Podcast: Ending Disconnection With God – Part 2

Many have told us how the insights in our popular podcast How to End Disconnection With God have been "life-changing." Despite this, some report that they still beat themselves up or otherwise struggle to work through guilt, shame or regret about not doing what Jesus said to do or “making the same stupid mistakes over and over." They feel rejected by God for these failures even though they've been diligently "seeking the Kingdom first" more than ever before (Mt 6:33). If this sounds like you, you probably have not yet learned how to "apply the blood of Christ"—perhaps the most important habit for staying connected to God. You're not alone as it took Tim and Katrina decades to discover and establish this important healthy habit and quickly deal with bad feelings. After we conclude the podcast, stay tuned for a "post-credits" segment we recorded immediately after because Katrina got a new insight that explains Revelation 12:11 literally (before Tim ever did!). In other words, by learning and practicing the wisdom in this teaching, you personally will be part of an end time prophecy fulfillment!

Upon listening to the podcast, Katrina commented:

We really nailed a lot of stuff that people think inside but usually don’t have words to express.

Also, VERY IMPORTANT note: the Scripture I quoted about what Paul said in 1 Cor 11 is directly talking about applying the blood in an unworthy manner in relation to how you treat the collective body of believers. I know this and please do not send me messages that I misused this Scripture (saying this even before this podcast is posted). I am merely pointing out that there is more than one way, not just how you treat others, to try to drink the wine and eat the bread that brings condemnation on yourself instead of freedom.

Outline of topics covered by Katrina:

  • 2:19 - Perverting God's genuine love toward you/rejecting God's love and not aware how you are doing it (not cool)
  • 3:00 - Tim's testimony of how important self-forgiveness has been in his life to learn to walk with God properly (Huh, and I thought as his wife that he was perfect. He he)
  • 3:57 - Are you cutting yourself off from God, like Tim did, even when you are still trying to follow God?
  • 4:48 - Sins that you actually enjoy but wish you did not enjoy. (Ugh! This pull of the flesh can be so cruel!)
  • 6:00 - Is your religion worthless? (It's worth asking)
  • 6:40 - Are you self-righteous and don't even know it? (Self righteous means not God righteous)
  • 8:20 - HALT! (You know-like stop here to find out what is against you in fighting to be righteous). Are you judging yourself unfairly (The unfair judge)?
  • 9:55 - Reaching toward perfection verses being a perfectionist. Which camp do you fall in to? (Watch out! There might be lions and tigers and bears in the camp you pick. Oh my!)
  • 11:00 - Forgiving yourself when you have hurt other people and feel bad about it (I sure would be scared if we all did not feel bad after hurting others). God actually is more powerful than whatever you think you have damaged (Yes- really).
  • 13:00 - The guilt of every parent (yes, every parent. It's okay to forgive yourself).
  • 15:14 - Knowing only guilt our whole life, it becomes 'comfortable' to have guilt (letting go of guilt can feel so awkward).
  • 15:48 - Why do we hold on to not forgiving ourselves?
  • 17:20 - Are you miserable from your guilt and sharing your misery? Do you even know you are miserable and sharing your misery? (This is disconnecting you from EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY).
  • 17:57 - Your standards or God's standards? You choose (Be careful because what standards you choose, you automatically apply to everyone).
  • 18:50 - Can you forgive others properly if you don't forgive yourself? (listen here to find out)
  • 19:19 - How were you forgiven? How is anyone forgiven? Do you really know how to 'apply The Blood of Jesus'? Do you feel set free?
  • 20:30 - The difference between the blood of animals mentioned in the Old Testament and Christ's blood mentioned throughout the Scriptures, and the difference between the Aaronic High Priesthood and Christ's High Priesthood. (Let's get that Death Angel to pass over us shall we?) Go through the WHOLE cycle of forgiveness/applying The Blood or it won't count and you will not be free.
  • 28:09 - Tim talks about how each of us tries to make ourselves out to be a 'special case' that The Blood cannot cover. Also, watch out for 'cheap grace'! Very important note here: the Scripture that I, Katrina, quoted about what Paul said in 1 Cor 11 is directly talking about applying the blood in an unworthy manner in relation to how you treat the collective body of believers. I know this and please do not send me messages that I misused this Scripture (saying this even before this podcast is posted). I am merely pointing out that there is more than one way, not just how you treat others, to try to drink the wine and eat the bread that brings condemnation on yourself instead of freedom.
  • 30:10 - Dealing with those parts of you that are pulling at you to not die to yourself (addictions) when other parts want to get free and leave those lusts. Getting help from the only place that can get you truly free.
  • 30:34 - Tim tells how cheap grace can get you into the trouble of hearing, “Depart from me. I never knew you”!
  • 32:35 - This is not forgiveness by works.
  • 33:13 - God is good. Time to let His goodness touch you and make your life count.
  • 36:07 - Are you flippant about the forgiveness of God toward you?
  • 36:35 - Tim shares his testimony of how he needed to forgive himself over financial issues and what he needed to learn before he could get his breakthrough from 'habitual regret'.
  • 39:43 - This is one of the signs you have moved in to proper self-forgiveness/applying The Blood.
  • 39:57 - King David and self-forgiveness when you have hurt other people. “Against You and only You have I done evil in thy sight”! (Huh?!)
  • 45:35 - Katrina does her own work of self-forgiveness to testimony right before your very own eyes. (Tah Daa! That's how it's done folks. Now your turn.).
  • 50:16 - Tim shares how nothing is impossible with God, even forgiving murderers.
  • 52:16 - God is perfect goodness, love and power. Do you treat God as if He is perfect toward yourself and everyone else? Is there anything in your mind that you think God cannot fix?
  • 52:57 - Why does God hate sin?
  • 53:40 - Spiritual opportunity costs verses permanent costs.
  • 54:53 - How to properly apply The Blood, all the steps laid out for ya. This is how to get back to that 'lovin feelin' with God (Yeah, how it actually is done finally and not just talk about it).
  • 55:27 - Feeling disconnected from God? This is a discussion on one area that will help get that to disappear. Be careful what is being glorified by forgiving yourself or not.
  • 56:57 - Katrina's testimony of being 'called on the carpet' for rejecting The Blood (Yeah, very bad idea to do that. I know that now).
  • 59:00 - One way Satan keeps us in torment.
  • 1:00:25 - An exercise you can do with a friend to see what staying only in the stage of “I'm sorry” feels like on both sides.
  • 1:02:12 - Tim admonishes to become aware of what is driving you.
  • 1:05:48 - 1:15:03 - Don't go anywhere! This is where the podcast ends and the post credits begin. Trust us- you definitely do not want to miss what we say: You get to help fulfill prophecy! Btw- There is another exercise you can do to get in to a healthy habit of forgiving yourself in this section.

