves you and if you ask Him to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit/Ruach HaKodesh; He will give it to you and once you receive the baptism of His Spirit; you’ll have the power you need to stand up against any demon of hell that attacks you and be made free from depression and anything that Satan tries to bring on you. Please remember that scripture says that “No weapon formed against you shall prosper”; not when your truly believing and living your life for Jesus/Yeshua.

    Tony - July 23, 2018

    You are very blessed-stay close to Jesus-he will show you your true self and how to use your gifts thanks Asha

Justin - October 10, 2017

Have you studied what the LDS (Mormon) church believes about Elijah? We believe he has already come.

> There is no Christian prophet today like John that the whole nation knows is a prophet already. If a Christian prophet comes out of the blue with no reputation like Moses did, he had better be able to do a sign like Moses or he is not following biblical precedent.

Joseph Smith’s primary sign was the translation of the Book of Mormon. The entire LDS church stands on the Book of Mormon.

    Tim McHyde - October 10, 2017

    Justin, translating a book you claim an angel showed you is not a biblical sign. It’s just a claim. A true prophet like Moses or Elijah would be so impressive that he is not just be accepted by one denomination he started but rather by broad sections of believers across many denominations. Elijah will accomplish that when he comes. Even, for example, to the point that many of you Mormons will renounce the story of “Joseph Smith met Elijah” and accept the real Elijah in our generation.

SusieQ - September 9, 2017

The world is on fire …

Zachary Miller - May 31, 2017

The questions that still linger in my mind related to the ‘end time’ Elijah are: 1) will this Elijah be “Jewish” and/or “Israelite”? and 2) where will this person come from/demonstrate his abilities? (Israel, Europe, the US, etc..)…

    Tim McHyde - June 1, 2017

    Zak, Elijah was of the northern house of Israel (“Ephraim”) while his counterpart Moses was of the Southern (“Judah”) both of whom were the two witnesses besides Jesus at the Transfiguration. I expect the same for the Two Witnesses, an Elijah and Moses. If Elijah is of the Lost Ten Tribes (US,UK,AU,ZA,CA,NZ,NL,etc.) then that fits the pattern, which makes him “Israelite” as you say. The second, “Moses” witness I expect to be Jewish or of Judah/Levi/Benjamin. I would not be surprised if both are from America, with its unparalleled wealth of Bible knowledge. Moses of course would be Jewish-American in this case.

      Zachary Miller - June 1, 2017

      Thanks Tim. That clears it up for me!

      Rob Foster - June 6, 2018

      Wow, I never thought of it that way. If Elijah could come from one of so many geographic regions, then he will have be accompanied by convincing prophetic insight as you have said. He could be just anyone you pass in the street just waiting to be “activated”.

      I wonder just what shape or form that activation will take…a word or dream that lets him know he is the last Elijah. That would blow your mind. On that, I wonder if the person already knows he is Elijah and is just waiting for the right time, or if it will be a total surprise to him.

Charles Stewart Jr - April 15, 2017

As always, I leap to the simplest explanation my simple mind can conjure up. Why could there not be ONE Elijah who makes multiple sequential appearances?

    Tim McHyde - April 15, 2017

    Charles, if you read the article then you would have your answer. Elijah already was followed by John the Baptist who the angel declared the fulfillment of Mal 4:5 but was obviously not the first Elijah from the dead. If the partial fulfillment of Elijah was a new man, then it follows that precedent that the next one, the final Elijah, will be a new man. HTH.

Chip Fitzpatrick - February 20, 2017

Just last week I saw a illustration of the United States but the states weren’t displayed just the word wormwood in the shape of our country the lower 48 states maybe ? This continent hasn’t really tried to obey God more like obeying what man thinks is honorable and right, I’m not going to mention the guy who had stirred my spirit about things that have come upon our continent such as the Arch of Baal that was erected in NYC just another defiance and in my opinion has also brought judgement to us since 2001…just the wormwood has sparked my interest. Why America?

Jay - November 14, 2016


But imagine a true prophet comes along who makes one impressive, specific, accurate mind-boggling prediction after another that always come true. Word would spread and it would be sensational and spread even more.

