Why You Will Probably Miss Elijah, the “Sinner” (Unless You Change This)

I used to teach that no one could miss the end-time Elijah's appearance. Now I see that I was overlooking the pattern in Jesus' ministry which caused the religious to miss him and will cause the religious today to reject God's end-time prophets as "a sinner...not from God" (like they said of Jesus in John 9:16).

"The Jews Missed Their Messiah"

As a youth reading the account in the Gospels of the Jews rejecting Jesus, I had a thought that I bet nearly all Christians do:

"If I was there in Jesus' day I would not have rejected him as the Jews did."

It's a positive affirmation, but a bit naive. Certainly, if any Christian were sent back in time with their current religious and cultural understanding, they would want to become Jesus' disciple. On the other hand, if you, like the Jews who rejected Jesus, were born and raised in Judaism to adulthood before seeing this "Yeshua from Nazareth" arrive, it would be a different story. Much of what you would know from your religion would lead you to reject him because your judgment would be centered on the wrong concepts. I think this passage from John sums up the problem:

John 9:13-17 — 13 They brought to the Pharisees the man who had been blind. 14 Now the day on which Jesus had made the mud and opened the man’s eyes was a Sabbath. 15 Therefore the Pharisees also asked him how he had received his sight. “He put mud on my eyes,” the man replied, “and I washed, and now I see.” 16 Some of the Pharisees said, “This man is not from God, for he does not keep the Sabbath.” But others asked, “How can a sinner perform such signs?” So they were divided. 17 Then they turned again to the blind man, “What have you to say about him? It was your eyes he opened.” The man replied, “He is a prophet.”

Why The Jews Missed Christ

Do you see where their mistake lies?

They judged Jesus by whether he followed the same religious rules and regulations that they did. The assumption by anyone following a religion is that it is the right one, even infallible. (This is what many Catholics believe about the Catholic Church or Pope.) It's natural to judge as wrong those who do not keep what you keep. We all have done it. If you assume your understanding is right, you assume those with a different understanding are wrong. This is an unreliable way to judge who is of God and who is not.

What they should have judged Jesus by was his love for people and love for God (Mt 22:36-40).

Why didn't they? Because their religion did not instill that same core value. Religions give so many rules and values mixed in with love that the prime importance of love is easily missed. Even if you read the Bible many times, seeing the primacy of love is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are just so many verses talking about other interesting topics and they distract you from realizing what is most important.

This is ironic considering Jesus summed up the entire Bible as love and all its teachings fulfilled by acting in love (Mt 7:12)!

If the Jews had that same core value as Jesus taught, then they would have been looking for someone who focused on love. They would have recognized Jesus as a true prophet of God and later have been able to accept his proof for his messiahship, too. If you do not want to miss Elijah, you must be sure your core value is also love.

You must also understand that God leads his prophets to "break the rules" in an offensive manner to see who will not be offended and lose their focus on the love.

"Does This Offend You?" (John 6:61-62)

Let's make this real and personal now so this teaching impacts your life instead of just stimulating your brain.

I am going to give you some plausible, practical possibilities of what Elijah might teach when he comes. See if any of them are a sacred cow for you, or "an idea, custom, or institution held, especially unreasonably, to be above criticism (with reference to the Hindus' respect for the cow as a sacred animal)":

  • Not a Sabbath-Keeper - Regular Christians have no problem with this, but Hebrew Roots and Messianic Christians think that "the Sabbath is eternal from creation for all men." Upon hearing about someone people think is Elijah who does not keep Sabbath, they would reject him without a second thought as a sinner.
  • "Church attendance is not necessary" - Christians are expected to belong to a local church at which they attend Sunday service. If Elijah is Jewish, he is unlikely to endorse this doctrine. He may not even endorse synagogue attendance. What will Christians, think?
  • Not a Trinitarian - Not all branches of Christianity see the Trinity in the Bible. What if Elijah comes from a nontrinitarian denomination and affirms the same interpretation?
  • "Abortion is not murder" - Most Christians would reject a prophet of God who stated this (just as much as they reject presidential candidates who do). Yet in much of Judaism, they teach exactly this, that it is not a person until birth, so it is not murder. Again, if Elijah is a Jewish prophet, conceivably he would not follow Christian interpretation of the Bible, but Jewish interpretation such as on abortion. This will be a problem for most Christians!
  • "Homosexual sex is not a sin" - These days, there are more and more denominations of Christianity that affirm homosexuals or marry them because they do not interpret the "homosexuality clobber passages" (like Romans 1:26-27) the same way as most of Christianity does. They see those passages as addressing such things as pederasty and cult prostitution acts (in worship other gods). Judaism has long ignored lesbianism and now Reform (1990) and Conservative Judaism (2006) accept all homosexuals. (Orthodox Judaism still condemns it). Elijah could come from one of these faith traditions where he learned to interpret the Bible with the same affirming view on homosexuality. This would convict most of us to reject him out of principle while the non-religious world would largely find this inclusive position surprisingly "woke" for someone who otherwise seems Christian.
  • Uses profanity - One of the holiness values of Christians is to avoid using four-letter words or vulgar language. But there is evidence that Paul and other prophets of God used such language under the inspiration of the HS to write their part of the Bible. Many Christians would reject a man of God who spoke like that.
  • Uses Other "Wrong" Words: Right after I sent this article to my subscribers, someone replied, "I made the mistake of thinking You, because of YOUR KNOWLEDGE, would know that 'God' and Gad are one & the same. In fact, Gad is pronounced the same way "God" is pronounced. Gad rhymes with sod. I know more than enough about WHO God IS. Please unsubscribe me from your G.D. mailing list." It's hard to imagine someone who read the warning in my article would respond by doing exactly that against me, over a harmless word I use: "God." Be warned, this man is not a "nut" but someone just like you who judges others by their own "more reasonable" sacred cows.
  • Gay Prophet - Another update from reader feedback: A homosexual pastor who reads my articles suggested the possibility "What if Elijah was gay and wore a rainbow shawl?" I thought that this was a good thought experiment indeed because it would make even the best of us want to reject him. What if?

If your reaction to any of these was something like, "No way would a true prophet of God believe/be that! That's sin/heresy!" then bingo, you just found a sacred cow. 

Why? Because the whole Bible is summarized as love and fulfilled by love (Mt 7:12) and not in any of those doctrines above. You have to hold to your opinion of "truth" loosely or it will get you into trouble in the end times. You can be sure Elijah will teach something you find detestable because Jesus did the same thing before him.

Jesus Offended On Purpose

In case you're not quite convinced yet that Elijah will have some offensive positions, then let us go back to Jesus, also a prophet, and the pattern he showed.

Jesus broke Sabbath consistently throughout the Gospels and never denied it. It never once says either "and Jesus rested because it was Sabbath." Never! What we have instead is lots of Sabbath-breaking which twice he explained as having the divine right to do (John 5:17; Mt 12:8). His Sabbath-breaking was one of the two reasons the Jews wanted to kill him (John 5:18), along with blasphemy. Ultimately he was convicted for the cause of blasphemy alone (Mt 26:65-66).

Think about it, with his focus on teaching the Good News why did Jesus have to "slow himself down" with the Sabbath controversy? It's obvious that Jesus was breaking their rules on purpose. Observers with the wrong focus or a religious spirit would stumble in offense at seeing Jesus do things they held as despicable. They would miss the Messiah because of their religious spirit being triggered.

Article continues below...

The End In 2026? It's Now Possible

Since learning in 2001 that Yeshua must return in a Sabbath year, I've had to rule out three Sabbath year cycle windows for the final 7 years (2003-2009, 2010-2016, 2017-2023). With the next window (2024-2030) less than 7 years away, I'm ready to share why I believe, based on the real end time sign of Mt 24:14, that this can be the one. If it is, the "birth pains" (WW3 + Wormwood, Lk 21:10-11) would hit near its middle in 2026 with Yeshua returning in 2030. Find out what's changed to convince me about 2026 and what you can do about it...

It was not just Sabbath-breaking but they also rejected him or left him when he told them to eat his flesh and drink his blood with a straight face (John 6:53, 66). The suggestion of cannibalism is detestable and offensive.

Through these controversies, he was shaking the tree to see who was not focusing 100% on his Godly love and would be offended away by lesser concerns.

God always has his prophets do detestable things to reveal the hearts of the people (e.g., remember Hosea marrying a promiscuous woman and having three children with her?). If the people do not fully love God and the truth and are not willing to change and accept uncomfortable things for that truth, then they will miss out. God will not let into his kingdom anyone who has not been tested to reveal if they "received a love for the truth" or if they still love any other things ahead of that.

The Solution: Repent

What is the change you need to make so you do not miss (reject) Elijah?

You must change in the same way I have been saying for years now in my writing. You must repent and get on the same page as Jesus about love being the identifying characteristic of those who are humbly serving God in a state of repentance:

John 13:35 — By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

It's not:

  • professing Jesus...
  • professing the Trinity...
  • belonging to a church...
  • believing abortion is murder...
  • Torah/Sabbath-keeping...
  • Sunday-keeping...

"It's about love, stupid" (and I'm including myself in that descriptor with how many decades of Bible study it took me to see this). If you do not cultivate love like Jesus and his disciples then you are not anything like Christ or obeying Christ:

Matthew 22:36-40 — 36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’[a] 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[b] 40 All the Law and the Prophets [i.e. the entire Bible] hang on these two commandments.

Luke 6:46 —"Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?

And by the way, according to Jesus' words, you also are not saved/entering the kingdom until you switch over to be love-centered:

Matthew 7:21-23 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

As I explained in another article on this passage, the will/law of the Father Jesus referred to can only be the two greatest commandments above. If you do not choose to adopt and apply that law of love to all people (however imperfectly), even to the detestable or to those who have hurt you, then you are considered a "worker of lawlessness," and Jesus will reject you for entrance to the kingdom. This requirement is not about performance or perfection but the heart and actions. The kingdom will be a place of peace, harmony, and joy when everyone there has the love and humility of Jesus, yes?

If we all just agree on a non-moral, non-ethical command like resting on Sabbath, that in itself does not create harmony. Trust me, once I invited a Sabbath-keeper to live with me to help him only to discover he did not have integrity or love for us. It was constant strife and we had to kick him out!

"Judge Prophets By Their Fruits"

John 13:35 is not the only passage teaching us to identify trained servants of God by their love. Jesus directly warned in the Sermon on the Mount that if you did not discern prophets by the correct yardstick, you would be deceived:

Matthew 7:15-20 —15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.

You can read about the fruit of God's spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. In brief, God's prophets are associated with humility, love, and freedom. The false prophets are not about love, but bondage and other negative fruits (Galatians 5:19-21).

To be precise, if you judge a prophet of Yehovah by:

  • the words he uses,
  • his dress,
  • his Bible interpretations that may differ from yours,
  • his behavior when under the Holy Spirit (crying, convulsing, laughing, etc.),
  • his history including a strange backstory to his calling as a prophet,
  • or anything else that your religious or human spirit judges as wrong...

