The Mark of the Beast – If You See It, It’s Too Late (Not COVID Vaccine)

The Book of Revelation may be a confusing book overall, but it is crystal clear on "don't take the Mark of the Beast" (Rev 14:9). Yet how do you obey that? Can they force the mark on you or trick you into taking it? Find out everything you need to know about the Mark of the Beast today—plus a startling new insight on the months of torture awaiting those who take action too late.

If the Antichrist is the most dreaded threat of the Book of Revelation, then his mark would have to be a close second. Just as people wonder who might be the Antichrist today, they also wonder whether the Mark of the Beast is already here, such as in the COVID vaccines or passports. As a result, the following passage from Revelation about the Mark of the Beast is one of the most quoted passages in the Bible:

The Mark of the Beast Passage

Revelation 13:16-18 (HCSB) — 16 And he [the False Prophet] requires everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, 17 so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark: the beast’s name or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom:, The one who has understanding must calculate the number of the beast, because it is the number of a man. His number is 666.

This passage is talking about the Great Tribulation (Mt 24:21) or the time when the Antichrist (or first Beast of Revelation 13) rules the entire earth. The second beast of Revelation 13, also called the False Prophet (Rev 16:13; 19:20; 20:10), will put in place a system of total control. They will attempt to brand every human with a mark that is needed for commerce. Obviously, without being able to buy or sell anything, you are not going to function in society or last long.

It's very important to note two things that everyone seems to ignore: the mark cannot be here until the Antichrist and False Prophet rule. Most mark theorists overlook that.

Not A Warning to Bible Readers! (New Insight)

More importantly, everyone misses that this passage is not a warning to us, the readers about the mark. It is a prophecy of a warning being proclaimed to the entire world at the start of the Great Tribulation! It goes out because the mark is then present. The warning prophecy gives readers a concept of what it will be like, but not enough detail to figure out exactly what it will be in advance; yet there's no need to, right? When it is here, then the warning will go out. Also, there will be no need for more "clues" to identify it as it will be made plainly clear that the mark is what the False Prophet is pushing on people. See how different that is from speculating about what it is today? You see then, there is no need to worry about the mark being here today nor any pressure to identify it now. You can't take it, and "precursors" (if such a thing were to exist) don't count!

Despite the negatives to refusing the mark, it's plain from another passage that you do have the freewill choice to do that:

Revelation 20:4 (HCSB) — Then I saw thrones, and people seated on them who were given authority to judge. I also saw the people, who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of God’s word, who had not worshiped the beast or his gf image, and who had not accepted the mark on their foreheads or their hands.

This passage should reassure those who worry that they can be tricked into taking the mark or forced to take it without their permission. It seems that the False Prophet will need your permission. Otherwise, there would be nobody who "had not accepted the mark." The bad news is that they will not accept your response of "no, thank you" kindly. They will try to persuade all people to take the mark through at least four separate pressures or methods of persuasion.

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Four Powerful Pressures For Taking the Mark

The first pressure is what Paul calls the strong delusion (2Th 2:11). The Antichrist will actually succeed in pawning himself off as God on earth ruling from the Third Temple in Jerusalem (2Th 2:4). Jesus said that this deception would be so convincing that even the "very elect" would be taken by it if it were possible. Thankfully, it's not possible because God intervenes with the Two Witnesses and 144,000 to preach the truth as an alternative to the popular lie (Mt 24:24). Despite God's counter-programming, the vast majority of the people are going to be convinced that the Antichrist is indeed God. This is due to the convincing signs performed at the hand of the False Prophet. These include calling fire down from heaven and making the image (statue) of the Beast that speaks (Rev 13:13-15).

The second pressure takes care of the minority of defiant skeptics who do not fall for the strong delusion. It appears from the passage above that the False Prophet will command death for those who refuse the mark. This is just as he does to those who refuse to worship the image/statue of the beast (Rev 13:15 = Rev 20:4). Many Christians will have read their Bibles or heard and believed the warning of the mark, but they simply are not martyr-material. They will crumble under the pressure. As Jesus said, the love of believers will wax cold and believers will betray each other to save their own skin (Mt 24:12, 10).

Understanding the third and fourth pressures requires a correct understanding of the prophetic roadmap and especially where the Great Tribulation fits in it. Most believe or have been taught that the Great Tribulation begins at the 1st seal. While the white horseman does indeed seem to fit the Antichrist, that's an incorrect conclusion; it actually refers to what Jesus said about the many (religions) that would come in his name, talk about him, and deceive many (Mt 24:5). The real match for the rise of Antichrist and the start of the Great Tribulation is the 5th trumpet. When someone shows you the proof of how the Great Tribulation starts when Satan is cast out of heaven (he has not been cast out yet) as the start of three "woes," the Great Tribulation / 5th trumpet connection becomes pretty self-evident (cf. Dan 12:1=Rev 12:7-17=Mt 24:15,21=Rev 9:1-6, 11-13).

Once you get that crucial point correct, it opens up the possibility of seeing a couple of other key insights. First, obviously, the 5th Trumpet follows the 4th Trumpet. The 4th Trumpet concludes the sequence of severe global catastrophes on earth caused by near-earth objects (such as Star Wormwood) starting at the 6th seal. This will leave the world in a state of devastation (Rev 6:14; 8:7, 9), fear, panic, chaos (Rev 6:15-16), dark , cold (Rev 8:12), smoke, fires (Rev 8:8-9), water scarcity (Rev 8:10-11) and famine (Rev 8:7, 9, 12). Second, this answers how the Antichrist comes to power. It provides the perfect scenario for the Antichrist as the would-be God and "Savior of the world" to appear as the only solution to so many problems—including the severe food shortage. Probably the mark will be presented as part of his plan to solve both the security (identification) and shortages of basic necessities (rationing). (Americans saw a similar thing after the 9-11 attack with the push for a national ID called Real ID.)

Thus, the third pressure would be that, given the clear scarcity of food and clean water prior to the rise of the Beast, you will not get your basic living needs met without accepting the mark. The threat of death from thirst and starvation will already be mounting by the time the mark is presented to offer relief. If you do not take it, death will be knocking at the door. Principles and skepticism go out the window in such extreme situations.

But there are always stubborn, crafty, and prepared people who would still refuse the mark and scratch out an existence "off the grid." There is apparently another, fourth pressure that will take care of even them. At the 5th Trumpet, we are told that an army of deadly scorpion-like locusts with teeth and stingers are released from imprisonment in the Abyss (Rev 9:1-3). Although lethal-looking (Rev 9:7-9), they do not go out to kill people; they only go out to torture everyone except the 144,000 and the other gathered-protected servants of God (Rev 9:4-5; 7:3-4; 12:13-17). It actually says people will seek death but be unable to find it (Rev 9:6). These demonic creatures will be able to search out every nook and cranny where survivalists and other resistors with stashes of food and ammunition are hiding (Joel 2:9). Their fortification, walls, and weapons will not protect them from the locusts (Joel 2:9). The torture will no doubt be very effective in getting them to accept the mark.

Refuse the Mark = 5 Months of Painful Torture

The passage telling us that these tortured people "will seek death and not find it" during the five months seems like a contradiction with what we said above that the False Prophet will cause those refusing the mark to be killed. But if you think it through carefully, you'll see there is a resolution.

It points to a terrifying new realization about the mark that you probably never heard of before: Refusing the mark is not rewarded instantly with death. On the contrary, it is rewarded first with up to five months of torture to persuade you to accept the mark. At the end of the five months of the locusts' torture tour, they finally will put you to death. Why the delay? They may be sadists or they may simply prefer to have Beast kingdom subjects than dead defeated martyrs.

(Note, that the locusts passage does not say all people besides God's sealed are tortured. It just says the power is there to do so. Since it makes no sense for the new Antichrist "God" to make his first order of business the torture of his admiring subjects, even those who accept him as "God," I think it's a fair deduction that the power to torture is not used on those who take the mark. If he really wanted to capture, mark and torture everyone, then why stop after five months? But if the torture is to force the mark, then it makes sense that the torture is only used for a short time in the beginning. It only takes a few months to find and capture every single living human on earth who is trying to avoid the mark and to try to convince them to change their mind.)

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"Depart From Me, I Never Knew you!" - Jesus

Jesus predicted that he will tell many sincere believers to basically "get lost" instead of welcoming them into the Kingdom. So...who are they and what did they miss or do wrong? In this study, get those answers and the one requirement for salvation Jesus taught (that Christianity misses) so that you can make sure you don't hear these dreaded words yourself!

In summary, then, here are the four pressures on people that will make most people accept the mark:

The 4 Reasons Why Most People Will Take the Mark

  1. Convinced Antichrist is God on earth
  2. To avoid beheading
  3. To avoid starvation
  4. To avoid (up to) five months of torture

"Mark" Only Figurative? Or Literal?

Terrifying, isn't it? Anyone understanding just a fraction of the pressures coming to push the mark on people will naturally want to know exactly what it is now so they can be sure to see it coming. Actually, we'll see later why it is that if you want to successfully avoid it (and keep your life), you must never see it.

Yet people still persist in wanting to know what it is now. The first question, then, is to ask is what is the intended meaning of the passage describing the mark? Should we read it literally, as a visible marking on the skin of the hand or forehead or figuratively as something completely different (such as, say, "Sabbath-breaking/Sunday worship" like the Seventh Day Adventists and others believe)?

A big reason for doubt about the interpretation of the mark passage comes from an uncannily similar instruction to ancient Israel recorded in the Torah about a sign/symbol in their forehead and hand (Ex 13:9, 16; Dt 6:8; 11:18):

Exodus 13:16 (HCSB) — So let it be a sign on your hand and a symbol on your forehead, for the LORD brought us out of Egypt by the strength of His hand.

Orthodox Judaism uses this command to justify their tradition of binding "phylacteries" to the forehead and hands. However, most agree that ancient Israel did not follow this verse the way modern Judaism does. Instead, they understood it figuratively as telling them to keep the Torah firmly in mind ("forehead") and in their actions (the "hand"). If you agree with this interpretation, then it's natural to read the very similar passage in Revelation exactly the same way: figuratively (especially in a book like Revelation that is already assumed to be mostly symbolically figurative).

But we have to decide how to read a verse individually and in its own context. We cannot assume that every instance of every construct will be used the same, or misinterpretation will result. For example, there are at least three different meanings for the word translated "star" in the Book of Revelation alone (angels, meteors/"shooting stars", and literal stars)! In fact, the use of similar constructs for different purposes seems to be one of the ways that God made the Bible tricky on purpose as Isaiah and Jesus declared about God's word (Isa 6:9-10; Mk 4:11; Mt 13:11; Lk 8:10; 10:21-24).

