So You Figured Out Christianity Deceived You—Now What? (Parts 1 & 2)

Jesus specifically warned about Christianity "deceiving many" through the strategy of "coming in my name" (Mt 24:4-5 KJV), yet few Christians recognize their own adopted Christ-named religion in his words. When, after many years as a Christian, you finally arrive at that sickening realization that you indeed have been deceived by Christianity, a crisis of faith can ensue. How can God let a sincere servant like you be so duped by the one religion about Christ available? How do you forgive God or yourself for not verifying what Christianity said? Where do you go from here with Christianity, church attendance and what you call yourself now when people ask? Learn how to work through the issues that come up as critical thinker who knows Christianity has not faithfully delivered the “faith once delivered”  (James 1:3).

Jude 1:3 — Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

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Mara Souvannasoth - November 19, 2019

This!! I’ll be referencing this daily if not moment by moment! Thanks again for all you do.

Meant to include, specifically, this:

“One of the key important lessons of my life for being able to love people better and be in greater peace with them was to let go of my innate desires to:

teach people
correct people
save people (from error or from “hell”)
make sure people know what I know, or know that I already know X
share with people the truth I’m excited about (and assume they “should” be, too)
be understood correctly by people (a biggie!)”

    Sue - November 22, 2019

    I think many of us have that need to ‘fix’ everything and everyone. I’ve spent most of my life doing just that.
    I am gradually letting go and giving it to God.

Alyson - December 24, 2018

I left church in high school about 6 or 7 years ago because I was brought up in a church that was extremely judgmental and love was not very apparent. Shortly after, I discovered your book and articles and that made me feel better about my decision. Still, though, as a person from a religious (but loving) family, I am often questioned and pressured by my mother as to why I do not attend church. She even went as far as to talk to several people in a town I moved to about a church she thought was interesting and asked people if I would be happy there. I am now pregnant with twins, so now she is especially worried about church attendance. I have tried to find a church, but it is incredibly difficult to find one that preaches truth and love rather than false doctrines. I don’t believe it’s their fault – that’s what they were taught, after all. But I feel uneasy about raising my children up in a church that teaches them lies. I will continue to search for a fellowship that is truth and love, but if I fail, I will do my best to teach them Yehovah’s way – To love Him and to love neighbor as self.

Elizabeth Becker - August 2, 2018

I have come to tell others that I follow Jesus’ teachings as best as I can but I am not religious. That seems to clarify things especially for those who aren’t believers. To other religious Christians it will never be enough.

Religious Christians always want to know if you are attending a church, tithing, and active in a church – meaning busy work that doesn’t help others know how to follow Jesus daily. When asked if they believe that the way to salvation is belief in Jesus’ words they agree but think it is church attendance, baptism, tithing, and busy work with church programs that is obedience. They push love others way down to the bottom. It is unfortunate, but it took me a while to see it too many years ago.

    Laurie Roy - August 4, 2018

    so true.they are also,unforgiving,gossipping,slandering,self-righteous,just like the world,full of sin…but think because they go to church every service,they are”more righteous than you…”and they don’t even read the bible much either

Jim Peterson - February 22, 2018

Thanks Tim, When I’m questioned about the “Right” religion, I send them back to Romans14, and tell them to not get wrapped around the axel on the details.

Johan Pretorius - January 10, 2018

Hello Tim, I wasn’t sure under what subject to ask this question and decided to put it here because Christianity have hyjacked so many things that are not relevant to us today.
When reading the NT I have noticed that Yeshua prayed about three times that I am aware of before breaking the bread and distributing it amongst the people. Two times when he was feeding the crowds of 4000 and 5000 and once at the last supper. I do not say it is the only times, there could be more that I have missed.
My question is do you have to pray every time before you eat?
I do not find anything so far where it was instructed by Yeshua but under Christianity it is a big given.
When I do my morning and evening prayers I always thank our Father Yehovah for the daily meals he is providing to me. Is this sufficient? Please give me your take on this one.