...then you're going to reject and miss what God is doing on the earth just as the Jews missed the Messiah because he did not keep Sabbath or wash his hands as they expected.

I am convinced that if you do not center on and daily practice the love of God yourself (from repentance), then you will not be able to properly discern those who are doing the same for God.

Humility Is Absolutely Required

Do not be fooled: you cannot love others like Jesus unless you are humble like Jesus, too (Mt 11:29). Your pride, rights, entitlement, expectations and so much more that comes from pride will get in the way of loving others consistently. That is why Jesus said quite shockingly that if you do not seek humility, forget about salvation:

Matthew 18:3-4 — “3 ...Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

So, how do you become this humble? We must "humble ourselves" and this works up to a point. Ultimately it is only God who can guide us to true humility in the repentance process.

You can start the process by tapping into things you feel guilty about but continue to do by ignoring or excusing the feeling with some justification. For example, say you feel guilty about watching too many TV shows in this Golden Age of Television, or when you play video games. That's a problem already and you know it. Paul explains:

Romans 14:23 (NIV) —But whoever has doubts is condemned if they eat, because their eating is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin.

Romans 14:23 (NLT) —But if you have doubts about whether or not you should eat something, you are sinning if you go ahead and do it. For you are not following your convictions. If you do anything you believe is not right, you are sinning.

In the repentance process, you stop justifying these behaviors and ignoring your conscience about them and focus on the painful truth that is behind those negative feelings. The hard truth may be that these activities are taking too much time away from your family, God, or from your own self-care that you are neglecting. You may admit you are addicted or doing these things to feel better and cover up the fact that you do not feel good about yourself or that you are unloveable.

You then confess these things to God and to those you have hurt and hear another hard truth regarding how much you hurt them. After you get a fuller understanding of the impact of these behaviors that you already felt guilty about, you will loathe them. You will lose interest and want to cease them. You will be better connected to God, yourself, and your loved ones. That connection will help you to feel loved and better about yourself without the need for the activities you once said to yourself, "I need this. I need this to be happy. I cannot give this up."

God will then lead you onto the next item, perhaps your worst fear, an idol, or thing you do not like about yourself, always with encouragement along the way to help you move forward. Your faith will grow and your joy along with it. You will rapidly transform into who you always wanted to be.

This is true repentance in nutshell.

Why isn't it taught and why doesn't every Christian do it? Because they are taught repentance is just about confessing sins and accepting Jesus to cover them. Real repentance is not so short and easy but is a painful, vulnerable experience that may cause you to lose everything (when you get real about yourself to others, especially). However, when you give up everything you're holding on to, God is faithful to reward you. There's no way he will not see what you lost and the price in pain you paid and not pay you back doubly like he did Job who received double after his repentance process that stripped him down to nothing (Job 1:3; Job 42:12; Heb 11:6).

Escape The Strong Delusion

Once you make the changes above and become humble and love-centered,  you will have the proper discernment that is necessary to change how you judge or discern who is a prophet of God and who is not. You will be able to recognize Elijah when he comes by his love and not reject him by his beliefs and doctrines you may find impossible, heretical, and even detestable.

Also, you will be able to discern who is false and not be deluded by it like the rest of the world who are not love-centered yet:

2 Thessalonians 2:9- 12 — 9 The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

The truth that Paul is referring to is of course what the Bible teaches from start to end: love your neighbor as yourself for God. "The truth" is not any of the alternative things listed above that Christians consider more or equally important (and frankly do not agree on anyway). We can all agree that God is love, Jesus loved, his disciples were identified by their love, love sums up the Bible and that loving your neighbor is the requirement for entering the Kingdom according to Jesus (Mt 19:17-19).

Why COVID-19 is Happening Now

Time is short and it's time to do this now.

In April I received confirmation from a prophet that the end is indeed about to begin just as I had concluded. That statement may shock you because I have said in the past that I do not see or receive any prophets today. But we're in the end times for sure now, and prophets are being activated, finally, Praise God! This person is a newly activated prophet. (Their identity is not mine to reveal yet, so please do not ask me to do that ahead of God's timing.) It's confirmed that we are about to begin the end-time events just as I have been writing to you all for years.

COVID-19 was the start of the preparation for the end, especially for the Bride of Christ. If you are like me (and as I previously wrote), I instinctively knew that there is no way this pandemic is an accident or coincidence when we're just two years away from the Psalm 83 war that kicks off the end time events.

This prophet confirmed that Satan himself was behind this virus. I had already concluded that it was not man-made and not an accident. But the prophet explained that God allowed Satan to create this because God could use it for his purpose of preparing us who are consenting to be humbled to be the Bride. That makes complete sense to me. What Satan intends for evil God works for good.

If you doubt that, just think about how bad COVID-19 really is for a moment. The news each day just gets worse and worse. I never imagined it could get this bad at the start. Now I'm reading that it's like the common cold (another coronavirus) in that there is no evidence of immunity from it. Plus, it's far more contagious than the flu, it spreads like a Trojan horse in asymptomatic people, and it viciously attacks the lungs so that healthy people of all ages are dying. It seems unaffected by temperature like the flu which is limited to colder months. This is not. Like the cold and flu, it's not going away on its own but will spike in waves according to experts. It's almost the perfect virus a Devil could design to hurt humanity, isn't it? Not too deadly so it spreads and there may never be a vaccine for it just like the cold.

If you're like me in this time of restrictions and sheltering, you already have been humbled and confronted with your guilt, fears, and other personal issues. Why not use this as a springboard to go onto full repentance and draw close to God like you always wanted but did not know how to? The Holy Spirit is ready to guide you in at a higher level now so you are not alone and can accomplish it:

Revelation 19:7 7 — Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. 8 Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear.” (Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God’s holy people.)

It's time to get ready and no one can make you ready but yourself by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Push into the pain and repent and soon you will find joy. That's a reward in itself (plus salvation) whether you are around to discern Elijah or not.

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Mitchell Monteith - October 16, 2020

As always, I learn more and enjoy your articles Tim. Thanks for all you do.

Jim - October 11, 2020

do you currently attend a apecific (non/inter-denominational) independent church, and stil (virtually) do – in lieu of Covid? Sometimes one has to wonder if remote virtual (online ) attendance is still better than nothing nowadays ?

Simone - September 19, 2020

Sars-CoV-2 amazes scientists again and again. According to a recently published study, the virus proves to be heat-resistant, self-healing and extremely resilient in laboratory tests.

According to Hungarian scientists, the virus is possibly the most physically elastic virus of all and is extremely resilient and adaptable. The researchers tried unsuccessfully to burst the virus particle with a nanoneedle like a balloon. The virus particle, a so-called virion, was squeezed and stretched, but it did not allow itself to be stabbed – and survived the countless attempts at intervention practically unscathed. The virus was “surprisingly resilient,” said the team around Dr. Miklos Kellermayer from Semmelweis University in Budapest.

The virus is also hardly affected by heat. The Hungarian researchers have shattered the hope that heat would damage the virus. Kellermayer and his colleagues heated virus particles to 90 degrees for ten minutes and found that the appearance of the particles changed only slightly. Some of the spines would have come off in the scorching heat, but the overall structure remained intact. French scientists had already shown in April that the virus can reproduce in animal cells even at temperatures above 60 degrees. This dampened hopes that the warm summer months would put an end to the virus.

The data from the Hungarian researchers suggest that Sars-CoV-2 may be the most physically elastic virus known to humans. Even the strongest pressure does not appear to affect the overall structure and composition of the virus. “Its mechanical and self-healing properties can ensure adaptation to a large number of environmental conditions,” conclude Kellermayer and colleagues.

I quote Tim: “This prophet confirmed that Satan himself was behind this virus. I had already concluded that it was not man-made and not an accident. But the prophet explained that God allowed Satan to create this because God could use it for his purpose of preparing us who are consenting to be humbled to be the Bride. That makes complete sense to me. What Satan intends for evil God works for good.”
Spot on, Tim!

Timothy Bell - August 22, 2020

Here is an interesting group which many Christians warn is a cult. Many of their beliefs I would agree with though forsaking the use of money *completely* (as in never work for money) I don’t agree with. But I certainly would forsake it if called by God to do so. Also, they rate celibacy as a more desirous choice versus marriage.

They also believe in sincerity as opposed to doctrinal perfection. Non-Christians can be saved on the basis of their faith in God, even if they have never heard of Jesus. This was made possible through the death of Jesus on the cross. Sincerity is more important spiritually than being theologically correct

I only discovered this group recently so I haven’t yet dug into their history. So far I haven’t seen what they “done wrong” to deserve being called a cult though they do have some unconventional ways of spreading their message.

Would a true prophet of the end-times be like coming from a group like the Jesus Christians?


Tina Black - July 29, 2020

This may seem like a silly question but I am curious about what your thoughts are on the 2 “witnesses” …. 1 with the spirit of Moses and 1 with the spirit of Elijah. Question… If they are called witnesses, then what are they witnessing about?? what is their message?

    Tim McHyde - July 30, 2020

    Hi Tina! Capital crime conviction in the Torah is only possible with the testimony of two witnesses. Same with the declaring of the new crescent moon of the new month. It may apply to both that they are witnesses of the wickedness of the earth and the new moon’s arrival. They definitely (along with the 144,000) are not preaching to change people’s minds as all will have the mark by then.

Wesley Whatley - July 11, 2020

The prophet who comes in the spirit of Elijah could be a woman. I’m sure that would throw many people off.

Ryan M. - June 11, 2020

Hi Tim,

Quick question about the Prophet Elijah. Do you think he necessarily has to physically be living in Israel or that region of the world? In your book you talk about the Lost tribes of Israel and how they were scattered to different parts of the world and how God will regather them back to Israel in the end times. So, my question is, could Elijah potentially be a guy living in America? or Sweden or the UK or Africa or somewhere outside of Israel? Or should we expect to see a person physically living in Israel rise up as Elijah?

Logan Driver - June 11, 2020


With all of the current events happening in the world do you still stick to your belief that the end is still a few years away? I’ve been reading different article about things going on that are end time prophecy and many seem to think it’s a lot closer. Would love to hear back! Thanks!

    Silke - June 11, 2020

    Dear Logan,

    I’m not Tim but I think I can answer your question. :-))

    As I know Tim’s studies and book very well I can assure you that nothing about his timeline regarding end-time events has changed.

    COVID-19 and all those demonstrations for racial equality as well as violent protests against police brutality in the US may be the beginning of birth pains (Matthew 24:8). However, at present NOTHING indicates that the end will arrive months or even years earlier than predicted by Tim.

    Moreover, I’m sure that Tim will let all of us know asap if anything changes! But if I were you, I wouldn’t wait for this kind of message from Tim. The end won’t come any earlier just because there might be three earthquakes next month, or hostilities between certain countries in the world the month after. ?