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allen hall - January 7, 2020

What’s more frustrating is a “sine wave” type of living for God for a time, then reverting back to an elongated period of habitual sin, then back to God for a time, and so on. A double-minded man, if you will. Can’t seem to make it stick, but am always aware and convicted and long to get back to a righteous lifestyle. Help!!!

    Tim McHyde - January 7, 2020

    Allen, it sounds like you’re describing some kind of addictive habit? While there are good reasons to fight and overcome that, they are not usually sin (not loving your neighbor, not loving God). We must forgive ourselves and know God made us this way in the flesh with weaknesses for various things. He’s not expecting perfection just for you to fight it and realize you are powerless with it and to seek him more for his help in it. It’s a great lesson that even non-addictive people eventually must learn to have salvation I believe.

sharon ickes - September 15, 2018

I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful and powerful this podcast was! I need to listen to it everyday to accept the Blood of Christ. I have been so guilty of everything you say and did not realize what I was doing to myself and my children. You are blessed in your ability to bring forth the depth and meaning of the Blood of Christ and all your work for millions of people to turn to Yeshua and thank him and love him and forgive themselves. I wish I were able to support you much, much more than I can. Again, Yeshua and our Father bless and keep you and your family. Love, Sharon

OLIVE Gaines - April 5, 2018

Tim and Katrina,
This is an amazing podcast. I am going to listen to it again to process it more completely – but at first listen it is extremely important and probably life-changing, especially about self-forgiveness and the seriousness of the blood and accepting it as covering. There is so much assumption of “easy grace” in these last days. Thank you. Olive

Thomas Burke - February 2, 2018

Thanks for the great hope you give me by showing so well that self forgiveness as the final step in the process of repentance or the lack thereof is directly related to emotional self flagellation but even more importantly to judgementalism which has been the hardest character flaw to deal with for me!
Un gran abrazo from CR, Thomas

P Alex Dillon - January 28, 2018

Hello Tim and Katrina!

