Simple Endtime Events List

This is a unique, simplified list of all end time events from "here to eternity." A supporter requested it and so I have posted it here for all supporters (only) since it came out so good. Unlike the graphical timeline chart from Know the Future, this is a bullet-pointed list of the same events in chronological order. Each event includes a brief description, link to related articles, Scripture references and the year I expect it (based on the sabbath-year cycles and my personal dreams). This complements the book chart and works better for some people to get the order of events clear in mind. Enjoy!


bold are events found in literal prophecy.
[Brackets] are events that are deduced.

Note, the descriptions are abbreviated because again this is for supporters who have all read my book, Know the Future. If you want a reminder of what terms mean, see my Bible prophecy glossary.

The Simple Events List

June 21 Update: Added missing  "70th-week" start and missing Elijah's first appearance vs. his two messages and camp roles before that; other clarifications throughout including colors like red for key negative events and green for key positive!

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Tim McHyde

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Ron Perkins - May 29, 2019

Tim, thanks for the simplified list as it’s really helpful for me as I am mostly “old school” and don’t like to get to bogged down in all the details. For me it all essentially boils down to the two most important things Yeshua taught concerning the GotK, “Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and strength, and Love your neighbor as yourself.” The details are important but are somewhat dependent on timelines and certain events given in scripture, past, present, and future. I still have alot of work I need on my own salvation and pray I’ll be ready when it’s time to “escape all these things” and be called to the place of safety! Also would like to know how the new “Missing Manual” is coming or other pertinent info for the times we are currently in.

    Tim McHyde - May 29, 2019

    Ron, the manual is still in R&D; we’re still learning what needs to go into it. That said, we seem to be getting the last pieces now to be able to write and release the first chapters this year. Please pray.

lorraine chorak - May 27, 2019

Thank you Tim for the new timeline ! I was under the assumption that wormwood destroys the whole planet earth am I wrong in my assumption?

    Tim McHyde - May 27, 2019

    Lorraine, indeed reading Rev 6-8 about Wormwood sounds so bad leaving a doubt anyone could survive (Rev 6:17) outside the protected righteous (Joel 2:32), but then if we keep reading we find out the Beast makes people who are not in “Book of life” take the mark (Rev 13:8). This means many non-protected wicked people survive Wormwood to enter the Great Tribulation. Out of the frying pan, into the fire as it were.

timothy colvin - May 26, 2019

Now that Isil is a moot point in Syria . The remaining Syrian government can go back to it’s national pastime, harassing Israel. Lately the Syrian government has been beating the war drum saying it wants the Golan heights back. That’s nothing new. Since Al-Assad has no trouble gassing his own people I would imagine a gas attack on Israel to regain the Golan heights is not out of the question.

Marie - May 9, 2019

Hi Tim,

Always a joy to read your posts. I will be completely honest I’m confused. I don’t understand why many are banking on this 70 year generation and that we will be raptured within days maybe even in the next few hours. My understanding is won’t the believers witness all the things that will happen before Christs return. If the Antichrist is to wage war on Christian’s how can he do so.if there are none to do that with “if” we’re raptured before. Another nothing I’m confused about is this “Deal of the century” could this very well be the deal that signals the rapture. I’d appreciate your comments and clarifications. I feel like I still have a duty to still bring people to Christ whom I care deeply for and if the purported dates being set by pre-tribbers from now until June that Christ is coming makes my heart hurt for the people who I know need Jesus.

    Tim McHyde - May 9, 2019

    Marie, yes this May 14, 2019 “end of Israel’s 70th anniversary year that started in 2018” rapture date idea is pretty desperate. It won’t happen because it’s a contrived prophecy and like you said they base it on a false premise of a pretrib rapture. Why does this happen? In short, by ignoring plain Scripture and relying on persuasive teachings of men because, emotionally, the former is not what we want to hear while the latter tickles our ears (2Ti 4:3).

Ronald McConnell - May 7, 2019

Tim your SIMPLE EVENTS list leaves out (in my opinion:) the earliest sign(s).
For Israel to be attacked several things must occur/be happening.(That aren’t now).
1.Arab nations are as unorganized as they have ever been..this will have to change GREATLY. And an Arab leader/organizer who stands out?
2.Atomic weapons…For Israel to attack several nations with atomic weapons multiple Arab nations would have them.Not so now.
3.Israel would near this time of events have really pissed off the Arabs/made them extra angry.?

    Tim McHyde - May 8, 2019

    Ronald, sure, you could list those items you suggest, but it may be that the we never perceive the organization of the Arabs, or their acquisition of nukes nor see that Israel provokes the Arabs noticeably. Those three things are all speculation on my part you probably read in my Psalm 83 article. For this reason, the simple endtime events list strives to focus mainly on actual prophectic events with important deducted events.