    God bless!


      Blaze - June 11, 2020

      Sometimes women have “Braxton hicks” (“False Labor”). Perhaps Coronavirus could be the spiritual equivalent in this analogy.


      Logan Driver - June 12, 2020

      Thank you for the response silke! I meant to ask Tim one more question that you might know as well. I was watching a video recently and they mentioned “cosmic waves” hitting the earth and a couple people seem to think it was the 6th seal being broken. How many seals do you think have been opened as of now? Just curious on your opinion! Thanks in advance!


        Silke - June 13, 2020

        You’re most welcome, Logan.

        I think five seals have been opened up to now. The 6th will be opened after Elijah has finished his 2-year ministry. And no, I don’t believe that there are any “cosmic waves” when the seals are opened. 😀 The seals are opened in another dimension (the third Heaven where God lives) so how could it even be possible for us on earth to “hear” cosmic waves?! That’s utter nonsense to me, honestly…

        May I suggest that you stop watching silly YouTube videos on end-time prophecies? ?

Caroline Carmack - June 9, 2020

Hey, Tim!
Just wanted to ask if you’ve heard about Joseph Gregory Hallett, the new king of England who claims he’s “the christ “ Do you have any thoughts? If not, no worries. I’ve overlooked most people on things like this, but this time seems different, what with his lineage and all. Hope you’re well!

    Tim McHyde - June 9, 2020

    Caroline, I don’t listen to claims. I need to see biblical criteria fulfilled.

      Caroline Carmack - June 9, 2020

      I get that. I’m wondering if his lineage aligns with the antichrist description in Daniel & Rev. since the queen and prince stepped down. I always thought the antichrist COULD have some possible connection to prince Charles. No way to “know” yet but it’s interesting! Thanks!

Maddy - June 7, 2020

Hi Tim!
I’ve been a longtime follower of your site but haven’t commented. I’ll get right to the point, many Christians are feeling a sense of urgency amidst what is going on with the pandemic and now National protests that have gone global. They believe judgement is coming any moment, many on YouTube are having dreams and visions of this event saying Jesus told them he is returning soon. I used to agree with your “why Jesus can’t come back” article but now I’m uneasy. The pandemic, and now civil unrest happening globally seems like a scene out of one of those left behind movies. Are you still sticking to your timeline and the rapture of the church not happening this year or even next year? I always believed our clock would start ticking when the AC came on the scene but as of now he hasn’t. Of course pre-tribbers believe he’ll come after but I dont hold to that. Would love to have you respond with your thoughts.

    Tim McHyde - June 9, 2020

    Maddy, no change to timeline as it was never based on shifting current events but the 70 weeks structure of sabbath year cycles. Also no rapture until after the Great Tribulation (Mt 24:29-31). I may expand on all this in a new article.

Tiffany Emery - June 7, 2020

I very much appreciate the warning of this article, thank you Tim. I also think that the big reason MOST will miss Elijah are not those listed above, but instead will be due to a very harsh rebuke of the current form of Christianity (as opposed to Christ followers). Most of your readers are already aware of this great delusion, but most western Christians are not aware of the true message of Christ and believe being baptized and saying you believe in Jesus will save them, despite the fact that there is no fruit of the work of following Christ in their life. Their entire worldview will be called into hypocrisy in the same way that Jesus and John the Baptist both (quite harshly) called out Pharisees emphatically as broods of vipers and hypocrites. It won’t be gentle, it will feel very personal for many who think they are doing the right things. Attacking the modern form of church attendance, pastoral guidance, worship, tithing, megachurches, revered and elevated pastors, etc… are just some of the possibilities for what could immediately brand Elijah as a “wacko” and cut to the core for many practicing Christianity who have yet to truly follow Christ. Just as in Christ’s time, there will be some who have ears to hear. There will also be many who just cannot humble themselves to see what they need to see and return to God.

Christopher Brandon - May 31, 2020


With how crazy the US is and everything do you think we’re any closer than before? I’ve been hearing stuff about wormwood being closer and things, can I please get thoughts on this? Thanks in advance!

    Tim McHyde - May 31, 2020

    Christopher, people might have asked the same thing during the Civil War (1861-1865), yes? I think you get my point. Unrest from racism is not in prophecy. Just wars and rumors of wars but the end is not yet.

      Blaze - June 1, 2020

      But it reminds me of your view that America is Mystery Babylon. I remember an audio clip from MLKJ that has an aura of propheticness in that respect. This might be a good time to look those up again. He has quite a few good sermons.

Daniel Candella - May 17, 2020

Tim, I agree that it was unorthodox how Jesus treated the Sabbath in His ministry and how these Pharisee’s misconstrued the meaning and intent behind what our Lord did. There were many unconventional things that Jesus said and did and some were hard teachings An example is in John 6: 58-60.
However, I thought that the examples you gave about what Elijah might say was a little over the top, especially on homosexuality which can’t be any clearer in it’s condemnation. I know it’s a hypothetical but not close to any reality which is disturbing to me. Maybe you could have used better examples. I agree love is at the heart of the message but we must not confuse love with the tolerance of sin.

    Darren Melnyk - May 25, 2020

    Tim. you are the sole reason I went out and bought a brand new SUV. I’m going to enjoy our short decade (or two) before all the crap hits the fan. I’m 50 years old and prob won’t see my golden years anyways.

      Timothy Bell - May 27, 2020

      Personally, after learning the truth, magnitude and historic significance of all the time of creation about the end times, I certainly wouldn’t be thinking about whether to buy an SUV or not. I’d be focused on preparing myself spiritually and with humility asking God to direct my steps each day. How do I meet the two greatest commandments during this day? HOWEVER, I don’t know your back story or your circumstances, financially or otherwise. I’m just replying to what your post appears like on the face of it. I hope that learning about the end times and being prepared for such is of more value to you beyond timing of an SUV purchase. Perhaps your post was just made in a light-hearted manner; if so, I mean no offense.

        Blaze - June 5, 2020

        I also wanted to enjoy this time. I was planning on going to more events and get togethers. Museums, movies, etc.

        I was able to go to an Philharmonic Orchestra in my city and see this guy really rock out on the Piano. And I played a type of bumper car game.

        I was pretty disappointed that this virus is doing the opposite of what I wanted, but it is what it is.

        Contemporary English Version
        Life is short and meaningless, and it fades away like a shadow. Who knows what is best for us? Who knows what will happen after we are gone? – Ecclesiastes 6:12


          Shane - July 10, 2020

          Covid 19 is no match for Psalm 91.
          Read Psalm 91 in first person point of view. That’s exactly how the Father wants you to read it. Take ownership and pray it daily as Psalm 91 will hide and protect you and your family in the secret place of the most high.

    iamloved - June 1, 2020

    I concur with your thoughts about the examples… I was bewildered at the choice of illustrations, and thought they were quite ridiculous (please there’s no desire to offend, they just didn’t make sense). I don’t think it’d be strange for any follower of Christ to raise an eyebrow at anyone claiming to be Elijah who swears, has no issue with abortion or homosexuality/lesbianism, etc. Are any of these good fruit? By their fruit you’ll know them, no?

      Tim McHyde - June 3, 2020

      IamLoved, “follower of Christ?” or follower of Christianity? Christ never commented on or worried about any of the example issues I listed. Christian tradition, on the other hand…

        iamloved - June 4, 2020

        Thanks for your response. I did mean follower of Christ, rather than blindly following traditional Christianity.

        Christ Himself is the Word made flesh, the living Word. So if the Word/scriptures speaks of an issue and condemns it – as it does murder (Exodus 20:13, Proverbs 6:17) and homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-27) – it seems reasonable to think the Master would not contradict what is written, as inspired by the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21).

        Anyone who comments on issues like these – whether from ‘traditional Christianity’, the coming Elijah or someone with no faith at all for that matter – and recognises them as problems is right.

        I agree with you that we must be careful to not expect Elijah to fit with personal expectations influenced by traditions rather than the Word, or patterns we’ve seen of how God has done things in the past necessarily. But don’t you agree that ‘okaying’ issues like the ones I’ve referenced is indisputably contrary to God’s truth, and God would have to contradict His own scriptures to send an Elijah who preaches against what is written? I’m bewildered.

          Tim McHyde - June 5, 2020

          IAmLoved, no I do not agree that “indisputably contrary to God’s truth” is a label we can pronounce with 100% confidence about anything you listed or anything we think we understand from the Bible, except the greatest commandments there. Jesus broke Sabbath to teach this very thing which makes it a great example! I chose my further examples carefully because sincere Bible-believers (Jew or Christian) are known to hold each position with complete love for God and trembling at his Word. That’s what makes them sacred cows doctrinal areas to test us like Jesus tested everyone by how he blasted their sacred cows left and right.

          iamloved - June 5, 2020

          Unexpected and surprising perspective Tim. Particularly with reference to the verses I’ve mentioned. I think I’ll have to leave it at that on my part. This isn’t the ideal forum to thrash it out properly. Thanks for your responses.

Espen S - May 17, 2020

I think you are right on most points here…
Allthough I would struggle bit with a fully fledged gay Elijah. 🙂

My thoughts on the “2”.
Many people say its a a return of Elijah(raptured) and Moses (body never found) or Enoch(raptured). The argument is that all men has to die, so they have to come back, and die. Especially pretribrapture people has this belief. Now i would argue that if all men has to die, then why are you waiting for the Rapture? Is it because you get a better death after the Rapture? Or is it because you get a more glorious death as a martyr after the Rapture, like the bible clearly tells the 2 witnesses will suffer?

And for this time final word: Why would you want to avoid Martyrdom by the AntiChrist? Its the ultimate victory…


Jeff Baker - May 17, 2020

I love to read the thoughts my Berean brothers and sisters on this site, all of whom seem to be seeking God’s narrow path. I am ever in a learner mode to discern the sin vs. the sinner in understanding where we fallen humans are in God’s process of redemption. I’m trusting that if God continues to refine me in my walk with Him, that when a true prophet speaks, I will recognize His (God’s) intent, authority and direction in those words, no matter the distractions of religious preconceptions. I do believe, however that a true prophet will not preach clear contradictIons of Jesus’ teachings. As for religious doctrine where sincere believers differ? I ask for the Spirit to give me wisdom to know what I can leave alone. Thanks Tim and Katrina for your faithfulness. You have my prayers and support.

    Darren Melnyk - May 25, 2020

    I truly believe even some of us on this web page might miss our last days prophets. All of us need to keep an open mind and discern through prayer and the love of our Lord that we stay sharp!

Sam Hui - May 16, 2020

Thanks Tim for another very inspiring article!

After being your reader / fan / student for over 10 years, I’ve get used to your debunking all sorts of end time theories, be it 2012 / US dollar or economy meltdown / comet Elenin / wars and rumor of wars / various date-setters, etc.

Therefore I feel so surprised and alerted every time you said some event is positive affirmation of the end times roadmap.