I had to stop at :59 because I just had a dream about that very thing this morning and I did not understand my dream until I heard you explain at :59. Let’s just say it’s humbling to share this experience.

I heard a song once about how the only one who can take away the hurt is the one who hurt you.


Unless you have forgiven yourself for being vulnerable to torment in the first place by applying the blood of Christ. And, yes, it is a cycle. And, yes, I have to apply over and over again. I honestly think my dry skin is a physical symbol of a spiritual need to reapply. (Kind of, I’m joking – but not really.)

I’ve been kicking this torment can up and down the road with temporary relief. Now like hourly gratitude – my recipe for bliss, thanks to your ministry – I will have regular reapplication of the Blood of Christ with a simpler more tangible understanding than I ever had before.

And here is the really humbling part that I just cannot stop writing until I share. The “dream” I had this morning was actually a “night terror.” They are somewhat regular for me.

Now here I have to keep writing to explain. I’d rather keep quiet about all this, but I just can’t. I have real discomfort in keeping this to myself. It is such a blessing.

So, I have chronic night terrors. When I first started walking with Christ as a born again believer, it was out of fear of sin and I stayed in line in fear. I’d have paralyzing dreams and all I had to do was call out the name, “Jesus!” Even in my sleep, I would call and awake instantly, thanking God for releasing me from the paralysis.

Over the years, I changed my cry to “Yeshua!” and now “Y’hovah!” More and more I have wondered while stomping my spiritual foot and explaining to God that I, his daughter (speaking my full name) was crying out to him, (speaking his heavenly name) in full expectation he would hurry up and release me. Sometimes he just allows me to linger through the terror of this nightmare. Why he has slowed down in releasing me? What happened to waking instantly upon uttering his name?

I think the answer is at :59. It is my job to apply the Blood of Christ accepting my shortcomings and willingness to sin – addiction to it. THEN to keep on moving beyond this phase of self torment to saying ‘thank you Father for dying for me, I receive your blood to wash away my sin.’

I think my Lord allowed me to feel the torment of night terrors so that I could realize that although he did the work, it really is my job to proactively thank him for doing so, every single time I go through repentance. There is no need for me to wait on him here, or to stomp my spiritual little girl foot, wondering.

You know, like that scene where Luke is lying in the snow and Yoda had taught him that he can pull his sword to himself even though it’s several feet away? You guys are Yoda, and I’m Luke. You have taught me that when I hurt myself through sin, or others do, I don’t have to wait on me or them, or even God to fix it. He already fixed it. I can take up my sword of faith and just say thank you. Then I’m released from the terror of falling short or being trampled.

Now when I feel the squirming discomfort of realizing a sin of my past, present or possible future, I can immediately forgive myself and thank him for already shedding the blood on my behalf. Maybe I won’t have anymore night terrors either. (-Actually, I was surprised to see them reappear as they had disappeared after applying the regular gratitude that you taught in Part I of this series. I even (hush, hush) sleep with the lights off.)

So now that you have the lengthy drama of my night terrors, I can make it through to the end of this amazing podcast?

Tim, you have been God’s gift to me releasing me from fear and changing my relationship with him to one of love FOR THE PAST NINE YEARS. Yes, 9 years of deliverance from your writings.

Thank you!

Katrina you gave me the monumental breakthrough of actually visualizing what Christ’s death means for me releasing me from a life of dutiful “love should” to a life of generous “love does”.

Thank you and God bless you both!

Now, I’m going to listen to :59 again, and then the rest….

    Katrina McHyde - January 28, 2018

    Hi P’Alex,

    Thank you so much for sharing. It is always such a blessing to hear other people’s testimonies being played out, and it is always nice to hear from you.

    I actually had night terrors every night all my life until recently. Now they come sometimes but they are better. One of the things I figured out was that the night terrors were made worse by fear. Fear just inflames the situation.

    If you would like some help with this issue, we can set up a time to talk privately and I may be able to give you some specific things that may help to start dissipating those terrible dreams. You know how to contact us if you would like some help.

    Blessings to you!


Pierre - January 22, 2018

Yes love is all about self respect you love yourself you respect yourself . You respect yourself you respect others and by so, you love others. It fits with the command of loving others like you love yourself.