Todd Kemp - May 5, 2019

On point as always Tim. In the day and age where we all go to and fro and knowledge is increased, I absolutely love this quick reference timeline. As I’ve tried to explain some of the events that must happen when discussing Revelations and the fulfillment of prophecy, it get’s so easy to get focused on one of the above bullets that you can hardly give them a solid timeline because you have to explain each bullet in detail. I love how you list the main events and then provide the link that can give more info on each step but still allows the readers to see the “big picture” at the macro level and then be able to delve into each step at the “micro level.” Absolutely great article. Thanks for sharing and keep on keeping on brother. Love and Prayers to you and the family. Look forward to finally meeting you when it’s time to leave Babylon.

Christina Gibson - May 3, 2019

Hi Tim,
I know Satan is cast into the lake of fire after the 1000 year Millenial reign. So if he was loosed for a season at the end of the Millenial reign to tempt the people living then, then how can the people of the third resurrection be tested / tempted if he’s gone/ thrown into the lake of fire? Hope my question makes sense!
Thanks Tim! God bless you and your family! 🙏🏻💗🕊🐱

    Tim McHyde - May 3, 2019

    Christina, as long as people are in the flesh, even without the help of the Devil and demons, they can be tempted, tested, suffer and otherwise grow character. It just takes longer in such a utopia, which is another argument for why Adam had a 1000 year life span and this same long life span returns in the Millennium and into the 2nd resurrection period (Isa 65:20).

Sue W - April 30, 2019

Thank you for this list, Tim.
Like your glossary, it’s a great reference and refresher for those of us who are distracted or may not retain as much as we once did.

Taylor Stofko - April 30, 2019

Hi Tim! I have read the support articles and still don’t full understand the second resurrection. Like you said, the Bible does not really expand upon the idea and you had to do some work to really find it and synthesize it. Does anyone else you know hold this idea as truth? If it was the truth, why is it not talked about and why does no one know about it? I really hope it’s true, I hope everyone gets to walk with Jesus without Satan in their ear, its just a radical idea!

    Tim McHyde - April 30, 2019

    Taylor, that’s a very fair question which I’ll let Jesus answer since you’re asking about one of the “mysteries of the kingdom” as Paul categorized “the resurrection” (1Co 15:51-52). Jesus said the mysteries of the kingdom he shared (and by implication, all those inspired by the HS in the Bible) were hidden on purpose from the masses and revealed only to the “inner circle” few, like his 12 apostles—not 2 billion Christians (Mt 13:10-11)! So the Bible is hard on purpose and we have to live with scant evidence for mysteries like this which keep them hidden. We can be glad we know them even if we cannot get others to see them, OK? And you have to diligently seek, on the internet, etc. and not just from your pastor like you do, to find them.

      Taylor Stofko - May 1, 2019

      Thanks for getting back to me. I read the resurrection article but I figured it would be easier to reply.

      In Rev 20 it talks about the 1000 years being over and the books being opened, and everyone not in the first resurrection being judged (the rest of the dead). It immediately says anyone whose name is not in the book is thrown into the lake of fire, so I don’t understand where there is any period of time for living. It seems like you’re either risen at the first resurrection or at the second where they open the book and if you’re not in it- bam you’re done. That’s just based on the scripture I’ve been focusing on. I also don’t know how you can connect Ezekiel to Revelation or know they they’re related. Obviously Ezekial is about Israel regrouping but how can we know it’s a dual prophecy?

      Also, I think the only sect that teaches this idea is the Church of God, which is interesting and a denomination I haven’t looked into because of stigmas about being a cult (at least in my neck of the woods) but I’m nondenominational so I’ll definitely look into it. Like Harold, I’ve been seeking the word more and seeking to love more and focusing less on attending an institution! Thanks always Tim!

        Tim McHyde - May 1, 2019

        Taylor, always a pleasure; these are good questions. Read Rev 20:5 carefully and note that it says the rest of the dead “LIVE again.” Since this group can only be the remaining unrighteous who were deceived by Satan (Rev 12:9) and all will be judged at the end by God’s law which these never were taught clearly, then a fair God must let them “live” for long enough to learn and practice what they are going to be judged by, yes? Also, you’re right Ezekiel 37 is a vision of the lost of Israel getting another chance/life in the flesh. However, again, it would be unfair of God to make that exclusive for Israel (Rom 2:11=Joel 2:32=Rom 10:13). The best understanding of that vision therefore is that it’s showing through Israel what God is going to do for all humanity. Several prophecies use this approach. For example Revelation 12’s “the woman”, representing all saints being protected in the Great Tribulation, not just Israeli saints, yes? Again, God never promised the Bible would be easy or clear and these curve balls are how he throws most off the trail of the mysteries of the kingdom. They require good critical thinking skills which most do not have.

        Yes, I learned this teaching from a “cult” but A) If the dominant religious leaders calling you a cult are themselves deceived and teaching lies (Mt 24:4-5), what value does their opinion have? and B) Jesus’ group was also called a cult as well by the dominant religion of his day by Paul’s time (Acts 24:5). C) Truth stands on its own merit and there is no place you can learn truth that does not also have lies and errors, too.