The first time I can recall is when the current Pope came to office, that you said fulfilled the centuries old Catholic prophecy for the final Pope.

The second time when you confirmed that 2023-30 should be the final cycle before Jesus would return, followed by your confirmation by dreams.

This is the third time (in my memory) you affirmed the timeline, and also the first time you mentioned about a true prophet (according to you stringent biblical requirements).

Thanks again for your insights, time is running short. I believe Satan is behind the pandemic and all these suffering, but God is at work too at this wake up call to all people. Please keep up your good and diligent works, and may God bless all your readers to get well prepared for the coming birth pains and the eventual great tribulation. Shalom!

Blaze - May 15, 2020

Is this one (or more) of the four horsemen then of Revelation? And is all sickness created from the devil and allowed by God? Or can you not say for sure?

    Tim McHyde - May 15, 2020

    Blaze my first COVID article talks about how yes, this pandemic broadly fits under the 4th horseman, but it’s a special end-time runup plan by Satan himself as above.

Michael T. Franklin - May 13, 2020


I have recently been reading articles about the coming days. I watched a paul begley YouTube video as well as mike from around the world. They seem to think meteors or something were hitting the earth this week and that the end is very very close. Do you think it is closer than before or do you still think around 2026-2030? Please reply!!!

Wilmer Euceda - May 12, 2020

Do you still think the American economy will be good before WW3 then? If the coronavirus is around possibly until the antichrist comes wouldn’t that harm the economy up until that point?

    Tim McHyde - May 12, 2020

    Wilmer, yes, Rev 18 says America rules the economic world until her judgment. Prophecy did not change and you cannot judge by appearances now.

      Tommy Johnson - May 13, 2020

      Tim, I read the link you posted above and it made a question arise. Do you think it will still be the late 2020’s before America is destroyed? Thanks in advance for the response!

        Tim McHyde - May 13, 2020

        Tommy, yes America still does not go before 2026 when Wormwood appears in the sky.

Darshus - May 10, 2020

Hello Tim. I really respect your Biblical analysis of Elijah’s return, but didn’t he already come back as John the Baptist? I know In the Bible it says “And I will send Elijah before the great and awesome day of the LORD”, but I think it was referring to Jesus’ first coming, not His second one. Jesus also said, “Elijah is already indeed come,” after His transfiguration. Will Elijah appear 3 times? The first time as himself, the second time as John the Baptist, and the third time someone else? I’ve heard about the 2 witnesses and all, but I’m getting all mixed up about whether or not Elijah will come back before Jesus returns. Please reply, Tim. This is really really important.

    Tim McHyde - May 11, 2020

    See https://escapeallthesethings.com/true-false-prophet for the answer for why John T.B. was not the final Elijah.

Blaze - May 9, 2020

Sorry if this was mentioned already. I was listening to Matthew recently, and looking at different verses, and I wanted to post these. Imagine if your brother or sister, or mother or father was a prophet. And then there seems to be some confusion about where Christ should come from.

I note also that Nathanael came across as dismissive but still had an open mind or was curious not to reject him before he went to see him, or trusted Philip to some degree perhaps.

John 7:41

John 7:52

John 1:46

Mark 6:4

J G Vaidhyan - May 6, 2020

Most of the comments here are discouraging as they all focus mainly on the wasteful sacred cows, which should have been slaughtered very long ago. They are still around for scriptural fulfilment alone.

Folks, here the msg is ”love” as the right identity. Sacred cows are only a word of caution to escape the great delusion.

Here is a simple test to check your love quotient – stand in front of a mirror & count the lines on your forehead, when you think of someone. Nil is best for you. More lines is an indication of better salvation for the other.

    Mike Anderson - December 15, 2020

    Those “sacred cows” are there to externalize sin, to excuse your own while banding together against an external enemy, and are mostly a test of character.

    It seems to me you may be able to help me think about petitioning on behalf of others. I’ve read many books and blogs about the power of continual prayer, and I wonder if this too is a test of character. I know there is power in prayer, but I hesitate to continually bother our heavenly Father with the same requests on behalf of others. When Jesus gave the parables of the impudent neighbor (Luke 11:8) and the widow continually demanding justice (Luke 18:5), he showed that the Father can be moved to do things He otherwise would not do, according to our will. But after trusting God with your request, it seems like a lack of faith to continually petition Him about it, as though God needed to be persuaded to do the right thing. God is not aloof, that we should work to get His attention, nor is He unaware of our needs. He also does not lack authority to help us, whereas some say God needs us to corporately fast and pray for long hours in order to release certain blessings. What a pagan deity that would be!

    As for me, I’ve found myself simply having lines on my forehead thinking about people and remembering that I prayed for them. Perhaps it’s because, without hardly asking, God already abundantly takes care of my needs, and all that remains to worry about are stubborn, broken people. It’s not God’s desire that we have power over other adults except in very temporary ways, such as rebuking an evil spirit, after which they need to decide for themselves.

phil griggs - May 4, 2020

If you’re worried that a gay Elijah would be too offensive for your tastes and not worthy of your attention, please bring yourself back to the gospels and the book of Acts. Jesus attracted people from all walks of life and drew large crowds. He couldn’t be doing that if he a long list of “sacred cows” to enter the kingdom he preached. Why would he make things harder to get in? That’s what he accused the Pharisees of doing!!! He wants to make it easier (and love is something everyone can muster across the board)

It’s just a shame if you judge him before you even meet him! He would be so kind to you and patient while you get to know him. He’s a man just like you with faults and foibles…

The foundation of the church/New Jerusalem is community and integrity. He’ll be busing working hard for that , I’m guessing.

Be reconciled! Two people argued with two opposite doctrines about a penny and they were both right/wrong because one was looking at the head side only and the other was looking at the tail said only.

Robert Larsen - May 4, 2020

My previous comment may not be relevant to your ministry but wanted to share it. For those of us who are striving to trust in Yeshua and not worldly opinion Psalm 91 is the best antidote to the coronavirus.

Robert Larsen - May 4, 2020

There is no proof that viruses are contagious or harmful. In fact researchers found it statistically impossible to contract the flu from another person during the Spanish flu. Viruses are created naturally by our immune system to repair damaged cells. It is only when we are injected with viruses from another source (animals or synthetic) that they cause problems. Vaccines are a way to inject unnatural viruses. We fear what God has created for good.

Joel Tyger - May 4, 2020

It seems Tim that you’ve not just poked a hornet’s nest with this story, but doused it in gas and thrown a lit match on it. I believe that more and more divisive stories, opinions and prophetic utterings will emerge over the coming months and handful of remaining years, as the spiritual forces manoeuvre their respective pieces around our world-sized chess board, in readiness for the last stages of this present darkness.

Douglas j Gray - May 4, 2020

Hi Tim:

A true prophet will genuinly love gays, trans people, etc. so much so, that he will give them the same warning, and those that will humble themselves and repent will be in a better position than the “righteous” who think they know it all, and refuse to listen. So I see the same pattern repeating itself. It’s like, he would not necessarily approve of homosexuality, etc. but it’s like “I want save your life,let’s not worry about that right now!!”

    Silke - May 4, 2020

    Exactly. :-))
    What’s more, too many (Christian) people don’t realise that being gay/lesbian/transsexual is NOT a choice.

      Timothy Bell - May 4, 2020

      I suppose in the same way that drug addiction is “not a choice”.

        Silke - May 5, 2020

        Nope. I prefer scientific studies to suppositions (beliefs held without certain knowledge or proof) like yours.

        Let me ask you a simple question: can you or could any heterosexual man change the fact that you/they are attracted to women rather than men by solely using your/their power of will? I don’t think so! So there’s the answer to your assumption.
        Homosexuality is definitely not a choice.

          Timothy Bell - May 7, 2020

          Silke, time and time again I’ve seen so-called scientific studies collapse and dis-proved when looked at closely- at the premises and methodology. A BIG factor is fake scientific studies is WHO funded the study. Big money can buy whatever “scientific” conclusion they want and I suspect the gay side to try to put up a house of cards of “science is on our side.”

          No, I do not use will power to be attracted to women as it is the default paradigm of the creation of God. No doubt there are messed up genes or biological outcomes that blur the line between the sexes due to something didn’t go right in fetal development. It is the result of a fallen world.

          But God did set standards of what is right and wrong. It amazes me that some so-called Christians pick and choose from the Bible what they want to believe.

          If homosexuality is ok with God, why did He destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? The ashes of those cities are still there left as it was ever since. If homosexuality is ok with God, why isn’t there any gay prophets or gay disciples? There are no righteous gay biblical characters. In the list of characteristics of church leaders, it says husband of one wife (woman). Jesus affirmed marriage is between man and woman.

          Many (most I presume) people are driven to homosexuality because of being introduced to it by sexual abuse or some other deviant action for nefarious purposes. Such psychological damage can keep a person addicted to such a lifestyle. But God can heal such abuse and many thousands have turned from homosexuality after deciding to be honest with themselves and with God and through prayer. In the end, we ALL answer to God

    Caroline Carmack - May 4, 2020

    This! This resonates with me.

    bryan simon - May 7, 2020

    Elisha was called baldy by a group of young people and look what happened there… just saying.

mark - May 4, 2020

I think when Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath He was giving the Pharisees one more excuse to kill Him. He wasn’t making money, or benefitting himself in any way, when He healed a man who had been born blind. He even argued a precedence in King David, who picked grain on the Sabbath when he and his troops were hungry. That was a perfect example of an exception to the rule, but then He really hit the nail on the head, when He asked them which one of them would allow one of their farm animals to remain stuck in a ditch and not try to save it— even on the Sabbath. I would assume that even the Pharisees realized a man was more important than a cow. He was giving an example of God’s love and willingness allow exceptions. The Pharisees had taken many laws to the extreme and in doing so nullified God’s word in the process.

As far as Jesus warning those who used His name, but their own works as a means for salvation to be cautious they weren’t assuming it was by their own works they were saved. For instance the Christians who are stunned to learn they aren’t in the Book of Life, they might react like this. “What? Look at everything we did—in Your Name! Now, don’t you owe us a little salvation?” and Jesus tells them, “Get outta here, I don’t know you and I never did”
As far as abortion goes, there are exceptions to ‘thou shall not murder’ Stoning an adulterer was considered to be carrying out justice and certainly after a person is born they are born into sin, but until a sinner actually commits a sin, I’d say they’re a bit more innocent than the saintliest saint and I would never advocate for taking their life. I feel God detests our shedding of ‘innocent’ blood in the procedure that is specifically intended to cause the death of an innocent life..

Jesus never contradicted the Bible. He was merciful though and that mercy was used by some as a license to sin, or by the Pharisees, as an excuse to kill Him.

Paul asked and then answered his own question, “What, should we sin so that grace may increase?” and he answered a simple “no”,

I do believe we should always be ready to forgive a repentant sinner. No matter what the sin is, but should never celebrate, or help anyone else, celebrate any sin.