    Katrina McHyde - January 28, 2018

    Yes Pierre,

    You totally get it. And if you love yourself and others then that is how you show you love God (1John 4).

Jen Waldon - January 22, 2018

Is it possible to unknowingly commit the sin you described about the misuse of applying the blood?
There are days where I feel like my life is cursed and I often wonder if this is why.

    Tim McHyde - January 22, 2018

    Jen, I’m sorry if there was any confusion on what Katrina said but she was referring to Paul’s statement about people taking the Lord’s supper unworthily and bringing condemnation and results in sickness and even death (1Co 11:27, 29-30). You are not cursed because you did this. I don’t think you’re cursed at all actually but we tend to imagine that because of the difficulty of discharging guilt, shame and regret. Hit us up for chat and we can work through it.

      Jen Waldon - January 22, 2018

      Thanks for talking with me and for clarifying. Understanding isn’t always easy for me. I’m glad you have this site up because I’d still be scratching my head over the meaning of scripture. Thank you for doing what you do, Tim & Katrina. Yehovah bless everything you do.

        Katrina McHyde - January 28, 2018

        We love you Jen! Keep going. You are doing great. I look forward to hearing all the breakthroughs that will come for you now.

Sam Miller - January 18, 2018

Great job on yet another life-changing podcast. As we discussed in fellowship on Sunday, I have been struggling with these issues lately so this is just what I needed to get my focus where it needs to be, on what Yeshua did for us on the cross. I love the addition at the end about pleading the blood of Christ during our hourly prayers. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

Jonathan Hernandez - January 17, 2018

Hey Tim and Katrina, your podcast is great. Alot of interesting insights. I just have a question in regards to your comments on salvation. Where in Roman 3:28 it says we are justified by faith apart from the works of the law. Do you think salvation can be lost if it is mentioned as a gift?

    Tim McHyde - January 17, 2018

    Jonathan, absolutely salvation can be lost until you receive it by being born again/glorified because we have free will and can change our mind. Jesus said if we put our hand to the plow but then look back we are not be fit for the kingdom (Lk 9:62) Jesus also said he has the ability blot people’s names out of the book of life which means they would lose their salvation (Rev 3:5).

      Mindy Mayhew - December 9, 2020

      This is my first comment! Just signed up 2 days ago. Can’t stop reading and listening…so this is the first time I’ve seen “born again” and “glorification” as the same thing. Resurrection and glorification seems more appropriate. Where does this understanding come from?

        Tim McHyde - December 10, 2020

        Mindy, from the bible, but I got the understanding first from this book.

Sue W - January 15, 2018

Brilliant, Tim and Katrina!
Thank you. How many of us “Christians” have unwittingly insulted God, refusing the blood of His son by being stuck in “sorry”.

Also, what a lack of progress and productivity not forgiving self creates.
I had to stop a couple of times towards the end of the podcast to say “thank you” to our Father rather than my usual “sorry”. Now to get on with things!

    Katrina McHyde - January 28, 2018

    Yay Sue!

    We love it when people feel they can ‘get on with things’ and not feel stuck. I just hate that feeling like you want to move forward but don’t know how and have a ton of ‘baggage’ weighing you down as well to deal with. It’s time to lighten the load by learning how to give it all up to The Only One Who Can Fix It Anyway :). We sure have proven we cannot fix it on our own by now.

    May you go from walking, to running, to flying in The Spirit and never looking back!


Asbjorn Landro - January 13, 2018

Dear Katrina & Tim

Great stuff!
I think this might be a blessing to most listeners.
May Jesus Messiah bless you both, and I´ll bless you by stating this.
I´ll take the pod with me into my shabat group next friday.
Be blessed!

Greetings from
Asbjorn, Norway

Stacey - January 13, 2018

Thank you so much for sending this to me. It’s definitely what I needed. I found it to be enlightening.

After a recent job review, I have not been able to let go and get rid of a knot in my stomach. But I’m getting closer to figuring out what it is and why it triggered this. It definitely has to do with perfectionism and my wanting to be in control. I need to admit that I need to let that go because it’s sin and to forgive myself for my shortcomings and not always being kind because at work I think people should just do their jobs…. Not realizing that they are only human like me and have there hang ups and issues that prevent them from doing things the way they should or the way I think they should.

Gotta work through this. Thank you so much for reaching out.

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