    Tim McHyde - January 10, 2018

    Johan, the only requirement for salvation is faith. Jesus had such great gratitude and connection to God that he gave thanks even for his meals. Follow it if you have similiar grattitude and otherwise pray for God to develop that same gratitude inside yourself so the same actions come out of you naturally.

Cathy Evans - December 14, 2017

Enjoyed that, thank you Tim! Even the cheap shot at Flat Earthers…haha…I still support you…all the best :))

Thomas Burke - November 9, 2017

A most meaty article that satifies the hunger in my soul, thanks is not saying enough…

Jim Peterson - October 10, 2017

Tim: My Pentecostal Brethren are telling me of my sin living with a woman I’m not married to. We can avoid this mess, and re-enter a state of Grace by marring. When I read in Matt 19, Mark 10, and Luke 10, Jesus said when a divorced person remarries they are in a state of adultery, a state that I would admit we would be currently in no matter what. That said, Is there a teaching of Jesus I’m missing (my pastor can’t find one except for some commentary of one of the Apostol’s, or a lesser prophet, but nothing in RED Letters. Why would the “Church” be in hurry to sanction our sin?

    Tim McHyde - October 10, 2017

    Jim, a teaching of Jesus saying what? But yeah the church is not right in what it’s saying as you point out. I hope this article’s teaching helped to realize whatever Jesus’ words meant to his audience they were not establishing a universal law about marriage that no one had any way of knowing before he said it nor do they still understand after he did…

      William - September 13, 2022

      Last time I checked, Jesus affirmed marriage…

Ronnie Bultmann - October 9, 2017

I read your article. Makes sense! If God didn’t give clear instructions on all the rules and restraints we assume He gave us, then we can’t be required to do them.

Makes it a whole lot easier now to just ask myself if “it’s loving God, loving man, loving self” to see if something is OK without worrying God is going to judge me for things I don’t know or understand yet in the Bible.

Andreas - October 6, 2017

When Prophet Elijah appears to restore the true teaching and to gather people back to God, he will be claiming authority of other religious leaders, one of them will ofcourse be the Roman Catholic Pope.

Maybe a bit radical question, but if the two start arguing over authority, will Elijah have the right and power to kill him, or silence him atleast, if the Pope becomes an obstacle to Elijah’s mission?

    Tim McHyde - October 6, 2017

    Andreas, I’m not so sure about your assertions. I don’t think Elijah will claim or kill anything. For sure the pope will survive and become the false prophet.

Todd Kemp - October 1, 2017

Howdy Brother!

Part 2 is spot on and your article came at a time when I definitely could’ve used a little encouragement. I can’t really say how or why I’ve been doing this Tim, but I’ve just been trying to keep the commandments of love YHVH and my neighbor and let the rest sort it out.

No judgement, no trying to play by the “rules”, etc. (of course that’s because I still don’t know what “rules” to play by other than the above stated.) Every now and then, I’ll have discussions with family, friends, etc about why I don’t go to church, don’t practice religion anymore, and that I’m in trouble for back sliding etc. All I do then is pray for three simple things that always keep me on track which I’ll leave here and maybe you can write this in an article to help those who seem to struggle as I do. In order to accept the no religion paradigm and obey the only two commandments we need to obey, I simply pray for three things from the Father.

1 – Courage – To continue to face this life that I don’t understand and do the right thing.

2 – Strength – To endure the trials and tribulations that come with going against the status quo and facing the never ending (although often well intentioned) onslaught of “you’re backsliding and in danger of going to hell unless you get back to church and fellowship with likeminded believers.” (Boy I’ll bet you could write a ridiculously long article on that one even though my likeminded believers are right here online.)

3 – Grace – To open my mind and accept the “truth” for what I’m supposed to learn and take it to heart so I may continue to obey the commandments of loving my God with all my heart, soul and strength and my neighbor as myself.

This is not an end all, be all prayer but I can testify that when I’m struggling, (which occurs far more often than I’d like to admit), praying for these three things has ALWAYS brought me peace and the ability to “keep on keeping on.”