Why Only a Literal Mark Works

Whenever you are in doubt after carefully considering a verse in context, you can usually resolve it by looking at related passages or in other words by looking at it in the greater Biblical context. Revelation 14:9 is another passage dealing with the Mark of the Beast which we can consult for help. Using it, we can dispel any doubt about the literal meaning of the Mark of the Beast.

This passage is the third of three angel's warnings delivered to mankind. This third message specifically warns everyone about the grave consequences of receiving the Mark of the Beast in the "forehead" or "hand:"

Revelation 14:9-10 (HCSB) — 9 And a third angel followed them and spoke with a loud voice: "If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives a mark on his forehead or on his hand...10... he will also drink the wine of God’s wrath, He will be tormented with fire and sulfur in the sight of the holy angels

Now think about the theory of a figurative mark in the context of this dire warning. The unsuspecting general public is going to be given this warning so that they are able to know what to do to avoid God's wrath, a very serious thing indeed. They will need simple clear understandable instructions that they can act on. But a message referencing a forbidden figurative mark is not clear but requires further explanation or thought before people can know what it is they must avoid. This would leave people uncertain and unable to follow the instructions.

If the warning tells you to reject any future leader who wants to put a literal mark on your skin (forehead or right hand), that's very understandable and actionable. If it's figurative, where the mark can be anything like keeping Sunday vs. Sabbath, how would you be sure?

Since a figurative mark does not work in the warning here, then why did God use figurative language to "warn" Israel about keeping Torah in their thoughts and deeds? It worked for that because that earlier hand/forehead sign referenced something that he had already told them volumes about: the Torah. He wanted to communicate to them how integral they needed to make Torah to their life and he did so using a powerful metaphorical illustration. In contrast, the Mark of the Beast warning is a stand-alone command to the general public to whom God has only spoken two other messages ever in total. Metaphorical language does not get the job done. The warning about receiving a "mark in the head or hand" can only refer to a literal marking on the forehead or hand which people can readily understand, identify, and know what to do when they encounter it.

But Wait...If There Will Be a Universal Warning, Why Won't Everyone Just Listen and Avoid the Mark?

With that question settled by the third angel worldwide warning text, another question is raised. If the warning about the mark is going to be as global and clear as stated above, then why will anyone get trapped into taking the mark?

This is a simple question with a not-so-simple answer. It requires knowing several aspects of the end times in order to understand it. To help with that, let me outline the distinct categories people will fall into when the mark is out:

3 Categories of People When the Mark Comes

  1. Mark accepters (alive, but destined for God's wrath)
  2. Mark rejecters/martyrs (dead or soon-to-be-dead(see below) but destined for the First Resurrection)
  3. Mark evaders (alive and destined for the rapture)

The first two categories are obvious and self-explanatory, but the last one, of mark evader, requires explanation. The mark evaders are obviously similar to the mark rejecters in wanting to heed the universal warning about not taking the mark. However, they differ from the mark rejecters in the two aspects of proactivity and of faith. We shall see that to evade the mark is not as simple or foolproof as it may seem to you now.

Faith Needed To Obey the Warning

By way of illustration, you could compare it to the challenge of getting a girl to evade teen pregnancy by giving her a warning about it when she is ten years old. She may agree at that age that teen pregnancy is a bad outcome which she does not want. Yet, after she passes puberty, certain temptations must be resisted or certain actions be taken for the teen pregnancy warning to work out well.

Similarly, when you hear the warning about the mark, you must take a specific action before the mark even arrives. If you do not do so, it will be too late and you will get pregnant, as the analogy goes, or be left with choices 1 and 2 above only. That's the proactive aspect of evading the mark.

The faith aspect of evading the mark comes in because the action required to avoid the mark will be to "come out of Babylon" (Rev 18:4; Jer 50:8; 51:6, 9, 45). The end-time prophecies of the Bible repeatedly speak of God leading his faithful servants out of their home countries to a place he prepares to feed them during the Great Tribulation (Rev 12:12-17). However, it will not be so clear that this is right to do, as it is to, say, exit a burning house when someone shouts "Fire! Get out!" Probably everything in the world will look as fine (if you can call it that) as it does today. It will be counter-intuitive.

It has been my experience that when this clear (future) travel prophecy from the Bible is shared with normal church-going Christians, they reflexively reject it. It sounds ridiculous to the average Christian that God would ever require his people to do something so radical as to leave their homes. Many of them miss the obvious irony in their objection to a future God-given travel command in light of the fact that God has done this very thing repeatedly in the past with his faithful servants as the OT records. He told Abraham to leave his country. Lot had to leave Sodom. He told the entire nation of Israel to leave Egypt. Sure, they were slaves there anyway, but there are many parallels to their literal slavery and our modern slavery to sin, addictions, distractions, etc. in our home countries that an end-time exodus would release us from, too.

(Note: A major reason that many despair upon hearing about needing to move to escape the end times, is that, again, they are not remembering the lessons of the Exodus. When God commanded Israel to leave Egypt, he did not abandon them but gave them tremendous "provision to go along with the commission" as the saying goes. They had great leadership, divine protection, payment of back wages through spoiling of the Egyptians and miracles such as the Red Sea crossing, shoes not wearing out, healings, manna from heaven to feed them, water from the rock to drink, victory over their enemies, etc. We can expect the same thing again when God again commands his servants to march out. Passports, money, illnesses unwilling spouses, and children will all be worked out (cf Ex 19:4 = Rev 12:14). Hope this helps)

No Visible Angels

Another reason that faith will tie in greatly is that most likely, the instructions of the three angels will be spoken to people not by the three angels themselves, but by humans; prophets. This probably sounds ridiculous at first but if you read the passage carefully you'll note that it never quite says that the angels themselves do the preaching of their own messages (Rev 14:6). It simply says they "have" the messages to be preached. This leaves room for someone else to do the preaching. This phrasing is good because it does not make the passage break with precedent for how angels are tasked by God in the Bible. Angels usually interface only with the righteous or small groups of the public. When God deals with the general public or nations, he uses men exclusively.

I think the answer to which men it will be this time is found, by no coincidence, in the verses immediately preceding (Rev 14:1-5). If you ever wondered who the 144,000 are and why they are given such special protection so that the Beast's forces cannot touch them, this would answer that. Their message of warning must go out without encumbrance to counteract the powerful dragnet that the Beast will be allowed to unleash on humanity. However, like all prophets before them, they are mere men and not as fearsome and compelling as an angel of light speaking before your eyes. People will be able to doubt and ignore the warnings and call to action of the 144,000 men.

"My pastor said not to go"

It should not be hard for the reader to imagine how most Christians will scoff at even a real miracle-working Bible-conforming prophet sent by God telling people to "come out of Babylon" per the prophecies. Christians by nature rely on their pastors and other Christians to tell them what is right or what to do. They sincerely believe "all these churches can't be wrong." Thus, when most churches advise people to ignore the crazy prophet message to leave and just stay "safe in Jesus" where they are and/or await the "pretrib rapture," it will be largely followed. They will not have the faith or guts to obey the command to leave early enough in order to avoid the mark.

Then, when they actually see the Abomination of Desolation (military takeover of Jerusalem and the Temple by the Antichrist) that they were warned would come, they will want to obey the "crazy" instructions they ignored years before. However, if they are not close to the location that God told them to move to, there will be no chance of them making it there in time before the Great Tribulation begins (30 days later).

The mark edict will soon be issued and they will be faced with the tough choice of option 1 or option 2.

Option 3, of mark evasion, will have expired.

Why It's Not Already Here

You may have noticed that this article so far has not even touched on what most articles about this topic center on: speculation about which technology today is the Mark of the Beast. This is what is called "newspaper exegesis," the popular practice of trying to interpret prophecy by the current events. As already covered, the mark does not come until the Antichrist rises after we leave. It's that simple.

That said, it would not hurt for me to share some other reasons why things popularly pushed as the mark cannot be it. Because, if you had not noticed, practically every popular new consumer technology ever invented, whether it be barcodes, credit cards, bio-chips, and RFID, have at one point been proposed as "mark technology" or a sign that the mark and Antichrist are near. Of course, after those technologies become prominent, ubiquitous and prove harmless and the Antichrist "delays his coming" (Lk 12:45) nobody remembers the speculation and people move on to newer technology.

"COVID Vaccines/Passports Are the Mark!"

Along those lines, these days the latest theory is that the COVID vaccines or passports are the mark or a "precursor." Again, precursors don't count. But here's why COVID does not fit:

  1. People say COVID passports stop you from buying and selling if you don't submit to get the vaccine. But you can still buy anything online and most everything offline like groceries. You may also have to change jobs.  When you don't have the mark, you can buy or sell nothing. You starve. Quite different!
  2. More importantly, the mark is first and foremost about submitting to worship of the Beast as God; not about the ability to trade, which is a benefit to that worship. Vaccines have no such component of a person you must worship as God.
  3. The mark is put on the skin of the forehead or hand (Rev 20:4). Vaccines are injected under the skin typically in the shoulder and are not at all an identifying mark related to the beast's name or 666.

So you see, the only way to make a vaccine or its passport fit the mark of the beast is to ignore the most important characteristic of the mark. That's not good exegesis. A theory for the mark must fit all the details given on it, not just one.

What Do I Think the Mark Is?

Then what is my pick for the mark? In short, it's something we have not seen yet because the power of the mark is beyond our comprehension today. I say that because when you consider the Mark of the Beast verse, it's not so simple as people understand it, such as a cashless society.

Rev 13:17 — so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark: the beast’s name or the number of his name.

Considering that verse you can rule out a few things right off:

  • The mark is not mainly a currency: It always seemed odd to me that the mark was needed for selling, not just buying. If the mark were simply a new currency that everyone must adopt, there is no need to mention "selling." You don't need currency to sell; you only need currency to buy as the seller receives currency from the buyer. (That's another reason why Bitcoin/cryptocurrency does not fit the mark.). So I rule out "only currency" off of that.
  • The mark is not (only) identification: I've used to think of the mark as an identification required to do (digital) commerce. Much like how a credit card number is needed for online purchases. Cash only works in person; you can't slide it into your PC or phone to buy something online. In fact, you could say "no one can buy or sell [on the internet] unless he has a credit/debit card."
  • Is trade/bartering stopped, too?: What I also ask myself is can you get away with trade and bartering without the mark? If the mark is only an ID/currency account, then I doubt trade/bartering by people without the mark can be stopped. How powerful is it then and why mention its part in (some) economic transactions? I tend to think that the power policing and enforcing the mark will make it absolutely required to buy or sell anything just as the simple words imply. If it's that powerful then a simple digital technology like a chip does not really do it justice.
  • Beast UBI? With the talk these days "universal basic income" (UBI) or a default minimal income for all citizens from the government, I wonder if the mark won't tie into something like that. Given the world will be devastated for the Antichrist to come to power, a UBI might be needed for people to survive while the economy rebuilds using the supernatural/nephilim help of the Antichrist. Perhaps the mark will be tied to your UBI (Univeral Beast Income) and the currency it is issued in and the account you depend on for any commerce.