Or imagine he did indisputable great healings or other miracles and signs on camera? A billion hits on YouTube. Even secular news stations will pick it up as a curiosity.

If I wanted to reach all believers with the Gospel of the Kingdom, call to repentance and instructions for escaping the beginning of birth pains, I would harness the Internet in exactly that way.

In a right mind who would not believe this and therefore heed his/her message? Who would be those who wold not flee to the safe place? If people will fall for an antichrist with his or her charismatic being and ability to call down fire from heaven who are they that would not heed this 3rd Elijah?

Elijah comes BEFORE antichrist, correct? If this is the sequence, then what could possibly delude people into not hearing and not acting n his/her words?

Also scripture says Elijah is coming to “restore.” I thought the only person who can come to restore is Christ!

Then we have two more people called witness’s who arrive after the USA is destroyed. What about them? Who could they be?



    Tim McHyde - November 14, 2016

    Read http://escapeallthesethings.com/faith-to-escape-tribulation for reasons why very right-minded people would be inclined to doubt Elijah and stay home. Remember, there is no Antichrist today either yet Christians are deceived into believing 100% false doctrines like the “pretrib rapture,” “once saved always saved,” cheap grace, and into thinking going to church once a week to hear a sermon keeps them right with God while they live the same the rest of the week.

    The two witnesses is covered here: http://escapeallthesethings.com/two-witnesses

    FYI, Greek says “restore all”, Aramaic says “fulfill all.” I go with the Aramaic preserving the original here.

      Milionea Toluao - February 4, 2018

      Hey Tim,

      AntiChrist was removed from the White House, his name Barack Hussien Obama…

        Margaret Marty - February 18, 2018

        Think you are mistaken, he is in the WH now. Lies , promiscuity, etc, you get the picture:

          David Price - February 19, 2018

          It appears that everyone wants to paint the current or previous President as the worst there has every been. We must remember that they are mortal men with the same sinful nature as the rest of us. My wife was recently given a book called “The Dark Side of Camelot”. It is all about John F. Kennedy. Very surprising revelations about a president that many revered.

          Margaret Marty - February 20, 2018

          David, the Bible describes the future Antichrist as being a LIAR, deceptive, cunning. I have never seen anyone on the world stage who has lied as has the person in the WH. Very calculating, you can’t pin him down on anything. He has the characteristics of the making of the antichrist or somehow affiliated with the entourage of the antichrist. He seeks to change laws as the Bible says, for me this could mean the laws of Right and Wrong, Truth and Lies. He may not be fully there yet, but is being groomed and is one to be wary of.

          David Price - February 20, 2018

          Margaret, I do not want to argue about whether he is or not. I believe that the Antichrist is alive right now, but I do not believe that he is on the forefront right now. I do believe that he will take advantage of the situation after the destruction from wormwood to declare himself god. As Tim’s article states, he will not be followed due to his great charisma or good looks but because he states that he is god and can make it better. Now that is a LIAR.

    Dana Bradley - June 5, 2018

    The next American President is already chosen by God. It will be the chosen one, the one with the spirit of Elijah. She will be a joyful, loving, strong, woman who will do ANYTHING for Christ. This is how joy will be restored to God and America. She will only rein for a short time…

    Brian - January 12, 2019

    You stated: “Elijah comes BEFORE antichrist, correct? If this is the sequence, then what could possibly delude people into not hearing and not acting n his/her words?”

    Many pastors and teachers today, even ones I respect (keeping in line with Paul’s words: “test all things, hold fast what is good”) teach that the gifts of prophecy and signs and wonders faded away after the passing of the apostles. Therefore, many in the church will reject the coming Elijah even though he will do signs and wonders; and also because so many have been burned by “Charlatans” as Tim mentioned.

Sarah - October 29, 2016

Could the 3rd “Elijah” be a prophetess?

    Tim McHyde - October 29, 2016

    There have been female prophets in the Bible like Hulda (OT) and Anna (NT). Today with Western Society not being a patriarchal society like in Bible times, I expect more women leaders and prophets than in the past. This is similar to how in Bible times there was slavery as it was a necessary institution of life but today we have been able to (mostly) put away with that institution. Same with patriarchal, women-are-property-not-leaders-thinking.