Part 2 came when I needed a little pick me up to remind me that I am on the right track. Thanks again for doing what you do. Look forward to meeting you one day face to face finally.

Blessings and Peace to you, Katrina and the family with love from mine,

Todd Kemp

    James Peluso - October 2, 2017

    Thanks for a brutally honest assessment of what every sincere believer faces each day. Told with a candor seldom seen in most “church” environments.

James Peluso - October 1, 2017

Hi Tim,
I’m relatively new to your website but want to commend you on another superb article. Reminds me of an incident someone was telling me about a few years ago when they attended an end-times prophecy conference which featured a number of well-recognized evangelists and pastors. The subject of ‘pre-trib vs post-trib’ came up and almost immediately the gloves were off. Some very well- known “evangelists” suddenly began hurling epithets at each other that would shame a pirate in defense of their position (or as they might say, “God’s position”). As I’ve encountered this type of behavior many times over the years between believers “defending God’s truth” the only thing I found a little shocking was the level of vulgarity he implied these well-respected leaders had stooped to. He mentioned none of them by name and I really had no interest in knowing who they were anyway but I was a bit taken aback by the story in general. I am reminded that no matter how well-researched or convinced I am of a certain position relating to God’s word, once I have crossed the line of common civility and entered into self-righteous judgment of someone with an opposing view, I have ceased to function as one who “loves his neighbor as himself”. How can the Holy Spirit possibly be functioning through me or anyone else behaving in such a manner? As you very wisely indicated, so often, keeping one’s peace (i.e., silent) and praying for someone we feel is in error is the approach I think God would have us take. And who knows, could it be, that maybe, just maybe, it’s ME who might be in error and in need of correction? Thanks again for an excellent article that was very well thought out and superbly written. Keep up the fantastic work!

Johan Pretorius - September 24, 2017

Hello Tim, just a quick question, there are two questions at the end of this article that I am very interested in on how you will answer them. Are they still in progress? Thanks.

    Tim McHyde - September 24, 2017

    Yes, by the end of the month, God willing.

Rob Foster - September 20, 2017

Two quotes from your article, with my *emphasis* …

“And most of all, I finally realized something that I never did in decades of church: that it’s all about *how you think about and treat other people*. I’m way better at that these days, too—now that I focus on that instead of meetings, rituals, and special days and holidays.”

So true. This has to be one of my biggest challenges, especially the “think” part of it. I used to believe that it was okay to “think” something so long as you don’t say it. So much has changed since those days. Thinking good thoughts about everyone and everything is such a big challenge. Phil 4:8 sums it up well for me
Phil 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

It helped me to hang this verse on the previous two verses.

Phil4:6-7 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

2nd quote from article
“One of the key important lessons of my life for being able to love people better and be in greater peace with them was to *let go of my innate desires to*: teach people; correct people; save people from error or from “hell”; make sure people know what I know, or that I already know X; share with people the truth I’m excited about and assume they should be, too; be understood correctly by people (a biggie!)”

I once thought that it was my mission in life to correct everyone around me who had somehow developed an “inferior” understanding of this or that, including the Christianity cult that I was a part of and, believe it or not, I even spent a lot of time and energy defending some of the false and distorted teachings.

Thanks Tim for reinforcing my decision to move away from a cult-like organisation and looking to live a more informed life seeking the truth about Yehovah.

Daniel Douglas - July 3, 2017

Barb Douglas……I am so enjoying all that you have written, Tim. The remarks about the precious Rapture “upset my canoe” for awhile but am trying my level best to understand, with God’s help of course.

I do believe most fully in “do unto others…..”, but, Tim, what about the people who love to destroy others for their own glory? How do we, as lovers of Truth, respond i.e. starters of terrible wars and so on? How can we love them when we are horrified at such behaviour? HELP please, at the moment I cannot seem to find my way…..what is in my heart is I can love their souls but not their behaviour!! God bless and thanks for everything I am reading!