All that to say, when I consider the buying/selling power of the mark and the power of the Beast behind it, I lean towards the mark being like nothing we have seen today. To compare it to optional, voluntary, technologies like credit cards, chips, RFIDs, and the like, to me, vastly underestimates what Revelation is trying to convey about the mark and its necessity to commerce under the Beast.

What To Do Today To Escape the Mark

Clearly, every believer prefers to avoid ending up in that no-win situation of having to choose between martyrdom and markdom. We all want choice 3: neither! To have that option, the challenge at that point of no return will be in having the discernment to recognize which way God is leading; "should I stay or should I go?" Even if you do recognize the truth spoken by God's prophets on leaving, you will also need the faith to go ahead with the minority in following such radical and hard instructions.

The question, then, is how do we develop the faith and boldness needed to take the hard early action required to avoid the mark? Jesus gave us the clearest advice I know:

Luke 18:8 (HCSB)— I tell you that He will swiftly grant them justice. Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He find that faith on earth?

Luke 17:5-6 (HCSB) — 5 The apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.” 6 “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed,” the Lord said, “you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.

Luke 21:36 (ESV) — But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

Ever notice that nowhere in the Gospels can you find Jesus directly answering the question of how one increases their faith? I was frustrated at that for a while when I was wanting more faith, like the apostles. Finally, I realized that the Bible gives us the answer elsewhere and everywhere.

In the many stories of the Bible, we see God's servants walking prayerfully with him through hardships and learning several things in the process. They learn how to recognize his hand leading. This normally does not consist of voices, dreams, and visions, but of coincidences or "God-incidences" or "open doors" (Rev 3:8, 20) and "closed doors" (Rev 3:7). They learn what he is likely to do or lead us to do and what he is not likely to do nor lead us to do. They learn how to trust him when the situation looks like he has abandoned them and just wait in patience and peace until the clear direction to act comes if any action is required. In other words, they learn faith and how to act on it.

If you pray daily about having faith and strength as Jesus instructed, then you can be sure that God will hear that prayer according to his will. In response, he will direct you just as he did the servants in the Bible who wanted the same thing. You will be put in sometimes uncomfortable situations like they were which require you to be bold and radical at times, and to be inactive or meek at other times; the whole gamut. This will prepare you for all situations including the coming crisis of decision over leaving your home country early enough to escape the Mark of the Beast.

By the way, as far as finances and other logistics, when the time to escape comes, God has a plan to give provision to all those who choose in faith to obey the command to escape. See my article on the faith to escape to understand that situation.

What Not To Do...

Lastly, a warning: Emigration to Israel for non-Jews is generally not possible today. The way must be opened up, not just for our move, but several end-time events also require a major change in Israel. For example, the construction of the Third Temple or the sealing of the 144,000 on the Temple Mount can't happen today without Arab control of the Temple Mount being eradicated. I expect the prophesied M.E. nuclear war against Israel where Damascus is laid waste to bring that about.


The Mark of the Beast is going to be far more irresistible than most Christians can imagine. But the solution to its challenge is not to get distracted today by trying to figure out exactly what it is in advance. Even if you did figure that out, it would do you no good. If you see the mark, it will already be too late to escape it with your life intact.

The proper escape plan will instead require faith and proactive, radical action. Unfortunately, as Jesus insinuated, faith will be a rare trait in the end times (Lk 18:8). Further, you do not learn bold and radical action by just going to church every Sunday and listening to your pastor. The answer is to follow Jesus' advice to stay awake and to pray daily for "the strength to escape what is coming" (Lk 21:36). God will be sure to answer that prayer by guiding your life so that you get the experiences and information which will develop the faith and radical streak you will need when the time comes. What's more, these two things will help you to serve God and shine your light even better every day along the way, just like the faithful maverick Jesus did.

For help on what aspects to focus on changing in your life, from Jesus' words, see my article on Rapture Requirements.

P.S. Regarding the 666 bar code diagram above, it's one of the ideas for what the Mark of the Beast may turn out to be...

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matthew switzer - October 17, 2022

None may like my comment and that is ok. The first time I had money in my hand I was aware of it’s number I could see it’s image and I knew it talked and what did it say spend me. Later on I would get more of it and in my head I had to figure out it I need more or not. Now much later in life a angels come by and tell me you can not be in God’s kingdom you have the mark of the beast, well that beast is also a man and a angel. But angel we can not buy or sell without money I say, and who are you to be telling me this, I am more that you. Well lets be clear here I am higher than you are angel, Jesus is my king and I am one of his saints (kings) are also higher than you angel, so you show men in the book of Revelations 13;16 and the darkness stops the light of reasoning in them.
Why is a man and a angel and a beast all numbered as a 6. What is the different between them none that are all the same number six.
Well Christian you are not a 6 IF you have Jesus in your heart that make you a 7 angels, do not have Jesus in there hearts and all the rest of the beast do not have Jesus in there hearts.
Now on the matter of a Anti-Christ what is a Christ an anointed one now is that with oil or is that is Holy angels or both. So look around you how many people can you see that could be unanointed so if you see a unanointed person standing in the temple in the land of Israel claiming to be God that is all you are seeing, and then of his powers high technologies and or some type of dark-craft.
The ordinary person dose what thru his or her life, For example in most of the world One is born They go to school They graduate and get a job (nine to five) They get married They get children.
But the seeker of secrets and hidden understanding and knowledge is not just a ordinary person one way or another they have the time needed to find things, like the secrets.
I hope my comment will disperse your fears on these matters.

Randy Hernandez - May 24, 2022

I’ve had some thoughts on the Mark recently.

Namely, that I feel it has 2 aspects to it. A spiritual and a physical side. I feel Sunday worship could play a part with a physical mark to show complete allegiance to the Beast system.

By having a physical mark, you let them know that you also worship on Sunday as told by the Pope/False Prophet.

Could be way off base but just bouncing some thoughts around.

    Cathy Rooks - August 28, 2022

    Ellen G. White was a false prophet.
    See the “Academy Apologia” YT channel for detailed information from the original published Adventist books and materials.

Daniel - November 22, 2021

I don’t think the vaccines are the mark of the beast , however i do believe them to be part of Evil and as such should not be part of a true believer in the word of God.

    James - December 19, 2021

    Nothing is the Mark of the Beast (yet, as the article states), but it IS part of the long conditioning that will lead up to the Mark. It’s easy to see the division that something tame (in comparison to the Mark) brings in our society – almost to the point of civil war or an Exodus (Vacs / Non-Vacs living in a Divided States of America). These concepts are already being talked about by the secular world around us. Conditioning. Programming. Seduction. Doctrine of Devil’s…an simple, but masterful, plan by the Kingdom of Darkness to create the psychological and spiritual environment for the end times.

      Tim McHyde - December 20, 2021

      James, there’s no need for any conditioning at all. When people are starving, insecure, scared, and diseased and someone comes and offers a solution on the condition they worship a new god, they will almost all do it to save their skin.

Johan Pretorius - November 15, 2021

Hello Tim, the more I read and see the actions and steps that are being taken by the authorities to force the vaccination on people the more it reminds me of how the mark of the beast will be implemented.
The way they are targeting the unvaccinated people now will also be done to the people who don’t accept the mark of the beast. They get isolated and excluded from society.
To me this covid exercise is a foreplay to the beast and false prophet coming rule. People who accept the vaccine now blindly without questioning it will also accept the mark blindly without questioning it.

Darren Melnyk - November 7, 2021

Hi Tim!

Hope you are doing well sir! Seems in a small way my query about covid-19 turned into an article from you. I’m aware that the covid-19 issue isn’t the mark of the beast. What I am truly wondering is how the whole covid-19 issue being a worldwide plot is referenced in the Bible. To pump people full of unknown substances which could include and may not be limited to (a) graphene oxide which when exposed to 5G radiation can cause the human body to become extremely magnetic (b) spike proteins which can cause a range of auto-immune diseases and leave our immune system weak should a truly LETHAL virus be relased upon the world (c) living nano-organisms which are intelligent enough to multiply in the human body, travel to human organs and possibly interface with the human brain. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the real rulers of this world have accelerated their plans towards culling the population and enslaving all of humanity and are using the coivd-19 garbage as an excuse to have us all voluntarily accept the poison darts. Your thoughts on how the Bible tells us about such a monumental event?

    Tim McHyde - November 25, 2021

    Darren, very little of world shaping events are in Bible prophecy. You won’t find World War I or World War II or the influenza pandemic. The same goes for Covid. Not there.

    What is there as I have taught from the beginning: the Bible tells us the world comes to an end through Wormwood wrecking civilization so the antichrist can come and save the world appearing as God. To escape wormwood and the antichrist we must obey the “call” that Joel 2 talks about, telling us to come to Judea then Jordan.

    Covid is truly bad but it is not bringing the end but we are told already what will. I hope this clarifies for you what I think about COVID as a Bible prophecy teacher.

      bryan simon - November 26, 2021

      I like to think of it like this … we read a lot of Bible stories about times in the past where wars happened, and sickness ravaged the people. God is always in control and we will live out our testament as we seek His face.

      Michele - January 3, 2022

      Hi Tim, I am in the process of reading your book Know The Future and I actually have questions regarding the Covid vaccine and how or if it plays a role in biblical prophecy.( plagues?) So I came to your website seeking answers. I stumbled upon your response here to go to Judea then to Jordan. How can we possibly do that when it is required to have a vaccine passport to even travel on a plane or even a boat? As we pray often to escape all these things I am curious to how you are preparing yourself and your family for the move? Thank You

        Tim McHyde - January 3, 2022


        That’s only a recent development that’s always changing. The bigger problem that has been one for decades and must be fixed first is Immigration law for non-Jews


        Tim McHyde - January 6, 2022

        Hello Michelle,

        Unfortunately there is no direct mention of Covid in prophecy I can show you. It’s just not there.

        However the plan Remains the same that you understand so far from my Writing about escaping wormwood. God will Workout the how when it looks impossible based on vaccine restrictions

        Tim McHyde - January 6, 2022



        Unfortunately there is no direct mention of Covid vaccines in prophecy that I can show you with instructions on how to escape it. It’s just not there.

        However, God always works out the “how” In these cases last minute usually just like at the Red Sea crossing. It’s hard but we must focus on God and his provision not on the circumstances we see that look insurmountable. We walk by faith in God’s goodness not by what we see.