Carolyn Rudek - May 3, 2020

Great article, Tim. I had not thought of the virus being from Satan before, but it does make sense. God allowed Satan to test Job.

rob b - May 3, 2020

So Tim, let me get this straight. Basically YOU are saying it’s OK if Elijah comes as a practicing homosexual married to a man and committing sodomy; Aborting his own child for convenience; Using profane, dirty, suggestive language & jokes; Promoting that a day of Sabbath rest is ridiculous; And finally, feels no need to routinely fellowship with others that want to obey & follow God.

    Tim McHyde - May 4, 2020

    Robin, no, not saying that. I’m saying I am doing what I’m teaching: I refuse to pass judgment on anyone or decide whether they are “of God” based on sacred cow doctrines I hold. I was shown to teach and focus on the love of God like Jesus did (John 13:35) because I do not want to miss when God’s end-time prophets appear.

      iamloved - June 7, 2020

      Tim I thought I was done with this, but this comment has prompted me to post again! We are to assess what we see of anyone’s lives (including, and most importantly, our own life) and judge if we see the evidence of good, abundant lasting fruit (John 15) – the evidence of remaining in the vine, the Lord Jesus Himself. By this criteria WE CAN decide if someone is of God (including ourselves! ESPECIALLY ourselves!!). By their fruit you’ll know them Jesus said! If one is not in/of the love God you reference, they won’t be bearing this good fruit anyway, anyone of God should have evidence of this in their life. God is the FINAL and righteous judge, but we’re not short of guidelines in the Word. So when you dismiss matters – the two I mentioned earlier in the comments were abortion – which is murder – and homosexuality/lesbianism – as ‘sacred cows’ simply rooted in Christian traditions/doctrines I’m baffled. These are not made up by followers of Christ – they’re clearly taught to be erroneous, sinful practices in the Word!! I notice you made no mention of the scripture verses I cited in my earlier comments to show you some of what my stand is based on. Perhaps you could explain how those verses present murder and homosexuality/lesbianism as ‘sacred cows’, rather than truths taught by the Bible that Master Jesus – and anyone sent by Him – would stand by please? I’m truly curious to make sense of what I think are inappropriate examples, to make a point that I actually broadly agree with.

        Tim McHyde - June 8, 2020

        IamLoved, that’s OK. The point of this article was not for me to explain or defend those positions Elijah may have beyond what I said: sincere saints who tremble at God’s word hold these positions. Why? Because the Bible is not so clearly saying what we each think it is in agreement with our position. So the best way for you to proceed if you broadly agree with my point of sacred cows stopping you from accepting Elijah is to go ahead and take the thought experiment as real. How could you make peace before YHVH with an Elijah who says abortion is not murder and is in fact acceptable to God when done from a motivation of love for all? Ditto for homosexuality and lesbianism.

        If you seek God on this confessing all emotions that come up for you (anger at me for bringing this up, anger at God if he were to make such a controversial statement with his prophet, betrayal that what you may have been taught was wrong, whatever, etc.) and ask him humbly, “What am I missing?” on the issue you will find the best answer for you by the Holy Spirit that works for you which me giving you my answer would fail to do. Your relationship with God will skyrocket if you push into him with these very upsetting, rock-the-boat, shake the foundation of my faith issues. You will rebuild on solid ground of love, not doctrines and traditions or even interpretations of the Bible. The whole Bible is summed up in love (Mt 7:12) not on prohibitions of abortion or homosexuality. We need to get on the right foundation, the rock, so we are not shaken when the storms come.

          Jake Harmina - June 11, 2020

          Hi Tim and all.
          I read your article a few weeks back and agreed with your premise that we need to get the plank out of our eye if we are to accept a prophet or the witnesses when they come. I subsequently watched the Netflix series “Messiah”. We know that the second coming of our Messiah will not be in human form again. But if we look at the series as being about a coming Elijah perspective, then your premise is further supported. The “messiah” in the show is Muslim, half Jewish, sort of fulfilling what we understand the End Time prophecies to be but also not in the way we expect. The show did a good job showing why most will reject a “man of God” because they won’t match up with their expectations. It also showed how many will want to believe and be deceived by the False Prophet and Beast. I think it will be a leap of faith either way.
          Stay safe,

Bruce - May 3, 2020

1st off Tim,

i really enjoyed your article, like i said, i am glad you gave examples, however they missed the mark.. that said we are the body of CHRIST, we need each other.. my Gift from from the HOLY SPIRIT has been Salvation. and i have a missing puzzle piece that your article could use.

if one of us had all the answers they would be The BODY OF CHRIST, not just one member. i will say here that you are strong on salvation in my humble opinion ( if you understand your words more than a surface level, i know not). i am the foolish things of the world. i am fully confident what this coming man might/will say.

not because i am anything, because of my gift is to see where the strong holds of satan are, so i can simply deduce that the coming man will say ( as you say he is coming, for i know not if anyone is coming or not, i will take your word for it, as you interpret your gifts, i will share mine). if you are willing to post this.

As this is your sight, as you are the source of light here, not me, and i do not mean to bud in, only share a puzzle piece for those that will hear, or pray upon in Jesus Name ( in all that i understand)

So i can give you a basic idea in a few BIBLE verses, 1st a sacred crow as you say. if i pose the question, what if this man said something like?….

those that are worthy will inherit the Kingdom of GOD, make thyself worthy to enter JESUS KINGDOM…

would that statement effect anyone? a sacred cow as Tim says.. perhaps not as many here, however what about the main stream church body?

for most of us ( i think) hang on two verses in the BIBLE, for it is by GRACE YE ARE SAVED, and not of works lest any man should boast.. also them that believe Jesus paid the price on the cross & was raised from the dead have eternal life.

two beautiful verses i must say, most beautiful… however how about

2Th 1:5 Which is a manifest token of the righteous judgment of God, that ye may be counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which ye also suffer..
or2Th 1:11 Wherefore also we pray always for you, that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfill all the good pleasure of his goodness, and the work of faith with power:

so basically this is scripture too, however most of may/will place more weight on the previous scriptures i mentioned, and they will discount other verses in the BIBLE,

i have heard preachers,( i am sure you have to) say something like, no matter what anyone comes and says if they preach any kinds of works they are of the devil.

and they say…. you have Eternal Life, you can never lose it no matter what you do…. you can earn rewards if you Obey GOD, but you will have the lowest job in heaven if you dont live for Jesus.. stuff like this i am sure you all have heard that, since you were an early christian…

you can EARN nothing LETS MAKE THAT CLEAR. however those preachers are setting up the strongholds of the devil, i am confident they are mostly unaware of what they even do..( but i know very little, as i am the foolish things of the world, make no mistake about that)

To be clear, well of course you cannot earn anything, for The GREAT GOD OF Abraham will not share HIS GLORY with anyone, He gives us faith, belief, & Jesus took the WRATH.. i could go on, and on here, i call GODS salvation the Escalator of LIGHT , and JESUS straps my hand in,, thats why we throw our crown at HIS Feet, if Jesus proclaims our name before His Father…

Tim once again, your on the right track with love, i will call you a brother if you do not recognize me, that will not stop me from praying for you,

humbly in peace & love
Bruce Gauthier
hope this helps, if anyone wants to hear more, i am willing, however i want no confrontation with christians.

Obiajulu Echedom - May 3, 2020

Thanks Tim for your insightful teachings as usual. Though your examples of ‘sacred cows’ are not convincing, specifically homosexuality and abortion. Sodom and Gomorrah got their judgement, and Apostle Paul denounced it as unnatural and that it attracts the judgement of God. The teaching is clear. Relating with those who practice it should be with love and prayers for their deliverance. Abortion in man or beast like an earlier contributor pointed out if caused by an individual is punishable. It certainly shows God places value on those creatures in the womb, man or beast.Now if Jesus could agree with the Pharisees who broke the Sabbath in order to rescue their livestock that fell into a ditch on the Sabbath, surely He will not congratulate abolitionists. Once again those who indulge should be treated in love. An example of a sacred cow would be drinking alcohol, knowing that the scriptures teach we should not be DRUNK with wine wherein is excess. Not that we should not taste so we don’t fall for Eve’s mistake of assuming not eating means not touching.

Johan Pretorius - May 3, 2020

Hello Tim, a very hard punchline article and it seems that it is getting more intense as you keep on bringing out new articles.

As usual you have the readers that compliment and thank you for the insights, me included, and then of course you have the readers that are offended.

Just one question from my side is that will we see some participation in your articles from the prophet that revealed himself to you in preparation for the works that are still lying ahead? Tim, you can surely do with some help after what you and your family have gone through over the years to provide us with your insights that you have received over the years. You have taken a lot of flack but you stuck with your views and I can assure you it paid of.

Thank you for everything you have enlightened us with over the years.

I am still chewing on your points you have mentioned and one in particular is of great relieve to me and lifts a huge burden from my shoulders and gives me new inspiration to face this battle head on.
Regards to Katrina and Yehovah bless your family.

It is very exiting news about the prophets getting more active and hopefully more visible, we can do with their support and guidance.

Bless them all.

Chris Sorber - May 3, 2020

Dear Tim,
I think you are creating seemingly contrasts with your sacred cows article.
Yehovah for sure will not change ‘one tittel or jot’ from His Word.
Yehovah says what He does and does what He says.
That implies that He loves all His creatures and wishes all of them to come to Him and love Him.
Loving Yehovah means that you do not sin, which again means that you abide to His Laws.
Abiding to His Laws again means not only keeping the sabbath but also loving your neighbour.
For example therefore it is true neighbourly love to point out to him/her that homosexual relationships are an abomination to Yehovah where they will be called to account for without hating or humiliating them.
The same counts for abortion, not keeping the sabbath, profanity or any other ‘sacred cow’ one has in his/her closet.
All in all, I am of the opinion that this was a very poor article and has/will put too many people on a wrong foot in regard to abiding to the basis of Yehovah’s Word that is His Law.
I am sorry to have to tell you that in my view you have overstepped the boundaries of not calling people to abide to Yehovah’s Word that I have decided to stop my financial support of your ministry.
Chris Sorber

PS: I do agree to the comment given by Patricia Daw

    Tim McHyde - May 3, 2020

    Chris, thank you for explaining and for your past support. One thing I am not as a writer is a people pleaser. Go in peace.

      Cliff - May 5, 2020

      Thanks Tim, I read your post to my wife, we are encourage by your insight. It got a little heated in our discussion because people, including my wife read into what you write as you are saying “This is going to happen” when you are just trying to get us to think outside our religion upbringing. I am praying I don’t lose site of the gospel and what God is doing. I don’t want my vision to be clouded by preconceived notions or thoughts. Thanks for your site and insight. Keep sharing what God lays on your heart!

    Silke - May 3, 2020

    I know that Tim doesn’t need anyone to defend him but I want to state that I’m truly appalled at this reply.