    Tim McHyde - July 3, 2017

    Hi Barb, thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Well, that’s the rub isn’t it. Right now I see Christians struggle greatly to not treat ISIS or even just regular Muslims in their community any better than how fundamentalists treat homosexuals. The deep cultural biases that these are “God’s enemies, sinners, trying to destroy us/me/others” makes us feel justified in hating them. My next supporter study will try to share techniques to deal with this very common obstacle to loving others and enemies.

Sam Miller - June 28, 2017

I did mean for there to be a “LOL” or HaHaHA after my comment above about my coworkers benefiting from my great knowledge & wisdom – in case the ridiculousness of the statement alone was not sufficient to convey my attempt at self deprecating sarcasm. ☺

Sam Miller - June 28, 2017

Thanks for clarifying that. “Not ready” sounds a lot better.

This has actually been something I’ve been wrestling with lately, feeling the need to share what I have learned with my wife and kids thinking they’ll need this information now so they have time to start praying for strength and to be ready to go when the time comes to flee. My kids are fairly receptive but my wife, not so much!

This applies to my job too. I’m guilty of pointing out how much more I know than the people I work with, thinking this is the loving thing to do because after all, they’ll benefit from my great knowledge and wisdom. ☺

Big time AHA moment right here: “We are best-served with continuing to work on ourselves so we bear more good fruit before trying to “evangelize.”

Thanks Tim!

Sam Miller - June 28, 2017

Its no wonder I feel so awkward and tongue tied some times when I try to explain my faith to someone. I’m not worthy yet. This totally makes sense, contrary to the Christian idea that we are all called to evangelize.

Of course Yehovah would want us to qualify first to be ambassadors for Him! Makes perfect sense!

Thanks for finally helping me to understand this. It seems like such an easy concept. Yet its taken me until now to finally understand why refraining from sharing my faith with people who aren’t interested is the loving thing to do.

Thanks Tim!

    Tim McHyde - June 28, 2017

    Sam, exactly, although I would not say you are “not worthy” but rather “not ready” to share your faith and what it really is about. I definitely have not been ready until lately either as I plum did not understand what my faith was based in and what actions or fruits it therefore leads to that I had not been truly focused on. Finally understanding the Sermon on the Mount (including why he will say “Depart from me” to most Christians) was so key!

Ti Smith - June 23, 2017

Wow. Thank you Tim. There’s a lot of wisdom in what you say, especially about how to love others. I always think new insights are like cake and you want so badly to share them… only to later see you’ve been shoving them down people’s throats. It’s taking me time and awareness to get over that.

Thanks for sharing what to call ourselves so quickly. You aleiviated the fear I had been carrying.

God bless you

Ti Smith - June 19, 2017

Tim, pardon me if I missed the answer you have to this question… I have searched but there is so much information on your site!

What do we call ourselves? In Acts 11:26 we see the apostles called Christians for the first time. Strongs defines Christianos as a follower of Christ. Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t that be a better source than Websters?

Despite the bad reputation the name has gained, wouldn’t I still be right in calling myself a Christian if my desire and goal is to live like Christ?

“Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf.” 1 Peter 4:16

Looking forward to your thoughts.

God bless you and your family

    Tim McHyde - June 19, 2017

    Ti Smith, Part 2 will cover that and other questions when I can get back on it. I’m aware of Christianos and have studied that word. I’ll be sure to address why “Christian” IS NOT an accurate rendering of that word in historical context. Strong’s is a biased Christian work, not objective or accurate in many cases especially on the translation of Christianos.

      Ti Smith - June 20, 2017

      Thanks Tim. I had wondered if the relationship between KJV and Strong s would be part of it. Really looking forward to reading that one.

      Reading God’s word has certainly moved me out of church, but old habits die hard and I’d be lying if I said thinking of myself as non-Christian wouldn’t cause me to worry that I was being lead astray. It’s okay though because many things you’ve written have made me feel that way and I’m still Here! And I haven’t found error in any of them yet.