        And don’t forget God must overcome an even greater obstacle for us to move to the land as non-Jews Based on current laws

Tosin - October 24, 2021

Good day Tim,
Please can you explain to me this scripture:
Th 2:7  The secret power of evil is already working in the world now. But there is one who is stopping that secret power of evil. And he will continue to stop it until he is taken out of the way. 
Who is the stopping the secret power of evil in this passage and when is he/she likely to be taken out of the way?

    Tim McHyde - October 24, 2021

    Rosin, see this article for what is taken out of the way to let the beast rise.

Jonathan Lee - October 14, 2021


I recently watched a video from well known pastor Paul begley that suggests the apocalypse is next year. In the video he references medical supply shortage, food shortage, etc. What is your thoughts on this? Thanks!!

    Tim McHyde - October 14, 2021

    Jonathan, “the apocalypse” is quite a vague prediction (which is typical) but there are too many events in prophecy that must come first before the end that have not:

    Also “prepping” will do absolutely nothing for you when end time prophecy starts! It’s bad advice.

bryan simon - October 10, 2021

Hi Tim!

I was curious about your thoughts of the UAP / UFO information that has slowly been leaking out, which the US Government recently confirmed was real footage of strange technology.

Some religious folks of course attributed it to demons. What would you think?

      Blaze - October 14, 2021

      How do you know who is Nephilim and who isn’t? How do I know you’re not? Or Brittney Spears? Or whoever. Seems like a good way to go crazy.

        Silke - October 15, 2021

        How do you even know whether YOU are Nephilim, Blaze? 😃 Maybe it hasn’t been revealed to you yet…
        But all jokes aside, why would it be important to know who’s Nephilim, or how many people on earth are? What exactly would change if you knew who is Nephilim? 🧐 It’s certainly an interesting topic, however, I think it’s way more beneficial to concentrate on avoiding a certain Nephilim and his followers. Of course, I mean the Antichrist, the false prophet and their evil-minded servants. 🙂 We should all heed Jesus’ advice and pray often to escape all these things (Luke 21:36). Only by going to Judea when the time comes will we be able to flee from the mark of the beast. The question every believer ought to ask themselves is: will I be ready to obey God’s command when Elijah will urge everyone to leave everything behind to go to the Place of Safety?

Josh - October 7, 2021

For people who seek death but cannot die implies some sort of DNA change that does not involve the mark of the beast. If you had the mark, the demonic entities wouldn’t be torturing you for not taking the mark. Yet, somehow, some will seek death and be unable to die. Wonder how it’s possible to not be able to die?

    Tim McHyde - October 9, 2021

    Josh, nothing so complicated as that! They cannot kill themselves because the monsters have them imprisoned for torture and prevent it (9:5). If you’re a prisoner who is being so controlled that you’re tortured, then you won’t have the means or opportunity to commit suicide.

bryan simon - October 7, 2021

Found this article interesting today. Slowly the Jordanian Waqf’s control is eroding. I wonder how much longer until Israel takes their recent steps to the the full extent … that ALL of Jerusalem belongs to Israel, including the Temple Mount.

Mang - May 24, 2021

Since you believe the end will come in this decade, what do you think about Elon Musk as a possible candidate for the Anti-Christ figure? He is trying to colonize the stars, developing rockets and neuralink. With a single tweet, he could influence the market greatly. Though he has not achieved godlike status, he is extremely revered by several people.

    Donny Chartrand - October 1, 2021

    There are many candidates for the antichrist but we must remember he will be very smart and cunning and will have an answer for all of our world problems so we must be on alert at all times and my one question is that you said that satan wasnt cast out of heaven yet now do you mean the heavens because wasnt he cast out of heaven after he deceived Adam and Eve as i cant see him residing in heaven and causing so much sin in the world

      Tosin - October 24, 2021

      Satan doesn’t reside in the heaven that God lives still have access to heaven to give account of his work; case in point when he accused Job. He will ultimately be cast out of heaven which I believe is the second heaven where he and his angels reside presently as we see when the angel bringing answer to Daniel’s prayer was delayed. By the time he (Satan) is cast into the earth it will be for just 3.5 years which very short time and he will unleash so much evil on the earth because he has short time. It was made short by God because of the elects.

Veronica - January 24, 2021

Hullo Tim, First of all thank you sincerely for being such a faithful soldier for the LORD. You have a heart to seek out the truth.

john - August 30, 2020

Are you sure about the message and emphasis you are speaking in this article ? Its like fear-mongery and intimidation, like there’s a 0,00000001 % chance humans could ever possibly resist the mark. And those who dont count in as the 144 000 will be tortured beyond belief ?

    Tim McHyde - August 31, 2020

    John, everyone has a 100% chance to resist the mark if they listen to Elijah and leave before it comes; if they don’t, what chance do you think anyone who disobeyed God has on their own against the Antichrist’s actual monsters?

    I’m not the fearmonger here. The book of Revelation is such a terrifying book (when read literally, the intended way) that many Christians refuse to read it. I know because several have confessed this to me over my two decades teaching it. God pulls no punches and uses fearful things to get our attention out of love. Ever read the Book of Job and see what God agreed with Satan to do to him? That’s scary and can and will happen at times in the life of the “Kingdom-seeker” (John 16:33=Acts 14:22). Let that get your attention and fear (and obey) God instead, which is the beginning of wisdom (Pr 9:10).

    Thomas Garza - November 6, 2021

    We know that according to reading and studying Scripture that God is just and merciful . The consequences for receiving the Mark involve “ God’s wrath”. For God to pour out his furious anger on individuals there must be rebellion or disobedience on a level that meets that verdict. Such incidences like the Golden Calf, Koran’s rebellion and the “ sin of Balaam” help us to comprehend behaviors that incur a specific wrath. For there to be a negative reaction of “ 10” on a ten point scale, there logically has to be a “10” as to the offense. The implication of Gods wrath for receiving the Mark clearly indicates that God did his due diligence in providing an escape. Also, perhaps what is missed when understanding Gods wrath is that in those incidences where Moses recorded it, it involved the contamination of the Camp by the actions of a few. Therefore, if I were to receive the Mark by my denial of Gods grace via warnings , my behavior becomes an endangerment to others, We often forget that our personal sins can have community consequences. Tim is correct, the wrath for receiving the Mark is justified as those that do so have by that point ignored or discounted the warnings of the prophets. The TRUTH, make no mistake about it, can be very intimidating.

wtimber - May 1, 2020

The MRI machine is the mark on the forhead. Not sure how it works but I think it only works after you receive the knowlage of truth. If your unable to use machines for some unknown reason. If you go to the hospital for help they will use the MRI to break your blood brain barrier so they can give you drugs that will let you get back to work. Getting covering from the chemist and not from God. Would that I didn’t know this.

Andrea Sobreira - April 26, 2020

Hi Tim, do you think it will be a possibility to does who do not want to take the mark, to end their lives (suicide)? In order to avoid torture hunger etc.

    Tim McHyde - April 26, 2020

    Andrea, yes suicide is not a sin in the Bible as evidenced by the story of God assisting Samson in answer to his prayer for help to take out his enemies by collapsing the support pillars of the temple he was imprisoned in.

      Ben Acker - September 7, 2021

      Suicide is murder.

      Samson did not kill himself, simply to escape this world. He defeated the enemies of Israel through his death.

        Tim McHyde - September 7, 2021

        Ben, murder is the unauthorized taking of a life. The one life you always have authority over is your own to end if you wish. Samson wanted to die because he was blinded and weak. God himself gave him power to kill himself by strengthening him one more time. God does not punish suicide as Christianity says.

          J G Vaidhyan - October 10, 2021

          GOD allowed Samson to take his own life, may be as a punishment for Samson’s fall and others who mocked Samson in his weakness.

          Attempts for suicide conflict with ‘Enduring till the end’, and nothing can justify it ever. Better be tortured and killed, than to fall for or to even think of it.

          Tim McHyde - October 10, 2021

          JG, Samson’s fall? He made an error in judgment that lost him his strength but did not depart from God. He’s in the heroes of faith Hebrews 11 after all. The simplest answer is God has no problem if someone wants to end their life and be resurrected later with most of humanity because he knows how grievous this life can be such as blind and captured by your enemies who are taunting you before they kill you anyway. Yes, Samson was going to die soon anyway most likely when they had finished their fun with him. Samson took control of the situation with God’s help. Do you really think God does not allow suicide even for terminal people like him or the dying?

          Finally, if “no suicide” was a rule of God, how could people know this rule before the Bible came about? It’s reasonable for a person to expect to have control over one life fully: their own and to be able to end it when they want. When we imagine universal rules for mankind from the Bible we have to remember most people in history never had or have access to this book nor believe it is a lawbook from God anyway. They go by logic and ethics of society which happens to esteem what the Bible taught later, “do unto others” or the Golden Rule which Jesus said is the sum of the whole bible (Mt 7:12). It does not say “do unto other and no suicide” sums up the Bible.

grahame - April 11, 2020

I think the mark is to do with ID2020. Bill Gates has funded the development of the nano tech that will go into the corona vaccine. Whilst everone has been on lockdown, the 5g towers have been flying up so fast. This technology along with cell based tracking is unavoidable.
Remember you can take an rfid chip out but you cant remove organic cell based nano technology that essentially changes your dna.

    Debbie - August 14, 2021

    And now it’s August 2021 and if you don’t take a fake vaccine which is killing & maiming people, you will be fired & you can’t travel.

Elizabeth Becker - October 5, 2019

The mark of the beast is the number of a man. In the Ancient Greek mss, it’s not the number six hundred sixty six as an Ancient Greek would write it. It’s chi xi stigma – three Greek letters – that John saw on foreheads and hands. It’s here and it’s indeed the name of a man. It is currently being worn on foreheads, arms and hands of those who follow this man- Muhammad.

    Tim McHyde - October 5, 2019

    Elizabeth, sounds like you’re describing a mark of Islam? If the Beast/Antichrist is not here yet, then the Mark of the Beast, his mark compelled on people by his False Prophet and locust armies, is also not here yet. Plus the Antichrist won’t be worshipping Allah like Muslims do, he’ll demand worship of himself (2Th 2:4)!