    In my view, Tim has absolutely never told people that they shouldn’t abide to God’s word and laws. He simply keeps pointing out that “firstly, love God and secondly, love your neighbour like yourself” are the two most important laws. Jesus himself did say that!

    Calvin - May 3, 2020

    Dear Chris,

    It’s not loving to point out sin in others. In fact it’s not even Biblical if they are not believers. (1 Corinthians 5:12-13)

    By pointing out sin you are (indirectly) attempting to draw them to Christ through fear and guilt, yet the Bible teaches that everyone will be drawn to Christ by love (Jeremiah 31:3)

    Finally, pointing out sin can also be formulated as “accusing others of sinning”. There’s a character in the Bible whose name means “accuser”. It’s best if we do not imitate him.

      Silke - May 4, 2020

      Thank you so much for giving voice to my own thoughts on Mr. Sorber’s posting, dear Calvin. ?? I was too baffled to reply to him on this point yesterday.

      I would like to add that I generally don’t understand why so many Christians feel the urge to judge and criticise others. I, for one, surely am busy enough with trying to correct my own flaws. Moreover, I don’t see it as my job to pick on other people’s sins or mistakes. (Luke 6:37)

        William Warderbrand - August 2, 2020

        ” I would like to add that I generally don’t understand why so many Christians feel the urge to judge and criticise others. I, for one, surely am busy enough with trying to correct my own flaws. Moreover, I don’t see it as my job to pick on other people’s sins or mistakes. ” –Silke.

        With the invention of computers, and especially, the internet, something unparalleled was created aside from the technology: everyone is now given the opportunity to give their opinion. It has done more to reveal men’s (and women’s) hearts than anything else I can think of.

        Our Lord taught that (in essence) the Enemy would be allowed to sow tares (weeds) among the wheat, and that we should not attempt an imprecise “weeding” lest we harm the weakest of the wheat (Believers). He made it clear, the Father Himself would separate the wheat from the tares (the sheep from the goats) at the end of the age.

        No one on this forum would doubt—this is the end of the age. The great “polarization” we’re seeing, everywhere, is God affecting this process. The Lord has allowed these “opportunities”, presented through the technologies, for Mankind to reveal what is truly in their hearts.

        Clearly, the temptation to “demonstrate” what one believes is pervasive.

        So, don’t be surprised when so many well-meaning “Christians” just cannot let pass the “opportunity” to go down on record with what they think—be it rude, unkind, or even, ungodly. It’s the very process we were told would happen.

        I would be careful to be examining of where one’s own heart lies.

        Are you relaying to the world that you’re a true Believer..?

        Or are you one of the “unregenerate infiltrators” (weeds) being identified for perdition..?

        The destinctions are, actually, quite clear.

        Yet, only YOU can answer that before our Benevolent Judge.

        Thankfully, there’s still time to repent and embrace salvation through Jesus Christ—though, with every passing day, that time grows short.

        (Love this ministry..!)

      Joanne Ferreira - May 4, 2020

      ? I agree! Love covers a multitude of sins, so if we love like Christ Jesus we let the Holy Spirit do His work on the heart. Loving is not pointing fingers and trying to play God, it is living humbly and sharing what the Spirit says at the right moment.

Caroline Carmack - May 3, 2020

I haven’t read the comments yet so I’m not sure what people are thinking, but I have been voicing these same opinions to my husband. Being open minded about Christ and his chosen and his Kingdom is so essential to living in love. We can’t discount anyone, because even if they’re “wrong” in one area, they may still be sent from Christ.

I do have a question. 1.5 years ago I quit drinking completely because I saw that it was getting in my way of living for Christ. I wouldn’t call myself an alcoholic but I drank too often and depended on it to be happy some days. I went a year without drinking again. Recently, I’ve had a drink or two occasionally again and I’ve been not only questioning it but I’ve been questioning so many things about myself in general. I think I started have a drink or two (for instance on canoe trips etc) when I got fed up with trying to be perfect, as I could not be perfect even though I was doing everything I was supposed to. I would still come up short somewhere. And I realized I’d been judging anyone for drinking at all. And so I concluded that maybe God just wants me to balance my life more, rather than be so rigid in every area.

I’m frustrated with this. I try so hard and then I end up failing. Drinking is just one example. Ive done the same thing with sugar, social media, with caffeine, tv.

I don’t know if being strict on myself was right or if it was too much. I do know, it’s hard to feel like I can’t quite get it right.

I’m not really sure what my question is, but I think this article is great. The abortion thing never occurred to me, and I honestly am going to have to really think about it because abortion automatically makes me think about hurting a baby (since there have been botched ones, etc) and as a mom I just have a hard time with that, but the overall message is great and confirmation in a lot of ways.

Thanks Tim!

Edit: I think I’ve finally figured out what I need to ask:

Where’s the line between keeping ourselves (and the people we love) accountable versus loving ourselves (and the people we love) anyway?

That line gets blurred so fast. And that’s where I’m at, I feel like I’m stuck between blurs.

    Tim McHyde - May 3, 2020

    Caroline, I’m learning in my repentance to not ask things of people that do not come from love for them but come from my own need for safety, control, peace, etc. For example, my son leaves dirty dishes in the sink overnight. When I see them in the morning and all day, I choose to not even mention it now that I realize I am OCD, it’s my issue and it’s hurting people when I let it drive my interactions. Now I face the mess and find my own peace with it. Everyone is happier. Hope that helps!

      Caroline Carmack - May 3, 2020

      It does, but I’m still not sure about when it’s right to speak truth to someone in love.

      Also, I definitely believe in your teachings and in what you say about the end times and I so appreciate what I’ve learned and will continue to learn regarding the end times, but I’m not sure I can get behind some of the sacred cows (namely abortion and homosexuality) you’ve mentioned, due to Scripture and my own inner promptings and in prayer. Although I firmly believe in showing love to people who struggle with these things and never condemning them for them. We do a bad job of “taking in” these people. We can’t show love if we’re judging.
      But I could be wrong.

      And I know you have a lot of truth in your articles regardless, so I will continue to support you and I do not judge you for believing some things I may not!

Patricia Daw - May 3, 2020

I must say this is the worst article I have read by you. First of all Yahshua never broke the torah. It is not a torah command to not heal on sabbath, nor is washing your hands in a specified manner a torah command, These were things the Jews observed based on their oral law/torah which they put in greater regard than the written torah. No true prophet of Yah would come teaching anything that contradicted the written scriptures. This is our way to prove weather a prophet is from Yah or not. Yes, written scripture is the test not any man made traditions or doctrine. The command to love did not negate the torah nor was it a new teaching, it is required in the torah to love others. When the scripture says all the torah and the prophets hang on these 2 commands it is saying all torah commands stem from the the 2 torah commands to love Yah and to love others. The torah is what teaches us what we should be doing if we are loving Yah and our neighbor. Yahshua clearly said if you love me , keep my commands, and also ALL your commands (torah) are righteousness. All means all and He also said think NOT that I came to do away with the Torah or the prophets. Till heaven and earth pass away not ONE jot or tittle will in no way depart from the torah till all be fulfilled. Last time I checked the heavens and the earth were still here. He also said he who teaches others to obey the torah will be called great in the kingdom but he who teaches others to disregard even the smallest of his commands will be least in the kingdom. Christians have decided to believe that Yahshua did away with all the Fathers commands and replaced them with just those 2. Wrong- Those two sum up all the commands they do not replace them because loving was always a torah command. Lawlessness is not just breaking any law it is breaking the Father’s law which is the torah. Yes absolutely Loving the Father and loving others is of utmost importance but you better make sure who’s definition of love you are following. We don’t follow some wishy washy anyman may decide for himself what the definition of love is. We are to love according to what the scripture defines as love. Relook at the 10 commandments- The first ones teach us how the Father expects us to love him and the rest teach us how we are to show love to our fellow man. No other definition of love is given anywhere in scripture but in the torah. We have been fed a bunch of foolishness by christianity that teaches the torah was a burden and Yahshua came to deliver us from it. He came to deliver us from the burden of the oral torah which was being taught by the Jews of his day. If you want to find out why he called the manmade teachings a burden read the talmud. This is the oral torah of Yahshua’s day that has been since written down. The torah of the Father was never called a burden anywhere in scripture in fact he actually says it is not too hard for you.. We must ALL start to rightly divide the word of truth and stop just accepting anything that is taught by a so called preacher.

    Tim McHyde - May 3, 2020

    Patricia, I don’t know who this “Yahshua” is 😉 but I think Acts 15 is the story of a group of Jews for whom circumcision/Torah was a sacred cow that James exposed by saying no such “unbearable yoke” was required of the believers. Those Jews missed the truth because of their thinking that Torah was a salvation requirement. It was never given for that but for making Israel a holy nation that could stay in Canaan and not be vomited out. When they broke it, people did not lose salvation, they were vomited out.

      Silke - May 3, 2020

      Exactly, Tim. If the Torah (or the Bible or any other written book) were a salvation requirement, no illiterate human being could be saved.

Mary - May 3, 2020

Tim, I have had the prophetic calling since I was 14. I am 69. I agree that CV-19 is the gateway to the Tribulation and that the Enemy is its father. However, I think that the side effects such as the economic devastation and hardships caused by the lockdowns are going to have a long-term ripple effect worldwide, causing famine and death from that devastation. Americans Constitutional rights are being trampled by some of the state lockdown rules. If the above is not of Satan, I don’t know what is.

Bruce - May 3, 2020


Very interesting Article, i love your message of LOVE, and i thank you for that! i also get your examples about sacred crows. i also like your message of reformation, and drawing closer to GOD, excellent message.

i however must disagree with the extremes you seem to place on differences of doctrine. i fully agree that we must miss something in our daily teaching that doctrines of devils are being preached from the pulpits, airwaves, and christian book stores today ( half truths, hath GOD SAID) . & i have most recently been taught never underestimate the power of assumption..

if you are loving GOD, & Loving your neighbor, drawing close to GOD we should not worry about missing anything, just another day at the office. that said we must empty our assumptions of Doctrines, not follow just anybody that seems to love everybody,, that maybe looking for LIGHT in the darkness… LOVE is the answer, for The Bible is a LOVE STORY… like i said i thank you for that message.

as a christian brother has said, i cannot tell you all the things i do not mean by what i have just stated.

in love & truth

P Alex Dillon - May 2, 2020

Thank you, Tim for this Splendid article. I have been talking to it for hours this Saturday. Sasha and the girls left me alone so it’s my one friend – and what a good friend.

Living with No Expectations is a rich, light, beautiful life! It hurts when you no longer have the things you expect, yes. So much. But when you don’t feel entitled in the first place, well…. Not any easy life, but beautiful.

So thank you for teaching us all to live without expectation and in love.

(Not for real talking to the article but to God but, you know, I am playful like that.)

Silke - May 2, 2020

Hiya, Tim! :-))

I liked this article very much and it left me slightly baffled; thanks a lot for sharing your latest insights with us!