          Taylor Stofko - May 2, 2019

          Good answer Tim! Thank you! I’ll think about it more. Having trouble really believing it and wrapping my head around it since it is so not obvious in scripture so I’ll pray about it.

          If people get one chance at salvation though, wouldn’t only the second resurrection folks be those who died young, babies, mentally disabled, and those who lived prior to Jesus or rejected him initially? What makes you think it could include people living today who just never fully grasp what they need for salvation or are taught incorrectly but never seek truth, or are confused?

          Tim McHyde - May 2, 2019

          Taylor, thanks, yeah, I would call this an area to pray for God to help you confirm. It’s a game changer.

          Yes, I’m sure normal, healthy people qualify for the second chance as it’s not fair to condemn a person to eternal death when God lets Satan deceive the whole world (Rev 12:9; I.e., Evolution is a very plausible and popular faith/religion, the religion of Science) and God’s truth is hidden (like Jesus said plainly) and requires great diligence to find since Christianity is not teaching it and the Bible is hard to understand. The purpose of this time is not to condemn people to hell but to show what happens when humanity lacks God’s spirit and government: genocide…and yet a few still succeed to demonstrate that God’s truth was available and his way doable if someone was able to diligently seek it out. God is innocent of shoving his religion down our throat and of leaving us without any chance or help. His plan is fair and simply brilliant.

      Katie Aurit - June 22, 2019

      It was the Almighty Himself who originally placed his name at least 6823 times in the scriptures. Jesus is not his name , Yahovah, Lord is not his name . We have to get it right. He said I come in my Fathers name. Why is it so hard for His people to know his name and use it. My name is my name and I want to be called by my name not some other name and so does Yahwah and Yahshua. I know this is not the subject but, to me this is so important as everyone uses JESUS, LORD, YAHOVAH, GOD for names and titles and this is a serious error.

        Tim McHyde - June 22, 2019

        Katie, if knowing or using God’s name was as important as “Sacred Namers” like you think, then Jesus would certainly have included that instruction in what he stressed was important: to love your neighbor as yourself (Mt 7:12). BTW, “Yahweh” is not found in a single Hebrew manuscript while God’s name is consistently vowel-pointed as Yehovah in over 1000 manuscripts now.

          brian - July 20, 2019

          Tim – I have disagreed with you on several points before but in this I fully agree.
          There was a pastor of some years ago that said the same thing – Adrian Rogers. Gods name is YaHoVah as in Nehemia Gordons summations. You might like to know that this name with the vowel pointings have been stamped on many coins of the 1600’s as well as on the front page of the 1611 bible.

        brian - July 20, 2019

        Katie – what name do you use then?

      trevor GLYN DAVIES - July 20, 2019

      Again the Vast amount of Mankind are BLINDED SPIRITUALLY !, and the Churches of this World are Similarly BLINDED , which is WHY they preach “Another Gospel” and ignore Prophecy ! because they are NOT LED by the HOLY SPIRIT

Kristine - April 28, 2019

Hi Tim, how is Isaiah 65:20 not fitting with the 2030-3030 millennium? How did you get to see that it was talking about life after the 2nd resurrection? Thanks, Tim!

    Tim McHyde - April 28, 2019

    Kristine, it applies to both and it was not my intention to say otherwise. I have to remember people are not up on all the articles not linked like “Millennium in Prophecy” that explains the 1000 year life span begins then AND also applies from thereafter to all in physical (non-glorified) humans.

Blaze - April 27, 2019

In these resurrections, people are living roughly 100 years more or less? And then are they having children? So are these new people that will not have experienced the old world?

    Tim McHyde - April 27, 2019

    Blaze, only in the 2nd resurrection do people have a physical life and it’s probably 1000 years like the people in the Millennium had after the restoration of all things. They mostly will have come out of the 6000 years under Satan, but it is conceivable that some born in the “new world” (Millennium) will die unsaved and need the second resurrection, too. (Some will hear and believe bad stories/opinions about God from bitter people still alive from old world into the Millennium.)

      trevor GLYN DAVIES - July 20, 2019

      Hi Tim they hav e a 100yr period of life , and here pro-creation stops . This is nearing the END of GOD,S PLAN regards Glyn

mauricio malagon - April 27, 2019


I’m sorry, but I’m confused between 2nd and 3rd resurrection. Can you somehow explain it in more detail as I’ve only heard about 2 resurrections.


atHisfeet - April 27, 2019

Hello, Tim & Katrina,

Thank you for this simple timeline. Does the 3rd resurrection occur at the white throne judgement?
Also, it seems that at 1260, 1290 or 1335 day mark will put us in winter. Then why does Jesus say Matt 24:20? As if there would be an earlier time to flee to Jordan?

Thanks for all you two do!

    Tim McHyde - April 27, 2019

    1. Yes, thanks, I’ve added the 3rd resurrection.
    2. Yes, fleeing at 1335 days is also winter, but it won’t be a “sabbath in Winter” like the Abomination of Desolation will be, with much less transportation available, hardship for pregnant and nursing women, and more importantly, no time to grab provisions or even a coat.

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