      Elizabeth Becker - October 5, 2019

      I understand that. Nowhere in the Bible does it say we won’t see the mark until it’s too late. That is an assumption. You are also assuming that the beasts are single people. Beasts represent kingdoms if you let the Bible interpret the Bible. Another assumption is that all of Revelation happens in our future and had no relevance to the people of the time period it was authored. I do not make those assumptions. We can clearly see the mark of the beast exactly as it was written in the Greek and it’s the name of Muhammad the false prophet. It fits perfectly. The Shia Muslims are waiting for the rise of the Mahdi soon. You also assume the elect can be deceived by the mark but Jesus said the deception will not deceive the elect. The Antichrist is not one of these beasts. It’s Abbadon

        Tim McHyde - October 5, 2019


      Debbie - August 14, 2021

      Quantum tattoo

    Jerry Free - March 24, 2020

    Very interesting fo know the 3rd stimulus will require a digital wallet even for unbanked easier way to get us prepped for the mark. Remember the solar eclipse in 2016 another happens in 2024 we are 42 months in what abouth the month thing. On the next a path of x will complete the paths of the solar eclipse across us. This real we are near but god says like a thief in the night

      Chucky Ckucks - October 1, 2021

      D’you mean the 2024 total solar eclipse? It’s interesting. After reading McHyde’s article I got the impression that this universal exodus will take place on Passover 2024 – roughly when that eclipse takes places.

    John S Carpenter - April 27, 2020

    The three Greek letters are actually χ’ ξ’ ϛ’ — chi (hexakousioi) xi (hexakonta) and vau (hex) also called digamma, the pre-hellenic Greek letter, from the Phoenecian/Hebrew that dropped out of the language some time after Homer. That ligature is merely a final sigma with an extended top stroke
    (“ς” vs “ϛ”). Not much difference.

    “Digamma, waw, or wau (uppercase: Ϝ, lowercase: ϝ, numeral: ϛ) is an archaic letter of the Greek alphabet. It originally stood for the sound /w/ but it has remained in use principally as a Greek numeral for 6.” (Wikipedia)

    Two of my Greek bibles were printed in Athens, and curiously, one of them mistakes the vau for the stigma, as it has come to be called, as it were “st”igma, a ligature of “st” used by scribes as shorthand. This copy actually spells it out as στ and ΣΤ.

      Debbie - August 14, 2021

      Stigma: a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person

ASHLEE - September 26, 2019

I don’t watch TV, movies, read LIES fictional books (not all are lies.

I read crossword puzzles, hike, bike.

I don’t watch cartoons, take pictures, make 3d idols, or anything of the devil.

I don’t play games, video games.

I would not take a SSN. It is part of the mark of the beast, not the full mark of the beast which includes the RFID?


    Anthony Hallman - July 17, 2020

    How many parts does the mark consist of?
    I would like to live without the SSN.
    Can I get rid of the SSN?
    Can I live by faith without a bank account and credit card?

Faithseeker - June 24, 2019

I am not from English-speaking country, but reading your thoughts of there being a possibility of salvation by escaping physically (leaving Babylon) to a God-destined place, deeply resonated with our story as a small society on the outskirts of civilization, comprised of people (not yet 144000, but growing) who each had an important life-changing revealing experience in his or her lifetime which directed us to gather in a remote place with the Teacher Whom we see as reincarnation of Jesus and Who directs all aspects of our lives that we care to ask Him about, still leaving freedom of choice to heed His warnings or not.
We often had to part with our relatives, sometimes families, wives, parents and children, to radically change our lives by moving away from large cities and into natural environment, to learn to live together without money, grow our own vegetarian food, master crafts and raise children in peace and harmony.
Wishing you well, just wanted to let you know that maybe… maybe there is already an escape being offered… For us it is already a bright reality (however difficult in battling inner ego and sacrificing own wants for the better of the whole…)

    Amy - March 26, 2020

    Sounds like you are following a false prophet. Jesus Christ isn’t reincarnated. He is eternal

    Debbie - August 14, 2021

    Throwing out Red flags…. That’s a false prophet

Tracey - May 13, 2019

Is the mark of the beast biometrics? I am really scared about this. I just got a Macbook and It asked to use my fingerprint.

Aidan - January 5, 2019

If I take the mark can I be saved? I know the move will be so difficult for me to just pick up and leave my family.., and if I don’t make it or I’m too late I’ll have to take the mark. Do people who take the mark through deception just go to hell to be burned up! It seems slightly not fair for the tribulation generation to have this great deception and mark of satan when others didn’t have to go through the worst time period on Earth. Does mark mean damned forever? If I stay in South America, does that mean 1) I take mark 2) killed by nuclear war 3) tortured and murdered. This all is overwhelming.

    Tim McHyde - January 5, 2019

    Aidan, God does not condemn deceived people eternally, but you will have to wait longer for eternal life as a penalty if you fall for it.

      Aidan - January 6, 2019

      Can you explain why you think this to be true? No one else I can find even on the internet thinks you can be saved after the mark- I cannot find any agreement, not that I need anymore. I so badly hope this is true for people who I know won’t make the right choice but scripture seems to be clear in Rev 14:9-11…. seems super clear cut that they will be tormented forever. I want you to be right I just want myself (and others in comments) to see your response to this! Blessings

        Tim McHyde - January 7, 2019

        Aidan, read the article I linked in my previous comment. Rev 14:11 does not say the punishment lasts forever, only that the smoke rises forever, which is an idiom and not literal if you compare to other passages like. Even if it was literal, it’s just the smoke; People don’t burn forever. Fuel gets consumed.

          Debbie - August 14, 2021

          After 1000 yrs

        Jason Adank - October 2, 2021

        John MacArthur also believes that one can be redeemed after taking the Mark.

        It created a lot of controversy, and many people have said he’s a false prophet for saying so. The explanation/response to this that it hinges on the concept of whether or not this is a sin that can be repented of, to which MacArthur believes the answer is yes because Jesus Himself says all sin can be forgiven except the sin against the holy spirit.

    Samuel - April 16, 2020

    You never have to take the Mark (unless you are physically restrained already, this must be avoided)-!!! But at a certain point people will have to choose between accepting it or being killed by man (which could include slow death by starvation, etc), so as to live through God! I do wonder about coronavirus “immunity certificates” in this regard-!!!

D. Tiffany - December 18, 2018

Hello Brother Tim,
I value your teaching ministry efforts and enjoy reading the analyses you’ve provided and shared over the years, but you make assertions regarding the 144,000 that are just not found in the scriptures. I hope you’ll consider this analysis regarding the question: Who are the 144,000? by Doug Batchelor.

    Tim McHyde - December 18, 2018

    Tiffany, I’m taking the 144,000 literally at face value. This works as there are people alive today descended from the lost Israelite tribes (12 tribes not just Judah, Benjamin and Levi) just like the text requires. Batchelor says it’s a spiritual Israel of 144,000 apostles but that’s allegorizing it and spiritualizing Israel, too, (replacement theology) which again there’s no need. There is a literal Israel throughout the world, some of whom are Christians, who can be called to this mission as believers in Jesus. As an American, you may be one of them.

Cheryl Meshulam - December 6, 2018

I think the Mark of the Beast is much more than a tracking system, and yes indeed is terrifying to think about what is coming soon. i think that the Mark , once someone takes it, alters their DNA to make them something not recognized as created by God anymore. Fallen angels in Genesis 6:4 messed up the gene pool by having relations with women. Satan want s to mess up our DNA. I came upon this idea recently when I watched DWAVE and Cern “Key to the Abyss” on You Tube with Anthony Patch. Anthony

    P - October 23, 2021

    I always wondered if it had anything to do with dna or even cloning.

Jaden - April 16, 2018

Really confusing, while all this is such a worry and our brothers are getting killed and sisters getting sucked into the tv , trying to be the next money driven mindless ( child of God) seems like entrapment to me. He just wants to see what the guinipigs do or what. I’m not trying to be an ass hole, really I’m not. I watched my brother die a very horrific death just days after he , in his words ( found peace ) after 26 years of bipolar, depression ,drugs, you name it ……. some might see the good in the story except who is here to be traumatized by it and supposed to look to the “God “ for salvation …….that changed our or my views on Him in the first place. Im Sorry for Venting. Just pissed off and confused

    Nanette - April 17, 2018

    Jaden, I totally understand how what you went through with your brother has affected how you feel about God right now. Two of my children are bipolar – one nearly died — and a third child has had a different severe mental illness and was hospitalized 10 times and nearly died. The agony of watching a family member suffer that kind of extreme pain and watching them change from the person they used to be….it’s shattering. And you lost your brother – that’s heartbreaking! Jaden, I wish I could just sit and cry with you. And that’s what our Heavenly Father would like to do. It’s the Holy Spirit within me, crying the tears I am crying right now over your brother. I know that it is hard to understand, but God is weeping with you. He hurts with us in our suffering. We feel traumatized, don’t we? And I used to wonder, who the heck is this God I’ve been worshipping? What kind of God would allow these innocent lovely people to suffer? But Jaden, I realized that God is “the only act in town.” He’s the only place I could turn to, the only person who was able to reach me in the depth of my devastation and pain. I turned to Him for help, for comfort, for a way out of the grief and devastation that I felt. God rescued me and set me back to being able to trust Him. Sure, I have a ways to go to be able to fully trust Him. I know in my head that He’s trustworthy, because He has proved it to me. He has proved to me His love and power. Jaden, please don’t give up on God. He loves you so very much. Jaden I’m just crying right now and I know it’s the Holy Spirit in me crying for you. God loves you so very much. Please, please give Him a chance to show you His love. He is there for you.

Healer - April 4, 2018

Just an observation but, The mark itself sounds as if it will somehow “sever” us from communion with Jesus.
Why would God condemn those who take the mark when he forgives 70 times 7?
Because I believe the mark is going to do something terrible to the soul of whoever takes it upon themselves to accept. It will not only conform those to the beast society but alter or destroy our ability to be redeemable by Christ our Lord.

This is something much greater than buying or selling. In fact, those that take the mark will be paying a damning price to buy or sell. What a scam indeed!

I do not know what is more terrifying? The antichrist or IT’s mark! (IT = AI)

    Tim McHyde - April 4, 2018

    Healer, it’s much simpler than that. The beast’s mark comes to you only upon accepting the Antichrist as your god who you agree to worship, including his image/statue. God will have no other gods before him (Ex 20:2).

Curt D Brockhaus - April 2, 2018

I live in Lansing Michigan.
— Revelation 13 —
I believe the “horns” and “crowns” are the automobile industry.
Japan is the “sea beast”.
Toyota is the “six” = the hood ornament. 600 Threescore and six
U.S. the earth beast.
Toyota and “lean managment” has taken-over industrial systems and railroads.
“Dragon” is related to the U.S. Navy, ships and jet aircraft.
The “harlot” rests on the 7 original U.S. Confederate States and “States Rights” because of the transplant auto industry there.
Also, it can be the Treaty of San Francisco San Francisco has “7 hills”.
“Babylon” is in California.
Revelation 16 First Bowls of wrath begin with the earthquake and Fukushima 2011.
The power blackouts in Japan that followed almost confirmed this (to me).

