Podcast: How to End Disconnection From God

Do you ever have negative feelings towards God or confusion about what he wants from you, resulting in disconnection from God? If we're honest, we have to admit we all struggle with the task of loving and obeying an invisible Dad we have never met nor understood very well. Unfortunately, church fails to help us overcome this fundamental issue because the minute you get real about how hard this is and how Christianity has not made it any easier, Christians shut you down. They can't handle the "negativity" so they dismiss the issue with platitudes like, "It takes faith! Fake it til' you make it. You're too negative. Etc." In this podcast, Katrina and Tim share powerful insights and practical strategies that we have used to end this pattern for ourselves in order to finally have a strong, faith-based relationship with God. Learn how to overcome negative thoughts and know God as someone who cares for you so you can be in a connected relationship with him at last...

Topics covered:

  • 1:05 - Tim reads emails he received showing the universal problem believers have but can't talk about or get help on at church: default disconnection from God
  • 4:50 - Tim and Katrina share their similar struggles with knowing God
  • 8:40 - Katrina's walk before and after and how she came to believe God is good
  • 10:00 - Tim's testimony on prayer
  • 11:24 - Breaking down what 2Cor 10:5 means and the simple way to take thoughts captive daily
  • 15:30 - Katrina's simple but powerful technique to reconnect to God that anyone can do with a watch or phone
  • 17:51 - The important lesson in Hebrews 11:6 on diligently seeking God and how that looks practically (Note: in the podcast Tim said chapter 10 by mistake)
  • 24:16 - Examples of raw, honest prayers Katrina has prayed and "lived to tell..." and why honesty is important
  • 29:40 - Katrina's testimony of constant complaining about problems and perceived lack and the key insights that turned it around
  • 34:37 - Accepting suffering as necessary and why it's not proof you are not blessed
  • 36:45 - The important key Tim learned from the Healing Movement on what believers wrongly base beliefs on in place of the Word of God
  • 39:00 - "Am I saved?" What Tim tells people who question whether they are "saved" or "called..."
  • 40:42 - How to tell if you're trying to change or overcome on your own strength and how to use your new "connectedness" to God to get his help instead
  • 42:00 - The reason believers make the mistake of not asking God for help with things they privately struggle with. How we both went from hating praying to loving it by being honest with God and confessing we hate it
  • 44:17 - What we told Sam Miller on prayer that turned his life around
  • 45:17 - The only thing God wants from believers and why you will feel worse when you first start trying to do it
  • 48:00 - Tim's testimony of overcoming financial fear and anxieties using the strategy from this podcast, which also turned our poor finances around in the process as the fears lifted
  • 54:00 - Tim's testimony of how, once he began rebuking financial fears with his prior realization that "God had unlimited ways to provide for us that we have no clue about," it literally came true when he was informed about $2000 he did not know was his.

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Ronnie Bultmann - October 12, 2017

I listened to the podcast twice. It is the best advice ever!

Praying and taking time and talking to God had been hard to do. It was like talking to an imaginary friend. God is somebody we don’t know, can’t hear, and can’t see Him so He is hard to connect with.

The advice in this podcast gave me the best way to get breakthroughs.

I also learned more how to not just replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts but to “capture every thought and bring it under subjection to Christ.” I know what that means now and how to do it.

And I learned how to build trust more in what God says and less on what I am experiencing. I know better how to give it up to Him.

My faith is growing that the impossible is possible with God!

    Katrina McHyde - October 14, 2017

    Glad you are getting breakthroughs Ronnie!

    May your faith continue to grow and grow and never diminish on God’s goodness toward you personally, and toward others!

Johan Pretorius - October 13, 2017

Tim, I was looking for something like this for a while now and could not find it. I seriously asked God to give me an indication that He is listening to me and that I am not wasting my time trying to change my life.

That’s when I stumbled onto the podcast! I listened to it and immediately felt that I am on the right track although I need to add a few things. God played a hand in me finding the podcast to give me an answer.

It’s great advise and should be promoted more.

    Katrina McHyde - October 13, 2017

    Hi Johan,

    Wow God has amazing timing because we literally got this podcast up only the day before your comment and have been re-editing it all of the day you made this post. So for you to find it when we have not even had the chance to tell people it is here is amazing. Daddy truly does love you and does hear you.

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us!

Anna Haughey - October 14, 2017

It seems as though, God answered me also through your timely podcast which, for me, was both helpful and consoling. Today, as before, I would was thinking about and asking/praying for a deeper connection to Him. There were intermittent tearful moments where feelings of unworthiness re surfaced when reviewing my life and the many mistakes and sins committed, over the years. It is uncanny also that a real fear and guilt arose in me also regarding the question of my salvation and being forgiven. I realize it points to my trust and faith that needs immense strengthening.

All of this happened today and then I saw, to my amazement, your new podcast which I eagerly listened to and recognized as being literally a ‘Godsend’ 😊. … It gave me encouragement that I was not alone.. I will take your advice and remain open and willing , as suggested. One of my frequent call for help prayer is, “Please hold me tight and never let me go. Teach me, show me what I am meant to be doing. I want to serve You but I am not sure how,. I feel so unworthy and useless without your help. I know, through You, all things are possible, etc…”

Thank you both for a wonderful podcast. It gave me hope and a practical first step direction. Bless you.