What I still don’t understand is why people are so worried about missing Elijah.

Fortunately, I don’t have any sacred cows and I, for one, don’t care whether Elijah sports obscene tattoos or uses vulgar language… We should never judge a book by its cover! Moreover, the only thing that will count is what he is going to say, not the kind of language in which he’s going to couch his divine message. And that’s why I think that for us saints and true believers it will be unlikely to miss Elijah: no matter if he’s for or against homosexuality, abortion and so on, just follow the guy who says he will lead us to Judea!

I don’t expect any false prophets to urge us to relocate to Judea. Do you?

    Tim McHyde - May 3, 2020

    Silke, practically nobody is expecting to relocate to Judea; they expect a rapture or sheltering in place. Considering how radical that instruction is, Christians will be inclined to find fault with the man of God saying it. The point of this article is not only that bias is an obstacle, but even those few who are willing to go may be offended by what they learn about Elijah’s teaching. It’s going to be so very few who are willing to sacrifice all and also understand we are to recognize God’s servants by their love for one another (John 13:35).

      Silke - May 3, 2020

      You’re right, of course. ?
      However, I sincerely hope that Yehovah will lead more people to your website so that they are prepared and know what to expect from Elijah, the true prophet. Perhaps even your prophet could make people aware of this website? As far as I can see you are always sincere and you do tell the truth so reading some of your articles would be the perfect preparation.

      Margaret Marty - May 4, 2020

      Ht Tim,
      I do have mixed feelings about this article, if Elijah turns out to be and I hope not, a homosexual or committing other blatant sins which the Bible denounces. I for one would say he is false and not the true Elijah. You see, the way of sin leads to destruction and death and I know my Bible so I could not listen to him if he does not follow God’s laws because he would lead me down the path of destruction. Elohim gives us the ten commandments and other incidents in the Bible such as Sodom and Gomorrah to guide us so we do not make the same mistake. I believe every one has free will as God allows and I love everyone, but to follow a person who goes against God’s will, no not me. I also believe that the sabbath should be kept, it is the only commandment where God said “remember” it has to count for something. I do not profess to keep the sabbath, but in my heart I want to and am trying and when Jeshua returns I believe we will have no problem keeping it. this life is a test of obedience, and we will all mess up along the way, but keeping His commandments should be paramount among Christians.

Mike Anderson - May 2, 2020

Nice list of offenses. I check most of the boxes, though this is probably not the place to explain why. It brought to mind the obvious offense of “living in sin,” or living as husband and wife without a ceremony or government certificate. I’m not married by any definition, but under the right circumstances I might consider cohabiting, and what an anathema that would be to most of my churchgoing friends.

Debra Webb - May 2, 2020

I, too, am curious if the prophet that spoke to you was in person or over the phone etc. and did you “test” the prophet as scripture suggests and how that went (I’m sure you did). A name isn’t important, right now. But, I would love more details. Not intending to exclude others; how about for supporters?

I am always so impressed by the amount of work and diligence you put in., Tim. Truly remarkable. Thank you!

One of the scriptures that come to mind for me is:

Rev 22:17
And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

    Mike Anderson - May 3, 2020

    Whoever the prophet, in my opinion he was correct.

holly - May 2, 2020

Hi Tim,
I’m baffled and wondering if my interpretation of the above is correct?! Are you saying that Elijah may indeed condone the continued slaughtering of millions of children (a direct violation of the Ten Commandments) and also justify homosexuality which the word of God is very clear about?


    Tim McHyde - May 2, 2020

    Holly, the best answer may be a question: Would you be willing to stake your salvation on “abortion is murder” being true? I wouldn’t! Not when the Bible does not even address abortion (the omission is noteworthy in itself). I, on the other hand, would be willing to stake my salvation on love being an identifying characteristic of Elijah (John 13:35) and not his position on abortion.

      Jodie Pickard - May 3, 2020

      Tim, I have been a supporter of yours for many years. I am very concerned by your reply to Holly. There is absolutely no question that abortion is murder & the statement about its omission in the Bible has nothing to do with this fact. The question of whether any unrepented sin is a salvation issue is another conversation in itself. Moses murdered a man & repented, there are many examples. Can you please clarify what you mean, Holly has asked if you are saying that this third prophet Elijah may indeed condone abortion? Love is the example & there is no greater love than to speak it in truth to save a mother from a lifetime of regret(among many other physical, emotional & spiritual dangers) over the decision to have her unborn child dismembered from her womb. If someone came speaking love but did not have a righteous position on abortion, this person has not been sent from the Father.

        Tim McHyde - May 3, 2020

        Jodie, your position on abortion is like the first century Jews position on Torah keeping. When they insisted that circumcision/Torah was required for believers, James in Acts 15 said otherwise (I’m sure to their shock and offense). But the Bible never said circumcision/Torah was how you enter the kingdom.

        The Bible also never speaks clearly on whether abortion is murder or not, so we must assume a fetus is equal to a person in God’s eyes without any evidence to make that equivalence. How can we say we know God agrees? I am sad that abortions happen every day, but I’ve learned to be careful to not make a sacred cow out of any doctrine except for the one Jesus said was required to enter the kingdom, love your neighbor as yourself (Mt 19:17-19). Mt 7:21-23 is a perfect example of Christians living according to their sacred cows instead of the Father’s will/law of love and then being told “Depart, I never knew you.”

        If that answer fails to help, consider studying Judaism’s position on abortion to learn how another Bible-cherishing faith comes to a different conclusion on this topic than fundamental Christianity?

          Timothy Bell - May 3, 2020

          Wouldn’t loving my neighbor include the unborn child whom God has formed in the womb?

          Psalm 139:13-16:
          “For You formed my inward parts;
          You wove me in my mother’s womb.
          I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
          Wonderful are Your works,
          And my soul knows it very well.
          My frame was not hidden from You,
          When I was made in secret,
          And skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth..”

          Luke 1:41-45:

          “When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. And she cried out with a loud voice and said, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! And how has it happened to me, that the mother of my Lord would come to me? For behold, when the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby leaped in my womb for joy. And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what had been spoken to her by the Lord.”

          I personally do not regard using profanity, tattoos, sunbathing nude (I myself do this for health benefits), not going regularly or at all to church, smoking and other things as being inherently unChristian, I do believe that abortion and homosexuality is against the love of neighbor and against God. I do not condemn the person who had an abortion or provided the abortion nor the homosexual person him/herself. There are some gay people I know that were/are wonderful people and were kind and I would do anything to help them if they were in need. But just like Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery, Jesus did not condemn BUT he did say go and sin no more. He still said “sin”. To this day, Sodom and Gomorrah are still nothing but a heap of ashes in fulfillment of the prophecy against them. Homosexuality is basically hatred of God’s order. The union of man and woman together reflects the love of God toward mankind and the creation of new life. In gay sex, you can’t fertilize a turd.

          I just don’t think abortion and homosexuality belongs in that list of sacred cows since such things do not show the love of neighbor and of God.

          Cliff - May 5, 2020

          As a Pastor I once told my congregation I think Jesus would be pro-choice, it freaked them out. Let me clarify my thought. Even if abortion was sinful, Jesus never forced His beliefs on other.s He shared the truth and then allowed the person to choice his/her course of action (pro-choice). The sad thing is people choice sinful actions. The coming Elijah may not outwardly ok abortion, but he may not be that person to take a stand on that issue we all take as sacred.

      Zachary Miller - May 12, 2020


      I think the question that you’ve posed isn’t the right question—and I’m honestly surprised that you didn’t apply the primary message of this article (the law of love) to the matter of abortion. It doesn’t really matter if anyone thinks abortion is “murder”. What matters is whether abortion is “moral” (ie: loving). And to determine the “morality” of abortion all we need to do is apply the golden rule to this question—which is this: “would you like it if your parent/parents decided to abort you?” Would you like that done to you, Tim? Better yet, knowing what you know and believe now (believing that you’ll be participating in the first resurrection) would you like to instead wake up in second resurrection knowing your chance to make the first resurrection was robbed by one or both of your parents because they themselves didn’t think it was “murder”? Is this really a sacred cow issue anymore? Or do we view this as a sacred cow issue because most don’t even understand how to apply the law of love to actions done to others?

        Tim McHyde - May 17, 2020

        Zach, great question that got me thinking and taught me something new I needed to answer it. Love is much higher than what you expressed. It’s even higher than “do unto others” which is only an approximation of love. Love does what is in the best interests of all, not just what someone would “like” as any parent who loves their child knows when they restrict or punish the child against their likes. If you carefully read the Old Testament, you will see one thing God is not is a “pro-lifer” because he slaughters people left and right, including David and Bathsheba’s innocent baby boy, in what you could label a “late, post-birth abortion.” Yet God is still love and all these things he did were in love, not hate or indifference. Yes, he acted in love in aborting that baby. In other words, God is pro-love which is greater than pro-life. If we cannot let go of the flawed, inconsistent pro-life position and see the love and careful consideration even people have (like God) when they feel they must end an only potential human life inside a womb in many real situations, we may in the end even oppose the God of the Bible stories that demonstrates he disagrees with pro-life. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death” (Proverbs 14:12).

Bo DuBose - May 2, 2020

Powerful and insightful article – AGAIN, my brother – BLESS YOU!!

I’ve been sharing your information for years now and almost everyone does not respond. Our job is the be the messenger, with LOVE. The Holy Spirit takes it from there. We have to ‘let go and let God’, as the saying goes.

CYA in Israel,

Bob Milroy - May 2, 2020

I agree with most of your article and try to read the Bible from the literal Word, and not from any church’s interpretation. That being said, I would caution readers not to abandon the “sacred cows” of GOD. When we start interpreting what GOD would do or say aren’t we assuming the role of GOD., kinda like the Pharisees.
Yes, love GOD with your all, and didn’t HE say “If ye love me keep my Commandments “? I think the sin of USA is not the toleration of sodomy, ….it’s the acceptance and embracing of same. In the Old Testament if 2 men were fighting and damaged a woman and she lost her child before birth, weren’t they guilty ? I am not judging, that is GOD’s job, I am just trying to figure out what HE wants me to do. Love yes,… aid and abetting the enemy(embracing and promoting) , not so much. Peace, Love, Bob

Chris - May 2, 2020

There are sacred cows and then there is Scriptural truth. Jesus didn’t break the Sabbath, He broke the Pharisees man-made traditions that they taught as law regarding the Sabbath.

Yes, God does have prophets do extreme things to get people to pay attention amd listen but the true test of any true prophet is Deut. 13.

    Tim McHyde - May 2, 2020

    Chris, Jesus never once “rested on Sabbath” nor never once denied breaking Sabbath in the Gospels but instead twice claimed he had the right to break it. Are you really sure you want to stake your salvation on “Sabbath is required today” and risk rejecting an Elijah who might not hold that same doctrine? I would bet my salvation on Elijah being identified by love (John 13:35) and not anything regarding the Sabbath or anything else.