    Teresa Meyer - December 9, 2022

    Curt! Please tell us more!! That’s makes so much sense to me!!

    bryan simon - December 13, 2022

    So with all of this context, what is the relevance of the automotive industry, navy, japan, etc, towards end times events and what do you see happening next?

Thomas Burke - March 5, 2018

Tim, I keep coming back to aspect of the mark having to be “accepted”, an analogy might be drawn to how hypnotism has to be knowingly accepted by the passive subject for it to work. Maybe the forehead part of the mark (as in how the Torah was committed to memory in OT) is an alien (as Tim suggests) mental intervention that has to be consciously allowed/accepted to take hold, whereas the hand part may be a complementary part of the alien technology necessary to connect/communicate with the new Beast network, such that both aspects would required to access an account (UBI?) and mentally sign to accept a purchase or a sale.
Sounds a little like science fiction I know…
Note: In legal theory, a free clear expression of will by both parties is the fundamental requirement for the validity of a purchase/sale, whether espressed by handsigns, words, documents, electronic signals, or soon to come in your area via alien engineered brainwaves!

Rob Fox - March 3, 2018

Hi Tim,
I find this one of the most captivating subjects of Revelation. But I’ve never encountered an entirely satisfactory interpretation.

Have you encountered Walid Shoebat’s viewpoint?

Rob Fox

    Tim McHyde - March 3, 2018

    Rob, I don’t think there is enough information to identify the mark today. Yes I’ve heard Walid Shoebat’s idea.

      Good Shepherd Lutheran Church - March 3, 2018

      With President Trump being a Christian, He should have gotten the Christians to rebuke satan by preventing what happened at the Whitehouse with some invidivual being possessed by satan in which he took his own life. God created life to be Holy and Righteous and that Trump supposedly is to be Republican Christian. Make mention that the Republican Christians will make the Whitehouse and the Trumptowers new Heavens on earth! Thank you for your service!

        Thomas Burke - March 5, 2018

        President Trump may be some kind of Christian but sure does not seem to be a lover of the Truth….

Jonathan - January 13, 2018

Hi Tim.
I was wondering why the great multitude (who are from the great tribulation ) is before the throne and the lamb?
In one of your articles you said the 144000 are sealed before the great tribulation yet in the following verses after their sealing we have the great multitude coming out of tribulation.
Have any explanations?

    Tim McHyde - January 13, 2018

    Jonathan, Rev 14 shows two time periods. First, the 144,000 are shown sealed before the Great Tribulation starts. Then, just so you don’t get the wrong idea that that’s all who are saved (which many including yours truly thought upon beginning to study Revelation in 1998), it shows a multitude who survive “out of the Great Tribulation.” These are pictured during the Millennium as the Sukkot-related palm branches indicate.

Isaac Osafo - January 3, 2018

Hello Tim,

You’re doing an awesome job sharing these insights with all of us. I am always so blessed reading these articles.

I have a bothering question though.

So with the Mark evaders who will be gathered in possibly Jordan from all over the world, how would this happen?

Financially, it would become a huge burden for certain Christians living in Africa and some parts of Asia to travel in search of refuge in Jordan when the tribulation begins.

I believe however that God is capable of providing the means but what are your hypothesis/theories on this, if any?

Thank you,

    Tim McHyde - January 3, 2018

    Isaac, thank you for your comment as it pointed out to me that the article was missing a link to the later study that answers your question. I have added it and you will see it if you reload or click here.

Matthew Jones - November 28, 2017

Tim, I’m 16. I’ve been dealing with a lot of problems in my life. I’ve moved maybe 20+ times since I was a kid and I constantly have had to break up (or atleast try) yelling and screaming between my mom and dad. We’re currently living with my Aunt and Uncle until we move into a new house. I would ask that you pray for my dad, mom,sister and I. Since last year (2016) we’ve moved like 6 times. Everytime we thought we had a home and everything was fine…..BOOM! My dad not being able to pay the house rent or mortage has us moving again and a biiiig fight between my parents breaks out. My mom would claim she’s leaving but doesn’t. Except the 4th one or so which we planned due to issues at that house such as no internet really and the problem that seems to have been the (physical atleast idk about spiritual) source of this….my dad’s jobs.

In the past he was a bit carefree and rude and always played *Grass is greener on the other side” card when he lost a job OR if he found a “better oppurtunity”. He’d work with unreliable people and they wouldn’t pay him and he kept trying to be nice about it and letting them get away with it. He’s become more humble this year, basically putting his foot down that he’s going to listen to god and do as he commands, and that he’ll pray for favor and for jobs and money to supply us as a family.

On top of all this….I don’t want to tell anyone this I just want to have it dealt with in me spiritually…I’ve been looking at *Eheeeem* since 2012 when a cousin showed it to me. I’ve prayed and prayed and put my foot down sooooo many times and then it’s like my brain becomes hypnotized and I don’t care in the moment and then…(I think you know where i’m going with this). I ask that you’d pray for me to get that pulled from my life.

I try hard but I really feel like i’m sliding back :(…I obviously don’t want this to be the case but the struggle in me is one I never thought i’d go least not before tribulation times. Also, where do we escape too? Is it said in the bible where it will be? Do I just pack supplies and head out if this becomes more evident that it is almost at the too late point or if I feel spiritually convicted? Will a prophet speaking from the angels tell everyone to join him in fleeing America? Also, are there any good starting points in the bible for understanding ALL of this, Tribulation, Rapture, Escaping etc. in a better way than just opening up Revelations?

PS: Please keep me in you prayers, I care sooo much for this topic and I REFUSE to allow my self to go to hell by slipping up. I want to connect with god but with my *Addiction* it makes it harder for my spirit to connect with God. Please get back with me when you can. I know you aren’t all knowing, only god is, but if you could answer those questions or give me a lead on how to answer them in my spirit and through divine understanding from god it’d mean a lot to me. I’ve never told really anyone except cousins and friends about my addiction. The adults of my family think i’m innocent when it comes to that.

    Tim McHyde - November 29, 2017

    Matthew, your concerns tell me you will be fine. Elijah will come and give answers and guidance to be easily found and received by people with concerns like you. It’s the people who don’t care about God and his word that will have rough going to make a shift. In the meantime check out my articles on God’s end time escape plan in the Bible for all the faithful and also quelling end time fears and concerns.

    Gabriela - June 27, 2018

    Hello, I’m a fifteen year old. Anyways, I’ll pray for you tonight. Hopefully you feel better. The hour or day of Jesus’s return no one will know. . . but the season surrounding it, that’s something entirely different.
    Hopefully you see this comment.

Hendrik - November 26, 2017

Hi Tim, From Ezekiel 36 on we learn how Israel will be gathered and moved to live safely in their promised land. They will also be joined by strangers as seen in Isaiah14:1 and Ezekiel47:22, 23. This would take quite a few years and build up to the Gog “war”
Most of us see this happening some time into the Millennium, but if we take the earthquake that happen with the Gog event into consideration it appear that this gathering happen before the Millennium. This earthquake (Ezekiel 38:19,20) will flatten the mountains and and all the walls (cities) on earth. As no mountains or standing cities will be found after the earthquake of Revelation 16, it appears to be the same event. The Ezekiel earthquake can not bring down what is already down.
Could this gathering in Ezekiel be the move to safety? It could be quite imminent and happen after a big Middle East war.

    Tim McHyde - November 27, 2017

    Hendrik, Ezekiel 38 happens after the Millennium, so if God’s wrath on Gog there really does make the whole earth as smooth as a cue ball with no more mountains or walls ever (I doubt it), it does not matter. Ezekiel 36-37’s gathering of Israel and Judah are all millennial, before then. Only the faithful righteous are led to safety before the Millennium, not nations.

Ingrid Ferris - November 25, 2017

Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ, and honorable acknowledgment of your work brother Tim, Tim, if you’re reading this, what are your thoughts about Petra in Lebenon? I believe it may have been Petra I dreamed about as a place of sanctuary for the end time saints. Peace to all my sisters & brothers in Christ. The saints that have gone before us press in towards us with love as we come close to the completion of time. Keep close to the Father. Petition Jesus. Remain alert. Pray without ceasing. Love from your sister & seer in Christ, Ingrid?

      Jeff DuPrey - March 4, 2018


      Do you have an article on how we get from Judea to Jordan? Jewish Uber? Is it walkable?

        Tim McHyde - March 4, 2018

        Bigmoab, the Bible does not say how we get to either Judea or Jordan. For those who wait until they see the abomination I think they’ll definitely be running. For the rest of us who go by faith when told, God will provide something easier and nicer.

          Bonnie & Wayne - October 2, 2021

          Hullo Tim, I hope you are feeling better. I know you waited until you had the energy to write this article about the “Mark” I so understand what you mean because when we are not well, and have no energy, everything takes so much effort. My thoughts and prayers are with you. “those who hope in the Lord
          will renew their strength.
          They will soar on wings like eagles;
          they will run and not grow weary,
          they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40-30 + I Believe that if God chooses to supernaturally transport us to a safe place in Judea or Jordan, then we can trust God will arrange the transport.

Adeola Oguntoyinbo - November 25, 2017

Tim, Great write up as always. I recent debunked the pretrib rapture with a pastor in my church in our Sunday school. He came back the following Sunday to accepting the teachings of the bible about the church participating in the tribulation.

I share almost all your articles with my wife, she still strongly believe that she is someday going to fly to heaven.

Rob Foster - November 25, 2017

Hi Tim,

A great article, as always. I enjoy your teachings and share them with my wife. She is beginning to see the logic in what you say.

Kind regards, Rob

Ross - November 25, 2017

Something to think about (which seems to counter your view of Christians needing to flee to a ‘safe zone’ in Israel/ Jordan to escape the end-time hardship) is that when Jesus talks about the rapture in Matthew and Luke it’s obvious believers and non-believers are still in intimate contact: they’re travelling together, working together, sleeping together! The faithful appear to be still involved in their normal life in their own communities.

    Tim McHyde - November 25, 2017

    Ross, yes, the believers will be mixed with the unbelievers, but you are wrong to conclude it’s all. We’re clearly told the 144,000 will remain among the wicked (and therefore protected specially), while the majority will be the sequestered Woman in one spot where they are gathered for their protection.

      Ross - November 27, 2017

      That is an outside chance, but it’s not the most straightforward explanation. From the description of the 144,00 who “…did not defile themselves with women…” (Rev 14:4) we can assume they are all male.
      In Jesus’ prophecy of the rapture he includes “…two women grinding grain together…” So his illustration is not of the 144,000. It is also unlikely he would illustrate the minority who are still mingling with the wicked and not mention the majority who are sequestered.
      It sounds very much like normal people going about their everyday lives in different parts of the world (some sleeping, some working) when the rapture takes place.