    Katrina McHyde - October 14, 2017

    Wow Anna,

    Thank you for opening your heart and sharing what your spiritual walk has been like. It is amazing the strength you have that you keep on going even though it has been painful not knowing what God wants and wondering if you are accepted by Him. I am glad we could give you some encouragement that He will never leave you or forsake you even if you cannot see Him or feel Him. He knows you are a work in progress. It is when we are doing the work on our own strength instead of letting Him help us change that we start feeling inadequate and alone. Keep going!

Johan Pretorius - October 14, 2017

Thank you for your reply Katrina, I hope the final issue comes out soon because a lot of people will benefit from the advise you give in the podcast. Unfortunately I did not manage to go to the verses you suggested but I can wait.

Keep up the good work and I regularly thank God for the work you guys do revealing the true meaning of Gods message through Yeshua to us.

    Katrina McHyde - October 14, 2017


    We love sharing what has worked for us. We know what it is like to feel stuck and wonder how to get unstuck. Now that we have been shown a few tools on how to stop that predicament we want everyone to get that relief!

    We will continue to share as fast as we can.

Denise Ballings - October 14, 2017

Just finished the podcast and it was amazing!

I am excited about putting these things into practice as I do have issues with how to pray and also who to pray to. Yeshua is our mediator yet He taught the apostles to pray to the Father. I find myself doing this but sometimes I direct prayers to Yeshua and Yehovah because I want Yeshua to know I thank Him for all He has done for me. Guess I’m a little confused on the only way to God is through the Son. I many times have to clear what I was taught earlier in life and focus on a “clean slate” mentality in my studies.

For those who find it hard to see God in today’s world, my suggestion is to look back on your life. It is amazing how many times in the past I see how it was God who got me through things…sometimes something said to me right when I needed to hear it to actually saving my physical life in a perilous situation.

God has recently shown me that I was working too hard on learning intellectually and needed to love Him better with my heart. I didn’t even realize I was there, so God does speak to us if we are focused on listening.

This podcast has helped me understand why I have failed so many times with my smoking addiction. I have been afraid to pray for God to help me because I am afraid He will do so by giving me cancer to motivate me to quit, or I will fail after asking for help and God will be angry at me. I’m still working on that.

I really liked the section on knowing you are saved. Not only is it assuring to me, but I now have the answer to give to others.

Thank you for all that you and Katrina do. You are truly a blessing to me.

Denise Ballings

    Katrina McHyde - October 14, 2017

    Your post really shows that you think deeply on your spiritual walk Denise. You definitely do not sound like you are a ‘pew warmer’ only but actually try to figure out and do what God wants.

    Yehovah is not so concerned about if you pray to Him or to His Son. They are so intertwined that I don’t think it is very easy sometimes to know where one ends and another starts. As Yeshua said himself, “If you have seen me you have seen the Father”, I think that they both have the same heart for YOU. I am grateful to them both as it was a team effort, just like Isaac was a willing sacrifice when Abraham was obeying God to sacrifice him. They were both obeying God when it was not convenient. If it is really important to know which one to pray to then it will be clarified for you when you need to know. Otherwise, Daddy has other things for you to focus on and learn for now.

    Prayer is something that changes and grows as you practice and ask God to help do better. It is not about being perfect, but about reaching for perfection for the right reasons.

    I like your exhortation to people to look back on their lives and be willing to focus on what they can see Yehovah has done for them so they can get a sense that He is still doing things for them and is there, present. To those who look back and think they don’t see anything at all where God has been there for you, I suggest asking God to heal your spiritual eyes to see as He wants you to see this. This is a prayer according to His will and will be answered if you really want it and consistently pray for it.

    As for your smoking addiction- God is way more loving than your perception of Him. You will grow to see that more and more. There is a Scripture that proves what I am saying here- Romans 2:4. I will let everyone look it up so they will read the context of where this Scripture sits, and because it will help those who have a hard time opening their Bibles get excited to do so for a little tidbit :). I know. I am ‘mean’. Sometimes love makes others work so that they can feel good about their work.

    Happy Scripture hunting!


Johan Pretorius - October 15, 2017

Hello Katrina, near the end of the podcast 40-45 min you refer to two bible subjects that I keep on missing you mention I assume 1Chron 13 ? and also 1John 4? I am not sure what you said. Can you send it to me please, need to read it to help me further with the podcast. Maybe you should add these in the introductory before the podcast?

    Katrina McHyde - October 16, 2017

    Johan, I hope to go into these two chapters I mention in the podcast in complete detail in later podcasts. The chapters I mentioned are 1 Corinthians 13 and 1 John 4. They are really profound chapters.

      Johan Pretorius - October 16, 2017

      Great, thank you Katrina, can’t wait for the podcasts.

Tina Black - October 15, 2017

Hello Tim and Katrina,

I love love your pod casts, love to hear your voices! This one really hit home! made me cry when I said out loud, God is here, he is with me, he loves me and wants whats best for me.

I have always known this but to say it out loud, to hear it wow what a difference!

I have only been able to hear about half the pod cast, the other half wont load, not sure if its my internet connection or something else but I will keep trying. UPDATE: I used the download link instead of the stream player and that worked.

Thank you both again.

Peace to you and your family


    Katrina McHyde - October 16, 2017

    It is always wonderful to hear that someone is touched by God’s goodness and has a healing. Thank you Tina for sharing how good God has been toward you.

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