    Dana Ruby Bradley - June 5, 2018

    The 3rd Elijah is a female. She is not a prophet, but God blesses her with His prophecies.

    Jessica law - January 26, 2019

    I believe Elijah is a spirit inside a woman . This women will carry a child and he will become the Elijah of (Judea ) with the Law of God inside him. The Slient mother shelters him from man’s words because she is aware of the true WORD of God is within them both for they both have Christ inside their hearts. The child isn’t taught by mother’s words only in God’s words. She will be a widow because of joseph but a bride of Christ. The Mother will be given witness to visions before Elijahs birth and not experience no birth pains during delivery. The child will turn the hearts of man to the children. All will marvel at him because where else besides the father could he speak and preform such acts. The children are receiving the spirit now. They see the kingdom around them as the others do not . They have worries of the world………just my thoughts on it.

      Dana. Ruby Bradley - March 24, 2019

      You have wisdom. God speaks to you. However it is not one child, but three.

Jerry Barnhart - October 28, 2016

Some people claim Herbert Armstrong was Elijah-Armstrong himself claimed this- how can he be Elijah since he has been dead since 1986?

    Tim McHyde - October 29, 2016

    HWA was not Elijah. Many claim to be Elijah before and since him but none have proven they are biblical prophets worth signs nor “restored all things” including the Gospel of the kingdom that died out with the the apostles. Jesus said this gospel would return to the whole world before the end comes (Mt 24:14).

      Elijah Robert Malachj - February 14, 2019

      Look at Chico Ca,. My bus map. Thor’s hammer, the boots of war and flight the left and right. The dragon, wormwood out of the orient through the wall and wins Salem by a nose! Elisha is here also and my friend moses. We live on the sky, and our boots have propellers. We have trained the dragon! Up to the sky in the abyss and sealed (52) 52 card Monte on 99 (66). 2017 baptized by water 2018 baptized by fire and now on time on this immaculate… John the Baptist is the father (bidwell) by the Holy Spirit. Proof more my friend good job you are holy rightward and pure…I like it. Key…1 kings 17 18 19 go backward and forward. But revelation is on point. Word find camp fire of Paradise in ? Rev 19? 20? 21? And the books were opened. Welcome to Elijah. I live in Carmel can on 17 mile drive. 17 in the bible is 2017 18 is 2018 etc…2012 is the start of the 7 year. All numbers between 12 and 20 are the years. Have fun my friend. Even the 50 in the cave are here..called safe space. Give em a call!

        Tim McHyde - February 15, 2019

        Elijah Robert, I’ve been contacted by dozens of “Elijahs” so far and as a result I’m concerned for anyone who thinks they are Elijah. Take care of yourself…

          Paddy Wells - March 5, 2019

          Do any of them have a message concerning Babylon the Great ready to be delivered to God’s people? Watch the video on YouTube entitled “Who is Babylon the Great, ‘Mother’of Prostitute Religions?” There are 150+ comments posted underneath the video that form part of a very, very special message that is about to be delivered. His channel is called Electric Earth. I guarantee that what he says cannot be refuted.

          Tim McHyde - March 5, 2019

          Paddy, I never talk to an “Elijah” long enough to learn their statement of beliefs except the belief that they are Elijah =). But as for Electric Earth, isn’t he a flat earther? If when Elijah comes he wastes time on the Earth’s shape, I’ll be surprised…

          Paddy Wells - March 5, 2019

          He’s a geocentrist, not a Flat Earther. Geocentric truth is in itself a powerful Bible fact. He exposes the ones behind the lie and the reason for it. No need to talk, just read. It not about the person, its about the message and its consequences.

          Tim McHyde - March 5, 2019

          Paddy, Flat Earther, geocentrist falls into the same category for most people, neither of which do they think the Bible teaches in contradiction to 5th century science…

    gabriel - June 20, 2018

    i have read your articles and can only commend you on what you write. yes many claim to be the end time Elijah all have been self induced they never had an intimate walk with God God bless you Sir from Gabriel a messenger of God

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