Jason - May 2, 2020

Wow what a great article. I need to slaughter some of my sacred cows. Many will go nuts on this article, but hopefully they see the point. Indeed my first reaction was anger and even betrayal of the faith. You are a very wise man Tim.

Jacob Carter - May 2, 2020

Hello Bro Tim
I hope you are well.
I have been reading your articles about 2 years. They are pretty interesting. It gives a different perspective on things and never thought of. It has been a good while since my belief about the rapture was changed. It is still very mystirous and not all figured out, but I lean more towards a little before the bowls of wrath.or maybe for some after the beast is captured and imprisoned.
Of the above list the thing that I wasn’t sure about the most was the part about homosexuality.
I get the part about loving them and not being arrogant towards them and bashing and hating them. I believe that Jesus was at least tempted to be so. I believe that intentionally shaming people regardless will not help.
Do you think it the subject could be directly about Homosexuality or the way to treat people in general?

    Tim McHyde - May 2, 2020

    Jacob, Christians do not have pro-gay-bashing/hating platform. If someone comes teaching not to do that, they will not be up in arms. If Elijah comes teaching homosexuality is OK with God or is gay himself, then they will certainly reject him and miss out for pitching their tent on that doctrinal hill instead of the love hill (John 13:35).

      Jacob - May 7, 2020

      In your opinion, what would lead him to teach that homosexuality would be ok? If not sin wise, in it’s effects it can eventually have on the body? In the way it ends up hurting both parties involved? In the way it indirectly says God created them with an unnatural physical affection for each other

      Isn’t Loving one another sometimes telling people love in a respectful but real way when certain tendencies and actions are harmful? Or as he(Elijah) shows the love of Jesus towards people of different types and those people behind to belong and become children of God, it will be unnecessary to try to over clarify about homosexuality?

Daniel - May 2, 2020

Hey, I’m kind of new here, but I only have 1 question related to what Sam said earlier. It is, since we’re living in the final days, how can we unlock our spiritual gifts since, through Christ, we’ve already saved? I’ve been praying and trying so hard to figure these things out, but I haven’t been able to. I’ve tried to see if I have the gift of tongues, miracles, discernment, prophecy, or the other ones, but I fail in all of them. Is there something I’m missing?

Akash K. - May 2, 2020

Hello Tim! I’ve read some of your articles
with Biblical evidence on how Jordan is likely the safe haven Elijah announces. The thing is, I am from Jordan and I live there now. Do you think I should always stay to await Christ’s Return and are there some preliminary cautions I’m needing to realise?

Thanks again,

    Tim McHyde - May 2, 2020

    Akash, seek God on leaving there because I believe Scripture says it will be nuked in the coming war.

ROY KING - May 2, 2020

Tim, I think you are ready. Check out David Wilcock. I am NOT saying he is Elijah. Although, I think it is hilarious that you are waiting for a man to be identified as being the reborn Elijah just as John (the baptist) was and you do not believe in reincarnation (a sacred cow?). David claims to have been Luke during the time of Jesus. David came from an antireligious background and started his career with totally physical evidence explaining the physical world we live in today. You started your career with religion to explain the physical world we live in today. You both have moved to a basic explanation centered around Christ’s love and awakening our souls to the true teachings of Jesus. You both say the same things only from an opposite point of view. I think each of you would have a LOT to gain from working together.

David - May 2, 2020

Hello, Mr. Mchyde. My question is, since Elijah will have been chosen by God, would God really choose someone how professes that homosexuality and profanity are sinless acts. Now I know that not everyone is perfect or always measures up, even prophets. But love is not the only standard for being a prophet or disciple of Christ. Keeping His commandments comes into major play, also (See John 14:21). I know that perhaps Elijah will deny some popular Christian doctrines (pre-trib rapture, for example), but I find it difficult to believe that he will exploit God’s role for him and will freely cuss or deny the fact the homosexuality is Biblically a illicit act (See Roman’s 1:27 and 1 Cor. 6:9). With all of this in mind, what do you think, Mr. Mchyde?

    Tim McHyde - May 2, 2020

    David, the Jews could not believe that a prophet of God would break Sabbath (which he did and defended) or “blaspheme” (by their standards). Are you ready to stake your salvation on your own sacred cow doctrines that a true prophet of God must affirm and to miss out if you’re wrong? I’m not. I am going to stick with what Jesus said to identify them: love (John 13:35).

Jacob - May 2, 2020

Malachi 4:4 Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.

5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD: 6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Rick Horn - May 2, 2020

Sad and Exciting times ahead!
Great article Tim!


I Corinthians 16:22-23

If any man love not the Lord Jesus Christ, let him be Anathema Maranatha. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. KJV

If anyone does not love the Lord, a curse on him! Marana, ta! [Our Lord, come!] May the grace of the Lord Yeshua be with you. CJB

Mike Lattier - May 2, 2020

Yes, and since Elijah is Jewish, he may also reject the sacred cow of Christ’s divinity and resurrection and say that he was just a good teacher right? So we will have to be accepting of that just like accepting that he could say that homosexuality is not a sin and abortion is perfectly acceptable to God. Great analysis Tim. Thank you for opening my eyes. I can now look for other things he might say that I should accept – like saying that circumcision is required to be saved my God.

Chuck - May 2, 2020

Interesting and important point about our sacred cows. I believe God is able to give us a right understanding of scripture but we need to accept that understanding is not a intellectual process but rather a spiritual one. We need to continually lay our understanding of things on the altar and ask God to provide a right understanding to us. When I find myself in disagreement with someone over a interpretation of scripture, I always pray that God will help us to work out the truth and that God might change one or both of our heart and minds so thatvwe can clearly see that new truth.

Blaze - May 2, 2020

Are you allowed to say how you know this is a legitimate Prophet?

Which reminds me of Trump saying he wasn’t “allowed” to say something, which I found odd. Not necessarily that that comment has to do with this.

I had wondered about this question, which I’m not sure if you were able to answer before or not, who can remember? But, whether there would be that kind of progression, or if would be more like a day one, day two, Pentecost change.

I remember how you have discussed a balancing of how God acts when Satan acts. (Or however you word that appropriately).

– Terminator 3 Clip

“What Satan intends for evil God works for good.” – From above article…hear it in song form below…
– Worship song

Lori - May 2, 2020

Hi Tim & Katrina!
I’ve been thinking that we hadn’t heard from you in awhile as this evil virus keeps us all betwixt and between and it was well worth the wait! I have two more “sacred cows” to add to your list:
1. What if Elijah were a woman? I think of Mary Magdalene being the first one to whom the risen Christ revealed himself: “the disciple to the disciples.”
2. What if Elijah were a child? As you reminded us from Jesus’s own words, unless we repent and become as little children, we will not be worthy of the kingdom.
Hmmmmm, just a thought that came to me as I read your very insightful article!
Blessings to you!

Joel Tyger - May 2, 2020

Hi Tim,

As always, a fascinating read.

Re the abortion matter, in Gen 2:7, we’re first informed about the point of the commencement of life, a living soul, when breath first enters the lungs. Translate this to the birth process and you have an interesting parallel.

In these times I find comfort in many verses, but these three are especially useful …

Jas 1:19 (listen intently, but slow down with any response, or feelings of anger – this will help temper and sometimes eliminate any judgement).

John 7:24 (know what to judge by, and it’s certainly not by appearances, mannerisms, speech and so forth).

Mark 13:13 (hang in there and stick to your guns, not long to go now, and be prepared to cop some major cr*p along the way).

Much love to you, Katrina and family,


    A Nonymus friend - May 3, 2020

    Joel: that was God breathing life into Adam, a special case. Or are you saying that in delivery rooms around the world, God’s present *and* waiting to anoint the newborn with a soul at the moment it takes its first breath? What about all those people suffering from Covid-19 who cannot breathe and are put on Extra-Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (or ‘ECMO’, where a machine oxygenates the blood). Do they lose their soul? No, because people on ECMO can be awake and interact during the procedure.

    The Bible & just about every culture is clear about the sanctity of life in the womb: for instance, when Jesus’s cousin Elijah leapt in the womb, was he without a soul?

davidfj53 - May 2, 2020

An excellent article Tim, my studies have also led me to believe that love is the way of the kingdom of heaven.

Might I suggest an addition to your list of doctrines that Elijah might not agree with. The doctrine of eternal conscious torment (most people call it hell). A God of love would never send anyone into a place of eternal suffering.

Thank you for your studies, I always read them with great interest.

Tuula Stewart - May 2, 2020

Hi Tim,
Where is the evidence that Paul and other prophets used profanity under the instruction of the Holy Spirit to write their part of the Bible? Why was it left out if that is the case?
Why would profanity have to be part of the plan. Would God really want the truth to be told through profanity and the use of language that we are told to rid our selves of? I realise I’m doing exactly what you say is going to be a problem for many Christians.
I’m stunned when I sometimes hear of professing Christians use profane language and hence I can’t get my head around a prophet of God having to use them to prophesy.
I am absolutely saddened by what the world has become.
Do you still have thoughts that prince Charles is the antichrist?
Anyway I have your very first book from years ago and also bought your latest one a few months ago.
A lot to try and figure out, but there are parts of the book that my brain can take in and retain

lsjhy - May 2, 2020

I have to learn to humble myself and repent… I found 3 sacred cows >_<…
1) "Abortion is not murder"
2) "Homosexual sex is not a sin"
3) Uses profanity
Thank you for your teaching, Tim?

Sam N. - May 2, 2020

Hey Tim, so, I’ve been falling into kind of a spiritual crisis (in the mind) recently. It is this: What if my family refuses to go to the place Elijah beckons to completely and I am stuck (I’m a teen). Does that mean I’m destined to physically die? Also, how can I be sure that they won’t take the antichrist’s garbage? Because Tim, if they take it, I will cry day and night for the rest of my life. I know they believe in Christ, but I don’t know if their faith is powerful to the proper extent. Please Tim, I can’t sleep because of these issues.

Also, one last thing. Since we know that Christ gives spiritual gifts (Prophecy, miracles, tongues, etc.) how come we see almost zero of this with Christians in our day and age? Is it a problem of faith? I was able, by the grace of God, to unlock my spiritual gift (miracles) but I think Christ found me unworthy, and now that gift is gone. What do you think about these issues, Tim?

You’re awesome
~Sam N.

    Tim McHyde - May 2, 2020

    Sam, you have to put everything on the altar and have faith God will make a way for you, doing the impossible. The Bible is full of stories like this. It’s not just for that time. However, yes, the miracles of Moses, Jesus, and the apostles came from special anointings that left the earth when prophets like that were no longer needed. They are returning now and you will hear of them again.

Helen Davies - May 2, 2020

Such very needful information, Tim, on both subjects of Elijah and the coronavirus. Thanks so much for helping us prepare.

I absolutely knew the virus was of satan and I’m glad you’re speaking that.

God’s best to you and family always!

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