        Tim McHyde - November 27, 2017

        Ross, my explanation is still better as your argument depends on a misinterpretation. Women do not literally “defile” you. (They’re not swine!) If they do, then they can defile a female just as much as a male through lesbianism. That passage saying “virgin men, not defiled with women, follow the lamb wherever he goes…no lie found in their mouths” is full of figurative and allegorical terms. Like “virgin men,” “defiled with women” only makes sense allegorically referring to religion, something that can and does defile both men and women, just as their following of lamb wherever he goes there is not literal, but I think you can understand the meaning of that yourself.

Barbara Lindsay - November 25, 2017


How do we know that Isreal will even let us into their country? How do you plan on “moving” there?


    Tim McHyde - November 25, 2017

    Barbara, good question. I have updated the article with a new section “What Not To Do…” that has links to past articles answering your question. Please reload and look for it before the Conclusion.

Chris Runyeon - November 25, 2017


I love to read your writings and I do believe your interpretation. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin that are gaining real traction as an alternative to the US Dollar, the Euro, etc. These digital currencies could make traditional paper money obsolete. Is it possible that these new cryptocurrencies could be a precursor to the Mark of the Beast? If one of these emerges as THE ONE World Currency, is it possible? I know there is an app from a Chinese company (TenCent Holdings) that can load all of a person’s financial data and other key identifiers on a postage-sized square digital scan that can be used to buy or sell from a smart phone. This is a smart phone app and not a Mark on the right hand or forehead, but I find it interesting. Clearly, the technology is there. What are your thoughts on the chips that are found in credit cards now? I have read how some people are already having chips put in their hands and everybody talks about it like it’s a good thing. NO ONE mentions anything about the Mark of the Beast. I guess that’s obvious why they wouldn’t mention it or even think of it. These people may be deceived. Anyway, I love what you do and appreciate that you actually find the time to reply to peoples comments. Thank you again and KNOW that you are doing a great thing!


Chris Runyeon

    Tim McHyde - November 25, 2017

    Chris, it’s impossible to say what technologies may be employed for the mark when the Antichrist comes; something we see today or something yet to be invented. Bear in mind that Wormwood is going to destroy the infrastructure we have today that the things you mention depend on. Again, the point of this article is that we don’t have to ask the question you did or worry about taking the mark today or ever by accident. Focus on repentance and becoming like Jesus instead…

John Aghadia - November 25, 2017

God bless your Mr. Tim,i follow your emails fervently.All what you send make sense and i send them to my sisters to read also. I see alot of christians today who even think what you might be saying is jargons and follow the popular sayings in thier church….Buy i pray God will help us all. Keep up the good work…God bless you.

PS…Do you live in the states? Just curious.Thanks

Lauren Wolff - November 24, 2017

You said that people will be pressured to take the mark when the locusts torture them for 5 months, the bible says that the locusts are instructed to not hurt the ones with the seal of God in their foreheads, which would be any true believer not just the 144,000. Right?

    Tim McHyde - November 25, 2017

    Lauren, no, only the 144,000 have that seal on their forehead and are mixed among the wicked being targeted by the Beast, which is why they need this special “mobile protection.” The “Woman group” (Rev 12) will be walled off from all of Satan’s forces, so the locusts don’t need special instruction for them. They simply won’t be able to reach them.

      pj - November 28, 2017

      What do you mean “The Woman group?”

        Tim McHyde - November 28, 2017

        PJ, I mean the woman group of protected non-144000 saints described in Rev 12.

      Ed Higley - May 10, 2019

      Very intriguing piece. Thank you for it. It leaves much to digest and think about.

      Couple points though.
      The text doesn’t say that ONLY the 144,000 have the seal of God. In fact, there is Scripture that specifically says, that all born again believers are sealed by the Holy Spirit unto the day of redemption. So either those believers are out of there, OR there’s a whole LOT more who have the seal.

      The text says that those who are sealed by God are immune from the 5 month demonic attack. NOWHERE does the text say, or even insinuate, that the Mark of the beast immunizes people against the 5 month demonic attack. This is probably where your speculation is the greatest, and why you felt the need to put in that blurb, slightly addressing that point.

      The Angel that proclaims the everlasting Gospel does so to the EARTH DWELLERS, a term used for UNBELIEVERS. God’s Children are sojourners here NOT Earth Dwellers. Notice that the Earth Dwellers DON’T listen to the Angel and DO NOT repent.

      WHERE is Daniel when his 3 friends, who love God, are being tested by getting thrown into the fiery furnace?

      So, although you make some very interesting points, points that need further study, a LOT of this is speculation. And as long as it’s recognized as speculation, I think it’s pretty good stuff to consider. Thank You

        Tim McHyde - May 10, 2019

        Ed, Thanks. But I see no speculation in accepting that the count of those with the seal of God is “144,000” but the definition of speculation would be to say there are more sealed elsewhere… I’m taking things at face value. Bear in mind, you don’t need the seal of God to be protected as God protects in other ways.

        I would not call it speculation that forcing the mark of the beast is the whole point of the five months of torture. It’s a deduction. The mark is introduced that is said to be commanded on people. Torture by locusts is introduced at the same time as the mark. 2 + 2 = 4; the torture is to get people to accept the mark which seemingly cannot be put on people without their consent. There’s no point to continue to torture for five months those who take the mark for up to 3.5 years. Or tell me why else locusts torture BUT DO NOT KILL for only five months if it has nothing to do with the mark? I’m listening.

Lea - July 13, 2017

But what if you are just a kid? Ofcourse in your mind &heart you can deny mark,but in reality i cant becuse I still have to obey my parents and if they are deceved what then? I am sixteen and in small and messed up country so i cant just leave or run away.Ofcourse I’ve been praying everyday to have strenth,but even if i dont get deceved (cuz right now i dont trust goverment or pope)they can still make me take a mark.And even if my parents realize the problem they will soon take the mark becuse of sufering and us:me and my brother.I tried to talk with them but they dont want to talk about it,so i dont know what to do! Please give some advice.

    Tim McHyde - July 13, 2017

    Lea, you don’t have to obey your parents if it means disobeying God’s command. God’s plan will be comprehensive so all those who want to escape will have the help to do so, even teens.

    t - August 3, 2017

    Hi Lea – I can sympathize with what you’re feeling. My wife is not a believer (yet), though I pray for her daily, which is the best thing I can do for her right now.

    I do think as things draw nearer, it will become increasingly harder to deny the prophecies in the Bible, even for committed unbelievers. So I have a lot of hope and faith that people’s loved ones will become believers, and will take action.

Michael J - June 16, 2017

hello, i’ve been trying to connect with others about my story of how i think i received the mark…. im a very humble, kind, and adventurous person but i’ve went through some pretty troubling times as well. I hope it’s not too late for me to be saved.

one day after spending some deal of time isolated in an aprtment I decided to go off on a little road trip. So I packed a smal bag and left down the road with very little to help me get by. I plannted to walk around 100 miles to my mother’s house. However, 2 days into my journey I Was picked up by the police because my father called the cops on me. My dad apparently said i was trying to harm myself. I told them i had no intentions of doing so, yet they still took me against my will to that hospital. After i was taken in, I was very paranoid. I began talking with some of the other impatients, when one of the inmates told me to stop bothering him. One of the gaurds thought i was harassing the guy so he tackled me and gave me a shot to pass out.
I was out for almost 24 hours as they transferred me to a psych ward. The fucked up thing is now I have this scar on my right wrist which i don’t ever remember having before. Im verrrry worried that they’ve implanted something into my body/mind.

    Tim McHyde - June 16, 2017

    Michael, you may have received a chip (we met someone with one in the back of his skull), but that’s not the mark of the beast yet and the mark may or may not be a chip. It’s undetermined from the language what it will be. I suspect nothing we have seen yet, some alien technology.

      Mike - July 16, 2017

      tbh ever since that day I’ve felt totally drained, Weird headaches, strange black and white colored dreams, and a total lack of any sort of emotions…. It feels like they lobotomized me. :/ definitely dont feel like I have a soul anymore that forsure.

        James - July 30, 2017

        Mike how long was this? Perhaps they also gave you a long acting injection.. like Haldol.. as far as the wrist’s possible they gave you a chip..but I can assure you as Tim said that it is *not* the mark of the beast. Chips in the body can alter your state of mind..usually though in order to do so, from what I know they’re placed in the skull. There are many people who have been victim to this in hospitals and psych wards. You still have a soul…like I said it may have been a long term reaction from the medicine they gave you.

          Mike - August 4, 2017

          This event occurred around 9 months ago. I still haven’t recovered; but I still fight to regain my spirit. I fear that if I was chipped that the truth won’t be discovered until it’s too late. The worst part of it all is I no longer even dream of the girl I thought I would spend my life with 🙁 She was my main motivation for doing good in the world.

          Thanks for the replies guys. It means alot that people take this stuff seriously. Keep your families close by and safe.

          Eric - September 27, 2018

          Mike, the bible says very clearly that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the whole world and, blessed would this be who believed without seeing, and also, that Jesus prayed for those who believe on him through his disciples words.
          Jesus died for your sins. He wants you to believe on Him. Ask Him into your life. Confess to Him that yes, you have sinned in your life. Ask very plainly for His forgiveness and, that He give you the Holy Spirit. In 1992 this is what I did and I can assure you that not only did God come into my life and make Himself real to me, but He also changed my life forever. He is real. You did not take the mark of the beast. If someone put a chip in you while you were asleep that was not of your choice. You can have it removed. God will accept you – you have to go to Him and He will receive you like He did me.

        mikhael - November 25, 2017

        can’t you get an X-ray to determine whats in there? is there a lump? test it with a powerful mite have to cut it out

          maesaysdoit - December 9, 2017

          Did you just suggest to someone that they might have to “cut it out”?!?! Seriously. Someone who you don’t know. A person who may or may not be delusional.
          No. It should suffice to say; the mark will be accepted. Not simply implanted into a person. The person receiving the mark, must accept it. This person is not caring around “the mark”.
          In addition, rdf technology doesn’t leave a scar. It is small and injectable. If this person has a new scar, it could be for a plethora of reasons. Stop making a paranoid person even more so.

        Chylov - November 6, 2018

        Please, you really need to pray, it can’t be the mark of the beast. But you need to give your life to Christ and pray seriously that God delivers you and set you free from whatever it is.

      Shawn Burton - August 2, 2017

      I know in the Bible, it doesn’t say anything about the mark being a chip, but it does mention that one may not buy or sell unless he has the Mark.