      Hope you’ll have time to address this soon. Any helpful links?

      Thank you

      Daniel Steglich - October 4, 2017

      God ponders the heart, I honestly don’t think he’s concerned with what label we give ourselves. I consider myself “Christian” because I yearn to lead a life walking with Christ in mind, body and spirit. If we continue to rack our brains about terms and contexts and labels we’re only pulling ourselves further from God.

        Tim McHyde - October 4, 2017

        Daniel, your comment reveals you’re not the audience of this article, someone who is disenchanted with Christianity. Therefore you don’t realize that many such believers have a new dilemma of what to call themselves now that they follow God’s word directly rather than Christianity such as you do. They actually are pulling themselves closer to God in this process that includes relabeling themselves…

          Daniel Steglich - October 5, 2017

          To be honest, after commenting I kept kicking myself. You seem to know what you’re talking about as I have tested the things you’ve said and as of yet have found no flaw. I sincerely apologize for my rushed and thoughtless comment. In truth I am currently financially unable to to read part 2 of this particular article but WAS able to read the comments and from there, get bits and pieces of what it entailed. It coincides with exactly how I feel. My mother tells me I’m trying to learn too much too fast and I’m on the fence as to whether I agree. At work, I listen to an audio bible on my headphones and have gone through a lot of scripture that way. Is this wise? Is the bible something to be taken in moderation or spiritual gluttony? All I can think about is God and whether or not he’s pleased with me. I feel myself changing for the better every day and I feel there’s something I need to DO! I just don’t know what. I have an incredible amount of questions and concerns and sometimes even doubts. Not doubts of who Christ or God are but if the message I’m getting is one of truth or one of deception. Satan is cunning and can make any deception seem like truth and any truth like deception. Please pray for me as I will pray for you and may God bless you and yours. Thanks.

Darlene Betsill - June 19, 2017

Oh you stinker….So many questions and no answers!!!!! :<) Looking forward to the next parts:<) Shavua Tov! drb

    Tim McHyde - June 19, 2017

    Darlene, yes, but only because I created/posted other content the 2026 article and Sam Miller’s testimony. But what questions are you most interested in and would like to see added that are not there?

Sue W - May 27, 2017

I am learning that Christianity = (many) Organisations with all their self sustaining requirements (esp that no-one asks questions or shares new truths that might rock the boat and that they religiously tithe (to them). ie: sit down and shut up).

Even on-line fellowship can be challenging with everyone’s different views. Some folk in on-line communities also become upset if someone has different views.

I agree with your position Tim, that the best thing one can do is to pray and set an example of love in real life without judgement (judgement is for Yehovah, not us)

Our job as far as I can determine is to love and obey.

I am learning about the Torah and trying to follow that in regards to obedience- my belief, my choice.

However, I have no certainty that I am on the right path and I pray the Lord’s Prayer every day (with numerous insertions including intercessory requests).

Yehovah knows my heart with all it’s yearnings (good and bad).
While reading your articles, I am continually reminded to ask myself “am I the kind of person that Yehovah (and everyone else) would want to spend eternity with?

Man, that’s a sobering thought.

Currently, my objective self assessment is a resounding “no”!
Working on it and thanks for your input!

    AL - October 1, 2017

    I shared your uncertainty for quite a long time. I went so far as to make a list regarding things I felt were true about YHWH, Yashau, the commandments, the Gospel, etc. I compared my conclusions with different Church doctrines and how they observed God’s Laws and the message of the Gospel. As an example, I felt it correct to view a God family, God the Father (YHWH), God the Son (Yahshua/Messiah) and the Holy Spirit as their force. After examining many Churches I settled on a Sabbath keeping Church. No church was perfectly aligned but at least it was close.

Sue W - May 25, 2017

Thanks, Tim. I think many of us are very confused about what to do in regard to our “religion”.
Keeping an open mind is a start.
Looking forward to the next installment.
What do we call ourselves??

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