      Yah4Eva - April 10, 2020

      You’re onto something there. I think it will be some type of symbiote (similiar to Venom in spiderman)

    Misty - January 24, 2018

    Michael, I had the very same fears that reached a climactic point. When I thought I would be consumed, I surrendered and gave God His way. He alone is God, and my fears are all lies. All good things are givin by His hand when I put my trust in Him. Just say no to fear, be still and KNOW He IS God! Love and prayers for you brother. Let go and let God in Jesus name I pray 🙂

jimmmm - June 13, 2017

The Great Tribulation will be like nothing seen before. You’ll probably have to be 100% on point with God to make it without getting deceived. By that I mean giving all your faith to god and building your mental and spiritual fortitude through deep prayer.

This is why I’m starting to doubt the doctrines were u don’t have to repent to be saved. There’s just no way a lukewarm Christian is going to be able to stay sane or resist temptation during all the chaos going on if he’s been indulging himself in Satan’s kingdom and becoming complacent and spiritually weak through fornication and lack of prayer.

I’m not trying to sound like a Pharisee. But if you live like god truly wants you too you will literally become smarter, wiser, healthier, and stronger in so many ways. Because if you really understand that virtually every aspect of this new Babylon is twisted to destroy then why not actively resist it? and try to connect with God as much as possible?

There will be so much going on, I doubt even my tribulation dreams scratch the surface of the terrors that will take place. monsters roaming the streets, a constant fearful dark atmosphere, parents turning on their own children and doing who knows what, danger everywhere, etc.

pre trib just seems like the perfect way to get Christians complacent.

carlos - March 1, 2017

beside revelation 20:4…….where else does it say about either take the mark of the beast or beheaded ?

    Tim McHyde - March 1, 2017

    Carlos, That’s the only one, but one clear Scripture passage is enough. You only need two or three with unreliable humans testimony.

Sarah Robertson - February 9, 2017

Tim – I love how you stated that, the challenge will be whether you obey he’s commands or not. That seem to be a very big problem with Christians today obeying God’s word.

Thanks Tim.

Destiny - February 8, 2017

I’m confused!! So there will be many prophets sent from God, and your saying we could escape from the mark that the beast wants us to take by leaving to a place that we could be safe, because all this mark of the beast, being killed is just scarying me, and I do want to make it to heaven and will not receive it. I just don’t want it to be to late to except it for me and for others so please can you help me with that also will the prophets be the one to lead us to the right direction to go to?? To leave.

    Tim McHyde - February 9, 2017

    Destiny, The prophet Elijah is coming and you won’t be able to miss him, so don’t worry. The challenge will be to obey his command to flee your home and family to a nuclear fallout zone. If you’re worried just do as Yeshua said, pray now that you may have the strength then (Lk 21:36). You have plenty of years to petition God in that way.

      Kent Brashear - February 18, 2017

      Tim, You just said, “…flee your home and family to a nuclear fallout zone.” Is that what you meant to say, or did you mean to a zone free of nuclear fallout?

      Check it out. Surly, fleeing into a nuclear fallout area isn’t a safe place to go.

      Capt. Kent

        Tim McHyde - February 18, 2017

        Kent, read the article linked in that comment’s statement ( and you’ll see how God will do that and keep us safe like he did with Shadrach, Messhach and Abednego.

    J - February 25, 2018

    Destiny, No. I think it’s your own intuition and awareness as many people or if you want to call them – ” Earth Angels” will tell you to leave. Or leave hints and warn you. It’s anything. Any sign that you see or hear that will point or will try to point you in the right direction. It’s up to you to be able to see or hear the warnings though. That’s where being awake is so important. That would help you actually recognize the signs or warnings and take action. Listen to your intuition as to where to move to. Babylon is referring to the US. So if you’re in the US then possibly get out and have faith that everything will workout despite the mental obstacles that are in your way.

    Good luck and may god be with you.

      Sean - May 31, 2018

      J, Just something to consider. Babylon (modern) would parallel Babylon (aincient). I’m not so sure you could make such a simple observation that a place (the US) is Babylon. It seems to me that Babylon is a system (the beast system). Of course places (the US and others) would be a part of that system, but I doubt the place itself is integral to that system. Outside of metaphorical and physical Babylon can be found the wilderness. Civilization, and all that currently comes with it, exists within the walls of Babylon. Outside of those entrapping walls exists the wilderness where God always sends his people to await the promised land that he is preparing for provision. 40 days in the wilderness or 40 years in the wilderness is nothing in comparison to the promise that comes after the pilgrimage. I believe that time in the wilderness is absolutely necessary in order to give up our lives for salvation. Even Jesus recognized this necessity. He points out that everything we experience in the wilderness will tempt us and coax us to return to the comforts of the world, but he reminds us that while we may be in this world, we are not of it. Jesus, the embodiment of the almighty creator was in this world, but as the creator he certainly wasn’t of it. We must pray daily to be delivered from the flood of sin, or the blasphemy of Babylon, or the captivity of Egypt, or the conglomerate of current society, and into the wilderness so that we may accept the salvation that the sacrifice of Jesus provides, and enter into the place he went to prepare for us.

Talon Torres - January 14, 2017

I know it may not be enough, but should the Antichrist come, I would stand straight up, arms splayed out like the Cross and say, “This is the only God I worship. I worship Him and His Son, no other. You wish to bring this Mark upon me? I would rather die.”

Either that or, when the “crazy prophet” comes to the door and tells me to leave, I would gladly do so for multiple reasons. Reason 1: God’s Command and that I wish to be saved from the Mark before it even comes. Reason 2: Good excuse for exercise. Reason 3: I get to see the world.

kelly - December 28, 2016

Great post by the way, thank you!

I believe there are truths in both literal and non-literal meanings for The Mark.

If you don’t have the protection of our Lord though His grace you wont be able to see the deception-meaning keeping His Commandments, prayers of discernment, etc. Keeping you from a spiritual deception or a physical Mark.

I’m not sure which One mark it will be, physical or spiritual but The bible said the Deceptions are PLURAL, meaning many!

Maybe both?!

    Tim McHyde - December 28, 2016

    Kelly, Glad you liked it. I hate to say it, but Christianity is responsible for teaching people to spiritualize the Bible like that and allow for anything. This results in many false doctrines that break Scripture. Jesus on the other hand taught people to take Scripture literally and not invent interpretations that “break Scripture” (John 10:35). The mark passage speaks directly about a physical mark. There are other passages that speak about deception DIRECTLY. It’s best to stick to what it says. There’s so much there of interest to understand literally that there really is no need to invent new spiritualized interpretations.

Rob G. - November 16, 2016

The antichrist will be ET’s claiming that they created us.
This is the only thing that is more likely to happen.

    Tim McHyde - November 16, 2016

    Kinda. The Antichrist will be a half human half angel man claiming to be God (2Th 2:4). Then the locust army from the Abyss indeed I think will be claimed as alien.

      Tracey - May 13, 2019

      my dad past away 7 yrs ago and was a pastor. He would tell my sister and I when we were young that the great delusion would be aliens (demons).

Trish - November 7, 2016

There are quite a few speculations as to what the name, number and mark of the beast is. When comparing them all it could be any one or ALL of them because they all seem to fit right into the synario…..

1. Credit Cards (of course anyone can buy or sell without one)

2. RFID microchip implanted into your hand or arm (there are many who already have this microchip implanted in their upper arms and so are dogs and cats chipped. But animals have no need to buy or sell. These RFID chips are basically for tracking and do hold some of your information within them. BUT people still use cash or credit cards.

3. Sooooo that leaves us with the final choice – Social Security Number (your name all in capital letters making you a Corporation instead of a sovereign individual) Without one no man can get a job, get paid in order to buy or sell.

So what really is closest to being the Name, Number (or) Mark of the BEAST?
Social Security card = Your name on the Corporate Beast’s card displaying Your NUMBER issued by the Corporate Beast system…..AND the MARK which is most likely in this case symbolic, one is marked in their mind because they go along with the BEAST system in order to buy of sell. ROME (iron) is the 4th head of the BEAST and the Ten Toes of Iron and Clay is the U.N. Communist Charter and the Pope blessed it’s flag in 2008. So, all of this Social Security system is what Rome has ordered because Rome rules over the U.S. and has given the U.S. it’s CIA in 1945 thereby keeping contact through it’s CIA headquarters at the Vatican (ROME) RULES THIS WORLD and the Pope declares he IS the Vicar of Christ…!!!

    Tim McHyde - November 7, 2016

    When it comes to speculation most likely none of the above will turn out right and instead something we do not know of today that the Antichrist introduces. =)

      Trisha - March 28, 2018

      So, did I take the mark when I accepted. that I had to have auto deposit in order to get my social security benefits? I would have no money if I didn’t have SS and so, I am not able to buy or sell without it. Most people who are not receiving SS today don’t know the only way the government will pay your benefits is if you have direct deposit. Talk about the cashless society fits this as well. If the only way an employer is able to pay you is by direct deposit, then there will be no cash to buy and sell. Please comment. Thanks.

        Tim McHyde - March 28, 2018

        Trisha, per above, did you hear a divine warning about what the mark is and not to take it (Rev 14:9) stating the mark is electronic deposit? Or did you receive something on your hand or forehead to receive your money? =)

          Zachary Miller - March 28, 2018

          From my perspective (which may not necessarily matter) the Bible seems to show a rather consistent pattern of Satan (and his angels) messing with human dna to make creations in his/their “own” image (angel/human-like people). Given this, my bet is on the “mark” being some kind of genetic (“alien”?) alteration that will allow human kind to live more easily in a world that’s devastated by the Wormwood event…Altering human dna for surviving human kind would certainly be one more blasphemy to God (from Satan’s perspective)–a perversion of His original “image”. I don’t see “chipping” someone or requiring someone to use some number (to buy and sell) as blasphemous like would be the case in altering human dna into Satan’s image. I could be wrong however but the pattern or behavior of Satan appears to be rather clear: Ridicule and Blaspheme God and those made in His image as much as possible–and I can’t think of any way to insult God more than to alter His creation to that of someone else’s image (that of Satan).

          Vickie - April 1, 2018

          That’s a very interesting concept, Zachary. Like an inoculation after Wormwood, that alters us in some way. Of course, those of us who believe that we are perfect as God created us (excepting our propensity for sinning of course) would find taking such a substance to change our basic human-ness to be abhorrent. Excellent theory! And scary too 🙁

    Susie - September 16, 2017

    So I have a friend who is says he is electronically programmed…I looked it up. It sounds real. Have u heard of it. He says it also has something to do with Islam Mark of The Beast. Be careful for is definitely real. It makes him hear voices….I found info under electronic harassment. EH Fungus. People recommend a psychiatrist but he claims to know and recognize the voices he is hearing….they are saying very relative things. As if they can see what he is doing. Is he scizophrenic or not? I don’t think so. His bladder is a mess and everything… The symptoms online matched…Not Std checked for that. Apparently created by the CIA in the 1960s.(the electronic harrasment)

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